North Orange County

Orange County is at once a continuation of Los Angeles sprawl, and an entirely different part of California. The political divide between the two areas is known as the "Orange Curtain." Orange County is one of the most politically conservative areas of the entire United States, and it takes a certain pride in not being "Los Angeles". Within Orange County, the divide between South and North county is almost as distinct. While South County is new and filled with exclusive housing developments, fashionable malls, and quaint stretches of expensive beach front shopping, North Orange County reflects the region's older, rural roots. There was a time when North Orange County was nothing but Orange Groves and small Spanish-style homes scattered among small, Spanish-style townships. Santa Ana grew to be the center of the county, then Disneyland opened up and the area would never be the same. Today, North Orange County still remembers its orange grove origins, but the balance of power has shifted from Santa Ana - still the county seat - to Anaheim, Disneyland, and the tourism industry. The areas to the north, Fullerton, Placentia, Brea, are still quiet, easy-going places to live but they are quickly becoming gentrified. Santa Ana itself is becoming more of a barrio, with rising crime rates. While there are ethnic enclaves, including Little Saigon in Garden Grove, those enclaves have neither the prominence nor political clout that their counterparts in Los Angeles County enjoy.

The vampiric Domain of North Orange County is under the purview of the most powerful Tremere in the Southland, Caulden Davidoff. He takes a relaxed view towards his rule, for the vampires of North Orange County present few problems for him to solve. The vampiric population is low, and quite well-mannered, but for one. There are few vampires who could even be considered as anarchs, and those that could would be considered a joke by their South Central counterparts. If the mortal population enforces Orange County's isolation from Los Angeles through heavy policing and Nimbyism, the vampires of Orange County use that isolation both as a shield against encroachments from the other domains as well as a cloak for their own schemes. North Orange County is comprised mostly of Tremere, Gangrel, and Ventrue, with a scattering of Toreador and Nosferatu. Brujah and Malkavians are a distinct minority in Prince Caulden's domain, though not from any animus on the part of the Prince.

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