Y99/23/12 Modern Art

Cast: Esteban Apolo Mayfair Max Jenna Madison
Location: Anderson Building - LACMA - Mid-Wilshire
Synopsis: Passing conversations in the Elysium.

Anderson Building - LACMA - Mid-Wilshire

Wooden floors and white-washed walls, moodily lit; the galleries of
the Anderson might seem almost bland at first glance, as antiseptic as
a hospital - but if this is a hospital, it's a mental one. Here are the
modern art collections, the outre and twisted children of the twentieth
century: Picasso's cubic sculpture "Centaur", the surreal impressionism
of David Hockney's "Mulholland Drive - The Road to the Studio", Rene
Magritte's contradictory "Ceci n'est pas une pipe", and many other
works from the merely odd to the outright grotesque.

Here, giant pool balls are racked in the middle of the floor. There,
objects d'art are arranged as if part of a city street, complete with
sound effects. One piece is a hall of mirrors that must be walked
through. Another, "Backseat Dodge '38", is a stylized car with working
headlights and a wireframe couple making whoopee in the back. Exhibits
with video screens, moving parts, flashing beams: this is not your
grandfather's art gallery. To walk through it is to fall down Alice's
proverbial rabbit hole, to experience the wondrous and horrific without
barriers. But as much as the art might be unprotected from you, perhaps
you might ponder in turn that you are unprotected from it.

Obvious exits:

Courtyard (N)

Esteban enters from the courtyard outside.

Esteban has arrived.

Apolo is engaged in contemplation of the giant pool balls, pacing around the
display with exaggerated slowness, as if some artistic inspiration is
just waiting inside for him to discover. "See," he's saying patiently
to the brunette glamazon, taking care to e-n-u-n-c-i-a-t-e each word
for her assumedly small brain, "they're pool balls. But big." A hand
waves towards the balls triumphantly. See?

Esteban ambles into the area, looking about curiously. He seems to be impressed
with the place. He pauses in front of the pool balls for a moment. "Big
would be an understatement." His german accented voice is soft as he

Mayfair is watching the impromptu art lesson with a small grin on his face.
"Now Apolo, don't unduly tax poor Madison." He reaches over and pats
fondly on the blonde's back. "You simply aren't cut out for such
serious conversations are you, Jenna?" He smiles again. "You are the
art, you aren't meant to contemplate it."

Jenna chuckles at Mayfair, "Whatever you say, Mr. Mayfair." She shakes her
head, obviously indulging Harrison.

Madison looks at Apolo stumped. "I don't get it."

Apolo reaches his self designated stopping point and turns on his companion.
For an instant, the Spaniard looks suddenly and completely furious,
like he might reach out and strike the woman down where she stands. But
the fury is gone in the same breath. "Yes. You don't seem like a modern
art type of woman, even if you embody the very idea." That hand that
had been balled up in a fist is extended generously to Madision, so
that he can escort her back to Harrison's side. It's the turn towards
Mayfair that brings Esteban into view. "Good evening, cousin."

Esteban inclines his head toward Apolo, though he does take a step back.
"Evening." He glances at the others with a curious and inquisitive
look. He nods to each one in turn, playing the part of the polite young
man that he's rumoured to be anything but.

Mayfair takes Madison's hand from Apolo. "You are a generous teacher, Apolo.
Perhaps another time you'll try with Jenna? I think she may be more the
student you're looking to teach." He too turns to Esteban. "Good
evening." He says no more, but instead affixes Esteban with a stare
that is nothing if not judgemental. He looks him up and down more than
once obviously evaluating him on some scale he isn't articulating.

The two ladies fall into silent positions on either side of Harrison, content
to be eye candy.

"Harrison, if you ever acquired an assistant who would be worth my time
teaching, I would fall over dead. Again." Though he's laughing, there's
more than a hint of self-importance in Apolo's words. He has an
artist's ego, indeed. Rich brown eyes swing between the two men,
letting the silence hang a moment longer than necessary. "Harrison,
dear, meet one of my cousins, the infamous Esteban Lukas Corazon,
German, despite his claiming of my country's names. Esteban, this is
Harrison Mayfair, Primogen of Hollywood."

Esteban matches Mayfair's stare until the man is introduced. He then bows
gracefully, with an almost comical flourish. "Good evening, sir." He
straightens back up and looks over at Apolo. "I'm half German, half
Spanish, actually. Born in Spain, but raised in Germany."

Mayfair raises a brow. "I see. A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Corazon." He pauses
then adds, "Interesting clothing. I would've never thought of wearing a
collar myself. Do you actually allow people to lead you about on a
leash?" The tone is more curious than disdainful.

"He's German," Apolo says again, sidelong to Mayfair. The man's lips curve just
slightly, the smile private and meant for the vampire at his side. It's
fairly easy to deduce that the two have known each other for a long
time; there's a certainly casualness there that is only born of an
extended association.

Esteban shakes his head slightly. "Nope." He pauses with a thoughtful look on
his face. "Well, once, actually. Didn't much like it." He glances at
Apolo. "Okay, fine. I'm German. Doesn't matter to me really. I'll even
be Russian if you want." He smiles brightly before looking back to

Mayfair looks over to Apolo, the easiness exhibited by Apolo stretching to both
men. "I don't think I'd rather like it either. Giving someone power
over you that way. It simply wouldn't do." He casts a glance to his
'glamazons' with a grin before looking back to Esteban. "So, Mr.
Corazon the German, what is it that brings you to our fair city?"

Apolo starts to laugh, suddenly, finding amusement in some part of what Mayfair
just said. Keeping half an ear on the conversation, the Malkavian moves
a few paces away, to take up residence next to the giant balls. Despite
the unspoken 'do not touch the exhibits' rule, Apolo leans against the
black one, propping his chin on his fist, legs crossing at the ankles.
Esteban's answer seems of particular interest.

Esteban shrugs with a flourish of his arm and hand. "I'm just looking for a
place to live right now. After that? Anyone's guess. Perhaps I'll work
as a DJ. Perhaps I'll write songs for some unsuspecting band." He
inclines his head toward Mayfair and then to Apolo. "If you will excuse
me, I'm still in the process of exploring the city." He smiles at them
both, waiting for their responses before making any move to leave.

Madison looks over at Esteban before leaning in to whisper to Jenna, who nods
emphatically to the other giant woman before stifling a giggle.

Max enters from the courtyard outside.

Max has arrived.

Apolo makes a dismissive motion with one hand, all lord-of-the-manor and
by-my-leave. "Perhaps we will talk another night, cousin."

Mayfair smiles to Esteban. "I see. Well, I wish you luck in your progress. I'm
sure you'll find somewhere…splendid to stay." He puts emphasis on
splendid. "You might speak with some of the city's Kindred for help in
finding a suitable place to live. I doubt I'd be much help. Have a good
evening, however."

Max strolls in from the sculpture garden. He's not particularly dressed up this
evening, but perhaps it doesn't matter quite so much among the modern
art collection.

Esteban waves in farewell to Apolo and Mayfair. He's heading out just as Max is
heading in. He waves a greeting and farewell both to Max. His hands get
shoved in his pockets as he strolls along out, whistling a tune.

Max gives Esteban a nod of greeting as he passes.

Esteban leaves for the courtyard.

Esteban has left.

Apolo is lounging against the giant pool ball display, one hand stroking the
smooth sided 8-ball. It's an absent gesture, soothing perhaps, as his
gaze follows Esteban from the room. A brief nod to Max and then, "Will
you be adapting that for your girls, Harrison? The leash seems very

Mayfair chuckles. "A leash? No. I'm afraid not. As smashing as I'm sure my
girls would look adorned thusly, I rather think that it demeans my
perceived ability to keep them under my thumb. It seems to hint that I
need such a thing to exert my dominance." He looks to the glamazons in
question and grins. "That just isn't so is it ladies?"

Madison chuckles. "OH no, of course not Mr. Mayfair." There's the briefest of
glances to Jenna. "That right, Jenna?"

Jenna rolls her eyes just slightly out of Mayfair's range of vision. "Of course
not, Madison. We're too dumb to do anything but obey."

Max pauses equidistant from the two of you and offers a bow. "Good evening
gentlemen." There's a little pause, "Ladies."

Apolo flitters his hand again. He's doing a lot of that tonight, big sweeping
gesticulations to accompany his words. "If you wish. Some seem to like
it. Or need it." The skinny Latino launches himself languidly from his
perch, beginning to pad about the room aimlessly.

Max moves just enough to intercept Apolo, "Excuse me sir, have you seen today's
copy of the Times? There was a suspicious killing dropped at the steps
of Bellflower."

Apolo stops mid-stride. Turning on the ball of his foot, the Primogen faces his
Sheriff. "Well, did they now? What kind of corpse?"

Max says, "Local teenager, torn apart, missing his blood. One of Father Cortez'
parishoners, apparently. Killed sometime after midnight mass. I haven't
gotten a copy of the police report yet."

Apolo nods, vaguely. "Keep your ears on it. If they need help, help them." The
news does not seem to bother the man too much; with that short answer,
he's already drifting away, following some internal radar out of the

Max bows, "Yes sir."

White Wolf © White Wolf
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