Y17/01/31: Poison Under the Bridge

Cast: Will, Ali, later Tinkerbell and Carmin
Location: On the LACMA grounds
Time: Late night, January 31st
Synopsis: Ali and Will try to spark up a new relationship. Carmin tries to spark up something else.

Ali is seated at the base of one of the support pillars, leaning forward with her elbows on her thighs, with a bat dangling from one of her hands. She has a frown on her face; just the touch of annoyance, or thought, or unhappiness, or .. who knows. Something. Her eyes lift and she turns, watching Will as he passes.

Will doesn't so much pass, as he does almost pass, then stop to look just to see who's lurking. "Seneschal Santiago," he observes, turning to bow. "Good evening."

The Colombian slides off of the base as if it were the last thing she wanted to do, then inclines her head toward Will. "Sheriff." replies the woman as she retakes her seat. "Buenos noches. Catch any of my citizens heading where they shouldn't?" she asks.

Will chuckles quietly at the thought. "Oh, I'm certain you would've heard if I had. Everything's been all nice and quiet lately. Looks like folks are exercising discretion. Or caution, at least."

"We can always hope." It's not sure if Ali is responding to the first or second statement. "I haven't noticed you at any'a Sam's things- not up to bein' educated by the neonate Toreador?" she wonders, unable to keep the edge of a laugh from her tone.

Will smiles just a little, seeming to find that genuinely amusing. "I made it for a few minutes just before the segment on Religion, and a few minutes after it started. But you know, I really can't spend the whole evening on, well, those kinds of things."

"Oh, I understand; shit happens." remarks the Brujah, laughing. "'fraid I missed that spot. Gotta admit it's the best thing I could've missed since .. well, yesterday's sunrise." Her lashes lower in a wink, then raise and focus again. "Him an' Gus, always goin' on and on about God and Heaven, 'bout how the demons will go an' .. " She rolls her eyes. "Nonsense. Alla it."

Will raises both eyebrows. "Oh, I wouldn't put organized religion on the same level as the ancient entities. You don't necessarily have to believe in taking communion and whatnot to accept that there are things that exist beyond sight."

Ali's smile curls in a way that is momentarily anything but nice. "Aw, now. I didn't say I didn't believe in things I couldn't see; see, thanks to y'all I've seen'm." she points out with a laugh. "I just have to go with the concept of an omni-potent, omniscient being that has created this world, be it good or bad, as fucking ludicrous."

Will shrugs. "That I can't comment on. In fact, I generally try to stay out of it. Some people.. well, it really touches a nerve with them."

"Aw, Will. It's been so long an' it's only gonna be longer. Dontcha think we oughta start talkin'? I try an' keep good relationships with alla my associates an' all." remarks the Seneschal with an easy, well-trained smile.

Will lowers his head to peer at her over the rims of his glasses. "Good relations," he says a little flatly. "What happened to completely despising me, my clan, my domain, and, I don't know, the color of my shirts on Thursdays?"

"What color do you wear on Thursdays?" wonders Ali, intrigued enough by that to bypass the rest of Will's inquiry. Her brow arches in pointed curiosity and she peers at him, perhaps waiting for paisley, polka dots or lime green.

Will blinks once. "Er.. that one was a joke. I really just have a bunch of white shirts."

"Oh." Ali looks mildly disappointed and half-mocks a frown at Will. "That's kinda boring. As for the rest, well - shit, hombre. There's a lot of people I don't like that I try an' keep good relations with. Like you or not, we gotta try an' make things as smooth as we kin - lest either of our bosses get ticked at how things are bein' handled, si? We do share a border." she points out.

Will frowns a little. "Alright. Though I seem to recall one of the last times I was in South Central you pretty much dismissed the idea out of hand. Something change?"

"Course not." replies Ali, smiling idly as she leans forward, letting her arms and the bat one hand holds drop over her thighs. "Ain't a damn thing changin' anymore. I'm just a practical girl, y'know? I'm sure y'all have enough of a background on me by now t'realize that." She flashes a broad, Brujah-worthy smile. "Not up for it anymore?" she wonders.

"Up for it, but wary," responds the Tremere with a slight smile. Will leans on his quarterstaff now, propping up some of his weight with it. "What do you suggest, then?"

"Oh, I don't know." Ali's eyes flash to the quarterstaff, then back up to Will's eyes. "I figure that we probably done a lion's worth of work standin' here right now. Who knows, I did lose my Tango partner recently an' I'd hate t'let my style fall flat." She sways her hips atop the pillar base as if to the turn of the Tango. "Don't get me wrong- not much has changed; South Central still realizes there is an unclaimed debt owed to us, but perhaps there isn't a need to lay it upon the feet of your entire domain."

Will sighs quietly. "There are always unclaimed debts. That's how grudges work. Debt and retaliation. I know I've said it before, but we're not enemies. We may be close to that line, by circumstance and history, but we're not quite enemies. I will say you and Guiverra tried, though, at least for a little while."

"Alexa?" Ali's brows lift and she laughs lightly, then shakes her head. "Decades, Will. Decades ago. Let's shoot for recent times, shall we? Otherwise we can sit here all night an' recount the bullshit. It's about time to decide, I figure. Are we stepping over the line or back?"

Will smiles a little, perhaps relieved that mentioning Alexa didn't get him turned into a punching bag. "Oh, I'm more than willing to step back, be civil." He looks at the quarterstaff he's propping himself up with. "Besides," he says, looking back at Ali, "I'm going to seriously doubt that either of us wants to be openly hostile, anyway."

"Aw, now. I much prefer openly hostile to blue blood games." answers Ali, easily. Really easily. As if she were having a beer at the bar with Will and handing him the peanuts. "It's so much more honest; a good bottom brawl, knuckles an' blood, bones snappin' an' limbs ripped off.. " She glances up to the overhead sky and offers a lingering sigh. "..it's just satisfying." laughs the woman. "Regardless, maybe we kin manage to put the past behind us. Maybe. I had a well enough relationship with your former Seneschal; if you manage to find his footsteps, things could suit just fine."

Tinkerbell slinks back out of the Ahamson eventually, already fishing around in a pocket as she goes. After a moment she scowls for some reason, the next step more of a stomp, really, probably harder than she intended. The little Brujah skitters rather comically and rubs the back of her head, flicking a glance around, perhaps to see if anyone caught that.

Will nods slowly. "Heh. Brawls. You want Gus for that sort of thing," he pauses, "or not." A small shrug, and a shifting of weight. "I do what I can. Nelson's gone though, so for now if you're going to have dealings with my clan in Santa Monica, it looks like you're stuck with me anyway. Unless you want to try talking to Northrup."

Ali did, it looks like. Catch Tinkerbell, of course. Her eyes flick that way and she chuckles, then returns to look at Will. "Aw, I already saw Gus get ripped to shreds. Nothin' new to see there. As for the rest, I'm not concerned with dealing with your clan; I got no responsibility or need to do so. However, our positions have somethin' of a mutual need t'deal with each other."

Tinkerbell would blush, quite possibly, if such a thing were possibly. Instead she just sort of tucks her tail between her legs and slinks back over to the fountain sheepishly. Indeed.

Will chuckles quietly. "I saw you at the New Year's party. Whatever your interest is in Miss Clarke, I don't know, but she's a member of my house." He looks aside to Tinkerbell, now that attention has been drawn her way. "Evening," he says by way of greeting, then a look back to Ali.

"..my interest in?" Ali blinks; as if the name means absolutely nothing to her. She glances at Tinkerbell, then back to Will. "I hope that wasn't some sort of untoward 'warning'. What a dreadful start we'd be on then."

Tinkerbell just seems mostly subdued for some reason. She offers a bow at Ali once she realizes she'd forgotten, but doesn't interrupt as she might usually. Instead, she's flumping onto lip of the fountain and sort of stretching her little body out to bend along it, tucking her head onto her arm and just watching. Her braid flicks unnoticed, the very end of it threatening to brush the water.

Will shakes his head. "Oh, no, not a warning. If you don't know me better than that, then you need to. I'm not going to make threats so vague that -I- don't even understand what they're about. What I'm saying is that my ghouls are part of the chantry. I want them neither causing nor receiving trouble, so I'd be very pleased that if you have any issues with them, or any members of my Clan in Santa Monica, that you direct my attention towards the problem. As I said, Nelson left, and for the time being I'm trying to handle his affairs."

"Really?" Ali perks a brow. "Then that dullard of a man is a member of your Chantry? What's his name - - John? Interestin'." And Ali does seem to believe it interesting. "And that other one, what was his name.. the lawyer. What an unfortunate turn of events that was." she notes, smirking.

"He waved a gun at me once," Tinkerbell says quietly, mostly to herself. POut.

Will just looks at her with a neutral expression. "Things are what they are. I'm not expressing approval or disapproval. If there is a problem, though, I need to know about it before a hit gets put out. I'm fine with equitable solutions to problems. Gunning one of our ghouls down in the street, however, doesn't exactly lead to continued good relations."

"Not I, dear Sheriff." replies Ali, still smiling. "I was just curious how far your acceptance travelled; if you took the dullards with the brainiacs.. the coerced along with the kidnapped. I'm not entirely sure why I'd be required to let you know about much of anything if your ghoul jumped borders to come cause trouble in South Central. It is your responsibility, after all. Your blood made it. Keeps it alive.. keeps it tame and willing to be lead around on that leash I've seen your kind tie so often."

Tinkerbell snorts for some reason, and turns her face into her arm, quiet again. Wierdly so, really.

Carmin enters the courtyard after climbing the stairs from the sculpture garden.

Will smiles faintly. "Required? Never. However, with the history of my clan and your domain, we both know things tend to escalate pretty rapidly if we don't break the cycle at some point and alert one another to any problems."

Ali smiles just as faintly. "What a history it is; I have little to no intention to police your ghouls, Will. I had thought we might broker a relationship where, at the least, one might at least acknowledge the wrongs and work forward toward building a better place for us all.." She spreads her hands idly. "..instead of what you are so much better known for. It was.." she acknowledges, "..my mistake."

Tinkerbell is not interjected into their conversation; Instead, the small blond Brujah is draped along the edge of the lip of the fountain out here, head on her arm, eyes mostly closed as she considers Will and Ali with hard to read dark eyes. She seems to be rather blandly emotionless today. The end of her braid still trembles over the edge of the water, now and then flicking it with the seemingly natural movement of Tinkerbell's breathing.

Ali is sitting on the support base of a pedestal, arms draped over her thighs, one hand holding a bat. She is talking with Will with what seems to be casual ease.

Once more Seneschal Rizzi has dark sunglasses covering Its eyes as it makes Its way in. The glasses reflect the lights of the Couryard. The creature comes to a stop at the sound of Ali's voice. Its head turns toward Ali and then toward Will. But ahhh! Tinkerbell, a cruel little smile curls over Its lips. The creature stalks slowly toward the blonde Brujah. "Molto." Carmin says in that beautiful voice, like that of an angel.

Will stands there leaning on his quarterstaff, opposite Ali. "I'm not asking you to police anyone. I'm asking for a heads-up if you have any problems with my clanmates or our ghouls so I can take care of.." he trails off when he takes note of Carmin. "Seneschal, good evening," he greets, with a bow of the head. It's not paying any attention to him, anyway.

"..is your heads up to be done in triplicate, as was your predecessors?" wonders Ali. The amusement that has lingered on her expression all night has begun to fade into something else and she arches a brow, stopping short as she spots Carmin. There she lingers for a moment, then decides against interrupting and looks back at Will.

Tinkerbell's eyes widen, dark pupils suddenly focusing on Carmin. She looks like she's going to flinch backwards, but seems to realize the fountain is behind her a good second before she tips herself right in. One hand splashes into the water of the basin surround the fountain, a good half of her braid dunking itself as well before the smallish woman shoves herself back out again in an athletic sort of half-flip thing, with only the slightest indication of any of her unnatural qualities just based on the fact that she can hold her weight on one hand, and propel herself back onto her feet in the same movement. Then she drops into a polite bow, "Seneschal Rizzi," except that her hair is dripping.

Will looks slowly back over to Ali. "I think I could live with the short version on a post card." He spares a glance back over toward Carmin.

The Seneschal- The toreador one, not the Brujah -smiles even wider at Tinkerbell's reaction to her. An eyebrow quirks toward her and the creature wonders, "Is there something wrong, Molto?" If the creature notices Will or Ali, it gives no sign of it. No, Tinkerbell is far too interesting.

"Generous." comments Ali as she offers a self-satisfied smirk; as if she has somehow just proven something that people had been arguing with her all along. The temperature around her has to have dropped a few degrees at least, though her expressions haven't shifted the feeling around them isn't nearly the same at all. "I'll be as kind to your ghouls as you were to my family, Senor." She smiles.

"No, nothing, merely surprised to see you again so soon." Tinkerbell offers a small, though obviously vaguely intimidated smile, and keeps her chin dipped low, to look up through her lashes at Carmin. Only the vaguest dart of her eyes wanders to look at Ali, then her attention returns to Carmin, focused with dark intensity. Otherwise, she is utterly still. Drip, drip. Water falls off of her motionless fingers, the end of her braid.

Will sighs quietly. "I'm really not sure what you mean."

"That's a shame." comments Ali. "Poison under the bridge and the lot of you brainiacs stand around scratching your heads, wondering what happened, and stomping all over everything as if you don't have to make amends." Oh, there is little doubt now that Ali has gone from exacting charm to barely suppressed rage. "And why.." she murmurs, letting her legs dangle as she lets her attention drift off. "That was always a question - - why. So many times I was asked it- why, why, why… never had a good reason." murmurs Ali. "Still don't."

Carmin smiles even wider at Tinkerbell now, is that a hint of fang at the corner of Its mouth? Likely. The creature steps a little closer to the blonde and murmurs, "Why I was utterly entranced by your beauty, molto. I can make in the hopes of seeing you again." A hand is placed over the creature's heart, "You have stolen my heart. And I find myself longing to look upon your frigid beauty."

Tinkerbell does not seem to know what to say to this, and instead just blinks a few times, her head actually threatening to rise as she stares up at Carmen, obviously completely baffled. In the end, however, the blond woman doesn't move any more than that, and can't seem to think of anything to say, for once.

Carmin considers Tinkerbell for a moment and then removes a card from Its pocket. The creature holds it out to her and comments, "Here, molto. This is my card." A flashing smile, "Perhaps someday you would like to visit some of the beautiful elysia within South Orange. I would be.. delighted to show you around."

Will frowns tightly. "I haven't been here for the whole of existence, you know. As far as I know I haven't hurt anyone in South Central, or otherwise damaged them."

Tinkerbell's small fingers rather tentatively rise now, to take the card with a respectful dip of her head, "I will … be sure to uh … contact you sometime." She ventures after a moment, with another touch of a nervous or maybe just shy smile. She shifts her weight from foot to foot.

"I know how long y'been here." remarks Ali. "An' you do know, you just didn't know it was important in the ways it was. Saw things only from behind yerself, like usual. Long live clan and domain." she snorts. "Maybe yer tombs ain't all they're supposed to be." Ali shrugs idly, glances to Carmin and Tinkerbell, then slides off of the base pillar and lands on her feet.

Carmin's fingertips are certain to brush against Tinkerbell's warm from freshly feeding. The toreador flashes a down right spider like smile, "You *will*, I would be most disappointed if you didn't."

Tinkerbell goes tense again. Carmin can see it, the instant, utterly silent battle with herself, with her beast's instinct to lash back out at anything that invades her space. Instead, Tinkerbell steps back involuntarily, the heels of her boots hitting the edge of the fountain. Her eyes dart behind her. All of this creates one extremely awkward pause, then Tinkebell says, "Of course, Seneschal. I hate to disappoint." In some effort to keep herself on track.

Will watches Ali carefully. "Well perhaps then I need someone to explain it to me." But his eyes track toward Carmin and Tinkerbell, and then snap back to Ali's face. He inclines his head subtly in the direction of the other Seneschal and its current prey.

Carmin smirks a bit more at Tinkerbell and says, "Of course you do, Molto." The creature actually licks Its lips a moment and says, "Call me." Then it turns around and heads back out. Huming faintly under its breath.

Ali glances at Tinkerbell, then rolls her eyes. Her attention is all too soon back on Will, though, and february floats through the air. "Perhaps." she acknowledges. "Another night. Seneschal Rizzi, have a fine night. Tinkerbell." A nod there as Ali spins back to face Will. "Sheriff." she states.

Tinkerbell's calves remain pressed back against the concrete. She lets her eyes wander down again and nods at Carmin quietly. Her eyes flick over Ali again. "Seneschal," She says quietly.

Will looks over in Carmin's direction again, turning and bowing, as if It's paying him any attention. "Good night, Seneschal Rizzi." He moves off to the side a bit, and then repeats the act to Ali. "And to you, Seneschal Santiago." Two Seneschals in one room make the title game a little tedious. Maybe one of them should be a Duke or something.

Oh good, another title. Someone sign Ali up. Each echo of Seneschal drops the temperature another degree as she lifts her bat to her head, then touches her forehead in a mock salute. "Verdad. Y'all have a good night. Tink, if I were you I'd come home a little often - sometimes I think y'ran off the wrong path'r somethin'." She turns at that, starting to head out.

Carmin glances toward Ali on Its way out and says, "Good evening, Dona." Though Its tone is frigid and filled with something close to frozen anger.

Carmin heads down the corridor towards the sculpture garden.

Will watches Carmin leave, frowns to himself. "Hmm.." he mutters quietly.

Ali makes her way out without incident.

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