Setting Assumptions

We have chosen the In Character timeline for this MUSH to begin circa 1999, as the new Millennium looms with all the promise and peril it may entail. However, we intend this timing to be a guideline rather than a straitjacket, where you are not required to research what was and wasn't happening (or in existence) at the time the mush is presumed to have began.

Los Angeles: A House Divided exists in an alternate reality setting where many things are the same as in our world, but some things are not. While it is impossible to cover every aspect of this ahead of time, the following are some generalizations and specifics to keep in mind:

  • You may presume, unless otherwise specified, that all recorded history up to modern times has occurred as it has in the real world. There may be supernatural hands behind certain events, but as far as the average mortal is concerned there is still a Roman Empire, a Christ, a Boxer Rebellion, a Charles Lindbergh, a Hitler, a Bugsy Siegel, a Black Dahlia murder, etc. etc., and it all would appear to have happened just as you'd find in reputable sources on the subjects.
  • Los Angeles is a city very much about the cutting edge, and inextricably tied to pop culture and current events. You may presume, unless otherwise specified, that technology, movies, entertainers, and politics are all up to date at their "real life" levels. You may gush about how cool Peter Jackson's "Return of the King" movie was. You may refer to the capture of Saddam Hussein. You can have your readily available color PDAs, SANdisks, Digital Cable, Broadband Internet, and Lasik Eye Surgery (though see +news theme/technology… it may be there, but reliability is another matter). You may refer to Britney's drunken elopement in Vegas and subsequent annulment. If we have to make exceptions, we will; otherwise, please don't stress over possible anachronisms, especially during casual RP. Saw a good episode of "The O.C." last night in real life? Feel free to have your character strike up a conversation about it around the ol' water cooler/blood doll. We don't expect anyone to have to stop in the middle of their roleplay and search around trying to find out if the catchphrase they were about to use existed five years previous.
  • You will notice that the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Our Lady of the Angels church are considered to exist here, despite their real life openings being in 2003. The Griffith Observatory and the Angel's Flight funicular railway are both closed down to the public; one for renovations, the other due to the fatal accident which has indeed occurred already in our Los Angeles. The Ambassador Hotel has not fallen into the hands of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Perhaps most importantly, the Metro Rail system in this Los Angeles was abandoned soon after construction of the Red Line began, sinking the attempt at revitalizing a public transportation system that had previously died with the Red Car back decades ago. The Clean Air act which lifted the permanent yellow haze from the civic center and stopped the need for daily smog alerts on the radio is still in effect, but in a much neutered form. The smog chokes. The traffic snarls. The much vaunted Southern California sun does nothing but cast a baleful, bleaching eye upon expanses of weedy concrete and decaying dreams of glory, while the evenings are little more than neon nightmares. Welcome to our vision of Los Angeles, a city hurtling forwards into glory, oblivion, or possibly even both at once.

Please note that we also do not intend this to discourage the founding of original, fictional establishments in the game setting, such as player-owned corporations and nightclubs, and the possibility of integrating these into the history of the city as long-established hotspots, or even in place of existing ones.

If you have any questions about a certain venue or event that you think might be controversial, please don't hesitate to ask staff about it and we will give you an answer as to its existence, and in what form. Generally, our preference is to give the answer that makes for the best story possibilities or fits best with the MUSH themes. We do not foresee too much in the way of controversy, however.

Does the WB series "Angel" exist? Certainly. The amount of misinformation contained therein is enough that the Masquerade isn't considered threatened by it. And that was one of the better series/movies concerning vampires to come out of Hollywood.

On the other hand, does White Wolf games exist? No. Nor does Black Dog, Taupe Canine, or any other cute facsimile. Although the material would have been inaccurate in many of its details, it got a little too close to home to be allowed. That means no Kindred: The Embraced series either, much as Aaron Spelling's effort at supernatural 90210 might be arguably laughable. The Elders weren't laughing. In the main, use common sense on these matters, and ask if unsure, but don't let every little detail be a burden on your roleplay.

White Wolf © White Wolf
Original Work is licensed under a CC Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 US License.