Y03/12/06 The Grand Salon

Organization: Connie, Lussa, Alex, Vetiver, Restrin
Attendees: Bells, Nelson, Erin, Leight, Amelia, Jackson, Cyrus, Apolo, Marcus, Evan, Ethan, Josh, Samael, Yvette, Jackal, Edger, Mayfair, Melanie, Graham, Evelyn, Javier.
Location: Disney Concert Hall - Downtown
Synopsis: Toreador Keeper Restrin Kirtan organizes a Grand Salon

1. Arrival

Lobby - Disney Concert Hall - Downtown

Large glass panels that open onto Grand Avenue provide an active facade and entryway to the lobby - The Ralph M. Parson's Foundation Reception Hall. From the hall one has access to a restaurant, gift shop, cafe, box office, and the parking garage below.
A multipurpose space serves as a foyer to the auditorium, capable of accomodating up to 600 people. It provides a dynamic environment of skylights, tall windows, and a 50-foot sculptural ceiling.

Bells comes in after climbing the stairway outside.
Bells has arrived.

Samael smiles; "Let's just keep close to eachother then."

Auspex on Bells notes:

Bells shifts her weight nervously from one foot to the other. "Alright," she says. "Are we late?"

Nelson comes in after climbing the stairway outside.
Nelson has arrived.

Josh comes in after climbing the stairway outside.
Josh has arrived.

Samael smiles to Bells; "Fashionably." the child responds softly.

Bells and Samael stand just in front of the stairs.. gathering courage to enter.

Whatever nervousness Bells was feeling instantly washes away when she sees who comes through the door behind them. "Vladad!" she exclaims happily.

Nelson walks into the Lobby with Josh following closely behind. Though Nelson seems to be dressed for the occasion, Josh looks rumpled, and a bit confused.

Auspex on Bells notes:
«Excitement. Adoration.»

Josh steps in after Nelson, looking at the floor a lot and trying to be forgotten. He's lugging an instrument case along and the things weighs him down more than it should. Then again, the boy looks like he has the weight of the world added to his guitar's as well, dragging down his scrawny shoulders.

Samael smiles at Bells happiness and turns. He beams as he spots Josh and offers a courteous bow in Nelsons direction.

Nelson nods to the two already waiting in the room. "Bells, Samael. Wonderful to see you again. And…" he motions to Josh. "Here is your present, Samael. Do with him as you will. Josh, you will stay with him." Walking over to Bells, he stares for a moment, then says, "Would you care to join me?"

Samael nods to Josh; "Glad to see you back in one piece Josh. I'm willing to take you in. Big event. But you won't embarrass me right?"

Josh just nods and doesn't even look up to acknowledge Nelson. If possibly, the kid's shoulders sink down even lower; if this continues on, he'll be dragging his knuckles in no-time. A man at last.

Josh shrugs.. and after a moment shakes his head. No. He won't. Doesn't even have the energy to stand, really, let alone get into mischief.

Bells looks between Nelson and Samael briefly, then toward the dimming lights of the theater. "I'm technically here with Sammy," Bells says to Nelson. She looks down to Samael and quirks her hood. "Would you mind, Sam?"

Erin comes in after climbing the stairway outside.
Erin has arrived.

Erin pushes through the doors into the auditorium.
Erin has left.

Samael nods to Nelson; "Thank you for taking care of him Sir Jacobs." He smiles at Bells and nods, releasing her; "Of course Bells. I'm glad you already found friends."

Nelson offers Bells and arm, and heads in.
Nelson pushes through the doors into the auditorium.
Nelson has left.

"Traded," Bells says, slipping her arm into Nelson's.

Bells pushes through the doors into the auditorium.
Bells has left.

Samael sighs as Bells enters with Nelson. A trace of disappointment. He takes a deep breath; "Okay.. let's then." He smiles at Josh.

Josh, with supreme effort, hikes up his shoulders in a silent and utterly depressed 'okay' and would follow if you led. He's past caring. With a wince, the boy resettled his guitar and waits for you.

You push through the doors into the Auditorium.

2. The Salon

Auditorium - Disney Concert Hall - Downtown

This 2,265-seat Auditorium was designed to achieve both visual and acoustic intimacy with its open-platform stage. The 360-degree range of seating around the stage enhances the feeling that the artists and audience as a group are participating in a singular creative experience. A pipe organ occupies a central position between the seating sections at the rear of the stage. The organ is a wonder in itself with approximately 6,100 pipes.
Among the auditorium's most distinctive characteristics are the forms of the wooden ceiling, which are suggestive of the sails of a great ship. The 36-foot-high north window positioned adjacent to the North Window Terrace and above the upper balcony provides a wonderous view of the evening starlight.

Present are: Bells, Samael, Nelson, Erin, Leight, Amelia, Jackson, Cyrus, Apolo, Marcus, Evan, Harold, Arianna, Connie, Giovanni, Ethan, Vetiver, Lussa, Restrin

2A. Positioning

Josh pushes through the doors from the lobby.
Josh has arrived.

Leight retrieves and adjusts a cell phone for courtesy, returning it to his chest pocket in a practiced motion.

Jackson enters the auditorium. He stands tall and proud as he takes a good look around. On his arm is a beautiful young woman. He motions toward the stage and the two walk gracefully down toward a seat near the front. They sit down in the fourteenth rows, on the southeastern side.

Outside, the attendees have had the chance to start their evening by examining the works of art displayed in the main entryway. Sculptures, paintings, pieces of modernist fare and things which hearken back to centuries past, they are marvelous examples of talent, lent to this event by members of Clan Toreador from around the globe. As the time for the Salon's opening draws iminent, the lights slowly, one by one, begin to dim, a little more every thirty seconds or so, until it becomes clear that within minutes things shall begin.

Samael and Josh enter the auditorium just after Bells and Nelson.

Nelson walks in, with Bells on one arm. He nods to Marcus, then leads his cloaked companion to a spot five rows back in the northwest seating area.

Amelia doesn't miss a beat. If she notices Leight's gesture she makes no indication as such. She converses quietly with a youthful Tremere girl who seems to be more intent on the Sheriff then the Ambassador. There is a dreamy look to the girls gaze.

Josh follows Samael in, looking like a cross between a sheep and a depressed lemming. His shoulders, chest.. his whole being, it has collapsed in on itself and with the light weight of a guitarcase dragging on his right side, there's little of the boy left. Which is why he's got enough trouble just staring at the ground.

Marcus remains standing quietly near the door, not moving. The young blind man seems to be at a significant disadvantage. He smiles and nods his head whenever someone speaks to him, but he misses Nelson's nod.

Erin kicks her 5-inch stilettos up on the seat in front of her, crossing her legs. She awaits the festivities, absently stroking her companion's neck and cheek like it was a kitten. She watches the others with a bored expression, framed in her magenta-hued locks.

Samael leads Josh after Nelson, aiming to pick a seat next to Bells if that would be possible. The child keeps to the walls, demeanor almost resembling a little mouse, not really wanting any attention at all.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:

Josh is Samael's shadow then and has as much substance on this earth.

Bells follows Nelson in, craning her hooded head to look about at the spectacle. She seems less interested in the immediate art than the architecture of the concert hall itself. As she passes Marcus, she nudges him. "Hi, Marcus," she whispers ever-so-softly.

Amelia's attention eventually finds Erin. For those who would note such a thing, the Ambassador's gaze narrows slightly. Just as quickly, however, she redirects her conversation to her companion.

Auspex on Ethan notes:
«Bored, dead, emotionally elsewhere. The usual traces of malice have been replaced with discomfort and alienation this evening.»

Marcus perks his head up at Bells' remark, but seems to lose her and Nelson before they disappear back down to the front. He smiles, and says, "Good evening," though this could be to anyone, really.

Nelson sits down in the northwest seating area.

Yvette pushes through the doors from the lobby.
Yvette has arrived.

Auspex on Marcus notes:
«Uncomfortable, lost.»

Auspex on Bells notes:
«Wonderment. Excitement. Overwhelmed.»

Samael sits down in the northwest seating area.

Auspex on Leight notes:
«Watchful. Careful.»

Auspex on Josh notes:
«Give the kid a moment of quiet time and a sharp razor and he's just another teenage corpse in the morgue; his spirit is utterly and thoroughly broken and his mind looks to be going in the same direction.»

Josh sits down in the northwest seating area.

Jackson sits down in the southeast seating area.

Ethan sits down in the southwest seating area.

Leight nods to Amelia, finds a pair seats near the aisle.

Samael whispers "Would you like something to eat or drink perhaps Josh?" to Josh.

Bells pauses before sitting. "Be right back," she whispers to Nelson and Samael. She makes her way back up the aisle. She gently touches Marcus' arm. "Let's go sit down, Daddyo."

Leight sits down in the northeast seating area.

Amelia sits down in the northeast seating area.

Erin sits down in the southwest seating area.

Nearby, Josh mumbles something incoherent and adds a halfhearted shake of the head to it. Samael whispered something to him and it, a question no doubt, just gets stuck in the mire of Josh' bleak mood.

Relief plain on his face, Marcus smiles at Bells. "Thank you, Bells." He places his hand lightly on her arm, allowing her to lead him to the seating area.

Bells sits down in the northwest seating area.

Marcus sits down in the northwest seating area.

Auspex on Marcus notes:
«Still uncomfortable, but happier.»

Evan is, as a reminder, not here. He's upstairs, watching from the safety of Elysium.

Amelia settles quietly beside Leight. She sets a small purse in her lip and opens it so that she might consider it's contents for a moment.

Nearby, Bells bobs her hood to Josh. "Hi," she says softly. "I'm Bells."

Nearby, Nelson turns to Marcus, and whispers softly. "Good evening, Marcus. Good to see you again."

Nearby, Samael smiles seeing Bells already fitting in during such an event; "Oh.. Bells may I introduce.. this is Josh one of our Coteries members but mortal. Josh this is Bells.. she's the.. pupil of Father Holmes, our new coterie leader."

Apolo and Cyrus are attached to the very tail end of the bodies entering the auditorium. Though almost late, neither is in a hurry. Or rather Apolo is not, and the fact that his arm is hooked through Cyrus's slows the usually energetic Torrie down as well. Their heads are close together in conversation; Apolo is gesturing at the crowd that's entered in front of him.

2B. The Opening

And then, the final lights go out, to be replaced by the birth of illumination from the stage, track and spot-lighting birthed as the sounds of a full orchestra, begin with the trumpeting of a beginning event, followed by kettle drums and strings, all perfectly majestic and foretelling the opening of the curtain, which happens presently to reveal that orchestra in the background, and one lone figure standing to the fore: Restrin Kirtan, clad in black and with hands clasped loosely before him, waits until the welcoming strains of music stop themselves before speaking. The keen-eyed might well note that to a man, every member of said orchestra seems just a /tad/… pale, or exuding some hint that they are most likely, every one of them, ghouls. Favors must have been given out or called in for that bit, to be certain, for they are immaculate in their adherence to the score, and remarkably talented.

But, finally, the music stops, there is the polite applause from the audience, and Mr. Kirtan looks suitably humble yet regal enough to quell the applause so that he may speak.

"My brethren," he begins in lyric baritone, his Manchester-accented voice strong and enhanced by a small microphone worn on the lapel of his shirt, "I thank each of you for honoring the Arts enough to come here this evening. I am humbled at the presence of such luminaries as those who sit before me this evening, and only hope that the small sample of this city's talent which shall be provided for you tonight will reflect well on all of us, and inspire us to seek even greater avenues of artistic expression and understanding for years to come."

Samael stands to bow to Marcus when he sits with them; "Goodevening Sir."

Nearby, Marcus smiles, his voice quiet, "A pleasure. Let us listen to the concert."

Restrin steps up onto the stage.

Nearby, Josh might've mumbled a 'Hello' there but it's so soft and so closed-up that it could've been just about anything, really. Under all but closed lashes, his eyes flick up once to catch just a hint of Bells' appearance before they flee downwards again.

Yvette enters before Apolo and Cyrus and before the house lights go down. She slips into an open seat quietly, gaze roaming over the audience until the lights go down and the music starts, bringing her attention to the stage.

Nearby, Samael leans back in his chair, focussing on the stage now, falling quiet and still.

Auspex on Amelia notes:

Auspex on Apolo notes:
«Ill-natured amusement. Childish delight.»

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«Curiosity, interest, expectation.»

Good old Cyrus. Not only is he late, but clearly hasn't bothered to dress for the occasion, looking as if he took a shortcut through hell to find his way here. But considering his choice of dates, who would to dare to question it? He manages a rather rusty red-carpet smile.

Nearby, Bells glances over to Nelson during the performance and takes the opportunity to study him for a few moments.

2C. Connie's Concert

Standing on the stage, the spotlight shining down upon his pallid features — those of a dead man, in all honesty, if one who was decent enough on the eyes in life — Restrin continues, "Tonight, we have four performances scheduled for your enjoyment. L'il Mama Maxwell and the Maxwell Street Players, Askalaphos Lussa, Vetiver Saint-Loralle and myself shall each take the stage, and I do hope that upon entering the center, you took time to admire the great works of art gifted unto this event by the members of my extended family, as it were. Some of them are in attendance this very evening, and to them — as well as you — I give thanks for honoring me with your presence. But I do tax the evening with words, when music is on the menu, so without further ado, allow me to introduce our first performers: L'il Mama Maxwell and the Maxwell Street Players!"

Nearby, Nelson's attention is focused on the stage, but he does glance over at Bells for a moment, and nods supportively.

Auspex on Bells notes:

Marcus leans his head back into the seat, quietly listening to the music.

Auspex on Marcus notes:
«Lonely, but enjoying the music.»

Nearby, Josh just slumps further into his seat, resting his feet on the guitar case. No moping, no crossing his arms over his chest and sighing heavily. If a doctor would've pronounced him dead, it would not be too big of a surprise.

Amelia lifts a hand to her lobe and fondles her earring, rolling it between her thumb and forefinger.

Auspex on Cyrus notes:
«Sinking into an old routine. A creeping sense of dread.»

Josh is a slumped and unmoving figure in his seat. Not a flicker of motion, nor any sign of /e/motion comes from him. A social black hole without even that kind of phenomenon's attraction.

Connie steps up onto the stage.

Moving onto the stage, in front of the orchestra, all dressed similiarly, so you know they're a band is … well, the band. The Maxwell Street Players to be exact. The boys in the band all wear black slacks, with jewel-tone shirts. At the drums is a tallish black man, bald, yet seems to be in his twenties. His shirt is silvery. The man at the keyboards appears to be around thirty, sandy blond hair, worn long about his shoulders, clad in green. An older black man, with gray running through his short hair has a bass guitar slung from a strap around his neck, semi-covering the blue shirt he wears. A hispanic with a droopy mustache holds a trumpet before his red shirt, and the final member of the band, another young black man on sax, wears a violet shirt. His hair is braided in neat cornrows.

Entering from the opposite side is the L'il Mama herself. Standing barely five feet, it's clear where her moniker comes from. Around her neck is slung a guitar, cables snaking behind her. She steps up to the mike and grins. "Thank y' Mistah Kirtan, an' thank y' Los Angeles, foah tha' wondahful reception!" She strums a chord or two on her guitar, her foot tapping. The band picks up, and the opening chords of the opening song resounds through the hall.

Erin s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s lazily. But in the back row, in shadow, in silence. Surely none care to watch their back for her. Surely this performance is stunningly engaging, and draws attention from her.

Restrin slips from the stage, going backstage.

Apolo sits down in the northeast seating area.

Jackal pushes through the doors from the lobby.
Jackal has arrived.

Cyrus sits down in the northeast seating area.

Jackal sits in the back of the southeaster corner.
Jackal sits down in the southeast seating area.

The beat is rhythmic, the tone a bit minor. After a few bars, Connie begins the song, the chorus augmented by her band.

An old cowpoke went riding out one dark and windy day
Upon a ridge he rested as he went along his way
When all at once a mighty herd of red-eyed cows he saw
A'plowin' through the ragged skies and up a cloudy draw

Yi-pi-yi-ay, Yi-pi-yi-o
Ghost riders in the sky

Their brands were still on fire and their hooves were made of steel
Their horns wuz black and shiny and their hot breaths he could feel
A bolt of fear went through him as they thundered through the sky
For he saw the riders comin' hard and he heard their mournful cry

Yi-pi-yi-ay, Yi-pi-yi-o
Ghost riders in the sky

Amelia leans nearer the ear of Leight.

Jackal crosses his legs and taps his fingers on his walking stick

The stunningly beautiful woman snuggles in closer to Jackson.

Jackal looks up and down at the beautiful woman sitting with Jackson and gives a cheesy wink

Nearby, Bells looks as if she wants to say something to Samael during this rendition of Ghost Riders, but she clamps down on her tongue and goes back to listening to the music.

Connie watches the audience, her gaze moving with her body, as she moves along the edge of the stage, fingers working the strings of her guitar, bringing forth the running melody of the piece.

Their faces gaunt, their eyes were blurred, and shirts all soaked with sweat
They're ridin' hard to catch that herd but they ain't caught them yet
They've got to ride forever in that range up in the sky
On horses snortin' fire, as they ride on, hear their cry

Yi-pi-yi-ay, Yi-pi-yi-o
Ghost riders in the sky

Connie moves a little slower now, to bring herself closer to the center of the stage, as she reaches the last verse and chorus

As the riders loped on by him, he heard one call his name
"If you want to save your soul from hell a' ridin' on our range"
"Then cowboy change your ways today or with us you will ride"
"A-tryin' to catch the Devil's herd across these endless skies."

Yi-pi-yi-ay, Yi-pi-yi-o
Ghost riders in the sky
Ghost riders in the sky

The words fade out, followed by the music similarly fading, a few bars later.

Auspex on Amelia notes:

Amelia's gaze drifts about the auditorium. Searching in the void.

Nearby, Samael seems focussed at the music but does occasionally glance at Bells and Josh. He leans in Bells direction when he notices she might want to say something.

Bells claps for the performance. The sound is muffled due to the gloves on her hands, but it is polite enough.

Yvette shifts in her seat, crossing her legs as she gets more comfortable. Her applause joins the rest as the music fades out.

Jackal dances in his seat not caring that he has no rythem and looks like an ass.

Others who are in the audience, many of them looking as if they are from overseas, applaud as well in the break between songs, as it appears another is coming from the young Toreador who is, along with her band, in the spotlight on the stage at the moment.

Nearby, Bells takes the applause time to lean in and whisper something to him. "Ghost Riders in the Sky?" she asks. Her tone is dubious.

Samael smiles, clapping along with the rest of the lot.

Nearby, Marcus shifts slightly in his seat, smiling weakly at the words being exchanged, but he seems content to sit in his seat, quietly, or perhaps he's just shy tonight.

Auspex on Marcus notes:
«Uncomfortable, shy, afraid.»

Edger pushes through the doors from the lobby.
Edger has arrived.

Auspex on Marcus notes:
«Less afraid, as awkward.»

Connie grins out at the audience at the applause. "Thank y' verah much. Me an' th' boys jus' come from Chicago … so y'all have t' foahgive us this." Music starts again, a simpler rhythm, with simple accompaniments.

Oh, baby don't you want to go
Oh, baby don't you want to go
Back to the land of California, to my sweet home Chicago

Now, one and one is two, two and two is four
I'm heavy loaded baby, I'm booked, I gotta go
Cryin' baby, honey, don't you want to go
Back to the land of California, to my sweet home Chicago

Nearby, Marcus looks slightly confused at these new lyrics, but he just sits still.

Cyrus slips off his hat as he settles. After shifting to nod polite greetings, he sinks down to observe the music and become on with the anonymous silence of the crowds. When the time comes, he forgets to clap, until the crowds chime in and he feels obliged to quietly follow suit.

Amelia looks over her shoulder, peering at the back of the auditorium. To what she directs her attention to is probably not ascertainable.

Auspex on Cyrus notes:
«A quieted apprehension. Haunted.»

Connie's fingers continue to pick out the tune, her boys doing their part to make the sound both fuller and seem to remain simple, as the intent of the original work.

Now two and two is four, four and two is six
You gon' keep on monkeyin' 'round here, friend-boy, you gon' get your business all in a trick
I'm cryin' baby, honey, don't you want to go
Back to the land of California, to my sweet home Chicago

Now six and two is eight, eight and two is ten
Friend-boy, she trick you one time, she sure gon' do it again
I'm cryin' hey, hey, baby, don't you want to go
To the land of California, to my sweet home Chicago

The final verse and chorus come up, the sound comes up, lowers, and the words sound out across the room.

I'm goin' to California, from there to Des Moines, Iowa
Somebody will tell me that you need my help someday
Cryin' hey, hey, baby, don't you want to go
Back to the land of California, to my sweet home Chicago

The final chords sound, and the lights dim.

Edger's entrance is quiet and as unobtrusive as any might be. The door opens just wide enough that he might slip in, rubber soles making no sound on thin carpet as he edges into the nearest seat and folds his black-suited form into it. He's halfway into that seat as the song ends, and manages to be applauding by the time his bony behind settles into the cushioned seat.

Jackal stands up and claps and gives a bit of a cheer.After clapping Jackal looks down to see his zipper is down. He quickly zips it up, not at all embarresed.

Applause, as — after a pause to frame the moment for those on stage — the curtains close once more and the spotlight again marks a place on those curtains in the center of the stage, into which Restrin's tall, whiplike form appears. "And now, ladies and gentlemen, we will be lucky enough to hear Askalaphos Lussa, performing a lovely piece for us. It comes from a word in Spanish which might be translated to mean a yearning, or a dream. The composition by the talented Mr. Lussa is aptly named … 'Ansia.'" And with that, Restrin slithers from the spotlight once more, smoothly taking himself from the center spot of attention and handing it over to the performer as the curtains open themselves…

Connie steps off of the stage.

Bells applauds again politely for Connie.

Mayfair pushes through the doors from the lobby.
Mayfair has arrived.

Ethan applauds the end of the song, smiling from his seat

Josh hasn't even looked up, let alone acknowldged the music that was made with such care. Dead Boy Sitting; a new piece by an unknown artist.

2D. Askalaphos' Performance

The stage darkens. Several heartbeats of silence pass, with only faint movement on stage visible by those with sharper eyes. Then, a lance of light shines upon the motionless figure of Askalaphos. he stands poised, violin beneath his chin, so still he might be a statue carved of ebon. Then, bow meets string, and he begins to play.

The melody starts quietly, long slow notes evoking an almost mournful tone. The tone deepens, tempo quickening, the violin nearly wailing with the emotion he pours into his playing.

Marcus smiles, listening quietly, a pleasant expression on his face. Pride, maybe? Or just general enjoyment?

Amelia's hand lingers at her neck, her head finding a slight tilt as she considers the musician's play. She mutters in Leight's direction.

Nearby, Samael sinks back into his seat again, positively leaving earth now.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«peaceful, happy»

Apolo has long ceased the quiet animation that marked his entrance. Seated beside Cyrus and down the aisle from Amelia and Leight, the Malkavian watches the performances with an unblinking gaze. He doesn't stir, even to clap, though he hardly seems disappointed. There's a vague smile on his lips and his features are serene. He is simply.. still.

He continues, the mournful feel of the music continuing, with a hint of sensuality entering his notes. A fierce crescendo, then there is a slow tapering, and the music fades to a quiet. Askalaphos once again remains still for a moment, then he lowers the violin, and bows to his audience. Having already been introduced, he does not speak, simply turning after his bow, and exiting the stage.

Evelyn pushes through the doors from the lobby.
Evelyn has arrived.

Bells claps earnestly for Askalaphos. She lets out a quiet war whoop for her fellow South-Centralian. "Woo!"

Yvette listens quietly as Ask performs. Once the music finishes and he quits the stage, she applauds again.

So many people, and surely so many things going on. Evelyn arrives, carrying her pale self like a queen dressed all in red, red roses bound up into a crown around her head. The red chiffon of her dress flutters with each footstep, but perhaps best of all, pert breasts rustle discreetly under the red chiffon. Indeed, tonight Evelyn brings roses, breasts, red and the miasma of discrestion.

Auspex on Lussa notes:
«He is clearly used to the vagarities of stage fright, and mostly unbothered. There is, however, a hint of apprehension as he performs. This is, after all, his first performance in Los Angeles. But this only lasts for a brief time, then that is lost to the emotions he crafts, his aura resonating with the mood of his piece.»

Marcus remains seated, but he applauds loudly at the performance, his hands then returning to the seat beside him.

Mayfair slips in while the music is playing, but remains by the doors while it plays so as not to be rude. It is only after the piece finshes that he moves, walking quietly down the aisle to claim an unoccupied seat near the front, and off to the side.

Leight takes practiced scans of the room with subtlety and a minimum of perturbation. Habit, perhaps. At the whisper from his fellow Long Beach resident, he shrugs, indifferent.

Auspex on Evelyn notes:
«Fearless. Strong. Seductive. Vivacious.»

Nelson claps politely, as before. After a few moments, his hands fall back to the armrests on either side.

Evelyn stops next to Mayfair, and claps at the end of Lussa's performance, even if she was only lucky enough to catch a little of it. She waits to look for a seat after his performance is through.

Nearby, Bells finishes her applause. Her hand drops back to the arm-rests, too, finding Nelson's hand with hers. "This is more fun than I thought it would be."

Amelia considers Leight, silent it would seem. Her hand finds a place to rest just above her chin. Her brown eyes avert to her lap.

Nelson nods his head to Evelyn, and inclines his head, beckoning to her. He then turns to Bells.

Mayfair sits down in the northeast seating area.

Nearby, Nelson looks pleased at Bells happiness. "I'm glad to see you getting out a bit, and enjoying yourself." He falls silent as Restrin returns to the stage.

Jackal turns around and looks at Evelyn and is obviously impressed. He again faces the performers but quickly sneeks another quick look.

Evelyn takes off down the aisle, with a step as light as thistledown, the red chiffon fluttering around her like flames. She comes to the group around Nelson, smiling in particular to Marcus, whom she notes is sitting apart.

Auspex on Amelia notes:
«Disappointment and worry.»

Melanie pushes through the doors from the lobby.
Melanie has arrived.

Marcus seems to notice Evelyn somehow, as he smiles at her and nods his head, rising should she wish to pass him. He is only stting one seat apart from the others, but it is enough.

2E. Alex' Film

And on to the stage, once more, is Restrin Kirtan, tall frame cutting through the darkness and into the light which marks the center of the curtain as it closes once more behind him to the sound of applause for the audience. He waits for a long moment, for the applause to die down before he speaks once again, "Two more musical performances to go, Lords and Ladies, but first, I would like to show for you …." a screen is lowering behind him, now, on the stage as the curtains slowly open to reveal the high-tech thing, "a film. provided to us by a gentleman named Alex Witten. Please … watch and enjoy, and following that exhibition we shall immediately be blessed enough to see Vetiver Saint-Loralle performing …. well, it shall be a surprise, and one I am certain you will enjoy."

Jackson applauds politely at all the right times.

Graham pushes through the doors from the lobby.
Graham has arrived.

Vetiver steps up onto the stage.

Nearby, Samael needs some time to get back to earth after Askalaphos performed. THEN he sees Mayfair enter. Eyes widen as he jolts back in his chair, shrinking several inches.

Evelyn comes to sit between Marcus and Nelson, curling up between both with a smile.
Evelyn sits down in the northwest seating area.

On that screen, a movie plays. The opening credits are fairly simplistic. Names, titles…but the things that stand out are 'And We Drown,' and 'Alex Witten.' The film starts with a little boy who's playing in a New York city park, and he sees a butterfly — he starts to follow it, leaving the eye of his mother behind. Soon, he's lost in back streets and alleys, following this little yellow butterfly, no idea that he's in danger. And somehow, he ends up in a blind alley, and he watches an old man being mugged, beaten, and stabbed to death. The boy starts to run, but he's lost, and the streets never do open up. The alleys remain alleys. It's a maze, claustrophobic, terrifying. There's no realism here — it's like watching a dream, like being -in- a dream. One of those running-away dreams. Running through dark alleys, and night coming on, and the lights of the city turn into butterflies and fly away. And then there is darkness. And the scene shifts.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«increasingly uncomfortable, flares of fear, a dim wave of hatred»

Here, there's movement from Apolo. Just a shift of his body, leaning forward a touch as if that will help him see the film better.

Josh gives a sign of life; the first after having sat down several songs ago. A twitch and.. he looks up for a very brief moment before sinking into himself again and going as limp and unmoving as he was before.

In the next scene, a teenage skatepunk kid is riding ramps alone. Over and over and over, he practices trick after trick. His friends call out to him — they're leaving, they're going to get food, come with us. He doesn't answer. He keeps riding the ramps, doing his flips, keeping the wheels going as much as he can. A girl comes, asks him to stop, wants to go out. He ignores her, she leaves. He keeps riding the ramps. Night comes. Dawn comes. He skates. And finally, he stops. He stands there, perfectly still, one foot on the pavement, looking at the sky…and he shatters into a thousand pieces. The movie shifts.

Nearby, Bells notices Sam's jolting reaction and reaches over with a comforting hand to him. She pats his own hand, trying to be comforting, then gives him a fist of solidarity. Lotus kids. Better take note of this.

Graham enters and stands near the door, quietly and still.

Auspex on Josh notes:
«What was that? Amidst the bleak, windswept plains of this boy's despair a heathaze of anger could be seen. Gone again.»

Nearby, Marcus sits quietly, the film having a very minor effect on him…for pretty obvious reasons.

The next sequence is a young man out at the clubs. He's going from dance bar to dance bar — he walks in, he moves among the people, he rubs his body against the bodies of strangers, and he leaves. The next club, he walks in, he moves through, and he leaves, but it takes him a little while longer. And a little longer, a little longer. The clubs don't seem to be getting -bigger-, it just seems like it's harder to find the way out — there are so many people, and there are so many hands reaching to touch his skin, to rub against him. And what started as a fairly pleasant segment turns nightmarish. What started as sweat on the young man's clothes is blood — he rubs against these people and they're taking bits of him with them, wearing him away. But from club to club he goes, until finally he comes to a club that he just can't get out of. And they're taking from him, and taking, and eventually he's just gone. The dancers are dancing, the lights are flashing, the music is throbbing like a heartbeat, but there's just nothing left of the young man at all. He's gone. The scene shifts again.

Auspex on Graham notes:
«Interest. Observation. Calmness.»

Mayfair settles back into his seat, relaxing. His legs cross, his hands rest on his knee.

Jackal seems uninterested in the movie. He instead takes of one of his shoes and begins picking out little rocks that were lodged in the grip.

Evelyn watches the movie calmly, keeping her eyes on the screen.

Amelia's attention is drawn by the Downtown Primogen as he finds a seat in her area. She is thoughtful, pensive while considering him.

Javier pushes through the doors from the lobby.
Javier has arrived.

Now there's an older man on the screen, walking around the city streets with his little cardboard sign. On a street corner one day, someone drops a penny into his cup, and things suddenly change. The world seems golden. The sun just melts down the buildings so beautifully it's heartbreaking. The grass -glows- where it's pushing up through the cracks in the sidewalks. The asphalt glitters. He was cold, and he isn't cold anymore. He has this short time of joy, pure joy. And then it's gone. A few days later, he's on that same street corner, and someone drops him another penny…and the same thing happens. That radiant -joy-, the world becoming a pure and magical place for him. And he starts to sit there, right there, on that street corner. If someone drops a quarter, a dollar, the magic doesn't come. He can buy food, but after a while, he doesn't care. All he wants is a penny. All he wants is to see the sunlight turn to gold, all he wants is that joy. He wastes away, begging only for pennies on the same street corner day after day after day. And one day, frail and old, he struggles with a cop who's trying to tell him to move along, and he stumbles in front of a bus as he lunges to grab a copper coin dropped by a businessman who doesn't even notice. The scene changes.

Nearby, Samael responds to Bells gestures, a faint apologetic smile on his lips.

Nearby, Nelson hands tighten on the armrests during the scene with the sunrise.

Auspex on Amelia notes:
«The Ambassador is anxious as she watches the film.»

Auspex on Ethan notes:
«Sadism, pleasure.»

Auspex on Evelyn notes:
«Intellectual interest.»

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«Slightly uneasy.»

Yvette watches quietly, hands clasped on her lap.

On the television screen, an old man, toothless, shuffles through the streets. He is decrepit, wasted, a man who's lived his entire life on sidewalks and in alleys. He's sick, but he has nowhere to go. He's not homeless — this -is- home. And then, one evening, he is shambling past an alley, and he stumbles on some young toughs just looking for some fun, and he'll do. The filming of the beating isn't graphic, but it's still horrifying in the same way nightmares are horrifying. Like the rest of the film, it has that unsettling dream-sense to it, that haunted feeling — the director has captured -that- beautifully, awfully; so much so that even without any gore or graphic violence, the beating is uncomfortable to watch. And the camera shifts to the eyes of a young boy, watching from down the alley. And a yellow butterfly takes wing. The screen goes black. The credits start to flicker

Nearby, Bells turns to look at Nelson and study him for a bit.

Nearby, Bells hasn't seem to have paid attention to the film at all, first being concerned with Samael, then Nelson.

Curtains already opened, the screen rises, moving out of view, and the penultimate performer's time in the spotlight starts…

Nearby, Evelyn starts to clap softly as the film end, and she remarks to no one in particular, "How clever."

As the screen goes dark, Mayfair nods — just once, and laces his fingers together.

Nearby, Marcus looks up at Evelyn's remark, and whispers, "Was it interesting?"

Nearby, Nelson nods his head, and says softly. "Quite interesting." His voice is somewhat edged.

Nearby, Evelyn turns to Marcus, and whispers back to him, "Quite. A movie of despair and horror so fragile and intricate. Breath-takingly beautiful."

Javier has come in at the very end of something poignant, and he lingers at the periphery of the auditorium's entrance as if unfamiliar with its layout as the credits roll. The television screen deemed unimportant, the middle-aged Latino gazes languidly across the expanse at the faces in the crowd. Movement distracts him, however, and again he is looking toward the stage.

Melanie takes advantage of a break in the action to settle down with a group of others.

Nearby, Marcus nods his head quietly, "I see." He returns his attention to the stage.

Melanie sits down in the northwest seating area.

2F. Vetiver's Play

It is here in which she enters, a slight blade of gold, illumined by soft stage lights as it treks her movements across the expanse of the stage.
No orchestra accompanies her this evening; no other musicians flank her sides.
The arch-lute that is held between the angle of her hip and wrist is a daunting piece of artwork in itself, flashing the slightest bit of sheen against the artificial rays that sear complete darkness.
With an expression of daunting concentration, Vetiver takes the stage as though she owned it, paying no heed to the large mass below her. Were she aware that so many eyes were upon her tonight, it would be a different story, but the shadows do much to conceal the nerve-wracking reality of this situation to its fullest.
Diffident persona now gone, she belies an air of quiet grace and confidence; the young musician now settling comfortably against the backless velvet stool that lies within the center of the stage. Effortlessly poised, the childe slips the instrument over her knee, tilting it so that it cuts diagonally across her body.

Auspex on Amelia notes:
«Disorientation lingers at the closing of the movie.»

Nearby, Evelyn watches Vetiver now with sharp interest, and a smile.

Marcus leans back into the chair, letting the music wrap him in its arms like a warm lover.

Auspex on Evelyn notes:
«Avid. Vivacious. Inquisitive. Intellectually stimulated and impressed.»

Nearby, Bells leans over to Nelson and whispers to him. "Are you going to be alright, Vladad?" she asks him.

Auspex on Apolo notes:
«Proud. Too-proud, as if he had made that film himself.»

Auspex on Marcus notes:
«Interested in the music»

Nearby, Nelson waves Bells' worries away silently, and refocuses on the stage.

And, and.. There he goes again. Josh is moving bits of him to show that he is, in fact, not utterly comatose. With a gentle jarring of the row of seats, his head drops back so he can stare with empty eyes at the ceiling and mutter, "Just.. heap it on." to whomever might be listening up there or down below. A limp hand claws at one of his pockets and extracts something that is hidden by cloth and chairs.

There is no time to check and see if the instrument is tuned properly; it's obvious now that she had prepared the modification of the filaments ahead of time. Twenty-five of these arciliuto strings make a dizzying display as her left hand reaches across the finger board to press lightly against the first fret.
The note resonates across the breadth of the auditorium as a singular prelude. Her fingers are gentle against the strings, but swift, yet the sounds that come from the lute are anything but. It is an old composition she plays, and one that originates from beyond the grave. A handful of those in the audience might recognize the music as an untitled piece from Orazio Vecchi's "Selva di varia ricreatione," a lost work of art altogether, as Vetiver breathes new life into the haunting lute solo. Lyric-less, there need not be any words to conjure up the mood in which the original composer intended. The first note introduces a lower pitch at the drop of a pin, fingers delving swiftly down the neck of her lute as a flood of moody notes surface from the young woman on stage. The piece, is complex, to say the least. Long, tapered fingers continue to pluck and strum against the thin strings, music producing its intended effect with the composition growing darker as it nears its middle course.

Nearby, Evelyn absently reaches out to slide her pale hand into Marcus's, holding his in her cold one, her little fingers lacing with his as they listen to the music.

Nearby, Samael tries to focus on the stage again and Vetivers music makes that infinitely more easy, seemingly forgetting about everything around him, including earlier local disturbances.

Nearby, Marcus looks over to Evelyn, smiling slightly, a curious expression on his face, but he squeezes her hand lightly and returns his attention to the music.

Nearby, Nelson takes a moment to glance at the group around him, then closes his eyes and listens to the music.

Auspex on Marcus notes:
«Less uncomfortable, but curious»

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«Interest, curiosity, thoughtful.»

Auspex on Evelyn notes:
«Seductive. Sparkling. Fearless.»

Perhaps the image of dying angels is what the composer originally intended. Or mayhap this is just the way in which the song is interpreted by the single figure on stage. Whatever the case, Vetiver continues to drown in the music, exhibiting the kind of artistic technique that is far too exemplary for someone of her age. The notes are rich, laced with an odd smattering of emotions —- anger, delight, yearning, sorrow. These sounds echo throughout the auditorium, bouncing off of the walls to swirl together at the center, then ricocheting off again to touch the ears of those sitting near the sides. As her left hand slides down the neck of her arch-lute, she flicks her index finger and thumb against the thinnest three strings, creating a high, lingering keening sound that seems to push the musical envelope a degree or two.
Then, silence.
The young musician pauses, counting the time signatures in her head before she resumes playing, the last few chords plucked from the thread-like strings in its dying breath.

Vetiver stands, eyeing the audience behind the faceless void. She curtseys for two heartbeats, before slipping off the stage quietly.

Jackal puts his shoe back on and wipes his hands on the next chair.

Evelyn is the first to her feet, clapping enthusiastically and breaking into a wide, sparkling white smile.

Yvette applauds Vetiver's performance.

Graham straightens his posture and taps his hands together lightly in a quiet clap.

Marcus smiles, applauding as well. He doesn't rise to his feet, but he does seem more than pleased.

Melanie applauds enthusiastically when Vetiver stands.

Bells claps for Vetiver, her gloved hands thumping together softly.

Auspex on Marcus notes:

Nearby, Josh reaches up to wet an indexfinger and then dips it down to whatever it was he liberated from his pockets. The movements, so slow and listless, should not draw too much attention.

Auspex on Graham notes:
«Entertained. Satisfaction.»

Nelson claps with the rest of the crowd, though he still seems to be reflective.

Javier applauds from his standing position, a soft sound that likely wouldn't carry its sound to the stage alone.

Auspex on Mayfair notes:
«Surprised approval, pleasure.»

Ethan adds his applauds, not standing like others, but certainly appreciative.

Samael takes a few moments, then raises to applaud for a few moments until he remembers where he is and quickly sits down again.

Auspex on Leight notes:
«The haunting of a memory wraps him in stillness. Grief. Redemption.»

Jackson Jackson stands and applauds politely. When Jackson stands, his feet seem not to move, as though firmly planted in the ground.

Nearby, Evelyn murmurs, without seeming to look, "Josh? If that's anything but sugar you're dipping, put it away."

As the music ends, Mayfair shifts in his seat to lean forward, and he applauds — quietly, as if unwilling to break the still atmosphere that the music created.

Erin adds a fingers-in-mouth whistle from the back row.
…So much for breaking the atmosphere.
Erin is known for that, yes.

Amelia rests and appreciative hand flat to her chest.

Nearby, Josh was just about to stick a finger - fine greyish white powder tainting it's tip - into his mouth and.. lets the hand go rubbery and flop back onto his seat without even getting his head up to stare, glare or otherwise look at Evelyn.

Nearby, Nelson turns to gaze at Josh for a moment, and then Evelyn. He leans over to speak to his fellow Tremere.

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«Surprise, irritation, then amusement and interest.»

Evelyn sits back down between Nelson and Marcus, turning her head to listen to something Nelson whispers in her ear. The pretty brunette witch has a smile on her face as mysterious and knowing as the Mona Lisa.

Nearby, Samael looks up at Evelyns remark, then to Josh. He blinks once, and frowns slightly, concerned. Leaning over in Josh's direction in turn.

Ethan turns and glances at Erin, raising an eyebrow at the whistle. But he does clap a little harder afterwards.

Nearby, Melanie looks over her shoulder at Josh and Evelyn.

Samael whispers to Josh; "Tell me what that is please?" to Josh.

Nearby, Evelyn clears her throat delicately, and then turns to look at Josh. She says to him, pointedly, "I can smell it, dear. I suggest that you turn over that little bag to my brother. Perish the thought you would try again in the bathroom."

2G. Restrin's Grand Finale

Applause, as the curtains close, and then a longer pause before the lights dim once more, and Restrin steps into the spotlight. He waits for a long moment, allowing the applause to continue and no doubt pleased that his own Childe has been so well recieved. But finally, the applause does silence, and he speaks to the audience once more.

"For the last performance of the night, I wish to give a gift upon those who dwell here this evening and those who have come from abroad. The honor you have shown me, I hope to prove myself worthy for. And I wish to thank you for your kind treatment by unveiling a composition that has taken me over seventeen years to complete. It has dominated my thoughts and hounded my dreams, and I only hope that my talents were enough to encapsulate the breath of what I have envisioned, but to perform it as well. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, "Heaven and Hell."

With that, the curtains part to reveal the orchestra onstage once more, surrounding the massice, 6100+ pipe-organ which stands, gleaming majestically, behind which are two choirs; A children's choir, and a men's choir, dressed in white robes and black, respectively. Restrin turns to approach the pipe organ, moving with vampiric grace, and careful, almost reverent in deference to that mighty instrument.

Josh mumbles a lethargic; "Nothin'. 'S just somethin' to make it hurt less."

Josh's lips move slowly as he answers Samael's whisper with one of his own.. waits a little bit and asks a question as well.

Nearby, Nelson falls stone silent.

Josh whispers to Samael "Am I with you again now, sir?"

Auspex on Evelyn notes:

Nearby, Bells just looks between the two groups of people in confusion. She doesn't know what she missed, but apparently doesn't care, because she is soon looking at that organ on stage. Biggest in four counties!

Seeing that the spectacle is to continue, Javier decides to occupy one of the many seats in the gargantuan auditorium. He moves down through the rows as quietly as possible, just a few aisles back from a gathering of spectators, and finds a place to make himself comfortable.

Javier sits down in the northwest seating area.

Nearby, Samael nods to Josh's question. A gentle smile and a whisper back before he returns his full attention to Restrin and the choirs that emerge now."

Graham glances about the room as the man on stage speaks, then returns his gaze to the stage to catch a glimpse of the organ..

Erin averts her gaze from the host's enormous organ. A girl shouldn't be so bold!

Auspex on Graham notes:
«Distraction for a moment, then amazement at the size of the music making organ.»

Nearby, Josh nods a lame 'okay' and, for appearances sake, lifts his head again so that he gets a look at something else than ceiling. The happenings on stage come at him filtered through thick layers of detachment.

Samael whispers; "We should talk later" the words aren't threatening in any way. If any emotion is attached it's concern; "And she had no right to address you on it." to Josh.

Posed to Aura-Readers:

Auspex on Mayfair notes:
«Patient anticipation, approval.»

Nearby, Samael flicks Evelyn a glance of disdain before his eyes settle on the stage again.

The notes… they start somewhere in the middle registers, with flickers of light from the higher and rumblings from the deeper ones. Brass pipes shine as the sun, over his raven-hued hair and alabaster fingers, as they move with impossible precision, the man's eyes closed, as he plays something that he knows just as certainly as the soul of the few he might call 'friend' in this stark, unloving world of the undead.

And now, the somewhat… benign runs of notes on that organ are given authoritative counterpoint by the thrum of kettle drums and the staccato crack of boot percussion, over which sings the children's choir:

Christus denicalis mundus
pariturus abeo -ire -ii -itum

Nearby, Melanie settles into her seat, listening to the music.

Nearby, Marcus has remained quiet, obviously letting the little spites go between them. He seems slightly confused as to the connections between the Evelyn and Josh, but he remains silent.

Nearby, Javier stares at the stage impassively, casting occasional glances at the crowd of people seated below him in the northwest corner of the auditorium's seats.

Strings scratch a daring, if brief, entrance, as that rumbling of kettle drums and clacking of wood becomes even, sustained, baseline

pariturus abeoire

Nearby, Samael looses contact with his surroundings quickly, seemingly totally absorbed by the music now, closing his eyes, listening.

Bells is awed by the melodious assault of Restrin's organ. Who wouldn't be? She simply watches in rapt fascination.

Posed to Aura-Readers:
«absorbed. Emotions run along with the melody and its lyrics.»

Jackson watches in awe.

And so it is that the cycle repeats itself, thrice, each time going through that same system of three verses being louder than the last, until they are, for a second at the end of the third cycle, at full crescendo for three whole notes, those triple moments of apex punctuated by a burst of perfectly harmonized chords from the entire symphony and the crash of impossibly intricate, sporadically but purposefully clashing notes, the overtones of which somehow fit together, locking into a glimpse of both the angelic and infernal peering through the very rift between worlds, through the veil, their eyes upon mankind, upon the Damned….

Nearby, Evelyn slips one pale hand into Nelson's, and the other into Marcus's, watching with evident joy and awe in her eyes, inspired to connect with both of those next to her, squeezing their hands and coming under the power of the music together. It's always more fun together.

Samael shivers slightly, eyes opening again, but the the gaze is turned inward.

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«Lost in thought contentment, then abrupt surprise, then contentment again.»

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«Lost in thoughtful contentment, then abrupt surprise, then contentment again.»

Marcus barely moves, his head angled slightly upwards, as he allows the water of sound to engulf and drown him.

Auspex on Ethan notes:
«Discomfort and alienation, quickly crushed under waves of will.»

Auspex on Evelyn notes:
«Pleasure. Intellectual interest and stimulation.»

Javier sits in stoic silence, legs crossed at the ankle and gaze unrestrained.

For a few moments, Mayfair's eyes close, and his head bows slightly.

Under the weight of those notes, yet lifted up by them at the same time, Restrin attacks the keys with a savage yet cultured intensity, the organ's golden pipes glowing above him like some miniature Sun as those notes evoked by his long, thin fingers emerge from the sea of music which swirls about it and spins in rises and falls, left hand in syncopated yin-yang with the right as one fills the note left open by the other. The symphony has gotten softer, but the baseline thrum of percussion plows ahead with unrelenting pace

The men's choir sings, switching from Latin to German,

Ihre Seele gehört Hölle
Gehen der Weg der Toten,
Sie erleiden ewige Verdammung
Sie haben den Gott verärgert,
der auf Höhe sitzt

And it starts to swell again, the swordfight of strings led by the rich sound of violas and flanked by the violins, punctuated by skew harmony bt cello and bass,

Aber der Lord, in seiner endlosen Gnade

The music swells markedly, heading once more to that peak

Durch seinen Engel Gabriel, hat an Sie eine Weise angeboten, mit ihm wieder ZU LEBEN!!!

Auspex on Josh notes:
«As if this deadness isn't enough, the boy craves a furthering of the cold - he wants, no, -desires- to put as many barriers between him and what goes on around him as he can.»

The assault …. it is war. Utter and complete war, as the whole piece, the organ, the symphony sustains an immense, towering crescendo, each note pushing the one before it faster, harder, as the cackling demon, the wretched, fallen soul bangs on the organ keys with such savageness that it might well be shocking that the notes he plays are perfect, the angels and devils all reaching for him… vor all of they who walk in fear of the Sun, some speaking guttural promises of vile pleasure and pain into one ear, whilst the others offer a taxing, slim, yet real hope of escape…

The shivering stops as the Samaels attention focuses even more now, totally still, inhumanly frozen and moved.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«hope and fear»

Auspex on Leight notes:
«Sympathy. Identification. An Angel or a Demon? Two edges. One sword. Reflection.»

And it just doesn't stop. It bears down, harder and harder, more frantic and aching, angry amd vengeful, paranoid and alone, before…..


That silence lasts…. a full twenty measures, complete and like a held breath as it anticipates what comes in relief and release, once again soft, forgiving, slightly touched with a sad hope as the children speak, once more in latin, in the voices of the angels,


Down a half-octave,


Another half-octave, now the only thing accompanying the choir being the now increasingly serene organ notes. which serve to lend foundation to the words,


And down a full, repeating "Confugiofugere," three times before holding the last three syllables of the word for several measures, before the two choirs once again sing in unison the final word, one of… mystery shot through with some grim hope…. A……..MEN……

And that is it, the final notes held to fade slowly, as the curtain closes on the framed image of the tall, dark-haired Toreador considering that chord, perhaps unaware, for a moment in time, that there anybody else even there.

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«Approval. Respect.»

Auspex on Evelyn notes:
«Moved. Delighted. Awed.»

Auspex on Ethan notes:
«Moved. Horrified. Dismayed.»

Ethan holds still, as much of the audience much, unable to applaud for long seconds after the curtains close. When he does, it is just the beginning of a slow clap, singular.

Bells stands and applauds enthusiastically. "Bravo!" she cries.

Auspex on Melanie notes:

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«Overwhelmed, silent»

Golfclaps from Javier, a soft staccato beat out by his fingertips against the opposite palm. Half-lidded regard skims the crowd more intensely now that the performance has reached its conclusion.

Marcus rises and applauds with Bells, "Encore!"

Slowly, Mayfair nods his head. Once.

Yvette joins in the applause.

Evelyn stands to her feet again, clapping her hands together and grinning widely.

Leight blinks awareness back to his face, looks briefly at Amelia, then himself rises to his feet to offer applause.

Samael remains seated, silent and not quite able to respond yet.

Graham stands in the back of the room, gently tapping his hands together in applause.

Amelia rises and joins the others in their applause.

Jackson stands and joins the applause.

Nelson gets to his feet and applauds as well, though his face is still creased in thought.

Nearby, Josh closes his eyes and drops his face forward so he can rub it and sink into that comforting feeling of flesh touching flesh, all his own. A few grains of powder cling to his lips and the ends of a stray matte black lock as the boy sits back again, eyelids still shutting out the hall.

Erin is laughing from the back. Laughing and laughing. The girl she has in tow looks a bit more pale than when the lights went down. But she too, offers applause. Erin is amused. Wholly.

Auspex on Josh notes:
«Numbness spreads like a thick grey fog, weaving it's tendrils into the boy's already nearly colourless aura.»

Auspex on Erin notes:
«Absurdity of simplicity. Revelry in indulgence. Delicious.»

Melanie stands, joining in the applause.

Darkness for a moment, to lend a tone of finality to the performance, the evening's entertainment, and then the lights once again make themselves known, and Restrin appears on stage, his voice amplified by microphone. His bearing is…. weary yet stoically solid, all hint of that madman's rage and hope to be seen on his hawkish, inscrutable features, "Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for your attendance this evening. Do many yourselves home here, especially you members of the Red Room. I cannot really thank you enough for coming, so please understand that I have been blessed by the sight of each of you this night." Flowery words, those which come in closing, but entirely forthright.

Evan pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Evan has left.

Nearby, Bells sits back down and looks toward Samael curiously. She doesn't ask him the question that she seems to want to, however. Just looks at him.

Jackson pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Jackson has left.

Jackal Jackal stands up and heads for the door, on his way out he sneeks another look at Evelyn. He smiles and is gone.

Jackal pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Jackal has left.

Ghouls appear at the doors, holding them open for the attendees as they mill about and then take their leave.

Erins laughter seems to wake Samael. He slowly turns to glance at her and back at the stage again. A soft smile spreading across his features when Restrin appears again. That smile is extended to Bells and Josh as the immediate surroundings start to get through again.

Yvette rises quietly, turning to join the exodus.

Nearby, Evelyn continues to sit and watch Restrin, missing the departure of many of the others.

Posed to Aura-Readers:

Restrin disappears from sight, backstage, once more.

Auspex on Ethan notes:
«Calmed, dead again.»

Standing near the door, Graham is quick through them when the crowd begins to leave.

Ethan glances over his head at Erin, not daring to frown when he notes her behavior. He sits, otherwise, watching.

Erin grasps her girlfriend by the wrist, and pulls her from the room. They disappear into the night. And quite probably, knowing Erin, the girl will disappear from the Earth.

Erin pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Erin has left.

Graham pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Graham has left.

Nearby, Javier remains seated as well, watching as a great number of the spectators prepare to make their exit. His brown eyes are on them, espying interpersonal interactions with the vigilance of a bird of prey.

Leight stands and leaves the northeast seating area.

Amelia stands and leaves the northeast seating area.

Evelyn stands and leaves the northwest seating area.
Evelyn has departed.

Yvette pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Yvette has left.

Evelyn notes to her companions, "Worth waiting 17 years for, I think."

Nelson stands and leaves the northwest seating area.
Nelson has departed.

Melanie stands and leaves the northwest seating area.
Melanie has departed.

Melanie smiles at Evelyn. "I have to agree."

Apolo has not moved much since he sat down. Just that little adjustment during the film, and another, to sink back into his seat at the beginning of Restrin's piece. He didn't even applaud, not for anyone, that asshole. Now, at the end of everything, the Malkavian leans into his companion, murmurs a few words, and stands to go.

Leight, pensive, offers Amelia his arm to depart. He makes careful attention to giving Apolo and Mayfair respectful and deep nods.

Nearby, Samael remains silent for a few moment. Then turns to Bells.
Samael whispers "Well.. that was the fun part."" to Bells.

Nelson looks around those he was sitting with, and nods in farewell. "If you all will excuse me, I have something to attend to. Good night." With those simple words, he's out the door.

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«Determined, moving with purpose.»

Nelson pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Nelson has left.

Marcus stands and leaves the northwest seating area.
Marcus has departed.

Marcus pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Marcus has left.

Amelia's arm slides, practiced, through Leight's. She grants the same deference to Apolo and Mayfair. Her companion leads her from the Auditorium.

Evelyn watches her brother leave with a certain amusement. She turns to wait for the others, smiling softly still. She does note Leight and Amelia, and nods respectfully to them both, and then Apolo and Mayfair. Then she puts an arm around Melanie's waist to draw her close before also reaching for Bells.

Ethan stands after Apolo does, tracing his own path out after the smaller man. Not intruding, but taking his cue.

Mayfair watches Leight and Amelia leave — he returns their nods politely. Evelyn, too, gets a nod — not quite as polite, but it is a greeting.

Leight pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Leight has left.

Amelia pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Amelia has left.

Ethan stands and leaves the southwest seating area.

Apolo stands and leaves the northeast seating area.

Auspex on Bells notes:

Restrin pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Restrin has left.

Nearby, Samael glances over at Josh again, slightly concerned.

Finally, Javier stands. Slowly, he makes his way toward an egress.

Javier stands and leaves the northwest seating area.
Javier has departed.

Vetiver steps off of the stage.

Nearby, Bells sighs softly as Nelson departs. She watches him from the moment he departs, until the door shuts behind him.

Auspex on Evelyn notes:
«Compassion for Bells.»

Samael whispers "Not entirely your kind of music perhaps."" to Josh.

Evelyn offers Bells her arms with a soft smile.

Melanie grins at Evelyn. "Where are we going?"

Evelyn shrugs to Melanie, and murmurs, "I don't know? I don't know who will stay to socialize."

Nearby, Josh looks as blank as a statue though with a slightly rubbery 'feel' to his body and features.
Josh whispers to Samael; "What.. music?"

Apolo waits in the aisle for Cyrus — and Mayfair, who is still several rows away. The little man has fallen silent again, hands shoved deep in his pockets.

With a delirious nod, Cyrus slides to his feet to follow Apolo to the door, casting only the occasional leery glance over his shoulder.

Bells gives Evelyn a brief hug. "Hi," she says. "I'm glad to see you. I was hoping Nelson would stay, but…" She shrugs a little. She turns back toward Sammy. "Well, little man. It looks like I'm all yours again."

Vetiver pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Vetiver has left.

Connie pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Connie has left.

At the Seneschal's indication, Mayfair finally rises from his seat. "That was certainly entertaining," he observes, and smiles brightly. "Yes." He steps out into the aisle, making to follow Apolo out.

Mayfair stands and leaves the northeast seating area.

Evelyn looks to the stage, and then notes to Melanie and Bells and company, "I don't want to go before thanking Mr. Kirtain and praising Vetiver too. If you all want to go, though, go ahead. I'm going to stay behind."

Apolo has something that resembles a smile on his face. "I believe it was exactly what Mr. Kirtain wished it to be." If that would be good or bad, the man's voice gives no indication. With a little jerk of his head towards the doors, the Seneschal leads the way out.

Apolo pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Apolo has left.

Samael laughs softly at Bells remark; "Or I'm yours? A shame he had to leave that quickly." The child falls silent again when he sees Mayfair rise. Turning at Josh; "Perhaps you'd tell me how you've been."

Mayfair pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Mayfair has left.

Lussa pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Lussa has left.

"I'm.." Josh answer drifts out from between numb lips and carries much of that lack of sensation with it, lethargy clinging lazily to each and every word, "..just fine, sir." An infinately slow blink and, "Yeah. Fine."

Cyrus pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Cyrus has left.

Ethan makes his own way out, politely distant from the conversations around him.

Melanie nods. "I'll stay with you, Evelyn."

Evelyn nods to Melanie, and smiles at her. "We'll probably find her up in the VIP Lounge by now." She looks to Samael and Bells, pausing a moment to look over the slow and numb Josh dubiously. She says, "What about the two of you?"

Javier pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Javier has left.

Bells looks toward Samael questioningly. She's abandoned him once already.

Samael rises and nods to Evelyn, looking back at Bells and Josh; "It's part of the deal. What do you say?"

Ethan pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Ethan has left.

Once everyone seems ready, Evelyn turns to walk up the aisle. Her dress flutters about as she moves, and the smell of the roses in her hair trails behind her.

Evelyn pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Evelyn has left.

Samael offers Bells his arm.

Melanie pushes through the doors into the lobby.
Melanie has left.

Bells takes it gratefully and follows along.
Bells pushes through the doors into the lobby.

Bells has left.

C. The After-Party

VIP Lounge - Disney Concert Hall - Downtown

Plush burgundy carpeting and red wallpaper have given the vampire-only lounge its nickname: the Red Room. It's a spacious place filled with a variety of furniture ('places') suited for quiet conversations while still being seen.
The north wall features a long window of one-way glass, providing an excellent view of the auditorium stage beyond and below. Framed paintings hang on the other walls beneath soft globes of light, each one part of an eclectic collection of modern works. Distinctive amongst these paintings appears to be a message board of some sort, although it is elegantly framed in such a way so as not to clash with its surroundings.

"You are kind," says Restrin, rising to look upon Apolo, "And your even paying quick visit to the Red Room is an honor I shall not forget. Thank you."

Evelyn's dress flutters about as she moves, and the smell of the roses in her hair trails behind her. She still looks like a red flame as she enters the room with Bells, Samael and Melanie with her.

Evan slips silently around the edge of the wall and, after the latest crowd fills the room even more, he murmurs a few plesantries and slips out.

Evan steps out through the door.
Evan has left.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:

Auspex on Cyrus notes:
«Uneasy. Searching. Though the dread has faded somewhat, the overwhelming evening has left him feeling wan and humble.»

Auspex on Evelyn notes:
«Sparkling. Energized. Determined. Curious.»

Mayfair hangs back, waiting his turn while others speak to Restrin.

Bells comes in holding Samael's arm, following behind Evelyn and Melanie. She strikes quite a contrast to him, being over a foot taller than he. She takes in the room and its occupants in silence, peering out from under silken hood cautiously.

"It was a lovely evening," Apolo says, and seems to mean it, despite his lack of response during the performances themselves. That, apparently, is it for the Seneschal's small-talk pleasantries. He nods his head at the small group surrounding Restrin and takes a step back, clearly relinquishing the Keeper to his other admirers.

Ethan bows again as Apolo moves to leave, holding the position.

As awkward as that may appear, Samael more or less leads Bells into the room, following Evelyn as she searches her way through the crowd.

Melanie sticks near Evelyn, following along at her side.

After bowing to every single occupant in the room, Vetiver retreats from Restrin's side to allow him to do his own thing, if only to take Evan's former place by the wall.

Auspex on Bells notes:
«Uncomfortable. Nervous.»

Restrin carries himself with the bearing of a man who has experienced the gatherings which come after performances many times before, and he seems rather at ease with the whole thing, if a bit tired, "Harrison Mayfair… looking around my beloved Red Room and seeing /you/ in it certainly helps this qualify as a 'good evening'."

Auspex on Lussa notes:
«His emotions are almost raw, heightened by the performances this evening.»

While eyes turn towards host, Cyrus takes the moment to glower idley at Mayfair, a bit more pride in his posture as he sizes the other fellow. Gritting his teeth, his returns his atention to the conversation.

When Vetiver retreats from Restrin's side, Evelyn goes to her, both of her pale hands extended, those red velvet pouches hanging from her wrists. She grins and says, "Veti! It was wonderful." She catches Veti's hands up in hers, kisses her cheek passionately, and whirls her around to sit and curl up on a couch, seeming to assume that all of her friends with come join her and gather round.

Evelyn sits down at the two couches facing each other in the middle.

Vetiver sits down at the two couches facing each other in the middle.

Graham retreats back in the room slightly, making room for more. The man stands straight, merely observing the going ons.

Connie seems to favor the wallflower position herself, remaining quiet, her band arrayed about her, similiarly quiet, a touch more respectful. She watches people, as they mill about, but doesn't join in any conversations right now.

Melanie sits down at the two couches facing each other in the middle.

"Darling, might I add that you look stunning tonight," Vetiver comments with a smile, admiring Evelyn's dress. She allows herself to be whirled around for a moment, before settling down on the chair next to her. "And thank you, though I must say that the final performance took my breath away."

Bells whispers to Samael; "Is this an Elysium too? Are they all like us?"

Evelyn curls up with her little crowd, starting to talk and gossip in lowered voices.

When Apolo steps back and Restrin addresses him, Mayfair steps forward, away from the doors. "Mr. Kirtan," he replies, and offers a hand. "You've done a remarkable job tonight. I commend you on creating such a fine opportunity for so many of us to share our works. You've done very well tonight."

Samael grins when Evelyn compliments Vetiver and nods, closing his eyes for a second; "You made your Sire proud no doubt." the child offers softly; "Vetiver.. may I introduce Bells? She's new too. Keeper Holmes is teaching her. Bells, this is Vetiver, Childe of Keeper Restrin Kirtan."

Samael sits down at the two couches facing each other in the middle.

Bells lifts a gloved hand to Vetiver in a wave. "Hi," she says, her voice a little nervous. "Your performance was totally awesome."

Bells sits down at the two couches facing each other in the middle.

Samael whispers; "Yes.. this is Elysium." to Bells.

Vetiver glances at Samael and bows slightly, greeting him with a smile. "Thank you, and yes…I've heard so many wonderful things about Miss Bells. A pleasure." The childe extends her hand to the Nosferatu.

Auspex on Bells notes:

Vetiver leans into Evelyn to whisper something in her ear.

"I was lucky enough to have some wonderful artists lend their skills and time to perform for us tonight. It fills me with pride to know that the arts are alive and well in /our/ particular undead demographic of Los Angeles." Restrin slides the attention away from himself, and to Lussa, Connie, and Vetiver, "I think that the contrasting styles presented by the three performers who preceded me was a symphony in itself. Have you met all of them, by the way?"

As status would demand, Samael offers Vetiver a deeper bow in turn.

At the couches, Vetiver hugs Evelyn lightly before turning to the small group.

Bells shakes Vetiver's hand briefly. "The pleasure is mine. You've heard things about me?" she asks. "I'm rather surprised, to be honest. I didn't think the surfer girl freak-show was of much interest to the other domains."

Mayfair tilts his head to the side slightly. "I can't say," he answers. "I arrived late. I'm not aware of who performed, other than your childe on the lute. That was a remarkable performance — I enjoyed that quite a lot. You should be proud of her."

At the couches, Evelyn murmurs to Vetiver, "Maybe you should go back and stand next to your sire, Veti. Be by his side while the praise is given out?" She smiles a bit, urging the girl to go back to stand next to Restrin.

Apolo melts into the background as Restrin introduces Mayfair around. The Malkavian doesn't seem upset he's not the center of attention, if anything, he shrugs off further attempts to speak with him on his way to Cyrus's side.

Ethan maintains his wallflower position, watching.

The childe nods, "Absolutely. About your involvement in helping the Tremere capture members of the Salt Beach Coterie. Congratulations," this murmured to Bells in a low tone, before she turns to Evelyn.

Auspex on Bells notes:

"Very, very proud," replies Restrin, looking over to Vetiver, before he notes, "The other two were Askalaphos Lussa and Connie Martyn." He gestures to indicate those named, "I've had the performance recorded. You should definitely catch their bits sometime, as well."

Evelyn flickers a look to Bells and smiles at her.

Vetiver mutters to Evelyn, "Ugh,… would, but… presence is making…"

Connie looks towards Restrin as her name is mentioned, giving a polite nod.

Bells sits there in stunned silence for a moment. "Thank you," she finally says.

Melanie flashes a glance at Evelyn and Vetiver.

Samael absently nods to Evelyns remark to Vetiver. He pats Bells on the shoulder when Vetiver speaks; "There you are!"

Auspex on Melanie notes:

Evelyn mutters to Vetiver, "Honey,… to…"

Lussa turns to Mayfair as he and Restrin speak, and an introduction looms. He is dwarfed by the two men, although does not seem bothered by that fact. He murmurs to Mayfair as Restrin gestures to him, "A pleasure making your aquaintance."

Kirtan's childe, nevertheless stands and makes a polite courtsey to the group seated. She slides Evelyn a sly wink before heading on back over to Restrin, standing right beside him as is proper.

Auspex on Evelyn notes:
«Slightly surprised, but far too quick-witted to show it.»

Cyrus seems to have settled into his brooding, a few steps removed from the other Toreador gentleman; his eyes keep searching past them. He's almost started when Apolo nears, flashing a half-guilty smile and leaning over to mutter something to him.

Samael eventually drops down in one of those benches, offering Bells to take a seat next to him.

"I'll do so," Mayfair promises, and he turns to look over at the indicated artists. "Mr. Lussa, Ms. Martyn." He nods his head politely. "Mr. Kirtan, I'm afraid I have to take my leave. I have a meeting scheduled. But I am very glad that I had the opportunity to come to this event tonight. You've done well."

Bells moves to sit by Samael. She tries to stay attentive without drawing too much attention to herself like a good Nosferatu.

Cyrus whispers; "All goes well? The way they've set it up, it's got me feeling like the world's gonna end. And somehow that feels like the least of my worries." to Apolo

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«out of place»

Connie makes her way closer to the other performers, leaving her entourage behind. She too is dwarved, even by Lussa. She flashes a bright smile to Mayfair as he acknowledges her, nodding back, deeply.

Restrin inclines his head, deeply, to Mayfair, "May the night find you well, my friend," he intones in response to Mayfair's impending departure. He looks across to note Samael standing there, and a subtle hue of smile touches his lips at that, the Toreador nodding to the youthful-looking vampire.

"Good evening, M'lord. I apologize I could not be here soon enough for the introductions," Vetiver murmurs politely as Mayfair makes his departure known. She remains rooted next to Restrin.

At the couches, Evelyn turns back to the three of you and smiles. She says, "It's been quite an evening. I think I missed something, though. Why were you mad at me during the concert, Samael? I didn't want Josh snorting up while people were performing, that would have been bad news."

Auspex on Graham notes:
«nervous, out of place, slight boredom.»

Apolo mutters to Cyrus, ""It is indeed, Mr. Sedoso. I do need to get back to the Tower, particularly if the apocalypse is coming. Would you?" The Malkavian nods his head towards the door." to Cyrus

Samael is quite silent, hiding discomfort but not really succeeding. When he spots Restrins attention from a distance he offers a deep respectful nod in turn. It seems sincere enough, impressed even.

Auspex on Evelyn notes:
«Strong. Secure. Belonging.»

Apolo nods his head towards the door, and takes a step back. Without waiting on Cyrus's response, he's casting his gaze around the room. Graham, Bells, and Samael, in particular, seem to merit attention.

Auspex on Connie notes:
«Subdued in the face of so many strangers.»

Mayfair dips his head deeply to both Restrin and Vetiver, smiling. He steps away and pauses for a moment by Apolo, long enough to murmur, "Good evening, Mr. Callas." Just that, and he makes for the door.

At the couches, Samael glances back to Evelyn; "So what if he would have?" the child responds to Evelyn; "I just did not appreciate you bringing up the subject. Not there and not here."

Graham notices the mans gaze and returns slow bowing nod. He studies the man for a moment before he leaves, but makes no attempt for approach at this time.

Bells lifts a hand to Apolo and waves politely, having just been caught examining the man, herself.

Auspex on Graham notes:
«Wonder. Interest.»

Vetiver bows as the Seneschal and Downtown's Deputy make their leave.

At the couches, Evelyn gives Samael a strange and rather confused look. She then clears her expression and notes to him, "We can debate about it later, then."

Samaels eyes widen a bit when Bells waves to Apolo. He whispers something to her quickly and stands to offer a bow in the Seneschals direction.

Samael whispers "He's the Downtown Seneschal." to Bells.

Restrin looks to those who are new to this place, and he lifts his voice to the room, politely calling attention to his words, "Everyone who has come tonight, I entreat you to visit as often as you like, and I certainly hope that I might speak with each of you in person sometime. It is my belief that the spirit of Elysia can bring all of us closer together, and help us in our nightly duty to uphold the Traditions. The Red Room is always open to you."

Bells looks from Samael and back to Apolo. "Hi, sir," she tacks onto the wave.

At the couches, Samael nods to Evelyn, softening expression; "That will be fine Evelyn." the child says.

Cyrus casts a last quick glance through the crowds, his jaw clenced and expression darkened with rue. But he echoes Apolo's step towards the door. "Of course." And he moves to clear way down to the lobby.

At the couches, Evelyn nods to that calmly, and looks back to the rest of the room, tracking people's movements and such.

Samael closes his eyes for a minute and whispers back to Bells again.
Samael whispers "He's the one that might decide if you live or not Bells. He's a LORD. Bow to him." to Bells.

Ethan keeps his bowed stance.

Auspex on Apolo notes:
«Increasing agitation as more bodies come into the room. Threatening explosion, all hidden under calm front.»

Goodbyes made, Mayfair heads out.

Mayfair steps out through the door.
Mayfair has left.

Evelyn keeps silent, and glances at those departing, smiles prettily and politely, and then glances down at her nails.

Samael whispers "No speaking though. No greeting." to Bells.

The corner of Apolo's mouth quirks in amusement at Bells exuberant greeting, but he returns nothing more than that. Cyrus ready, the Malkavian exits the room on Mayfair's heels.

Apolo steps out through the door.
Apolo has left.

Ethan rises when Apolo leaves, glancing around the room.

Bells looks at Samael with a mild amount of irritation. She crosses her arms.

Before he departs, Cyrus remembers his etiquette and looks back to Restrin. Though he does not intrude with words, he reaches out to shake the man's hand and give him a reverant nod of approval and gratitude, then dashing off before the Seneschal loses patience.

Cyrus steps out through the door.
Cyrus has left.

Restrin looks, then, over to Melanie, sketching a polite little half-bow, which isn't risking disrespect if she is a vampire of high status, and not going over the top if the opposite is true, "M'lady. I don't believe we've met."

Samael sighs but seems relieved at Apolo's reaction. When he leaves he turns back to Bells; "Ah.. I'm sorry. It's just.. people are quite.. focussed on these things."

Oh if the childe only had her cane tonight. Looks like that's not going to happen any time soon, so instead of using the friendly little device as a tool for distraction she looks to her Sire. "Perhaps I can introduce you to Ms. Hall, if Evelyn is busy."

Melanie stands up, curtseying to Restrin. "No, I don't believe we have, formally…"

At the couches, Bells says "We'll talk about it later."

Evelyn is not busy, she looks up from her place on the couch, waiting with the rest of the younger generation to give their thanks and greetings after all of the big shots have gone. Evelyn gives a look about now, and smiles to Lussa, nodding in his direction even as she stands.

Evelyn stands and leaves the two couches facing each other in the middle.
Evelyn has departed.

At the couches, Samael nods; "We should." the child responds softly.

Graham also makes his way for the door, first movements of the night. On his way there, he bows a head to the Keeper with a smile, then gazes around the room again before departing.

Vetiver waits for Evelyn to join them, if only to introduce the Tremere to her Sire.

Lussa says to Restrin, dipping into a bow before the Toreador, "I believe I will also take my leave."

At the couches, Samael sighs.. In fact.. I should have discussed this before we entered even. I'm sorry.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:

Ethan makes his way over to Restrin now that those of higher standing have made their congradulations.

Evelyn waits for Lussa, not interrupting the much older and higher status fellow neonate. She and her sister can wait. Evelyn slips her pale hand into Melanie's, standing beside her, looking like Melanie's daughter or some such.

Vetiver casts Mr. Lussa a gelid bow before he leaves entirely.

Bells waves to Askalaphos. Since /he/ doesn't expect her to bow.

Restrin cants his head ever so slightly to the side, birdlike, as he considers Melanie, an urbane little smile writ upon his features, "I am Restrin Kirtan, and you…?" Politely intoned, before he looks to Mr. Lussa, "I certainly hope to visit you within the next couple of days. You were fantastic this evening, and I look forward to collaborating with you… we must discuss this." That said, when Lussa takes his leave, Restrin looks back to offer that smile once more, awaiting the bird's name.

Graham steps out through the door.
Graham has left.

As Bell waves to Ask, Samael grins and waves as well.

Connie murmurs something soft, polite, as Lussa makes known his attention to leave.

Evelyn introduces with a graceful movement of her wrist, "Mr. Kirtain, this is my sister, Melanie Hall, fellow neonate of House Tremere. She's another of the Malibu Tremere under Pyotr Lobachevsky's Regency."

Melanie waits while Evelyn completes the introduction, and then smiles again at Restrin. "Sir, your work tonight was phenomenal…"

Lussa' smile in responce to Restrin's compliment is a gentle curve of his lips. He says as he rises, "I would be very much delighted." He then turns to those present, and nods his head. "Good evening."

Since Restrin moved closer now Samael rises as well, offering a bow in Restrins direction as well. He remains silent however, simply listening.

Lussa bows again to Restrin, then turns a slighter bow to the present neonates. He then turns to depart.

"Well met, Mrs. Hall," says Restrin, and then, "And thank you for the kind introduction, Evelyn… if I may call you that," he gives a little smile to the latter, before looking once more to Melanie, "Kind words, m'lady, and appreciated. I have not a tenth of the talent on the violin as does Mr. Lussa, however, and you should see me try to handle a guitar. My Childe, Vetiver, puts me to same. As for Connie Martyn, I am afraid she's more hip than I'll ever manage."

Samael offers a slight bow to Askalaphos in turn; "Good night Sir."

"Bye, Ask!" Bells says from her place on the couch.

"Mrs. Hall oversees the Amethyst Night in Venice," Vetiver chimes in, "A wonderful store, I might add."

Lussa steps out through the door.
Lussa has left.

Ethan quirks a slight smile and nods to Restrin, "Thank you, keeper."

"Your work was magnificent, and beautiful, Mr. Kirtan. You're too modest," Evelyn grins at Restrin sweetly. She turns to look at Askalaphos, smiling as he departs. She then turns back to Restrin and Vetiver, offering her pale hand to shake, "You were both wonderful. Thank you so much."

After a fleeting, icy glance at the doorway, Vetiver resumes her pleasant expression once Evelyn makes her compliments known to all. She takes the Tremere's hand, squeezing it lightly before releasing it with a warm smile.

He looks to Bells, now, does Restrin, "And you, ma'am? I haven't seen you in the Red Room before, either. I do hope you find it comfortable here; I'd love to see more inter-Domain mingling here."

Bells stands. She dips her hood respectfully. "Hi," she says. "I'm Bells. Keeper Holmes' adopted childe. Your performance was wonderful."

Connie chuckles at the idea that she's 'hip', but it doesn't last too long, though her smile remains.

Samael nods to both Bells and Restrin.

Auspex on Evelyn notes:
«Serene. Calm. Cool-headed.»

"Thank you, m'lady. And please, give my regards to Keeper Holmes. I do hope to see more of him." Finally, he looks to Ethan and says, an honest smile on his face, "Ethan, thank you so much for coming tonight."

Ethan nods to Vetiver, "It was a pleasure, truly. Both you and" he nods now to Restrin, "the Keeper's performance." His gaze lingers on Restrin, taking some hidden measure of the man.

Veti smiles at Ethan, the gesture as genuine as her Sire's, "Yes, thank you for dropping by."

Evelyn clasps her pale hands together, and smiles as she watches the other present, listening and admiring. She seems so in harmony with the space - she is also dressed in red, perhaps in honor of the red room. But more specifically, she's completely confident, she doesn't seem to feel out of place at all.

Melanie resumes her seat.

"Of course, sir," Bells replies to Restrin, dipping her hood again. When his attention wanes from her, she sits back down and crosses her ankles.

That said, it appears as if the Keeper is prepared to depart for the evening, "Do come visit me again sometime, all of you," he asks, "I do grow lonely in these dark nights. Vetiver?" He offers up an arm to his Childe, clear indication that it is time to go.

Samael nods to Bells remark, bowing his head, and then glancing up at Restrin again, stumbling; The child smiles; "I'm sure your ears are humming with praises already as they should. I could see why you wanted me to attend Sir. I.. well.. " he ponders his words for a moment; "Ah.. if I might be so bold. It's music from a soul to a soul. You captured it well, these hopes and fears. I'm honored to have witnessed it.."

Vetiver takes the arm as indicated, her movements less mechanical than one would warrant to see on these nights. She draws a deep breath, preparing to head back home.

Auspex on Restrin notes:
«Pleased. Slightly … embarassed? Yep.»

"Coming from you, that is high praise, indeed, Samael," says Restrin, offering his profile to the youthful-looking vampire for a pregnant heartbeat — a meaningful gesture — before, Vetiver on his arm, he ghosts from the room, disappearing into the stairwell below.

Vetiver steps out through the door.
Vetiver has left.

Restrin goes home.
Restrin has left.

Ethan takes a deep breath, slowly letting it out.

Auspex on Melanie notes:
«Relieved - but still annoyed.»

Samael sighs and turns back to Bells; "Well.. that's it really." he smiles; "except for.." he turns in Connies direction offering a slight bow as well. A playful smile; "I love your courage miss. The sound of our modern days should be no less."

Evelyn turns to study Melanie, smiling faintly. She notes to her, "Shall we?"

Ethan nods to the group and begins his own awy out.

Melanie looks at the door, sighing a bit as everyone leaves…and then nods to Evelyn. "I suppose we might as well."

Connie smiles back to Samael, brows lifted a bit. "Courage?"

"Aw," Bells says to the departing Melanie and Evelyn. "Leaving already?" she asks.

Bells lifts her hand in a wave to Ethan, now that he doesn't seem like he's going to pop.

Evelyn looks around the room, smiling politely to Connie, a stranger to her still. Then, Even looks back to Bells. She says, "It would seem as if the crowd is dispersing, sweetheart."

Ethan grins and nods to Bells on his way out.
Ethan steps out through the door.
Ethan has left.

Bells hitches her shoulders up at Evelyn. "So? The /really/ important people are still here…"

Evelyn chuckles at that, blue eyes twinkling. She says to Bells, "No argument there, dear."

Samael nods to Connie; "The blues miss. In a room full of.. well.. you'd realize. I appreciate someone sticking to her own style."

Connie returns the smile to Evelyn, as she listens to Samael. The smile widens at his words. "Ah was asked t' p'form … no one suggested tha' Ah do anythin' but mah own … style." She chuckles softly, glancing a little around. "Mebbe tha's why they made me go first."

Samael smiles to Evelyn, dips his head at the two Tremere-girls leaving. To Bells; "I'm gonna pick up Josh downstairs. If you like we can meet downstairs, or you can come along. I'm all good."
Samael nods to Connie; "Hence. You got the courage doing the opening. More alive perhaps than the rest of them."

"I should be getting back to Expo Park," Bells says. She stands. "Evelyn, it was nice seeing you. And… Melanie, was it?" she asks. "I remember talking to you down in Venice one day. I hope to see you again." She makes her way over toward Connie. "I really liked your performance. I'm not a big fan of the blues myself, but you did really great. Thanks for the performance."

Melanie nods to Bells. "I think we did meet one time, yes."

Evelyn gives Bells a bigger grin, and then takes Melanie's hand. She says lightly, her voice a haunting and loving thing to the whole room in general, "Goodnight, all." She then turns, slipping out with Melanie.

Evelyn steps out through the door.
Evelyn has left.

Connie leans a little closer; the two aren't that far off in height, so she's not leaning down. It looks more like a confiding sort of lean. "Well, Ah's kinda new t' th' area. Ain't had much o' a chance t' find out wha' Ah'd be up against." She grins: obviously she wouldn't have cared anyway.

Melanie says, "Goodnight…"

Melanie steps out through the door.
Melanie has left.

Samael smiles at Bells and offers his arm then; "Would you do me the honor of accompanying me then Lady?" he asks and nods to Connie; "I like a girl who simply puts her heart in it. Not thinking of what others might think. It sounds, it shows. It's more real."

Connie grins again, her glance going over to Bells, giving her a nod and smile. To Samael, she replies, "Ah'm glad tha' y'all enjoyed it. Th' nices' thing Ah's heard t'night."

Bells slips her arm in Sammy's and waits for him to finish with Connie.

Samael nods to Connie; "You're very welcome." he assures; "But now indeed we'd need to go. South Central is still a long way and it's getting early." He offers a slight bow again; "Goodnight miss."

Connie nods in agreement. "Ah won' hold y' up any longah. Pleasah t' have met y'all." She lets her smile encompass both the vampires leaving.

Samael step sout through the door and down the flight of stairs beyond.

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