The Independent Domain of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Introduction

Vampire Domains as most people know them, consist of One city, controlled by One Prince. But what happens when a city grows? What happens when, in its growth, it swallows other cities, making for one huge Metropolitan area? What happens indeed, on a level of vampire society…

The History of the Domain

The story of Los Angeles is one possible answer to this question. Los Angeles is huge, consisting of many districts and communities that are cities in their own right. The Brujah Prince that founded the Domain of Los Angeles, could not control it any longer. The Ancient Malkavian treading in his footsteps found himself undermined as the Camarilla decided to divide the Metropolitan into 8 separate autonomous Domains: Greater Downtown, Santa Monica, South Central, and Long Beach, Torrance, The Valley, South Orange County and North Orange County. Lores for these Domains (now Districts) are still available under +news domains, but mostly detail their history.

This 'House Divided'; 8 autonomous Domain, ruled by 8 sovereign Princes, lasted for decades. Neighboring Princes struggled for control over their own and each other's territories. Some were driven by the ambition to control the entire Metropolitan again. Eventually, the Ventrue Elder Acton Chadress made his bid. He won much, but failed in the end, and as a result of this war, Los Angeles was split in two rivaling Domains:
(Please refer to +news undead l.a./decl. of independence for more historic detail.)

The current status of Los Angeles

The Inner City

The Center of Los Angeles, consisting of the districts of Downtown, Santa Monica and South Central was claimed by the Ancient Malkavian Prince, Emerson. This Domain is also referred to as 'The Inner City', 'Heart of Los Angeles', or 'The City of Angels'. It is unique in that sense that, upon its formation, Prince Emerson claimed its Independence from the global Camarilla organization. Although the organizational structure and laws of the Domain are still very similar to the Camarilla, its Prince refuses to acknowledge the Camarilla's global lead.
The 'Independent Domain of Los Angeles' is also unique in its treatment of younger vampires, for although each Clan has an Elder to lead them, the Neonates and Ancilla have been given control over the nightly management of the Domain. They are the land-holders, Primogen, Sheriffs and Keepers that make most decisions. As a result, despite the Prince's 'Declaration of Independence', many Neonates and young Ancillae chose to settle in the Inner City, seizing the opportunity to have a stab at politics and power at an early age. Similarly, those marked as 'anarchs' by the Camarilla have an easier time blending in here. Indeed, many anarchs of the former Domain of South Central stood at the cradle of its formation.

The Encirclement

As a reaction to this 'Declaration of Independence', the global Camarilla Organization enforced the so-called 'Encirclement'. Under the auspices of the Inner Council-appointed 'Magistrate', an alliance of extremely traditional Camarilla Elders seized hold of the Los Angeles Districts surrounding Emerson's Inner City; Long Beach, Torrance, The Valley, South Orange County and North Orange County. By doing so, the Elders aim to contain what they perceive as dangerous anarchy and rebellion. To them; any inhabitant of the Inner City is an anarch, except perhaps the few that spy and work for them.

The relationship between the Inner City and the Encirclement could be described as a 'Cold War', where the City of Angels represents a pocket of relative freedom and independence in an extremely Traditionalist land. Travel in and out of that island is restricted, as the Encirclement monitors and controls many or the roads and means of transportation. Cut off as they are from most Camarilla-workings and Inter-City politics, the Independent Domain of Los Angeles developed into a mini-vampire world, where new rules and systems can be shaped to suit the aims and purposes of its residents.

The status-quo between these two factions: Inner City and Encirclement is an uneasy one, influenced by many seen and unseen factors. It is generally believed that the continued existence of the Independent Domain greatly depends on the presence of the Ancient Emerson and the supporting Elders (one per Clan). The Camarilla may not move to strike simply because the losses would not be worth their while.. yet, anyway. Then again there are rumors hinting at deeper motivations; about spies and agendas hidden to all but the most deeply involved insiders.

How this stand-off will continue? If hostilities will escalate or gradually fade? You decide as you enter the Inner City, choosing your role, your agenda; A neonate lured by the promise of opportunity and power, a clan-loyalist aiming to solidify its clan's powerbase in LA, an anarch seeking refuge in this most liberal of Domains, a diplomat trying to sooth hostilities, or an Encirclement spy working toward the Ancient's fall.

Feel free to consult with Staff to explore the many concepts and opportunities to participate in this political struggle.

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