Y16/12/31 The 3rd Quinn Room Gathering: 'My Paradigm and Me'

Cast: Will, Matt, Karasu, Samael, Tinkerbell, Ali
Location: Quinn Room - Huntington Gallery - San Marino
Synopsis: The 3rd Quinn Room Gathering. Various visitors talk about the topic; 'My Paradigm and Me'.

Quinn Room - Huntington Gallery - San Marino

Secreted away in the depths of the east wing lies an elegant drawing room, Georgian in design, furnished with British pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries. Despite the room's size, it is an intimate setting; the furniture grouped in conversational arrangements upon a large, burgundy, Imperial rug. A walnut cabinet stands at the back, its doors fastened open to reveal a message board; nearby, several talking points decorate the surfaces of ornamental tables: jet and marble statuettes, silver tea caddies, Bone China and other objets d'art. A crystal chandelier hangs centrally from the high ceiling, providing a golden light which warms the room. The walls, featuring minimal rococo plasterwork designs, have been painted a soft honey brown to pleasantly offset the intricacy of the contents.
The sense is that this might once have been a room for statesmen or nobility to while away the evening hours, and as such, it is particularly well-suited to its current patrons.

Will comes through the double doors.
Will has arrived.

Will is apparently one of the first to show up tonight (well, visibly, anyway). And since he's never been here for any of these meetings before, this may seem odd. He peers around the largish room, perhaps familiarizing himself with a place he rarely visits.

When Will enters the Quinn Room is brightly lit. Sam is sitting on one of the upright chairs that are put around a large table. He seems fully content reading the tome in front of him.. until Will enters of course. This is where the lad glances up, raises to his feet and greets; "Welcome Sheriff Johnston."

Will pauses, noticing Sam when he speaks. "Ah.. good evening, Keeper. I hope I haven't arrived with bad timing." The Tremere smiles and bows at the waist, before continuing over toward the seating arrangements.

Samael offers a slight bow as a follow up; "Not at all.." And gestures in the direction of the free chairs; "Well.. depending why you are here maybe. I'm hosting another discussion tonight. Well.. depending on if people are interested enough to join us." His voice sounds playful enough; "Are you here to join us?"

Will stops and lays his hand on the back of one of the chairs. "Oh, I thought I might listen in. I may not have anything to add to the discussion, but it does sound interesting."

Sam offers a faint grin and a nod; "This is what many say.. They are here to listen. If none would speak we'd listen to silence. It could be appropriate for the topic of this night."
He dares a question; "If I might ask.. if it's not to bold; You are or were religious yourself, Sir?"

Will tilts his head. "Not particularly religious, in any conventional sense. Not in the context of God and Divine Inspiration." Both eyebrows go up. "However there are things that exist, demons, spirits of the dead, and so on, that would seem to imply parts of reality that differ from ours far greater than the gap between us and our former, mortal selves."

Sam listens thoughtfully to Will words and inclines his head; "I have heard of them.. Shadows, gods, angels, demons and Werewolves. Of course let's not forget.." he winks; "Vampires.. us and our powers. At least for us it seems obvious that there is more than what meets the eye. That secure worldview gets shattered pretty quickly, especially for those with Auspex, I anticipate."

"Psychic impressions, reading of auras. Reading the mind?" Will shrugs. "I don't know if those are attuned to any higher powers except the Blood. Perhaps it's all like that.. always seeming more meaningful than it really is." A smile crosses his features, though. "Or perhaps there is a higher power, or even powers. But I've seen nothing to indicate a higher authority, or even a higher order."

"You haven't?" Sam wonders about that; "A higher authority than what, Sir Johnston? I think we can agree there are shadows of the dead and spirits of nature and pagan-like gods. A broader reality than the one we could sense when we were mortal." He rephrases; "Broader, but not deeper. You mean to say that all this doesn't mean that there is this authority called God. Yes?"

Will nods. "That's right. While there may be all of these things which we would otherwise call supernatural, aside from obvious symbolic connections to ancient myths, there seems to be no direction to them. Just that they exist, perhaps in the same way they've always existed. Strange — very strange — but not with any intrinsic religious meaning."

Sam falls silent for a moment while he considers Wills words; "I think I disagree." He says finally; "Of course.. You cannot -see- God directly. I mean.. you'd likely burn out your eyes and mind. But you can sometimes sense His presence and His guiding via the people and the creatures that He works through.. sometimes, when you're extremely lucky, you can sense His workings in yourself." He nods.

Matt comes through the double doors.
Matt has arrived.

Will smiles and shrugs. "See, I can't really cite any experience with that. I won't discount the idea that you may be right, but rather I just fail to see it in those terms."

Will is standing beside a chair, resting his hand on its back, facing and speaking with Samael.

Tinkerbell comes through the double doors.
Tinkerbell has arrived.

Will is standing beside a chair, resting his hand on its back, facing and speaking with Samael.

Matt knocks and then enters, "Bonsoir, Madams et messieurs." He nods at the present, then slinks towards a comfortable chair.

Sam nods and agrees; "These are things that you need to experience I think. I believe I felt His presence only once during my time as a vampire. It's what I miss most of all." An apologetic smile is offered; "But there are other signs.. Like the angel that the Nephilim sacrificed during their Becoming. Like the fact that the mortals of the Inquisition have His gifts.. Like the fact that there are vampires that found Peace.. and that is even disregarding the Faith of our All-knowing Prince. I mean.. who am I to doubt what an Ancient knows to be true?"

Will chuckles quietly. "Of course.." he begins, and then pauses and glances behind him. "Ah.. hello, Sir Schnell. Ma'am." He bows his head to both of them.

When Will turns to greet the newcomers, Samael stands to perform a slight bow: "Sir Schnell, miss Tinkerbell." He greets with a smile; "Welcome to our Quinn Room Gathering. Please claim a chair also." His hands wave in the direction of the remaining Upright Chairs.

Tinkerbell has apparently dolled herself up to visit the Huntington today, having discarded her occasionally punkish clothes for a fluffy pink thing that not only looks good, but also shows the gold chain and small gold cross. She clicks on little pink heels, and smiles politely at those already here, pausing to dip politely at Samael in curtsey.

Matt is clad in his usual garments, all black and such. He nods at Will and Samael, then turns around and also greets Tinky. Upon sitting down in one of the chairs, he mentions, "These are the famous Huntington Talking Circles?"

Matts remark triggers an easy good-natured laugh; "Famous or notorious, much like myself I anticipate." Samael finds his chair again and asks; "Do you all know each other, or are we in need of introductions?" And explains; "Sir Johnston and myself went ahead and started some private on-topic chatter, but I think I can do the official opening now."

Karasu comes through the double doors.
Karasu has arrived.

Will slides around the front of his chair and finally sits down. "Oh, I'm acquainted with everyone." So he looks expectantly between Matt and Tinkerbell to see if they require any introductions, otherwise staying out of that part of the meeting.

Tinkerbell smiles politely, and settles herself into one of the chairs, sliding one knee over the other and arranging her skirts idly with her small fingers. The little Brujah just blinks, "We've met," Her slight British accent as prominent as ever. "Monsieurs."

Karasu slips inside, offering a silent ow to each one in the room before she moves to occupy a distant and lonely seat.

Matt smiles, "I think I know all of the participants." With that he falls silent, judging the present people.

Auspex on Matt notes:
«amused, relaxed»

Sam nods, apparently pleased that he need not elaborate, then spreads his hands to claim some attention again; "So again.. Welcome to the third Quinn Room Gathering. The topic of the evening is 'My Paradigm and Me." And elaborates; "As such we can discuss topics like.. How you think about ourselves and our place in the world. How did this perception change when you turned? Do you believe in a God, and if so, how do we feel this God relates to vampires and mortals. And if there is a God, do you think that he could he have a purpose for us?"

Tinkerbell's fingers absently twirl in the ends of her hair as she considers Sam's speech with her head tilted, looking for all the world like a teenager at school. All that's missing is the desk.

Matt is taking out a pair of glasses from his trousers and puts them onto his nose. He now looks a lot like the average economy professor from Harvard. He looks around expectantly, curious what the others have to say.

Sam relaxes and sits back again. It is apparent that his little 'speech' is already over; "Maybe we could start with sharing some of our personal views?" he asks; "Like if you were religious during your mortal days.. If you believed that there was more than met the eye then.. and how this changed when you turned." An apologetic smile is offered; "If that wouldn't be too bold a question, that is."

Matt puts forth, "There is no god. Or if there is, he decided to elude me." There it is, a blunt statement. The Ventrue settles back, his intertwined fingers in front of his chin with the tips touching his nose.

Tinkerbell's fingertips wander up to brush the little golden cross on her collarbones. She seems somehow amused by Matt's statement, though it comes with little more than a curl of her lips. "It's just part of growing up in England…" Tinkerbell shrugs, but reserves judgment on her current state for some reason.

Samael winces at Matts statement but manages to press his lips together and refrain from instant judgment. A smile is cast toward Tinkerbell. He offers his own eventually; "I believed as a mortal and that hasn't changed." he confirms; "Even though oftentimes it seems more convenient to stop believing when your Faith demands that you put yourself in the dark corner of the room."

Will smiles faintly, listening.
A quiet buzz comes from the cell phone in Will's jacket. He carefully checks it, trying not to draw too much attention to himself. Then he frowns, and gets up. "If you'll excuse me. Thank you for the earlier conversation, Keeper, my apologies for not being able to stay through the meeting." A bow to the group, and he quickly walks out.

Will goes home.
Will has left.

Samael stands to offer Will a bow when he takes his leave.. and refocuses; "So.. Mister Schnell." He inquires; "How did God elude you? Did He always?" Curious.

Matt wrinkles his brow, "You guys are not telling me that you believe in God?" He shakes his head, "I mean do you see us? undead predators stalking they weak and living by night? I read the Bible and the God depicted there seems not much inclined to allow something like…like…" His voice trails off.

Tinkerbell seems amused, still, somehow, and continues to play with her little cross absentmindedly. "Why not? There's a lot that the bible doesn't cover," She says, with a small shrug, "And it's not like half of the unpleasant rumors about us are true," Tinkerbell frowns slightly. "I won't pretend I'm overly zealous about it, but I like to believe that I didn't completely lose who or what I am to the monster. Isn't that the point of our existence?" She shrugs again, playing with a piece of her hair.

Sam nods thoughtful at Matts and Tinkerbell’s remarks, arms folding on the table in front of him; "I've asked myself this question for decades." He admits; "I mean.. I never doubted His existence.. I just didn't understand how He could have allowed." He glances away; "But then.. mortals do things to each other that often are equally bad or worse. The humans have a Free Will to do the Lords work or Satan’s. I often doubted if we had that choice still, you know. Or if our total descend is just a matter of time."

Tinkerbell just shakes her head slightly, "Just don't see the point in making a fuss about altered state like it has any relevance to religion. Some humans don't believe in God too."

Sam examines Tinkerbell for a moment, considering; "So.. Are you a Christian? Anglican or Catholic?" The young man inquires; "How do you deal with the Ten Commandments and such?"

Matt has disconnected.

Tinkerbell just eyes Sam as if he's gone nuts. Then she says, "I grew up in London." Perhaps she assumed her accent was clue enough, either way, she doesn't elaborate. "And what do mean, how do I deal with the Ten Commandments? The way anybody does. Break'm sometimes, and hope the bit about forgiveness is true. Neh?"

Samael blinks; "So Anglican?" He asks; "They don't do things like confession and sacraments as a necessary part of that forgiveness? I'm just saying.. it's kinda hard to walk up to a priest, then confess and be forgiven for your sins."

"No, but I'm sure you know how Protestantism works, in your profession. Personal rapport with God, yadda, yadda." Tinkerbell says with a bat of her lashes, "And, why wouldn't I be able to?" She seems puzzled, "I mean, honestly, I don't go around committing heinous crimes because of what I am. I know some people do. I don't apologize for my beast if I happen to frenzy - I can apologize for not controlling it better, I suppose. I guess it seems like over thinking the issue, to me. I mean, the point is retaining integrity to the human part of myself, right? Most of what I do is more or less what I would be doing anyway, with a few exceptions."

"Not very familiar with it." Samael admits with an apologetic sound to his voice; "But yah.. I'm aware that you don't require the sanctified priest as a necessary middle-man. I'm a Catholic myself though. According to my religion, I need to confess, take a communion and what-more to be forgiven." His eyes close half as he seems a bit embarrassed, trying to shake it off; "I see your approach however. It sounds do-able."

"I know how it becomes problematic - I mean, I understand, that is. As much as I like to be optimistic, age does wear on the uh … sensibilities. And bad shit happens, to survive, we all do terrible things. But I guess that's why Protestantism - that's something I work out with God." Tinkerbell looks sheepish, "Then again … I wouldn't call me the best Christian ever. More often than not it's just a comfort thing." Tinkerbell doesn't seem overly ashamed of that, either, "But again, that's like a lot of people out there."

Sam inclines his head; "Well.. at least you do believe and try to stick to your faith." He replies softly; "That's more than a lot of vampires out there.. especially the more practical ones." Samael falls silent for some time, staring at the exit, then asks; "Suicide is a sin for a Protestant too, yes?"

Tinkerbell shrugs, "I figure. It's still killing somebody, right?" She half-smiles.

Sam hums, rephrases; "It's abandoning life; Gods Gift to you." He leans back again and forces a playful grin; "Even when we're 'dead' kinda. Or not. It's.. grey and confusing. The scripture doesn't quite go into it."

Tinkerbell just shrugs again, "It's not like many of us actively decided to get corpsy," Tinkerbell says, with another slight shrug, "And the people who did, well." She just wrinkles her nose.

Sam frowns; "No. I guess not." Samael replies, dares to ask; "You?"

Tinkerbell just shakes her head and lowers her eyes.

Sam nods quietly, respectfully, upon Tinkerbell’s response; "Do you still wish it hadn't happened?" Sam asks then and assures; "If I'm getting too personal.. just say so."

Tinkerbell snorts, "No. I don't mind, so much. Inconvenient sometimes, not being able to go outside during the day. And I was fucked anyway, it's just the way it happened. I mean, I guess I turned out ok, and compared to some peoples' stories, I guess I'm lucky. I don't much see the point in moping about it. All I can do is help other people."

Sam inclines his head; "Practical." And offers; "You remind me of Chance.. Maxine, I mean. Perhaps it's in your Blood to be practical about it. And it's in mine to revel in it's drama endlessly." Another try to sound playful, another failure; "Trust the Toreador to drain the slightest misfortune for all that it's worth."

Tinkerbell shrugs, "I don't think it has anything to do with blood," She offers a touch of a smile, "I can be quite frivolous at times, as well … and I think most of my clan would tend to throw me in with yours rather than acknowledge me." She ruffles at the edges of her hair again thoughtfully.

Sams gaze skims Tinkerbell another time; "What.. Because you wear pink instead of the old black leather jacket and jeans?" Then admits; "Well.. I'm very un-clanlike on that topic too. It's just.." He searches for words; "This general attitude, I guess. More hands-on. No whining but acting."

The small Japanese girl listened the conversation quietly, hoping that her presence not disturbing the debate. And it seems she was successful. But now she straightens up and puts down her book before she walks closer to the two to occupy a seat there.
"I agree with Tinkerbell. It is not about the blood." Karasu smiles "I would like to believe that I am practical too, at least wih the matter of God anyway. I am not a religious person at all, I am more like a materialist with a strong desire of sacralism and attraction for zen." she sets her place in the conversation.

Tinkerbell chuckles a little, "That's because that's the only way to get stuff done," Tink wrinkles her nose, "And we like to get stuff done. Brujah are embraced for idealism, right? And the ones that don't figure out how to act die." She glances over Karasu briefly.

Auspex on Karasu notes:
«Friendly, outgoing with excitement and curiosity.»

Samael glances up when Karasu mingles, listening to the ladies in the room; "So you wouldn't say that it's.. in the Blood, to mourn more than others?" Sam asks of Karasu, curious; "For the Life, the spark that we lost?"

Auspex on Samael notes:
«wanting to understand. It's important»

Tinkerbell stands after a moment, to dip in a slight curtsey to Sam, before drifting away without interrupting, clicking along on her heels calmly.

Tinkerbell passes back through the doors.
Tinkerbell has left.

Karasu shakes her head. "My concern is not the life I lost, but the way how I live or how should I live with my new abilities." she explains smiling. "I mean, obviously we can't continue to live the same way, we need to organize our time differently and we need different customs and social institutes. If I mourn about something it is the lack of abilities that our kind possesses, when we have more potential" she glances up at Tinkerbells leave with a confused smile offering the Brujah a silent nod before she turns back to Samael. "I think… we haven't solved that conflict.. yet…"

Samael watches Tinkerbell leave; "Quite possibly." He ponders and admits; "Ah.. time passes.. times change." Then regards Sakura; "Perhaps the difference is in the art. Somehow it changes, you know? Sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to improve. ever." His voice is soft. Weak and he needs to look away.

"Yes… that could be possible." Karasu nods and glances back at Samael. "I mean we are collecting much more memories than a human could. Personally I am too young, but several of us lived more than one mortal lifetime. The mortals are lucky in a way, their body changes with age, which resolves to different periods of life with different roles. If suddenly someone would invent a medicine to keep the 70s old in the same physical condition than the teenagers… well that could shake society. It would be harder for the new generation to find their role and place in society." she says. "I guess you are improving, even in art, but the change is less obvious since your body hasn't changed. And I guess we get less impulses from life that would act as a muse normally."

Ali comes through the double doors.
Ali has arrived.

Ali enters looking, for all the world, as if she can't figure out why she keeps coming back. Her bat is slung high over one shoulder and her outfit, while not uptown, is at least clean, pressed and a far cry from South Central. It covers her tattoos, at least. She eyes it all, half a frown gathering.

Karasu and Samael are wrapped up in a conversation. If others attended the event, only the Keeper and his assistant remained. The small Japanese girl glances up as Ali enters, just to offer her a warm smile before she turns back to Samael.

Samael and Karasu are seated at a large table, going through the various topics of the night. The other seats are empty, but their positioning suggests that they were occupied earlier.
"I.. do think it's more essential than that, Katsumi." Apparently the lad hasn't spotted Ali yet, or else he wouldn't have used that name; "Like.. when I started college, obviously my work exceeded that of my fellow-students. I'd played that music in my head for decades. But now.. four years later, my teachers ask me what has happened. You know? My friends get better. I just.. fall behind."

"This is your great debate?" wonders Ali as she strides in, swinging her gaze. "I keep coming here Sam, thinking that the rumors that the Toreador were blessed with a /hint/ of Brujah blood in them, but I keep getting disappointed."

Auspex on Karasu notes:
«Irritated by Ali's comment, defensive.»

"You’re welcome." Karasu offers another warm smile to the new arrival before she turns back to the boy. "That is a matter of the human mind, not the vampiric state. The human way of thinking slowly changes over the years. For example the youngest are the most open to learning new languages, mostly because they are able to accept things without consideration. I mean, all of our words are self-righteous. Why do we call an apple an apple? Why not call it ‘junk’? There is no internal logic, just a choice. The kids are open to accept any example until a given age. They just copy and mimic." she doesn’t glance up while speaking; "Our curse is not that we lost the ability to improve, but that our mind ages like that of the mortals, and our body doesn’t."

Sam glances up when Ali speaks, blinks.. and raises.. reluctantly, to offer a slight bow; "Seneschal Santiago." His voice sounds formal; "I fear you arrive during a low hour." He gestures at the empty chairs; "Most already left."

"I fear I always do." Ali leans against one of the pillars and looks upon Sam, then Karasu. "Nonsense- how can you consider the loss of frailty a curse? So I'll never give birth, get wrinkles, go gray, or taller." She rolls her eyes. "Who cares. The curse is being like all these other vampires who think they're still walking around in the middle ages. Time goes on, amigos. It doesn't stand still even for Emerson."

Karasu laughs softly and glances to the Latina. "Ali-san. You are telling me the same thing, but from a different perspective. Our curse is that we never age, and with that we are and will embrace ideals that the Zeitgeist doesn’t. Of course on an individual level it could be interpreted as a blessing. I don’t age, so I don't have to go through the painful experience of pregnancy. But on a broader society-scope it is a curse, really. Perhaps there will be a time when our ideals will be perceived as disturbing as Emerson's feudalism." the small Japanese girl adds softly.

Auspex on Karasu notes:
«Calming down, curious if a bit provocative.»

Sam nods; "I suppose you do Seneschal. But it's never very crowded. Maybe it's better that way however. It might allow people to be more open and daring about their ideas." Then comes down on poor Karasu himself, correcting; "There's nothing outdated about Prince Emerson. But honestly.. it is not what I mean. Of course I learn new things. My mind didn't get slower. If anything, I catch more. It's just.. When it comes to.." He sighs, almost whispers to Karasu; "..music.. creativity. We just seem .. stuck."

"How much of it hasn't been done before, Sam? I mean.. c'mon. A few thousand years an' eventually you're gonna hit ever combination of notes there is." points out Ali. "Either way, your debate has a fatal flaw - it keeps thinkin' people actually wanna debate things. They don't. I wonder how much of this is just you wantin' to play your own brand'a convincing."

"Ali-san." Karasu turns at the woman once more. "I agree on your first comment, creativity is to putting your knowledge in a new way, and this ability to think. If you became an expert on your field, you would have less and less combination left." she sighs and closes her eyes for a brief moment. "But I opposite your other comment. This debate and event is not a necessary thing. It is not forced by anyone. One could come and go as he or she seems to fit. If there are people appearing, even just we… three… than there is a need for such debate." a smile appears in her face.

Auspex on Karasu notes:
«Thinking about something funny, something about this situation.»

"I didn't question its necessity, Senorita. I questioned its intention." remarks Ali, simply. "There's an enormous need t'talk about things; to poke and prod and ferret out the things that are kept from us or the new things that have gone past our elders - the things that they, in their age, miss."

Sam glances at Ali; "Of course. The topics that I choose are things that fascinate me personally. I gave most topics a lot of thought and my opinions are rather solid. The only way for them to become this way however, is because I heard the facts and the insights of others. I can share those. I can learn more by hearing more. But I don't have the illusion that the topics that I chose have one solid answer that we can fully cover or uncover during a single night."
He offers; "If you have ideas about topics that will stir more discussion, you are welcome to submit them.. even host them, provided they won't make my officers frown."

Karasu leans back and sighs. She glances between Samael and Ali before she finally lets her gaze rest on the woman. Apparently she hasn't got anything to share… now… She just waits for the Latina’s response.

"I've been fortunate enough to avoid makin' yer officers frown for quite some time." remarks Ali, amused and showing it as a slanted grin pulls the corners of her lips upright. "Even been on good terms.. the shit I wonder about, though, it ain't for here. This is the land'a the straight and narrow, Sam. You know that. We'll come here an' debate things that don't bother anyone; shit that doesn't make waves, but hints that the debater might be smart enough for some elder to take on as his pet. Like I said- I don't know why I come, but I do. Maybe I keep hopin'."

Sam can't suppress a smile at Ali's words and nods in silent agreement; "Yes. You'll need to save the more controversial debates for South-Central." He agrees; "Which I tried, back then. Perhaps you will try again. Or perhaps you are, and I don't know about it." He shrugs and raises to his feet; "Anyway.. I do need to go. Feel free to debate without me. Perhaps we'll meet again at the New Years Party.. if you'd try that event again."

"I would gladly see a debate in South Central." Karasu smiles once more, studying the Latina before she turns back to Sam with a nod. "Take care Samael-chan." she says. "I try to be there also, but I can't promise. I definitely be there next Monday though."

"It's just that freedom spreads, Sam. Intellectual freedom the same as social, as physical, as it all." Ali inclines her head toward Samael. "Buenos noches." she offers before addressing Karasu. "Life is a debate in South Central; I don't really think our citizens would care to open their borders to the ideological opposition who would just use our ideas as an excuse to eradicate us." She smiles. "South Central, while intellectually curious, is a Camarilla domain that supports the Traditions. We would hate for anyone to believe otherwise."

Auspex on Ali notes:
«amusement, doubt. It's the aura of a 'technical' truth, but one that the teller doubts highly and finds to be terribly amusing..»

"Ah.. I know South-Central. Maxine does. But it is like with everything.. as long as the illusion is convenient people are happy to run with it."
Samael offers 2 little bows to the ladies in the room before pacing in the direction of the doors; "Well.. Goodnight Seneschal. Goodnight Steward."

"Maxine hasn't known South Central in decades." remarks Ali. She turns as if to follow Samael out and waves toward Karasu. "There's people who'd wonder if she'd known it at all since she left A4. When.." Ali pauses and looks at the two Toreador. ".. exactly.. she lost herself and became *this*."

"Good night!" Karasu says before she turns back to study Ali. "I don't care about the differences. I am more concerned about the individual, and what one should do to live in a domain. I have no personal experience with South Central, just as an outsider… an enemy. And that irritates me more than a bit, if I may be honest." she says to Ali, pondering if she will follow Sam or stay in the room.

You pass back through the doors.

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