Y16 12 18 Ricco's Punishment

Cast: Ricco, Will, Matt, Leopold, Cecil
Location: Getty Center Elysium
Time: near midnight
Synopsis: Ricco's claim over Little Holmby is denied. A price is exacted.

First Floor - The Getty Center - Westwood

Each pavilion is a graceful, wide expanse, airy and open. Although there are exhibitions and objets d'art tucked in at every opportunity, there is such a sufficiency of space that there is no sense of clutter, rather an atmosphere of cool relaxation and peace. There is a stairway up to the second floor, sweeping in a slow arc, leading to the upper levels.
Windows open across each wall, showing wide vistas of the night sky, slivers of light filtering in from moon and light pollution alike - however they are rendered near invisible by the lights within. Not brightly lit, to protect the art housed here, there is enough to send rays reflecting off the numerous mirrors that adorn the walls of this pavilion, creating a further illusion of space, reflections meshing with reflections of reflections to create a dancing faux-reality gleaming from the silver frames.
Conflicting somewhat with the overall aesthetic, there is a free-standing cabinet in the middle of the floor that appears to be open.

This room has +views and places.
Obvious exits:
Second Floor (U) Courtyard (S)

Matt descends the ramp from the gallery level above, returning to the first floor.
Matt has arrived.

Cecil enters the pavilion from the main courtyard.
Cecil has arrived.

Will walks in through the front door, starts looking around.

Ricco is standing near the board, chewing on a cigar and looking at the day's newspaper.

Matt is standing on the gallery, partly in the shadows and is admiring the exhibitions.

Will spots Ricco by the bulletin board. "Mister Ricco!" he calls loudly and clearly across the hall. Not so much a greeting as an alert.

Cecil ambles in, peering about as he does so.

Ricco's description:

A large man, Ricco stands a little over six foot and looks like he is about two hundred and seventy-five or eighty-five pounds. He's quite overweight and has grey hair and a bald head. His large nose supports a pair of yellow aviators, and a cigar usually is in his mouth or his hand. He wears a dark green silk suit with a matching tie, and his cuff links are studded with emeralds. His shoes are polished to a high mirror-shine, and on each of his hands are several rings of various different types, including a studded Giants super-bowl ring from 1986 and a World Series ring from 1956.
Carried Weapons:
Brass Knuckles (Concealable in: Pocket)
Appearance: 2

Ricco lowers the newspaper and folds it up quickly before dropping it on a nearby chair. He removes the cigar from his mouth and walks out into the middle of the hall to meet Will. "Sheriff," he says, a little less loudly. "I am always pleased to see you, sir."

Ricco seems pretty focused on Will currently.

Will drops his satchel at his side, then plants the end of his quarterstaff firmly on the floor, sending an echoing *thunk* throughout the hall. "Mister Ricco, I have word from His Highness, through his Seneschal. Your claim to Little Holmby is denied."

Matt raises and eyebrow while he continues to scuttle on through the exhibition.

Ricco folds his in front of him and bows politely before standing up straight again. "Of course," he says with a nod. He keeps his eyes lowered somewhat.

Cecil nods politely to the quiet fellow in the room, greeting him softly, "Sir Schnell."

Matt aknowledges the others with a curt nod, then goes on with his rummaging in the dark exhibition.

Will frowns, the only reaction he makes. "Furthermore, His Highness is displeased with what amounts to a direct challenge to his authority. What do you have to say for yourself?"

YOu can hear Matt chuckle down in the dark exhibition (he can't be seen at the moment) What is so amusing to him? A sculpture? The words ushered by Will Johnston? But surely he couldn't hear THEM back there where he is, no?

Ricco says, "His Highness, whose wisdom and intellect is beyond reproach, perhaps is misconstruing my efforts to better the community. My humble desires were merely to improve conditions and create an increased sense of protection, so that His domain might flourish. I most certainly respect his position, and in no way intended or desired either in action or appearance to usurp his authority or rule of law. With that, I accept any ruling he might make regarding my…request."

Ricco says it all with a straight face, and doesn't fidget, but makes minor appropriate hand gestures to accentuate what he says.

Cecil is quiet for the moment, watching the discourse.

Matt is obviously on his way back from the darker parts of the Sculptures exhibition.

The Tremere Sheriff's quarterstaff bangs against the floor again. "His Highness is -quite- capable of protecting those lands he apportions for himself." Will steps forward. "With your hand you have offended him, as well as with your tongue. You will cut off the offending hand, cut out the offending tongue, and with the blood from your hand and tongue you will pen your apology to His Highness."

Matt nears himself towards the scenerey now, "Bon soir Monsieurs." He raises a hand, in a mockery of school habits, maybe, "May I request permission to speak, Sheriff Johnston?"

Will, clarifying his tone, is rather impassive and quiet.

Ricco twitches slightly, like someone stepped on his foot. "I will make it most certain and clear, in whatever manner is most fitting, that my transgressions were ill-conceived."

Matt stands there, still as a school-boy, waiting to be called upon.

Will watches Ricco a moment, then glances over at Matt. "Please, Sir Schnell, go ahead."

The Ventrue hrms, then again, "I don'T know exactly what is transgressing here, but I wanted to remind you both, that this Elysium. Now I undertsand that this Monsieur here", he points towards Ricco, "must have done something utterly aggravating to deserve the punishment you just offered him as a means of making up with His Highness, Prince Acton." He smiles, "Still I think if and when this punishment is to happen, it must either be in front of a full court watching this", a disgusted view towards Ricco again, "Or in a place without Elysium." He steps back, satisfied with what he just said, "By the way, ripping out the tongue might make it harder to apologize to the Prince. WHy not taking his eyes instead for his inability to see the right course?"

Ricco looks at Matt and bristles slightly.

Matt simply shrugs and is silent again.

Leopold steps out of the shadows.
Leopold has arrived.

"Utterly tasteless…" comes a quiet voice from above. A hand is touching the banister that only moments ago was certainly empty. Leopold slides a hand down the banister and begins his quiet descent down the stairs. "Sheriff Johnston, if I am correct about my own assumptions… this is about Ricco's post of intention, yes?"

Cecil nods, "Take a look at the last posting on the board, Sir Schnell?"

Cecil then looks up curiously at the newly arrived fellow, looking thoughtful.

Matt smiles at Cecil, "And here I thought you worlocks embrace only smart people. Didn't know you take Geniuses as well."

Will frowns a little. "Sir Schnell.." he starts, and then Leopold, who wasn't there, suddenly is. "Indeed," he responds to Leopold. Back to Matt, he concludes, "The requirements are his to fulfill. I will not even force his hand. If he wishes to dispute the punishment, he may feel free to bring it up with the Seneschal, who is likely to be much less forgiving if disturbed with this matter."

Matt hms while he has a gaze over to the new entry.

With a broadening smile, a shake of his head, and a dramatic tut tut… Leopold takes exactly one step per second until he's about five steps down. There he stands with one hand on the banister and the other on his hip. "I suggest you put your boon writing hand to work before it is no more, Salvatore Ricco." he says.

Ricco says, "Advice flows like water today."

"Let us hope it will not be vitae." Leopold quickly quips, with a frown tugging at the corners of his lips.

Ricco says, "Your percieved wit outpaces reality."

Matt now really raises an eyebrow, "AH?"

Will frowns more, watching the exchange.

Matt simply walks for the exit, "I hope this mess will be sorted out correctly."

Ricco says, "Do take care, Sir Schnell."

Matt leaves the pavilion, returning to the central courtyard.
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Will raises both eyebrows just slightly, turning back to Ricco. "Well, Mister Ricco, how do you intend to resolve this?"

Ricco says, "Ah, I thought I had already made it clear that the letter and actions I've been told to do will certainly be done as soon as is convenient. Unless you don't mind me bleeding all over the artwork."

Will inclines his head. "I will expect your hand, tongue, and the letter to be delivered to me here before sunrise. If you fail to comply I will assume that you wish an audience with the Seneschal, and come to collect you."

Will adds, "And don't try to fool me with pieces you collect from another. I will know."

Ricco says, "I hope I don't strike you as that dumb. I'd consider it an insult."

A bit of a chuckle rings musically from Leopold's lips, though it stops before becoming strange and creepy. "If you need saran wrap or a hacksaw, simply call it into the wind. You do know that you could make millions on snuff films with this, do you Ricco?"

Ricco says, "I think I get along OK."

Cecil says, "I'm sure that once your apology has been accepted, Mr. Ricco, this incident will be swiftly forgotten."

"And to think, I was ready to go get my cameras…" says Leopold. He shakes his head, and begins to walk back up the stairs.

Will bows his head to Leopold, then looks back to Ricco. "Midnight, Mister Ricco. You have somewhat less than six hours, I suggest you don't delay too long."

Will drifts over toward the bulletin board.

Ricco says, "Do take care, all of you. I'll see you about later."

Ricco leaves the pavilion, returning to the central courtyard.
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Leopold reaches the top of the stairs and calls to Will, "You're a tough Sheriff, Mr. Johnston. I certainly hope I never do cross you."

Will inclines his head to look up at Leopold. "His Highness both deserves and requires the respect of his subordinates, sir." He stays by the board, however.

For a moment Leopold watches Will. It's inhuman the way he stands, with one arm statuesque against the banister of the stairs. He tilts his head to the side, that ever present smile opening up and showing bright white teeth. "Don't we all?" With a raucous laugh, he walks up towards the second floor and out of view.

Leopold ascends the slowly curving stairway, vanishing to the upper levels.
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Will waits for Ricco to return with things, then once satisfied he leaves.

Delivered to the Getty by Ricco:

A plastic zip-lock bag is nailed to the board. Inside it is a hand cleanly severed at the wrist, and on the hand are two expensive, studded gold rings. The hand is balled up tightly in a fist, with something inside the hand. Stuck to the bag is a piece of paper with a lot of blood all over it, and a lot of illegible writing on it. It looks like the writing was done by a child, and the only part of it that's obvious is that it is a letter. It has a signature on it, and it's obviously whoever wrote it tried to write the word 'apology' more than once, but equally unsuccessful every time.

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