"These individuals are often hiding in plain sight in cities like Lackawanna, Lodi, Torrance and now Toledo."

John Pistole

Torrance is the smallest of the eight domains. It's tucked away between Santa Monica and Long Beach, once the missing piece of what some neonates call the "Ventrue Coast." It consists of, obviously, the City of Torrance, as well as the surrounding areas of Hawthorne, Rolling Hills, Gardena, and the three "Beach Cities" of Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Hermosa Beach. Torrance also boasts what is probably the most expensive real estate in Southern California, in the form of Palos Verdes Estates; and then again, the domain includes Hawthorne and Lawndale - hardly considered to be safe neighborhoods after dark. The Beach Cities house huge numbers of young people, living sometimes three to an overpriced apartment, working as coffee Baristas and pool cleaners, or living off of Daddy's trust fund while living the "Bohemian" lifestyle. Parking is atrocious near the beaches, and parking in Palos Verdes is impossible unless you are a resident or a guest: the gates keep you out. Certain parts of Torrance border on South Central, and bleed into the crime and poverty that characterize that domain.

In the final analysis, Torrance isn't really a domain of its own. It's what was left when Acton, Elaine, and Cora took their share. It is caught in the middle.

The current Prince of this leftover Domain is Pyotr Lobachevsky of Clan Tremere. He is the second of the Tremere Princes. He was appointed as Prince shortly after the previous Prince (Andrew McQueen of Clan Ventrue) was executed for treachery. Nevertheless, he holds the respect of many having garnered much support while he was acting as Regent of Santa Monica. The vampire population of Torrance is much smaller than the others', especially after Pyotr called an inquisition to clean out any lingering traitors and spies. What undead conflict it has is primarily in the poorer neighborhoods, between the anarchs of Inglewood and Lennox and the residents of Hawthorne.

Prince Pyotr and Prince Marshall of South Central have a close relationship, and although there is a great deal of cooperation between the two Princes, including the two mutually naming each other acting Seneschals during Year-6, Torrance has a feeling of separation. From a social as well as practical standpoint, the domain has some of the best hunting grounds in the city (the beaches and their immediate network of clubs and bars). And the citizens are much more upscale, though not without its slums. There isn't a great deal to the domain in terms of civil or government influence - only local police and court systems. It seems the perfect place for a vampire to hide away and live in safety.

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