Y03/02/05 Spelunking the Cathedral

Cast: Apolo, Vetiver, Ethan, Cyrus, Trevor, Downtown as Something
Location: Cathedral - Saint Vibiana's - Downtown
Time: IC timeline is *approximate*. RL date 1/4/2005
Synopsis: Apolo gathers some folks for a scavenger hunt through the Cathedral.

Skid Row - Downtown

Here lies the dark heart of hopelessness in Los Angeles, centered in the trash
strewn avenues and slum hotels of the region which maps would call the
Wholesale District, but which the streets know as Skid Row. For all the
squalor, though, this is not South Central where violence reigns. Is it
because of the block-long, monolithic presence of the LAPD's Central
Division building? No, that structure stands apart, as uncaring as it
is foreboding, and its officers patrol elsewhere. Is it the Union
Rescue Mission, providing haven at the price of righteous preachers
attempting to save your soul? No. The streets are certainly
inhospitable at night, but it is simply the crushing weight of apathy
that overcomes even desperation, and keeps most here from really giving
a damn about anything, much less killing one another.







Obvious exits:

Central Division Police Department (E) Union Rescue Mission (SE) Saint
Vibiana's (NW) East Olympic Boulevard (S) Little Tokyo (N) Fashion
District (SW) Pershing Square (W)

Trevor arrives from Little Tokyo - Downtown.

Trevor has arrived.

This is not the kind of place a young lady should be wandering around in at
night. However, the tall female who ambles through doesn't seem to
think much of it; perhaps she's been around this neck of the woods
before, or someplace similar. Vetiver's gait is unquestionably relaxed
as she spots Cyrus and Ethan within the vicinity.

Ethan is standing near the steps to the church. He glances up at Cyrus makes
himself known, "Didn't hear the cycle. You been here long?" By the time
the sentance finishes, he is amiable and smiling.

And there's Apolo, meandering in from the north. The Seneschal is under no
apparent urgency to get to his meeting. Probably, as station and power
tends to inflate one's sense of self-importance, he's under the
impression that nothing is going to happen until he arrives at his
destination. Eventually.

A young looking thug turns a corner, and appears on the scene in The Row, his
walk and pace quite confident for a lone white boy out this late at
night. By his assured movements and the display of tats that run up and
down both arms, Trevor doesn't exactly look like he just stepped off
the bus. The man's eyes flicker to the two talking by the street-lamp,
his gaze almost automatically going to the object being handled by the
sandy blonde as a matter of course. He keeps his pace constant,
managing a slow nod of his head if anyone happens to look his direction
as he passes. The lady earns hardly a second glance.

Cyrus frowns, studying Ethan crookedly. Something small and shining flashes
between his deft fingertips, like a metalic butterfly. But it slips
away as his hand falls into shadow again. "…Yeah, I've been here for
awhile," There is pensive growl dragging through his drawl, but his
smile is gentle enough. "You could say I live here. To what do I owe
the pleasure?"

"Mr. Sedoso, Mr. Reike." Vetiver's tone is formal as she bows to Cyrus and
Ethan once she makes her way to them. The youthful thug, she hasn't
seen yet, so his attention goes unnoticed to her…and the same applies
to the Seneschal walking in from the north.

Ethan raises an eyebrow to Cyrus, glancing about the poor environs. He shrugs
and seems about to answer when he notices the youthfull-looking
Hispanic Seneschal. With that he stops his words and offers a slight
bow… barely a few degrees, to avoid notice, but held to show respect.

Trevor's eyes turn from jingle of butterflies to the bowing of ladies, and a
slightly suspicious expression flitters across his features in a flash,
before its replaced by his mask of impassibility. He turns and crosses
the street, seeming to take pride in how slow he can manage to cross
without getting run over, until he stands at the corner opposite the
small group gathered under the lights. He stops, and turns, slowly
removing a pack of wrinkled cigarettes from his pocket while idly
watching the group. He doesn't seem at all concerned that he may be

An hour after sundown, it's a fairly muted night on Skid Row. Bars flash their
neon come on, the ceaseless traffic slides on by, and the unsavory
meander back and forth. St. Vibiana's is actually off on the northwest
intersection, bordering Skid Row. The cathedral is looming and silent,
and keeps its secrets well. The gutted belltower throws shadows clear
across the street. The doors are shut and across them, a notice
declares the building closed for renovation.

When he's close enough — and it does take several long minutes for that, the
sight of people waiting for him having done nothing to make his feet
shuffle any faster — Apolo bobs his head to acknowledge the little
group. Cyrus first, then Ethan, and Vetiver last of all. But his
destination is not them. The slight Malkavian makes a 'wait for me'
motion with one hand and keeps his on his lazy path down the street.
Clearly to those watching, something is muttered to Trevor when Apolo
is within earshot.

Ethan asides to Cyrus as he keeps his eyes on Apolo.

Vetiver turns and honors Apolo with a sweeping bow once she follows Ethan's
glance to the Seneschal…this happening as Apolo bobs his head to the
group. It's also here that she sees Trevor, and the young woman gives
him a slight bow as well. Not as low as the one offered to Apolo, but a
bow nonetheless.

This is not the Cyrus of the Elysiums; the grittier appearance and manner
blending in with the shabby surroundings. He's draped in a tattered old
duster, which he adjusts with a shrug, gathering himself as he takes
note of Vetiver, and greets her with a nod. By the time his attention
settles upon Apolo he is tensed and scowling. "…Sir? Would you mind
offering up an explanation?"

Ethan mutters to Cyrus, "I… residence…"

Apolo mutters to Trevor, "… Wachs. You… come join… group… is about…

Trevor's eyes follow Apolo as the man makes his approach, only lowering his
eyes to stare down into the depths of an empty pack of cigarettes. He
gives a quick frown, crumples the pack, and then haphazardly tosses it
to the side, letting it fall where it may. As the man approaches, he
pushes off from the wall and lets his fingers move to just enter the
tips of his pockets, his shoulders making a nice square. Listening
carefully, he drops his arms and manages to look only slightly startled
before giving a nod of his head and falling in behind Apolo. "Ok,' He
states simply, his voice remaining reserved, if not slightly suspicious.

Vetiver remains deathly silent as this is going on. She's not uncomfortable,
no…but a look of curiosity is certainly apparent on her face, as she
glances at the pair beside her, then Apolo and Trevor.

Cyrus clenches his jaw and glowers sufferingly at Apolo as he waits, drawing in
a breath brings him to the edge of saying something unwise… But with
a voilent flourish of his coat he redirects his attention to Ethan.
"Will you kindly tell me what the fuck ios going on here?" he hisses.

Apolo flashes white teeth at Trevor in an expression that might loosely
considered a smile. "Welcome to L.A.," is called over his shoulder as
he finally gets around to joining the rest of the lot. "My my, Cyrus. I
thought you welcomed adventure and excitement. I can't really promise
either of these this evening, but perhaps it will be an evening of
enlightenment." The statement is slid into the conversation under
Cyrus's irritated aside. "The gentleman following me is Mr. Wachs."

Up the short flight of stone steps, The darker shadows of the cathedral
entranceway beckon. It's a pity that the street lamps don't reach this
far, since whatever just started coughing up a lung remains quite
hidden from view.

Ethan remains quiet, not daring to draw further attention to himself. He allows
Apolo to explain on his own time.

Cyrus draws back with a growled sigh. "A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Wachs," he
mutters begrudgingly, never forgetting his manners. He keeps behind
them, damning them all with his gaze, and shuffling uneasily once the
attention moves away from him. (

From afar, Trevor watches Apolo for a long moment, before breaking off and
turning to each of the others gathered beneath the light in turn. He
manages a nod for each, seeming to sense the foul mood in the air.
"Pleasure,' He says simply, his right hand moving to scratch his left
shoulder while he waits and listens. Every so often, he turns to glance
around him, broadcasting his ill at ease feeling to any who watched

Vetiver's gaze sweeps the musty concrete she's standing on, but her composure
and expression remain the same. The girl gives another slight bow to
Mr. Wachs in case he missed the last one.

Once Cyrus turns his eyes away, Apolo continues with the introductions. "Mr.
Sedeso, Mr. Reike, and Ms. Saint-Loralle." Cyrus, Ethan and Vetiver are
picked out in that order, in the same way he greeted them earlier. In
public or no, there still seems to be a way to quietly suggest the
pecking order. "Mr. Reike, if you would go see who was coughing on the
church steps, and politely encourage them to move on, we can go inside
and have a little chat." His thin hands are jammed into his pockets
once they're finished indicating the who's-who, and Apolo rocks back on
the heels of his boots.

Ethan bows again, that slight public bow, and turns to approach the steps. The
fact that he is a yuppie on Skid Row doesn't seem to deter him much.

Its almost as if a light bulb goes off in on his face, and Trevor turns and
gives yet another nod of his head to each of the 3 in the order they
were introduced, and then gives another smile. "Again, pleasure." He
seems to be a bit relieved at Apolo's notion that they leave, and gives
a nod of his head while he looks around for a moment at the surrounding

Ethan's distaste is obvious as far as the street. He walks up to the apparant
source of the coughing, leaning in to murmur.

Cyrus remains silent, gaze flicking from face to face through the indroduction
though soon falling away to concleal his temper beneath the shadow of
his hat. He circles over towards the church steps, just keeping a
careful eye on things.

Maneuvering her weight to the left side of the body, Vetiver glances up without
commenting. Instead, she stares out into space as if in her own little
reverie, before blinking up at the dark sky.

Apolo sidles up to Vetiver's side, which conveniently puts him in a position to
see everyone at once. What luck. Threading his arm through hers, as if
they were the closest of confidants, the Malkavian comments cheerfully,
"You look lovely, my dear. But you're likely a bit overdressed for the

Trevor simply watches the two for interact, stealing a quick glance over at
Cyrus. "You okay, man?" His voice seems to be earnest, and he does his
best to lock eyes with the fellow to gauge his response properly.

Vetiver smiles as Apolo moves to sidle beside her, but she doesn't comment on
that remark immediately. It's a minute or two before she stares down at
her shoes again, murmuring, "Thank you…" Not quite sure how to handle
the difference of status in public. "…I…apologize for the lack of
appropriate dress."

The source for Ethan's distate precedes him down the steps. A homeless female
of the most disgusting variety emerges from the shadows, her voice
cursing the world and all in it under her breath. Ethan has apparently
negotiate a better deal for her, but his distrust for the binding
arrangement of the agreement is apparent in how closely he watches her.

Cyrus stands quietly by, watching the lady move along with a tired sortof
benevolence, despite it all. With faint smirk an he steps back to
regard the stranger over his shoulder, murmuring something to him.

Apolo scans his eyes towards Ethan and his new-found friend. Looking terribly
amused at the whole thing, he pats the girl's hand. "Next time I'm sure
you'll pay more attention to the destination. One pair of broken heels
should be all you need to remember that." If its truly a rebuff, its a
gentle one, and Apolo disengages himself from the woman. "Is everything
set, Mr. Reike?" Keys jingle suddenly in Apolo's hand.

Vetiver doesn't comment as that bit of advice from Apolo is given. Instead, she
merely nods…keeping her gaze low and her posture upright.

Cyrus seems calmer now, or at least resigned. He mutters to Trevor, "…I…
don't like being caught… guard,… usually it'd be… to… on…
feeling… him…"

Ethan waits until the vagrant has made her way long off in the distance before
he nods to Apolo, "Indeed."

Trevor gives Cyrus a nod of his head, and flashes him a quick and bright smile.
"You know what? I was scamming the exact same thing." He drops his gaze
from Cyrus to Ethan as the man makes his appearance, and straightens up
a bit as he prepares to move out with the group.o

The transient, clad in layers of dirty clothing and yesterday's news, soon
stumbles off down the street and out of sight. It's a toss-up as to
whether she's on her way to the Rescue Mission or the nearest bar. The
choices are fairly limited around here.

Apolo is watching Cyrus and Trevor, and flashes a bright smile if they happen
to notice. Swinging the keys by one finger, the Malkavian leads the way
up the stairs and into the arch of the church.

Cyrus smirks as he feels Apolo's gaze upon him, grumbling something rather
blasphemous under his breath before he gives Trevor a weary pat upon
the shoulderblade and lets the lad move on ahead of him. He tosses a
last glance over his shoulder, making sure no one has taken interest in
their gathering.

Trevor thrusts his hands deep into the pockets of his pants, falling in behind
the Apolo and Saint-Loralle as they march off together. Even moving
together with the group, his pace is more of a lazy walk, obviously
carefully practiced and honed over time to give the appearance that
he's in a hurry to get absolutely no where.

Ethan allows Apolo and Cyrus to pass him before following up the steps. His
hands clasped behind his back, the distate has long since fled his

You leave 2nd Street and enter Saint Vibiana's Cathedral.

Cathedral - Saint Vibiana's - Downtown

The cathedral is dark, dimly lit by candles and the few lighting fixtures not
stolen for Our Lady of the Angels. Shadows skitter across the floor at
random intervals, as some lost traveler drives past outside, briefly
casting a lurid glow to the stained glass windows. With most of the
pews gone, the place is cavernous, every tiny sound amplified and

Pillars of marble and onyx hold up the arched roof and lead the eye to the
altar, glowing white and magnificent in the light of a dozen candles.
The scent of beeswax mingles with holy incense, and beneath it, the
musk of something old and earthy. The cracks in the building are
virtually invisible at night, but impossible to forget. A tiny spill of
sand from crumbling masonry, the click as a bit of plaster hits the
floor, the scuttle of something hurrying back to its new nest. Over the
undeniable glory of this place a shadow now lingers, and few who enter
remain unaffected.

This room has places.

Obvious exits:

Courtyard (NE) 2nd Street (SE)

Vetiver arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd

Vetiver has arrived.

Downtown arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd

Downtown has arrived.

Trevor arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd

Trevor has arrived.

Ethan arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd Street.

Ethan has arrived.

Cyrus arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd Street.

Cyrus has arrived.

Vetiver seems to take interest in the interior of the Cathedral. Her gaze treks
the pillars of marble and the arched roof…

It takes a suitably large key to unlock the massive iron doors, but once done
so, they give way with little more than a gentle creaking. The interior
is quite black; no candles glow atop the altar and the only sound is
the briefest hiss of falling plaster. It's like the antiquainted
building were offering its own eccentric welcome.

Apolo blesses himself as he crosses the threshold and moves further into the
church. "If you would check the door, Cyrus." Inside, it seems the Mr.
and Ms.s will be done away with. Apolo leans against one of the few
remaining pews in the room and crosses his arms across his chest. "The
cathedral used to be in the engagement of our former Sheriff. Since his
unfortunate… retirement, the building has been unused. Now that legal
red tape has been settled, the specifics of which none of you need to
bother yourselves with, there is still the task of checking the grounds
for incriminating evidence. Look how lucky you all are to be
participating in such an excursion." Is that sarcasm? Apolo's smile is
disarmingly serene.

Trevor moves into the giant church carefully, flapping his right hand before
his face as if to clear up the dust in the air. He glances around, his
eyes straining in vain to make any particular details in the darkness.
"Hello?" He asks, letting his voice echo out across the empty room. He
turns and glances over at Apolo, listening carefully to the rundown.
Finally, he gives a small nod of his head, and turns to look around the
side of the wall, "It would be to easy if there was a light switch,

Cyrus slows, the walls of this place bringing a rare quiet to his features; his
brow knotting with some unnamable concern. A nod, and turns back to
check the door, throwing the bolt and then giving it a sound tug just
to be sure. That done, he shuffles closer to the group, unsure of a
comfortable place to linger.

Ethan takes a deep breath and surveys the room again, more thoroughly this
time. He doesn't move in to search just yet, he is simply paying more
attention to what he can see.

"There are lights, Trevor," Apolo says, outing the new-guys first name, "but
the switch is located.. well, I'm not sure. You might want to check
around." The man's gaze, shaded in the darkness, flickers easily
between the others, as if the room was light by a hundred candles. Or
something equally dramatic and decadent. "This is not the only location
we need to inspect. There are living quarters here as well and
resources for… containment of noxious materials. We will need to be
thorough and careful."

Cyrus dusts off his hands, tilting his head to peer into the ragged shadows as
he draws a breath, and soon enough his features regain that cocky sense
of serenity, and he steps boldly forth. He comes to a lazy halt
somewhere down the center idle, glancing back over at Apolo and company
with a tempted smirk.

Vetiver is already glancing around, trying to make out some of the details. Her
eyes narrow into slits as she does this…she sees the altar is
slightly skewed and the flooring seems to have given way halfway along
the middle aisle. "Try not to walk along the central aisle.." She
comments. Her voice is faint, but discernible.

Ethan turns now to Apolo. His voice is nervous, but kept free of stuter, "I am,
I'm afraid, not as familiar with the history of this domain as I should
be. What happened here, that we need search for evidence of?"

Apolo's answer isn't very enlightening. "Max was a Sheriff for the better part
of a decade. A great many things happened here. We are not South
Central, but we can not always manage to conduct our business without

"Right…" Trevor says with a nod, taking a few steps away from the entrance to
place his hand firmly against a wall. He takes a few steps, and then
stops, turning to look in the direction of Vetiver's voice. He remains
fixed in place for a long moment, and then begins to slowly make his
way along the wall, feeling his way with his hand against the wall, and
kicking out his feet before he moves. Quite obviously, the room is
still quite pitch dark to him.

Ethan paces over towards Trevor, glancing about to search for a light switch.
Perhaps he is better equiped for this darkness.

Cyrus is listening, indeed, though he looks rather… distracted by something,
crouching down in the center of the aisle.

The sound of a flipping switch fills the empty hall. *Click* Click *Click*.
"Nuts,' Comes Trevor's voice, filling the large hall from somewhere at
the wall along the back of the Cathedral. "Power seems to be out. Fuses
might have blown."

Once everyone begins to fan out, Apolo contributes to the search by hoping up
on the pew, sitting on the dirty wooden back, his feet disrespectfully
placed where his rear should be, and watching everyone. There's still a
faint trace of amusement detectable on his features for those who can
see through the gloom.

Vetiver remains off to the side. Whatever she's looking at is anyone's guess,
but so far…nothing seems amiss. The Cathedral just happens to be
dilapidated as it were. The girl gives Apolo a quick glance; if he's
amused, then she's well…distracted.

"Check this out-" Cyrus calls back in a curious murmur. But just as they have a
chance to glance back there is a soft whoosh as Cyrus's crouched form
blithely tumbles forth into a ragged pool of dark. And he is gone.

Cyrus has left.

Ethan purses his lips, "We should perhaps be more organized. Cyrus, Vetiver, I
assume you can see…" he pauses now, following Cyrus slowly.

For the first time, Vetiver mutters a curse under her breath. "I told you guys
not to walk down the Central aisle." Whatever she says next is abruptly
stumped, and the childe bites her tongue. "I'm sorry…" It's a good
thing that it's pitch black here, because there's a sure frown on the
childe's face. "Stop where you are Ethan. Don't move."

"I believe you can follow the White Rabbit," Apolo calls from his supervisory
position. "We should be able to get back up. Eventually." There's a
loud scuffle and thunk as the slight man hops to the floor — not the
safest thing to do, given the state of the room. "Can you tell where he
went Trevor? I didn't think to bring flashlights."

Ethan smiles slightly at Vetiver, "Ah, I can see." He pauses slightly, leaning
over to watch in the darkness.

Trevor gives the switch a few more clicks, and is about to say something when
the wind in his sails suddenly deflate, and he turns to face the
direction of Apolo's voice. "Where who went? What? No. I wish I could
be help here, I really can't see shit."

Ethan shakes his head, "He's fine. I can see him." He glances up, "Trevor, stay
still. I'll guide you back."

"There are candles on the altar," Apolo notes helpfully.

Vetiver gives Ethan a wary smile before walking over to the decrepit flooring.
She squints into the darkness as well, but she doesn't lean forward.
"But who has a light?" The childe murmurs absently…more to herself
once that bit of advice from Apolo is heard.

"Trevor had cigarettes. I would bet he has a lighter as well." Despite the
introspective nature of Vetiver's comment, Apolo answers her anyway.
The floorboards creak under his weight, marking progress towards the
large hole. He's careful not to get too close.

"Yeah, okay." He says in response to Ethan, planting his feet still on the
floor. In response to Vetiver's question, he reaches down into his
right pocket. The sound of loose change clatters against the floor,
reverberating well against the large sprawl of the cathedral. "Okay,'
He says, 'Don't look into the light.' The clink of a zippo lid being
flipped open is quickly followed by a quick spark and suddenly, in the
back of the Cathedral, a small red flame emerges along with a eerie
form of Trevor.

Cyrus's rough laughter can be heard beneath; a tattered echo that soon
disolves, and a creeping silence follows. "Awh.. What in hell…" His
voice is barely a gasp.

Ethan paces from from the hole, making his slow and careful way around the
room. He is picking his way around the outside of the massive space,
finally making his way not ten feet from his starting position, at the

Vetiver keeps her gaze averted from the flame. Though she may not be as jittery
as some folks when it comes to fire, the girl's still cautious. Cyrus's
voice causes both eyebrows to raise; and she takes a step back,
clenching her jaw.

Trevor carefully makes his way over to Ethan's position, navigating carefully
now that he's hip to the fact that there is a giant hole in the center
of the floor. He lights a candle, and then flicks the Zippo shut almost
immediately. "Hot,' he mentions, using the one candle to light a few
others. Carefully, he picks up one of the more elaborate candle holders
and hold it up, able for the first time to look at the room

Apolo edges his way closer, appearing by Vetiver's shoulder. "Well, that's not
promising." There's not a trace of worry in the Spanish accent. "I
think, perhaps, Cyrus could use your light, Trevor." Sure, Apolo's
close enough to hop down into the hole and see what's going on for
himself but that's why he brought everyone else along. "Cyrus?" The
name is pitched loud enough to carry.

Ethan lights a candle of his own, taking the few steps back towards the hole,
opposite Apolo. Holding the candle out to the side, he peers down.

Vetiver tenses visibly, though Apolo's presence is certainly not the cause. The
anxiety she might be feeling is most likely directed at the large

The candles blaze like flares to those who've chosen to seei things with the
full benefits the blood can bring. It dazzles like sunlight.

Vetiver curses aloud, taking a huge step back before the girl falls on her
backside. Her eyes immediately shut, the pain excruciating as she bowls
over in a fetal position from the emission of the blaze…

Trevor moves over to the edge, and sets down one of the candle-holders close
the edge. "Can you see a way up from down there, man? I mean, I think
we can lower a curtain down and lift you out if not, but if there are
stairs….." He squats down on his haunches and peers around the lower
rim to assess Cryus current situation.

"Yeah. I'm… Alright…" Though Cyrus's voice seems drained of its usual
brass. "…Uh. There's something down here."

From the Crypt (D), someone shouts "Now don't any of you rush in after me.
Veti, you stay up there. Aw, criminy-""

"Something alive or something dead?" That bright-flare of candle doesn't seem
to phase Apolo; he had, of course, suggested it be lit. Ignoring
Vetiver's obvious distress, the Malkavian kneels at the side of the
pit. "There's a ladder under the altar," he explains in a quietier
voice to Trevor. "We can get back up from there if it hasn't…"
Cyrus's cry cuts him off.

Apolo shouts "Something alive or something dead?"

Vetiver gets up, rubbing her eyes for a moment before staggering over to the
group. She shields her right eye with a hand, so that the blaze won't
desensitize her vision.

Below, there is a tense silence for a moment, then a sudden shuffling sound.

Trevor says, "Go to the Ladder, man. The Ladder!" He points over towards the
alter for a moment, and then mutters a curse of annoyance. He stands up
from the edge, and turns to give a quick look around the room. "Go
stand directly under the hole while I look for something really heavy."

Ethan stands and paces back to look behind the altar, searching for the
aformentioned ladder.

From the Crypt (D), someone shouts "..A Dead something. It ain't… Awh,

The altar clearly hides something — it looks as though it's designed to slide
across, revealing some access point. Instead, it's been forced a few
inches in the wrong direction, revealing the hole below, but not enough
to allow entry.

Ethan kneels behind the altar, fiddling with something back there, "Hmph.
Stuck. Unless you're stronger than me. I guess we follow the rabbit."

Vetiver mutters another belated curse before taking off her expensive shoes and
chucking them across the dirtied floor. "Ethan, do you think the two of
us can pull it out?" She turns, glancing towards the altar.

"You'll want to take off your heels before you leap in, my dear." That Apolo.
So helpful. He's standing now, hands in his pockets, looking into the
dark hole with only the mildest concern twisting his shadowy features.

Ethan glances up at Vetiver "You're welcome to try, but my guess is we'd need
Sonya or her ilk for it. Follow the simple path." With this he makes
his way towards the center, a casual walk.

From the Crypt (D), someone shouts "…There's some.. 'artwork' down here. Lots
of vermin… It's all dead, I think. I'm not sure.""

Vetiver turns back to Apolo, incredulous. "You want me to jump in…" It's only
a second before she shrugs, her expression nearly dispassionate as she
watches Ethan make his way back. "C'est la vie. I guess ladies first,

Ethan shakes his head, "Never into danger." He continues walking right up to
the edge, where he turns around. He lowers himself slowly over the
edge, letting go at the last moment.

Trevor doesn't seem to like the idea of jumping down into this hole, and this
is made apparent as he stares at the others who are preparing to jump
down into the hole. Finally, after a moment of indecision, he studies
the ground below carefully before follows Ethan's example, and drops
down into the depths.

Trevor ducks behind the altar and disappears.

Trevor has left.

Vetiver is the last to go, right after Trevor. She closes her eyes before
taking the plunge, and lands in a very precarious position…

Vetiver ducks behind the altar and disappears.

Vetiver has left.

(end of public log)

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