Outside Domains - General Information

This document summarizes which clans and sects control which cities or regions. This is a non-exclusive list designed to permit new players to develop character backgrounds that do not conflict with existing lore-locked +news files. This is made available publicly solely for OOC convenience.

Your character may treat the information below as IC knowledge only if your character has Camarilla Lore 3, comes from the city or region referenced, or else the information is specifically referenced in lore-locked +news files to which he or she has access.

Sects and where they generally dominate

  • anarchs: Nowhere of significance.
  • Camarilla: Argentina, Australia, Europe (not Scandinavia), Middle East, North America (not San Diego, Mexico, nor points south), Russia, Northern Africa (except Egypt), South Africa
  • Sabbat: Africa (except for Northern Africa and South Africa), Central America, San Diego, Scandinavia (not Denmark), South America (not Argentina)
  • Unknown: Egypt and Asia (Vampires in both regions, if any, are a mystery.)

Please note characters with vampire history in Sabbat or Unknown regions require full applications and will likely not be approved. Some exceptions may be made for vampires with history in San Diego or Mexico dating to before 1950. Mortals can have a background from any region.

Camarilla Clans and examples of where they rule

  • Brujah: Las Vegas (Nevada), Niagra Falls (New York), Toronto (Canada), Tripoli (Libya), Ventura (California)
  • Caitiff: Are you kidding?
  • Gangrel: Buenos Aires (Argentina), Denver (Colorado), and Portland (Oregon)
  • Malkavian: Algiers (Algeria), Baghdad (Iraq), Jerusalem (Israel), Naples (Italy)
  • Nosferatu: Istanbul (Turkey), Moscow (Russia), Venice (Italy)
  • Toreador: Athens (Greece), Bologna (Italy), Edinburgh (Scotland), Geneva (Switzerland), Paris (France), Prague (Czech Republic), San Francisco (California), Santa Fe (New Mexico)
  • Tremere: Atlanta (Georgia), Birmingham (England), Phoenix (Arizona), St. Petersburg (Russia), Vienna (Austria)
  • Ventrue: Berlin (Germany), Boston (Massachusetts), Chicago (Illinois), Cleveland (Ohio), England (except for Birmingham), New Orleans (Louisiana), New York (New York), Rome (Italy), Sacramento (California), Santa Ana (California), Santa Barbara (California), Santa Clarita (California), Washington (District of Columbia)

Please note that just because a clan may have a Prince in a city does not preclude other clans from having an influential presence in the city. E.g. The Tremere have a strong presence in Boston, Denver, and San Francisco, the Brujah have a strong presence in Chicago, the Ventrue have a strong presence in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Toronto, and the Nosferatu have a strong presence in Berlin and New York.

If you have an approved background that identifies another city where a clan dominates, please let staff know. The approved background is not binding upon LAMush until it is present in this file.

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