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'Moving' is a way to go from one room to the next via available exits.

Command Usage
move <direction>
or simply: <direction>
Moves you in the specified direction, assuming that the direction is not locked against you.

Available directions (exits) are listed at the bottom of a room description.
They often have a name and abbreviations. IC rooms often provide (wind)directions.

Some exits may be locked or hidden.


This tool displays valid directions from your current position.
It scans exits for "north", "southwest", etc. and creates an appropriate form, graphicly. Outdoors, this looks something like a street layout, indoors, more like a star. These can be overidden by setting the &COMPASS attribute on the *room*. There are two commands:

Command Usage
+compass Display compass at current location
+compass/formats List all available formats

This was written by Kynn Bartlet, with mods by Amberyl and Imaginos@SN later.


'Teleport' is a way to go from one room to the other without the use of exits. Players have various but limited means to teleport to a location:

Command Usage
+ooc and +ic Teleporting IC and OOC
+taxi and +drive See '+help ic/taxi' and '+help ic/drive'
+ic/fix When typed from an OOC Room, this takes you to a preset IC location (C5).
@tel <DREF of room> Takes you to any object or room you own such as your Autohousing Project.
go home Takes you to a Home that you set earlier. The default Home is The Green Room.
@link me=here must be typed in a room that you own (for example your Auto-Housing project). This is the way to set your Home.

NOTE: +ic/fix, @tel and 'go home' are OOC commands that come in handy when you are lost or find yourself stuck in a locked room. Please use them responsibly.

White Wolf © White Wolf
Original Work is licensed under a CC Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 US License.