Y16/12/16 The 2nd Quinn Room Gathering: 'My Elders and Me'

Cast: Samael, Karasu, Lesa, Devon, Maxine, Apolo
Location: Quinn Room - Huntington Gallery - San Marino
Synopsis: The second Quinn Room Gathering: 'My Elders and Me' or.. how do I treat my elders without them threatening me. A workshop in Etiquette.

Quinn Room - Huntington Gallery - San Marino

Secreted away in the depths of the east wing lies an elegant drawing room, Georgian in design, furnished with British pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries. Despite the room's size, it is an intimate setting; the furniture grouped in conversational arrangements upon a large, burgundy, Imperial rug. A walnut cabinet stands at the back, its doors fastened open to reveal a message board; nearby, several talking points decorate the surfaces of ornamental tables: jet and marble statuettes, silver tea caddies, Bone China and other objects d'art. A crystal chandelier hangs centrally from the high ceiling, providing a golden light which warms the room. The walls, featuring minimal rococo plasterwork designs, have been painted a soft honey brown to pleasantly offset the intricacy of the contents.
The sense is that this might once have been a room for statesmen or nobility to while away the evening hours, and as such, it is particularly well-suited to its current patrons.

Karasu comes through the double doors.
Karasu has arrived.

Midnight at the Huntington. Soft footsteps approach as Samael makes his way into the Quinn Room, glancing about to look who's already there.. if anyone.

Lesa is already waiting around, though seems a bit bored as she stands there. She looks over to Samael as he walks in, "Good evening. Are you enjoying the night, tonight?"

Karasu is also here, reading a book in a seat. She was particularly silent, of course she greeted Lesa, but after that her attention was for her book. Now the small Japanese straightens and offers a slight bow to the new arrival. "Konban wa Samael-chan!" she greets the Keeper.

Upon spotting those present, Samael moves into a slight bow; "Miss Lesa. Miss Katsumi. Good evening ladies. And yes. I am. Thank you for asking." he smiles to Lesa; "I'm not necessarily enjoying this event, but my nights appear relatively.. happy, I guess. I hope you managed to settle in during these last weeks?"

Lesa nods slightly, "Well I suppose that is a good thing. I think I managed to settle in fairly well so far, though there is always more things to be done."

Karasu sits back to her seat with a polite smile in her face. She closes her book and puts back to her bag before she gives all of her attention to Samael.

Devon comes through the double doors.
Devon has arrived.

Karasu sits down at the armchairs

Samael inclines his head; "I'm glad to hear it." the young man replies to Lesa. He pauses to think a moment, then spreads his arms; "Well.. you came here for a reason. So let's get started, shall we? You remember the topic of this evening. Yes?"

Maxine comes through the double doors.
Maxine has arrived.

Maxine saunters in, hands in her pockets. She moves to once side of the entrance so as not to be in the way of anyone arriving or leaving and stops there.

Well, some people just don’t fit in at certain junctions through the city proper. In some cases, those people are just out of their element. In THIS case, Devon is..well Devon and this is Downtown. His hood is pulled up and tight on the sides of his face and he's got that deer in the headlights look as he stumbles into the little meeting area.."This, is not..where I parked my car.."

Lesa nods to Samael, "Of course. Where would you like to start?" She smiles slightly as she looks to the other two walking in. She gives them both a slight bow. "Good evening. I am Lesa Johnson."

Karasu straightens once more to offer a bow to the new arrivals, a slight one, then a deeper one before she sits back on her seat.

Maxine looks at Lesa appraisingly. "I'm the Max," she says simply.

Auspex on Karasu notes:
«Echoes of pain, anxiety and anger appears in her when Maxine steps inside. Her self-contour digs those emotions deep bellow her politeness and forced calmness.»

Devon glances back over his shoulder slowly at Maxine, brow furrow, "the max.." His thumb brush across the bottom of his nose, covering his mouth for a moment, then turns to Lesa, "I’m the Devon."

Maxine's attention turns towards Devon then, unblinking.

Auspex on Maxine notes:
«Serious. Unfriendly. Not at all funny.»

Upon Devon’s and Maxine's arrival, Samael again performs two slight bows, the one for Maxine deeper than the other; "Lady Marshall, Sir Devon. Good Evening. Thank you for joining."
Once that's finished he resumes the topic; "So yes. As you remember the topic of the evening is 'My Elders and Me'; or how you treat your Elders so they don't threaten you." An apologetic smile is offered; "I anticipated on making this more of a workshop than a discussion, really. Which means we'd actually get to practice the right moves and the right talk."

Lesa nods, "It’s a pleasure to meet both of you tonight." She smiles slightly as she glances around the room, "Seems like a nice crowd here this time." She moves to take a seat as she listens to Samael.

Auspex on Maxine notes:
«Darkly amused. Watchful.»

"Oh, not a forum, but a classroom?" Devon asks in as serious a tone as is manageable, heading further into the little meeting room as to take up one of the chairs about the discussion. "Is that like, how to be humble when they stare at you and then walk against the wind? I really like it when they speak in spooky talk, as to appear, more enlightened. That is -awesome-." The Nosferatu plops down into a chair and lifts a leg to cross over the other, hands stippled in his lap. "I didn’t bring a notebook, by the way. I thought this was a discussion, so forgive me if I don’t take notes."

Maxine breaks into a grin at Devon's comment, "I see you're no smarter than your predecessors. Ain't goin' to be takin' bets on how long *you* last, kid."

Katsumi glances up at Devon before her brown eyes wander back to Maxine. "They have survived several decades, if nothing else that could earn some respect." the Japanese girl says softly. "Of course with age new problems appear." she smiles faintly.

Devon glances back at Maxine, "I think we got off on the wrong foot, you're mistaking my nature to be humorous and go lucky, with a general disdain for authority and haphazard approach to dealing with others." Which is followed by a pause, "I am the first person to admit that I have absolutely no social graces, which is why I’m a sheriff and not a harpy…wait I’m a harpy too..well never mind that." He lifts a finger, "I've never HAD to deal with elders, so you might want to base your happy little opinion of me, on the act that I showed up in some vain hope that this might teach me something in the way of etiquette. If not, well then at least I'll get a good laugh."

Samael inclines his head as he picks up on Devon's initial remark; "Practice instead of theory, indeed mister Devon." The young man confirms; "And actually.. I was thinking of handling this in three different 'sets' sort of speaking.. which is why I'm pleased to see you're here. Miss Katsumi can probably elaborate on how manners and etiquette are different in every culture. What means respect in one Domain, is insulting in the other. Hell.." A half grin at Maxine; "I nearly had Alvin Forrester tear out my throat when I greeted him with 'Good evening Sir'. Of course I didn't know who he was at that time and I suppose I never really got it under. So perhaps we could start with the first of 3 Domains and Devon could instruct us on the social etiquette of South Central?"

Maxine snorts disdainfully at the mention of South Central.

Lesa smiles as she looks back and forth, watching them talk for a moment. "Well the most important lesson for etiquette, is learning when its better to not say anything at all. Far more often you get into trouble for what you say, rather than what you do not say."

"Something I've yet to learn." Devon admits, nodding to Lesa. "I can’t help myself, I’m not doing it to intentionally be an asshole, but I -am- an asshole." His hands come up in a simulation of a shrug, "I want people to get over themselves..including me." To Sam, he shrugs, "South Central.. okay, well. South Central is dominated by predominantly young vampires. Which segways into a sense of human like priority that we colorfully title freedom, but is in all actuality some decadent attempt to be bullies. So social etiquette is defined by who you know, and not so much, how you talk to them…so longs you base line your interaction with some fundamental respect structure." A grin, "Unless your me. I’m just a dick."

Maxine gives a laugh, "All right, you *might* do better than your predecessors," she says to Devon. "But I'd be careful of that humor if you ever go about talkin' with A4. Sometimes he takes things wrong."

Auspex on Maxine notes:
«Genuinely amused.»

"Which is why I don’t got Inglewood anymore.. love the place, decaying homesteads is my bread and butter, but I've grown attached to my arms being..well attached." Devon snickers quietly and nods to Maxine, "But generally speaking, I avoid all Elder's like the plague. Not because I dislike them, but because I have a tendency towards being dislikable."

Karasu just listens to the conversation with great curiosity, glancing between Devon and Maxine. She keeps her polite smile and manages to not search for a record or notepad.

Maxine nods in approval. "Good habit then. Me, I had trouble keepin' my mouth shut in Acton's court and man could the guy give straight lines. You *know* he'd take it badly if you said anything, but it was *tough*."

"My problem exactly..I KNOW better, but everything about my being says give them a wedgy.." Devon throws his hands up, "Not literally, that would be immature, but you get what I’m saying."

Samael nods to Lesa in agreement and ponders Devon's words; "I never looked at it that way." He admits; "Perhaps you can illustrate what you mean? This is, after all a workshop. No?" And suggests; "So what if Devon, you'd be erm.. Say.. the Primogen of Bellflower and Lesa here is the new neonate Gangrel seeking a place to hunt." He waves between Lesa and Devon; "Could you illustrate how that would go?"

Lesa laughs as she looks to Devon, "Its always about who you know. Which is why its so important to make a good first impression on people." She looks to Samael, "That sounds easy enough."

"Certainly." Devon nods and pushes to his feet, taking a step towards Lesa and towers over her, putting on his best menacing face, which isn’t half bad considering he's cracked a joke every few seconds since he walked in. "Who the fuck are you?"

Lesa stands up and walks over to Devon. She stops in front of him and gives him a slight bow, "Good evening, I am Lesa Johnson. I have just recently arrived in this city."

Samael takes a few steps back, folding his arms in front of his chest as he examines the proceedings.

"New blood, sweet." Devon gives Lesa a once over, tilting his head and leaning back enough to examine her clothes, "A little hipster are you? Did you come through to get robbed or is there something I can help you with? I really like those shoes, by the way..very chic."

Maxine chuckles softly and shakes her head. With a polite nod to Samael, she heads out the door.

Maxine passes back through the doors.
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Lesa laughs slightly as she gives him a nod. "Well as I am still new to the city, I have been looking for a place to hunt. If you have a moment, I would like to speak with you about that."

"Baby, I've got several moments. Turns out I should have took the blue pill…who knew." Devon shrugs in mock indifference, "I'll make this simple. Are you decent at covering your tracks, keeping your head down, and not bring your bullshit into my home?"

Lesa smiles as she nods. "Of course. I can assure you I will not cause you any trouble."

"Welcome to South Central, don’t get dead." Devon nods and shrugs, "Easy peasy."

Lesa smiles as she nods, "Thank you." She steps back and moves back to her seat to sit down. "See that’s not to hard."

Karasu laughs softly and glances at Samael. "I always thought that we need a medieval carnival. A night when the roles are turned upside down and the neonates are the elders. Where the people could give away the stress of the everyday." she says before she turns toward the Gangrel. "I have different problems with hunting rights. Downtown’s customs are very different from South Central’s."

"That's because Downtown is predominantly dominated by established powers from many man years. With a stronger sense of self and what's 'theirs'. It's not the revolving door of South Central." Devon nods, however, with Karasu, "It's not, who you know, so much as what you can do for them." His hands come up, "At least in my experience, so take it as that."

Sam marvels but offers a soft applause; "They don't make you pay anymore?" he remarks toward Devon; "You played her easy." Then smiles at Lesa; "Well done though.. No matter what language they use, or how much they berate you, you remain polite and respectful. I suppose that's why it never worked for me over there. It's not my style."
Then nods go to Karasu; "So.. would you like to play the Hollywood Overseer, seeing an applicant.." He points to Devon; "Asking for Hunting rights also?"

"What's my motivation?" Devon asks, glancing between the various other vampires, then waves a hand and stands up. Both hands brush down his white coat and he clears his voice. "And…scene." He motions to Karasu to begin.

Having missed Sam's question in his attempt to appear like a real actor, Devon answers it, albeit late. "Camel and Mule. She probably could have gotten her own land, if she had gone to Cora and not to Bellflower, but I didn’t want anyone going back to Isabel telling her I portrayed her as a douche…then I've got to tell her to go suck a bug…then we argue, it's a shit storm."

Karasu smile turns to be an uneasy one. "Well, so which role would be mine in the little scenery Samael-chan?" she asks, glancing at the boy. "Am I asking for hunting rights?"

Lesa laughs slightly as she watches them, "No matter where you go, its basically the same."

"You be the Overseer, I'll play the wide eyed newb." Devon says, to Karasu, adding to Lesa. "Maybe at it's most basic, sure, but there's a tempo adjustment per domain that is important. You can get away with being a relative prick, some places, and must insert a full metal staff in your rectum, in others."

Karasu laughs as well and turns toward Lesa. "Yes, basically it’s about the human nature; the problem about ownership, use and care. In Downtown several Elders own vast territories that they can’t handle alone, so they give the stewardship to someone else. When you ask for a right, you can’t be sure what price the Steward has to ask for; The good old feudalism dependence."

Lesa nods slightly, "Well it’s always a good idea to start off being very respectful. If its a more casual place, it will become obvious and they might even tell you. So there is no harm in it."

Devon shrugs, "Yeah, I didn’t start out an insufferable bastard. I grew into it." With that, at least, he can nod. "Always better to look like you've got sense."

Karasu smiles and nods; "Yes, but the cultural differences are very important. What is respectful in my country could be offensive in yours. And there is the distance in every culture where you could keep being polite. The Chinese leave less space than the Swedish for example." the Japanese girl explains. "And then, in the case of our species, we should count the time difference also. The rules of socialization were slightly different in the first half of the twentieth century and so on."

"Well, common sense does carry over across most, if not all, social distinctions." Devon shrugs, having to concede that his in your face sense of humor, as stated, only works where he stays. "If I came up to Downtown acting like I act in front of some of these hozers, I'd get sent home in a box. It's just common sense."

Karasu stands up and laughs. "Do you think so? Would you like to try to hold a Japanese business meeting?" she asks playfully. "Perhaps you want to ask the Overseer of Little Tokyo for hunting rights."

Lesa nods slightly, "Of course an elder living in this city, is going to know what is commonly seen as respectful however. Its highly unlikely you are going to get in trouble, for accidentally offending elder if your making a serious attempt."

Sam 'ahs' to Devon's earlier explanation, then went ahead and arranged the chairs for Karasu and Devon, putting the chairs thus that one appears like a throne in a court.. then gestures for Karasu to take it.

"That's the problem, I’m usually trying." Devon grins off handedly and winks at Lesa. The nods to the two chairs, taking the smaller, less ominous of the two.

Karasu laughs and shakes her head. "I am far from an expert in the customs of old traditional ways. It is a very complicated set of protocols. Let’s just play a modern meeting." She walks toward one of the chairs and organizes it nicely. "And Lesa-san. I already offended some Elders, even when I thought I was polite." she sits down and offers a polite smile to Devon.

Lesa looks to Karasu, "What exactly did you do?" She looks back and forth as she watches them closely.

Devon nods to the pseudo Elder, "Overseer." His voice, despite it's usual almost accent, is as clear as a cloudless morning and surprisingly intelligent in tone. "I am quite sorry to take up your time, I know you have things of import to handle, but I was hoping to get a moment. I am Devon of Clan Nosferatu, recently arrived from San Francisco, hoping that I might find both admission and hunting grounds in Greater Downtown, the Domain of his Lord Emerson." He keeps a steady eye contact with the throned 'Elder' Karasu.

Auspex on Karasu notes:
«Relaxing, slowly trying to 'get' into the role. When Devon starts to talk she seems to be offended and annoyed. Of course they are not deep emotions.»

Sam again, paces back a bit to watch, hands clasping behind his back this time. He seems to approve of Devon's opening-phrase.

Karasu nods slightly with a polite smile. "I hope your travel was safe and pleasant Devon of Clan Nosferatu. Tell me how is San Francisco? Is it truly the Jewel of the Camarilla?" she says with warm politeness.

Lesa continues to watch the scene, to see what Devon says next. Not wanting to interrupt them yet.

"Indeed it is, your Lordship. I must admit to having kept myself below the radar, but my Sire was very specific on learning through observation and inspection. So I can only say it remains firmly in the hands of the Ivory Tower and under the guiding hands of the Camarilla." Devon dips his head reverently to 'the elder' and clasps his hands. "They were quite pleasant ma'am, arduous, but otherwise uneventful. Providing me a lovely opportunity to practice my music in the solitary nights."

Karasu laughs softly when Devon dips his head and clasps his hands, then shakes her head; "Devon-chan, I am not your sensei.You are quite amusing, do you want to be my clown Devon-chan?" the Japanese girl stares at the man. "Then perhaps I will let you feed Gaijin."

Devon forces a smile and stares at Karasu. Behind the smile, he's grinding his teeth. When he speaks, and it certainly takes him a while to do so, it's through locked teeth. "If that is your wish, Overseer."

Auspex on Karasu notes:
«Quite amused when Devon bows, thinking it to be funny, her offended state fades a bit, breaking her concentration… but all of these emotions are faint, inside of her character. A quite good actor she is, at least about the passions.»

Lesa laughs slightly as she shakes her head, "You need a bit more confidence. Remember you have something of value to offer."

Samael’s eyes gleam. He seems amused; "Ah. I do think it's a fitting portrait of a Downtown Elder. They can be like this.. sometimes."

Devon lacks in a lot of things, tact, refinement, but not confidence. Nor anger, from the way he's staring and grinding his teeth. Sure, it's a 'simulation', but one might suspect he agreed, for the sole purpose of not saying something brash and very ungentlemanly. "They c.." His hands raises. "I want to point out, this is where I would start tearing peoples throats out."

Karasu's polite smile returns until Lesa starts to talk. Upon Lesa’s advice she turns back to her and shakes her head. "If I would strictly value my own cultural values, my first impression from Devon would be that he is an arrogant, selfish man, full of self-confidence and without any respect. His meta-communication and speak implicates that. His bow was quite nice thought, for a martial art student or a woman, but not for business talk."

"That's me, all karate and floral patterns." Devon says, mostly under his breath.

Lesa shrugs slightly, "Seemed like he was talking a bit to much, and was trying a little to hard." She looks to Devon, "I think if you basically did what you are doing now, but a little less of it, it would go over well enough."

"Yeah, I have no illusions that my general demeanor is going to go over very well in Downtown or with elders. By my calculation, I've pissed off everyone I've ever met." Glancing between them, Devon shrugs, "Most of the time, unintentionally. For the purpose of this exercise, I figured role playing was a key element." Both hands cover his face for a second, "But an actor I’m not, so I should stick to being a prick."

Lesa smiles as she nods, "Ok, maybe you should try again. This time do it exactly like you would normally do."

Devon nods and shrugs, "Alright."

Samael’s lips curl up at the ends; "You just miss a thick skin, is all. But I agree it's tough to keep your tongue. For me however it's easier to take Overseer-Katsumi's treatment than Primogen-Devon's."

Karasu shakes her head. "My point was that we are different, and you should learn the others cultural values before you try to do business. And Devon's attitude would be very valuable for someone who was raised in a different country in a different age. I have offended several Elders here, because for me the religion does not fit the western ways of thinking. There is a Japanese phrase that a Japanese is born as a Shintoist, raised as a Confucian, marrying as a Christian, and the funeral would be in the Buddhist way."

"I’m better at keeping my cool, when the threats are all overt.. someone huffing and puffing, is easier to swallow, than someone barbing socially.. it's that whole taking my whole medicine thing." Devon shrugs and chuckles, "I’m a hypocrite."

Lesa nods slightly, "Really a lot of people agree with you there Devon. To be honest most people are only respectful because they are trying to gain something from it anyway. People who are honest, are often more friendly." She shrugs slightly before looking to Karasu. "What have you done to insult them? You have an example?"

"That's it, I’m honest." Devon snap points, "Too honest. Blatantly and unflinchingly so. Doesn’t get me friends, but god damn if I don’t spend hours laughing about it later."

Samael agrees; "I do prefer honesty.. I do. But I guess I like survival better. Does it sound strange when I say that I can be more honest with the Elders here, than I could be with the people in South-Central?"

"There is a short novel, Akutagawa is the writer." Karasu’s asks. "It is in the Meiji restoration and the protagonist is a university student who is a real patriot, modern and nationalistic. He reads a book and a small event makes him realize that what he thought to be strong and respectful is quite the opposite in Western culture." she pauses and glances at Lesa. "Don't talk with them about God. That is the easiest way to avoid conflict."

"I gave up on survival." Devon waves a hand dismissively of such fangled a topic and leans back in his chair. "I’m not hungry to go off getting myself unalived, but I stopped caring a long time ago." Which gets him to thinking, "Which might make me a poor person to come to for the purpose of getting advice on how to handle folks. As you, no doubt, can see, I’m piss poor at it."

Lesa nods, "Honest is good. We can work with that. Just avoid topics you think will make them mad. For example, if they are wearing ugly clothing, you don’t have to say anything about it. Just avoid that topic." She looks to Karasu, "Of course that’s a bad topic, for people who feed on humans."

"And I’m not much better at talking to South-Centralites either." Devon shrugs.

Samael considers; "Topics to make Downtown Elders mad?" he grins; "I've angered my share. A fail proof way to anger them is to try and manipulate them somehow.. particularly when you try to put one Elder against the other. That's really out of line."

Lesa laughs as she looks to Samael, "Trying to manipulate anyone, is a quick way to make enemies. If you are an honest person, its really best to avoid even trying things like that."

Devon shakes his head and stands, rubbing his hands off on his coat. "Anyways, I’m up here flapping gums and should be back in SoCen keeping the wolves at bay." He nods about the trio, "Pleasure meeting and making pretend with everyone. Call me sometime, we'll go have a few beers." Two fingers tossed in a general salute and he's headed for the exit.

Karasu nods and listens to them. You should also consider that most Elders regard you as less than themselves. It is partly understandable when we talk about the abilities that come with age. Several of them want to do something, to be amused, and you could be a tool to attain that amusement." she mutters softly.

Karasu nods and waves to Devon. "Take care Devon-san."

"And then some of them, maybe not ours, but some of them.. were pricks, just like me, when they were young.." Devon shrugs, "So they just kept on being pricks, when they got older. Cant wait to see what sort of Elder I'll make. Might be a sweat guy, in a nice flower patterned moomoo, preaching about love on earth." Another nod, "Ya'll stay easy."

Samael breaths deeply, shrugging his shoulders; "Well.. sometimes you're so deep under that you have no other choice." He nods back to Devon, offering a slight bow again, when the Nosferatu indicates his leave; "Night. Thank you for playing."

Lesa looks to Devon, "Have a good evening Devon." She nods to Karasu, before looking to Devon again. "Some of them just become like that because they know they can get away with it too." She shrugs, "Not much you can do about it however."

Devon passes back through the doors.
Devon has left.

"One thing you could do. Learn, and know their little secrets and wishes." Karasu answers with a smile. "For example if you ever have to meet with Cassandra, you will have a good point if you wear red clothes. Maxine doesn't like when someone uses foreign words, while Ruppert always use something to express his ideas."

Samael watches Devon leave while continuing to listen; "Is that so?" he muses; "I didn't know Cassandra fancied red. But yes.. everyone comes with a manual of things to do and not to do."

Lesa nods as she listens to that, "Well I guess that is pretty interesting. That is true, everyone has their secrets."

Sam inclines his head; "Well.. we have one 'set' missing. The Santa Monica Court, for that too has its special set of manners." He beckons at the improvised throne again; "Any volunteers?"

Karasu glances at the seat then at Lesa, waiting to her to decide who will be the volunteer.

Lesa smiles slightly as she looks back and forth between them. "I would like to Samael as the boss and see how Karasu does asking for permission."

Karasu laughs and shakes her head. "I am definitely not a very keen diplomat. I could tell you a secret after this game." she glances back at Samael. "What will be the setting? Who would be the Overseer?"

Samael hmms; "Alright" he agrees and adopts a mischievous smile when looking at the exit. While he aims for the improvised throne the lads shape starts to change. He's growing older and bald and adopts a much more formal and expensive attire.

Lesa nods slightly, "Well good thing we don’t need a diplomat. Just a casual neonate asking for permission so they don’t die of hunger."

"I do it as I would regularly." she turns back to Lesa to comments her actions. Then the Japanese girl walks closer to the newly transformed older figure. In the front of him she kneels down, clasping her hands in the lap and bows deeply several times silently. The individual bows almost reach the ground and she takes her head several second down.

The bald man inclines his head acknowledging the neonates presence; "You may speak." he gestures; "Name, Clan, Age, Sire and the purpose of your audience, Childe."

Lesa watches the scene curiously, waiting to see how this turns out.

"Hai tenno haika." says Karasu in her own language, bowing once more buts oon continues. "Yes Majesty. I am Karasu from the Clan Toreador, Neonate, Childe of Nevada Montoya Florez. I seek a place to fill my empty stomach."

The bald man's face darkens as Karasu speaks: "Majesty? I am not a King." his low voice rumbles. Then demands; "What does the grandchild of Prince Emerson's Servant seek in my Domain? Why would I allow one of my Primogen to feed her?"

Lesa seems a bit interested in it as she watches closely, to see what will happen next.

"I am sorry my Prince." Karasu bows once more, staying a bit longer than before with each bow she takes. "Sumimasen. I seek a refugee status. I would like to leave Prince Emerson's land." she answers.

"Highness" The stern man corrects in a demanding voice; "You might leave the Malkavians lands, but would you leave his command, hmm? Or would we release a spy in our Domain." His eyes all but pierce the neonate in front of him, demanding an answer.

Lesa smiles slightly as she leans back in her chair as she watches them.

"My answer couldn't solve the riddle your Highness." Katsumi straightens a bit, still focusing on the ground. "I would answer that I am not a spy even when I would be one. The only resolution would be to keep a strong control of me, if your Highness would be kind and accept my humble request." the Japanese girl tells softly.

Auspex on Karasu notes:
«Calm and dedicated - in the surface, as her role leads. Excited and joyful in deep with a curious hint.»

"Well".. the bald man doesn't get much nicer but he seems bored, very bored and unwilling to grant the neonate more of his time; "You may approach one of my Primogen to accommodate you. You will be their responsibility. You may convince them, Childe." He continues to stare at Karasu with that piercing gaze; "Would that be all?" It's not really a question.. that.

Lesa laughs slightly as she watches, "You really are a very honest person."

Karasu bows once more. "Hai." she answers in a very low voice and slowly starts to crawl back, with a face still facing at the man. And then she just straightens up and glances around with a wide smile.

"Hai? We are in Engla.." The bad copy of Acton starts to fade again. It grows hair again; ".. Los Angeles." The low voice becomes high. There's a flicker and Sam's back and raising from the improvised Throne; "It's a thing to remember when in Santa Monica." He explains; "Prince is 'Highness', not 'Majesty'. Seneschal is 'Excellency'. People continue to make that mistake and people continue to get scoffed at." He shrugs, his voice playful; "Not that I feel particularly bad for Acton scoffing at me. I'd do something wrong when he wouldn't."

Lesa shrugs slightly, "If that’s the worst thing you do, then your not in that bad of shape. No one is going to seek revenge on you because you called them majesty."

"Actually I think it was better to act that I am a foreigner, because then they would tend to correct me, which is better than I continuously mistake." Karasu tells softly, glancing back at Samael. "So my little secret is that you could use the cultural differences against the other as well. I like to use traditional Japanese customs when I don't know how to react but only as far as I know them," the Japanese girl winks.

Karasu stands and leaves the armchairs

Sam shakes his head; "Actually.. no. You insult the King of England when you call a Prince 'Majesty'. Ventrue are very particular about such things." He shrugs; "And I don't think that works Karasu. You assume people are willing to forgive you because you're ignorant of their own customs. Except, ignorance is no excuse."

Lesa nods slightly, "There is a better trick that I know of…" She smiles as she glances around the room for a second as if checking if anyone else is around, before looking back. "Though maybe I shouldn't share it. Otherwise someone might notice."

Karasu laughs and shakes her head. "No, I don't think that we kept the altruistic tendency at all. It seems that this is the most basic psychological difference between us and the humans. I think they just likes to educate harshly and punish a fool than kill at the first glance." she tells and glances back at Lesa. "You shouldn't keep it to yourself after this evening." she winks.

Sam smiles back at Lesa; "Behaving as if you're too dumb to understand?" He asks with a wink; "I've applied that one several times. After all, I'm very blonde." And puts on an innocent face; "Was that a rule? I didn't know that was a rule.. Honest!" He hehs; "And then got whacked because ignorance is no excuse. Hum."

Lesa laughs lightly as she shakes her head. She leans a bit, "Well I told you before, by far you get into a lot more trouble for what you say than what you do not say. If you do not know what to call them, do not call them anything at all. A bow that low will satisfy anyone to the point where they wouldn't notice at all."

"So desu ne!" Karasu laughs. "You would be a great Japanese with that philosophy. I would stay more but I have to go to the library." the raven-haired girl tells. "If you still need a land to hunt, you should search me in the library once." she bows slightly after her words.

Samael ahs and nods; "Yah. That might work. It's better to ask in advance though.. when you get the chance, that is." He ponders; "And then you have those that are good with words.. but compliments often are a tricky business. Before you know it they take it as an insult. And oh.." he remembers; "Boons work well too, but yah.. you gotto want to entangle yourself to repay them. In most cases where they are necessary, you might not want to."
Sam offers a slight bow in Sakura's direction in turn; "You're leaving? I.. should go too, to be honest."

Lesa smiles as she nods, "Have a good evening." She looks to Samael. "Compliments are always nice. Its fairly difficult to insult someone, even when its a obvious lie. Though there are a few people who dislike that." She shrugs slightly, "It was a pleasure speaking with both of you."

Apolo mocks a sigh. "I hope its not on my account." A hand flutters up to his mouth, like he's just oh-so-embarrassed to be intruding. But his eyes are sharp with amusement, and he's leaning against the doorframe, like he's been there a bit.
Apolo has arrived.

Karasu offers a deep bow with clasped hands in her lap. "Good evening Apolo-sama. It is sad that my duties already call me away. I hope we would have a time to talk soon." she smiles politely and leaves the place.

"Thank you for attending." Samael beams back at both, Lesa and Karasu; "Your contributions are much appreciated." And then he manages to freeze as he catches Apolo's image at the exit he was aiming for; "Lord.." he lets out, but quickly needs to correct himself; "Apolo." A deep bow must follow of course; "The leaving? On your account? No.. not at all. I did not.." Yes.. this is where he starts to realize which parts Apolo might have witnessed just then. He blushed red; ".. not leave on your account at all."

Lesa looks to Apolo with a smile, "Good evening. I hope you were enjoying our conversation, or did you just arrive? It a shame you didn't join in sooner, I am sure everyone would of loved to heard your thoughts on the subject. You have been around long enough, that I am sure you are an expect on it after all."

Lesa looks to Apolo with a smile, "Good evening. I hope you were enjoying our conversation, or did you just arrive? It a shame you didn't join in sooner, I am sure everyone would of loved to heard your thoughts on the subject. You have been around long enough, that I am sure you are an expert on it after all."

Apolo bobs a nod to Karasu as she heads out, making no move to stop her, though he does not shift over either, forcing anyone who wants to leave to twist sideways to get through the door. Eyes even and sharp on Sam, the Seneschal arches one dark brow, as if he just couldn't at all, not a bit, figure out what has the little Keeper so flustered. "I would just hate it if you did. I wouldn't want to be the one to break up your salon." He pins the boy there for a second longer, and then his gaze moves on, flashing a smile as bright as his namesake. "My thoughts on the subject are fairly well noted. And those that aren't generally come to the forefront when they need to."

Karasu passes back through the doors.
Karasu has left.

Lesa nods slightly, "That might be, but you would of still made nice company to talk with." She looks around the room, "I guess we are done with today’s topic however."

Samael nods a few times more, confirming his earlier statement; "You didn't Lo.. Apolo." A glance between Apolo and Lesa; "I didn't really share my latest trick tonight. Claiming ignorance, complimenting.." he hehs; "They are all good. It's the truthfulness that counts. I mean.. there's no way around it anyway. Now, I hope you will excuse me. I shall aim to return later." Another bow is performed before he aim for that exit again.

Apolo flips a hand, a gesture meant to answer them both, or dismiss them. "Perhaps," he says, equally ambiguously, and gives another nod of his dark head. "Good night Sam. I'm sure we'll have something to talk about later."

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