Y17/02/04 The 4rd Quinn Room Gathering: 'My Music and Me'

Cast: Karasu, Lesa, Jules, Matt, Will, Samael
Location: Quinn Room - Huntington - San Marino
Synopsis: The fourth (too) lighthearted Quinn Room Gathering: Julianna Giovanni graces the crowd with her performance. After her leave a couple of neonates fool around with music and Themesongs.

Quinn Room - Huntington Gallery - San Marino

Secreted away in the depths of the east wing lies an elegant drawing room, Georgian in design, furnished with British pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries. Despite the room's size, it is an intimate setting; the furniture grouped in conversational arrangements upon a large, burgundy, Imperial rug. A walnut cabinet stands at the back, its doors fastened open to reveal a message board; nearby, several talking points decorate the surfaces of ornamental tables: jet and marble statuettes, silver tea caddies, Bone China and other objets d'art. A crystal chandelier hangs centrally from the high ceiling, providing a golden light which warms the room. The walls, featuring minimal rococo plasterwork designs, have been painted a soft honey brown to pleasantly offset the intricacy of the contents.
The sense is that this might once have been a room for statesmen or nobility to while away the evening hours, and as such, it is particularly well-suited to its current patrons.

Jules comes through the double doors.
Jules has arrived.

Karasu comes through the double doors.
Karasu has arrived.

Matt comes through the double doors.
Matt has arrived.

Another Monday evening, another scheduled Quinn-Room gathering. It rather shows that Sam put -effort- in this one, since the piano in the room is polished extensively, various (cheap) instruments like a few guitars, a drum and a flute lie about.. and then the music installation is set up prominently with a huge collection of cd's and songbooks (most of them no legal copies).
And then of course there's Sam himself, settled on that couch, with one of those guitars on his lap, trying a 'California Dreaming'. His smile is so broad, he could probably sit there all night with no visitors and not notice.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«happy camper»

One visitor has arrived with a bag (which hides another handful of CDs), mostly from the Huntington Library's audio collection. Of course it is Karasu, the small Japanese woman. She wanders into the room with a warm smile on her face, glancing around curiously. "Konnichi wa Samael-chan." She greets and sits down near to the music center.

Matt entered the Quinn room in the course of the evening. He seated himself on a cushioned chair in a corner of the room, his eyes darting around the room, taking in every little detail he can. The Ventrue seems strangely interested into this.

Auspex on Karasu notes:
«Excited, curious.»

Jules slips in quietly, and attempts to find herself a corner to hide in. Some place where she can be out of sight, out of mind.

Auspex on Jules notes:

When the guests enter Sam eventually does manage to part from that crappy worn guitar. It is put to his side carefully before he jolts to his feet. More broad smiles are offered to the guests, the warmest to the last; "Miss Karasu, Sir Schnell, Lady Giovanni!" A courteous bow is performed; "Goodevening and Welcome.. Welcome.. Do pick a seat, or which-ever." He gestures to the instruments and CD-collection.

Matt silently sings, "And the smell of burritos…rising up through the air…" While smiling at the present people, "Bon soir messieurs dames."

Jules's eyes go wide and she actually jumps a little when Sam calls out to her. A hand is tossed over her heart and she stars at Sam for a long time, and then she glances around. The woman gestures toward the back, "I-I'll si-sit back here." She scampers to as far away from the other vampires as she can.

Auspex on Jules notes:

Matt simply bows to all present and moves over to the heap of CDs, skimming through them.

Karasu smiles and turns to Jules first. "Hello Jules-san. Matt-san! Good to see you." The Japanese girl greets the others. "I love this song. When I first listened I wasn't able to understand it, so I thought it is a sad song about marrying or something because I managed to understand the Church word; about a guy who lost his wife or something." she tells Sam.

Matt retreats to a dark seat, enjoying the music

Sam casts a somewhat concerned look in Jules' direction; "Is all well, miss?" he asks, some worry in his voice. Then he nods back at Karasu; "It's.. somewhat autobiographic for me. Came to LA, stopped into a church, and the preacher made me stay." He can smile about it now; "Well.. it was nice, as long as it lasted."
The young mans finds his seat again; "Shall I open?" He asks.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«smile.. yes. forced. distress. quashed.»

Will comes through the double doors.
Will has arrived.

Will slips in through the door, quietly, pausing there to take a peek.

Jules is hiding in the back, yes, in the back. She hides. That is what JulesJojo does, indeed.

"I see." Karasu smiles to Samael. "Yes, the lyrics can make a song very special. Where should we begin?" she asks softly, glancing at Jules, trying to give her an encouraging smile. Karasu sits near the music center.

Sam is on one of the couches, next to a crappy worn guitar. It is not the only instrument the Quinn room holds this evening. There's several guitars, a piano, a flute and a large collection of cd's and songbooks.
When Will appears the young mans stands to welcome the Santa Monica Sheriff with another bow; "Welcome Sir Johnston."
Then back to Karasu; "Well.. As you know the topic of this gathering is 'My Music and Me'. My intention was that we share our favorite music, or songs that we feel fit a person, a clan, a domain. I think we have all we need at hand.. and.." A hesitant smile is directed at Jules; "Miss Giovanni agreed to grace us with a contribution as well.. that is, when you are feeling well, miss?"

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:

Will returns the bow, offering a quiet, "Good evening." He strolls up to the back of a chair and stands there, where he can observe the others, tilting his head curiously.

Auspex on Will notes:
«Yep, curious, bet you didn't see that coming.»

Jules fidgets a moment and then glances toward those gathered and gives a small nod of her head. The woman says, "I can sing whenever you would like, signore."

Karasu offers a brief, but warm smile to Will before she glances back at Samael. I have some music, but sadly I am not able to play any musical instrument or sing. I could try if you wish." She says and leans back. "Where should we begin? Maybe we could do person by person? Or do you have another system Samael-chan? And I would be happy if Jules-san honors us with her singing."

Auspex on Karasu notes:
«Supportive, excited, curious and playful.»

Will slips around his chair and sits down. He looks from one to the other, settling back comfortably.

Sam nods back at Karasu; "Records are fine." he assures; "And if your music is known, we can play it together."
His attention quickly returns to Jules however; "I hardly feel like one to command your voice, lady." He replies softly; "So when-ever it suits you." Then gestures to the piano; "And if you need it, I can perhaps play the music to accompany you?"

Jules fidgets a moment and looks toward her hands. She says, "I will sing now, if it pleases."

Karasu smiles and nods to Jules. "It would be great!" she tells and prepares to listen the performance.

Will nods once. "Please," he smiles.

Samael's eyes widen upon the 'If it pleases'.. his entire expression radiating an 'of course it pleases!', but he says; "I can only speak for myself, but I positively would consider such a huge honor." Then gestures toward the instruments in the room again; "Do you need anything to accompany?" he asks.

Lesa comes through the double doors.
Lesa has arrived.

Jules takes a breath and then moves toward wherever she should stand. The young Italian woman brushes her hands over her stomach and then closes her eyes and starts to sing. "When peace like a river, attendeth my way. When sorrows like sea billows roll. Whatever my lot, thou has taught to say.. It is well… 'It is Well with my Soul…"

«VERIFY» Jules's Charisma + Singing total is at least 7.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«not kidding. He appreciates to a degree that indicates a connection to the woman’s voice, similar to a light in utter darkness.»

Lesa looks around the room as she casually walks in. Though she is quiet enough not to disrupt anything, as she watches for a moment.

Auspex on Karasu notes:
«Enjoying the singing of Jules, but with someone who is studying a beautiful art object with a distance, respecting the art, liking, but not internalizing.»

Auspex on Will notes:
«Clearly impressed. Not spiritually moved or anything, just impressed.»

The small Japanese girl listens Jules' singing with a polite smile in her face, keeping her almond-shaped eyes on the woman. She sits near the music center in the room, which is filled with music instruments, along with a piano and several guitars.

Samael sits down again and just.. falls still, motionless. He only manages to listen and stare at Jules, or perhaps through her. His expression is a mixture of intense appreciation and sadness.

Lesa smiles slightly as she walks over and takes a seat as she listens to the singing.

As Jules' song proceeds, Samael has to glance away for a long moment. Eyes closed. And as such he fails to notice how the opera-singer quickly takes her leaves.. only moments after the last notes echoed through that room.

In the silence, the Tremere Sheriff takes his leave as well.

Will sneaks out.
Will passes back through the doors.
Will has left.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«damn.. no crying.. no crying! bury those memories.»

"She was great." Karasu takes the initiative, breaking the silence with a sigh just after her words. "So how shall we proceed? I suggest that we end with another life performance. That is much better than pre-recorded things."

Lesa looks around at the others who remain after the singing stops. "Good evening, how are you two doing tonight? Sorry about not being able to make it sooner."

Sam needs a moment to recover his voice, which becomes noticeable when he attempts to welcome Lesa and fails to add the vocal greeting to the bow. There's a silent nod to Karasu and a gesture at the bag of cd's she brought. "You brought some pieces?" he manages to whisper.

Karasu nods to Lesa with a brief smile before she turns back to Sam. She doesn't seem to be so dedicated now, just glancing down briefly. "Well, yes, I tried to find theme songs… since I can't sing or play music at all." She turns back at the music center. "Since there are so few of us perhaps we could try to make a whole CD with theme songs, finding the right pieces. It would be fun. And I like irony in the music, when it is playful. So here is my first example. I brought a piece, and maybe you could try to guess which person's theme is this." She smiles and puts a CD in the center. It is Ennio Moriccone's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly".

Auspex on Karasu notes:
«Ashamed to break the spell on Samael, then a slowly emerging playfulness.»

Lesa smiles as she gives Sam a curious look, "Hmm you must of really liked that didn't you?" She looks back to Karasu, "Oh theme songs? You going to play them whenever the person walks in?" She laughs lightly at that though.

Lesa's remark causes a blush and another moment of staring at that wall. When he refocuses at Karasu Samael beckons at the CD-player; "Oh.. and that is a theme song for who?" he replies with a faint grin.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:

"I’ll give you another hint." Karasu grins and puts another song. She pushes the play button to release 'Miwaku no Horse Riding' and turns back with the same grin. "You should guess, that is the game."

Samael listens.. then eyes start to glitter and he can't suppress a laugh; "Oh!" eyes search out Karasu; "That's a good one!"
And winks; "I have one also." He starts to shuffle through the various CD's.

Lesa thinks about it for a long moment as she listens. She shrugs, "Hmm well I could make a guess, but I am really not to sure." She looks to Samael curiously.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:

Karasu laughs and nods. "Yes I like this song, I guess it is the only spaghetti western's song in Japanese. I could translate the text also." She offers and glances up to Lesa. "Tell me your guess." She winks. "I would like to hear."

Auspex on Karasu notes:
«Relaxing, playful.»

Sam hihi; "Well.. 'The Cowboy' of course." He grins.. then finds what he was looking for; "Here.. especially you should appreciate this one."
The stereo starts to play 'I'm too Sexy'.

Lesa shrugs slightly, "Well I was going to say Jack but that’s just a wild guess, since I really have no idea." She listens to the next song for a moment, "Hmm maybe Apolo?" She laughs as she shrugs, "Actually I think I could think of a couple people for that. I am not too good at guessing silly stuff like that though."

The small Japanese girl giggles and shakes her head. "It is hard to say who's theme song it is… there are so many candidates." She glances back at Lesa. "Do you have any idea? I would say Carmin, but I am not sure."

Auspex on Karasu notes:
«A bit disappointed by Lesa words, but her playfulness is still alive.>

Karasu says, "Or Mayfair?"

Sam ooows.. shaking his head; "There's only one real womanizer in this city." Samael comments.. and aaahs.. at Karasu's last guest; 'I've got another one for Apolo.".. and puts on the track 'Here comes the Sun'.

Lesa smiles softly, "Oh so that one was Apolo?" She looks around the room for a moment before looking to Sam, "So you going to tell them what song you picked for them later on?"

Karasu glances back with intense eyes and a wide grin. "That is the role of a would-be Harpy, isn't it?" the Japanese girl glances back and nods to Samael. "I have a song to play after yours, but you need to guess. And I don't know of Mayfair's womanizer attribute, he seems unattracted by cherry blossoms." She winks and starts to search for a CD.

Sam sings a few cheerful Beatles-phrases, adding a dance-pace or two; "No, Karasu guessed right. So we've had Cyrus, Lord Mayfair and Lord Callas." And waits eagerly for Karasu's new track.

Lesa smiles as she nods, "Oh well Apolo’s was easy but I believe I have only ever met Cyrus once, and I have never met Mayfair. It makes the game kind of difficult."

Karasu laughs. "I like that Beatles song. Well it is the 'Subcultural Girl' from Necromantix. A Rockabilly." She puts the CD into the player after the Beatles song ended.

Sam aaahs at Lesa's remark; "Hum.. Yes. I agree, if you don't know them it's not as fun.." he rephrases; ".. easy." A smile is offered; "So.. what is your favorite song then, Lesa?"
He listens to the lyrics of Karasu's song; "Oww.. That's difficult for me." He asks; "Tink?"

Lesa listens to the song for a moment, before she looks over towards Sam. "Oh well I wouldn't say I really have a favorite."

Karasu shakes her head playfully. "No, I thought it could be Ali." She smiles and frowns a little. "But at second thought I find ‘La Bruja’ appropriate for Ali and then this song could be Tink's. Unfortunately I haven't found a good and funny theme song for me or you." She adds and glances back. "Yes, please tell me what songs you like?"

Lesa laughs slightly as she looks to Karasu, "You know, that isn't too bad of a song for Ali. I don’t think it really fits Tink though."

Sam prods; "Well.. one of your favorites then?" He asks; "And hmm.. could fit, but I think Ali’s would be more.. dark. You know? I need to think about that one. Now this…" His voice lowers a bit, and he looks at the exit as if checking there's no-one there; "This one.. I'll leave you to guess on. Just don't mention it to her.”
The stereo plays yet another track; 'I want to Break Free'.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«a bit too cheerful. too bold.»

The Japanese girl shakes her head and frowns once more. "Perhaps Sasha, but I am not certain." She says in a low voice. "I really don't know."

Lesa smiles as she looks to Sam, before giving him a bit of a serious look "Oh well you know what music I really enjoy? I enjoy listening to the wolves howl out in the forest, sounds just like music." She says it in such a way that it’s difficult to tell if she is just joking or if she is serious.

Samael hmms, shaking his head to 'Sasha'; "Nono. not her." But he doesn't offer more clues. A nod goes to Lesa; "Perhaps that's a typical Gangrel-thing after all? The connection with wolves, I mean; "Then suggests with a wink; 'Born to be Wild'.

Karasu glances back at Lesa with a serious face and nods. "Yes, the sounds of nature are very interesting. I brought some other music that I really like. I left the Jazz at the library; I think Samael-chan doesn't like Jazz too much." She turns back to Sam with another smile. "Isabel perhaps? I am guessing…"

Lesa looks back and forth between them as she laughs softly. Her gaze settles on Samael; "Speaking of wolves. I was meaning to ask if it was ok to bring dogs in here?"

Sam hmms to Lesa's question; "You can bring them into the garden.. Here?" he glances around; "I'm unsure. As long as they don't damage the art."
He considers for a short moment, then searches to put on another track; "Okay.. I'll give you one extra hint. The person is related to this.. but only related."
The installation starts to play the TV-Theme song of 'Alvin and the Chipmunks'.

Karasu laughs and shakes her head. "Well this made the riddle even more difficult. I really don't know. Break free… Tell me Samael-chan, please tell me." She pleads and glances up to Lesa. "Any idea?"

Lesa smiles slightly as she watches Sam, "Well they are very well trained and wouldn't damage anything at all. I am positive they wouldn't harm anything." She listens to the next song for a moment, "Hmm…"

Sam grins and shakes his head; "Nono.. really. Can't do." he remains steadfast; "Well.. perhaps one last clue.. But then I need to go."
The young man walks to the piano, concentrating. Fingers are placed on the keys to produce a slow version of Michael Nyman's 'The Piano Theme' (click on play).

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«concentration. difficult!»

Karasu shakes her head after she listened to the last song. "Perhaps Gillian, but I really don’t know." She glances up to Lesa. "Maybe you have a clue?" She tries to get help from Lesa.

Lesa laughs as she shrugs slightly, "I don’t know. Maybe it’s one for himself?" She smiles as she looks back over to Samael. So you are leaving already? That is a shame."

Samael doesn't finish the part. It is obvious that he has some difficulty playing it. Somehow his hands seem too small to keep up the speed and eventually he gives up, stands and smiles apologetic; "No, not me. Although.." He admits; "There are similarities with the first and the third, certainly. I'll leave you to ponder the mystery."
A bow is performed to the ladies in the room; "Thank you for attending the party tonight. Feel free to continue without me if you wish. Have a goodnight and be well."

Lesa stands up and gives him a slight bow, "Well the second one is totally different from the last so I have no idea." She shrugs slightly, "Have a good evening though. I will see you around another time."

Karasu sighs and shakes her head; maybe she’s caught by the mystery. Yet she manages to nod and smile when Sam leaves the room. "Konban wa Samael-chan." She greets and turns back to the music center that starts to play 'Toh-i Sakebi - Ending Theme' and 'Requiem'. All along she wonders; "Who could be this person?".

Samael smiles again, shaking his head, then turns, aiming for the night waiting behind those doors.

Song Overview:

  1. Sam plays 'California Dreaming' on his guitar
  2. Jules sings 'It is Well with my Soul' a capella
  3. Karasu plays 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' on the stereo
  4. Karasu plays 'Miwaku no Horse Riding' on the stereo
  5. Sam plays 'I'm too Sexy' on the stereo
  6. Sam plays 'Here comes the Sun' on the stereo
  7. Karasu plays 'Subcultural Girl' on the stereo
  8. Sam plays 'I want to Break Free' on the stereo
  9. Sam suggests 'Born to be Wild'.
  10. Sam plays 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' on the stereo
  11. Sam plays 'The Piano Theme' on the piano (click on play)
  12. Karasu plays 'Toh-i Sakebi - Ending Theme' on the stereo
  13. Karasu plays 'Requiem' on the stereo
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