How to Add a Place of Interest

Add your own Place of Interest:


You need to be a member of this site (and logged in) before you can add a place.

In order for your page to be recognized as a member of the 'places'-category, the name of the page should be formatted as follows: places:<name>. Example: places:expo-park.

The title of the page should simply be the name of the place.

Once you've saved the page, choose options, then parent, and set the parent to: places:all

In order for your page to appear in the list you will need to tag it. Tags that will display are listed in the table below:

Category Tag Options
Region downtown, santa-monica, south-central
Purpose elysium, clan-hangout, coterie-hangout
Venue museum, bar, club, park

Pages without parents and tags do not show up in the overview!

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