Finding Characters


+who Displays a table of people connected to the MUSH, including their sex, idle time, location (if findable), and city-area they are in IC.
+who <partial name> <partial name> can be used to see only those whose name begins with <partial name>.

" ooc" indicates being outside the City areas. *NEW indicates a new player.
" ooc" is also flagged by players or locations being set HAVEN. This must carefully be considered and approved. Perhaps we need a policy for this.

Some codes next to the names:

A Architect
* Storyteller
~ Helper
B Builder character

Staff also see:

u Location is Unfindable
U Character is unfindable (this is bad)
o Obfuscated character
x Set NOWHO (only visible to staff with backstage priviledge)
d Set DARK

+who Policies

  • +who is an OOC command (along with WHO, etc.) that facilitates getting folks together for RP.
  • It is not to be used to form the basis for associations or IC theories.
  • It is also not a blanket invitation to join the location, as it may not be appropriate. It is noted, however, that the presumption exists that public rooms are always available for roleplay.


  • The UNFINDABLE flag is discouraged on rooms and character objects.
  • A room that is inherently hidden or private is acceptable to set unfindable.
  • It is acceptable to set yourself unfindable when in a significantly unlikely location for a private scene. It is required to set yourself !unfindable once the scene has ended and, should staff request you remove the flag, it is required you do so.

The spirit of this all is to help people get together to roleplay and to discourage clique roleplay so new players - or old ones looking for a broader net of interaction - can more easily find scenes. If you feel any abuses of this in either direction are afoot, please alert staff via +feedback.


+sweep Sends disconnected players to the OOC rooms.
+sweep/hidden Scans the room for dark and/or hidden, listening entities.

+sweep/hidden Policies

  1. This command should be used sparingly. All others in the room will be informed of its use. See (3).
  2. Identities of obfuscated people will not be revealed.
  3. Recommended protocol:
    • IC: Pose appropriate precautions being taken.
    • OOC: Use 'ooc' to forwarn possible obfuscators to leave
    • OOC: Provide ample time for such response
    • OOC: Employ +sweep/hidden to verify compliance (Engage in cooperative negotiation otherwise)
  4. Builders - set &hidesafe here=true to disallow use of +sweep/hidden in that location.
  5. Note this command ignores auspex effects so anyone DARK or obfuscating (even yourself) will show positive.
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