Y04/11/18 Augustin's Ritual on Torrance Beach

Cast: Augustin, Nelson, Melanie, Luna, Ethan, Odette, Yvette, Jerome, Anakara, Joshua, Alexa, Ali, Elvis, Maria Helena, Dara, Nevada, Daniel.
Location: Torrance Beach - Torrance
Synopsis: Downtown Tremere Regent Augustin Malecourt performs a big ritual on Torrance Beach. Many LA vampires have been invited to this 'beach-party'. It evolves however into a full-scale earthquake.

Torrance Beach - Torrance

Torrance Beach is a wonderful vista of smooth golden sands and brilliant blue sea by day. By night, however, it is a forgotten world of silence. Silent save for the rhythmic sound of the waves coming in to the shore.
All the visitors gone now, the beach with no protection from the night air, lifeguards finished for the day, sports and activities done. Instead there is the sand soft beneath your feet, shining silver in the minimal moonlight, the occasional diamond sparkle from the black water as a swell catches a stray beam. This is a place for solitude lovers.

Present upon arrival: Luna, Ethan, Odette, Yvette, Melanie, Jerome, Anakara, Joshua, Nelson, Augustin.

Easily a hundred raucous men and women clot the pale sands of the beach, the last traces of dusk long since given way to the skies above and the glare of spotlights and a central bonfire. A whirl of music sounds out above the laughter and voices, punk interlaced with ska and someone's Spanish guitar. The men and women are dressed in wild finery of the kind unique to California, impractical and portentously occulter-than-thou in some cases, and earth toned hemp simplicity in others. The liquor seems to be flowing freely from the pitch of the voices and the whirling dances. An edifice has been raised at the shore, just where the water meets the land. It's a platform, atop which is a golden bull encased in transparent lucite.

Joshua walks in, barefooted and decked out in a red and green tropical shirt. He also wears black speedo bottoms, making for quite the sight.

Jerome arrives on the beach dressed in a casual outfit, his sandals leaving imprints behind him. He nods to different groups of people, some of whom seem to recognize him and wave him over. He eschews joining anyone as of yet, eyes scanning the crowd to see who else may be present.

Nelson has been seated on the sand, looking down at the water, but turns and nods with a slight grin at Melanie's arrival. He motions for her to join him for a moment, so that they can talk.

Odette glances across casually, noting Ethan and Luna. She turns deliberately away, more animated in her comments to the other woman. Then waves lazily to Sam.

Augustin is at the periphery of the crowd to welcome certain among the partygoers. He's traded in his rumpled suit for a heavy black velvet robe, very fine stitching along the hems and sleeves in peculiar patterns that flicker and glint in the dim lighting. "Welcome to the party," he calls over towards the latest knot of celebrants. "The booze hasn't given out yet."

Melanie settles down on the sand next to Nelson, adjusting her skirt over her lap.

Ethan turns to murmur towards Luna.
Ethan whispers to Luna, "If would please inform Odette that interference is unwise?"

Samael strolls in the direction of that beach, dragging his guitar along. He smiles broadly upon hearing that guitar music, instantly following the sound of that melody to check upon its origin.

Melanie whispers to Nelson, "How's it been so far?"

Luna raises a brow to Ethan, murmuring something back.

Joshua notices a familiar, friendly face in Jerome. A tad cautious of others, he immediately makes his way in Jerome's direction.

Luna whispers to Ethan, "Perhaps you should inform her, she does not know me well, if at all."

Whomever Gus has gotten on that guitar is excellent at the trade- but he interposes before Samael long enough to gesture at the platform. "There he is," he mentions as he motions towards the golden bull. "You did a real nice job on him. I think he'll do fine for the work tonight."

Ethan nods towards Luna and picks his way through the crowd, moving towards the edge where Odette stands.

Nelson whispers to Melanie, "Quite. Unified…. one…"

Yvette pauses long enough to remove her boots, carrying them tucked under her arm as she winds her way through the gathered crowd.

Since when does the occult bring shimmering angel's to its gathering? Perhaps its a new look… Dressed in pure-white, with her hair up in a bow for the 'ceremony', Anakara makes her way slowly onto the sands. The young girl holds a silver chair in her hand, and upon which a small latticed ball of bronze decorated with crosses and Latin characters. She smiles wiggling her bare feet in the snow underneath the hem of her skirt, as she closes her eyes taking in the unique aura of this place for a moment.

Odette feigns ignoring the man at her shoulder in favor of laughing politely at some obscure joke. She does a nicely executed double take, as if only just recognizing him.

Jerome raises a hand to greet Joshua's arrival when he sees the man. Despite Jerome's not having met up with any group, some people have started to gather around him, animatedly talking amongst themselves. Jerome steps forward from them for a moment and grazes his eyes along Joshua's outfit, an amused grin coming to his face as he shakes his head for a moment. He reaches out a hand to shake with Joshua should the man allow.

Odette whispers to Ethan, "Hello,… regret… full… you want a reading,… may of course… by… church…"

Joshua takes Jerome's hand in his, and smiles wide. "So good to see that you made it. I was hoping I'd catch you early." Glancing around him, he asks: "Who are these? Fans?" At the last, he grins even wider than before.

Ethan whispers to Odette, "… only… ensure that, if… count… aid to ensure… nothing… tonight? We wish…"

Some of the celebrants are occupied in an intricate circular dance, scraps of some gabbled tongue rising in the evening cool as they concentrate on the proper rhythm and timing. Hawkers drift through the others, shilling pamphlets and books and such gewgaws as the locals so delight in. Other vendors provide more substantial refreshment than the tubs of iced beer might offer.

Odette smiles, She whispers to Ethan, "… we now?…"

Auspex on Odette notes:
«Manicbright. Impish or devilish, something volatile like that.»

Alexa has arrived.

Ali has arrived.

Elvis has arrived.

Jerome sniffs and waves a hand at the group behind himself. "I can hardly be said to have fans since my debut has not yet occurred. Rather call them hangers-on. I'm sure you recognize some of their faces from the occasions we have attended together?" He points out a person or two to Joshua. "They know that I know how to enjoy a good party. As I'm sure you're aware." His eyes twinkle with mirth. "And you look as if you intend to make a splash this evening. You'll certainly turn some ladies eyes with that outfit. Do remind me to introduce you to a couple of the girls, hmmm?" He motions behind himself again, and then turns, inviting Josh to join him amongst the group.

Ethan shakes his head slightly towards Odette.

Alexa saunters onto the beach with Ali and Elvis, her hands in her back pockets. She looks around slowly, one eyebrow raising at the sight.

Augustin moves about the crowd like a three-hundred pound animus, the hulk a trifle incongruous in his heavy velvet robes. A sharp black eye catches on Anakara and her bauble, and it's but a moment before he's next to her. "Brought something of your own to the celebration, young lady? You a Christian girl?"

Elvis mutters, "The fuck did we come here for."

Ethan whispers to Odette, "… at… whatever…"

Alexa whispers to Elvis, "… Ali…"

Auspex on Elvis notes:
«Bummed out and hostile»

Elvis clicks his teeth, "Ah."

Odette spots Alexa and Elvis across the beach, distracted for a moment from her conversation.

Ali just grins - a slow and purposeful movement, so familiar on her olive toned face. She's a bit different tonight; apparently up for the party by dying her hair a washable crimson and swapping out jean for leather. It's a helluva sight, honestly. But she looks all too normal in the punk clubs and circles of California.

Yvette finds herself a good vantage point and sits down on the sand, resting her arms on her drawn up knees.

Ethan departs from Odette, her distraction apparently ending the conversation. He works his way through the crowd slowly, towards Anakara and Augustin. He does not intrude on their conversation, however.

Odette whispers to Ethan, "You… ze… cheri…. not… Blah blah blah. And now… to…"

After several moments of standing alone, Luna begins to work through the crowd towards Jerome and Joshua.

Odette laughs shortly and watches Ethan leave, then she turns back to her previous conversation.

Alexa glances over at Ali. "I swear to…" She lets her words trail off. Alexa certainly isn't looking different this evening. Still old jeans and a t-shirt, who wants to dress up for this?

Joshua smiles and nods. "A couple of these faces do indeed look familiar, and I know how much we both enjoy the occasional - or more than occasional - good party." Laughingly, he addresses the comment regarding his dress: "I like to look the part, you know. And do introduce me to a few mort-, err, girls. I find that I enjoy their company the most."

A smile crosses Anakara's face as she nears the group of dancers, flickering shadows dancing across her white form as she watches that move around and around. She turns her head looking up at Augustin, "Oh hello there sir.", she says smiling gently. "Catholic. And yes… I thought a little incense you be lovely for when I round up a few inclined the same way you know. I find the smell is just the thing to put one in a prayerful mood…" She lets her green eyes look the mans robes up and down before lifting her gaze to Augustin's face and asking, "Are you some sort of wizard.", wit a gentle laugh.

Samael looks up when addressed by Gus and follows the mans gestures toward the bull; "Ah.. there he his." the child smiles playfully; "Our Golden Calf, worshipping the image of a false god." he winks playfully; "But ya.. he looks nice. I'm surprised to see him in one piece still."

Elvis shouts out, "Wooooo, what are we drinkin' to? Life or whatever? Sweet! Fuckin' toss me a brew and some mad spliff or whatever!"

Elvis cackles

Nelson pushes himself up from his seat on the sand, motioning for Melanie to stay back for a moment. He stretches, brushes his pants off, and walks over toward Augustin, clearly intent on joining the conversation.

Elvis kicks sand at some hippie and tells him to fuck off as he shuffles further down the beach

Alexa glances over at Elvis and shakes her head. "All my peeps are crazy…" She sighs again and wanders off, weaving her way through the crowd to find something interesting.

Ali grins and bobs her head, craning backward as she shouts at the moon. "Fuckin rock out!" she roars, extending a hand to slap the nearest one extended toward her.

"You could call me that," Gus replies with a white smile to Anakara. He reaches into his robes and pulls out a sheaf of papers. A quick flip through them and he tugs out one. "Here. Tenth of the tutuli of the Rituale Romanum. It's your tradition, so you should be able to pull it off. When I start yelling up on that platform, start incanting it. You look like you know Latin, so it should be easy for you." The paper is held out to her.

Jerome notes Luna's approach, and smiles broadly at the lady. He waves for her to come and join Joshua and himself.

Samael blinks ones, twice and then recognizes the girl that's talking to that wizard too; "Maria?" he says.. eyes widening; "You here too?"

Up to this point, Joshua hadn't noticed Luna's entrance. Following that which provoked Jerome's hand wave, he finally sees her. He motions himself for her to join him, and smiles at her.

Samael Auspex on Samael notes:

Auspex on Ethan notes:
«Slow and intent, awe and loyalty and dark cunning.»

Luna smiles at Joshua, coming to stand beside Jerome. She switches hands that she's carrying her pumps in from her right to her left. "Hello, ma chere… Interesting party, non?

Above, gulls wheel even through the nighttime air, harsh cries uneasy above the riotous dance. Some of the celebrants have brought their pets, Californian protestations of equality mingled with pseudo-Satanists and their less savory livestock. These whirl and whine with more than common discomfort at the noise and people, a few snapping in discomfit at the empty air and wailing at the moon.

"Gus? That you?" Nelson's voice is a low sibilant hiss that comes from over the other man's shoulder. "Good to see you again. Oh. And Samael, as well." He jerks his head to the young man. "How are you two?" Anakara just gets a puzzled look.

Alexa makes her way to the edge of the crowd, feeling uncomfortable and out of place as she goes. After finally finding an open spot, she flops down into the sand, pulling her knees up to her chest and resting her arms on them.

Anakara turns abruptly to face Gus, her skirts swishing across the sands as she blinks for a moment at him. "Oh, well… I do know the Latin. But I’m not sure if it will be so good if I just read it." She flashes him a grin as she takes the papers, "I'll give it a shot. Otherwise I can just slip into some prayer I know." Her eyes flicker towards A familiar voice, "Samael?", she laughs, "It is you!" She strides towards him fumbling with her things and she reaches to give him a hug, "I Didn’t think you were into this sort of thing. You seemed like such a down to earth, boy…", she giggles gently.

Odette scuffs sand with the toes of her shoes, and drifts towards the dancers, being drawn into a slow kiss by a similarly besuited woman with beaded hair and too much lipstick.

Joshua stands next to Jerome and Luna, surrounded by Jerome's acquaintances. He rubs an arm and looks around him, obviously delighted to be with the pair.

Ethan marks Samael’s interactions from his position near Gus, patiently awaiting the robbed figure's attention. Or perhaps just watching.

Ali shouts, raising her voice up above the din. "Yo, someone get that music UP!" she roars, beckoning to anyone who appears like minded - the Mohawk wearers, the leather-clad Satanists.. you know, her kinda people. She stretches one hand toward Alexa and beckons her forward as well, mischievous even in that motion.

Jerome chuckles to Luna. "Certainly. Interesting turnout at the least I would say.
Some faces I would prefer not to see, sprinkled amongst those I truly enjoy an evening with." He offers a theatrical heave of his chest. "Such is life though, hmmmm?" His eyes twinkle as he moves so he can converse with both Josh and Luna. He moves his hand to gesture to someone across the crowd, perhaps indicating Samael, but with the crowds, who knows. "Like that little one. I could do without him showing to an event for the evening. I don't know if the two of you are familiar with him, but brats really shouldn't be allowed out past their bedtime. Someone should really speak with the lads parents." His voice has a clipping tone, but it is unlikely to carry pat his own particular group.

Alexa shakes her head, waving Ali off. "No fuckin' way ya gonna get me to do anythin' like that!" She shouts back at Ali, staying firmly planted in the sand.

Ali grins, wrinkling her nose at Alexa. "Come dance hotty - let's wake this place up."

Augustin wheels promptly from his exchange with Anakara, that task assigned. "Well, now. Good to see you here, Ethan. Whatever you feel like doing here, do it. The celebration needs your particular kind of help as much as it needs any other." At Ali's roar, some musician obligingly cranks the wail a little louder still, the nucleus of the celebration becoming ground zero of a strange, cacophonous roar. Smaller satellites of different musical flavor orbit this central pole, the tones mingling and knotting together in alien patterns.

Luna raises both brows as she glances over to Samael. "Maybe his parents are hippies and brought him along?" She shrugs. "Still, it's terribly irresponsible how parents are these days. If I were a mother, I'd certainly not let my little ones out after dark."

Maria Helena has arrived.

Ethan offers a bow towards Augustin, "Of course. I am hopeful I can be of some assistance. And do let me know if anything threatens to interrupt, yes?"

Alexa heaves herself to her feet and rolls her eyes. "You're gonna ruin my reputation, ya slut!" She shouts at Ali as she trudges forward through the crowd, but its obvious to see by her eyes that she's having fun.

Joshua follows Jerome's hand and notices a familiar face in Samael. In a voice slightly lower than Jerome's, he says, "I have met him only once. I'm afraid I can't say much for or against him at this point." Brightening, he says, "But obviously, Jerome, I must defer to you on the matter. I've learned to trust your judge of character." At the last, he smiles towards Luna.

Samael just stares at Anakara for a second but quickly recovers, offering the girl a broad smile that colors his cheeks. The boy accepts Anakara's hug fondly; "Oh.. ya know. I loved Amaranths Requiem and I couldn't resist catching them live." The child glances over to Nelson, sharing glimpse of alarm between them.

Elvis waltzes around the outskirts, kicking up sand

Odette extracts herself from yet another embrace, and picks her way through a knot of dancers, pausing to admire some kind of maypole (or something) that some group has brought along. She waves a hand at Elvis.

Elvis smiles and waves meekly

Maria Helena steps from shadows into the light of the Full Moon. She has perhaps been here quite a while, and arms folded she surveys the goings-on like a principal at the prom. Stoic and attentive, she nods once to Augustin as his gaze notes her on a dune bluff.

Auspex on Elvis notes:
«Lonely, out of place»

Nelson cocks his head to the side, and then shrugs. "Not the most friendly greeting I've ever had…" He glances over at Ethan, but says nothing, merely tossing off a nod and then looks back down at Samael. "We never got a chance to finish our talk. Perhaps you'd like to come visit some time in the next week or so?"

Anakara smiles warmly at Samael as she releases the boy. "Oh if you say so… Maybe you'd like to help me round up the Catholics, Christians too and he could get a prayer, a hymn a chant… Whatever going." She grins from ear to ear, flipping briefly through the papers, having to squit just a little in the darkness to make out the words. "Hmm, I think I know this one…", she murmurs before lifting her gaze up to look around the back once more.

Jerome grins broadly at Luna's statement, obviously sharing in a joke, even if it is a private one. He starts to move his body to the rhythms, and with an obvious grace he moves into the center of the little crowd that has gathered near himself and the pair with him. He sparks the group moving, and quickly the group is a swaying mass, with Jerome having his own space at the center, his dancing suggestive and perhaps more dexterous than the rest of the group, he makes motions for Luna and Joshua to join him if they will.

Auspex on Odette notes:
«flickering with energy, as if feeding off the energy in the dancers»

The bonfire flares higher on the beach as a heavy bundle of brown leaves is heaved into the blaze. Smoke gouts upward in a pale plume, and the scent of burning tobacco gusts over the beach. Even so, the smoke isn't enough to drive off the gulls as they wheel and scream in the gloom above.

Odette extends a pale bony hand to Elvis, inviting him to join the circle of dancers, that is starting to whip round faster and faster.

Raising a playful eyebrow at Jerome, Joshua begins dancing with the nearest female reveler who is doing the same. Not much of a dancer, he can't match Jerome's intensity, but he holds his own against the young Asian girl's moves.

Alexa finally makes it through the crowd to Ali's side, pushing people away from her as they crowd too close.

Ali takes Alexa by the hand and begins to dance - nothing fancy, nothing choreographed, just the beat and Ali's body. Her gaze flits around as she continues to take stock of the people surrounding her - in short order, the gathering of dancers near her has shifted to those more like her as crowds often will. Plus, something about the girl seems to just draw these people .. always the Mohawks, the rousers, the troublemakers.

Augustin looks on with a distinct note of approval before demonstrating a host's talent at teleportation, wafting himself from one edge of the party to the other to buttonhole a particularly consequential guest. "Glad you could make it," he calls over towards Ali as he hoves in. "Looks like your friends made it too. You want anything to get them going louder, just tell me."

Luna remains quiet and still as she watches Jerome and Joshua dance. She tucks a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

Elvis raises his eyebrows and shakes his head, adjusting his sunglasses. He mouths, "Why?"

Joshua continues to move, obviously oblivious to the fact that he's wearing very little down below.

Ethan lets Augustin depart, a brief nod to Nelson before he moves into the heart of the crowd, near the circle of dancers. He mingles there, amongst those near the dance but not in it, those afraid to participate but drawn anyway.

Samael glances over at the papers Anakara is holding; "Oh.. It's a hymn? Which one?" he asks; "Show me one I don't know yet. Hmm.. I'm really unsure about participating though. I like to hang out and listen and watch.. But should we participate when it's a.. somewhat pagan thing?"

Alexa begins to dance with Ali, grinning as she moves. For it all, she dances rather well, dexterity and all that shit. But her face is immediately covered by a frown as Augustin draws near.

Ali grins and bites the bottom of her lip, obviously enjoying herself. "Wouldn't miss it for the world - just turn that shit up." she jerks her head toward the speakers as she answers, then thwacks Alexa's side with one hand. "Say hi."

Alexa nudges Ali with her hip. "You ain't my mother, ain't gonna say hi if I don't wanna."

Samael nods to Nelson as a follow up; "Sure.. we can talk sometime sir." he responds politely; "Though I'm unsure if I remember seeing you.. From school perhaps? Or the church?"

Joshua whispers something inaudible to the girl, and she responds with a laugh, covering her giggle with the back of her hand.

Odette flashes a grin at Elvis as she is pulled away again, teeth glinting white in the reflected light of the bonfire. Whatever she answers is lost in noise.

Jerome throws back his head and laughs openly as he notes Luna still standing, but it is a friendly laugh. He dances his way towards her, and says above the music, "Come now beautiful, I know your skill, lets show the kiddies how to do this." His eyes twinkle with delight, and he moves in to very seductively dance about Luna, but if she makes any motion to put him off he will merely move back to his former position. Otherwise he will continue to dance about or with her if she joins him. From time to time he throws a glance at Joshua as well, obviously enjoying that the man is having a good time. He'll nod approvingly, and if opportunity arises mouth a girl's name to Joshua… ostensibly the name of the girl he is dancing with.

Gus waves a signal towards someone in the crowd. Someone attentive, it seems, for they actually notice the gesture in amid the roar, and a pair of other musicians swoop into action, a six-point sonic whirl that stockades the roiling crowd behind walls of noise. That same gesture brings a man scuttling out from by the platform, a long black case heaved over his shoulder as he approaches Augustin.

Dara has arrived.

Ethan is shorted seated on the sand, his arms resting over the shoulders some girl with a crucifix around her neck. He is leaning forward, whispering in her ear whatever it is his kind whispers.

Joshua catches Jerome throwing a look his way, and flashes him a pointedly white smile, intended solely for the man.

Anakara shrugs her shoulders, "Well, he gave me the Rite of Exorcism. But it ahs a lot in it about God coming down to earth and purification - All things that we would want on earth right?" She smiles at Samael nodding her head just gently, "If you don't want to participate that is just fine… But I like to think that we're bridging god into the 'Pagan' ritual. He desires to dwell in our hearts on this earth… What better place to invoke his name then in a place of darkness."

"Sir?" Nelson's lips quirk up in a small grin. "Just Nelson, Sam." He glances meaningfully at Anakara. "Don't you remember the conversation we had about putting together some duet pieces? I was really interested in the project." He shakes his head. "Don't worry about it, I'm sure I'll catch you around." He gives a little wave to Anakara and another slight nod of his head, and turns to walk over to stand near the golden calf.

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«Slight worry, then simply curiosity.»

Ali winks at Alexa and slides her hand around one of the partygoers nearest to her. He's a lanky man with a green, close cropped Mohawk, and next to Ali's dye job the two look like an advertisement for Christmas. She slides her hand into the front of his belt and yanks him forward, not that he needed the instruction, and offers him a small white pill between forefinger and thumb before placing a similar one on her own.

Luna simply looks at Jerome, her cheeks turning a bright shade of red. "Er… um, Monsieur," she stammers, looking quite perplexed, almost put-off. Should Jerome brush against her, she would stiffen and cringe away.

Elvis finds a spot apart from the crowd and sits down, he takes out a small leather-bound book and a pencil and starts to write

Overhearing Luna's comment to Jerome, Joshua slides over to where the pair are situated. "Looks like I'm having better luck than you, my friend. Do you know this one's name?"

Alexa rolls her eyes at Ali, still dancing. She looks around her at the rather interestingly garbed mob. In the middle of them all she actually looks half normal, if she also didn't look like parts of her had been run through a grinder. Finally, she grabs the nearest male and starts to grind against him, laughing as he leans down to whisper something to her.

Samael smiles at Nelson politely; "Oh.. it was the church then. Now I remember. Nelson yeah.. Silly me." Samael grins sheepishly. The child frowns slightly at Anakara's words; "Rites of.. Exorcism." He blinks ones; "The Church actually has those? I though they were like.. horror-movie-things." Samael takes a deep breath and nods then; "Sure.. If you are they I will too. You're the one that studied Theology here." He winks; "So it should be okay. Light in darkness.. I suppose they know what they are doing. Wheee." His voice remains playful and he starts to unpack that guitar.

Elvis glances over his shoulder at Odette, then looks back to his writing.

The heavy is flipped open and Gus reaches into it to pull out a six-foot length of polished iron. The spear gleams in the firelight, the black iron of the haft woven about with a meshwork of needle-fine wire before smoothing into a foot-long spear tip that owes as much to an axe as a point in the way it arcs, equal parts cutting head and piercing point. A fine intaglio of symbols is etched into the blade, the edge honed to a bright line against black iron. The big man handles the weapon as if it were a dry reed. "Not long now," he states in plain satisfaction as he tests the weapon's edge with a calloused thumb tip.

Auspex on Samael notes:
«OMG.. OMG.. OMG… Oh well.»

Ethan glances towards the spear, murmuring something to the blushing woman in his lap.

Auspex on Ethan notes:
«Playful malice overlaid with patient cunning. Waiting.»

Odette missteps, almost tripping the people whirling around next to her in the circle, but recovers quickly. She makes some inaudible apology and extracts herself, rubbing at the back of her next uneasily. She drifts away from the bonfire, back towards where a knot of raucous women in tie dyed t-shirts are lighting up, shaken.

Auspex on Odette notes:
«thrown off balance»

Yvette sits quietly on the outskirts, gaze watching figures as they move through the crowd.

Jerome chuckles and as he is addressed by Joshua he stills himself somewhat, coming to rest between them. Still his body moves to the rhythm, and he looks fondly at the dancers, but he seems more intrigued by the company for the moment. "Kaylee," he notes to Josh. "I think anyway. Or at least that's the name she offered. He shrugs mischievously, and says to Luna, "I must apologize, sometimes music allows my senses to run away with themselves. I shall endeavor to behave, I shouldn't wish to drive you from our company Luna." He nods almost apologetically, and now allows his eyes to wander the crowds again, seeing if he can pluck out any other familiar faces.

Maybe it's a misplaced hand; a tossed word, some kind of insult to the Latina.. But whatever it is it seems to spark a the temper in her that she keeps in check most days. "..what the fuck!" she shouts, turning toward the unfortunate 'yes I live in the Valley' white-shirted man that is now securely focused in her gaze. "You think I'm for sale? You kin just .. grab whatever you want?!"

Nelson is watching Augustin silently, back to the golden calf. Crossing his arms over his chest, a glimmer of recognition flashes in his eyes and he nods to himself in satisfaction.

Elvis glances back at Ali, shakes his head, and looks back to his writing.

Over the dunes, the cheery warble of the Good Humor jingle peals. Headlights glare as they pull up, thirteen ice cream trucks forming a semicircle in the sand focused on the central platform. Their drivers climb out, thirteen Chinese women in Good Humor uniforms and creamsicles in hand. The dairy offerings are pointed with great sincerity towards the bull in lucite that adorns the top of the platform. Small knots of celebrants in the crowd spy the latest offerings, and a rhythmic chorus of rough, strange words rises in the smoky air.

Smiling appreciatively at Jerome, he rejoins this newfound Kaylee and continues to dance with her, this time closer. He locks eyes with her and they look at each other intensely while the music moves on through time.

Auspex on Elvis notes:
«Frustration, boredom, sadness, anger, murder.»

Alexa spins around at the familiar voice, pushing the man she is dancing with away to get her range of motion free. She pushes her way toward Ali, looming in her general intimidating manner.

Auspex on Luna notes:
«Nervous, shy. Retreat, must retreat.»

Luna manages a faint smile at Jerome. "It's quite all right," she says, still looking rather embarrassed.

Ethan stands, abandoning his toy to watch the gathering intently now, careful.

Odette accepts a spliff from a younger woman, leaning into the group to exchange some brief words. She glances warily towards the ice cream vans, shrugs a shoulder.

As the current song ends, Joshua embraces Kaylee warmly and brushes her cheek with a kiss. They exchange a few inaudible words in hushed tones, and he writes something down, obviously for future reference. Feeling satisfied, he walks towards Jerome and Luna.

With a nod of her head, Anakara flashes Samael another grin, "It'll be fun… Plus all the Latin and incense might give a few of those Satanists over there a little scare." She giggles, before checking the ribbon in her hair with gently. "I'll light the incense then, you start us off on a song. Maybe we'll get some people to join us when we want to do a chant, or a prayer." She sits down next to him, carefully sliding her skirts underneath her legs so as not to get sand on her skin. The girl opens the clasp on the bronze ball she is holding, and draws a small cylinder of incense out of her pocket. "Have you ever smelt this stuff before, Samael? I swear… There's no more beautiful scent on earth." Carefully she places the candle in the ball, and reaches for her matches.

Men and women dressed in little more than paint and intensity run through the crowds, waving censers of smoking tobacco to waft the heavy smell around. A few of the more sensitive eco-types yell complaints, but most of them elected to leave long before the present hour. It's not long before heavy gusts of tobacco smoke form a near-fog around the bonfire.

Nelson reaches into his pocket and pulls out a set of sunglasses. Slipping them on, he slowly starts to survey the crowd and begins to walk a short distance from the platform. He's quite oblivious to most of the action going on around him now.

The usual swish, and clink that accompanies Dara everywhere is missing this evening. Instead a pair of flat sole sandals tangle from her long slender fingers. Her feet now bare as she walks across the sand. Long hair is let out of it's usual braid, held tightly at the nape of her neck with a black ribbon in a ponytail. It's length free to drift about as it choices. A bare of decidedly feminine sunglasses cover the horror of her eyes this evening. She makes no sound as she wanders onto the scene.
Coming near toward Yvette out of chance, as she watches the going ons. If when any of the people with little more then pain on their bodies come near her, she snarls at them if they get *too* close.

Jerome offers a broad smile to Luna, and continues to stand with her, nodding approvingly to Joshua from time to time. He leans towards Luna for a moment, murmuring to her, "You should dance you know. There a quite a few gentlemen here this evening who will be terribly disappointed should you fail to do so." He laughs softly, apparently unconcerned as to whether Luna will join the crowd or not, and willing to stay at her side if she doesn't. He links an arm with Luna if allowed, and does the same with Joshua again if allowed when the man rejoins them. Now he seems content to watch the gathering and chat with friends, at least for the moment.

Anakara gives Nelson a belated wave, "Oh sorry! Did you want to join us?"< she offers wrinkling her nose at the foul smell of the tobacco.

Yvette looks up as Dara comes to a halt nearby to her. She gives the woman a polite, if somewhat wary, nod.

Ali hisses at the poor sweatered man who, given his paling state has long overstayed his comfort level, and leans forward as her voice grows a bit louder. "C'mon, answer ya pale faced fuck! Ain't no pretty ivy league guards to save yer ass now, is there. Maybe ya shouldn't touch everything ya see." she growls, easily thought to be emboldened by the handful of former dance partners that line up behind her - including Alexa, who does that hulking thing oh so well.

Joshua grins at Jerome and nods sympathetically towards Luna. "Dancing isn't for everyone. I rarely do it myself, and then only as diversion. At gatherings such as these, I prefer to watch what others do. It used to be a source of inspiration for me." His grin fades at this, ever so slightly. He accepts Jerome's offered arm and stands there triumphantly.

Nelson doesn't seem to notice Anakara's invitation. Instead, his time is devoted between staring toward the bonfire, back toward the calf, and at the smoke-bearers. Though there are plenty of people moving around him in a crazed dance, Nelson seems rooted to the spot, lost in thought.

Two runaway dogs brought by some of the partygoers collide in a brief burst of snarls and snapping teeth- but they pull apart just as quickly, their manner that of two men colliding in the midst of panic. If Gus notices Ali's insinuation of impending violence, he evidently considers it no more than a due sacrifice for the pagan hour. He makes his way towards the shore, and the low platform raised right between surf and sand.

Luna looks at Joshua oddly. "I'm a dancer by trade," she states, quite simply.

Samael glances at the crowd, his expression gaining a bit of reluctance when he catches sight of Jerome and Joshua. He turns back toward Anakara, glances at that incense, the lyrics, and those ice-cream vans and seems so tempted; "Okay we'll sing but." His points in the direction of those vans; "Ice-cream first?" he tries; "That's good for your voice you know. They should subscribe it as medicine I think, covered by insurance too."

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«How…interesting. Now when is it going to happen….?»

Odette effortlessly cadges some more cigarettes or something and lights up, swaying in time with the manic drummers who have set up to one side.

Elvis stands up slowly

Auspex on Ethan notes:
«Rising anticipation, patient calm.»

Dara inclines her head toward Yvette politely. She stands back a little, her hands loose at her sides, her sunglass covered face apparently watching the area around her. The people, the spear. Apparently something catches her interest because she murmurs, "Miss.." And then her head toward Ali, and the scene going on with her. Her eyebrows raise for a moment as she murmurs, "Humph."

Elvis walks over to Ali, Alexa, and the man being yelled at.

Ethan's eyes are intent on the outskirts of the massive crowd, making his circuit of the dancers.

Auspex on Dara notes:
«Is weary, and suspicious, though curious.»

Elvis pops his neck.

Auspex on Elvis notes:

Odette slides one hand into a pocket, and drifts closer to the platform, trailing a thin plume of smoke.

Alexa steps around Ali and grabs a hold of the man who she was yelling at. "Get the fuck outta here, ya little bitch." She shouts at him, shaking him rather hard.

Elvis puts a hand on Lex's shoulder

Joshua looks befuddled as he brings a hand to his brow, rubbing slightly. Addressing Luna, he states: "I didn't know! Ahh, I can't believe I didn't know," Joshua takes on a very serious look and says in a steady tone, "There are reasons why I would never bring my art to places such as these. Never would I." He nods, at least thinking he understands a part of Luna's hesitancy.

Yvette's gaze scans the crowd regularly with the kind of demeanor a person expecting to have to patch someone up eventually would give. She gives a quiet sigh, stretching out her legs and crossing them at the ankle.

As if unable to control himself, Nelson begins walking toward the water, nodding to himself the whole time. The two dogs snarling at each other draw his attention briefly, but are dismissed as they break apart. He spares a quick glance back toward Anakara, as if suddenly hearing her words, but doesn't stop walking away.

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«Very, very distracted. An overpowering sense of curiosity.»

Jerome nods vigorously to Joshua in response to Luna's words. "She is quite marvelous too, from what little I've managed to see of her talents. Too trained for this particular gathering though. I fear she would shame these poor talentless souls. "He bares his teeth in a a grimace to the swaying masses, adding a firm nod to Luna, understating his reverence for her perhaps.

"More than men will be watching soon enough," Gus calls over towards Jerome and the others there, his steps having taken him near the gathering as he approaches the shore. "You'll not have the sea for an audience for a long time yet. Why not let the sky and water alike see you dance?" And he moves on, approaching the wave-lapped sand.

Dara angles her head toward where Nelson is, he apparently catches her interest at the moment. Though she doesn't call out to him, or anyone for that matter. She simply stands where she is, she turns her head once more toward Yvette and she inclines her head toward her once more saying, "Momma always told it was rude not introduce myself when I was 'round someone for more then a I few seconds. I'm Dara Blake, misses. It's a pleasure to meet you." Though she doesn't hold out her hand toward Yvette.

Elvis grabs the man's hand for a second, from a distant onlooker it simply looks like an aggressive handshake. Were the music not so loud you'd probably hear a popping, though, and some clicks maybe. None of which should be heard.

Luna seems to almost shrink into Jerome as Gus addresses them. She wrinkles her nose delicately. "I'm not used to such… a large, wild, gathering."

Elvis clicks his teeth and looks calmly to Ali and Alexa, "Don't make a big deal out of little fish."

Joshua nods emphatically at Jerome. "This music, truth be told, burns my ears. There is a certain ugliness to it that I find sickening. However, events like this one call for it, and I do enjoy a party." His seriousness replaced by a grin, he waves a hand of acknowledgment towards the man who yelled their way.

Yvette doesn't look surprised by the given name, having recognized Dara. She squints up at her for a moment, then offers up, "Yvette L'Heureux. Nice to meet you, Ms. Blake." Her gaze flickers over the crowd again. "Enjoying yourself?"

Anakara lights the match quickly, the flame glowing softly in the darkness illuminated by so many fires. She places the flame across the candle and it lights, tendrils of white smoke rising into the air spreading the exotically aromatic smell of incense. The blond-haired girl nods her head quickly to Samael, holding the ball in one hand with its chain, and the papers in another, "Could you get me one? My hands are full Samael… I'am afraid I'll lose these if I leave them in the sand."

Maria Helena continues to survey, arms folded. She is distant from the goings-on, but not so removed as to be ignorant of the activities. Silent and motionless, she is little more than a background shadow.

Alexa grabs a hold of Elvis shirt and jerks him toward her so she can whisper in his ear.

Alexa whispers to Elvis, "… with… a'ight. Its… job"

Joshua looks at Luna, and again he nods. "Nor am I. Quite the change for a man who rarely left his apartment up until quite recently."

Elvis ' mouth twitches. He shrugs and walks back out to the beach.

Dara frowns for a moment, as if she's considering something. She flashes a grin around the area for a moment, and then she brings her hands up to clasp in front of her chest. Inclining her head toward Yvette as she murmurs, "I've heard of you. We are not so different from what I have heard, you and I." She says nothing else, and waiting for a few moments to see if Yvette will greet her back, before moving off to wander toward someone else to bother.

Jerome allows an arm to protectively encircle Luna as she moves into him. He himself shouts after Gus, "The evening is yet young, my dance shall have time to grace the shores as the evening wears on." His grin is infective, but he does take time to be certain Luna is comfortable. To Joshua he says, "Ahhh, I find every beat has its time and place, and this one matches the evening perfectly truth be told. I can dance to most any sound, it merely rests upon the audience to enjoy it or not." He nods to another passerby as well who calls a greeting out to him, and Jerome himself seems perfectly comfortable in the crowded surroundings.

Ali squints sidelong at Elvis in obvious confusion, before a van drives up and her eyes alight. "Awwww - now we're gonna play." she promises the man in front of her, stepping forward with every attempted retreat the man may make. The van empties and a handful of Hispanic man pile out and begin to make their way toward Ali. "Chica! Reina!" The calls come hilted, one after the other, and only make the cornered wanna-be hippie a shade paler then one thought possible. "Hombre, aqui!" Ali shouts back. "This little bitch tried ta grab a piece - how you feel bout that!"

Auspex on Elvis notes:
«Annoyed by his companions»

Elvis shuffles listlessly back to his spot in the sand and sits down again.

Yvette climbs to her feet, brushing off some sand from her pants, before she clasps her hands in front of her chest and gives a little half bow to Dara. With a grimace, she says, "I hope what you've heard hasn't /all/ been bad."

Alexa sprints after Elvis and grabs him. "Come on, amigo, par-tay!"

Samael frowns slightly and sighs; "Perhaps wait a bit then. Ya can't eat icecream when you have to hold these." he responds softly. The boy glances at those papers; "I don't know these I think. Looks like incantations to me. If you start I can follow." He straps on that guitar.

Odette tastes the smoke, moving through patches of light and shadow, fascinated of a sudden by everything. Her gaze catches on people, lights, drums, clothing, and so on wildly. The younger woman with the tie dyed shirt catches up to her, something like hero worship in her eyes.

Joshua's head must surely ache, because again he nods towards one of his companions. "Perhaps. I have been criticized in the past for my rather critical analysis of art. Some call it narrow-mindedness." Joshua shrugs, obviously not concerned with the issue. "Jerome, you certainly do look comfortable here. More so than I. You must have much experience at events like these."

Elvis says, "Is this important?"

The spear blade is used to cut a pattern in the sand, the fine grains filling up the shape as soon as it's carved. Gus mutters something indistinct over it as he marks the shape, a whisper spoken to the ground as he leans into his work.

"Or maybe he's got experience in not being a dickhead?" Dara asks rather blandly to Joshua as she passes them by. Calling over her shoulder toward Yvette she says, "Depends on your view on what 'bad' is, misses." She snorts a moment, and then she continues to wander.

Ethan crouches back down in the sand, his nice slacks covered in the substance, caked on where the sand was wetted by beer or worse. He murmurs more into the ear of the woman, who shortly removes her crucifix, the shining metal lost in shadow.

Alexa shrugs to Elvis. "I dunno, but come on, ya know ya wanna."

Auspex on Dara notes:
«Is a bit annoyed, and determined to get to someone.»

"Think you found yerself a pretty white boy with no cojones.." The lead latino answers before he and his brothers filter out into the crowd - 'party favors' in hand. They spread out with incident, adding specks of tan to the multicolored sea, and break up small parties of calm with their gregarious natures.

Joshua looks at the back of the passerby, his face sour. "A charming one, that."

Elvis smiles faintly, "I really don't right now."

Many of the more casual celebrants have abandoned the party, a hard core of intent men and women remaining alongside those too drunk or drugged to care. Patterns are starting to form in the mob, men and women taking up preassigned points and beginning to incant words in that strange, gravelly language.

Alexa drops her head and butts Elvis lightly in the stomach before attempting to drag him off with her to join the brawl.

Elvis pops his jaw, "This is stupid."

Nelson has become rooted again, this time a few yards away from Augustin. His focus is on the muttering and the pattern, though he does from time to time glance over his shoulder at the crowds. Eventually, he simply turns sideways, to watch everything.

Elvis follows.

Alexa shoots at Elvis over her shoulder. "Yer just mad Ali didn't buy ya some leather pants to match hers."

Augustin leans over and mutters something to Nelson as he straightens from his incantations.

Elvis doesn't even smile, "Yeah. Must be it."

Dara turns around slowly and she snorts at Joshua as she says, "Please. I could *never* be as *charming* as you are. It makes my skin crawl just thinking of all the things I'd have to put down. Mock, be high and mighty over. Claim is inferior, to be as *charming* as you." Her smile is still friendly even though there's a mocking bite to her voice in it's harsh sarcasm.

Augustin whispers to Nelson, "… crowd…. that… and… are… damned… wouldn't… the Third… of… Emerald Tablets if they… if you… keep them in…"

Anakara's eyes shine in the firelight as she looks across at Samael as does the metal of both her crucifix and her medallion that hang about her neck. "Aww, well how about we go out for ice-cream after then, Samael?", she suggests still grinning ear to ear at him before she stands up. She begins to swing the ball gently back and forth in front of her, delicate and careful with the bronze orb as incense wafts about the beach catching the night wind. "Well we can try. Its more of a prayer… so its not meant to be sung. But I can give it a go if you think it would be a good idea.", she suggests chuckling. "There's no need to worry, Samael.. Just have fun with it. Show peopel how much you love and cherish your God and your worship."

Ali steps forward and gives the man a square shove in his shoulders, sending him stumbling a few feet backward as her followers break up among the crowds. "Maybe I kin knock em free!" she says with a grin, laughing as the stumble eventually ends in the man falling backward into the sand near Alexa.

Jerome chuckles lightly. "There are a few in every crowd hmmm?" His eyes trail after Dara's back as she moves on. "This one more than others perhaps." He pauses his conversation for a moment as another seemingly random person approaches the trio and catches Jerome's eye. Jerome unlinks from Josh and Luna for a moment saying, "Excuse me for just a minute will you?" His smile promises he will return, and now he moves away to speak quietly with the man who called for his attention. He seems to speak sharply with the man for a few moments before gesturing in the direction of inland and then moving to return to his companions.

Joshua, still looking sour, suddenly bursts out in laughter at the woman. He fixes her a wonderful smile and says, "Your charm is obviously in the lash your tongue carries. As good a place as any, I say."

Alexa kicks the man as he lands in the sand next to her and she continues to drag Elvis toward Ali.

The quiet word given, Gus somehow ends up within audible distance of Luna. "Come now, girl- favor the celebration with a little grace. The rite won't work as well without your help," he importunes in his easy basso rumble. "And I tell you that more watches than you have eyes to see."

Luna looks rather blankly at Gus. "Monsieur?" She looks, honestly, confused.

Augustin glances over to the waves that lap at the shore, and the harder gusts that slide in off the water. "Just trust me, girl. It'd do well if you danced a little for the favor of the sea." A pair of clumps in the roil of the celebrants are beginning to scream. Hard, ritualistic shrieks in rough time with each other as they dance and whirl in the heavy smoke.

Nelson nods his head at whatever Augustin said, and removes his sunglasses. Wading back into the crowd, he starts moving toward the various groups of chanters and spends a few moments with each one, joining them long enough to start getting everyone to chant together in unison. Though they're reading off papers, he seems to have the words memorized. It only takes a few minutes before everyone is on the same beat, and the words start to take on a powerful rhythm.

Elvis crosses his arms and watches Ali and Alexa.

Yvette frowns quietly as the shrieks start.

Luna bites her lower lip, glancing about the crowd before returning her gaze to Augustin. "But, uh, Monsieur… I am a… classical dancer, if you will. I certainly do not know how to.. well," she gestures nervously at the various groups of people dancing.

Jerome moves back to his position next to Luna and Joshua, for the moment not noticing the interchange between Luna and Gus, as his attention is caught by Dara and Joshua's exchange. He smiles widely to Joshua. "Oh, Joshua, I see you've made yet another friend this evening. A shame that you have not the time that all of these lovely ladies demand of you hmmm?" His eyes roll over Dara's figure briefly. "This one shall just have to take a number and move along I suppose. Unless she intends to fight for the honor of your company?" Some chuckles come from the group of men and women Jerome and company are standing with, and Jerome's smile is open and friendly, even if his eyes glitter with something more as he speaks.

"Do what _you_ do," Gus instructs as he glances over at the mob. "Offer what _you_ have. That will be enough for the sea." If Gus has any reservations to add to that certainty, he leaves them unvoiced for the moment.

Odette glances round, casually taking Ethan in. Then she stubs out her cigarette, knits hands with the other girl, and winds her way back into a circle that's starting to whip round faster and faster. Her eyes are glassy, but not a foot is out of place.

Predictably, the man's friends choose this time to arrive and its a sudden meeting of drunk valley boys and not-so-drunk south central girls, and Ali's staring at three faces instead of one. "Awww, now there's way too many'a you for me ta handle." she winks, that same broad grin still spreading across her face. There's a moment pause as each group eyes the other and then, like a bad 80's movie, it's a brawl.

Luna shifts her weight from one foot to the other, looking a bit unhappy. "Um… I suppose I can try, then."

Ethan glances towards Odette briefly, watching her.

Auspex on Ethan notes:
«Possessive pride.»

"Fuck off ya flower." Dare growls out toward Jerome, her teeth baring at him. The snarl is vicious and her shoulders tighten as if she's getting ready pounce on Jerome and start tearing at him. Her voice holds a dark bite as she says, "How about I offer what *I* do?" She asks to no one in particular, apparently having heard what Gus was saying to Luna. There's a dark sarcasm in her voice. And a threat as well.

Samael nods a few times to Anakara but seems too unsure and still waits for her to start.

"You'll see the results soon enough," Gus states towards Luna as quietly as the general clamor allows. "Or feel it." And that said, he starts towards the platform, spear held above his head as he wades through the brawling, dancing, shrieking mass of humanity.

Auspex on Dara notes:
«Is considering violence, though also paranoid.»

Auspex on Odette notes:
«whipping up with wild energy, but dancing is calming for her»

Auspex on Elvis notes:
«Is pissed.»

Joshua eyes this Dara figure intently, hands clenched at his sides, looking around him to see how much attention this whole scene is attracting. He looks rather nervous, and slides a glance towards Jerome.

Nelson leans over to whisper something to Dara as he passes her on his way to the stage. Giving her a slow wink, he continues to wade through the crowd again, pausing once to get a group back on the beat /again/. As he approaches the platform, the sunglasses return and he adopts that same wary stance as before.

Alexa growls deep in her throat and then launches herself at a few of the drunk valley boys. Drunk idiots fly like bowling pins as Alexa starts hitting people.

Nevada has arrived.

Nelson whispers to Dara, "Make… the ocean,… you wish,… is…"

Elvis just stands there looking bored, a frown deeply set on his face

Ethan continues his watch over the dancers, some shivering girl curled up at his feet.

Back and forth, back and forth, the glittering ball flashes in with the light of the fire, mesmerizing to the eyes and, and the pungent odor inciting to the smell as it spreads seeming to overpower even the tobacco smoke with its alluring smell. Finally, the last component of the ritual begins complete in its effect on the senses- Slowly and softly Anakara begins to murmur in Latin. "Dominus, Dominus… Pater Nostra qui es in Caelis… Dominus, Dominus." Her tone at first soft, rises with strength, the girls voice musical and mesmerizing in its repetitive chant.

The small Asian woman sets her shoes aside in the sand—likely, she shan't be able to find them later, but no matter. Luna seems to be more uncomfortable near Dara and Jerome, and she wanders off to a slightly clearer area, where not as many dancers have clustered. She begins to dance as instructed, her movements hesitant and almost graceless at first, but she is drawn it after only moments. Her classical training is quite evident as she moves, an arabasque here, a pirouette there.

Jerome seems perfectly innocent, perhaps even oblivious to the threat as he sweetly asks of Dara, "Oh, you dance miss? Delightful. My friends would be more than happy to have you join them, and I intend to as well very shortly. Perhaps you will consent to save a beat for me later in the evening will you madam?" His tone is cheery, and indeed he nods to the group of pretties around himself, pursing his lips to a couple of the girls, it seems with the promise that he will join them soon in their gyrations. He watches Luna briefly, and nods approvingly, his attention flitting back and forth amongst sights, and obviously not captured by Dara.

Auspex on Anakara notes:
«Wildly the girl's golden Aura begins to slowly filter outward, tendrils of its light reaching outward and filtering through the crowd. Its light bestows an soft shimmer on all that it touches, imbuing the night with the power of its light.»

From a distance, Nevada slowly approaches. The woman is barefooted, her walk a dance to the rhythm of the chant. She glancing at the celebrations curiously with gleaming amber eyes.. but is not joining as of yet.

Joshua listens to Jerome, growing more nervous at the exchange. His usual grin, the one so many have called his "shit-face grin," is gone. He stands slightly slouched, waiting.

Gus holds the spear above his head, the black iron shining in the moonlight. Where he passes, a wake of screams follows as men and women double up in agony and collapse, wracked with some unseen torment. With so many shrieking in more intentional fashion, and with the brawl of men and women churning amid the mob, it's difficult to make out these unfortunates. What is more plain is the way that Augustin seems to swell with each step, his heavy black velvet robes cutting a sharper outline in the smoking dark. He is approaching the platform, chanting like a bellows in the same alien tongue that rises from the celebrants.

Ethan glances across the crows towards Nevada, noting her entrance before he leans down to the ball of a woman at his feet, some few more whispers.

Dara laughs as she says, "You wish. I'd rather freshly smelted ingot then dance you with you, and your lot." She snorts in an angry fashion, and turns away from them. Long hair flying about angrily. She hisses softly, as she starts to walk away.

Yvette's frown deepens and she retreats several steps from the bulk of the ceremony as people begin to drop to the ground.

Daniel has arrived.

Samael smiles at Anakara. His eyes reflecting that twirling ball. He tries to find some chords to match Anakara’s prayer and eventually closes his eyes half, to have his angelic voice join the girl in her praise for their Lord.

Odette's face registers nothing as she takes control of the circle of dancers about her, forcing the pace faster and faster. Some falter and fall away, unable to maintain the pace.

Ethan reaches into the crowd of dancers, pulling away the fallen near him before they can be tripped over. Or before they can trip others. He leaves behind whoever he was playing it.

The brawl is going well - not that most would be surprised. The valley boys, untrained and outmatched, simply cannot compete with the handful of inhabitants from South Central and the mess is quickly becoming a monotonous raise and fall of olive fists. When they drop, it's hard to know why. She turns with a feral grin and grabs the next unfortunate man - some fool who thought to interrupt the beat down - and it begins again.

Jerome pats a hand gently on Joshua's if allowed, giving him a bright smile, and then he nods to the dancers, obviously unaffected by the prior exchange. Jerome himself moves towards Luna again, and he watches her curiously, murmuring, "With your permission." He continues to watch for a few seconds before beginning to twirl as well, his movements a few feet distant from Luna's own, but the style passingly matching hers. While not as deft or trained, still the natural talent the man evinces allows him to at least somewhat match the style.

Auspex on Nevada notes:
«curious, longing but holding back»

Nelson follows Augustin toward the stage, then stops a few yards away and chants slowly, a group of one. His face turns up to the platform and he seems to be looking for something that isn't there. Yet.

Up and down the coast, there is a keening - a barking and howling of dogs. Birds twirl and swoop in the air. The air has an ozone quality to it, like the coming of a storm.

Alexa doesn't notice anything outside the sphere of frenetic violence surrounding her. She lashes out in every direction with fists and elbows, dodging and weaving to avoid incoming blows.

Ethan spares some few moments to whisper to the girl, pointing out Nevada. The figure stumbles away from the dance and towards the outskirts.

Daniel wanders amongst the crowd, occasionally taking notes, sometimes taking pictures but never taking part.

Auspex on Samael notes:

Joshua moves away with Jerome, occasionally passing a sideways glance towards Dara. He seats himself in the sand, and begins keeping their time in his usual, nervous fashion, fingertips to thumb.

Elvis walks back out to his spot on the beach

Yvette's entire pose says that she thinks this trip to the beach was a baaaaad idea. She looks up and around as the sound of birds and dogs penetrates the shrieking and brawling and dancing noises of the ritual. Not good.

While sitting in the sand, Joshua looks up at the sky and hears the sounds coming from those around him. Suddenly, Dara seemed to him like a very minor threat.

"Do what I do huh?" She mutters darkly. She glances around for a moment. And suddenly, she doesn't seem to care about Joshua and Jerome anymore. Now she's making her way toward Yvette. Calling out to her with a dark voice, "I think we should get out of here, misses."

Augustin mounts the platform, one hand lifting the spear overhead as the other scoops up a bowl containing some dry brown flakes. The bowl is held out towards the golden bull encased in the lucite, the spear brandished towards the sky as he intones something in that gnarled, strange tongue. He breaks into English for a span. "By the pacts of my fathers, by the blood shed now, by the offerings of we who come before you, I call you up from the silence, I call you up from the sea, I call you up from the sky that gave this iron to men." And a sweep of the black iron spear above the bull, a beckoning gesture to the crashing waves.

Daniel's attention seems to be on the chanter and the platform. He snaps a picture or two, then starts taking a few notes, clearly having some mild interest in what is going on.

Nelson moves forward to stand behind Augustin muttering darkly, then turns and reaches down toward something that has been hidden until now. When he rises, he is now holding a large copper basin which he quickly raises over the other man's head, and douses him with the red liquid contained within. Some of it splatters onto his pristinely white shirt and clean khaki pants, but it doesn't seem to matter to him as he quickly starts chanting something new under his breath.

Jerome finally seems to note the impending storm as well, and he slows his dancing, throwing a cautious glance in both the direction of Luna and Joshua. He seems unnerved now by the ceremony, and the potential consequences, and he motions for Luna and Joshua to gather to him if they will, and if they notice.

Yvette raises her voice to shout back at Dara, "I'm thinkin' that's a good idea!" Her words are thick with Bayou accent. She snatches up her boots and begins her retreat up the beach, keeping a weather-eye out for anything coming her way.

Elvis glances over his shoulder and looks around

Luna catches sight of Jerome out of the corner of her eye, and she ceases her dance to approach him quickly.

Joshua suddenly springs to his feet, and then adopts a crouching position. Without taking his eyes off of the figure near the bull. Noticing Jerome beckoning him closer, he steps very close to the man.

Ali glances up from the brawl (a movement that results in her getting clocked in the jaw) and notes the spectacle atop the platform. She blinks, confused, before the violence sharpens her focus to a very thin point that consists solely of the battle around her.

Dara jogs to catch up with Yvette. She tosses a glance over her shoulder wearily, a hand reaching up to keep her sunglasses on her face. She comes to a stop at something, and she murmurs toward Yvette, "If I drop my sandals, run."

Nevada holds still then and fluently moves to kneel down on the sand, seemingly content to watch from a distance. She smiles approvingly while her arms and fingers perform soft chant-like waves through the air surrounding her. A girl approaches, stumbling in her direction. The woman’s eyes trace her but there's no reaction yet.

Ethan turns to watch the figures on above, letting the dancers care for herself.

Alexa doesn't even lose her concentration enough to look at the platform, she's totally immersed in the violence around her, hitting anything that moves within her reach.

Odette doesn't slow dancing to watch, instead she picks up the pace even further. The women around her have started to scream, like a bunch of maenads from myth, howling for blood … or something.

Auspex on Dara notes:
«Seemed to be struggling with her beast, though she managed a hard won battle.»

Jerome still holds to a broad smile, and he seems completely at ease, even if the smile is rather tight around his lips. He places an arm protectively around each of his companions if allowed, and begins chatting with various people. His act ushers Luna and Joshua in his wake if they allow, and he moves the group away from the sea towards the edges of the crowd and inland if allowed by the pair with him.

Auspex on Odette notes:
«bloodlust rising, scent of blood on the wind»

Joshua allows himself to be grabbed by Jerome and tries to look everywhere at once.

Auspex on Nevada notes:

Auspex on Elvis notes:
«What? Something's going on behind him? Nothing important obviously.»

The liquid must be blood, for such can be the only explanation for the sudden gust of copper-bright odor that heaves from off the sea. The black blade flashes around Augustin as he weaves it in an intricate pattern, edge licking against his throat and limbs as he brandishes it. His control is superb, for he gives no sign that he's been so much as nicked by the edge… albeit drenched as he is in red, however, it would be impossible to tell otherwise. Bright liquid arcs in a spill from the razoed edge of the spear as he whirls it overhead. The shrieks of the mob are knotted in amid their incantations, and the sorcerer's voice is exultant. "By the Blood! By the offerings! By the rite which we have done! Cleanse our house of the steps of Hell and give to us a weapon against the Pit!" The spear is thrust upward, presented to the waves that groan against the platform.

Elvis cackles.

Nevada glances up at that girl approaching and she's distracted. The woman gets up on her feet again, walking over to that girl, aiming to catch her attention and have her follow toward the waters.

Auspex on Ethan notes:
«Patience, duty, malicious glee.»

Elvis falls over, his back heaving as he giggles uncontrollably

Luna suddenly stops in her tracks, staring at Augustin, one might consider it awe, or fear.

Auspex on Luna notes:

Alexa snaps out of the fight at the scent of blood and the sound of the man on the platform. She spins on her heels, eyes widening and begins to extricate herself from the fight.

Elvis howls with laughter.

Jerome pauses with Luna as well, eyeing Joshua carefully. His actions, unless paused earlier by either of his companions, have brought the group of them to the edge of the crowd, still in its fringes but father away from the bull and the 'performance' than their previous position. He hovers here, uncertainly, seemingly caught between a desire to move further up the beach, and to not abandon one of his friends within the crowd.

Auspex on Elvis notes:
«Hilarity and fearlessness»

Nelson's chant suddenly stops, as if cut off physically just as the spear is raised. He crouches down, apparently drained for the moment, but still manages to raise his head to look toward the sea. The bonfire reflects in the sunglasses, and the triumph is obvious on his face.

The shouts barely penetrate Ali's consciousness as she finds herself pinned beneath a rather beefy valley boy - seems those fuckers get fed up there. Both arms snapping shut over her face, she does little more then absorb the man's blows for a moment before snapping one hand upward and grabbing him by the neck. "Bitch." she says simply, then smiles and twists her wrist. The man gives a choking gasp as he's discarded to the side and Ali sits back up with a moment to finally look at her surroundings.

Daniel takes a few more pictures, adjust something in his pocket, it looks like a tape-recorder and regards the scene again with academic interest.

Ethan watches the water, calm and still. Well, except that half-step backwards.

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«Pure expectation, now. A thrill of excitement.»

Anakara lowers her head, "Gravitus Umbra, Samael… Gravita.", she murmurs in her chant Latin flowing forth from her mouth instead of the usual English. Suddenly she takes a step forward, beckoning the boy forward, "Veni, Samael… Venie Mecum." As her green eyes focus onto Gus her golden light within their depths. She presses on towards the crowd, each step slow and followed by a string of Latin exhortations raised high even above the crowd. The intoxicating incense and her commanding voice, draws those near her out of their trance for a moment gazing with wonder and amazement as the girl quite nearly shines with purity and radiance.
But suddenly she takes one step and her Latin soundly is garballed by a high-pitched shriek rising into the air as she falls down to her knees the girls youthful face contorted with sudden agony and pain. The chain slips from her hands, the bronze ball falling into the sand as she girl waivers for a bit in the air. She gives one final shriek and her body lurches backwards thrust away from the platform, as she falls backwards onto the sand her golden hair strewn about her face - the girl is out cold.

Joshua, noticing that he and Jerome have lost one of the party, says, "We mustn't leave Luna here, Jerome. We can't abandon her."

Nevada slowly approaches that girl and catches her attention, leading her toward the sea into the waves. The girls pose is bend forward slightly, holding her stomach. Soft noises escape from her lips.

Jerome nods absently to Joshua, his eyes tracing the groups in front of him. He still stands where he is though, dropping his arm from around Joshua. "Hmmm, I tend to agree," he notes above the crowd's wailing, "But she knows where we are. Let us watch for a moment longer. We shall see if we shall need to aid her in extricating herself?" His voice holds a question, perhaps asking the other man to agree or not, but his eyes do not stray from Luna, excepting to flick to the ceremony from time to time.

Yvette continues her retreat up the beach, keeping an eye out on Dara.

Odette extricates herself from the circle of whirling women. She's only slightly flushed, but her eyes shine like stars. Around her, the people are flagging further, falling to the ground in exhaustion. She picks her way across sprawled limbs and patches of damp sand, sweeping the beach with an unfocussed gaze. It pauses on Ethan, briefly, on Sam, briefly, and on the platform.

Ali clambers to her feet, stretching worn limbs as she grins and glances around for someone else to hit - it's a release the Latina has needed for some time and she appears to be more then happy to take it now.. or after she finds someone else or they find her.

Joshua, not looking at Jerome, nods. He seems to have lost track of where Luna is, exactly, but he is resolved not to leave here without her.

The timing is perfect. The pitch of frenzy, the shrieks of pain and fervor that boil from the chanting mob, and the sudden ignition of fleshpots to banish the night and make way for a blinding white glare. Mortal eyes are not meant to see the sorcerer draw back his arm and hurl the spear downward, the crack of sundered lucite as it splits the composite and lances through the golden calf. A groaning wave is transfixed by the lance, sea pinned to sand by the celestial iron. White light as heavy as a living thing blots out the platform.

Alexa stares at the platform, blinking once or twice before she turns and shoves people out of the way to get to Ali. "I donna what the fuck is goin' on. But lets get the fuck out of here!'

Elvis can't stop laughing.

Ethan shields his eyes, intent to try and make out something in the platform. The attempt is surely futile.

Luna's arm comes up quickly to shield her eyes, which close as she looks away reflexively.

Joshua's mouth drops open as he stands there, frozen to the spot, seeing the figure that has materialized by the platform.

Jerome shields his own eyes as well, losing track of Luna as well now in the surging of the crowd and the bright burst of light. He purses his lips, obviously displeased.

Dara tosses a glance over her shoulder at the scream of the blond girl. She chews on her lower lip for a moment, and then she continues down the beach. She hisses and throws up a hand to cover her eyes from the glare suddenly. And her steps take her faster, calling to Yvette, "Ain't no time to be polite 'bout things. Like make like Roadrunner, and the fuck out of here." She steps pick up pace, and she starts into a run.

Elvis howls, "Look upon God and he looks back! Ha ha haaa! Look upon God and he reminds you you are DAMNED to hell for thinking you could play his games! Feel his tummy rumble and-" He's cut off by another fit of giggling.

Ethan falls to one knee, his free hand in the sand to stabilize him.

Yvette doesn't need a lot of urging, she runs like a bat out of hell. Scrambling across the slippery sand back towards the roads.

Elvis says, "And let the ladder carry you down again, ha!"

Alexa rocks back and forth, spreading her legs wide to keep her balance as she grabs at Ali. "Lets get the fuck out of here!"

Samael frowns deeply when Anakara speaks, eyes expressing alarm. He jolts forward when the girl falls, aiming to catch the maid and missing by an inch. The boy gets on his knees beside her, fingers reaching out to touch her forehead and neck, checking pulse; "Maria.." he calls out softly; "Maria.. Please wake up." The child’s voice is no more then a whisper when it turns cold; "Damn them.. Damn them to hell."

Auspex on Samael notes:
«worry, concern, rage»

Joshua loses his balance and drops in to a crouch for support as the earthquake shakes everything.

Jerome slips to the sand as well, but it seems more of a crouch than a fall, although perhaps a bit of both. He drops a knee to keep his balance steady, and unasked throws a hand out in offer of aid to Joshua if such proves necessary or desired.

Yvette has left.

Ali widens her eyes, dropping to a crouch as the ground beneath her immortal feet begins to shake. She looks toward Alexa, obvious surprise in her eyes before her gaze is turned back toward the platform and the people upon it. "Holy shit.." she murmurs to herself, then glances around to see how many of the original party remain.

Dara stumbles a few times, following pretty much onto her face in the earthquake. She's helpless to do anything but lay there in the sand for those second that the earthquake is going on. A shriek escaping her lips as she falls. And then after it's over, she gets up and starts to run at full force after Yvette.

Joshua turns towards Jerome. "Shit," he murmurs, obviously disturbed greatly. Only such a moment would bring profanity to his lips.

Dara has left.

Odette grabs onto someone's nearby shoulder for support, sidestepping to keep balance, feet spread. Out of habit, she lights up another cigarette, even as the ground is shaking underfoot.

Alexa begins to search for Elvis. "Elvis! Get the fuck over here!'

It's now probably clear why Nelson was crouching. He slowly peels off his white dress shirt, dropping it onto the sand just off the platform. There are a few hints of blood on the undershirt, but they are few and far between.

Anakara is alive, but the pulse is feint and her skin is beginning to pale rapidly - all the obvious signs of shock.

When the glare fades, Augustin stands amid the wreckage of the platform. The towering sorcerer holds the spear in his hands, the weapon held at arm's length as if he wished he had far longer arms. Something like fear is in the giant's eyes, a dread of the weapon he clutches. The blade shines in the moonlight.

Elvis is helpless in the grip of his own wild laughter and ranting

Daniel spreads his feet for balance as the earth shakes, looking a bit surprised for a moment at this unexpected event, but then the reporter in him gets the upper hand and he snaps more photos.

Alexa sprints toward Elvis, grabbing his arm when she reaches his side. "Come on, lets get outta here."

Elvis says, "But why!? Ha! This' incredible!"

The girl falls right over into the water at the earthquake. Nevada aims to keep her balance, managing without too much effort, watching the sky, the sand and the see move and looking back at that girl, not doing anything just yet.

Alexa says, "Yeah, real incredible. It'll be super fuckin' incredible when we all die."
Luna lowers her arm, blinking as she looks at the platform."

Elvis giggles, "We're not going to die Lex"

Ethan stumbles across the sand now, moving towards Daniel and the camera.

Odette ends up somehow next to Samael, and she drops to the sand next to him, hair mussed, and eyes wild, and a lit cigarette in one hand.

Nelson spots the flashes from Daniel's camera, then notes Ethan's rapid approach. Leaping down from the remains of the platform, he follows quickly, sandals slipping slightly in the sand.

Alexa says, "Sure we ain't gonna die…but I suddenly feel really fuckin' homesick for Florence."

From over the dune, a knot of people emerge from vans and trucks. Pale, shaken faces drift into the panicked clot of celebrants- cleanup at the Magic Castle was never quite like this. Even so, the helpers move to clear away any too damaged from the brawl and get them off the beach. Meanwhile, Augustin lurches from the waves, still holding the spear as if it were a venomous serpent.

Odette sounds zoned, She whispers to Samael, "Hello, cheri."

Ali looks back toward Alexa and nods, standing slowly as the shaking comes to a halt. "Relax.." she says, keeping a careful warrior eye on her surroundings. Her gaze lingers on Anakara, then on the photographer, before she heaves a sigh and settles on watching ot see how Ethan handles it.

Samael is thrust in the sand during that quake, crawling in Anakara's direction and them moves. That little boy, putting his arms around her to lift her up. The child notices Odette then; "Oh.. Odette." he sighs relieved; "Please help me get her away from this place."

Maria Helena's eyes are intent upon Augustin, taking in every detail. Her face is shrouded in shadow and unreadable.

Luna catches sight of Ethan, and she hurries across the sand towards him, making for three that are heading for Daniel.

Odette nods, nonplussed. She says to Sam, "Of course, zat is why I am here. Shall I carry her to the car?"

Auspex on Maria Helena notes:
«Curiosity swirling with anxiety.»

Jerome stands and shakes off any remaining effects from the quake. His eyes track the crowd again perhaps still looking for Luna amidst the mess.

Samael nods a few times; "I'll help though." he says softly; "I can take her feet. She isn't heavy I gather."

Daniel puts the camera into his satchel now, clearly things are getting a bit frenetic in the aftermath of the show and quake. Noticing a few folks beelining towards his direction, a hand slips into his pocket while he makes his way away, stepping around and over the attendees.

Ali snaps her fingers toward what members of her mortal brigade are still standing - a few head off toward Samael and Odette, apparently offering assistance.

Joshua stands as well, looking at Jerome. "Some show, eh? I think next time we'll go to the theater instead." He must be feeling more comfortable now, because he's able to joke a bit about current events.

Odette props the cigarette in one corner of her mouth, and collects Anakara in her arms, taking the weight effortlessly. She nods agreeably to offers of help from Ali's gang, nodding to Sam also to help direct people.

Ethan reaches out a hand towards Daniel, calling out over the crowd, "Sir, sir, are you alright? Please, /follow me/ and I'll get you some help."

Alexa proceeds to try to drag Elvis back to Ali.

Elvis follows after Alexa, giggling. He stops every once in a while, raising his arms up and spinning around a bit.

Ali glances sideways and murmurs. "Y'off yer meds, Elvis? What's so funny?"

Someone must have spent a great deal of time planning this celebration- as the cleanup crew is surprisingly efficient in hustling people off the beach. Each small clump of them would appear to have been assigned a group, and others are tasked when clearing away the injured. A few douse the bonfire, while others back a truck up to throw the remains of lucite and speared dead cow into the back. Augustin seems oblivious to the activity around him, staggering up out of the water with the spear in shaking hands.

Samael moves to create space when Odette and Ali's crew move Anakara off that beach. He turns to glance at the chaos, his eyes dark when they search out Augustin; "No-one will be harmed he says. I'll remember this."

Odette whispers to Samael, "I'm not harmed. Are you harmed, cheri?"

Samael points to Anakara.

Daniel starts to say, "L.A. Times, just fine —" when suddenly he stops and turns towards Ethan, taking a few steps towards him.

Jerome offers a chuckle low in his throat to that. "Or at least stick to parties where the entertainments are more benign. His eyes finally catch onto Luna as she moves towards Ethan, Daniel, etc. He nods to himself and motions towards the girl to Joshua. "She seems to be fine, hmmm? Shall we move to a better vantage point?" He gestures up the beach, seemingly unconcerned now.

Alexa stops beside Ali, putting one hand on Elvis' arm so he can't run off.

Samael whispers to Odette, "No harming mortals too. The fucking lying bastard."

Odette shrugs a shoulder. "Le bon dieu protects his own, you know? Lets' go. This is not at all your sort of place."

Luna stops in her tracks as she watches Ethan, perhaps content to let him deal with the reporter, or perhaps waiting.

Nelson slows as he hears Ethan speak, but certainly doesn't stop closing the distance between him self and the two other men. Reaching Ethan, he pauses next to him to stare for a moment. Finally, he leans down to whisper something to him.

Ethan stumbles off the beach, towards his car, "Are you really? Man, looked you got banged up back there. Come on, my car is this way."

Ali is just watching; her eyes note every one of her boys as the pick themselves up and wander off, or don't, and flit occasionally back to make sure Anakara is being lead off without incident. Narrowing her eyes, she lifts both brows inquiringly toward Odette, then glances at the blond girl."

Joshua nods to Jerome's suggestion, obviously more at ease now himself. "Let's go up, then." He follows Jerome.

Nelson whispers to Ethan, "This… recording… stay… are… with… you…"

Samael nods ones; "Ya.. let's go. Indeed.. Le Bon Dieu will have his own army." he shakes his head; "Just what we needed."

Odette mouths to Ali, "Bellflower." She keeps pace with Sam, heading off up the beach towards where the cars are parked.

Samael has left.

Anakara has left.

Odette has left.

Elvis shakes free of Alexa and sprints off. He dives into the water.

Daniel follows Ethan saying, "Don't know what you saw, but I'm fine. You should look to that girl, she's looking like she needs a doctor."

Elvis has disconnected.

Ethan frowns towards Nelson, turning back to Daniel, "Seriously… you look hurt. You should /give your camera and recorder to this man/" a gesture to Nelson, "He'll ensure they are well-kept."

Ali nods once and glances over her shoulder, back toward Augustin, before turning as Elvis sprints off. "..fuck, mmkay - y'aight Lex?" she asks, one ear cocked toward Daniel and Ethan.

Alexa takes one step after Elvis, and then stops, sighing heavily and turning back to Ali. "Letsgo."

Jerome moves up towards the edge of the beach, and takes a position where his eyes can watch the cleanup. He is also now in position to see at least the actions of Luna, and perhaps Daniel, Ethan and company. However he is certainly too far away to hear anything from the group. He offers a steady and reassuring smile to Joshua if the man stays with him.

Augustin remains behind, big hands gripped around the spear with a kind of dogged determination. His velvet robes are soaking wet, his coarse features haggard with a mixture of dread and exultation. He moves among the cleanup squad, barking instructions and hastening still-shaking men and women from their tremors.

Maria Helena slowly walks down the beach toward the hubub, careful not to interfere with the promised clean-up crew. She remains silent and grim-looking.

Nevada watches as the girl starts to scream softly, trying to get up and away from those burning salt waves. She starts to move backward, glancing at that girl while smiling broadly and then turns to watch that crowd.

Joshua half returns Jerome's smile with one of his own, but his eyes quickly dart between Luna, of whom he has now identified, and the platform area.

Daniel says, "Look, my editor will pitch a fit, you know? I'm supposed to cover this thing, I'm sure we can come to an arrangement, eh? Money, is that what you're trying to shake me down for?" He slides the recorder out of his pocket and offers it to Nelson, the other hand remains in the pants pocket.

Daniel draws his Blackjack…

Nelson takes the camera and recorder from Daniel, and nods his head. "Don't you worry about these, I'll take good care of them. If you've got a business card, I can get them back to you in the next day or two. Really, you should head home. Seems pretty crazy here. Lots of things going bump in the night."

Ethan smiles towards Daniel and gestures him onward, "Just /come with me/ and everything will be alright. You're just banged up." This despite the fact that the man is unbruised.

Ali grabs Alexa's arm and shakes her head, her words silent as she speaks. "Hang on a second."

Alexa folds her arms over her chest, obviously not pleased, but she stays put.

The breakdown squad is nothing if not efficient, their labors aided by the shell-shocked state of many of the participants- ones in no mood to quarrel with instructions nor in any way eager to remain on the beach. Equipment is loaded up sharply and men and women ushered off the sands. Gus seems intent on remaining until the last scrap of the rite has been packed away.

Luna begins to wander away from the crowd, in no particular direction.

Daniel says to Nelson, "My card's taped to the camera, guy. See. Daniel T. Furcifer, LA Times. I'm legit. This is interfering with the press, this is." He hands the camera over to Nelson as well, irrate. "I'm pretty new in town but I can provide references. Dr. Lobachevsky knows me too. I know you mumbo-jumbo types, trying to make your bullshit seem so mystical." He continues to follow Ethan, a bit distracted by something or other, but clearly not letting this stop his ire.

Ethan leads his way outwards.
Ethan has left.

Jerome shrugs now, apparently satisfied with the calming of the events. He turns that beaming smile on Joshua. "What say we retire to a less violent locale for the evening hmmm Joshua? Perhaps a quiet spot where we might chat a bit?" He turns and begins to stroll casually up the beach, glancing back to see if Joshua will follow, but he seems inclined to move on no matter whether Joshua joins him or not.

Ali remains until everything appears in order. Off to the side with her arms folded, she appears no more then an angry club-junkie with too much time on her hands - but a bit overlordish all the same. The last of her boys finally wanders off and she exhales before looking studiously toward Augustin and Nelson.

Augustin's argus-eyed attention to the rite and the human damage afterwards spots a bleeding girl in the water. A big hand practically leaps from the spear in an eagerness to be away from the black metal, reaching down into the water to drag her out like a drenched rat. Someone's cut up her stomach and left her in a daze; she's passed off rapidly to the men and women bundling the injured away.

Alexa remains waiting, looking sullen.

Looking at Jerome, Joshua nods. "Let us go. I've had enough… ugliness."

Nelson slips the camera into one pocket, and the recorder into the other. Glancing around, he watches the cleanup on the beach for a few moments, then heads over to retrieve his ruined dress shirt. Nodding in satisfaction, he turns to leave.

Nevada turns, leaving that girl to her own misery just before Augustin comes to her aid. She approaches the crowd a bit, but quickly looses interest since the ceremony seems over. She straightens herself to wave in the direction of Jerome and then starts to dance away and off that beach again.

Elvis drifts back onto shore, sopping wet. He gleefully wanders up to Alexa and Ali

Alexa turns to Elvis and grabs him firmly this time so he can't escape. "Aww, yer gonna drip all over the car."

Jerome moves off of the beach.

Elvis beams, "Yes. Yes I do believe I am."

Jerome has left.

Luna has left.

Joshua has left.

Ali gives a nod and shrugs, any sense of satisfaction dulled by her growing confusion. "C'mon, outie." she nods toward Alexa, then stretches her hand out for Elvis. "I can't believe ya don't like the red.." she murmurs, heading off the beach.

Elvis grabs Ali's hand and follows like a toddler

Alexa slides her jacket off, revealing what may be the lump of a concealed weapon at the base of her spine. She drops the jacket on Elvis head and does her best to dry him off as she follows the other two.

Ali has left.

Alexa has left.

Elvis has left.

Melanie staggers out of the crowd, eyes not quite focused. Until she spots Nelson, and grins widely. "Nellie…" She tries to put a hand on his shoulder, and misses.

The last of the wreckage is scraped off the sand, the beach as blank as if planed clean. Gus climbs into a car with a nondescript man, that spear still held as far away from him as flesh permits. The caravan of breakdown trucks coughs into life once more, and they depart for parts unknown.

Augustin has left.

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