Y02/04/11- Child's Play

Cast: Holmes, Aleric, Samael
Location: Salon - Expo Park
Synopsis: Alaric and Sam, two members of the Bellflower Coterie chatter in Elysium. Something appears to happen to Sam. Father Holmes, Keeper of the Expo Park Elysium rushes in to deal with the situation. Finally the two vampire-teens have a confession to make…

Salon - Expo Park

This high-ceilinged room is a broad ellipse, about thirty by thirty five feet. There are two large white single doors on the south side of the room. Between the the doors is an information area featuring a pair of bookshelves, a map and a bulletin board. Near the door on the right is a guestbook on a wooden stand.
The curved wall of the room is dominated by a great mural. Its most striking feature is above the information area between the doors; there you see a depiction of a planet, pockmarked with glowing craters and shrouded by dust. Above the mural is gilded scrollwork, and above that, the high ecru ceiling of the room is gently arched. The ceiling seems to glow softly; it is subtly lit by lights hidden in recessed niches; the scattered light is entirely adequate for reading but gentle on even the most sensitive eyes.
The floor is done in green and black marble that counterpoints the dominant colors in the great mural, and the furniture in the room varies according to the occasion, but there are benches built into the walls as a permanent feature, and there is generally a black wooden desk directly opposite the bulletin board.

Alaric arrives from the right hand door.
Alaric has arrived.

Samael and Alaric enter the halls of the Salon, one followed by the other. There's the familiar route to the message board, reading the new messages; "Oh.. lookies Alaric." Samael exclaims; "Our coterie consists of 25 percent of the South-Central population. Maybe we should expand." the child comments playfully with a wink.

Alaric grins following over towards the board, "Man that would be cool. I think that means we have the voting block in South Central. No new taxes." he lets out a small laugh.

Samael laughs and grins; "Read my lips. Hmm.. I think we have a Lady of color for President. No chance of her being a Republican I think." he grins; "She looks a bit like a communist to me does she not?" The interests for the messages fades quickly and Samael heads over to the computer desk instead.

Alaric quickly shakes his head following you over to the desk, "Not at all. I think she is the model of democracy. We all have a voice in the world and of how things are done."

Samael grins; "Oh.. yes I forgot. Those filthy communists must be in Bellflower. Religious fundamentalists as well. I bet they have chemical weapons of mass destruction ready to employ within 45 minutes. Bloody terrorists." The child chuckles as he clumsily opens the Internet browser.

Alaric gives a slight shake of his head, "Twenty minutes I just updated our Windows service pack." he winks looking over your shoulder seeing what you are doing online.

Samael blinks and nods; "Ehm.. yes if I could find my way to the red button through all the strange windows that keep opening when I boot the thing." Samael opens a missing-persons-site and starts to browse a bit, searching for the name Jose." When Alaric looks over his shoulder Samael explains; "A boy from Athens. Graydon said he was going to make him disappear. I hope he got away before that fate awaited him. He breaks their bones, rips them open and doesn't even Kiss before drinking."
"As in.. rips open their chest." the child explains softly.

Alaric thinks for a few moments, "Yeah I heard Graydon likes people my age to drink from." he thinks for a few moments, "You think all the problems I have with him is because he wants to bite me?"

Samael laughs and shakes his head; "No the problems is I think.. because he thinks you're not independent enough for a Gangrel. I suppose he never saw you stubborn… yet. He'd change his mind then! Poor me."

Alaric chuckles softly, "Well that is because we are good friends." he leans forward attempting to ruffle your hair, "But I got him a gift."

Samael shrugs his shoulders slightly; "By the way.. not drink.. kill.. in a brutal horrible way." The child widens his eyes; "You did? Hmm.. he could use it.. being fruitcaked by Saud as he was."

Alaric replies, "I offered to let him to rip out my tongue but he didn't want to." he shakes his head sadly, "He did threaten to rip off my arms though and mail them to you though." he chuckles, "Well I don't suppose this means I am talking bad about him."

Samael blinks a few times; "How original." he responds; "About the same you threatened me with second time we met." Samael winks: "Although you probably wouldn't have mailed them. BAD for the masquerade.. mailing ripped off arms." His face grows more serious then and he shakes his head; "Saying the truth has nothing to do with badmouthing. Besides.. we do support him in every way.. with the patrolling… hmm.. when you're not driving around in your car that is. But he should look at what we do.. not say. Sometimes I think the man is German.. no humor."

Alaric replies, "Well if the truth is not something one wants to hear." he shrugs his shoulders, "Yeah he said I was under his protection. I feel safer already."

Samael laughs showing teeth; "Dreadfully safe." the child comments with a grin at which point the smile ebs away. All of a sudden Samael stands up from the chair looking around. He folds his hand in front of his chest. Eyes express suspicion, fear perhaps; "Somebody there?" the child asks softly peering into nothingness.

Alaric looks around the room quickly his gaze moving about, "I don't see anyone here.." he shakes his head quickly.

Samael frowns and focuses at Alaric again; "Strange I thought I heard someth.." The child doesn't finish the sentence but exclaims a high shriek and falls on his knees and from there to the floor screaming.

Alaric crouches down on the floor besides Samael, "Samael.. Samael.. what's wrong?" he growls, "Come on Samael get up." he shakes the boy.

Samael doesn't respond to Alarics calls. Instead the boys body twists slightly as his arms brace his chest. Fangs are extended while his eyes express extreme distress, pain and fear. The beast seems very near to the surface, seemingly trying to claw its way out.

Holmes enters from the Keeper's Chambers.
Holmes has arrived.

Alaric begins to grow alarmed scooping down and picking up the boy, "Samael.. Samael.." he begins to frown deeply his eyebrows furrowed up in thought appearing clueless.

Holmes enters somewhat quickly, eyeing the room.
Holmes looks a little disturbed at the alarmed Alaric picking up Samael, calmly demanding, "What is going on here."

It's over as soon as it started however. The expression turns from horror to blank within seconds. The boys gaze becomes hollow and moves inward. The child freezes simply, to remain completely still, and devoid of response to anything happening around him.

Holmes takes a couple steps, pausing at the nearby desk, a little tense. As Samael relaxes that tenseness fades as quickly, and he instead walks towards the two.

Alaric continues to hold Samael appearing to be worried staring down at the boy, "I don't know sir.. we were talking and suddenly he went into a spasm." he looks down at the small body in his arms, "He simply freaked out."

Holmes states, "I doubt the cause was a simple freaking out." He comes to one knee next to the two. "It was either something you said, or an unseen outside influence."

The child mutters 'father' softly. Eyes open slightly again and Samael recognizes Alaric again. He moves, protesting to the being carried. Then he spots Holmes; "Father?"

Alaric shakes his head quickly, "It was nothing I said sir we were having a pleasant conversation.." he looks down over towards Samael's face, "I promised I would protect him.. keep him safe from harm.." he shhss Samael softly not putting him down.

Holmes looks a moment into Samael's eyes, as if he could check something there. Answers him, "Yes, I'm here. You're in the Elysium." Encourages him, "Take a minute to recover. Regain your wits. No hurry."

Holmes tells Alaric then, "You can't protect Samael all the time. It's an impossible task."

Alaric shakes his head quickly, "He is my brother.. part of my family.." he quickly shakes his head looking to Holmes, "You would keep your family safe from harm.

The child trembles slightly but still utters a weak; "Put me down." The child gaze seems dead as he meets Holmes' and he nods slowly; "I'm fine.. I'm sorry." he responds with effort; "Sorry for scaring you so." His voice is flat and monotonous, much like Alarics often is.

Alaric looks over towards Samael and quickly shakes his head, "No!" his gaze moves over towards Samael, "I am making sure your safe tonight. I will not let you be injured."

Holmes looks to Alaric. The faintest hint of a scowl. In that patient, calm, but just authoritative tone of his, he instructs Alaric, "Put him down, please."

Samael shakes his head but doesn't repeat his request, hoping Alaric will listen to Holmes; "I need to go." the boy whispers; "And need to be alone as well."

Alaric feels the anger behind Holmes's words and does as he is told. The boy is dropped to the ground at once. Not gently put down, just released to allow gravity take its affect, "You can't be alone.. you'll hurt yourself.."

Samael blinks and eyes Alaric; "Of course I won't. I have a responsibility." His voice sounds empty still; "I'm sorry for scaring you so. I must have.." he falls silent a bit pondering; "panicked.. yes.. must have been it. It.. won't happen again." The child frowns and takes a two steps toward the exit.

Alaric follows along after Samael his voice matching Samael's tone, "Responsibility may not be enough at first." he shakes his head, "It was not enough for me." he moves following along after the boy."

Holmes tells Alaric, "I would do whatever was in my means to keep my family safe." Lips purse ever so slightly. Briefly haunted. "What I'm telling you, from experience, is it is not in your means, Alaric, to keep Samael safe ever hour of every night. And you need to accept that reality." He raises a hand towards Samael as he starts to walk away. "Samael. Be mindful of your beast.
Something has happened here, and none present understand the cause of it. That doesn't mean it wont happen again. I wouldn't want to see you be rash and wander into a worse situation. At least within the Elysium, you cannot break the masquerade."

Holmes offers, "If you wanted a small room here, to be /alone/ and think on things, I can accommodate that."

Samael stops and turns a bit; "It won't Father." he responds, shaking his head slightly; "I'll… think… about it when I get home. I can't think here. If you're worried Alaric can come with me."

Holmes considers a moment, then decides, "I'll walk you out, at least."

Alaric moves over towards Samael placing a hand on his shoulder, "Father I have a small little confession to make."

Samael walks in the direction of the doors, turns when Alaric addresses Holmes; "If you like come along." There's an enforced faint smile and a wink; "I'll lock me up when I get home."

Alaric continues along after Samael moving to whisper into the boy's ear his eyebrows furrowed up slightly.

Alaric whispers "Wait I want to tell him."

Samael frowns and stops to face Alaric.

Samael mutters to Alaric; "Why?"

Alaric whispers "Because that was part of the plan. We make a joke then we let Holmes know."

Alaric points over to Holmes.

Samael mutters to Alaric, "This is no joke anymore. It's gone beyond that."

Alaric quickly shakes his head and whispers; "It makes it more funny. Besides Confession is good for the soul." to Samael.

Samael suppresses a shiver, shaking his head.

Samael whispers "I can't confess with Holmes. If you must I won't stop you but I can't." to Alaric.

Alaric begins to frown and whispers "I will if will let me. You will stay here while I tell him?" to Samael.

Samael mutters to Alaric, "You'll make him so terribly mad at us."

Alaric looks miserable and mutters; "Then your not letting me tell him?" to Samael.

Samael looks at Alaric and then focuses at the floor. He raises his arms slightly in a gesture of surrender.

Samael mutters to Alaric, "If you really want that and you feel miserable if you would not.. I won't stop you."

Holmes simply stands there, not too far away, waiting patiently as the two quietly discuss whatever issue.

Alaric leans forward and ruffles Samael hair if allowed looking over to Holmes. He digs in his pants pockets pulling out three keys, "For you father."

Holmes asks, "What's this?"

Holmes also waited for Alaric's confession, acknowledging only by giving the young figure his close attention.

Alaric moves over closer to Holmes his gaze on the floor, "There are keys for the Porsches I brought you. Red, white and black."

Samael just stand there silently watching Alaric and Holmes. He closes his eyes and his arms cross over his chest again.

Holmes looks a little puzzled. "And what prompted this exceptional generosity?"

Holmes doesn't take the keys, simply looking at Alaric.

Samael tries to disappear from sight when no-one is watching. Something might flicker but it obviously doesn't work.

Alaric continues to hold out the keys, "Please take them father I want you to have them."

Holmes, facing the two, who I think are nearish the exit, Alaric close to him than Samael, Holmes not quite in the middle of the room… "I couldn't accept such material gifts, Alaric. Even if I did, I couldn't keep them. I have personal limits on wealth, and give whatever is extraneous to charity." A brief pause, something of a squint. He asks Alaric, "Should I assume these vehicles were gained by, mmm… sinful means?"

Alaric shakes his head, "no father Justyn brought them for me, well I used the credit card he gave me to buy them, but now the card is cut off." he begins to back away towards the door, "Me and Samael was playing just now just a joke." he quickly crosses himself repasting, "Bless me father for I have sinned, bless me father for I have sinned."

Samael frowns and eventually approaches Alaric and Holmes a bit. He nods to Alarics words but remains silent.

Holmes looks a little doubtful. Reminds, "Thou shall not lie." With a little shake of his head, he extends a hand for the car keys. "I suspect Mr. Valarion has too much wealth for his own good. I'll see they are made useful."

Alaric looks down at the ground, "We aren't lying sir we decided to stage something to get your attention like the time when we bit each other in here."

Samael smiles faintly; "I'm sure they will." he responds. His voice sounds more or less normal now and then closes his eyes again at Alarics last statement.

Holmes displays a frown. Prompts Samael, even though his eyes close, "Is this true, Samael?"

Samael opens his eyes again and looks up at Holmes. The child bites his lip, glances over at Alaric and then gives a quick nod.
"Didn't mean to scare or distress." Samael says softly; "Didn't think you were there as well."

Alaric speaks up once more, "I'm sorry sir it was all my idea and fault. I well I kinda well, it is all my fault." he looks down towards the ground, "I thought it would be funny." the teen looks over towards the younger boy for a moment. and begins to chew on his lips before looking back over towards Holmes, "We won't do it again. Promise."

Samael blink as Alaric speaks; "Don't talk nonsense. It's not your fault and it wasn't your idea as well. It was your idea to confess however."

Holmes points out to the both of them, "I could hear Samael's scream in the next room. And yet somehow, through some twisted logic, you two think this would be funny?" Looking between the two, his patience looking thinner than usual, his ire contained but maybe not too far under the surface. Focusing in on Samael, "I don't take you as one for twisted logic. Which makes think there is another reason behind this. You must think I have better things to do than respond to false emergencies. I hope you two would not compound this by trying to wave it off and say it was just for fun."

Samael blinks at that; "Was it?" he asks; "Gosh that is stupid. It wasn't intended to." The child starts to evade Holmes's gaze now; "If you don't believe him I can do it again."

Alaric quickly nods his head, "It was my idea sir. I thought it would be funny. Like you said I am a sociopath." he pauses for a moment, "I know better now." he looks over towards Samael and quickly shakes his head.

Holmes snorts. "What, you two didn't take the time to get your story straight during your little conference, there?" He waves nearer the door where you both whispered. At Alaric. "I don't recall naming anyone a sociopath." A slightly tired sigh now. "I try to look at you two and see beyond the facades of your bodies. To treat you as men. Nosferatu know masks very well. Maybe I'm making a mistake. Maybe what you see is indeed what you get."

Samael starts to loose his temper a bit; "Stop saying it was your idea." he bickers; "But no.. it's not funny. Of course it's not. I didn't want to take your time or alarm you as well. Nothing was gonna happen. You were just too.. bloody.. well.. too quick and too competent."

Alaric looks over towards Samael and then over towards Holmes, "It just got out of hand, please can't you just over look this just this once. We won't do it again and well we can forget about the whole thing. I'm really sorry and I did repent about and well I just need to know what I am supposed to do about it."

"And I shrieked too hard." Samael adds; "Perhaps I was a tad too convincing as well."

Holmes says nothing to either for a short time, letting his head fall back and eyes close. Arms loose at his side. Seconds pass.

Alaric moves over closer to Holmes and drops to his knees, "Please I am so sorry I'll cut off my tongue for the lies." he moves to grab Holmes' suit pleading, "You can beat me if you want.. I just don't want you to be mad at me. You can rip out my hair."

Samael bows his head and bites his lip; "I wanted you to believe my father died, so you wouldn't hate me anymore." he admits eventually.

Holmes's eyes open, and he murmurs to the ceiling, "I know why patience means long-suffering." His head levels out again, brown eyes calm again, his features relaxed. Emotions gone. He rests a hand on Alaric's head, paternally. Samael gets his gaze. "Ah. Now that makes more sense."

Samael returns Holmes's gaze but cannot hold it and shrivels back from it; "I'm sorry." he says with a frown and looks away.

Alaric continues to hold onto Father Holmes, "You want my eyes, tongue, fingers, and fangs now father?"

Holmes says down to Alaric, "Of course not, Alaric. And you know I don't." Back at Samael. "You should be. I don't know why you think I hate you. Because of Mateo? Do you think so little of me, to give so much guilt by association? Have I ever shown you the lack of respect I have for Mateo? Have I ever made you feel unwelcome in this Elysium, Samael, or condemned you?"
Holmes's charisma, both natural and well-developed, comes through here as he speaks, particularly at Samael. Holmes sound genuinely confused, even slightly hurt.

Alaric shakes his head quickly, "But you haven't forgiven me. Please forgive us father.. don't be upset with use anymore. It is okay isn't it?"

Samael blinks and frowns only managing to glance at Holmes for a brief moment; "Yes you have." he says eventually. The flatness in his voice has returned; "But I don't think little of you. I think you're a man of God, doing his will and I think I'm getting exactly what I deserve."

Holmes gives Alaric his turn. "You forgive easily, Alaric, but I don't forget. For example, it seems not that long ago you assaulted another vampire in this very room. Were you not already testing how quick I could respond then? Did I not rush in, shotgun in hand, just before serious bloodshed broke out? How many times must I be put to the test, as I will openly admit now I cannot be near at hand all the time, and, as a flawed man, bound to fail. I've done so already, and shall again." Then Samael. "Lets have it, then. What was this lie I told? In what way did I disrespect you and so heavily turn your opinion of me."

Alaric shakes his head quickly, "No sir I have never attacked a vampire before."

Samael looks at Alaric and then at Holmes; "You didn't turn my opinion of you." he responds; "I think highly of you Father."

Holmes takes pause at Alaric's contradiction, thinking a few moments. "I'm sorry, Smythe. The Athens Gangrel. Not you, Alaric." Back on Samael. Simply, "What was my lie?"

Alaric nods his head slowly, "Then you will forgive us of our sins father?"

Holmes suggests to Alaric, "Truly, I think you should be more concerned with God's forgiveness, and less with mine." He steps back from Alaric.

Samael frowns and finally meets Holmes gaze holding it; "It was no lie obviously father." he responds; "Well there were lies my Father that caused people to hate and distrust us while we did nothing but try to help. It's likely someone torporred him as a result of the filth you spread. And then, when he disappeared.. and anyone in his right mind might have know how I feel about that.. you simply continue to speak against me." He frowns; "Then you tell Chance something you know will get me into grave trouble. I wished I could have trusted you especially since you're the only true priest I know. I really.. needed your help after you 'helped' me see the truth about my father. But when I asked for it multiple times but you just said you didn't know how. I'm not blaming you. It's just the way it's supposed to be."

Alaric looks up over towards Holmes an crawls over to him grabbing him once more, "God will forgive us everything your harder to get to lick us again and well.." he trails off, "Can you just tell Samael God loves him and he isn't going to hell? I'll serve God forever if you just get him to believe he isn't going to hell and he doesn't have to."

Samael looks very tired all of a sudden; "Ow.. stop sniveling Alaric." he says with a touch of anger; "You don't understand. You couldn't since you don't know…" the child frowns.

Auspex on Sam notes:
«Not mad just sad and desperate»

Holmes has no problem holding Samael's, his sense of self strong. There is no guilt causing his gaze to slide away. "I speak truth. Truth, and Mateo's own actions, or even inactions, caused distrust. Caused people to frown on him. That is your 'filth'. Just as I told you the truth about Mateo. You would fault me for one, but not the other?" He smoothes a hand over his hair as Arturo grabs at his legs anew, but continues at Samael. "You say /we/ did nothing but try to help, but I must disagree - during Arturo's war, Mateo did worse than nothing. I know much of his dealings. When Compton burned, he made no offer to pitch in with the effort I organized, even as his territory bordered the land. No, it was Chance that made that move to help me. I know your desire to help is sincere, and I believe you have done this Domain well. Your 'Father', however, has not. God does not turn a blind eye, and neither shall I. I'm sorry if telling the Prince of your blood bond caused you difficulty. It's not a well-kept secret - at the time I assumed Chance already knew. It was my purpose to give a good Prince the best advice, not to undermine you. You strongly sought my advice for helping Mateo, and in that you revealed my weakness, my flaw - I could think of no help to offer. I found none in my heart." A simulated breath. "I did not torpor Mateo. Nor did I encourage or hear of anyone else doing so, even though I might have more reasons than any."

Holmes answers Alaric then, looking down at him, "God does love Samael. I could and would easily tell him that. But God loves all, without exception. Even sinners. So what weight does that lend me? What Samael needs is belief, and that I fear I cannot offer by mere words."

Alaric rises to his feet frowning, "Your a priest you can absolving him of all hi sins so he could start off fresh again." he moves over towards Samael, "Didn't even forgive us for our joke."

Samael shakes his head; "No.. we searched for John in the ashes of Compton. I'm not blaming you for not having helped with that because we didn't ask you. Your hate was so eminent there was no room for cooperation, not even with regards to Compton. How could he have made himself become hated when no-one actually met him? When he never got out of his church hmm? And I heard you repeat all those lies about all of this being some evil plot.. or even suggesting I would be behind my Fathers disappearance. My love for my father isn't a well-kept secret because Graydon broke the oath on his blood as well." he shrugs his shoulders slightly; "I wasn't just him I asked you to help obviously. You might have known my fate is connected to his."

Samael glances back at Alaric and shakes his head; "Even if it was that simple and it isn't I'd really need to confess stuff. And that's something I cannot do."

Alaric says something in a language you don't understand.

Alaric sighs at Samael though over to ruffle his hair.

Sam says, "Oh quite your stupid Japanese!" in German.

Alaric asks, "Scared to let me know what you said?"

Samael blinks and looks back; "You?" he asks, reaching out high to return the ruffle.

Alaric chuckles, "I asked you what you said first."

Samael grins; "I said you should quit your stupid Japanese." he responds playfully.

Holmes states, "Enough!"

Samael falls silent.

Alaric lets out a small laugh pausing as Holmes speaks. He grows still once more looking over to the Keeper.

Holmes seems to have had enough of listening to the banter. He eyes Alaric. "You think absolving sin is waving a magic wand? That you would take such a matter lightly is insulting." At Samael, "As is the idea that I would let the people of Compton suffer because of my disagreements, my ire, with one man. What faulty reasoning, what blind eyes! What deaf ears! To think you heard me suggest you are behind the disappearance." While not yelling, for him it is a clear raising of voice. An end to patience. "I must think you understand nothing me. Either you. Or what understanding you have has been twisted by the Devil or blood bond, equal evils." Bloodless lips purse, jaw working, eyes going back and forth. He looks as if he would turn to leave, body just beginning the motion, but he pauses instead and narrows his focus to just Samael. Quieter, calmer, trying to be very clear, "This is what true sacrifice I will offer to aid you: My resources, my prestation, to one who would break your unholy bond with Mateo. Should you ever gain the will to accept this promise I have made you - and I will pray to God for a miracle this very morning that you do - you know where to find me." A glance at his watch. "The sun rises in an hour, I suggest you both hurry to Bellflower." And then he resumes his turning, giving you both his back as he walks to the East door.

Auspex on Alaric notes:
«Shock, hurt, remorse, guilt, joy, confusion»

Alaric moves over after Holmes daring to touch the keeper once more, "Please Father, forgive your foolish, dumb, stupid, silly, humble servant. Please allow me to make things right. Please have pity on me and do not cast me aside so that I will end up in the depths of hell." he pleads, "Allow me to take in your benevolence, learn from a wise man such as you, surround myself about the things of God so I may begin to truly understand my new faith. Please Father allow me to hear your sermons as you preach, help clean up the church so I may become better and regain favor within your sight."

Samael is beaten with silence but continues to look at Holmes. His eyes express hurt and anger at times; "I'm not blaming you Father." he responds eventually; "It's okay. God would have wanted you to." The child frowns slightly; "You see.. it's no use." he whispers; "It was fate that made it happen in the first place. I committed a mortal sin, and of all the priests and churches in this city I went to his. I made the same mistake your Sire did, only I didn't because the person was of the blood already." He frowns; "I felt.. blessed.. like I had when I was alive, until you made me see that whatever I had connected to was well.. I don't know what it was.. but you say it's dark.. and I suppose you're right." He shrugs his shoulders slightly; "So it's not just my father. The love I feel for him is about the only thing I have left." he smiles to Alaric; "Next to my brother and some friends. I appreciate your offer however. But it just wouldn't do any good. It would just." He frowns; "I don't think I want to know what it would."

Holmes is halted by Alaric grabbing his leg again, back to the pair, forced to stand there and listen to both their speeches lest he risk hurting Alaric by breaking free.

Holmes must be replying to Alaric by the content of his words, though doesn't turn back to face them. "I both pity you and forgive you, Alaric. I hold no ill will. Lucifer has hate enough for us all. You've my word that I'll do what I can to instruct you in the word of God, in the path of Righteous. And in time, with faith, diligence, and penance, I do believe you can find absolution. You and everyone." He glances down, searching for words. "Samael…" His shoulders slump. Held there by Alaric's hand, it would seem he doesn't know what to say… and then the words come to him: "I feel, in my heart, removing the false love you have hold for Mateo will finally make room for God's."

Holmes states, "Now hurry both of you, before you are caught in the sunrise and brought to God too early."

Holmes steps through the doorway that leads to the Keeper's Chambers.
Holmes has left.

You leave the Salon, passing the Honor Guard, then either take the private elevator or go down the hall to the steps up.

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