What do I need?

MUSH uses Telnet. You can connect to a MUSH via two means:

Raw Telnet

You open telnet either by:

  1. Your internet browser. Type the address of the MUSH in the address-bar (telnet://lamush.net:9021)
  2. In Windows, click 'Start', then 'Run', then typing cmd. In that black box, type (without quotes) 'telnet lamush.net 9021' and hit enter.

Connecting via a Client

Available MUSH clients include: Simplemu or MUSHclient for Windows, Savitar for Mac, or TinyFugue for Unix and other platforms, as well as many others. Please note that these MUSH clients are the responsibility of their individual creators who have no affiliation whatsoever with anyone responsible for this web site or this MUSH.

There are many (free) clients available on the Web. Google is your friend, but these are the ones used most often by our players:

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