Navigation Overview

LAmush consists of a large amount of IC and OOC rooms. This section lists the various means to find these places and people and subsequently move to them.

Ways to look around:

  • look-ing at objects (rooms, exits, characters, things etc.)
  • +view-ing specific items
  • Identify and look at clusters & places in a room
  • +glance-ing who's in the room
  • Use the +compass to see available exits in a room

Ways to find people:

  • Policies on finding characters IC-ly
  • Seeing who's on via who or +who
  • Identify people present in public +hangouts
  • @sweep the room for hidden characters (See policies!)

Ways to find places:

  • Look at the +maps to see the grid
  • Look up available hangouts in the yellow pages (+yp)
  • Find +hangouts with character presence

Moving to places:

  • Information on roads in LA
  • moving from room to room
  • moving to places inside a room
  • Teleport
  • Hopping ic and ooc
  • Going home
  • When you're stuck
  • Driving and taxi's
  • Locks and keys


  • Tracking IC time
  • Notes on traveling time
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