If, for some reason, you are not able to resolve an issue with another player (such as Advantage on a test, or whether your enemy could locate your secret haven), you should do the following, in order. Remember, the Arbiter's decision is binding.

  1. See if you and the player can agree to resolution by an uninvolved player. This is known in professional circles as "getting a second opinion." If you can agree, then all is well. Code is in place to allow players to prove they have stats at the totals they are claiming. (See Proving Claims)
  2. If you cannot agree, any player may unilaterally contact an Arbiter to resolve the dispute. An Arbiter can be any Staffer. The Arbiter's ruling is final and will not be overruled. If you feel the Arbiter's ruling is grossly unfair or OOCly biased, contact an(other) Architect, and if it truly is, we will take measures to prevent such rulings in the future. But the ruling will not be reversed unless the Arbiter egregiously violated MUSH policy.
  3. If there is no available Arbiter, please +feedback the issue. Staff will get back to you as soon as possible. It is suggested that you table the scene until an Arbiter is available.

Please remember that almost every dispute can be resolved by simply talking to the other party. The code here is designed to minimize staff interference: you should be able to run combats and prove your statistics without having to call for assistance.

While you're seeking arbitration, please try to stay in character should anything else occur meantime and not hold up the game for other players.

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