Y16/03/31- Catch Up

Cast: Ali, Dia
Location: VIP Game Room, Rebel Royale, Florence, South Central
Time: Early evening on March 31, 2016
Synopsis: Ali and her childe discuss current events.

VIP Game Room - Rebel Royale - Florence

The members area is a long rectangular room, very slick, with matte black walls and muted blue overhead track lighting. The vast majorityof the idea is devoted to seating, with curved black leather couches and soft LED 'candles' on small round tables in each area. The floor is the same as the entry way with wide slate tiles that serve to lighten up the dark walls. A television occupies the entire far wall and routinely plays various sports games. The middle of the room closest to the door has been set aside as a small gaming area with a few card tables, four billiards tables and a wall lined with aluminum cues. A separate area at the far end of the room has been partially walled off to contain the sight and sound of the video games beyond. As a whole, the room feels modern, elegant with classic lines and an upscale feel that hasn't lost its roots.

This room has +views and places.

Obvious exits:
Manager's Office (SE) Entrance Hall (N)

It's late- isn't it always? The Rebel's foyer is busy, thick with patrons, but that isn't where Dia is heading tonight. Inside the Members room it's far quieter. There are precious few people on this side and it's no wonder why - they're all dead. Ali sits at one of the tables; the picture of uptown success in a black suit and blue silk shirt, perched at one of the tables, leaning her elbow on her thigh as she reads over some text in a notebook.

Running the tips of the fingers on her right hand through her hair, lifting it up and over her right ear in the process, Dia looks a little unsure about the sight before her: a 'professional' Ali. Taking a few steps into the VIP Lounge, Dia stops dead in her tracks and lets her hands falls down to her side. She runs a quick gaze overs the occupants of the room - seeing them, but not really seeing them. She then makes her way over to Ali's side quietly. Turning to face the same direction as the Brujah as she reaches the woman's chair, she places her right hand on the back of the furniture and leans down so that she can speak with her amor quietly. "You know… I don't know what's creepier… Seeing you in a business suit or seeing you reading…" she says softly before flashing a quick smile.

Ali glances up and, business suit or no, there's that same spark - the same mischief that has defined so much of her existence. "What, y'think I'm illiterate?" Winking, she grabs the front of Dia's pants, by her thigh, and pulls her down to the seat next to her. "Home a week an' already you give me shit - I got nonsense in Santa Monica t'night." she explains, "..then Torrence. Gotta try an' shore up South Central's standing."

Dia plops down into the seat as she's directed, her hands come to rest on the ends of the arms and her eyes immediately focusing on the woman to her side. "That's my job, isn't it? Keep you in check with reality?" Dia asks rhetorically with a grin. Tilting her head to the left and cracking a bone in her neck, she makes herself comfortable in the seat before beginning a new line of questioning. "What do you mean nonsense? Anything I can help with?" she asks.

"I might rewrite yer job description - might officially be in charge'a givin' me a break from reality." says the Colombian as she tosses the notebook and kicks back, feet up on the shiny new table. She sighs at the second line of questioning. "It's .. stupid. Melciah shot someone in Elysia and Santa Monica has taken it on themselves to take this fucking second to raise holy political hell about it. They've declared an anarch hunt." she says, frowning.

"So long as the pay is the same, I guess I can't complain…" the young girl says as she leans back in her chair. Her right pointer finger taps quietly on the arm of her chair - probably just relieving a bit of pent up energy. "Well, who's this Melciah and why do we give a fuck about 'em?" Dia asks bluntly. "I mean, if the higher-ups want to teach a lesson, what does it matter to us? Or am I missing something?"

"He's our Sheriff." replies Ali with a sigh. This seems to make everything enormously more complicated- at least if one were to gauge by her body posture. "He's also the Primogen outta Watts - the flat of it is, he's one of the powers that holds South Central strong enough that we can't be fucked with. Why in FUCKs name he shot Conrad in Elysia is beyond me, but we're gettin' called on it.. and depending on how shit gets played, it could be the start'a somethin' real bad. It splits South Central, see? Unless I can get Melciah to agree to punishment for the good'a the domain, but even then - they get to impose their will."

"Well who's this Conrad joker? Must be someone important if Santa Monica feels they can get all up in South Central's kool-aid." Dia clasps her hands together, but keeps her elbows on the arms of the chair as she leans forward. "I figure if Melciah has all that authority behind him, he'd probably be able to say, 'I had good reason. Now trust me and fuck off.'"

Ali shakes her head and leans back, lacing her fingers as she pops a vertebrae or two. "Naw. There's no reason to shoot people in Elysia. There's no violence in Elysia, ever. You'd think the anarchs would support it the most - it's the only place they can sit and be themselves without fear of the elders comin' down on them, but for some reason they spit at it every chance they get." She frowns, bringing her hands down and waving one off to the side. "Conrad lives here. He's some new anarch squatting over in Watts, won't present himself, won't support the domain, won't fight.." She rolls her eyes.

"Any word from… oh god who is it running the show…?" Dia says, averting her eyes off to the left for a second or two as she tries to come up with the name. "Cora… Yeah, what does Big C have to say about all of this? I'm surprised she'd let Conrad try and pull something like that."

"We've been missin' each other the past week." replies Ali, frowning. She leans forward, hands draped over her thighs. "As for Conrad, what's he pullin'? He's a Brujah; a poor fuckin' excuse for one, but all he did was get shot." she asks, flitting a glance up to her childe.

Dia just shakes her head, somewhat confused by the intricacies of inter-domain dealings. Faking a deep breath and then exhale out through the nose, the young woman turns to look back out over the small crowd in the VIP Lounge. However, she continues talking to her amante in a soft voice. "So what are we going to do?" she asks softly and quite presumptively.

"Wait. Nothin' I can do until I know if Santa Monica is joined by Downtown in this." answers Ali. She lets it sit there; like a parent who's realized they've reached the edge of their childe's understanding and loops her shoulders around the other woman's shoulders. "It's either the end or it isn't - not worth worryin' about. Just watch yourself, aight? Santa Monica is literally hunting anyone they think is an anarch."

"I'm not an anarchist… I'm a pretty, pretty princess…" Dia says in a whimsical, child-like tone. Whether or not she knows what she's saying is still up in the air. Dia then leans into her sire's light embrace and looks out over the table as they talk. "So by 'watch yourself', I'm assuming I'm allowed to go out at night again?"

"Did it stop you the last time?" asks Ali, laughing sharply. "You're still unreleased, so .. people should leave you be, but with all this animosity toward South Central I can't guarantee shit. Things are tight, guapa. Randall got killed by the Tremere, Hendrik .. " Ali doesn't even finish that sentence, she just shakes her head. "Someone's sayin' there' are Sabbat comin' up. It's not a good time to be a kid, but you're a stubborn thing. I gotta go, amiga. I'm late - just be safe, claro?"

Dia curls her lower lip up under her teeth and bites down for a moment as she listens to Ali. It's hard to tell if she's offended by being called a 'kid' or by the gritty news given to her by Ali. Pulling back, Dia nods her head a few times silently before looking back to Ali and letting her lip go from her teeth. "Si… Claro. And you too… Bring that ass of yours home in one piece, 'k?" she says.

Ali stretches to her feet and nods, reaching forward to take Dia's chin between her hands. "Si." She offers a slanted grin and runs her thumb across the patch of skin by Dia's ear. "I'll be back, no worries. Just keep yer head about you." She pauses, drawing a breath inward before she pulls away and turns. "Hasta luego, guapa." After a pace she turns, winking. "You sleepin' with me tonight?"

"I'll have that mess we call a bed all ready for you…" Dia replies as she leans towards the table, plants her elbows on its surface and buries her chin in her clasped hands. She returns the not-so-subtle wink to Ali as the taller woman heads for the door, quietly remaining behind to go about her own business for the evening.

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