This game does not use standard White Wolf Storyteller rules. Nor does it use Mind's Eye Theatre rules. The rules used here are a simplified and modified blend of both systems that has been found to work very well in MUSH environments and live-action games. Everything you need to play here can be found with +news, +help, or +listinfo.

The system has been designed to work fluidly, quickly, and without access to a staff Narrator, Judge, or Storyteller. We have endeavored to equip the players of this MUSH with all of the tools that they need to judge each other and themselves for most tasks and events. See +help IC and +help Character for various code to facilitate the application of the game systems of this MUSH.

Any situation which can be resolved by roleplaying rather than rules should be. The rules are a last resort. Anytime the involved parties can work something out without having to resort to +contests, they should. Anytime they are not able to, all players should abide by these systems and policies presented in +news.

If you have difficulty with any of these autojudge systems or have an idea that our systems are not designed to address, please do not hesitate to contact an available member of staff for assistance or submit a +feedback.

Examples of autojudge systems:

+combat, +blood, +detect, +frenzy, +aura, +hurt, +lang, +falling, +strength, +status/glance, wield/unwield, +willpower, +boon/list (char), +notify, +weapon

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