Y05/11/18- Why angering Elders is unwise

Cast: Johann, Elizabeth, December, Samael, Alejandro, Rachael, Ali, Odette.
Location: Club Phoenix - Central City
Synopsis: The Ghost of Brentwood, Gangrel Elder Rachael, expresses her extreme displeasure about the actions of a South-Central neonate.

Parking Lot - Club Phoenix - Central City

The parking lot is not terribly large, it could perhaps hold thirty cars at any given time. A small section is cordoned off for 'VIP' parking however, which adds slightly to the overall size of the lot but there is room there for a handful of additional cars at best. There is a security guard and a valet to park your car for you, clearly the place has gone a bit upscale. The rebuilt warehouse looms over the area, the glitzy sign: "Club Phoenix" shining its golden light over the door and illuminating the area.

Johann emerges from the club.
Johann has arrived.

Elizabeth enters from the street.
Elizabeth has arrived.

Johann is just walking out of the Bar.

Elizabeth approaches the club, taking an oblique, circuitous path that best allows her to avoid any and all contact with others. She moves from shadow to shadow, slinking warily, her gaze constantly roaming, searching. There's nothing fearful in her actions; she's simply being cautious, perhaps even paranoid. Despite her attempts, however, there's nothing she can do to be inconspicuous. Not with those clothes, and certainly not with that makeup.

Elizabeth notices December — given her mode of arrival, how could she not? — and blinks, slinking a few steps sideways and taking refuge behind one of the large SUVs also in the car park. By positioning herself just so, she's able to just about watch December using another vehicle's wing mirror, though it's hardly the best vantage point. Still, she doesn't show any particular willingness to reveal her presence *just* yet, that is, if she managed to avoid notice during the others' successive arrivals.

Johann goes to his car, sitting on its hood as he watches December go out of hers.

December glances toward Johann, other or not she notices Liz is not exactly discernible at the moment. She isn't exactly looking in Liz' direction. Nor does she. Blue eyes stare with an underlying rage toward Johann. Such intensity in her gaze it's almost like a madness. She doesn't say anything however, just watches him.

Johann hrms, regarding December cautiously. Azure gaze focusing upon the woman, an eyebrow quirks.
You are no longer hidden from view.

From behind one of the cars in that parking lot a boy emerges, waving happily in Decembers direction; "December!" he cheers; "Is that you? Are you back?"
Samael has arrived.

Elizabeth swears soundlessly, her black-lacquered lips forming several vile expletives; due to her awkward position, she's evidently unable to tell what December's looking at. A quick glance sideways shows there's no obvious place for her to go, at least not while maintaining even a modicum of stealth. Samael's entry elicits another string of silent curses, and Liz finally begins to crawl sideways, attempting to cover the ground that'll allow her to hide herself behind another car. Hopefully one that offers a better view.

December slowly turns her blue eyes away from Johann. Some of that anger about her disappears, and she smiles faintly. Moving toward him with her arms out as if to embrace the vampire. Saying. "Sammy!" She gives a bit of a nod, "Well, kind of." Once more whether or not she sees Liz is up for debate.

Samael moves forward with a quickened pace, aiming to welcome and return that embrace if that indeed would be what December was aiming at; "It's been too long!" he chatters happily; "I hope your holiday was all you expected from it?"

Johann simply watches the two interact, with a bit of relief since the woman turned her gaze from him.

December leans down, though there isn't much of a height difference between Samael and December. Moving to hug the boy tightly. Laughing faintly she says, "It was. I brought you something. It's in the car."

Samael throws a quick look in Johann’s direction, as if checking if all is well. A slight nod is offered before the boy turns back to December. A broad smile, twinkling happy eyes; "You did?" he asks softly, almost in disbelief; "You brought me something? Whow.. that's mighty nice of you December."

Auspex on December notes:
«Amusement, joy at seeing Sam. A little annoyance at Liz. But not much, nervousness. The need to fix things over. And a slow dull ache, the fight to resisting.. something. Like an addiction. And underneath it all, a well of old, old anger.»

Well, that's awkward; it's obvious that Liz's attempts at subterfuge have failed. She isn't the type to be embarrassed, however, and she simply strides out from her hiding place as though she owns the place. She's grinning, as always, a sardonic expression firmly entrenched upon her countenance. "Knew I shoulda used a fuckin' taxi," she mutters dryly, the comment an expression of her own displeasure at being spotted rather than being intended to be heard. "Eh, dare I ask?" she then calls out to December, the cynically amused quality of her tone intensifying.

When December addresses Liz the boy turns his head to spot her too. Another smile and a wave in the other Gangrel’s direction, accompanied with a; "Hi Liz! Oh.. cool you know each other. Didn't know that.' The boy follows December, almost with a skip to his walk; "But tell me about you December? Where did you go? How are you?"

December laughs at Samael's questions shaking her head a moment she says, "I went to Washington, to a small town famous for it's lavender farms. I worked on a lavender farm for a while." She pulls out a small black box and holds it out toward Samael. Another box is held toward Liz. She smirks almost playfully at her saying, "I promise it won't explode. Well.." She pauses a moment glances down at it. Glancing back at Liz she says, "Don't shake it."

Alejandro enters from the street.
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Rachael enters from the street.
Rachael has arrived.

Johann is sitting onto his car's hood, wary.

A woman stalks in, glances around, already turning to leave. And yet.. she doesn't leave. Instead she turns slowly back, examining the scene more carefully….

Ali enters from the street.
Ali has arrived.

December is holding out a two small black boxes. One toward Samael and one toward Liz. She's smirking at Liz. Johann is sitting on the hood of his car watching the scene. She glances toward Samael and murmurs, "I didn't make it. The guy who made it tried to teach me, but my fingers just couldn't figure it out. It's a good thing I'm not a surgeon." She gives a bit of a wink.

"Wasn't a fuckin' 'splosion I was worried 'bout, yeah?" Liz murmurs, sauntering slowly towards December and Samael. "You and Samael're gonna be standin' next to me anyway." Again, her voice is deadpan, and it's almost impossible to tell whether she's joking or not. "If I was more paranoid, you know, I'd be more worried 'bout someone gettin' the drop on me while I've got my hands full…" That last's pronounced with an air of what could almost be humor, accompanied by a quick wink at December. Her movements belying her words, Liz reaches out to accept the box.

Auspex on December notes:
«Amusement, pride in the gifts. Joy in giving them. A hopeful nervousness over them.»

Alejandro drives in at this point, parking his black subaru in a random spot in the lot. He never seems to make a habit of parking in any one particular space, whether reserved for him or not. When he gets out of the car, he gives the gathering in the parking lot a bit of a surprised look.

In the distance, a tall woman's figure is silhouetted briefly beneath the sickly yellow light of the street. Hands in her pockets, she skips off the curb and angles through the entrance to the Phoenix's parking lot. Perhaps even dressing up doesn't wipe the alley from her being; the attendant depresses the button on his walkie-talkie as Ali approaches, perhaps suspecting a car thief, but she intercepts with an upraised hand and a quiet, whispered conversation before apparently putting his fears to rest.

"You worked at a farm December?" the boy brightens; "Whow. I'm jealous. We had one too, you know. Or rather my parents did. Way-fifty-years-back. Not a lavender farm though." Samaels eyes widen when the box is offered to him, opening it and taking out a lavender mask (Venetian style). It's a happy kid getting a present; "Whow.. thank you." he whispers; "That's really mighty nice of you December." He takes a few steps in Elizabeth’s direction and that's about all his senses can process for now.

Auspex on Ali notes:
«..casual aloofness.»

Alas for Samael. Outside the safety of the club, when the Rampaging Gangrel's searching hits this place. There is utter silence, no warning given with blustering threats, no time taken for thought, as the ivory faced creature shoots across the parking lot in a soundless blaze of speed, the predator closing in upon its prey. And the prey, this night, is an innocent angel of a boy. A boy who swiftly finds himself caught, with a terrible force, with a hand about his throat. The only lucky star on the horizon is that it is, as yet, an unclawed hand… "Here you are, little rat." comes the whispered voice. "Time for a little talk, I do believe.."

Have we mentioned that Samael, December, and Liz are all standing next to a rather nice looking Lincoln town car? December *smirks* at Liz and says, "True, and explosions are messy. 'Sides not my schtick, if I wanted to hurt you, I mean really, I'd do it with a scap-" She cuts off when that voice is heard. Her first instinct is to scatter. Car is forgotten, conversation is forgotten. First instinct is to bolt. She hops away from Samael several feet before she decides it safe enough to peer over her shoulder.

If December's first instinct is to scatter, Alejandro's is the opposite. He drops the folder he was carrying as he stepped out of the car, and sprints over towards where Rachael has grabbed Sam. "Rachael, no," he says as he approaches, still somehow keeping his voice down, "This is Elysium ground."

Elizabeth is forestalled in the very act of opening December's gift, her jaw hinging open in sheer surprise at the rapidity of Rachael's attack. She isn't about to intercede on Samael's behalf, of course, and it isn't fear that stops her — awe is writ plain upon the pallid lines of her countenance. Along with a certain ruefulness, of course; she's a would-be hunter, made only too aware of her own inadequacies in the face of unfettered wrath. Her thoughts are plain, too obvious to allow for later dissembling.

Sliding out of the car's hood, the blond man walks in the gathering's direction. Johann crouches as he watches Samael get caught by the Gangrel, widening his eyes a bit. Slowly, he stands up, and moves in their direction.

Some thirty feet away the tall Colombian pauses, her attention drawn by the sudden flurry of movement; the call of the hunt picking the fine hairs that line the back of her neck. She turns. A smirk pulls at her lips as she stands, silent, watching. After a moment's pause she walks a few feet closer and adopts a lazy position against a nearby car. Interfere with the Ghost of Brentwood? No.

Samael is completely taken by surprise. The force of Rachael’s hands almost lift him in the air. Eyes widen in fear and disbelief again, but this time of the unpleasant fearful kind, as if suddenly your worst nightmare steps around the corner and says 'Hello'. And actually, it might very well be that;' 'his worst nightmare." It's doubtful if he actually is able to catch Rachael’s words but what he catches of it, OR the threatening position he finds himself in, OR both, causes his face to twitch, tiny fangs to emerge and forced back again.. fighting another battle with his own beast. The fact that his eyes are closing slightly might indicate that he considers that last one most important.

Auspex on Ali notes:
«awe, playful curiosity and jealousy»

Elysium… Something in Alejandro's word penetrates the dark rage that fuels the Gangrel's movements. And she looks up towards the entrance. Then back to the child that is held. So sweet. So vulnerable. So helpless. And Rachael, utterly pitiless, unmoved by the battle going on within the youngster. "You disgust me." she hisses. "You think yourself worth a war of words between Elders? It seems a banning does not teach you manners." Something clicks, a little banner in the back of her almost unhinged mind, reminding her.. she hunted down Elysium violators herself.. "Downstairs there." she snarls, soft and low.. And then moves, seeming to grow more powerful with every step, pulling the hapless youngster behind her, no releasing of the pressure on his throat.

Rachael passes Security and enters the club.
Rachael has left.

Main Bar - Club Phoenix - Central City

The security guard nods to you and holds the door and you head up to the lounge.

VIP Lounge - Club Phoenix - Central City

You head down the long stairway into the basement.

Basement Arena- Club Phoenix - Central City

Ka-thunk, Ka-thunk, Ka-thunk. Ali descends; she might as well be heading down for an enthralling discussion on the economy in Siberia and how it relates to the tribulations of the west African antelope for all the animation in her face. It's almost noticeable in the /lack/ of expression as she cranes her head to the side and hops the last four or five stairs, then a few rows of chairs, and takes a casual place in the far corner - hopefully out of view.

December is the first of the people to trail in. Having rushed through the club, and then down the stairs. Who she's worried about isn't exactly clear on her face. The only thing that is sure is there is fear for someone in her face.

Auspex on December notes:
«Fear for………Rachael.»

Alejandro has recovered the folder he dropped when he ran forward to forestall Rachael. He brings it with him as he heads down into the basement to keep track of things, and puts it aside on one of the seats. The words 'Teaching Guide: ESL' are printed across the front. His own expression is wary.

Watching someone bleed isn't as much fun when you aren't the one causing it, this much is true. Nevertheless, Elizabeth seems eager enough to see the sport, for she's not far behind December when she too runs into the arena. It isn't concern that impels her, but rather a certain sadistic interest that only increases with Samael's reluctance; it isn't every day that you get to see such a renowned individual in combat, and Liz is certainly one to appreciate the art's finer points.

Johann was perhaps the third or fourth. As soon as he's in the range of the first row of chairs, not to watch it closely, but to intervene faster in case things get too ugly.

Samael doesn't really resist.. or rather he knows it's a rather futile thing to do. So he's dragged along if unwillingly and reluctant, trying to keep the beast down, and trying to keep whatever wits he possessed together; "No..no Lady." he stutters, fear radiates from his voice; "I'm not worthy of those words. I so not want them. I did not ask for them." Once in the arena he drops to his knees, but most likely just keeps hanging in the air; "I aim to apologize Milady. But until now, I find myself unable to find a way to compensate the insult and grievance I must have caused you." Stumbled, soft words.. uttered with effort.

"Your whimpered pleas are too little, too late." Rachael's voice is remorseless, the sweet, slightly eccentric wanderer vanished, all that remains now is the predatory Elder, the Beast raging high behind her eyes. No frenzy here, yet barely contained ire. She throws Samael to the ground, tossing him as one might a ragdoll, keeping a tight hold on his throat until she has her foot on his chest firmly. And then she reaches down and, almost casually, pulls his arm. No… *tears* it.


With a stomach churning noise, the limb is wrenched from its socket, shreds of muscle and sinew clinging to the boy's body for a brief moment before the whole thing comes loose, and it is in Rachael's hands. And it is this improvised weapon that she lifts, beating the boy with, yes, the soggy end.
"Don't… ever.. seek.. to send.. others… to… intercede.. on.. your.. behalf.. ever.. again…" Each word is punctuated with a blow, blood spattering across the room, crimson droplets covering everything, walls, ceiling, indeed, even the neat folder that Alejandro set down. "Stand up for your *own* rights, you quivering little worm!"

In the far corner, the tall Colombian Brujah winces. She's seen this before - a little more up close and personal, but seen it before none the less. Casting a glance downward, the girl shakes her head slowly and folds her arms as she watches the blood spatter tell the tale.

December winces as blood splatters onto her face, her shirt. Having gotten just a little too close to fight, yet still far enough away to not be a target. At the moment. Blue eyes stare toward Rachael and Samael. Moving up and down almost fascinated by the movement of that arm. Move blood splatters onto her, but this time there is no shock. Just.. blank staring.

Auspex on December notes:
«Shock and utter horro.»

Auspex on December notes:
«Shock and utter horror.»

Johann wrinkles his nose for a moment, then goes back to his usual face expression - neutral and apathetic. He isn't cold hearted, no, he's just seen a lot already not to care much about arm-rippings. A drop of blood splats onto the other side of the glass partition, causing him to forcedly close his eyes.

Alejandro manages to avoid the splattering, probably relieved that they installed a glass partition between the main arena and the place where he's situated himself. "Who's that?" he asks Elizabeth, pointing at December, "Get her back from the fight, she's getting splattered."

Elizabeth doesn't wince. In fact, quite the reverse. Her eyes are wide, as though to take in every minute detail, and even the gore that splashes against the glass fails to shift her from her reverie. She's even smiling, her own fangs extended, their tips just visible between slightly-parted lips. There's no sympathy in her, and not a trace of compassion.

No. This is not an every-night-in-the-life-of Samael. This is something the kid is not used to. The boy just screams when that arm comes off. And scream the little choir-boy can, a high hard deafening sound. His other arm clutches the non-existent stomp, or rather the right side of his shoulder and curls up, trying to shield himself from the blows as the floor and walls are covered in red. If the boy would have a reply he's too horrified or in shock to pronounce them.

"She's December," Liz murmurs to Alejandro, though her gaze doesn't waver in the slightest from the gory scene below. She doesn't speak otherwise, and nor does she move, evidently considering it the other woman's prerogative to be spattered should she so wish it.

Perhaps a year ago, December might be covering her ears and sinking to the ground crying at the sight of violence. Maybe she'd be scared, cowering. But now her eyes stay open, watching. Azura gaze blinking only when blood splatters into her eyes. It drips down her face and she makes no move to wipe it away.

The blood flow is slowing, with the kind of centrifugal force being put upon the arm, it has drained out swiftly. "Idiot childe!" *thwap* she snarls. "Fool of a boy!" *squelch* "When you *tried* to cause trouble between Elders, I sought you out. Did you apologise? No. You threw it all in my face. But I spare you. I *spared* you!" Another blow lands, right across his face, covering him in his own blood, gore everywhere. "*All* I did was ban you from getting under my feet. I set you out of my sight for you *own* safety! And tried to forget. But no. *No*. That's not enough for Samael, Greatest of the Childer, is it? *You* have to decide to send Vampire after Vampire to me, all asking for forgiveness, for you to be allowed to walk under my nose again. You had them *remind* me of your poisonous, backstabbing existence. Well, here is what I should have done at the outset!" Finally, the blows stop raining down, and she steps back, away, looking down at the body at her feet. "You're really not worth this effort, childe. But let me tell you. You will *never* walk the streets of Santa Monica while I can prevent it. You will *never* cross my path deliberately, and you will *never* send anyone to intercede on your behalf. Or the next time we meet, you will be as dust, and there will be an end to your tortuous posturing for us all."
She shakes her head, turning away, shaking her head to get the crimson from it, sending a rain of droplets about her. "Thus you meet justice. And never forget it. Vampires are creatures of night and blood. Not nice little rag dolls that dance to your merry tune."

Alejandro sighs, and gets to his feet, still behind the glass partition. He removes his jacket, which is probably the only item of clothing he's wearing that is worth more than twenty bucks. He goes over to a nearby rack and fetches a couple of towels.

Ali has long diverted her eyes from the bludgeoning. They've instead settled on Elizabeth and December. With a curious air she watches the two as they watch the massacre, arms folded across her chest as the wall bears her weight. At the end of Rachael's words she issues a mild smirk and shakes her head softly, eyes flitting toward Johann and Alejandro only for a moment, before settling back on the two Gangrel Neonates.

December stands there with a shocked expression for a moment or two. When the blood finally stops splattering on her she lifts up a hand and smears it on her face. Probably attempting to wipe it away. Her eyes close, and open. Rapidly blinking to try and blink away the blood. She takes a step backward. Kicking off her shoes, and starting to unzip her pants. Apparently the clothing is coming off.

Auspex on December notes:
«Horror, shock, awe. Clothing OFF. Blood off.»

And by the time December's starting to strip, Alejandro's already there with a reasonably large towel, which he offers to her.

Samael hurls back against the wall of the arena. Eyes flicking at the mostly fascinated audience and back to Rachael again as she snarls at him. Trying, trying to pull himself together, put down the fear, the shivering and the bloody tears; "I did not send them Lady." he stumbles; "I did not ask them to speak for me. But they needed me to go to Santa Monica so they did. I wanted to apologize Lady. I told them I would! But I was still trying to find out how."

Elizabeth watches with the same fixated intensity until Rachael turns away, and only then does she relax perceptibly. At the Elder's next words, a canny observer might note Elizabeth's faint nod of agreement, the barely-noticeable tightening of her expression when her eyes fall once more upon Samael. No, no - there's certainly no pity in her. Nevertheless, the overall effect of the scene is obvious; Liz is simply awestruck at the feral savagery, and her eyes betray her own naked longing.

"Not my problem." Rachael dismisses easily. "I am sick of your name. And I will hear it no longer." She stalks to the exit, brushing past anyone, ignoring any offers of towels. It is her right to wear the blood of her vanquished foe. And then she stalks away, vanishing from the place into the night.

Rachael leaves by the stairs.
Rachael has left.

Alejandro, oddly enough, didn't offer a towel to Rachael. Only stepping aside as Rachael exits. He waits for December's response before doing anything else.

December also steps aside of Rachael when she leaves. Either too shocked to try and follow her, or smart enough to realize that following her favorite Elder at the moment wouldn't be a smart idea. The takes the towel with a silent mouthed, 'thank you'. The jeans are stripped off and dropped to the ground. Shirt is next. When she's standing in her underthings she wraps the towel around herself. Asking, "I was told there were showers?"

Auspex on December notes:
«Blood, off. Blood, off. OFF.»

Auspex on Elizabeth notes:
«Naked savagery, the Beast ascendant.»

Auspex on Johann notes:
«Cold-hearted and slightly amused.»

Auspex on Ali notes:
«consideration, drawing inward, melancholy»

Alejandro gestures towards the showers, and says briefly, "Over there, and put your clothes in the hamper next to them. We have spares." He then steps into the arena itself, heading towards Samael. He stops on the way to pick up the arm that Rachael dropped. "You going to spend the night here, Sam, or try to head back to Bellflower?" he asks.

Ali shakes her head, a quiet sigh issuing as she grabs ahold of the chair in front of her and shoves off - rows passing beneath her leap - before she lands at the base of the stairs and begins to ascend.

Auspex on Alejandro notes:

Without so much as a farewell being said, Liz rises to her feet, her forward-thrust head and hunched shoulders suggestive of her predatory intent. Her gait, too — she lopes, her head swinging from side to side with each step. Even when so obviously driven by her more bestial impulses, she's still smart — or perhaps simply cunning — enough to wait a sufficiently long time at the entrance to the Lounge so there's no chance of a meeting with Rachael. Even other wolves steer well clear of an alpha in a rage, after all.

Odette is standing by the stairs, arms folded loosely. "I can take him back," she offers. Her face is a mask.

Odette has arrived.

Auspex on Odette notes:
«grim. aftershock.»

December enters the Showers.

Samaels eyes follow Rachael leave and then seek out the audience that followed to watch the show. Scanning them one by one, and as he does so the light in those eyes fades, hardening and quickly making way for disgust. Eyes are only softening when he sees Alejandro.. and Odette. But he shakes his head, only capable of uttering a 'no' in response. There's a sudden blur and the boy is no longer in the arena but making his way up the stairs. If no-one interferes there will be another one that takes him out of here.

December moves her way off into the showers, then stops. Turning toward the lockers. Or wherever the extra clothing is. Putting on clean clothing but not showering. Inhaling through her nose for a moment. Taking her clothing and clothing them up carefully, then tucking them into the crook of her arm. Moving toward the chairs to wait for Samael to be gone before she moves to leave herself.

Auspex on December notes:
«Shock, awe. Resolve.»

Ali almost plows into Odette, apparently. Her graceful ascent is marred by a sudden change of her path - midair she reaches out, tapping one chair with her foot enough to avoid the suddenly there woman. Landing quietly, brow knit, she rolls her eyes and utters before continuing onward. "Vaya con dios." She states as Samael passes, tracking his movements without an issue.

"If you want to talk… you know where I'll be," Liz says to Odette, somehow managing to hiss a sentence without sibilants, not reacting in the slightest to the other woman's sudden appearance. She's even smiling, an expression that, quite simply, looks ghastly when coupled with her extended fangs and animalistic posture. She doesn't wait for an answer, however, and merely ascends the stairs without another word being said.

Elizabeth leaves by the stairs.
Elizabeth has left.

Odette's head turns also as Sam speeds past, and her hands close loosely into fists, unable to do anything about it.

Johann says, "God bless you." in German.

December turns those blue eyes on Ali. Watching her for a moment or two. Just, staring. Almost curious, those the shock and awe is still on her face.

Johann says something in German as Samael passes, his eyes closing again.

Auspex on Johann notes:
«He has that self-assured hope the kid will be ok.»

Ali glances over her shoulder; her light green eyes meeting the Gangrel's blue for a poignant, pregnant moment that weighs with their past. Faint disapproval etches; the beginnings of anger, of rage, before she long blinks, shaking her head, and is gone.

Ali leaves by the stairs.
Ali has left.

Alejandro wraps Sam's arm in the towel he's carrying, and walks over to drop it in one of the many bins around the area. Then he makes his way up the stairs without a word to anyone.

Alejandro leaves by the stairs.
Alejandro has left.

So.. there's another blur and the kid is gone, no-where to be spotted when the audience retreats back into the VIP room.

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