Y15/XX/XX- SC: A conversation

Cast: Ali, Cora, Isabel, Melciah, Oriane, Parker, Valentin
Location: A Conference Room in the Expo.
Time: Unsure, Year 15 is a best guess.
Synopsis: The movers and shakers in South Central get together for a meeting about domain affairs.

Conference Room - Expo Park

This large room in the basement has no windows; it is about forty-five feet by twenty five feet by ten feet high. The room is softly lit by modern full-spectrum fluorescents hidden behind frosted translucent panels in the ceiling; the rest of the ceiling is paneled with acoustic tile. The floor is covered with blue wall-to-wall carpet and the walls are lined with light brown carpet-like material, except for the extensive whiteboard at the north end of the room.

Facing the whiteboard and the the pull-down white screen available above it is a U-shaped grouping of tables and chairs; behind those are stacks of extra chairs that can be used to transform the room into a lecture hall. In back there is a small control room where you can find a computer, a wireless Internet hub, video, film, and overhead projectors, a video camera and blank tapes, and a selection of museum-related films and DVDs - in short, it's a normal well-equipped conference room with only one unusual feature: the doors can be bolted from the inside for extra privacy.

Obfuscated, Oriane moves into the area.

You have succeeded in using Obfsucate 4. You remain +hidden.

There is, of course, some lag between Parker hanging up on his conversation with Isabel ont he phone and actually making a personal appearance inside the conference room. He does so with polite nods and affable smiles all around. "Evening, neighbors."

Isabel closes her cell phone.

Melciah just grunts a greeting to Parker. He seems to be in a not very good mood.

Valentin enters the conference room from the corridors outside.

Valentin has arrived.

Obfuscated, Oriane slides the door open and drifts inside, carefully shutting the door behind her.

Isabel is leaning against the wall, by the door. She seems rather uninvolved and captured in her own thoughts.

Parker takes a moment to take a seat at the table himself, his smile fading very slightly, and to simply relax and wait patiently for whatever he is here for.

Valentin runs his fingers across his hair as he wanders into the room, rifle slung across his back. He glances sidelong at Isabel, before shifting his attention to the others present. "Good evening."

Melciah is seated at the head of a table smoking a cigar. He grunts a reply to Val, looking rather pissed off.

"Evenin', Val. You know Melciah. This is Padre Parker of Athens." Isabel says as she gestures towards the man. "Lockin' the door because, hell…don't need any fucks to jump in on the party." She slips away from the door and bolts the door, unless someone stops her.

Isabel turns the deadbolt on the door, locking it.

Obfuscated, Oriane slides between the people toward the wall. Her mask turns toward Isabel, but the porcelain reveals no expression.

Parker nods a greeting to Valentin, from his chair, saying simply, "Nice to see you, bro," with a friendly sort of smile. Then he looks toward the visibly angry Melciah and back toward Isabel, waiting patiently and quietly.

"Talked to 'im already." Valentin nods towards Parker, smiling a bit towards him before glancing towards Melciah, and then to Isabel. "Do start."

"Wantin' to now about what Atherton's done besides talk smack about ya, and what support you're looking for so badly that you've turned on your familia. Tell us, Val…what're you seeking for outside of our borders among enemies?" Isabel asks simply but not casually as she stands there, leaning against the wall.

Melciah just sits there watching Val and blowing smoke rings for now.

Parker remains quiet, listening for now, though his eyes move from Isabel to Valentin and back.

Melciah has disconnected.

Melciah has connected.

Parker remains quiet, listening for now, though his eyes move from Isabel to Valentin and back. (re for Mel)

"In case you don't know, Isabel, Atherton is the one who was investigating us. Had a few contacts of mine in Santa Monica -not- departed, and others lost, I would have given 'em something to worry about. Maybe we wouldn't have had trouble with them. If it had hit. Now? I have shit for contacts there - and if you want to get back at people like Acton, make friends with their subjects." Valentin states, crossing his arms. His eyes look towards Isabel. "I lost my damned status when I decided to badmouth Atherton for being such a bitch, thinking she's all superior, and due to the fact I think she has a hand in fucking with my union contacts and my Reyes. Hamilton's in horrible state, at a hospital in Long Beach, coincidently." his lips curl into a smile, fangs showing, although unwittingly.

"I wanted it back, but instead, what did I get? People from -home- speaking foul of me. Not for being a damned ass, but for putting someone in their place after they offended me."

Obfuscated, Oriane slowly turns her fixed expression toward Valentin, examining him as he speaks.

Melciah chimes in with, "An' w'at did 'e get in return?"

"We can't continue ripping open these old wounds in the public eye, Val. Atherton is 'superior'. She's vicious, well-educated, and may or may not be behind the assassin tromping about. We'll /never/ know. These Long Beach fucks are professionals. Santa Monica's Ventrue are puppeting half of the population, while the Tremere probably puppet the other half." Isabel quiets down and looks to Melciah, then Parker, before eyeing Val again, frowning.

"Make one half fight the other, then." Valentin looks towards Melciah, "Who got what?"

Parker notes quietly, his voice calm and even and his smile easy and relaxed, "Nobody's going to stop speaking as they please around here anytime soon." He glances around the table himself,smile widening slightly again, and then adds, "None of us really want them to, unless I'm misjudging someome pretty badly." He looks at Isabel and Melciah, then back to Valentin. "People say a lot of things."

"Si, Padre, but what they say can lead to death or capture. Personally, I vote for death instead of being brain-fucked by the Ventrue Elders of this city. I don't think there's anyway to truly fight them because they manipulate the truth. They /make/ their own truth." Isabel walks over to the table now and settles herself in a chair. "No offense, Padre, but your bloodline is pretty fuckin' scary."

Melciah rolls his eyes. "Fuckin' Saint Nick," he says sarcastically. "An' also, I 'eard ya were scopin' out Watts. 'e plannin' on goin' after more t'an Ali?"

"I wanted to know where Sedoso went. Because if shit had happened, can you guess where they'd look first?" Valentin retorts to Melciah, "That's right. To the guy holding East Los Angeles." At the Ali question, he takes a pause, looking thoughtfully to the table before replying, "I took offense to the fact that my sister-in-blood had a lack of consideration for the things we've gone through in the past. And after considering it thoroughly, I came to the conclusion South Central is lacking voices, and some of our people have become somewhat autocratic. There is no cooperation. For an example, when you fucking brought Sedoso into interrogation, none of you notified me. Watts was never a target."

Melciah says, "Sedoso was brought inta interrogation on me call an' it 'ad ta do wit' me position as Sheriff. As fer w'o t'ey'd go askin', I somehow doubt ya would've been t'e first one on t'eir list mate. I would've been t'e first one t'ey would've tried gettin' ta since t'ey knew I shot at t'e fuck a few nights before. An' maybe if ya were actually 'round more, we woulda contacted ya 'bout it. Nah, I'm t'inkin' ya went lookin' fer 'im 'cause it was part o' yer deal wit' Cassius."

"Technically, you'd resigned," Parker points out blandly. "Or so all the public noise said, and your letter on the bulletin board." He pauses a moment, then asks dryly, "Changed your mind?" The question seems to be rhetorical, because he soon comments, "There was a vacuum, no one was doing anything, Sister Alicia took action. Valuable information was gained." He doesn't say anything about Melciah's words, and then notes to Isabel, "They can't do anything other bloodlines can't. You can do things they can't, and the old bald fart is as scared of the psychotic in the tower and his pet Elder of /your/ blood as you are of the OBF and his flunkies. It all evens out."

"You haven't been Fleece's voice in a while, Val. We thought you stopped givin' a shit. When Cassius showed up with his pink perfumed note saying that me n' Santiago exist because he 'allows' it, I didn't hear you volunteer any help. We haven't seen you or heard a damn thing. Far as I was concerned, you turned your back on us just like Fleece's been way too quiet. People are fuckin' doubting that Cassius is even bloodhunted here. And they sure as hell don't care that he's probably left a trail of being ousted from other cities. He's a /tool/ that's being used to destroy our domain, and he'll take down everyone with a title." Isabel nods to Parker's words as well and rubs her face with the palm of her hand. "I wish it'd feel evened out."

Obfuscated, Oriane glances from Isabel to Valentin, impassive. Granted, with a porcelain mask on it's hard to be anything but impassive.

"That's where you're mistaken. Cassius wants to talk to Fleece. Fuck if I know why, but that's what he said the last time I met 'im." Valentin comments, "As for Fleece, she's been busy doing her own thing. I know that I hadn't been her Voice, and while I don't regret my decision - because, frankly, I really wasn't doing anything and I felt bound by the position for it - I don't see why don't we put Ali as Prince again. Or hell, put her as Seneschal - at least she runs things." he pauses, "And I don't see how do you feel endangered, when truly, your coterie is the most powerful in the Domain, Isabel. It's not like you're not able to defend yourself, from what you and I know."

Melciah looks over at Isabel and his eyebrow damn near climbs off his head.

Parker looks from Isabel to Valentin and back again as the argument continues, not speaking for the moment. Instead, he steeples his fingers and places his hand on the table. He leans forward slightly, smile fading somewhat again, and simply watches. Watches and listens.

"Santiago was a sacrifice made by Randall when she became Prince. She filled a gap, and I'd hate to see her go fuckin' insane if she was in a position like that again. She brought back Fleece so she could step down. Her way is not the way of the Cammie throne, Val. If you know how well we can defend ourselves, why the hell would you build up your gangs to attack Florence? A distraction for Cassius or is it just to get some anger outta your system?" Isabel blinks at Melciah and that look on his face before she sweeps her gaze back to Val. "Cassius wants to take Santiago and splat her all over the fuckin' place, or rape her head out. Or both, we're not sure. He's even makin' deals to get his hands on her in a promise 'not to attack Cora'. He's /bloodhunted/ here, Val. Do you have any idea /why/?"

Melciah leans back in his chair and puts his feet up on the table, crossed at the ankles.

"/He/ has a deal with Randall." Valentin says to Isabel, "Do you really think I need that man to fuck shit up if I want? I don't want Santiago dead, captured, or else. As for why he's bloodhunted? No, I actually don't know the reason. So, care to tell me why?" he requests, smirking. "I always fight big opponents, Isabel. But you and Ali need to be taught a lesson. Nobody is -too small a threat- to the point that they can be easily discarded or disposed of. That, and that the small people's voices need to be heard, as well. Precisely why I think we should distribute the remaining land, save for one, to the people in South Central that really need it — the Militia, for an example. Their leader died, and they need our support."

Parker continues to quietly listen to both, watching first the one and then the other with the smallest bit of a frown, considering and weighing the words.

Melciah drawls, "I somehow doubt t'at yer actions were altruistic in regards ta t'e people wit' small voices. 'cause I don't see 'ow makin' deals wit' someone out ta destroy t'e Praxis o' South Central is 'elpin' t'ose little voices mate."

Obfuscated, Oriane tilts her head at some of the statements, silently observing.

"They have our support. Chris is the assistant Elysium Keeper, and Kimly knows we're there for her. I do agree, though, that Padre here should have his own land." Isabel states, drawing her fingers across the tabletop, giving a sidelong glance to Parker before she eyes Val again. "Fuck you and wanting to teach us a lesson. What you're tryin' to do is weaken us when we have Cassius and his 'secret society' of Ancilla and Elders wanting our /heads/. If you don't want Santiago harmed, then you'd ram a knife into Cassius and make him into an example. He's bloodhunted because, and you'll like this…he was loyal to Fleece. Somehow, she 'insulted his honor' so he joined up with Arturo. You know..Arturo, Martel's Sire. So he worked on overthrowing the Praxis and set this domain on fire. He's not done. Ol' Baldy gave'm land right off the bat. Nelson took'm in as his Knight. Arturo's sure not dead, and the Ventrue are still pissed off about 'us' murdering Marty. There's a growing conspiracy against South Central. They even have secret 'code' names, Val. You're just wanted as a recruit. So, are ya recruited?"

Parker says blandly, "If I wanted land /that/, I would pressed the matter a lot more seriously when I was talking to Fleece about Athens. My arrangement with the Militia will do for now. Hopefully, I'll be able to move to Inglewood soon after I can talk to Mr. Forrester." He smiles faintly at Isabel, and then considers Valentin quietly. A moment passes and then he says, "Sister Isabel does raise a valid question. Tell us, have you let yourself become entangled with Cassius' plot?"

"I don't work for him, and I don't work with him. Been following me lately, Isabel? Or is this just hearsay, and you're trying to make me look worse than I already do?" Valentin inquires, firmly. "Thanks, because you've just given me information about Cassius that I didn't know, and was afraid to ask. So, he did side with Arturo." he pauses, before outright /glaring/ at the Nosferatu. "Do I look like a fucking blueblood soldier to you?" his gaze then softens before he comments to Parker, "No offense."

"No, but neither does Cassius on the surface, or Graydon. But with Graydon being all 'Let's protect brother Cassius from all them bad folk out there..' he is, actually, making himself less than um..six degrees of seperation from the likes of ol' Bongohead." Isabel shrugs lightly and leans back in the chair now, not paying much heed to the glaring. "Why don't you /ask/ then? You bitch about being all not supported or included, so fuckin' ask before you end up indebted to Cassius and his buddies."

"No offense at all," Parker says with a shrug, "not at /that/ statement…" He nods to Isabel. "That said, when someone who hates the old bald fart and his whole domain more than anything else in the world is concerned about defending one of said OBF's flunkies from us…" He shakes his head. "Licks are paranoid. Like the lady said, you're pissed because they didn't talk to you. How do you think they feel about what you might be up to without telling them? Maybe /all/ of you should talk to each other."

"See, the Reverend's got a very good point here," Valentin notes to Isabel and Melciah.

Obfuscated, Oriane shifts her weight and clasps both gloved hands gently in front of her stomach, maintaining a lady's decorum even as she listens.

Melciah says, "Ya, but we still have t'is little problem o' Cassius fuckin' wit' South Central. Not to mention t'at Graydon," he begins to laugh hysterically, "challenged me…" insert some gasping and wheezing here, "ta a fuckin' DUEL!" His laughter roars at this point.

"A duel? Y'ain't gonna take 'im up for it, right?" Valentin inquires.

"Si, he has a very good point. It's why he's a Padre." Isabel says with a smile and an inclination of her head towards Parker then huffs at Melciah. "If he challenges you to a duel, aren't the rules…./you/ get to choose the weapon of choice? I'd fuckin' ping-pong'm, or ..have me as your second and I'll arm wrestle'm."

"If y'can use ghouls as fair game, have as many of them shootin' at him as y'can. Y'figure he'd be too distracted with the bullets and take a few more blows seriously." Valentin replies, "Or, if y'want, I can go wit' you. Been in need of a damn fight for too long now."

"The Sheriff has a good point too," Parker says with a clear distaste for the word 'Sheriff' that shows at once in his tone. "Cassius is out to make trouble, he's recruiting others to help him make trouble, all of you self-appointed big wheels are targets." He pauses and then notes, "As amusing as the topic of duels might be, perhaps we should spend a moment on that issue as our neighbor the challenged party suggests."

Melciah settles down after a few moments. "Nah, fuck t'at. T'is ain't t'e wild west, 'e ain't Doc Holliday. Duels…w'at a fuckin' schmuck. Nah, if I go after 'im, you'll likely never even 'ear 'bout it." He looks over at Val and rubs his jaw. "T'at's an idea. But nah, if he wants me, 'e knows w'ere I am. 'e can come on down ta South Central. After I make 'im me bitch I'll let t'e fags run a train on 'im. Ya might even see Mayfair show up fer t'at." He nods to Parker. "Me main concern is a seemin' alliance between Downtown an' Santa Monica in t'is, since Cyrus is Downtown's bitch."

Valentin cracks a grin at Melciah's remark.

Obfuscated, Oriane glances between the gathered parties as she straightens her gloves.

"He's threatenin' Jereline now, too. Both of their egos are insanely huge, and Val..bullets are gonna bounce offa both of'm. Cassius' isn't satisfied with playing the Ancilla card game, and he's got a lot in his pocket right now. Again, they're not grasping he's a bloodhunted fuck who backstabbed his Prince." Isabel pffs again, and looks from Parker to Melciah before she huffs, being a grumpy Nosferatu. "Cyrus is also not loyal to Emerson, but to Cassius instead. He can't be trusted in the least, even if he puts himself up for sale. He's a moody freak-Toreador. So, if you're lookin' for a fight, Val…let's focus on our enemies before Arturo surprises us by walkin' back into our lives."

Melciah leans a little closer to Parker and stage whispers, "We Torries are all fuckin' emo mate."

"How far did you get with gettin' support outside of South Central? And what's the price?" Isabel asks, leaning forward now and propping her elbows onto the table.

"Not very far. Cassius and I have something of an understanding, but besides that, and a few friendships with Downtowners, I haven't made many 'friends', no." Valentin takes a pause. "So, do you -know- whether Arturo's around South California these days?"

Parker notes, absently, "Cassius and Cyrus are loyal to themselves. Cassius is out for revenge, likely whatever power he can get." A pause here as he looks at Valentin. "Do keep this in mind… and Brother Melciah too… the two of them are as loyal to their respective old farts as anyone else in this room is to the King of England." He looks at Melciah for a long moment himself, before he asks Valentin, "And what did the understanding cost you? That was part of her question, yes?"

Isabel remains quiet for now, looking from Parker as he asks his question, to watching Valentin. She seems rather interested in what his answer will be.

"Nothing. But I believe he still believes I am going to act against my fellow Primogen. I do not hand out boons, or get myself in debt without having services performed for me, first. And he can offer me nothing. I expect, however, to be indebted to two people. One of Isabel's brothers-in-blood, and the other, is a clanmate. The cost for the latter was the same as what I requested; support within the Clan." Valentin states, with a shrug. "I'm not that bad of a businessman."

Melciah says, "So basically, we're back ta w'ere we were before. Val ain't really tryin' ta stick it ta South Central an' we're tryin' ta stick it ta Cassius."

"And Cassius wants to stick it to everyone, especially Fleece," Parker adds in laconic tone.

"Especially Fleece, but he's cutting deals to beat up Santiago. I'm not tolerating this bullshit anymore." Isabel states rather stonily. "What did you talk with Cassius about, Val? Any idea what he thinks about us lovely Primogen?"

"He believes you are puppeteering the Prince. For a moment, and while I was really pissed at you, so did I. Then I took a pause, and saw it couldn't be the case." Valentin states, with a shrug. "At any rate, he believes you are also corrupt."

There is a knocking at the door, coming from the direction of < Staff Only Areas (S) >

"How the fuck could we puppet Cora?" Isabel asks, honestly surprised at this. "She hates him all on her own. That doesn't make sense." The Nosferatu stands up and steps towards the side of the door and asks. "Who's there?"

Isabel shouts "Who's there?"

Parker asks, simply, "Does he really /believe/ they are puppetting the Prince?" He looks at Valentin now, ignoring the knocking. "Or did he tell you he believes it? There's a big difference, you know." The laconic tone has not left his voice.

Melciah looks at the door with some curiousity.

"I have no way of knowing. Unlike Melciah, here, my Clan does not possess the ability to read minds and feelings. Only to bash people's heads in and some useful party tricks. Oh, we're also fast as hell, but you already know that." Valentin says.

"Parker has a good question there, too. It sounds more like he wants to put doubt into everyone's head about Cora. Even though he's a fuckin' tool, he wants everyone to think she's controlled by..uh..a Nosferatu and a Brujah ex-Prince. Yeah..why, that's brilliant." Isabel makes this face, which would probably be rather intriguing in her true Nossie face. Impatient, she opens the door and steps out, slinking between the doorframe and door. Nosferatu are rather paranoid of obfuscated spies for some reason.

Isabel opens the door, and leaves for the staff-only areas.

Isabel has left.

Parker shrugs once, and then asks, "What do you /think/? Do you think Ali and Isabel could puppet Fleece even if they wanted to and do you think Cassius is stupid enough to believe they could if they can't?"

From the Staff Only Areas (S), someone shouts "The Spanish Inquisition. Who do you think?"

Obfuscated, Oriane tilts her head downward- her shoulders raise once, then fall, then raise again. Almost as if the mask were laughing, though there is no noise.

"I've been out of the loop for too long. Ali's pretty damn powerful, but as someone remarked to me, Cora has a mind of her own. Things could be seen as Santiago taking justice in her own hands, though." Valentin says, "As for Cassius, he is smart enough to know that one of Fleece's main supporters is Santiago and her coterie."

Parker nods slowly. "Of course, because as long as Fleece is here she doesn't have to be Prince. She really didn't care for the job." He laughs at this and than shakes his head. "It might be better to have /no/ Prince, but I doubt that would win friends and influence people." He does say the word 'Prince' like it was the same kind of dirty word as 'Sheriff' though…

"Ah, we've had a time like that here. Sort of. It ended up with Melciah and I exchanging love letters." Valentin remarks with a grin towards Melciah. "Remember that?"

Cora enters the conference room from the corridors outside.

Cora has arrived.

Cora steps in to the room with a smile on her face and a metal bat resting on her right shoulder.

Parker sits at the conference table with Melciah and Valentin, watching the other two with an affable smile and close interest. As cora makes her entrance, however, he gives her a pleasant nod of greeting. "Ms. Fleece."

Melciah is sitting at the head of the table smoking a cigar. When Cora enters, his eyes narrow on her and it's back to the visibly pissed Ciah.

Obfuscated, Oriane carefully watches the reactions to Cora's entrance.

"Haven't seen you in awhile, Cora." Valentin remarks to Cora. "Although you could state the same about me."

Cora considers the room and its occupants, looking and smiling at each, as she takes a few short steps more in to the room before stopping. "Not often that a party gets started in my office." She looks about before focusing again upon the vampires present. "Any refreshments?"

Ali enters the conference room from the corridors outside.

Ali has arrived.

Isabel enters the conference room from the corridors outside.

Isabel has arrived.

Isabel turns the deadbolt on the door, locking it.

Cora stands a few steps in to the room, her back to the door, and a metal bat on her right shoulder.

"Not exactly a party," Parker says with a faint chuckle. "Sister Isabel invited me up to be part of a conversation, and here we are. So far it's been interesting. I'm not sure how useful." He flashes a Louis Armstrong smile before glancing to Valentin and commenting laconically, "Now tell /her/ that Cassius expected you to believe he really thinks she's being puppeted by Ms. Santiago and Ms. Torres."

Melciah says, "I might give ya some leather polish from me foot rammin' up yer arse."

Ali walks in, scratching the back of her neck with one hand while the other grips a scuffed blue bat. Her brow lifts as she takes a long glance at the room's occupants. "Wait, what - who'm I puppeting?" Her brows lift and she smirks, then waggles the fingers that had been scratching her neck. "Don't look brown t'me, so I plead not guilty."

Isabel trails in after Ali, nearly squeezing through the door as she narrows the space between frame and door. Paranoid bugger. Once the door is closed, she bolts it.

Cora says to Parker, "Cassius isn't worth a pile of Gangrel blood shit." Her smile becomes a grin as she says, "But who am but the bitch Prince whose blood hunted his sorry ass?" She eyes Melciah, still grinning, "Got a problem I should know about?"

Melciah says, "Ya, 'ow 'bout lettin' t'at fucker Cyrus go? Damn stupid ass fuckin' move if ya ask me."

The Colombian's attention seems to lose focus as she looks from occupant to occupant, lingering for a noted time on Valentin. Exhaling, she turns and mutters something back toward Isabel.

Ali whispers to Isabel, "… to be like…"

Parker glances to Melciah, and lets his smile fade slightly, before he glances at Cora with interest in her answer. He's silent, watchful and listening now.

Cora says to Melciah, "Not my call." Her grin hardens back in to a smile, "I'll give you folks counsel with such things, but I'm not an Ancient Kook or an Elder Blue Blood to micromanage your affairs too closely."

"That was me." When Ali turns back and speaks, her voice is clear, confident. "There were already hunting parties getting ready - offing him without it being publically Cora's affair would've been.. " She pauses, chooses a word, then goes with, "..bad shit."

Melciah grunts. "T'en send Mayfair a copy o' t'e tape we made o' t'e questionin'. I'm sure 'e'd be interested ta know t'at he's backin' a jackass like t'at."

Isabel nods slowly to Ali's words and her expression drifts into a frown. "Cyrus can be easily dealt with now. Cassius needs to be disposed of because that is her Highness' affair. The Gangrel are gathering, and Graydon's not seeing Cassius as a Ventrue puppet. We're all being set up to be nailed." The Nosferatu gestures toward Val. "And now we're corrupted in the eyes of…Cassius? Loco shit."

"If you want him, then this meeting must never have happened." Valentin says, "I can trap 'im, given the opportunity, right place, and people playin' ninja." he takes a pause. "Knowin' your enemy is a step."

"It's time to find people they hate more than you," Parker says with a shrug. "Someone needs to make trouble between the old bald fart and the psychotic in the tower. Get them fighting each other, remembering how much they hate each other." He considers something, and then notes, "Someone might want to talk to the Prince of Torrance. He banned citizens of Downtown from his domain over the Nephilim mess." He says 'Prince' like a dirty word again. "Maybe there's an opportunity for you there."

Ali angles her head toward Melciah. "I'm waitin' t'see what Cassius does.", she says, then waves her hand toward Valentin. "I'm a little more concerned 'bout my friends at home.", she notes dryly.

Cora asks of Parker, "For who?"

"I can do that." Valentin declares to Parker, before glancing over to Ali. "Don't worry 'bout me. I've already called in a truce."

Cora looks about the room, "And just to be clear, I will give a major boon to whomever takes Cassius down and brings his dead or torpored and staked ass to me. But I'm only giving one."

Ali looks toward Val, doubt in her eyes, but says not another word on the subject.

Parker shrugs at Cora. "Cammies. I'm here because I prefer all of you the alternative, and you all are my neighbors. Not because I'm standing in line to drink the Kool Aid." He flashes the Louis Armstrong smile again. "That said, neighbors need to stick together."

Melciah says, "Ya can keep yer boon. We all know ya pay me in ot'er ways darlin'." He waggles his eyebrows at Cora.

Cora winks at Melciah and blows him a kiss with her free hand.

"Can we have that in writing, Prince Fleece? There's now shit being said that we're lyin' about his being bloodhunted. That we're makin' it up so he's getting even more support in going up against us. If you could pen somethin' up, and remind people that he's a Ventrue-friend, that could slow down Graydon's bullshit." Isabel says, then grins over at Parker. "If only we were born in a time to have tasted this 'Kool Aid'."

Obfuscated, Oriane glances at Isabel.

"I've tasted it," Parker says with a shrug, "I just haven't properly 'drunk' it. I blend in well, on social occasions."

Ali glances back at Isabel. "What the fuck was so important?", she asks, then blinks at the Nosferatu. "In writing? What is this, fuckin' Santa Monica? He's blood hunted, period." The Brujah grinds her teeth, then exhales and takes a step backward and leans on the wall next to Parker. "The hell does Graydon have to do with this."

Cora eyes Isabel, "Hon, I know I write better than a Blue Blood. But I'm not in to the pencil pushing bull shit that they have set as the gold standard for their clap crap traditions of praxis." She looks around the room to each of the vampires present. "Collectively, you are a lion share of the movers and shakers in our domain. You've heard me. That's what I care about. Fuck the others if they doubt my words." She then looks back to Isabel. "Plus, if I write up a decree or some shit, then you'll hear complaints that it's not genuine because I used the wrong color ink. Or I didn't do it in triplicate. They can go fuck themselves."

Melciah has reconnected.

Melciah has partially disconnected.

Melciah shrugs. "Fuck it. Cassius is done. An' Graydon is as well if 'e tries ta intervene."

Cora eyes Melciah, "Just do it on our turf. Make it clean. He's a prick, so he'll try to blow his load on our ground sooner or later."

Parker notes now, "I'm keeping my eyes open in Athens, while I'm guesting there. I probably don't have much chance with him in a fight but…" He shrugs simply. "I have some tricks up my sleeve."

"Yea, except he's makin' deals with our citizens left right and sideways." Again, Ali glances toward Val, but her eyes find Melciah. "The hell is Randall doing?", she asks him.

"Si, it's just…that they're gaining in members." Isabel says in a quiet tone, then glances to Ali. "We're here t'clear the air, and get this all settled. Graydon's sided with Cassius and wants to duel Melciah now. Padre's right, though. We need to give them a better enemy than us." She now looks over at Melciah expectantly.

Parker glances toward Melciah himself, curious.

Cora looks to Valentin and says, "So, I heard somewhere that you were giving up the Seneschal gig. True?" She eyes Isabel, "A moment." She then looks back to Valentin.

"Yeah." Valentin replies to Cora.

Melciah shrugs. "He's stayin' out o' it. T'at's all I can say on t'at. Go ask 'im yerself cuz I'm confused."

Cora says, "I'm sure you have your reasons. Free will and all that annoying stuff that keeps us groovin' along here in the land of the free and all." She winks at Val before looking around. "Anyone else want the hot seat? Really, we're just needing someone to have the title so the Ancient Kook or some Blue Blooded shit Elder doesn't start accusing us of breaching the Treaty which makes me your Prince."

Parker looks at everyone else as the question is asked, silent, considering everyone and considering possible replies.

Valentin walks to the nearest wall and leans his back against it.

Melciah grunts. "I'm in 'nough shite as it is, bein' a Cammy Sheriff an' all t'at. If ya want ta be pissin' people off, appoint Randall."

Ali replies to Melciah, "I did - he gave me the biggest load of bullshit I've heard yet; about him staying neutral to save my head. First time I've heard that shit.", she comments, then falls silent at the Seneschal inquiry.

"Randall who is tryin' to sell our own to Cassius?" Isabel snorts, looking rather peeved before she huffs softly, and says nothing more, looking to Cora curiously.

"I mentioned that he and Cassius had an understanding before, didn't I." Valentin states.

Melciah arches an eyebrow at Isabel. "Yer welcome ta go give 'im yer viewpoint girly. I don't agree wit' it meself, but I do understand 'is point."

Cora eyes Isabel and asks, "What are you smokin', chica? Cause I want a whiff." She winks before she looks around at each of the other faces. "It's just title. Mostly empty at that. If one of you don't want it, give me a childe for all I care. Just to fill the empty chair if I don't show up at one of their Grand Councils which they hardly ever have."

Melciah looks around. "Could do worse t'an t'e padre 'ere. Not ta mention t'at 'e's a blue blood. Might pacify t'e Ventrue some if ya gave t'e position ta one o' t'eir kin."

Parker says simply, "Seriously, the most qualified for the job among those with any sort of official standing is Ms. Santiago." He looks at Ali for a moment. "She's been a Prince, and there must be people who know and respect her from those days. She's also clearly willing to take aggressive action and is able to provide bold leadership when necessary. There's value in all of that." He looks around the room again. "I'd offer, but no one knows me and if I did it might fuck me up trying to move into Inglewood. No offense. It's better for me to advise and help out."

Ali smiles at Val. "You stayin' neutral so I can catch an ass kicking too?", she wonders, then turns to look at Cora. "It ain't just a title - got a damn responsibility.", she says, "Someone's gotta go fishin' for our people when they go missin'. Someone has to.." And it seems that she has more t'say, but stops talking when Parker starts, then looks at the man.

Cora muses, "Now there is a thought. A4." She winks at Parker.

Parker hehs once. "I like that."

Cora says, "Ask him for me."

Ali shakes her head and settles back against the wall.

"Neutral? You want to catch the guy, this meeting never happened." Valentin smiles at Ali. "Far as I know, though, I'm going to do stuff for the Domain. So if you need back up, ask me."

"We don't need another absent fuckin' officer.", states the Brujah. "Cammy or not, whatever, the other domains are only gonna deal with someone who's pretending. Ask Melciah - he couldn't even get help on the damn assassin cause he wasn't Cammy enough."

<OOC> Ali states /this/ Brujah ;)

"Think I gave'm my viewpoint when I quit his coterie since he likes to sacrifice others to keep him 'neutral' and safe." Isabel says with a sneer before she crookedly smiles at Cora. "Randall's lost his mind. It sounds weird, but he's gone loopy. An understanding with Cassius, and even trusting him." She pauses and nods. "I think the Padre will be quite a fuckin' surprise. And there's no price on his head at the moment."

Parker hrrrms once and then nods. "Fair enough." He looks at Ali for a moment, and then finally says, "Point," and falls silent. His expression goes dark and, he's actually not smiling for a change as he looks at Isabel.

Cora looks to Ali, "Our Sheriffs are plenty capable of helping people out who need it. The 'Seneschal' clap crap is just a trapping of the Elders that they insist through their Treaty." She looks around the room, "Though if any of you want to try to make more of it, I really don't mind if you can convince the others to go along with you."

Melciah glares at Isabel. "Girly, now yer startin' ta piss me t'e fuck off. Shut t'e fuck up 'bout me mate already." He turns back to Cora. "As I said, appointin' a blue blood ain't a bad idea." He looks pointedly at Parker.

Ali angles her head toward Cora. "I agree- didn't argue, but for the fact that it at least puts one person in charge of goin' back an' getting our people when they're lost. Sheriff's are in house, always have been, an' Froggy's either gone or does the best invisible impression I /ever/ seen.", she states.

Cora looks at Parker. "Well, there, someone else is nominating you. And you didn't entirely unnominate yourself. Though you may be a Blue Blood, that A4 hasn't eaten you yet speaks well of your character."

"He /is/ a Nossie," Parker observes. "He /could/ be invisible. Though I've never met the guy." He looks at Cora and says with a shrug, "I haven't properly met Mr. Forrester yet. He's hard to get ahold of." He actually frowns now. "I came here to give advice and make observations as someone with an outsider's perspective. If no one /wants/ the job and you need someone, I suppose I have the virtue of being hard to kill… but it's not something I'd volunteer for. Do you object to me spending a lot of time looking for a qualified replacement so I can leave you all for Inglewood?"

Cora says, "As long as they don't have a pulse, they're qualified."

Parker manages a laugh, but doesn't smile.

"He could be someone else as well." Isabel says with a wink towards Parker before she actually inclines her head towards the angry Melciah. "I apologise. You understand the…frustration." She attempts to smile at Melciah before she looks to Parker again.

Melciah says, "I'd take it ta 'elp but I'm better w'ere I am. Not ta mention t'at nobody would give me t'e time o' day. I make no secret o' t'e fact t'at I'm an anarch." He turns and winks at Isabel. "T'at fine darlin', just do it quietly after t'e first objection ta it."

Ali rolls her eyes, not managing either. "Not acting equals not here.", she mutters, pushing off the wall and starting for the door. "I'm out - y'all enjoy yerselves."

Cora looks around at everyone but Parker, "All you sods have first bite at the title if you want it, though. Speak now for it, or black ball Parker for all I care, but I'd like to have a Seneschal in name.

Melciah shakes his head. "Parker's t'e right move politically. Might not be t'e best qualified, but politically, it's t'e move ta make."

Ali mutters. "No offense, Padre..", then snaps on her way toward the door, "But it's a shit move - the Ventrue hate nothin' more then an anarch, but one'a their own gone anarch."

Melciah calls after Ali, "T'ey wanted a Ventrue back in t'e position. T'eir fuckin' fault fer not specifyin'."

Valentin looks thoughtfully at Parker, "I'm for it."

Valentin adds, "For him being Seneschal, I mean."

"Jefe, you're the best qualified, but…do you want to be back in the fire?" Isabel asks quietly as Ali turns for the door. "You have been the only one to … deal with Nelson. N' Mayfair. N' Elaine."

Melciah stands up. "If nobody needs me, I 'ave two Gangrel ta skin."

Parker chuckles at Ali. "Well, you didn't hear me volunteer, and I /did/ try to stick you with it instead of me…" He shakes his head head, the laugh sounding forced again. "Have a good night," he says to her back.

Cora eyes Ali and Melciah, "Don't have too much fun." She eyes Melciah, "And keep an eye out for someone who might be suited as another Sheriff."

Cora says, "More the merrier."

"Wait, how badly do they hate their own if they're 'anarch'?" Isabel seems rather concerned at this point as she looks between Ali's back and Parker. "Like, they'd kill you or you'd be ineffective?"

Melciah stops on his way to the door and points to Valentin. "He's free. Appoint 'im. 'sides, I get along wit' 'im w'en 'e ain't tryin' any shite."

Cora eyes Valentin, "Interested?"

Parker looks at Isabel for a long moment and then shrugs. "Like anything else, it varies. Every lick is different, clan or no clan. Mind you, I don't much care for most of /them/."

Valentin nods to Cora, "Sounds good to me."

Ali smirks tightly at Parker, stopping. "Don't think I didn't notice that.", she comments, "Whatever - I just don't think the position is bullshit. Hate the name, hate whatever the hell you want, but South Central doesn't rally under a haze of invisibleness and since the Cammy's are the ones fuckin' with our people, then it's nice t'have someone who has pull in the same circles. Whoever we send.." Annd then she stops short, flips Valentin off. "See, now that I'll object to - ain't fond of a Sheriff warring against his own people."

Cora says, "Well, then, Valentin, kneel or squat or whatever. Call yourself a Sheriff and get a badge if you want."

Cora winks at Val.

<Time> The sky begins to lighten as sunrise grows near.

Valentin grins at Cora. "Thanks." He looks over at Ali, "It's over, and it's done. And I gotta plan."

Ali shakes her head. "Bullshit."

Melciah rolls his eyes. "Why don't t'ey both just scrump an' get it o'er wit'," he mutters.

"I don't think it's bullshit either, as far as any Cammie bullshit isn't bullshit," Parker says with a shrug. "I know what you mean. Again, it's all yours if you want it. You know I'll do my best to help you out."

Cora pauses and then looks to Ali, "Oh, you object to Val being a Sheriff?"

Ali angles her head toward Cora. "Fuck yes I object. He left his people to rot, then he start readying for war, was planning on overthrowing you at the start. Fuck yes I object."

"Overthrowing? Get your fucking facts straight." Valentin notes to Ali. "Ask around — I never said anything about overthrowing."

Cora eyes Valentin and asks, "Were you being a bad Seneschal?" There is a metal bat resting on her right shoulder and all. But she hasn't lost her smile all night.

Parker hrrrms for a moment and then falls silent. He watches Valentin again, closely. Very closely.

Ali smirks at Valentin. "I have my facts straight.", she says, "I've had'm straight since the start. Point A to point what-the-fuck-ever, I stand by my goddamn words. I thought when we talked, you'd gotten the hint; you'd pull up straight and stand for the domain, but no. You got your dick in a knot cause people didn't like your words, then up and abandoned us. On top of the rest - yes. I fucking object."

Obfuscated, Oriane pays close attention.

"So, why don't you tell us again, Val…you wanted to teach us Primogen a lesson?" Isabel asks, crinkling her nose at him. "Because gathering troops against us doesn't effect the strength of the Prince or this domain?" She glances at Ali, nods at her words firmly and then becomes silent.

Cora eyes Melciah and asks, "Have a position on this one here, now?"

Parker's eyes move to Melciah and rest there, still he remains silent. He appears to be absorbing all the available information, getting a feel for dynamics.

Melciah shrugs. "Not really. All I know is t'at 'e met wit' Cassius 'bout somet'ing an' t'en went snarky on Ali an' Isabel. Somet'ing ta do wit' Isabel an' Ali sayin' somet'ing or ot'er. Frankly, I t'ink everyone in 'ere 'as a bad temper an' 'as way too t'in skin ta be livin' in t'e hood. Besides, you won't appoint t'e man I really t'ink would make a great sheriff."

Cora says, "Whose that?"

Melciah adds, "Val did say somet'ing 'bout teachin' t'e Primogen a lesson t'ough. An' Isabel wouldn't lie 'bout t'ose troops, nor would Ali." He shrugs to Cora. "Anatole o' course."

"Because -you- seem to conveniently 'forget' who your friends are, when they do something that's out of your little list of interests." Valentin replies to Isabel's question. "The plan was to teach, and don't blame me — but I think words at this point are ineffectual. As for this overthrowing -shit-!? That's not getting your facts straight. That's pulling stuff out of your -ass-. Don't assume to know what you don't. But you know what? I should give -you- a fucking one-on-one beating and be done with it." he pauses, before stating, "These troops are the same I had to take in order to topple Martel. No big deal, and it'd be using one big thing against another big thing. Result? Nothing. One evens the other out."

Cora looks to Val and Ali. "A moment, my friends…"

Parker notes calmly, "I think this is an issue where there is a clear problem." He clears his throat and stands for the first time since sitting down int he first place, speaking as if from the pulpit. "'Teaching lessons' to one another is not going to serve us in the fight against those who would take the freedom of everyone in this room. If we agree on nothing else, we all need to agree on that. Now." He looks at Val as he finishes, then Isabel. Still no smile.

Anger radiates clear from Ali as she glares across at Valentin; words are poised, waiting, but for whatever reason she holds herself at Cora's request.

Cora focuses on Ali, "Talk is one thing. Actions another. But you made me think of another point altogether." She looks to Valentin, "I almost forgot that you are already a Primogen. Generally hard being a Sheriff when you're a Primogen. If you want to give up some of your land to grant to make some new Freeman, then you can be a Sheriff. No problem. But with all that land you're holding, that will get in the way of being a proper Sheriff." She asides, "I don't know what the Blue Blood in Santa Monica was smokin' making a Sheriff of one of his own Primogen." She shrugs. "Your choice, Valentin. You can be a Sheriff or a Primogen."

"I'll stay a Primogen, then." Valentin says, glaring back at Ali, though he remains quiet for now.

Cora nods to Valentin and then looks to Ali. "Any other objections, chica?" She's smiling, still.

Parker hrrrms to himself now, and takes his seat again slowly, watching everyone else again.

"You /fuck/." Isabel says, flicking a knife into her hand as she starts to climb over the table. "Teach us a /lesson/? You want to beat sense into us like Cassius wants to? I'll fuckin' rip your throat out right now. You went to Santa Monica for support to weaken the domain, and for someone to take over. Maybe not yourself? Maybe someone else?"

Isabel draws her Throwing Knives…

«VERIFY» Valentin expended 1 Vitae points.

«VERIFY» Isabel pumped 1 Vitae points to physical attributes.

«VERIFY» Valentin shows the room this power card:

Cora exclaims, "ISABEL!"

Melciah looks back and forth between everyone and then takes a seat. "T'is could be quite t'e show," he says to nobody in particular.

Ali replies curtly to Cora, "Yea, about a billion. Intent counts, far as I'm concerned." Her eyes find Val again, but when she moves it's not toward him, but toward Isabel. "Fucking SIT DOWN.", she commands the Nosferatu.

Isabel startles at Cora's yell and at Ali's words, she hurries back to her seat and nearly falls into with a huff.

Isabel puts away her Throwing Knives…

Melciah looks at Cora. "Ya know, ya should really just let'em beat t'e shite out o' each ot'er right 'ere an' now so t'ey get it out o' t'eir systems. T'ey'll just do it anyway. Assumin' t'ey don't let t'is fester fer a few months."

As Isabel prepares to get violent and everyone else speaks rather harshly to her, Parker sighs and shakes his head. He turns his attention to Valentin, watching him for a moment, and then says again, "We all want the same things here. We need to keep our mind on who the real enemies are and the fact that none of them are in this room." Isabel and Valentin get looks again. "I'm going to leave if that doesn't sink in, eventually. Keep in mind, the old bald fart and the psychotic in the tower want you to be fighting each other. Even more than they want Cassius to cut all of you to pieces. He's likely expendable to the OBF. But if you can keep from killing each other? That would really be a victory."

<Time> A red glow begins rising on the horizon as the sun prepares to bathe the land in light.

<Time> The daytime passes quickly for those who slumber in darkness.

"Check your -fucking- sources!" Valentin's voice starts with a growl, then a yell, toward Isabel and Ali. "Don't PULL shit out of your asses. We ain't PLAYING. Carajo," his icy eyes fixate on Ali. "Now," his voice lowers again, " let's focus on what's ahead. Or do y'want to beat the crap outta me an' vice versa?"

Cora eyes Parker and says, "You'll do." She considers something before adding, "Until you hook up with A4, you can have Jefferson Park, which is near here. That can be your Seneschal stomping grounds, if you'd like. It'll keep you close to the Expo. I'll let you do all your own paper work on the matter, since you're a Blue Blood and all." She winks at Parker.

"You were pissed at Cora over the shit with Faith, you fuck. You remember, Melciah's sucktoy? And her being in your coterie. You've wanted Praxis before, so /fuck/ you." Isabel says angrily, and glares at the male Brujah.

Cora eyes Isabel, "Chica, all of you are bound to get pissed at me from time to time. I'm the fucking Prince." She's really smiling, now. "But as long as I am not made to feel threatened, I really don't care." She winks.

Melciah blinks. "Me w'at?"

"I'm glad you approve," Parker says to Cora with a chuckle, which sounds forced, and nods at her words. He looks toward Isabel and Valentin again and simply watches them, though he's not moving this time. He is frowning, visibly.

Cora's right hand idly shifts its grip on the metal bat it holds resting on her right shoulder. Likely it's nothing.

"I checked them, Val. They're fuckin' good. Don't fuckin' lie to me- I stood by you even after that, convinced you'd turn back around. I sat back an' waited for you to act about shit. I offered you help, advice.." Ali snaps back, never having raised her voice at all, but to yell at Isabel. "You can claim high ground all you want, it ain't gonna change my opinion. You're in a circle jerk with Maxine an' Cassius, don't think I ain't noticed."

<Time> The sun dips below the horizon at last. The sky lights with deep reds and oranges which begin fading into purple and blue hues as the complete darkness approaches.

Melciah rubs his jaw. "Maxine 'as t'e equipment fer a circle jerk?"

Cora muses, "Strap on?"

"I was pissed at her, yeah. Although you showed me it was a really fucking bad call." Valentin growls towards Isabel. He glances to Cora, then to Ali. At the musings of both Melciah and Cora, he quiets down, slightly wide-eyed.

Melciah shrugs. "Couldn't say. Weird fuckin' shite. Tranny vamp. Ain't t'at a million ta one shot?"

Cora says, "Taking the blood of an Ancient Kook through his cock can do strange things to a vampire."

Isabel just turns to look at Melciah, then Cora before she venomously looks back to Val. "Yeah, I did. You stopped listening because you're /threatening/ us with a beat down, which sounds like Cassius got t'ya. You shouldn't even /have/ land since you use these resources against us." Ok, that dead stops Isabel and she turns to look at Cora.

Ali doesn't even seem to notice; her being, all of her, is focused straight on Valentin. "Stand your fucking gangs down. I'll start belivin' in you again once you show me you actually want t'be part of this domain. T'fight an' bleed for it."

Cora is just grinning.

Melciah winces at the thought. "T'e fuck would anyone let someone feed t'at way!?!?" He winces and does a halfway check to his own equipement.

"A pimp doesn't know about strap ons?" Parker asks Melciah as he turns toward him, arching his brows high. He looks to Cora, and manages a forced smile at her preempting of his thought. Then he looks back toward Ali, Isabel, and Valentin and says simply, "There are issues. They'll be settled. If not now, then later. My personal advice is to try to settle them without screaming and dismembering each other. I agree with Ali, standing down any gangs threatening Florence would be a definite sign of good faith." He tries very hard to ignore Cora's remark about Maxine's means of being bonded to Emerson.

Obfuscated, Oriane crosses her legs at the ankles, watching.

"That's already been done." Valentin notes to Ali.

Leaning back in her seat now, Isabel quiets down and looks to Parker, listening. God help her, but she's listened to a discussion about strap-ons and intriguing feeding habits. This too, must be keeping her silence.

Melciah shrugs to Parker. "I ain't never needed one mate."

Valentin brings his fingertips to his forehead, scratching there.

"Yea, we'll see." Ali replies to Valentin- despite all her efforts, the anger seeps through her tone. She stands back, settles, pockets her empty hand and watches the other Brujah. "Whatever, issues - yea, sure. I only believe things twice. After that, takes some workin'."

Cora eyes Parker and says, "So, Seneschal. Have anything particular you want to be doing as a Seneschal? If so, best if you get the people in this room to sign off on it while you've got their attention."

Isabel glances up at Ali, then decides to stare at the surface of the table. She opens her mouth as though she's going to say something, but that's dismissed. Some questions aren't meant to ever be asked. When Cora speaks, she glances over at Parker.

Valentin seems to grimace at something.

Melciah peers at Parker. "Just one t'ing. T'is fucker ain't no Padre. Unless…." he shakes his head. "I don't wanna know." He mutters something about choir boys.

"All I'm asking is that we not kill each other and try to hang together." Parker turns his gaze to Valentin and says simply, "Sometimes the best way to make your point is to understand the criticism and prove it wromng. Not get into a shouting match." He looks to Cora for a moment, and his frown returns, before he turns toward the others. "I do, actually. First and foremost, we need to start watching our enemies. Cassius is the big priority. He's clearly after blood. He wants revenge against Ms. Fleece. He wants to take out Ms. Santiago and Ms. Torres as her biggest supporters. He wants to turn other powers in South Central against these three." He looks at everyone, in turn, and then says firmly, "The obvious first move is not to turn against Cora, Ali, or Isabel because someone blows smoke up your ass. Or, as the case may be, not to be ready to gut said victim of anal smoke blowing." A pause, and then he notes, "The second is to deal with Cassius. Either catch him here, or subvert someone outside the domain for use against him. The first would be ideal, the second is something /everyone/ should be looking out for opportunities to manage if the first isn't possible."

Ali winces, maybe the conglomeration of mental pictures has just proved too much for the Brujah. But hey, she made it this far.

Cora smiles at Parker, "All fair ideas. But I don't mean policies. I mean process. Right now, you're just a cold body in a cold chair. Do you want to be anything other than an empty title?"

Valentin says something in a language you don't understand.

Parker inclines his head to Cora. "I don't particuarly want to be Seneschal, I don't consider the title or the Camarilla legitimate." He looks at Ali for a long moment, and then says firmly, "That said, Ms. Santiago is correct. The job /needs/ to be more than a title. If I'm doing the job, then I'll do the job."

Cora says, "So what do you want the job to be?"

Melciah says, "Mate, she's askin' ya ta define yer job. Yer duties."

Cora nods to Melciah.

Ali glances a nod back toward Parker. "Someone has to play the part; talk the bullshit and smile. I don't smile enough to play.", she says with a smirk. "We need someone t'coordinate information, land moves, Keeper changes, shit like that, plus someone to go play nice with the other domains so they stop thinkin' we're stray dogs they can kill."

Ali says, "And someone to keep Maxine from showing up to talk to /me/ when shit happens."

Cora eyes Ali with a smile, "Hey, now. Don't forget your Prince." She winks.

Melciah seems about to say something then just shakes his head.

Ali lifts her empty hand and spreads it. "You smile so much I think you're hittin' my stock.", she quips back to Cora. "I'm just sore she an' Gus showed up the other night."

"If we were Cammies, it would be speaking for you," Parker says to Cora with a shrug. "I'm more than willing to play diplomat, both outside and inside the domain. I'm good at it, I like to talk." He manages a sour chuckle. "I'm also more than happy to keep all the big wheels on the same car. Ali can tell you that I'm not afraid to say what I think needs to be said, be it to her or to you or to someone outside the domain. I'm very good at playing good cop, which you might all appreciate in a domain full of Brujah."

Isabel squirms in her chair for a moment, uncomfortable. At least Parker is talking, and that's a good, clean distraction. "Since we want to gain allies, I…" She glances at Ali, crinkles her nose, and looks back to the Padre. "…have offered two …chickens to Ruppert. This is a um..Downtown landholder thing. I -believe- each…./chicken/ is seen as a gift of respect towards the realm. I uh…can make one for you to offer up to'm." The Nosferatu turns in her seat to eye Ali. "Showed up where?"

Parker adds, "And coordination is important. We need to be a community, as Ali has been telling people." He pauses, then simply looks at Isabel.

Cora says, "I know you're handicapped by having Blue Blood, Padre. But we Brujah types appreciate brevity. Do you mean to say that you would like to be the diplomat of the domain?"

Melciah says cruptically, "Foreign an' domestic." He rubs his jaw. "I bet I know why t'ey need all t'ose rubber chickens."

Ali upnods toward Parker. "Just tell the woman what you wanna do.", she says, then continues, "See - me? I wanna make sure the domain stays intact. Let the inside have the freedom then want, defend it from the idiots on the outside.. basically, she's lookin' for that sorta answer."

Parker hehs once. "A good start, yes. I'm also more than willing to handle any day to day business you need kept off your desk, and to do what I can to help coordinate said defense Ms. Santiago is talking about. She's condensing my words nicely."

Cora looks around the room, "Anyone have a problem with Parker taking on what he's mentioned?"

Ali smirks. "Color me objecting girl tonight - I'd rather handle external defense, been doin' it a while, don't want to worry that I'm steppin over someone else's shit."

Melciah says, "As long as 'e don't start tellin' me w'o I can an' can't shoot, I'm fine."

<Time> The last traces of light fade from the sky. The moon tonight will be Waning Gibbous.

Parker says to Ali, "I'm more than willing to let you handle it, I don't want to tell you what to do. I just want to, as has been said, coordinate said information. If you don't object to letting me know what's going on?" He flashes the Louis Armstrong smile at her.

Cora nods to Ali and Melciah before looking back to Parker. "Leave matters of defense to the Primogen and the Sheriffs. As well as enforcement issues. If you could handle point on diplomatic matters and getting new arrivals to the domain integrating… building our Freeman class of citizens… you'll be doing alot."

Melciah pushes himself to his feet. "I'm out folks. I 'ave stuff ta do. I'll tell Anatole ya were askin' 'bout 'im bein' Sheriff Cora."

Isabel listens to Cora's question and shakes her head once everyone else has had their say. "We're here t'support the domain n' each other." She softly smiles at Parker's flashy, white-toothed smile at Ali and folds her hands on the table.

Ali looks at Parker for a long moment - then sighs. "Don't mind, but it's hard t'be the diplomat an' the fist at the same time.", she notes mildly. "Trust me, you'll be busy enough with the other shit.", comments the Brujah before nodding at Melciah. "Yea, adios hombre."

Cora eyes Melciah, "Night, mano. Yeah, I'll want to talk to him before making any sort of decision."

Parker gives Cora a nod at the last. "Very well." He nods to Isabel and Ali as well. "Then it's good to know what I'm going to be doing for as long as I'm stuck doing it." He chuckles a bit and then nods to Ali again. "You know me, I'm more than happy to let you do the real work and help as I can. But I want to be aware of who can be… influenced… outside the domain."

Melciah offers a wave over his shoulder as he slips out.

Melciah turns the deadbolt on the door, unlocking it.

Melciah opens the door, and leaves for the staff-only areas.

Melciah has left.

"I have old contacts- you want to know, come ask.", offers Ali.

Parker nods again. "Can do."

Isabel watches Melciah leave and then glances at each person, and remains watchful and quiet.

Cora looks about, "Well, if no one else needs me for anything, I think I'm going to scoot."

Valentin notes to Parker, "You've got my backing for whatever you wanna do. I don't think I'm going to need help with defense, though, although you could see what could be done to rebuild what the Ventrue damaged us with."

"Nada, mais I'm startin' a second Elysia.", comments Ali, toward Cora. "It'll be a while - but I'm movin' on it. Maybe we'll sit, talk, some time I'm closer to done."

Cora eyes Ali, "Sounds good."

Parker inclines his head. "Good evening." Then he turns to consider Valentin and says simply, "That's certainly worth looking into," with a long consideration of the other man.

Cora begins to walk to the exit.

"Well, meeting's done, so I guess I'm leaving." Valentin looks at Ali. "Unless you object?"

Cora opens the door, and leaves for the staff-only areas.

Cora has left.

Isabel stands as Cora walks towards the door in an attempt to be polite. Her gaze follows Val for a moment before she glances at Parker, then Ali. The Latina's fingers drum once on the surface of the table.

Ali starts to say something to Parker, then cuts it short to comment to Val. "Naw, I've said everythin' I wanna say to you, Val.", she replies, then turns back to Parker. "Just send word. We'll work out timing an' whatnot. Like I said.." She shrugs.

Valentin nods, turns and leaves.

Valentin opens the door, and leaves for the staff-only areas.

Valentin has left.

Parker nods to Cora as she departs, then nods to Ali. "Of course. I'll send a message or pay a visit soon. Keep your eye sopen for someone qualified, so I can stick them with this job, yeah?" He looks around the room and asks, "Is there anything I can help anyone with? I'd like to go rail against the savage sting of irony for a few moments tonight, now."

Ali laughs softly, then dips her head. "Yea, Tomas. Believe me, I understand. I'll look. I don't think there's shit that needs doin' right now, I handled everythin' since Val was bein' such a shit.", she says.

"Jefe, do you want me to see if people are standin' down, and …I should locate the warehouses for you, and for the police to um, keep an eye on the activity?" Isabel asks, in a quiet voice once Val has closed the door from departing. She does glance at Parker and says. "I'll have an …offering for Downtown from you by the end of the week, if you wish."

Parker looks from Ali to Isabel and then gives a slow nod to Ali. "I appreciate it, and if I can do anything to help out… you know you can call me. If I come upo with anything sneaky I need some help with…" He trails off with a chuckle and looks from Ali to Isabel, then says simply, "I'll let one or both of you know." He smiles the Louis Armstrong smile again, and says, "Good night, ladies."

Ali angles her head toward Isabel in agreement, then gestures toward the door. "Yea, buenos noches Tomas. I'm out myself - been a head crackin' meetin' that I shouldn't'a been called to in the first fuckin' place.", she notes.

Parker hehs quietly and simply nod to Ali, his own feelings kept to himself except for his last comment to Isabel as he turns to go: "Remind me to make my apologies the next time you want me here for a talk with someone." Sardonic humor prevails.

Parker opens the door, and leaves for the staff-only areas.

Parker has left.

"It won't happen again, Jefe." Isabel murmurs quietly as she ducks her head and heads towards the door. "I'll be hangin' out in his northern territory with the M18's t'start. I'll see if Chris has infiltrated the street folk yet. Buenos noches, jefe."

"Buenos noches, Bella. Don't you fuckin' go over a table at someone in'a domain' meetin' again." Ali comments casually as she turns and starts to head out.

"Si, jefe." Isabel says with a nervous tinge to her voice, and she heads out.

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