The Valley

"All the vampires walkin' through the valley move west down Ventura Boulevard."
-Tom Petty, "Freefallin'"

The San Fernando Valley: home to porn, valley girls, tract housing, and a very, very large portion of Los Angeles's population. The vampiric Domain of the Valley tracks the mortal conception of the area: a sprawling combination of territories stretching from Glendale in the southeast, north to La Crescenta and Sylmar, and West as far as Canoga Park, and includes Burbank, Encino, Woodland Hills, North Hollywood, and Northridge. The Brujah Prince Julian Fletcher rules over this Domain filled with mortals of every ethnicity and social class, although the Valley is most commonly seen as a never-ending series of mostly-white suburbs filled with split level tract homes such as the one seen in the Brady Bunch. The Valley is, in some ways, the periphery of Los Angeles, a large annex of bedroom communities. In some ways, it is a different world entirely. Frank Zappa's valley girls lived here, and it was once described as a place where "one may find a glamour starlet in imported gabardine chatting earnestly with a chicken farmer in jeans." In recent years it has become less homogeneously white, and more a patchwork quilt of ethnicities, but it is still the less stylish cousin to the rest of Los Angeles - an address in the San Fernando Valley just isn't as fashionable as saying that you live in Silver Lake or Pasadena. The Valley is, in the words of a famous columnist, "home of a hundred King Bear Auto Centers, a thousand Yoshinoya Beef Bowls, and ten thousand yard sales."

The Valley is home to the second greatest number of so-called "anarchs" in Los Angeles, although many elders have remarked that the anarchs of the Valley are comprised of "whelps who have decided that it is their own choice to do what they are told." The Valley is probably home to more vampires of any persuasion than any other Domain, but one would be hard pressed to tell by watching the vampire social scene. The vampires of the Valley, like their mortal counterparts, seem to primarily wish to be left alone to pursue their interests and feed off the extensive herds of suburbanites at their disposal. There are some, particularly in the Glendale and North Hollywood areas, who regularly participate in vampire politics, but the predominate mood seems to be "you leave us alone and we'll leave you alone." Prince Fletcher rules harshly when he needs to, but is known for allowing those in his domain great latitude and discretion. The anarch gangs - such as they are - in the Valley tend to be larger, better organized, and less violent. Although there were some flare ups during the 1992 riots, these were quickly brought under control.

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