Area Maps
+map <code> will show you the map for the required area.
+map la Map of the Inner City, marking landholders by color
+map la1 Map of the Inner City, listing names of Areas and Districts
+map sm Map of Santa Monica District
+map sc Map of South Central District
+map gd Map of Greater Downtown District
+map gd1 and +map gd2 The large Downtown map in 2 parts, for those who find +map gd too large for their screens.
+map/list +map/list will give you the areas (used to decide the &hood attribute when building) within each of these three active Districts.

In addition, click on the thumbnail to see a large map of real-life Los Angeles:

Santa Monica santa-monica.jpg
Downtown / South Central downtown-south-central.jpg
Valley - Downtown valley-downtown.jpg
Torrance torrance.jpg
Long Beach long-beach.jpg
Orange County orange-county.jpg
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