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Cast: Nika, Dia, Henry (Both), James (Both)
Location: Starts in the Parking Lot of the Phoenix, ends at an unknown mansion in Long Beach.
Time: Night
Synopsis: A chance meeting in a parking lot becomes an unlikely blessing.

Parking Lot - Club Phoenix - Central City

The parking lot is not terribly large, it could perhaps hold thirty cars at any given time. A small section is cordoned off for 'VIP' parking however, which adds slightly to the overall size of the lot but there is room there for a handful of additional cars at best. There is a security guard and a valet to park your car for you, clearly the place has gone a bit upscale. The rebuilt warehouse looms over the area, the glitzy sign: "Club Phoenix" shining its golden light over the door and illuminating the area.
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In a word, perfection. As close to impeccable as mortal women can hope to attain. Nika's skin is flawless; unblemished ivory that is complimented and capped by a sunkissed, flaxen hair style and kept short, but not remotely functional or practical. It is style-personified. Long bangs are angled across her forehead and made slick there, lending an icy, untouchable sort of aura to her presence that is only furthered by her attire. Without fail, Nika is dressed in the finest designer clothing money can buy; always designed to highlight her best and minimize her worst, though one would be hard pressed to find a single feature that wasn't some version of beautiful. If she suffers from one flaw it is that her elegance, her confidence and general demeanor leave her with the appearance of being somewhat uninvolved. Somewhat detached from the goings-ons about her, though never distracted. It is the manner of a Queen - here, but witnessing that which is below her.
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The young woman before you couldn't be older than twenty years in age from the appearance of her skin and face, and her slender frame. She's a short woman - less than five feet, two inches - and looks like a living twig, not weighing over a hundred pounds. She honestly looks like you could break her in half just by pinching any joint on her body - but it's not a sickly appearance by any means. Her visible skin is a light, creamy brown color that's void of any visible wrinkles or imperfections. Her face is highly structured and quite animated with a set of deep, mocha colored eyes surrounded by a thick layer of black eyeliner and enriched, black lashes. The tip of her nose is slightly flat, but her nose in its entirety small and elongated in shape. Her lips are full and without gloss or lipstick, showing off a pair of luscious rosy lips that offset a pair of brilliantly white teeth. The thick locks of raven black hair - with artificial neon blue hair woven - in that would dangle from the top of her head to the middle of her back have been drawn up into two pigtails, giving her a farmer's daughter kind of look. Her ears are small and dainty, but her right ear seems to have suffered some damage as the lobe appears to be almost gnawed off, leaving a smooth, ripple.

Covering her chest is a rather loose fitting work shirt - a dark navy blue in color - has the Amoco logo over her right breast and a name badge over the left that reads "Dickey". The shirt appears to have been washed so many times that its lost all rigidity and appears soft as a blanket. The top two buttons have been left open to reveal a rather liberal portion of her chest, only modestly covered by a tight-fitting, white wife beater. Her jeans are a deep navy blue set that looks as if it has seen better days - a few oil blotches here and there, a scuffed and worn right knee and a shredded area right below her left buttock. The jeans are well fit to her body, accentuating a round, gifted posterior, but allowing her fluid movement when she walks. A black leather belt with silver studs and matching buckle is wrapped tightly about her waist. A metal chain is attached to one of the belt loops, lowering about a foot to her side and then back up again and returning to her right back pocket - presumably attached to a wallet or set of keys. Her shoes are simple, yet make a statement. Pure white in color with flat soles, these Adidas low tops are a trademark of the company. Three thin black stripes run down the outside heel of the shoes with thick white laces tied neatly in front.
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The Story

You think . o O (When Gary told day he had I Jesus, I -, Yahoo! me rich! went it turned out to be something different.)

"And Gary.." A gorgeous blond is talking, cooing really, scraping her finger beneath the chin of a bouncer who was trying to do is job but is now failing miserably. "..Gary told them that he had Jesus and Lord did the shit hit the fan, then. I thought he'd be rich, RICH, but it swung the other way.." Nika sighs and lets her fingertip drag down, hooking in the man's collar. "You know how it is, right? I have some business, here. I *need* something from you.."

You think . o O (He is found lord.)

Stumbling out of the club, her right arm around the back of a tall Asian-gentleman - her hand barely clasping his right shoulder - a young, petite Latina cackles in laughter. Half hunched over, she places her left hand on her hip as she bellows out some laughter before standing straight again. Turning to look at the man as they continue to walk, Dia says, "Oh my God… I know right? That was a ridiculous episode… Couldn't stand it, but I couldn't look away - it was like a train wreck, you know?" It's about this time Dia's left shoulder roughly bumps into Nika as she works her magic on the bouncer. The Latina is walking with enough momentum - and without noticing Nika - that it'd probably cause the other woman to move a bit.

"I *need*.." Something. Nika doesn't finish her sentence, but hooks the man's collar in her finger - - her words cut short by the bump. It's important to note here that Nika is a small woman; beautiful, cold, and small. Her glare cuts daggers across toward Dia. "Sloppy wench." she spits coldly. "If you're looking for the five dollar corner, it's that way." Her fingers flick idly in the general direction of a more dirty part of town.

Dia takes about three more steps before she removes her arm from her company's backside. A smile is still on her face as she turns about, her eyes shooting a piercing gaze back at Nika. "What did you say?" the woman asks - shaking her head slightly as if to clear her ears off some invisble cotton. "You want an apology, you got it… But don't be throwin' around those insciniacions…"

"Then levy the apology and we can discuss things more .. pleasant." Her smile, brilliant as it is, streaks toward the man that Dia exited with. If he could resist her charm he'd be cold blooded indeed. "You look.. fun." A flask appears from somewhere and is offered to Dia. Nika's other hand drops, now hooking the bouncer's belt. "Gerard and I were going somewhere more private. I'm sure I can fit another two in the car."

You think . o O (Natasha given you gifts before — We're, seismic shift your — and this is meant to… That it comes with strings can not be avoided. It is off own way of protecting important knives.., this gifts what he has Ireland shield you with.)

You think . o O (Come drink be merry.)

The Latina snorts briefly, the whole phrase catching her a little off guard. The right corner of her mouth quirks a upward into a harlequin-esque smile. It looks like she's about to say something, but she just shakes her head a few times silently before responding. "Then you got… Didn't mean to run into you there…" Dia says before adding, "And I just don't look it." The Latina winks her right eye and then looks back to her date. "Whatcha say, Harry?" she asks before turning back to look at Nika without waiting for a response. "Feel like a little adventure?"

"Oh, do come Harry. I have the *most* fun parties.. I promise it will be a night you will never forget." Nika raises her hand, palm toward the heavens as she continues to offer that enchanting smile. "Word to God." Oh yes, she did just invoke the almighty. After a moment, Nika lowers her hand and reaches into the pocket of her pants. A smooth but quick gesture brings something up toward her face and she inhales once, then twice, then slips her hand into her pocket again. The bouncer hooked behind her isn't going anywhere, even as Nika dials for a ride. As she waits for the phone to be answered, she looks again toward Dia. "You make grand promises. What's your name?", she wonders.

Harry raises his right hand to the back of his head and uses his fingernails to scratch his scalp, looking a little unsure about the offer at first but finally relents with the simple words, "Sure… Why not?" Dia turns back to the man as she folds her arms across her chest, hooking her hands around her sides, and says, "Damn straight." Looking back at Nika quickly, the movement so fast that the ends of her hair flutter in the air briefly, Dia bows slightly to Nika while keeping her eyes locked with the other woman's. "Dia Chavez at your service… And you are…?"

"Nika.." The blond lets her name escape on a breath of air. "Nika Ryan. I've heard of you." She admits
this lightly, with a sparkle in her eye that suggests knowledge beyond the immediate. "I'm pleased. You are a pretty little thing.. maybe no one else understands, but I do." Nika lets go of the bouncer, who is happy to trail along like a puppy dog, and speaks into her phone. "Return now." That's it, no more. She hangs up the phone and slips it into her pocket before offering her hand to Dia. "I'm still not convinced you're all you promise. I've been disappointed before."

You think . o O (is given you are before — He's, seismic shift gifts — and this Demars meant to.. . That it comes materialistic strings materialistic died be avoided. It is his own way of protecting you; knives.. , this is what he has to shield you reflection.)

Dia extends her hand, but doesn't seem sure about making contact with Nika. Her hand is rather limp, but its out there for Nika to take ahold of. As she holds her hand out in the air, Dia furrows her brow and narrows her eyes on Nika. She asks in a hesitant voice, "Wait… You say you've heard of me?"

You think . o O (He's given you gifts before important small, seismic shift recognized — and this is going to.. . That it and with strings can not be avoided. — Amherst comes own way of protecting you; It.. , this is what his has to shield you with.)

"My editor used to live in Jackson Towers.." explains Nika, smiling as she wiggles her fingers in an attempt to lure Dia into her hand. It doesn't seem as if she'll take it on her own. "They say you're a sweet girl, a nice young model of womanhood." She laughs softly. "..it would take a seismic event for you to have shifted into anything but."

Dia looks down at her hand, noticing she hasn't taken Nika's and Nika wiggling her fingers. Smirking briefly, she takes Nika's hand and gives it two firm shakes before trying to let go. "Now I know you're lying…" Dia says with a chuckle in her voice. "Or that you're just really good at flattery… So there. You caught me a little off guard - haven't met anyone from the Towers for years now. Who's your editor?" she asks softly.

Nika seems to think they're going to walk hand in hand toward the curb, where a shiny black Lincoln Continental has just pulled up. It definitely has room for four, not counting the driver. However, should Dia wish to take her hand back, Nika wouldn't refuse it. It doesn't even feel as if she could. Her grip is warm and inviting, yet not particularly strong. "Dinah Washington." replies Nika. If she's lying, she's well practiced. "There's no flatterly- it was the gossip around the building, but perhaps I'm mistaken. After all, this Dia Reina Chavez was about your age .. but that was at least a half dozen years ago." she says with an all too knowing smile.

Dia doesn't draw her hand back - but she doesn't exactly clasp Nika's. Instead, she allows herself to be drug along like a fish on a hook - but one that doesn't put up a fight by splashing around. "Huh… Can't say I remember a Dinah… Maybe she lived up above me…" the young Latina says as she makes her way towards the car. "But that doesn't sound like me…" She tilts to look around Nika at the Lincoln Continental before peeking back at Harry, the man slowly following the women with his hands in his pockets. Looking back at the car, she lets out a whistle and asks, "Nice ride… I take it you're some high up for a magazine or somethin'? That's why you got an editor?"

Nika smiles. "No." she replies simply. A tall, slick haired driver climbs out and opens the back door fluidly, allowing Nika to enter, then everyone else. Nika, of course, trails Dia behind he as if the two were fast becoming best friends. For now, she seems unconcerned with Harry and James, who until now has been nameless. They settle in a bench seat facing Nika and Dia's and the driver moves to shut the door. "Tell me about yourself? Dinah tells me that Patricia worries. That you left so suddenly. You are the same Dia Reina Chavez, aren't you? You must drink a lot of water; it always has been the fountain of youth."

You think . o O (Your eyes are the windows of your face.)

Dia thanks to driver with a simple nod and a silent mouthing of the word "Thanks" before bending over and bowing her head to move into the car. She slides across the bench into her seat and extends her right leg out, relaxing a little - that is until Nika begins to speak. Dia lifts her left hand up to the side of her face as she scratches behind her ear, her eyes nervously focusing on Nika as she begins to inquire about her past. "What are you, some investigative reporter?" Dia asks nervously, flicking a gaze towards the two men across from them and then back to Nika. "You settin' me up here or somethin' like that guy who ambushes child molesters?"

You think . o O (He's given you gifts before — important, seismic shift gifts — and this is meant to.. . 1980 it comes with strings cocaine-induced not be wreck. It is knives own way of after you; he.. , his is what he Petrova rose shield you with.)

"No." Again, it is a simple answer and as the car starts to drive off the locks snap shut ominously. "I'm just looking for some water." She smiles; there's something manic in the expression, something unhinged - something that no amount of superglue is going to fix. She waves her hand absently toward Harry and James. "Don't worry about them." With the flick of her wrist, she tosses a small silver canister toward James. "Bone up - it's going to be a long night." she says with a smile. "There's liquor in the cabinet behind your legs." Smiling, she looks back to Dia. "You promised me you more then looked like fun - - were you lying?" she wonders.

You think . o O (I may be an authority figure, but I have the mind depths a child. See? Right here in this jar.)

Harry upnods towards Nika, not really concerned with her date's surprise at Nika's questions, and goes about bending over, opening the cabinet behind his legs and feeling about for a beer bottle. Dia on the other hand looks clearly concerned by the locking doors, the girl's eyes darting towards the door handle when she hears the noise. "Uh huh…" Dia says in a concerned voice. "I ain't so worried about them right now…" she adds, looking back to Nika slowly. "More worried about you… You can get water at any ole service station, and speaking of which, you can drop me off at the next one…"

"No." It seems the only answer Nika knows. She grows distracted for a moment and flicks her fingertips toward James. "There's hard liquor in the second cabinet, drink that." He seems to think that's a good idea and fumbles for the bottles as Nika looks back at Dia. "You and I are going to make a deal, actually. See. We have mutual needs." she explains, extending her palm toward the other woman. "They may be *slightly* different in their source, but basically not. I've been really patient.." she explains. Her voice drops to a whisper as she leans in. "..but I'm hungry and fending for myself. Now, let's agree that this is by *all* means a fair deal.. and eat."

You think . o O (He's given you gifts before — important, figure shift gifts people and this is meant to.. . That it comes with strings can not be avoided. It is his parents way of protecting you; knives.. , this Natasha what he has to shield you with.)

Dia draws herself back ever so slightly, as if Nika's leaning repulsed her like an opposite magnetic pole, but not enough that she's backed against the door. The girl can only squint at Nika speaks, the words seeming to have some meaning to her, but are surprising none-the-less. "What?" she whispers back. "What are you talking about?" she says as she looks towards the two men across from them - probably seeing if they're paying any attention - and then back at Nika. "What deal?"

Nika sighs heavily. "I *need* you." she says simply. "And you *need*.." Her eyes turn to the two men, now happily raiding the liquor cabinet as the Lincoln crosses the city line. | Long Beach |, is what the sign said as it whipped past. "We can do this in an equitable relationship.. or we can do it far more painfully. That would be the part where I drop you off, as you asked, then in a week or so people start to notice things about you - things that don't make *sense*." She observes Dia for a moment. "Do you understand? I would so rather we enjoy ourselves.." she murmurs, reaching forward toward Dia's leg.

Things dawn upon Dia all too clearly and all to lately, as Dia first looks out the window of the car to note the surrounding cityscape - one she realizes is no longer South Central, Los Angeles. She then looks back towards Nika, her right hand gripping the door handle tightly - as if it were the only thing causing her not to fall into some bottomless pit. "How… How the f*ck…" Dia can't summon the words she needs to express the flood of emotions she's obviously feeling. She shifts her eyes to look at Harry without moving her head, but curling her lower lip up into her mouth to bite slowly down on. Her right hand rolls on the door handle, her skin making an audible rubbing sound against the faux-leather plastic as she rings it. She looks down towards Nika's hand, noting its placement, but not moving it away. "What assurance I got you ain't just going to do that anyways…?" the girl asks, obviously broken - but still quite concerned.

"None." Nika offers no reassurance. "You are only assured that I might not do it. If you refuse me, you can be assured that I will. Besides.." Smiling, she moves to smooth any ruffled feathers. "Where's the harm? You were looking for them. I was looking for you. There's no reason we can't all go home happy." Another small canister appears and Nika inhales its contents again, wincing mildly this time, then gesturing at the men. "We can wait until we arrive home, if you want."

"Happy… yeah, right…" Dia watches Nika take the huff of whatever she pulls out of her pocket, but her eyes don't leave hte woman's face as she puts the inhaler - or whatever it is - away. She can only glare at the woman for a few moments, the girl almost certainly consumed with a mixture of embarrasment and outrage. Her right hand slowly lets go of the door handle and comes to rest in her lap with its twin. The girl finally is able to pull her eyes away from Nika and turn them down towards her hands. Fidgeting for a few moments, her fingers pressing together and pushing themselves back and forth, she shakes her head and looks back towards Nita. "No… I just wanna get this over with and get the hell back to South Central… Last thing I need…" From there, the girl's words trail off - her mind obviously turning over several scenarios, but Dia not voicing her concerns. With that said, the girl leans forward and pulls herself out of her seat. Crouched over in the cabin of the car, she makes her way over to Harry with a nervous smile before plopping down in the man's lap and wrapping her left arm behind him and draping her right arm over his chest and shoulder. Clasping her hands together, she begins to shameless tease the man with a not-so-innocent look on her face.

Inhaler? Doubtful. If Dia has any street sense at al she'd spot the 'canister' for the coke straw it is. The blond reaches underneath herself, into the seat mounted liquor cabinet, and wraps her and around a bottle of rum as she watches the spectacle unfold. James makes eye contact with her briefly and she responds with a coquettish wink, but otherwise looks to be the voyeur she is .. just waiting for her time to 'play'.

You think . o O (He's given you gifts before — important, seismic shift gifts — and this is meant to.. . That it comes with strings can not be 1999. persona: is his own way of protecting you; knives.. , this is what he has to shield you with.)

Dia has probably been more preoccupied with the blackmail being exerted in the back of the Lincoln Continental. Her attention is focused on Harry at the moment, her eyes locked with the man and a somewhat forced look of happiness on her face. She nips at the man's nose playfully, causing the tall Asian to chuckle briefly before kissing the woman. Tightening her arms around the man's shoulder/neck, she draws Harry in closer to her and begins to kiss her way off the man's lips and onto his jawline - causing the man to smirk slightly and chuckle a little. Carefully, she works his way along his jaw line and then down onto his neck. She murmurs something inaudible to Harry in a playful voice as her right hand unlocks from its position and moves to rest flat over his left pectorial, causing the man to relax a little in his seat. And with the man at ease, that's when Dia sinks her teeth into the man's neck, causing Harry's eyes to open a little wide and exhale a little loud.

There are two men though, aren't there. It's lucky that James isn't at all concerned with the details. He's got his hand wrapped around a bottle and starts to stand in the car, to move toward Nika, only to have the woman wave him off. She isn't interested in him; the small Latina, tough.. that's another story. The tip of her tongue flicks out and rewets the edge of her lips. A tiny knife appears in the palm of her hand, its handle rounded with years, perhaps decades of use. James looks a little nervous at its appearance.

You think . o O (Get off me. your not path whore.)

Dia doesn't notice Nika as she brandishes a knife - the Latina continuing about her feeding on Harry without yielding. Harry's eyes slowly begin to close as he 'enjoys' the sensation of the feeding, his arm twitching slightly. Dia herself presses her face deeper into the man's neck, shielding her eyes from what's going on around her, although her hand stays firmly on the man's chest - now allowing him to go anywhere for the time being.

Each passing moment results in a deepening of Nika's disturbed, twisted smile. She flicks her thumb over the knife's edge and tongues canines that are no sharper then anyone's should be. That thought takes her momentarily and she frowns. "Aw, James.", murmurs the woman. "You and I are going to have such a time later. Enjoy the liquor, it goes away when the car does." And it will. Already they're slowing down as the exit ramp passes beneath. "Give the two their privacy. Tell me, James. Do you need to call anyone and get permission to sleep over?" She smiles- a jest, but one that begs an answer.

You think . o O (When love walks into the room, everyone stands up.)

Dia's head bobs slightly as she works on the man's neck - Harry gasping slightly, his eyelids flickering at the evil ecstacy. The young Latina brings her right leg up slightly, burying her knee into Harry's stomach as she grips with the own sensation flowing through her body. Her right fingers work their way up the man's chest and onto the other side of his neck, her fingernails gently caressing the man's earlobes. It's a good two minutes since the woman made her move on Harry - but she finally comes up for air, pulling her lips away from his skin, but burying her face into his shoulder.

Nika has spent the time doodling, as doodling is. The largest problem with this is that she has no pen - - no paper. What she does have is a tiny razor knife and the palm of her hand. Which seems to be good enough for her. To onlookers, it must seem as if she has no pain sensors the way she doodles idle patterns in her flesh. James watches, rapt, but decides quickly that Dia's show is much better then the crazy blond; no matter how hot she is. As Dia finishes up, Nika wonders aloud, "..satisfied? Should I drop James off at my place so I can bring you and whatever-his-name-is home?" Curious- an inquiry into if Dia is 'full', perhaps.

You think . o O (When love walks into the room, everyone stands up.)

Mindful of what her appearance must be like, Dia brings her right hand around to her face before she pulls it from Harry's shoulder. Licking her hand, she covers her mouth before lifting her head and turning to look at Nika and James. Silently, she nods her head as she gives a few careful wipes of her mouth with her hand. Feeling confindent, she lowers her hand from her mouth and says to Nika, "That sounds fine… I don't think Harry is doing to well as it is… Rum and cokes must be catchin' up to him…" Sure enough, Harry has a rather 'relaxed' look on his face and his head is tilted toward the window for support.

"Good, good." Nika smiles; no more then the distracted, idle tug of her lips. Her tongue flits out a moment later and rewets her lips as the Lincoln slows, pulling into a gated property. Nika knocks on the glass. "We have two for the guest room." she says into the speaker. No word replies. Once the car stops the door opens and the driver ushers a very confused James out. "Come. She will be with you shortly." he says mechanically. "I make all assurances; there is a fantastic party taking place in the rotunda and you have been so cordially invited." It seems to be enough for James, who exits, leaving Nika and Dia behind as the door shuts and the ominous lock clicks once more. The blade is drawn into plain view as Nika speaks again, curling her grin even tighter as she creeps forward. "Come now.. we had a deal."

You think . o O (I know what I was.. )

"Yes, I know…" Dia murmurs softly, moving herself off Harry's lap and taking a seat next to the passed out man. Smoothing out her jeans with a few nervous brushes of her hands, the girl eyes the blade in Nika's hand rather than the woman herself. "But I'd rather do 'that' myself, if you don't mind…" she adds, quickly nodding to the blade and then looking back to Nika. "Can't say we exactly got a relationship of trust…" Dia says with a rather displeased look on her face, but her right hand extended out towards Nika.

"We would if I chose to work for that." murmurs the blond. Her gaze comes up, smiling as she reaches for Dia's wrist. The blade is set to the side, casually. "I don't, though. You are a monster, dear. A beautiful monster. Trust would be a fallacy. Now, show me those teeth.. I'm hungry and pressed for time. The two don't make the best of partners."

"Yeah, tell me about it…" Dia watches the blade as it moves from Nika's hand to a resting spot. The sight brings a sigh of relief to the young Latina, the weapon at least not a part of the mix any more. The girl looks down at her exposed wrist and stares at her veins for a few silent seconds. She's seen her amante perform this process before, but she's never tried it herself. Probably fearful of the pain, it takes her a second to get the boost of confidence she needs before lifting her wrist up to her mouth. Biting into her wrist, the girl winces with pain as she pulls back and rips the skin away. She spits to her left, clearing her mouth of the few shreds she's removed - not a generous portion, but enough to cause a good amount of blood flow. With her eyes closed, much like a child with a scrape, she extends the wound over to the woman and says in a pained voice, "Here… Just do what you need to do…"

You think . o O (Some days, I just wonder what Emerson would taste like.)

"Oh, I could do so much more then tell you, Dia Reina Chavez." Nika's eyes alight as the first hint of blood taints the air and as the last syllable floats from the vampire's wrist the blond is on her knees, pressing her lips to the other woman's flesh. There are no teeth; no ecstasy, no joy that is usually involved with feeding. At least on Dia's end. It seems an act of the dead despite the fervor with which Nika feeds. Messily. No fangs and a need to breathe mean each swallow is a moment of time in which the blood spills and stains the floor of the Lincoln. She feeds for a long, long time. Enough that Dia may consider how long she is actually going to let her drink.

It only takes a few seconds for Dia to be able to open her eyes and look upon the feeding woman, the pain subsiding and her interest peaking. She's never fed anyone before, and the dull, throbbing movement of blood from her wrist seems to call her attention to Nika. She looks upon the top of the woman's head, but doesn't say a word - the whole moment somewhat surreal. Slowly, Dia begins to feel more and more 'empty' - as if not only were the blood leaving her, but her energy as well. Most likely out of fear of not knowing her own limit, she begins to worry about the feeling and raises her left hand up to Nika's shoulder. Taking a light grip of the woman's clothes, she says in a hushed tone, "Alright… I think you got enough there… Why don't you ease back?" She gives the woman an ever-so-gentle push, more of a suggestion than an action.

The suggestion, it seems, is enough - though intensely out of place. It seems more the well trained dog which responds to the same command no matter who gives it. Nika pulls back, smiling as the blood drips from her lips, down her chin, to the exquisite silk shirt she wears. "..James waits for you." she replies. "We will take care of *that*." A hand gestures toward Henry, then falls back to the floor where

Nika leans, occasionally licking her lips, then delicately cleaning her chin with the tip of her finger. "You will be returned. I trust you are smart enough to realize this night never happened? Though .. " A glint alights again. "We could have times umeasured. Has anyone shown you the way? Or are they selfishly keeping it for themselves.."

You think . o O (reflection, I'm still in my parent's basement. There comes a point where Or your have to move on, or just buy yourself a Klingon costume and go with it.)

Dia's head turns over her right shoulder to look at Harry, the man still passed out against the door and breathing quite heavily, but only sparsely. She doesn't make any mention of the words "take care" of, but looks back at Nika with a rather grimaced face - obvious she doesn't like the connotation. However, Nika's additional words capture a response out of the young woman, causing her to blink her lashes a few times, her mouth slightly ajar. She finally works up the nerve to ask, "The 'way'? What the hell are you talkin' about?"

"Oh, you .. " Nika smiles a secret smile that dashes as she glances away. "You have a great gift, Dia. A propensity for pleasure that you haven't even come close to grazing. There are so many secrets in your blood.. " The blood Nika licks from her fingertip, literally taking ever last drop. "It's a shame you'll probably never learn all of them; they keep them secret." Her finger straightens, pressed to her lips - 'shhh'. "They don't want you to know."

Showing her innocence to the whole idea - and probably her naivety - the girl leans forward, throwing her shoulders towards Nika and clasping her hands between her legs. "Listen… I don't know what you're talkin' about, but I know I probably shouldn't be talkin' to you - much less doin' what I just did… I'll find out what I need to know eventually, but I don't need you gettin' me in any more trouble than I'm in now… So are we even, or what?"

Nika leans forward, moving to cup Dia's chin in both hands. "We are.." she announces, "..entirely even." She plants a kiss full on Dia's lips (assuming she doesn't get decked) and whispers "I'll call you." before pulling back. "Leave *that* in the car. David will lead you to James, then bring you back to your domain." Domain. Not home, domain. What a dangerous game indeed. "Have the best of nights; make sure if you speak of me to get my name right. I'm sure everyone will be quite interested. Of course, it may be better if you don't." She notes, reaching for the door.

Dia's eyes open wide as she feels Nika's lips press against hers. Considering everything that's happened that evening and Nika's promise to make her life absolutely miserable, all the Brujah can do is squeak softly and let the kiss run its course. When the other woman has finished, Dia blinks once - and only once - before sitting straight up and pressing her lips firmly together. Its a moment or two of silence before the girl eyes the door and says softly, "Right…" It's unclear whether the tone is mocking (as if the girl has already made up her mind as to what she's going to do) or if she hasn't the foggiest what to make of anything. She slides across the seat towards the door Nika is opening and as the other woman allows her freedom, the Latina looks back at her one last time. She clenches her fists tightly and then immediately releases them - a great deal of hatred and embarrassment pent up in the woman, but unable to go anywhere for the time being. "Good night…" she says in a hushed tone. "… and thank you for a /wonderful/ evening."

Nika blows a kiss Dia's way. "You are entirely welcome. Bring a friend if you want to repeat it some night." She smiles. "You can meet David by the gates once you are finished. Simply let someone know where James is."

The Brujah ducks her head under the door frame as she crawls out of the car, bracing herself on the door handle as she stands erect outside of the automobile. Turning about, she gives Nika a glare as she places her right hand on her hip and her left on the top of the window. Shaking her head silently, she shuts the door with a bit of force - but not slamming it. And with that, the young woman wraps her arms about her chest and looks between the house and the gates - the unknown and home. It doesn't take long or more than a shiver from the blood loss to cause the woman to turn towards the house and venture forth to recover what she's lost.

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