What if I can't log in?

Sometimes it happens. You can't log in. This may have different causes:

Your Internet Connection

MUSHing requires internet to work. Check if your internet works.

You lost your Username or Password

Check your email if you can recover it.
If not, log in as a Guest and contact Staff. If no Staff is available, please create a new character-object and +feedback your problem.
Note: We will employ methods to check if you are who you claim to be.

Your character idled out

When you don't log in for 3+ months (without notice) and did not follow up on our email-notification, your character-object may be erased. Unfortunately we do not archive player characters. However, it may be possible to re-create. Should this happen to you, please contact Staff to discuss available options.


We have a fairly stable server hosting our website and this MUSH. However, every so often it will go down for a brief period of time. When this happens, you should know that we have an Embassy on OGR MUSH (a.k.a. Online Gamers Resource MUSH).

So, if LA 'crashes' for any reason, Staff will aim to be available at our Embassy. Keep this tidbit in mind, and you will never need to fear about losing touch with our game.

Logging in to OGR MUSH Embassy:

Address: connect.mu-gateway.net
Port Number: 6700 or 6677

When you're logged in:

create <name> <password>
@tel #2317 (the Los Angeles room)
@link me=here (set your Home to the Los Angeles room)

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