Los Angeles Lore

In order to provide new players with a bit of extra background required to create their character, we hereby offer the first 2 levels of 'Los Angeles Lore'.

Note: Your character needs to have this lore on their +sheet in order to be IC-ly aware of this information.

Los Angeles Lore 1

Introduction by a South Central resident, formerly known as 'anarch':

"You wanna know about L.A.? Sh*t… Welcome to the Thunderdome. You wanna survive here? Then here's what you gotta know. First and foremost, Emerson runs this asylum - ain't no ifs, ands or buts about it. His word's the law, 'cept you ain't never see or hear him talk. Nah - everything he wants comes down through his cronies. So if you want Emerson's blessin', you gotta go through them.
Apolo - as fair as he's been - has t' share some power though. We got ourselves a new Primogen Council to watch over the city. All the clans got a say through their representatives. They control who's Sheriff and have a lot to say about what goes down. Got some old blood and some new on the council - but I ain't expectin' much outta them.

Second, this place is a f*ckin' powder keg. When Emerson said to hell with the Camarilla, he put a bullseye on everyone who lives here. We got our backs to the sea and a whole army of Camarilla and Sabbat that wanna see this place crumble. That means we gotta work together. You may have had some sh*t with someone in the past - and it don't mean you gotta like 'em - but we gotta put things behind us when L.A.'s at stake. The Encirclement wanna put us down, but we're gonna show'em who's got the bigger guns yet.

Finally, while the walls outside the city may'a gone up, they certainly seem to be crashin' down on the inside. We used to be all divided up into Downtown, Santa Monica and South Central. People'd stay on their turf and sh*t'd be cool. A lot of you new folks don't seem to have a problem walkin' around, but don't come cryin' when someone doesn't appreciate you explorin' their land. Things may be a little lax around here, but some of the old guard don't appreciate you wanderin' where ever the f*ck you please.
Other than that, follow the rules and respect those who earn it. You do, we'll all get along alright. You don't - it's adios motherf*cker."


Due to the unique status of the City of Angels, all but the most ignorant vampires travelling to the Inner City have a specific reason, ranging between a Neonate's opportunity to exercise significant power and attempting bring the Independent rebels back under Camarilla-wings.
Subsequently, and often related to their reasons for entering, any vampire who wishes to enter or leave the Inner City of Los Angeles has to make a choice. The Encirclement demands their land is not crossed without permission given (and often bought) from one of their representatives. So.. when travelling in or out of the city, do you ask the Encirclement for permission to cross the border, or do you take your chances and travel without?
Acquiring official permission may mark you as a Camarilla loyalist or Encirclement sympathizer in the eyes of the Inner City. Illegal travel is risky, and those that are caught or identified afterwards, may encounter unpleasant consequences. This is why some vampires offer underground travelling-services at a price. But at this level of knowledge, you may not yet know who they are.


When you're a vampire, moving residency includes more than getting a new home or job. Like with any Domain, you need to pass the challenge of acknowledgement and hunting:


'Acknowledgement' is, roughly speaking; the permission to reside in the Domain of a particular Prince. The way in which a vampire can acquire acknowledgement is in the end, subject to the decision-making of the powers that be, and thus subject to change. Currently however, a newcomer can acquire acknowledgement via the following means:


Any 'adult vampire' may acquire temporary Acknowledgement in the Inner City, by acknowledging Emerson as their Prince. (An 'adult vampire' is a vampire who has been recognized under the Tradition of Hospitality (usually by a Prince or Seneschal), or who has survived at least five year since their embrace.) The official way to acknowledge Emerson is by posting a written declaration on the LACMA BBS (The LACMA BBS can be found on C1, in the Ahmanson Building).


Any 'adult vampire' can gain acknowledgement for and indefinite period of time via the Prince, his Seneschal, the Sheriff, Scourge, the own Clan-Elder/Primogen or a decision of the Primogen Council. In addition, any landholder may give you permission to roam his/her land, even when you were not acknowledged in Los Angeles. The Officer(s) acknowledging the vampire must post a formal declaration of such on the LACMA BBS. In game terms this vampire should also be added to the 'Presented'-list (See: +help social/presented).

An acknowledged vampire is (like any) expected to adhere to the laws of the Domain. In turn they are generally afforded protection in accordance with the Sixth Tradition of Destruction. Should they break the rules, acknowledgement can be withdrawn (also via a LACMA post) after which the vampire has (again) 4 VR months to find acknowledgement before losing their permission to stay. However, the Prince, Seneschal, Primogen Council or the vampire's Clan-Elder/Primogen is empowered to revoke Acknowledgement -instantly-, which puts the vampire in a particularly nasty position.


'Hunting Rights' represent the official permission to hunt in a particular territory. Hunting Rights are normally given by the Land-owner (See +map la) or their Steward (See +news government/standing titles) after negotiation. It is normal to pay for such privileges with a boon, service or support.
For vampires new to the Domain, temporal arrangements are in place: Once the declaration of loyalty to Prince Emerson is posted a vampire is allowed to hunt on the territory assigned to their Clan Elder (See: +offices Los-angeles to determine who the Clan-Elders are, and +map la to determine what land they have). Caitiff may hunt in the dangerous Border Areas that have not been assigned to a landholder yet (so are still owned by Emerson).


Acknowledged Los Angeles residents generally are free to roam anywhere, except when stated otherwise. Similar to Hunting Rights, the landholder has the final say over who may roam, reside or dabble with mortal society on their land. Landowners aiming to enforce bans and restrictions generally post them on the LACMA-message board.


Heavy dealings with or influence over aspects of mortal society on the territory of another vampire generally requires permission, and may need to be negotiated with the Landholder or their Steward.


Although the Ancient did claim independence from the Camarilla's global lead, his rule - for all intents and purposes, is very Camarilla-like. It is like the king refusing to acknowledge the power of the Emperor: The king still enforces the same laws, with the same governmental structure to enforce it. Although the Emperor may send armies in an attempt to bring the upstart down, little changes on a level of the Kingdom. The subjects still need to pay taxes, nobles have the same duties and rights. The same happens in the world of vampires; Where the Prince of a Domain refuses the Inner Council and its Justicars.
Of course there are deviations, especially where it comes to the governmental structure. The Domain's organization is much more liberal and open to Neonate and Ancilla power-mongering than in a Traditional Camarilla Domain.
(Please refer to +news undead l.a./traditions or upper la-lore levels for more detail.)


The Prince supports a single Domain-wide Elysium: LACMA (C1). The Heart of Elysium is the Ahmanson Building where a message board is in place for the purpose of communication between the vampires of the Domain. This is where new arrivals post their 'Declaration of Loyalty', Officers communicate specific edicts or vampires publicly declare Boon-transitions etc. Most importantly, the Halls of Elysium are the place to be to catch gossip and socialize with other residents of the Domain.
When a vampire blatantly breaks the rules, or when important announcements need to be made, the Officers of Domain generally initiate a Court. During these social events, the high-up officials of the Domain tend to be present.. if not always visible. The throne put in place for Prince Emerson may look or actually be empty. The Ancient is only very rarely seen.

Los Angeles Lore 2


The Independent Domain of Los Angeles, like any Domain has its own vampiric culture and mindset. Although Prince Emerson of Clan Malkavian is generally recognized as one of the most powerful vampires in the entire region, the Ancient himself is rarely seen, working instead through his underlings. Few even really know what he looks or sounds like. He is commonly referred to as 'The Eye' who knows all and sees all that transpires in the Domain. The question is if He cares enough to intervene.
History teaches that Emerson intervenes very rarely; When Traditions or Elysium is broken in blatant ways and the appointed Officers are not willing or able to deal. Even then, Emerson works through a small number of loyalists such as his Childe Apolo Callas, Scourage Maxine Marshal and 'Scion of the Silent', Ruppert St-Etienne. These are the vampires that can be expected to communicate His direct Will. Granted, it is hard to estimate (and dangerous to challenge) if they, on occasion, forward His Will or their own. Even so, most vampires valuing their sanity, would accept small-time abuse of such a position, over suffering a similar fate.

Even though those at the very top would be feared, Los Angeles is known as a Domain of opportunity where even the youngest can gain a name for themselves. Below Prince Emerson and his Seneschal three different and occasionally, cooperating and rivaling power-structures can be identified:


The first and most important power-structure consists of the vampires that hold Domain according to the rules of Standing; Stewards, Wardens, Overseers, Barons and Enfantae. The 2nd Tradition of Domain remains strong in Los Angeles, and landholders are given a great deal of both, responsibility and leniency to ensure Traditions are maintained in their territory. There is no age-cap to holding Domain - Those who are clever and ruthless enough to do so, can gain power rivaling a Prince.
When a vampire wants to increase their Standing, the first step often is to prove their worth by attaining a position of Steward-ship under another vampire. The second is to hold Domain themselves. Territory can be transferred between residents, or when it is not handed out yet (The grid is assigned to Emerson on +map la), be requested from the Prince via appropriate channels; Seneschal and/or Primogen Council.
(Please refer to +news systems/standing and +news government/standing titles for more detail.)


When the landholders fail, or when matters need to be decided upon that transcend the local reach of the landholder, the Domain's Principiate is empowered to make Domain-wide decisions: This Principiate consists of a select number of appointed positions: Seneschal, Primogen, Sheriff and Keeper.
(Please refer to +news government for more details on what they do).


The Primogen Council is made up of one representative of each Clan. Officially the final say on who becomes Primogen of a specific Clan lies with the Clan Elder. For most clans however, the Clan Elder supports or initiates a selection process by the clan's members.
Emerson's Domain harbours one Elder of each Clan (See +offices Los-angeles to see who they are), empowered to hold Prince-like power over all members of their Blood residing in the Domain. If the Elder uses this considerable power differs per Clan and individual. In all, though, the Elders that are present generally keep a low profile, only mingling with their own Blood.
(Please refer to +news government/clan elders and +news government/Primogen for more detail.)


Success in the political arena, or indeed - chances to advance in the ranks, are greatly influenced by the social clout a vampire is able to garner for themselves. The Inner City is no exception where it comes to the forging of alliances and enmities, and more often than not these are sealed by social backing, also known as 'Status' support or opposition.
Different from default Camarilla Domains, an individual is not praised or respected for being loyal to the Camarilla-Sect. Rather, support is extended for their positioning in favor of the Domain, its laws and government. Indeed, those that openly support the Encirclement, may find themselves deemed 'anarch' in the eyes of the Inner City, even though the residents of the City of Angels are considered anarchs by the Camarilla themselves. Those marked 'anarch' by the residents of the Inner City may experience a considerably harder time to acquire territory or positions.
Truth to tell however, and quite in line with Status-workings within the default Camarilla Domain, the realm of praises and denounces is as much subject to political maneuvering and intrigue as it is to 'fair and objective' evaluation of an individual. Most vampires serve their personal advancement first and foremost, and although loyalty to the Domain may be used as the official public justification for social backing, true motivations often are shaped during back-room meetings.
(Please refer to +news systems/status and +help social/status)


Transgressions and crimes are expected to be dealt with by the Landholder on who's territory they took place. If the power or authority of the Landholder does not cover what needs to be done, the matter is forwarded to the Sheriff or Primogen (Council).
The right of Destruction is reserved by Emerson, but forwarded to Clan Elders to judge the members of their Blood or Infantae judging the residents of their Sub-Domains.
However, Los Angeles is by and large known as a Domain where vampires are not executed for their crimes. They merely come to wish they were. Los Angeles is especially unforgiving in the social arena, where the slightest misstep can result in a feeding frenzy of gossip that shreds the status of the offender. And some of its authorities are also well-known for both their creativity and cruelty in crafting physical punishments that stop just short of Final Death, with appeals to higher authority falling upon deaf ears.
(Please refer to +news undead l.a./punishment for more detail.)

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