Player Etiquette

Because this is a game involving a good number of people there are tenets of courtesy and propriety that should be followed. First and foremost, please remember at all times that there is another, living, feeling person behind the character with whom you are roleplaying. No matter what /your/ character's motivation may be, not everyone's player is equipped to deal with what might happen to their character.

It is also wise to keep IC and OOC separate. If a player knows some information out of character, it DOES NOT mean that your character knows it. You may also hear things OOC about a tinyplot or a pending tinyplot. This also DOES NOT mean that your character has the information. It confuses everyone and messes up the careful planning of the administration when OOCly gained information transcends into IC play. In short, everybody suffers. If you'd like to be involved, ask, don't force it.

Another important thing: It's fun to role play. Everybody is here to do just that. But it's polite to page someone and ask if they have time to roleplay. Not everyone has an unlimited amount of time to play and if the person you would like to RP with is busy, please understand. Repeated paging only interrupts what they might otherwise be involved in.

Occasionally, conflicts will arise in the course of play where one player might wish to interact with another player in a way that makes one of them uncomfortable. If you feel that something is being done to your character that you as a /player/ find wholly offensive, communicate these issues OOC to the other players involved. If this does not resolve the matter, page an Arbiter or a staff member immediately. You also have the power to logoff or go +ooc. These options should never be used simply as a means of escaping the consequences of IC actions (see +news theme/face the music), but a request to "fade to black" on the scene and have a summary resolution without detailed RP is within your rights.

OOC harassment of players is not allowed and will be dealt with severely.

As a final matter, if you page a staff member and do not receive an immediate response, it is best to +feedback/request your request to them, as it is not always easy for a person to meet your needs immediately if they are otherwise busy, and pages can sometimes be missed.

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