Looking & Descriptions


look <object Displays the description of <object>, or the room you're in if you don't specify an object. Specifying object as <name> or #<dbref> or 'me' or 'here' is legal. You can also use look to look at objects held by other people, just use 'look <person>'s <object>'.
look[/<switches>] [<object>] You may use the /outside switch to look at the location of your current location (useful if you are inside a vehicle or other object). You may also look at other objects in the 'outer' location, but you may not use the possessive form with the /outside switch (ie: "look/outside <person>'s <object>" won't work).
read <object> or read[/<switches>] [<object>] 'read' is the same as 'look'.

View Objects

+view +view is used to see 'virtual objects' on rooms, objects or even players. These 'virtual objects' can be used to allow the main description to be kept short, while allowing those who wish more detail to see it.
+view <thing> '+view <thing>' will show you a list of the virtual objects on <thing>. '+view' is equivalent to '+view here'.
+view <thing>/<item> '+view <thing>/<item>' will let you look at the virtual object <item> on <thing>. '+view <item>' is equivalent to '+view here/<item>' provided there is no real object with the name <item> present.
+view/all '+view/all' lists all virtual objects on all things present.

Of particular note, the virtual object 'URL' is used in many places to show a World Wide Web URL which is relevant to that location.

Creating View-Objects

+view 'virtual objects' are attached to the room or object as attributes. The text describing a virtual object is stored in &VIEW-<name>. VIEW-<name> is treated as a Verb > (see: help verbs), so you can set &OVIEW-<name> and &AVIEW-<name> just as you would with @desc, @odesc and @adesc. Most commonly though, only &VIEW-<name> will be set.


&VIEW-TABLE here=The table is round, and made of burnished oak.
&OVIEW-TABLE here=takes a close look at the table.
Calum's Workshop has the following view items set:TABLE
+view table
The table is round, and made of burnished oak.

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