Although LA is called a 'game', we aspire to be a storytelling community. This 'game' is not about winning or loosing. It's about story, roleplay and having fun. Although an evil vampire character may wish to 'win' IC-ly, players are expected to give and take; to be considerate with regards to each others ' OOC-wishes.

We expect our players to understand that IC conflict and IC antagonism exists for the purpose of OOC-fun; to forward plot-development and interesting RP. IC conflicts are between *characters*, not their players.

Despite this intention, we realize that players can only see their side of the story, and investment in a character may blur the line between OOC and IC. We also realize that players have different RP-styles, expectations, likes & dislikes, that simply may not mesh well.

Then, When IC conflict is high, OOC stress may arise to the level that mistrust arises and players accuse each other of cheating. In this situation, make use of the +prove and +verify code. It prevents people from misrepresenting their totals. If you really cannot work it out, ask for Arbitration.

Keep in mind that honest mistakes happen, due to miscommunication or honest misunderstandings of the rules of the game, or simply forgetting them in the heat of the moment. Players forget to expend willpower points, misquote totals, forget they are wounded etc.
This game relies on trust to work and it's about roleplay and having fun, not about winning. Please do not assume that someone is cheating if it's possible they made an honest mistake.

However, we also realize there are players out there who disregard the RP philosophy of this Mush; Players that are playing to win. Worse; to some players winning is important enough to intentionally cheat, twink or rules lawyer every minor issue.

We take a dim view of intentional cheating. Staff *will* act to protect the game against players that disrupt it, use OOC information ICly, or break the rules.

If you really think that someone else is cheating, you can submit a formal complaint via +feedback. If the complaint is versus a Staffer or Staff-alt, you may also send a private @mail to the Staff Coordinator. If the complaint is versus the Staff Coordinator, you may send your @mail to 2-3 other Architects. Then stay out of whatever happens.

When submitting complaints please keep in mind that Architects cannot go from hearsay. We need proof and detail to investigate. For this purpose Staff is likely to ask for logs. If you cannot provide logs, Staff may not be able to handle your case.

In general, results or sanctions will not be communicated to other players. However, this is the course of action we will follow in every case that is brought to our attention:

The architects will investigate accusations and try to hear all sides and determine of the issue was one of misunderstanding, mistake, a conflict of player personalities or actually intentional.

If the former, Architects will talk with a player in order to make the player aware of existing problems, and help the player find ways to solve them. If the problem persists and seems honest misunderstandings, Staff will aim for measures that help this player gain the trust of others, for example by asking this player to always requests permission before entering a scene, engaging in a conflict, and by seeking consent of their fellow players during such a conflict.

If issues continue to exist between players but there is no evidence of cheating, Staff may advise these players not to seek roleplay or conflict without each-others consent.

If cheating is found or there is abuse of the rules, Staff may temporarily or permanently un-approve the players character(s) or site-ban the player for an (in)definite period of time, depending upon the violation. We *will* site ban blatant cheaters. Be warned.

Any sanction that Architects force upon a player are discussed and decided upon by the collective Architect Core Team.

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