Roads in Los Angeles

Los Angelenos have affectionate names for their freeways. When not using these names, residents refer to roads as "The 10" or "The 405." There is never any distinction between Interstate and state freeways. They are always called freeways.

Highways in Los Angeles are few and far between and have traffic lights (Highway 39, Imperial Highway… both surface streets). Freeways tend to be named based on where they lead to coming out of Downtown L.A. (neighborhood A).

Freeways and Vampire Domains

A Prince rules by virtue of the Second and the Fifth Tradition and crossing from Domain to Domain, can be dangerous business.

Traveling in and out Emerson's Domain demands you make your way through the Encirclement. Various routes and means of transportation are monitored, and although it is hardly possible to guard such a border the constraints by law are severe. The Magistrate of the surrounding city demands presentation and permission before traveling through. It would come as no surprise that permission to enter Emerson's Domain is given only when the vampire is expected to oppose the Ancient. Hence, those that would support the Independents are likely to use different routes. Indeed, several residents of the City of Angels make a living of smuggling vampires in and out. Those that are caught or found to have trespassed without such permission may find themselves stigmatized as anarchs and treated accordingly.

Within the Domain of the Ancient, any landholder may permit (or block) a vampire's right to remain in the territory they control. An exception to this however are the freeways. Freeways are an integral part of what Los Angeles is, and vampiric custom has adapted to account for their ubiquitous presence. By and large freeways are a sort of informal Elysium. Vampires are allowed by city tradition to use the freeways to cross through a various territories to get somewhere else.

The Second or Fifth Tradition would only apply if the vampire in question left the freeway for the surface streets. To warrant punishment for crossing a domain on the freeways, you would have had to have made an true enemy, indeed, of that landholder. It is not unheard of for a vampire to believe that he was simply passing through on his way to his haven, only to find himself stuck in traffic near dawn and, ultimately, having to put himself in prestation debt to the landholder for having to leave the freeway to take shelter from the sun without requesting permission first.

The following is a partial list of the freeways in Los Angeles:

  • 10 (west of Downtown): The Santa Monica Freeway
  • 10 (east of Downtown): The San Bernardino Freeway
  • 405: The San Diego Freeway
  • 5 (North of Downtown): The Golden State Freeway
  • 5 (South of Downtown): The Santa Ana Freeway
  • 710: The Long Beach Freeway
  • 110 (South of Downtown): Harbor Freeway
  • 110 (North of Downtown): Pasadena Freeway
  • 605: The San gabriel Freeway
  • 91: Riverside Freeway
  • 60: Pomona Freeway
  • 105: Century Freeway
  • 101: Ventura Freeway

There are others (the 22, the 55, the 57, the 210, the 134…) but that is a good start.

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