Y12/04/04 Santa Monica Court

Cast: LA at Large
Location: Dance Floor - Pelican Club - Santa Monica
Synopsis: A Santa Monica Court during which the fates of Driz and Lyssa are decided upon.

Dance Floor - Pelican Club - Santa Monica

The pulsing hypnotic beat of techno and dance music that normally reverberates is replaced by an oppressive near-silence as small knots of people converse nervously and quietly on the matte black floor.
Here, all the flavor and fashion of the entrance hall is lost to the preferences of modern nights, and nothing here would be out of place in nightclubs around the world. A mixing station is placed just off to the right and a little above the dance floor level. Glaring, multi-colored spotlights affixed to the revealed ceiling struts above shine down on those below, though instead of their normal shifting, swirling pattern, they create and even and diffused glow on this night.
At certain points in the room, particularly those not directly lit by one of the many lights, a glimpse of what appears to be a mirrored ceiling can be seen high above.

Present upon entrance: Carraig, Friedrich, Kusala, Justyn, Takako, Matt, Pascal, Anansi, Cecil, Jade, Daedalus

Takako enters quietly, one hand lifting the skirt of her formal kimono slightly as she makes her way down the stairs. She stands in the doorway for a moment, nudging her glasses a bit higher on her nose before moving aside for others to enter. Keeping her gaze lowered, Takako attempts to find someplace out of the way to stand.

Jade removes his hat indoors.

Auspex on Daedalus notes:
«The picture of unruffled patience.»

Friedrich arrives together with Carraig. Another man briefly holds the doors for them and then quickly disappears outside again. The large man surveys the room hawkishly and straightens the cuffs of his smoking so that they are arranged perfectly again.

Justyn is lingering in the shadows against a far wall. He offers nods to those who acknowledge him, but otherwise seems content as an observer.

Kusala breaks out the warmest smile for Matt.

Auspex on Anansi notes:
«Solemn curiosity.»

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«happy, curious, excited»

Auspex on Takako notes:
«Quietly pensive, contemplative.»

Carraig walks in with Friedrich, his shades are currently slipped into his inner coat pocket, which allow those present to see his natural hazels… normally seen in their burning red or goggled up at Elysium, this is somewhat unusual.

Cecil heads over to greet the big fellow and the German, indeed.

Matt seems to nod at Daedalus, then to Justyn and Pascal.

Kusala's eyes follow Matt's and she seems very taken with the conversation.

Anansi glances over and notes the arrival of Carraig and Friedrich. She wiggles her fingers and smiles in a greeting.

Pascal is standing in a small circle with Daedalus and Anansi, quietly speaking with them. Judging by the Frenchman's smile and mannerisms, he's in good spirits. His attention momentarily drifts away to acknowledge Matt with a polite nod, and then a respectful bow to Friedrich. However, he doesn’t seem willing to push his way through the crowd of people to greet them at this point. His attention turns back to his group.

Jade follows Cecil at a polite distance, a couple steps behind him.

Acton descends from the entrance hall.
Acton has arrived.

Cecil departs the group of people including Jade.
Cecil joins the group of people including Carraig.

Jade disbands the group he was in.
Jade joins the group of people including Carraig and Cecil.

Friedrich grins as he starts walking along the floor, and says to Carraig, audible over the music for those close by "Who says violence doesn't attract a crowd anymore?" A wolfish grin appears on his face for a few moments, not a pleasant grin to see. He then start walking towards his fellow Ventrue, wherever he finds them.

Carraig takes note of Anansi and Daedalus, breaking his mask of seriousness to give each of them each a smile and a gestured hand in turn. As Cecil approaches he offers the man a hand, "Hello again Keeper." nodding once to Friedrich, the Gangrel takes a moment to look over the crowd, sizing up where they are standing… how they look, whether they appear to be armed, anything out of the ordinary.

Driz descends from the entrance hall.
Driz has arrived.

Nelson descends from the entrance hall.
Nelson has arrived.

Maricela descends from the entrance hall.
Maricela has arrived.

Sam paces into the Dance Room, slowly, quietly. The young man sticks to the walls mostly. If noticed there are polite nods and slight bows all around. Kusala, Matt, Carraig, Pascal, Takako and Justyn receive smiles as well before he drifts in Justyn’s direction. Wall-flowering somewhere next to that Ventrue seems like a good idea at the time.

There is a heavy tramping of boots on the grand staircase as a half-dozen Men in Black descend the staircase, the vanguard of Prince Acton's retinue. They fan out, taking up positions against the walls around the room, with two remaining at the bottom of the stairs, standing guard. Acton follows, pausing at the foot of the stairs, arms crossed as his ice-blue eyes survey the room, the multi-colored lights reflected off his bald head.

Matt bows respectfully, when the eye's of old baldhead meet his form.

Perhaps there’s synergy in the air. Kusala seems to immediately notice the guard coming into the door. She rises and curtsies, staying down.

Daedalus' attention shifts to the Prince at the telltale display. His eyes close and he lowers his head in a gesture of deference directed to Acton.

Justyn offers a deep bow the Prince on his entrance, holding for a moment before straightening and attempting to sink further into the shadows.

Anansi turns and dips as well, into a perfectly imitated copy of Daedalus' bow as Acton enters. It is obvious where she learned her manners, if there had been any doubt.

Kimly descends from the entrance hall.
Kimly has arrived.

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«curious, excited, yes very curious»

Pascal's attention also shifts to Prince Acton as he arrives, stepping away from his group and bowing politely in the style of the European courts to the Prince. Upon rising, he steps back towards Daedalus and Anansi but his attention remains locked on the Prince.

Cecil also bows his greeting to the entering Prince of the shiny pate.

Carraig shifts in his stance a bit, making notice of Sam and Jade as they move by as well. The arrival of the Prince and the Seneschal however prickles his sense of attention, and despite wearing a suit there is about him a feral air. His eyes light up red, and he slips around the crowd for a moment, seeming incapable of staying too still. It would appear he is pacing, if in a slow and steady manner, and his eyes remain fairly focused upon the stairs, the Prince and the relationship of the masses to it.

Auspex on Anansi notes:
«Extreme curiosity.»

Takako remains off to the side, content to watch others interact, occasionally adjusting her glasses or smoothing the collar of her formal kimono. She smiles warmly and inclines her head, or bows gracefully, to anyone whose eye she might catch.

Sam copies Justyn's bow in Actons direction. Formal, polite, but not as deep, and stepping back as well.

Cecil is dressed in a white-tie outfit, except that instead of a white bow tie, he wears a blue one.

Jade stands behind Carraig and Cecil but bows politely to the Prince.

Auspex on Daedalus notes:
«Open respect.»

Auspex on Takako notes:
«Quite impressed.»

A man standing just inside the room spots Acton's entrance and quickly scuttles off, back up the stairs and towards the back of the club, which has been closed this evening. A few minutes later, Nelson arrives with the man and two others, the latter of whom are wheeling in two large plastic tubs on dollies. Nelson comes down the stairs, followed by the men, who are careful not to lose their loads as they bump to the dance level. The Seneschal looks around, noting those present, then bows his head deeply to Acton.

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«A little surprised.»

Auspex on Jade notes:

Maricela arrives at a pinnacle point in the evening. She fixes her dress almost as she walks and when she does walk in those heels, it's clearly difficult for her. But there's the Prince, Prince Acton himself, and when she enters, she dips her head in a courtly bow almost involuntarily. She stands off to that corner alone, not approaching any other Santa Monican.

Auspex on Sam’s notes:
«wary. duty. alert.»

Auspex on Carraig notes:
«The Sheriff of Santa Monica would appear to be on a heightened state of alert, looking with suspicion and care at each individual in the room to assure that no untoward behavior might go on.»

Kimly enters rather quietly, hands clasped loosely before her. She's dressed up for once, with a lovely white dress and sandals.

Auspex on Kimly notes:

December descends from the entrance hall.
December has arrived.

Frederico descends from the entrance hall.
Frederico has arrived.

Acton looks upon the two trash bins with obvious disdain, his lips curling into a frown. His icy gaze turns to the Seneschal. "Shall we proceed with the court? Are there any present who do not belong, Seneschal?" He asks, before turning and walking toward an empty seat near the head of the room.

Acton steps onto the dance floor

Frederico steps in to the room but a few steps before stopping and looking around.

Matt eyes the trash bins with interest, a peaked eyebrow showing this clearly, he gets back into a more comfortable position and smiles warmly at Kusala, then whispers something to her.

Friedrich isn't the man to hide in a crowd, even if he could. He also takes a look at the bins, with a look of contempt and then finds Acton's gaze. He doesn't bow, but greets him with a nod, even in that small gesture revealing he has respect for his fellow clan elder. He stands erect, and allows offers the present any Primogen a greeting as well, then after a pause the knights as well, if they happen to see each other.

Nelson glances around the room. "It would appear that our warning was heeded, Your Highness. All are either citizens, or else duly recognized for Attendance. We await your pleasure." He bows his head again, then motions for his ghouls to take a position out of the way.

Kusala glances at people arriving, but otherwise doesn't move her bowed head to whisper back.

Daedalus' attention is drawn to the containers, a marginal quirk of one brow signifying interest in their contents. His gaze calmly shifts about the room, plucking out those present and conveying appropriate acknowledgement to the other Primogen and then the rest of the officers.

December is late. Fashionably late? Perhaps. She's certainly much more cleaned and well dressed than normal, maybe that's why she is late? She enters quietly and stands near the entrance her sunglass covered gaze searching for something..

Pascal also takes note of the plastic containers upon noticing Acton's look of disdain towards them. He remains roughly adjacent to Daedalus and Anansi, his attention locked on both the Seneschal and the Prince.

Auspex on December notes:
«Dislikes these things, and has no idea where to go..»

Auspex on Matt notes:

Frederico idles toward Friedrich, aloof from any attention from most present.

Acton nods, once and very shallowly, to Nelson, a bit more of his bald head casting multi-colored reflections briefly. "In that case, Seneschal, determine if there are any who have business with this court not related to the prisoners." With that Nelson seems forgotten as Acton's freezing gaze sweeps the room. "The Primogen of Santa Monica and her Sheriff may attend me." he says in an emotionless tone.

Auspex on Acton notes:
«Waxing malice.»

Matt stands up abruptly and looks in Friedrich's direction, then starts to move towards the prince.

Takako peers at the plastic bins over the tops of her glasses, and then nudges them up higher on her face to cover a concerned expression. Afterwards, Takako slips out a folding fan decorated with a Hiroshige print of a ruddy bridge and a too-green mountain, and opens it quietly.

Nelson nods his head and moves to stand near the steps. "Any with business for His Highness will speak to me now." He stands there, waiting.

Carraig shifts the slow movement of his pacing, for which likely others have made clear room by now, and starts to wind his way through the others to move to th front. As he comes to the chair and floor, he takes a moment to dip a crisp and militaristic bow, then moves to his appropriate place.

Matt departs the group of people including Kusala.

Maricela remains near the entrance. When December enters, she looks to her and nods her head briefly. Maricela is certainly out of her normal, lazy attire with a delightfully painted face. She looks back to the Prince, unmoving in her position.

Carraig departs the group of people including Cecil and Jade.

Friedrich walks towards Acton and Nelson. He smiles towards the Seneschal and says modestly while he passes Nelson "I hear you have a prisoner stowed away for me, your Excellency." He seems amused at this and then walks more towards Acton, joining the rest of the Primogen. If he stands close enough, he holds his hand out to Matt for a handshake.

December is about to lean up against a wall when she seems to spot Maricela, a glance is shot in Nelson's direction before she moves slowly toward the other female of her Clan. A faint not given to Carraig in passing.

Carraig steps onto the dance floor

Daedalus nods once to Pascal, lays his left hand atop Anansi's smaller one on his arm, and begins to make his way towards the Prince with his child in tow.

Frederico follows Friedrich, unhurriedly. He does not chat idly. Though he nods mildly toward Acton upon his approach. His hands clasp behind the small of his back.

Matt moves over to the steps and puts himself into the rows of Primogen, but on the outmost ends, most removed from Acton. He handshakes with Friedrich and cracks a smile at him, "Congratulations, Lord." He then falls back into silence.

Matt moves over near the dance floor

December joins the group of people including Maricela.

Frederico steps onto the dance floor

Pascal nods politely to Daedalus as he excuses himself and heads towards the Prince. His attention seems fully focused on Prince Acton and the proceedings, however, something Friedrich says draws Pascal's gaze, his eyebrow raising curiously.

Carraig 's eyes look from one to the other. There's a quiet and guttural animal growl that comes from his lips sounding something like, "wuaoh" going to the pair of Gangrel that he passes. However, it would seem that pleasantries with others seem to be avoided - likely given the role that he plays in this.

Friedrich moves over near the dance floor

Acton allows his gaze to sweep over Daedalus and Anansi as they approach, raising a hand heavily. "Primogen only, Lord Cesare." he says icily.

Friedrich moves away from the dance floor
Friedrich steps onto the dance floor

Cecil departs the group of people including Jade.

Daedalus pauses, extracting his arm even as he dips into a bow. His smile and tone are equally pleasant as he responds. "As it please the Prince." He looks to Anansi. "Please go back and wait for me there, child."

Cecil joins the group of people including Pascal, Anansi, and Daedalus.

Cecil heads on over to Pascal and his companions.

Daedalus departs the group of people including Pascal, Anansi, and Cecil.

Jade disbands the group he was in.

Kimly has disconnected.

Anansi simply nods to Daedalus, not delaying him with more than that easy acknowledgment, and remains where they were. She then falls still, save for the turning of her head toward Cecil's approach.

Muttering to place (the dance floor): Acton says, "… My Elysium."

Jade follows Cecil, hands folded behind his back.
Jade joins the group of people including Pascal, Anansi, and Cecil.

Daedalus resumes his walk out onto the dance floor to join the Prince and accumulated Primogen.
Daedalus steps onto the dance floor

Frederico takes a position standing in a negligently postured parade-rest manner with the the other Primogen of Santa Monica. He eyes Acton silently.

At your cluster: Justyn says, "My friend Sam, a pleasure to see you once again at the Pelican, even if I do prefer to be," he looks up toward the dark ceiling. "Up there."

Takako looks a bit shocked by something suddenly, fluttering her fan a bit rapidly as she closes her eyes and turns her face away from the dance floor. It takes several seconds before the fan returns to a gentle, rhythmic wafting, and Takako returns to watching the proceedings.

Just in case anyone was wondering.. Sam simply stands and watches the proceedings from the far wall. His face an expressionless mask. He does smile back to Justyn and formulates a soft reply to the Ventrue neonate.

Kusala remains curtsied with head bowed, though she does venture attentive glances at the proceedings.

Auspex on Pascal notes:
«Calm, complacent. Intrigued.»

Auspex on Frederico notes:

Auspex on Daedalus notes:
«Unruffled by the correction.»

Muttering to place (the dance floor): Friedrich speaks clearly to Acton "… I… you to… we… Something… who… will understand."

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«very curious»

Auspex on Takako notes:
«Momentarily afraid. Then, deeply perplexed and confused.»

December joins Maricela, standing there and turning attention toward the front. Her attention shifts toward Nelson and lingers there before turning toward Acton and the group, watching quietly.

Auspex on December notes:
«Really doesn't like being here.. Also would really like Nelson to give her some direction, but she does what she thinks is best.. And stays a shadow.»

Auspex on Anansi notes:
«Continued interest in the proceedings.»

Muttering to place (the dance floor): Acton says, "… it then… of… council… his duties…"

Nelson waits for just a few seconds more, then moves away from the stairs, moving to join the other officers on the dance floor.
Nelson steps onto the dance floor

Amelia descends from the entrance hall.
Amelia has arrived.

Muttering to place (the dance floor): Frederico eyes the Prince and says in a mildly mannered voice, "… do… Keeper's job, Highness?"

Maricela glances at December, her Clan mate, very briefly and then she looks back to the group. Her eyes flick around, lingering on very few. Pascal receives a longer look, even if he does not notice, before she returns her attention to the Prince, patiently waiting.

Pascal excuses himself from the company of Cecil , Jade, and Anansi with a polite bow and moves through the crowds over to a position by himself.
Pascal departs the group of people including Anansi, Cecil, and Jade.

Muttering to place (the dance floor): Matt nods, "… that… his… your… not… from his duties. It… look like… to… rabble trying to put dirt onto the… your… and…"

At your cluster: Sam smiles back at Justyn; "But there's no dancing to be watched this evening." His gaze follows the Ventrue's for a moment; "Well.. another kind of dance perhaps. As places go, this probably is the best spot in the house, tonight.""

Acton frowns at something Frederico says, but otherwise remains a brooding presence as his Primogen council confers around him.

Amelia enters, reticent and portentous. She drifts along the far wall of the room, tugging at her suit jacket. She watches the events unfold from the back wall.

Muttering to place (the dance floor): Friedrich says, "I think he… underestimated… abilities when… Oroku case,… incidents… He… be… a… for… least mr…. the…"

At your cluster: Justyn shrugs. "From my understanding, it's likely just a kangaroo court. A bit theatrical, maybe, but I suppose a clear message must be sent.

Justyn shrugs as he continues talking softly to Sam.

Jade bows to Anansi, smiling and nodding his head but otherwise being quiet.

Conversation and scheming are expected by the 'audience' at the Court. Talk, talk, talk!

Auspex on Anansi notes:
«A flicker of distaste for something mixes with her intent and ever present curiosity.»

December nods her head at Maricela and then jerks her head in Pascal's direction and slowly makes her way over to him.
December departs the group of people including Maricela.
December joins the group of people including Pascal.

Auspex on Friedrich notes:
«Calculating, disdain.»

At your cluster: Sam blinks; "Kangaroo court?" The young man frowns slightly, his gaze drifts toward the plastic containers now; "I'm here on Mayfairs request, really. I hoped not to be Downtowns only representative."

Pascal takes note of Amelia as she arrives, turning and respectfully bowing his head to her. He seems ready to head in her direction just as December approaches. The Frenchman smiles and raises his finger, speaking quietly to her.

At cluster (): Cecil says, "To be truthful I don't recall my captivity, which is probably for the best."

At place (the dance floor): Daedalus adds smoothly. "I believe he has made a habit of such underestimations. And to my recollection Keeper Northrup did little in the matter of Oroku but instead left it to others to take care of for him. Though he was not shy about claiming all of the credit."

At place (the dance floor): Carraig listens to the words of the others, remaining silent on the matter for a time. His eyes move to Lord Nelson, and then toward the Prince. He looks as though he is waiting to hear what the Seneschal has to say as well. In the quiet he chooses to voice in a quiet growly way, "There are many issues that need to be weighed. An example is necessary, but regardless of what is done with these prisoners I believe it will not be enough. Based on conversations in the past, and work I have done with Lord Cesare and our Keeper… we do know that the Malkavians and Nosferatu of south central slip about with impunity. I do not wish to level target on any one clan, but the problem we have is with a perceived weakness in stopping their shenanigans. I have a plan in this regard, but I will need the help of the other Primogen in bringing it about. My blood does not innately afford the capacity to do what I think needs done. We need to make an example of some of the more suave and sneaky trespassers. It is an imperative I think."

As Amelia enters the room, Justyn pauses from his conversation with Sam to offer the Ambassador a deep and respectful bow.

At cluster (): Pascal says, "Bonsoir, Dame December. Always a pleasure to see you. You are well, oui?"

At place (the dance floor): Frederico frowns lightly at his peers and says, "An execution is a poor example. It simply creates a martyr."

Friedrich seems to agree with something Daedalus just said, nodding in a confirming way.

At your cluster: Justyn says, "So, the Seneschal of Downtown is curious about Santa Monica justice, is he? Quite curious."

Maricela, after a minute, notices December leave. It's not long before her legs, albeit short, take as long as strides as they possibly can manage towards Pascal. She lands each heel very carefully, exacting, to keep that balance.

At place (the dance floor): Acton says, "And what would you suggest, Lord Montoya?"

At place (the dance floor): Nelson doesn't seem to feel the need to add much to the conversation. He glances around at the faces. "Gentlemen, we are all old enough to understand that we will never have completely secure borders. We can only ensure that we perform to our best. Mistakes will be made. The best way to deal with a mistake, is to fix it." He falls silent as Frederico gains the floor.

Maricela disbands the group she was in.
Maricela joins the group of people including Pascal and December.

At place (the dance floor): Friedrich looks at Frederico "I said, execute the punishment, which does not necessarily equal executing the vampire himself, even though it would be just, if the Prince so decides." He then lets Frederico answer Acton.

Since everyone else seems to be milling freely, Kusala rises from her deep curtsey and stands, hands folded before her. Words float to her, words near and far, words whispering through the winds of passing. A crease forms on her motherly brow.

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«momentary dismay»

At cluster (): Jade says, "Would it be appropriate for me to go and present myself to the Prince directly, as I have not actually seen him in a long time?"

At place (the dance floor): Matt simply smiles, "It seems most of you are decided on the future of the keeper. But I ask you, who would be suitable to replace him?" He pauses, the nods at Friedrich and offers, "After all, the sanctity of Elysium was broken. if we cannot feel safe anymore, our society might crumble faster than a cookie."

At cluster (): December runs a hand over her skirt and replies, "I am here, am I not?" Not really an answer but close enough. She glances back toward the group up front and shrugs.

At place (the dance floor): Frederico says, "Everything has a price. But as we learned from Adam Smith centuries ago, it's inefficient to set the price arbitrarily. You either set the price too high or too low, in which case you lose. I say see what the market will bear. Offer to ransom the wrongdoer if an appropriate blood price is paid. See what their allies will pay in recompense."

At your cluster: Sam erms. No. I think he received an invitation, asking for Downtown emissaries, or some such. I admit it feels funny, when I only moved Domain one or two years ago. But.." he winks; "But.. I get him to donate 50.000 to the homeless. I figure I can manage an appearance for that."

At place (the dance floor): Carraig looks toward the others, the voice growling some more, "What the punishment should be or not be to my Brother. That is not something I am very justified in saying. I saw great potential in his capacity and nature. I wish for his sake I were there when he made his stupid error. My greater concern however, is not just him, but his City as a whole." he huffs, air blowing through his nose, "There are some obviously who can pass and will pass without our ability to stop it. I only suggest we take action in capturing some of the lesser trespassers so that there is a strong deterrent, particularly to younger vampires who are more likely to make brash moves. I do have thoughts on the matter of our Keeper, and I should like to state them now as well." he pauses, giving time for the others to make reasonable reply to his words, each one said carefully and clearly that they may be understood.

Auspex on December notes:
«A strange feeling of pride for appearance.»

At cluster (): Anansi replies to Cecil, "Possibly so. Such things are generally unpleasant." She looks to Jade again, "I do not believe we have met. I'm Anansi. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." A pause, and she looks at him again as he speaks, "He has made it quite plain that he wishes to be attended upon by the Primogen of this domain. Should you wish to be presented, the Seneschal has been instructed to obtain the wishes of those who wish audience with the Prince."

Takako stops wafting her fan for a moment, gaze becoming a bit distant as she stills, lost in thought and concern. She soon returns to the same movements as before, the focus of her eyes sharpening.

At cluster (): Pascal says, "Greetings, mon cherie." Pascal says as Maricela approaches, nodding in greeting and even offering her a small wave. "A pleasure to see you as well. Surely it makes me look quite important to be in the presence of the two most stunning ladies at the 'party'. I love the attire." he says, smirking and gesturing towards Acton and the Primogen. "I wonder what they are discussing? Sounds interesting, non?""

At cluster (): Jade nods politely to Anansi again. "Pleasure. I am Jade of the Toreador," he says.

At place (the dance floor): Acton says, "It is the duty of my Primogen to make their views known on the issues at hand as Lord Montoya has."

At place (the dance floor): Daedalus favors Frederico with a curious look. "And what would you deem a suitable blood price for one who not only violated the sanctity of Elusion with violence but with violence visited upon the Keeper whom he then abducted? That is not petty crime, there is no shield of justification or ignorance to mitigate it." He adds, to Matt, "There are those who possess the etiquette and charm to manage the position; Knight Herringer for instance."

At your cluster: Justyn grins and winks, saying playfully. "Well, if at all takes is $50,000 to get you into a club for a night, I think I need to find my checkbook."

At cluster (): Cecil says, "Indeed, Jade. If you want to meet the Prince, you should speak to Lord Jacobs now."

At cluster (): Anansi smiles at Jade, "Do forgive me the lack of a complete introduction. I am Anansi, daughter of Lord Lucius Cesare, of the Toreador."

At cluster (): December responds, "They're talking about the violations of Elysia." She shrugs a moment and turns toward Maricela, her eyebrows raised at the other girl. She turns back to Pascal, "Have you met Mi Hermana, Maricela?"

At cluster (): December says Mi Hermana, almost possessively.

At cluster (): Jade flashes a smile. "Our fine Primogen who I've not seen in the two months since I've gotten back from Seattle," he says.

At place (the dance floor): Nelson looks at Frederico. "Much as I agree that we should always show as much mercy as is reasonable, I would contend that both Driz and Lyssa are multiple offenders. If we release them now, it will only validate their behavior, as it has already done in the past. Our honor cannot be bought."

Auspex on December notes:
«Family and honor above all else.»

At cluster (): Pascal says, "Indeed, we've met several times, actually." he, for some reason, does not seem surprised by December's Mi Hermana remark at all. "She's quite pleasant . I am not sure why she hasn’t been presented yet, though.""

At place (the dance floor): Matt nods at Daedalus, "I thought you'd mention your knight and indeed he would be a good choice. If he wanted, indeed he would be a perfect fit." He turns back towards Acton, bows and says, "Stake the peace breaker and put him into a glass coffin to be presented in Elysium all the time. And if they offer ample ransom, we can still decide to let him off the hook. Death is too easy and makes a martyr out of him. Eternal suffering will show them that we mean business, Your Highness." A short pause, "That's what i would suggest."

At your cluster: Sam suppresses a laugh; "Bleh.. You're all making me feel dirty. Like I do stuff to get paid." The grin broadens; "Of course I'd have entered the Lions Lair without payment.. you know. Being loyal to my Domain and all that." His voice remains playful; "I admit it's been too long though. I used to love this place and the many talks that we had here."

At place (the dance floor): Nelson chuckles at something Matt says.

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«Oh, to be young again.»

Kusala continues to watch and listen attentively.

At cluster (): Maricela says, "looks to December at that, the Mi Hermana, and there's a smile. A bright one in fact. She nods her head at December and she says to her in response, "Senor Herringer likes to take me on dates." She looks back to Pascal and she nods her head at the mention of presentation."

At place (the dance floor): Friedrich glances at Daedalus "Sir Herringer's strengths do not lie necessarily with the position of Keeper. He has barely become a knight and is the Grand harpy." He then looks at Acton "I advise against replacement of sir Northrup by sir Herringer. But the Keeper should show he has learned from his experience so far." Then something else "And death is called an easy solution, while it maybe gruesome. he should be fully awake when he undergoes his punishment, whether it be death or something else."

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«she heard Driz' name, a biding concern there. still curious»

At place (the dance floor): Frederico eyes Daedalus and Nelson and says with lazy civility, "My lords, I speak nothing of mercy. I speak of value. What do we get if we execute an anarch from South Central? We get a dead anarch, with some incited to do the same to us for every one discouraged. So why not see if there is something of more value than a dead anarch that we can receive for more assurance of a stable border… plus extra consideration to be had above that. Let the market establish how valuable this anarch is to his peers, for he is worthless to us otherwise unless there is a meeting of the minds." He pauses before adding, "And for our Keeper, let the current and the prospective speak publicly of their preferences and aspirations and justifications for them to have the position."

At cluster (): Anansi murmurs in reply, "I will inform him that you desire an audience."

Takako closes her fan and slips it back into her obi, and then makes her way across the room to where Kusala is.

Takako joins the group of people including Kusala.

At your cluster: Justyn pats Sam on the shoulder, assuming the young man does not move away. "No need to feel cheapened by extorting money to honor the request of a rich elder, it's called shrewd business. But now that your ban has been lifted, we must begin our conversations again. Maybe there are others whose opinions might be worth hearing, as well.

Kusala nods respectfully at Takako.

Auspex on Matt notes:
«The aura shifts from curious into amused and a little bit of righteous anger.»

At cluster (): Jade says, "I would be delighted to see him about in general. I have no specific subject to discuss with him. Don't suppose you know the year he came to Los Angeles, do you?"

Amelia draws a cellular phone from her pocket. She flips it open, inspects it, quirks a brow and flicks it closed. She sends her gaze in Pascal's direction, lifting her chin to better consider he and his companions across the room.

At cluster (): December raises her eyebrows and fixes Pascal with a look, her head tilting downward slowly so that her satanic cat eyes can be seen, staring at him. The look sends a clear message. And that message is 'Mess up? Even once? And I'll hurt you.' She smiles however and says, "Aah, then we will see about getting her present tonight, perhaps. If not than we will find Seneschal Jacobs as soon as he has a moment he can spare us." Her voice lowers so she can whisper to Pascal.

At cluster (): Takako says, "I hope you don't mind me joining you for a few moments. I feel terribly lost and just have a most desperate need to not look so detached. Is it a bother?"

December whispers to Pascal, "I do not believe I have to tell you what I shall feel if you harm Maricela in anyway, do I?"

Auspex on December notes:
«Possessive protectiveness. And a -need- to keep Maricela from any harm.»

At place (the dance floor): Carraig says, "Our Keeper, Cecil Northrup, has many good qualities Gentlemen. Having worked with him on a number of our investigations, I feel I have gotten to know him. If he has been brusque or rough with anyone, I suspect it was for good reason. If it is not so, and there are incidents where he erred, he should make amends. As should any of us. The real issue in that regard is of greater political scope. There also appears to be political issues between him and a number of citizens of South central. It all began when he encroached on their domain with Dame Tasha for the purpose of stopping the Hunter problem in our City. He managed to save Melciah's life - the bloodsucker who later became that same City's Sheriff. However, on the matter of domain they were technically wrong. Due to the incidents which your office sent me, Highness, I spoke with Miss Santiago, the former Prince of that same Domain. Having had some rapport with her, she makes the claim that Cecil has made trespass on a few occasions. I told her that both she and her domain should in writing state their claims openly and formally to our seneschal if they wish things to be handled properly. I told her that this is the only way a diplomatic result can occur in these manner of proceedings. If there is indeed a true matter of trespass, while it may be distasteful, Sir Northrup should in fact pay a price of some kind to them. I realize that many goad and fabricate situations that result in exactly what they speak of. Ultimately that is not the issue - and I think with the plan I briefly stated earlier we might curtail these tricksters from this behavior. I personally feel a lot more comfortable with the notion that South Central becomes a stable Camarilla state, than it remaining a hotbed of mindless anarchy. Perhaps with a push here and there, and proper example this might occur. At any regard, with the likes of Ali getting up in arms over the matter not to mention the Sheridan’s and others… it is a problem."

At cluster (): Kusala says, "no bothah atall," comes a smile, "pleashur t'make yer acquaintents. Ah be Kusala o'Watts."

At cluster (): Pascal says, "Ouais, indeed!" As December leans in to whisper to him. He gives her a curious, puzzled look and eventually nods, indicating he understands whatever it is she says. "Excuse me for one moment, ladies, there is something I need to attend to." he says, stepping away from the group."

Pascal departs the group of people including Maricela and December.

At cluster (): Jade says, "So, Anansi, do you have an opinion on that Torres lady?"

Kusala gives Takako a warm smile, her attention still very much on the proceedings.

Frederico's eyes depart the gathered Primogen and Prince and eyes between Cecil and Pascal.

Pascal steps away from December and Maricela and begins to navigate his way over the wall on the other side of the floor where Amelia is standing. He steps forward to her and extends his hand out towards her expectantly.

Pascal joins the group of people including Amelia.

At cluster (): Maricela watches Pascal step away quickly. Her lips purse, pressing together and meshing that bit of red lipstick. She looks at December and she asks quickly, "Dios Mio, what did ya say to 'im, Diciembre?"

At cluster (): Pascal says, "Bonsoir, Lady Atherton. It is indeed a pleasure to see you here." he greets her, stepping close enough to her to speak over the background noise. "I hope you are well?""

At place (the dance floor): Daedalus says with some hint of amusement. "I find it interesting that the term 'martyr' is being applied. A martyr is one who suffers or dies on behalf of a belief, principle, or cause. The actions of this anarch were part of no such plans. They were the act of a fool who showed a wanton disregard for the rules of civility. His death will create no martyrs. Indeed the most dangerous symbolism will be to let him live. It will only encourage the others to push the boundaries further as they do not fear 'pain' or 'inconvenience'." He glances to then to Carraig as if weighing the lengthy statement the Sheriff has uttered.

At cluster (): Takako bows slightly, smiling warmly at Kusala's introduction, and then returns her gaze to the proceedings while murmuring in reply, "Takako Yubitsumo. It is most pleasant to make your acquaintance, as well. Are there many of these sorts of courts here, do you know?"

At cluster (): Anansi considers Jade, her features largely still and smooth save for slight tilting of the corners of her mouth. Formality seems to be her mood of preference tonight, no exuberant outbursts. She says, "Certainly, as I arrived with him." A pause, and she considers the other Toreador, redirecting to answer the second question, "I have never had the pleasure of speaking with the lady Torres."

Auspex on Anansi notes:
«Surprise, and disapproval.»

Auspex on Daedalus notes:
«Slightly surprised.»

At your cluster: Sam doesn't move away from Justyn's touch; "Shrewd? Now I'm shrewd? Maybe 'cheap' is better." the young man jokes; "Although 50.000 is.. I dunno, 2 years of work?" He pause for a moment; "Graydon is around again, though he doesn't seem to like you much anymore. Maybe we can make it extra mentally challenging and invite Ruppert."

At cluster (): December turns her attention back to the woman near her, she smirks faintly. The small blonde starts to reply in a blithe tone, "I told him that if he ha-" Her words cut off and her attention snaps toward the group of Primogen at something that must have drifted in her direction. A deep frown covers her lips for a moment, and then is carefully schooled behind a smirk. She continues, "I told him I would be unhappy with him if he harmed you." But her attention is on the group.

Auspex on December notes:

A quiet sound comes from one of the containers.

At place (the dance floor): Frederico eyes Daedalus and says mildly, "Martyrs are rarely understood by those who create them, for they are manifestations of those who perceive them. I am no anarch to understand the details of cause and effect. I just appreciate the rough outlines."

Auspex on Driz notes:

At cluster (): Amelia dips her chin in greeting and extends her hand, "Indeed. I gather the formalities have not yet begun."

At your cluster: Justyn says, "Yes, that way I could either go insane or get my heart ripped out, what a charming thought."

At cluster (): Maricela nods her head. She looks back to the group of Primogen. Her eyes seem to narrow, forming half-slits as she watches them. Her face is almost clearly uneasy; there's a slight twitch at the muscles of her mouth. "Si, I told 'im the same."

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«enjoying conversation, very curious about proceedings.»

At cluster (): Kusala says, "ah be at da last one.. oh years ago when Mistah William be here. Ah be on da road lots. Mayhap ah missed oddahs."

At cluster (): Jade says, "She's a helluva woman."

Friedrich looks around the dance floor, his focus leaving the Primogen group for a moment to notice the goings on outside the gathering he is in. His eyes linger on Cecil and Pascal for a moment, while Amelia is greeted with a small nod. He then turns towards the Primogen again.

At place (the dance floor): Nelson says, "I would add," Nelson says quietly, "that no officer or coterie from South Central has attempted to gain Driz's freedom. Clearly, he isn't that well liked."

Pascal is observed taking Amelia's hand between his, leaning over and kissing the top of it for a second or two. Eventually, he releases her and speaks quietly.

Auspex on Takako notes:
«Highly amused.»

At place (the dance floor): Friedrich says, "Indeed. It is apparent he's not valuable to the officers over there. Only to some other of their young."

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«again Driz' name! that abiding concern has a certain unhappy acceptance.»

At place (the dance floor): Acton raises a hand. "I believe I know your minds gentleman, both on the fate of the prisoners as well as that of Sir Northrup and Sir Herringer. It is time that the citizens of this domain hear first hand the complaints lodged against the prisoners, what they have to say in their defense, and their dooms. Seneschal, I assume the prisoners are securely bound and safe to be awakened?"

At cluster (): Pascal says, "Indeed, they have not yet begun, my Lady." he frowns and leans in to quietly whisper to her."

At place (the dance floor): Frederico muses, "South Central is a domain filled with Brujah, for whatever that means." He looks about the room before fixing his regard upon Acton and adds, "Not many blood of my Clan here tonight."

Acton raises a hand, silencing his Primogen and then quietly addresses the Seneschal.

Friedrich leans over to Frederico
Frederico nods lightly to Acton.

Pascal whispers to Amelia, "It seems as though they are busy discussing a 'promotion' for me."

Friedrich whispers to Frederico, "Zacharias Ivanov has left, and I haven't seen sir Kasdan in a while as well."

At cluster (): Cecil says, "Oh, it's starting."

Cecil catches the gesture and peers at the collected officers.

At place (the dance floor): Nelson says, "They are staked, of course. The Gangrel might even still be aware. Though I doubt he can hear anything in that tub, as I filled it with shipping foam to avoid further damage before his sentencing."

Matt turns away from Prince Acton and catches sight of Atherton. A smile appears on his face when only slightly inclines his head towards the Ambassador.

At cluster (): Takako smoothes the collar of her kimono, a motion that seems habitual in nature, much like the adjusting of her glasses. "Ah, a traveler? Most exceptional. I am not so very well-traveled, but I do enjoy hearing tales of such adventures. I shall have to press upon your indulgence for some at some point." Takako glances at Kusala with mild concern. "Everything quite alright?"

Friedrich grins to Nelson "Very practical of you, Excellency."

At cluster (): Anansi murmurs with a smile, "I will take your word on it, until such time as I am able to make my own assessment. Have you known her long?"

At cluster (): Jade says, "Long enough."

Daedalus falls silent at Acton's gesture and words.

At cluster (): Amelia says, "And you… want this?"

Frederico spares a nod toward Friedrich.

At cluster (): Pascal says, "I was not seeking out any such position, but I think that refusing it would probably cause a bit of damage, non?"

At place (the dance floor): Acton says, "Seneschal, make sure the prisoners are aware, secure and able to respond, should they choose."

At your cluster: Sam hmms; "Ah.. I mentioned Graydon because he used to be a part of that." he shakes his head; "Your heart ripped out. No.. We wouldn't want to initiate another of these courts, would we." Another wink; "Maybe visit me at Huntington sometime. It's not a club but.. it's not a Museum either."

At cluster (): Anansi nods to Jade. "Then you would certainly be better able to offer observations as to her character than I."
Anansi's attention drifts toward the Prince and his Primogen.

At cluster (): Kusala says, "Ah doubts dat tales of da cribless," Kusala enunciates a bit clearer, "the homeless.. wuld make gud table talk fer a lady like yerself. Ah," the smile is still warn, "yeah, ah .. wurry fer Mistah Driz. Ah dink dey gonna kilt him.""

Nelson bows to Acton and turns away from the group on the dance floor. Looking over toward the three men standing near the plastic crates, he snaps and motions for them to come over. The men wheel the crates over on the dollies, then take a half dozen steps back, each. "Sheriff, if you would assist me?" Nelson pops the lid off the first. "Ah. Death Herself."

Acton speaks quietly to the Seneschal again and then turns his attention to the floor, raising his hand and beginning to speak in a powerful voice. "The prisoners will be awoken and the Seneschal will then state the charges against them to the citizens of Santa Monica."

At place (the dance floor): Carraig says, "Based upon what Ali Santiago said to me, I think there are a number who care about what happens to Driz. Though because of his rank and position, it is not expedient to stick out their necks. Though I have to wonder why one of my clan mates from south central is presently here." he then looks toward the others, nods and steps away."

At cluster (): December murmurs quietly to Maricela, "I think they want to kill the prisoners." Her voice is low, her attention not leaving the stage.

At cluster (): Amelia says, "It is difficult to say, in truth. In any event, it appears we are beginning…"

Auspex on December notes:
«Sick, very sick to her non-working stomach.»

Pascal is quietly conversing with Amelia. However, as Nelson and Acton begin to speak, he turns and gives them his direct attention.

At cluster (): Pascal says, "Indeed. Let us listen."

At cluster (): Maricela nods her head. "Si," she says softly, her voice trailing as she does.

Carraig crisply bows and then moves to help Nelson with the trashcans and to acquire their parcels within.

Takako frowns at something Kusala has said, looking concerned. Takako withdraws her fan again, and taps it quietly against her chin as she turns her attention to the 'main stage'.

At your cluster: Justyn sighs. "Ah, yes, the Huntington. How is Edward's old haunting ground? Have you at all heard from the former keeper in these past years?"

Anansi becomes as still as a statue as the Prince speaks, her attention now firmly upon him.

At your cluster: Sam shakes his head; "He went back to the UK, I think?" He shrugs; "I found his old Haven though. What a fashion victim.. A secrit entrance. A tombstones and all. Still, it might come in handy sometimes. If you like I'll give you the tour."

Nelson reaches into the crate he's handling, motioning Carraig over to the other. He lifts out Lyssa, who appears to be both staked and slightly beaten. Looking around, he finally seems to decide to simply sit her on the lid of the crate, facing Acton. To Pascal, "Sir Herringer. This one was found trespassing in your domain. Perhaps you would care to do the honors and wake her?"

At your cluster: Justyn grins. "That sly old fox, I'd never have suspected. But he and Raina Beecham certainly were quiet a pair, were they not?"

Carraig reaches down and begins to lift the dark form of Driz out of the can, hooking his arms underneath. In this, the Sheriff appears to have eaten a particularly sour pint of blood. Quietly he whispers something to the other Gangrel.

Carraig whispers to Driz, "Use your words well, be respectful and remember that survival is the first lesson brother."

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«Amused at Carraig's current activities. In a dark way.»

At your cluster: Sam hmss; "I suspect they were." he replies thoughtfully; "Sharing more than their favorite hangout too." And this is where he refocuses on the proceedings.

Auspex on Acton notes:
«Raging malice.»

Cecil watches quietly.

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«she is prepared for the worse, expects it. A mother's heart, a mother's aching pain for the bad acts of children.»

Auspex on Daedalus notes:
«Patiently waiting for the events to unfold.»

Driz's eyes snap open. A deep set sadness is in them. He look about slowly at the many present this evening, but says nothing.

Auspex on Cecil notes:

Auspex on Driz notes:
«Sad, Angry, Waiting.»

Pascal immediately steps off the wall from his position adjacent to Amelia and walks up to the crate, standing with Nelson and Carraig. He looks inside the crate at Lyssa and wrinkles his nose. Without further ado, the Frenchman leans over and bites his wrist, starting a flow of blood from the opening in his flesh. The arm is held about a half an inch over Lyssa's face sending a steady stream of blood droplets into her mouth.

Amelia's eyes narrow and her brow knots.

Auspex on Amelia notes:

As the blood drips into her mouth, Lyssa slowly begins to stir, eventually sitting upright, though she is clearly unstable, her eyes wild, faced bruised, hair tangled as she looks around, blood dripping down her face as she begins to mutter to herself silently.

Sam refocuses on the proceedings. Hands clasp behind his back. His face turning into a mask again as he regards the 'accused' that this gathering seems to focus on.

December quietly watches, her expression just a little tight.

Auspex on Sam’s notes:
«a general feeling of dislike for the entire situation»

At cluster (): Kusala says, "ah can't say ah seen ya 'round befor'," she starts slowly, "ewe evah meet Mistah Driz or Miss Lyssa dere?"

"Seneschal, what are the charges against Mr. Drizmere of South Central?" Acton asks, coldly.

Pascal pulls his arm away quickly as Lyssa awakens, turning away from the crowd and holding his wrist up to his face. After a second, he has turned back around and moved off to the side, giving his full attention to Nelson.

At cluster (): Takako shakes her head and leans in close to murmur, "It's true that I'm fairly new here, and have not met them. Are you well-acquainted with those two?"

Friedrich closely watches the proceedings. He looks briefly at Acton, Matt and Amelia when Pascal feeds Lyssa, his expression neutral, then listens as Nelson seems about to state the accusations.

As the two vampires seem to awaken, Nelson turns to face the assembled vampires. "Ladies and Gentlemen of Santa Monica. Friends from distant domains. Welcome. I bring you sad tidings. There are those here tonight that we do not count as friends. There are those here who would seek to threaten not only the lives of our citizens, but the life of our domain itself. They stand here before you, to receive their just due. Driz of South Central, knowing full well of the ban on all citizens of South Central from entering Santa Monica, did knowingly enter the domain, where he was caught by myself on the beach, and sent home with a warning. Having received this warning, he returned to Santa Monica with intent to disrupt our community by assaulting the Keeper within his own Elysium. As if this was not enough, he then kidnapped the Keeper, to whom he in fact owed a boon, and brought him to South Central to leave him to the mercies of several vampires who are publicly known to have threatened Keeper Northrup's life. It was only through the actions of Lord Seydlitz that this man was brought to justice and since his apprehension, he has come up with no reason for the domain to show mercy."

Auspex on Friedrich notes:
«Aloof, calculating. Expectant.»

Anansi listens quietly to the Seneschal.

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«Falling into a very procedural role.»

Auspex on Daedalus notes:
«Curiosity. A hint of ennui.»

Matt gets a curious face when the boon is mentioned.

Friedrich nods once to Nelson, indicating his approval of the mentioned charges.

December continues to watch quietly, though her lips twitch slightly pulling downward.

Auspex on December notes:
«Disturbed, sick, and very worried about what is to come.»

Acton turns his icy gaze on Driz his tone just as deadly cold, "Do you dispute the chargers that you have, on more than one occasion, trespassed in My Domain and did violate My Elysium and apprehend My Keeper?"

Auspex on Justyn notes:
«Malice flows like lava.»

Auspex on Takako notes:
«Pensive. Resigned to the likely events to come, and therefore a bit distant.»

Matt tries to get eye contact with December.

Auspex on Frederico notes:
«Yup. Bored.»

At cluster (): Kusala says, "talked t'dem both frum time t'time. They were kind 'n respex'ful t'me. Ah can't complain 'bout Lyssa. Mistah Driz wuz ahlways nice.. den, sumdin… he ragged mah neck bad at da Elysia, took me a week t'recovah. Ah'll be go t'hell t'figur out why he did it."

December takes her sunglasses off of her face and sets them ontop of her head, scanning the crowd a moment and catching Matt's look, her eyebrows raise upward at him.

Matt winks with his left eye, then his lips turn into a smile.

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«resigned. A little sad… still curious how it will turn out, a hope perhaps.»

Nelson catches Matt's expression as he surveys the room. He stares for a moment, then continues with his scanning.

Auspex on Nelson notes:

December smiles a bit blankly at Matt, the expression in her eyes a little vacant. Her attention turns away watching Driz for a moment, before finally she turns her gaze away, landing up on Nelson.

Auspex on December notes:

Kusala still stands with Takako. She's barely moved since the proceedings began, other than talking quietly with Takako, but her eyes gleam attentively towards the dance floor.

Carraig speaks up, "While it is of minor concern to the charges given, I should note. Mr. Drizmire came to the beach with the purpose of meeting me that evening - and I could not attend because I had been summoned elsewhere. My seagull apparently did not get to him in time, however I think on that count of trespass he was not guilty or with intent - though in his words there may have been misconduct, I can not speak to that. The other charges need be dealt with however."

Frederico eyes Carraig and asks, "Would you stake your standing upon the future good conduct of this Driz as to our Domain and our Prince's laws?" He muses, "I am curious."

"The beach in question was Venice Beach, which has at no time been held by Sheriff Carraig. Such invitations, while perhaps mitigating, are not official." Nelson speaks dispassionately, the watches for

Carraig's reaction to Frederico.

At cluster (): Takako looks from Kusala to the prisoners, and back again. She clicks her tongue lightly and shakes her head, "It seems a shame that they have come into such trouble, then."

"I do not." replies Driz. His voice is dark and deep, and carries resonance in the still air of the club. "I trespassed in your Domain, and I violated your Elysium. I am but a man, and I made a mistake. Still, your Highness… I will not bow to you. You are a warrior, as am I, our ideals just differ greatly. I will fight, Prince Acton, though I do not dishonor your ideals. What kind of warrior would I be to pass judgment on one who fights so strongly for what they believe in? If I die tonight, I will die happily in knowing that it is for what I believe in. If I live, I swear I will hunt you down until I have taken your life from you. Such is the way of honor. There is no shame nor disrespect in my words. I respect your decision, Your Highness, but I would rather die in honor than live a traitor." His eyes rest upon Carraig. A saddened look comes over them, but he says nothing more.

Kusala audibly gasps.

Matt puts the right index finger in front of his mouth, obviously suppressing a gasp.

Auspex on Anansi notes:
«Absolute amazement.»

Jade stares and opens his mouth in surprise.

Auspex on Cecil notes:

Cecil frowns slightly.

Maricela's eyes visibly widen as she looks at Driz. She even sucks in some air needlessly as she watches him.

Auspex on Cecil notes:
«Displeased, though.»

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«all hope is gone.»

Auspex on Takako notes:
«Suddenly revolted, sickened.»

Jade closes his mouth and looks like he's thinking hard about something he doesn't understand.

December makes a strangled sound, her hand lifting to her throat. Her expression is one of shock, and perhaps a little sorrow.

Pascal turns his attention to Driz as the man speaks, folding his hands properly behind his back. His expression is flat and emotionless.

Auspex on December notes:
«What?! Fool! No! Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.»

Anansi's gaze slowly shifts from Prince Acton to Carraig, then to Driz. She seems undecided as to upon whom her attention is best placed, as it moves from one to the other and then back again.

Auspex on Driz notes:

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«Oh. Oh dear.»

At cluster (): Kusala says, "ah gotz t'admit t'yas, dat ah nevah thought ah'd hear him say that."

At cluster (): Jade says, "How unexpected."

Auspex on Daedalus notes:
«Evaluation. Reflection. Memory.»

Daedalus idly studies Driz after his proclamation.

Auspex on Sam’s notes:
«Some surprise mingled with a strange sense of respect, for Driz.»

At cluster (): Cecil says, "Not at all. I told him, when I first met him, that he would eventually die, or join the Camarilla and serve loyally. It seems that he has chosen."

Friedrich, jaded elder, doesn't seem impressed by Driz's words. No gasp, no shock, just a disdainful smirk for a moment. He looks briefly at Acton, shrugs as if saying 'he's beyond any help'.

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«a calm acceptance of what one cannot change.»

At cluster (): Takako flips her fan open audibly, stridently, and fans herself for a moment before looking over at Kusala. "Very unexpected… Miss Kusala, are you going to be all right to continue watching this?"

At cluster (): Cecil says, "The third option was that he would become a Primogen of South Central, actually, but he wasn't cut out for that."

Frederico eyes Driz. His face is impassive.

Sam's eyes narrow when Driz speaks. He tilts his head slightly, examining the Gangrel with a newly found interest. The faint smile is quickly tucked away.

At cluster (): Kusala says, "oh shur ah be fine, thank ya kindly fer askin'. Hard fer me t' see da yung get put down."

Acton rises from his chair, a vein bulging on his temple, pulsing as his face flushes. He takes two steps toward Driz and then stops, his face smoothing into an icy mask of indifference. His voice is powerful and so cold that if sends a chill into the heart of any who hoped for leniency. "By your own words, you have condemned yourself to immediate and final death." He shakes his head and calls to the crowd. "The existence of the Tradition-breaker known as Drizmere is to end at this instant. Lord Montoya, as the senior Primogen of this domain, do you claim the right to destroy this one?"

Auspex on Acton notes:
«Pure malice radiates in waves, overpowering all other emotions.»

Frederico eyes Acton and says flatly, "No thank you, your highness."

At cluster (): Kusala says, "De Lo'd be my shepherd, ah' shall not wants'," her soft voice hardly above a whisper, as if not to offend you, "He maked me t'lie down in green Pastures, he leaded me beside da still wahtahs. He resto'ed mah' soul, he leaded me in de pads uh righteousness fo' his Names sake, Yea, dough ah' walk drough de valley uh de shadow uh dead, ah' fears no evil, fo' dou art wid me. Thy rod and staff dey comfo't me. Dou preparest some table befo'e me in de presence uh mine enemies, dou anointed mah' 'haid wid oil; mah' cupn runned over. Sho'ly gudness 'n mercy shall follow me all de days uh my life, and ah' will dwell in de house uh de Lo'd fo' ever. Amen"

Acton's voice booms again. "Who then, among the officers and citizens of My Domain will carry out the sentence?"

December's jaw tightens as she watches, her gaze shifting toward Carraig. It is hard to tell if her gaze is questioning, or pleading. Her hand drops from her neck, and she seems to try to communicate non-verbally with the other Gangrel.

Amelia's eyes drift about the room. Is that a smirk that crooks at her lips? Surely not. She is a dark and still figure at the back of the room. Her arms go across her chest.

Pascal folds his arms across his chest and glances first to Frederico, and then in a sweeping pattern around the room for anyone who should rise to the occasion.

Auspex on Amelia notes:
«Disdainfully amused, though not at Acton.»

Cecil waits a few moments, and, perhaps seeing no other volunteers, steps forward, "I will, your Majesty."

December turns her attention to Cecil and steps forward speaking, "No. If Drizmire must die, it should be at the hands of Gangrel."

Carraig frowns and squints. Then looks up toward Acton and then back to Driz. Quietly he growls to the other Gangrel, "You shouldn't have said that, there wasn't any reason to it. Who pulled your strings that you would talk without any regard for your own health, on behalf of a people who so mistreated you?" looking toward Cecil, his eyes glow a bit brighter and he snarls, "You will NOT!" the last is a roar. "Blood of my Blood, it will be By his own!" there is a palpable sting in the air around his words.

At cluster (): Takako listens to Kusala's prayer, and reaches over in an attempt to, every so gently, touch her fan to the back of Kusala's arm in a gesture of sympathy. She adds, "A parting word, the melting snow — odorless. —Bokusui." Takako repeats the death haiku in the original Japanese before turning her attention back to the prisoners.

"It will be as His Highness commands, Sheriff Carraig. I'm sure you'd agree to that?" Nelson speaks quietly, calmly. All the same, he seems rather intent on the scene before him.

Daedalus address Carraig with a chill in his tone. "It will be by he whom is selected by the Prince, /Sheriff/."

Jade steps forwards. "Your Majesty, if I may suggestion…" he says, his voice cracking slightly. He looks rather nervous about stepping forwards after not one, but two Gangrel making unhappy comments.

Friedrich looks at Cecil, and shakes his head briefly when he says majesty, as if Cecil just said something wrong. He then most certainly frowns at December's claim, then Carraig's outburst. He doesn't seem to hide his feelings at this point.

Amelia shakes her head also, almost in unison with Friedrich.

Auspex on Friedrich notes:

Maricela glances at December and her words. There's still some apparent shock and… disgust on her face. She looks at her a moment longer and she nods her head in a quiet, contained agreement.

Matt now looks rather disgusted by the display in front of him. When Cecil steps forward, one might think that Matt Schnell has to suppress a chuckle or giggle, but only after tenths of a second, his face is calm again.

Auspex on Anansi notes:
«Anansi's aura now wars between disdainful curiousity and distaste.»

Driz says to Carraig, "I speak only for freedom." Then, he says nothing as to whom gets the honor of dispersing his existence. He stands tall and proud.

Acton frowns as Jade steps forward, addressing him coldly. "Who are you, childe, and to what, if any, do you stake your claim to kill this criminal?"

Auspex on Daedalus notes:
«Displeasure at a social faux pas.»

Auspex on Sam’s notes:
«a general sense of disbelief with regards to the whole situation»

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«surprise at this turn of events.»

Justyn looks on with curiosity more than anything else, though his right hand has dropped inside his trench coat to something at his left hip. Something that makes the left side of his overcoat move quite unnaturally.

Auspex on Justyn notes:
«Uncertainty and longing mixed with unworthiness.»

Jade bows to the Prince and then stands up straight. "Jade of the Toreador. I…" he starts, pausing and seeming a bit unsure on how to proceed. "I spoke out of turn. I am sure your Majesty and all the council you have can resolve this. My apologies," he says, bowing again and trying to take a step back. His eyes do flick towards Justyn.

At cluster (): Kusala says, "ah be go t'hell…, such a fuss."

Acton's eyes narrow, but Jade seems quickly forgotten. "As none of My Primogen have stepped forward to claim this right, then it is the Instrument of my Will, the Fist of Acton, Sheriff of Santa Monica who will carry out my commands. Sheriff," he says coldly. "Make it so."

Cecil, at the Prince's declaration, steps back and rejoins his group.

"I would have it no other way, brother." He says to Carraig with a half-hearted smile. It quickly fades as he looks into the night.

Sam breaths, blue eyes turning cold as he takes in the.. display. He shakes his head slightly, clenching his teeth as the young mans gaze searches out Driz.

December turns her attention once more to Carraig, and then looks toward Acton. A frown covering her face, her attention turns back to Carraig and her eyebrows raise at him. More silent communication? Maybe.

Auspex on Takako notes:
«Briefly annoyed. Then back to pensive.»

At cluster (): Jade says, "You know, if you'd killed him you might could forgive that boon he owes you. Come full circle, as it were."

Frederico looks up at the ceiling with just his eyes. Is her bored? Impatient? Is there a Sabbat spider crawling there? Or… hmm. Is that a water stain?

Anansi remains completely still and impassive, watching the proceedings. Not even a crimson hair upon her head shifts or drifts.

Daedalus directs his gaze onto Takako and allows it to sit there.

Friedrich seems to think that this is Carraig's job, even though he looks like he wouldn't mind ending a life, as if he's used to it. He doesn't comment, just glances at some of the others, Ventrue mainly, before focusing on Carraig.

At cluster (): Takako just shakes her head and murmurs, "Quite, quite."

At cluster (): Cecil says, "I'm afraid that didn't make much sense, Jade."

Justyn puts a hand on Sam's shoulder and whispers softly to him.

At cluster (): Jade says, "Ah, it made sense to me."

At cluster (): Kusala says, "mayhap they don't agree on dis as much as they say"

Auspex on December notes:
«-Sick-, disgusted, but a hence of.. right and what must be done. And how it should be done.»

At your cluster: Justyn says, "Perhaps you should not have come after all, my friend. As good as it is to see you again, I would not have such ugliness and pain visited upon your noble heart."

Takako stops her fanning for a moment, and inclines her head deeply in the direction of Daedalus before turning her gaze back to the events at hand. She leans in toward Kusala and continues murmuring quietly to her, on occasion.

Auspex on December notes:
«And it definitely shouldn't be by Cecil. HISS…»

Auspex on Matt notes:

Daedalus' gaze remains patiently upon Takako.

Auspex on Daedalus notes:

At cluster (): Kusala says, "is dat man starin' at ewe?"

Frederico whispers to himself, "No. That can't be a water stain."

Carraig frowns and squeezes Driz' shoulder. He knows a brother is about to fall, and so the man is afforded an added measure of consideration, "You are a brother Driz, I respect your sentiments of freedom, and you are wrong. It is unfortunate that we should be at odds, and I wish that you had sided with us. You have strength in your spine. This is not about freedom though." he seems intent, "I hope you understand, I take no pleasure in this. The rule of Elysium is a very serious one, and I worry perhaps that you do not understand its import. I feel remiss that I did not tell you more about these things. Freedom and Respect, they go hand in hand. Elysium is for the good of all." he looks directly at Driz, "Forgive me now for blooded tears, I pray that if there is a soul yours spirals to a better place." he looks toward December, then Kimly and back toward Acton with a stiff nod. His hand grips Driz firmly at the collar, raising the man up. One will notice that claws begin to grow in p lace of his hands… and there might very well be a twitching rage broiling in the man, held in the seams only by a fierce will. "Highness, I have a request if you will grant it. I will do as you say if it does not please you. May we be locked in a room whereupon this one may have one last battle. Claw and Fang. Should assurances be necessary, my Deputy might likewise join in. The job will be done. If not…" his claw certainly seems at the ready to swipe the dark man he hefts.

At cluster (): Takako looks mildly confused and whispers lightly, "Yes, I believe…so."

December removes her sunglasses and turns to hold them out to Maricela, her gaze focused upon Driz and the Sheriff. Her expression is one of intense focus, as if she were narrowing in on one point in time and ignoring everything else but it.

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«brief curiosity.. attention returns to the dance floor.»

Auspex on Anansi notes:

Maricela reaches out then and takes the glasses from December. She looks just as focused as her clan mate as she folds the glasses in her hand. She looks to December, her gaze penetrating and then nods her head briefly.

"This crimes of this one are not against Clan Gangrel," Acton says coldly. "By directly threatening the life of a Prince of the Camarilla, he has forfeited an honorable death. Carry out his sentence."

Matt eyes follow December now., focusing on her latest movement.

At your cluster: Sam winces; "Fucking hell.." escapes Sams lips, and he abruptly closes them again. Tense.. apparently. His reply to Justyn is whispered softly, hissing almost; "'Noble' and 'Vampire' are two words that don't match.. though the suicidal anarch in the room seems to try for it. It's more.." he breaths; "Boy, are these people eager to commit a Mortal Sin."

December allows Maricela to take her glasses even after Acton has spoken, though she takes no steps toward Carraig and Driz. Her gaze focuses upon Driz and she watches him quietly.
December's jaw and mouth work for one moment, but no sound comes out. It's almost hard to catch.

Amelia shifts her weight and presses her back against the wall.

"Beasts we are, lest beasts we become." says Driz slowly. His eyes remain open, burning brightly red.

Friedrich turns to face Frederico for a moment, then the water stain he refers to at a time like this, before turning back to the execution at hand.

Auspex on December notes:
«No love for this, and no relief for being let 'off of the hook'. There is nothing happy about this. She feels the weight of a clan mates death already.»

Daedalus glances pointedly from Takako to Jade and then his gaze settles upon her once more.

Frederico looks down from the glass ceiling to match Friedrich's regard before looking at the scene with Driz.

While not a blur, the movement is quick. He waited for Driz to say something, a moment of respect for the dying - and he the executioner. Claws rend down across the chest of Carraig's brother sending streaks of red flying off of his nails. The other hand even lets go, and a sideswipe comes around which (in the staked state Driz is in) amounts to a coup de grace splitting the man's neck to the bone. Driz falls to the ground, a head nearly severed off and bent backwards, blood pooling… And the Sheriff looks none to happy about it. (Then again the Prince does not look overly happy either).

Lyssa moans a bit as a fleck of blood strikes her open eye. She whispers something under her breath.

Pascal winces as Carraig springs to action, but he does not look away. Showing just a bit of discomfort, he shifts his position and takes a step off of the wall he is standing against. His posture stiffens and he finally tilts his gaze downward towards the floor.

Takako stills her fan. She carefully arches one drawn-in eyebrow, and then slowly nods in apparent complete agreement to Daedalus. Her gaze briefly flickers back to the events at hand, and then she takes up watching Jade, rather than the execution.

Cecil watches impassively.

At cluster (): Kusala says, "Our Fathah, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name," again she whispers, "Thy kin'dom come. Thy will be done on earth as it be in heaven. Give us dis day our daily bread, and fo'give us our tresspasses, as we fo'give those who tresspass aginst us, and lead us not into temptashun, but deliva' us fum evil, fo' thine be de kingdom, and da power, and da glo'y, fo' eva' and ever. Amen."

Jade sticks his hands in the pockets of his blazer, watching the execution quietly.

Matt gets a look of pure disgust on his face when the violence begins. Whatever.

Only moments after Driz's body falls to the floor, Acton takes his seat again, and turns his cold gaze on Lyssa. "Seneschal, what are the charges against the other prisoner?"

Auspex on Jade notes:
«Feeling post-nervous»

Sam does -try- to look.. does -try- to remain in expressionless-mode but he has a hard time. Finally his head bows and he must glance down, staring at that impressive marble(?) floor, well.. dancing floor anyway. While trying to draw a minimum amount of attention to himself, the young man slips a silver rosary from his pocket and starts whispering to himself. Those that stand very near might catch the 'Hail Mary' in Latin; 'Now and in the hour of our death.'

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«a wince and she mutters, the words making her strong»

December stares, without blinking or flinching she simply stares. Her attention stares for a long time at the corpse on the ground. That and the way her fingers slowly curl into fists at her sides are the only signs of her emotional state.

Daedalus says lightly. "In nomine patris, et filii, et spiritus sancti."

Auspex on December notes:
«There are little pieces of humanity left in December and they pick the worst times to show themselves. Like tonight. Tonight? She's screaming inside for the violence and the death before her.»

Matt whispers, "Amen"

Justyn has no visible reaction to the death of the Gangrel, though his gaze lingers on Carraig for a few moments after the act is committed.

Carraig can be seen to kneel a moment, turning the head of Driz to regard him a moment and shakes his own. Trickling across his broad right cheek a drip of red floats down. Carefully recognizing this, he takes a handkerchief and wipes it off and then growls a moment to fend the grief.

Nelson says, "Lyssa, Malkavian of Downtown, Angel of Death. You have broken the peace of Elysium at least two documented times. In one of these infractions, you also attempted to control the mind of the Keeper of the Elysium. Additionally, you have trespassed at least twice, the second time leading to your capture. Additionally, you, by your own words, practice witchcraft of the darkest type, dealing in death and corruption of souls, as well as contact with spirits."

Auspex on Anansi notes:

Auspex on Daedalus notes:

Carraig has disconnected.
Carraig pulls clear of the dance floor

Auspex on Cecil notes:
«Pity for Driz, as he dies. Vaguely annoyed at Lyssa.»

Friedrich leans over towards Acton for a few moments and speaks quietly to him He whispers to Acton, "Your Highness. I'm afraid certain other matters demand my attention. You know what they are. I have to take my leave."

Driz has left.

Auspex on Sam’s notes:
«disgust, distress and a need to distance himself. Focus on prayer does the trick.»

Acton nods to Friedrich before intoning coldly. "Lyssa of Downtown, do you dispute these charges?"

At cluster (): Takako keeps her eyes locked on Jade, but whispers quietly, "I'm sorry, Miss Kusala, for the loss of your acquaintance."

At cluster (): Jade turns and looks at Takako. "Can I help you?" he whispers extremely quietly.

At cluster (): Cecil says, "She's some distance away, Jade. Why don't you go say hello?"

Jade departs the group of people including Anansi and Cecil.

Jade steps away from Cecil, walking over towards Takako and Kusala.

Jade joins the group of people including Takako and Kusala.

At cluster (): Kusala says, "Right kind o'yas t'say so. People come 'n go so quickly here. Ah really shud git use t'it."

Lyssa looks at the people around her. She whispers, "I am Death. You cannot kill me." She seems very sure of herself. "Where would they all go?"

At cluster (): Jade says, "moves to stand beside Kusala and Takako, looking at Lyssa's declaration. His hands stay shoved in his pockets."

At cluster (): Jade moves to stand beside Kusala and Takako, looking at Lyssa's declaration. His hands stay shoved in his pockets.
Kimly has connected.

"You will be given one last chance to answer for your crimes, Lyssa of Downtown," Acton says, evincing mild annoyance. "Do you offer excuse or apology for your crimes?"

Friedrich walks away from the dance floor, not breaking Acton's view on Lyssa and Nelson, but crossing the gap to the exit by walking past Acton's back. He nods briefly at any of Primogen standing and to other officers of Santa Monica. He doesn't make a noise, but it is obvious he is leaving.

Friedrich pulls clear of the dance floor

"I didn't ever break Elysium," Lyssa says in response. "Cecil is a liar. He and Maxine are plotting against me. I was only trying to find a way to stop him."

Sam seems a bit confused when Lyssa is called 'from Downtown'. It makes him wince though.. his gaze sweeping the room, not finding what he was looking for. Mental curse.

At cluster (): Takako tears her gaze away from Jade when he heads their direction, and looks to Kusala again. "Transient life blooms / and fades on the curled old vine / We part without words. How quickly, indeed… Hard to fathom, at times." Takako inclines her head to Jade, as if she hasn't been staring at him for a while. "Jade." She then returns to watching the events taking place on the dance floor.

Matt has disconnected.
Matt moves away from the dance floor

At cluster (): Jade says, "Miss Yubitsumo, you want I should answer your question?"

Pascal seems to nod in agreement with what Lyssa just says, indicating that her words were indeed the story she told him. Still, he frowns and looks coldly upon her.

Friedrich gets the heck out of all this pulsating and gyrating going on.
Friedrich has left.

Anansi must have shifted position slightly, for the hem of her dress begins to ripple slightly in artistic waves.

Kimly begins to head towards the door somberly. She'll depart unless stopped.

Acton frowns and glances to Nelson before addressing the court once again. "Are the any witnesses present, other than Keeper Northrup, to the crimes of trespassing and breaking Elysium of which this one is accused?"

The world could come crashing down around her, and December's attention would probably remain where it is. Locked on Carraig and Driz.

At cluster (): Kusala says, "evenin' t'yas Mistah Jade," and nods respectfully a moment before again watching the events on the dance floor; "this girl just plum crazy."

At cluster (): Jade says, "Pleasure to see you again, Kusala. Thank you for those teachings."

Pascal immediately steps forward and raises your hand, bowing properly to Prince Acton. "Your highness, I am witness to her trespassing. I apprehended her myself on Sunset Boulevard." the Frenchman says , speaking loudly enough to be heard by all.

Auspex on Pascal notes:
«Confidence, but mildly irritated for some reason.»

Sam takes a step backward, removing himself from sight even further and draws his mobile, quietly dialing a number.

At cluster (): Takako murmurs quietly, "I have no questions, Mr. Jade. Do you have one for me?"

Auspex on Anansi notes:

At cluster (): Jade says, "You've been staring at me for a bit now. I figured you did."

Acton nods, his icy blue gaze searching the young Ventrue. "Thank you, Sir Herringer, your diligence in protecting the lands with which you have been entrusted has not gone unnoticed. Do you have anything further to add to these proceedings?"

Kusala nods her head absently, as if she were so taken by the events on the dance floor, it made saying anything unnecessary.

Auspex on Sam’s notes:
«some amount of well.. 'Eeps'.. that and frustration»

Pascal makes direct eye contact with the Prince, standing his ground confidently and without nervousness as he speaks to him. "Thank you, your highness. I can add that the trespassing was apparently a result of her seeking me out. She came to me to say that she was indeed removed by force from the Getty Center by the current Keeper, and asked for my aid in taking action against her. I immediately took her into my custody and delivered her to his excellency, Seneschal Jacobs." the Frenchman takes a step backwards to indicate that he is finished.

Kimly gets the heck out of all this pulsating and gyrating going on.
Kimly has left.

Sam sighs deeply and puts the phone away as apparently, it doesn't get answered. The neonate moves forward to join Justyn again. Uncertain.

At cluster (): Takako tilts her head back slightly, and pushes her glasses higher up on her nose. She steadies herself, and then smiles warmly at Jade, "I was just concerned that you might see fit to make another abrupt announcement. I shouldn't want you to get in trouble. Please forgive me my concern?"

"Thank you Sir Herringer," Acton says firmly, before turning his clear blue gaze on Cecil. "Keeper Northrup, it is my understanding that this one did break Elysium and that you responded by removing her for her trespass, is this correct?"

At cluster (): Jade says, "My interruption earlier was at the thought that I had some kind of useful comment. I realized belatedly that these fine folks obviously have tons more ability to figure out how to handle these things than I do."

Cecil replies, "That is correct, Highness. She was laying in front of the posting board, screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs, so I ejected her."

Auspex on Cecil notes:

At your cluster: Sam winces and replies; "I.. I don't know. But she's apparently.. Downtown."

Sam takes a few hesitant steps forward. Certainly not -willing- to draw attention to himself, but possibly doing so regardless.

"She was ejected from Elysium for making a scene, Keeper Northrup?" Acton asks coldly, his blue eyes blazing with icy fire. "And do you hold that she owes any debt to you based upon this … offense?"

Auspex on Sam’s notes:
«A typical, you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't.»

Cecil says, "She was disturbing the other guests, Highness. I did my duty and threw her out, but she was free to return if she was willing to behave herself. In retrospect I probably should not have been so lenient, considering she simply went on to cause further trouble. However, I do not particularly require any further recompense from her."

At cluster (): Kusala says, "cudn't change nuttin' even if ya did. These gents got agendas."

Daedalus has reconnected.

Daedalus bears silent witness to the events occuring before the Court of Acton.

"I see, sirrah," Acton says to Cecil before turning his attention back to the gathering. "Is there any present that will speak for the prisoner?"

Auspex on Acton notes:
«Annoyance and fluctuating levels of malice.»

Sam moves forward a bit more. The pose appears like someone that well.. would like to add something, but the expression seems to more like someone that really doesn't want to speak.

Anansi remains as still and impassive as she has been. No help for the accused coming from this direction.

Sam forces out a; "Yes. Your Highness."

At cluster (): Takako raises those drawn-in eyebrows of hers at Jade's remarks, "Ah. Yes, I see. Nonetheless, I was concerned. Tempers simmering and the mood being what it is." She nods at Kusala's words, "So true. Mountains are rare in being moved."

At cluster (): Jade says, "So it goes. We might want to be quiet, avoid interrupting anything."

Maricela gets the heck out of all this pulsating and gyrating going on.
Maricela has left.
Maricela departs the group of people including December.

At cluster (): Kusala says, "Ooo Mistah Sam gonna say sumthin"

"Identify yourself young man," Acton says firmly, his eyes scouring Sam's androgynous form.

At cluster (): Takako inclines her head deeply at Jade's suggestion, "Quite." Then she turns her attention back to the events at hand.

Auspex on Kusala notes:

Sam offer Acton a deep bow before introducing himself; "My name is Samael Your Highness. Keeper of the Huntington Elysium and resident of Downtown. Seeing that the Lady Lyssa is a resident from Downtown and I have been asked to attend by my Seneschal, I would speak in favor of the accused."

"Ah, the young Toreador whose right to enter this domain has wasted far too much of my time," Acton says, far from kindly. "You come as a formal representative of Downtown? I am pleased to see Seneschal Mayfair considers the crimes of his citizens to be a matter worthy of attention. What have you to say for this woman?"

Auspex on Acton notes:
«Malicious annoyance.»

Sam freezes for a slight moment, but inclines his head politely; "Your Highness, whereas I have little to say in defense of a proven trespass I would ask for some leniency in judging her Elysium Violation. Having been a Keeper myself for several years, my definition of violating Elysium would be more along the lines of using actual violence. I realize Keeper Northrup did not really post rules on what he considers violence or not. Since he is the Keeper it is his right to define 'screaming' a violation. On the other hand it would help for the Elysia's visitors to know that, in the Getty Museum, 'screaming' is considered a violation, before they decide to follow such a course. I fear that the Lady Lyssa was not aware of this uncommunicated fact, before she decided to throw her scene."

Auspex on Sam’s notes:
«just.. scared, out of his wits. Trying to hold himself.»

Auspex on Takako notes:

Pascal carefully scrutinizes Sam as he approaches and speaks, tilting his head to the side as he considers his words. His eyes shift back to Lyssa, and finally to the Prince.

Carraig has connected.

"Your opinions, young man" Acton says sternly. "On how Elysium should operate is of little interest to me. If you have complaints about how Keeper Northrup conducts himself, those should be directed to the Keeper himself, or to My Seneschal. I will note, that no Seneschal of this Domain has ever destroyed a neonate in the midst of her Elysia." He then, for the time being, seems to completely forget Sam's presence. "Sir Herringer, do you demand retribution upon this woman for trespassing on your lands while seeking your aid?"

"Your highness, I do not." Pascal takes a step forward once again and makes this rather simple proclamation. He looks directly at Lyssa after saying this, his gaze lingering there on her for several awkward seconds. "The fact that she is here before this court is retribution enough for me."

Auspex on Nelson notes:
«A little disdain for cowardice. Traditional.»

Sam breaths out, nods.. bows and takes a few steps backward.. slowly withdrawing from that way too central spot.

Frederico says coldly, with no preamble, "Destroy her."

At cluster (): Kusala says, "ah wonder where her clan is for this. You'd think they'd be dere t'help her."

Auspex on Sam’s notes:
«next to the fear.. yes, some amount of dislike is building up. Yes, toward Acton.»

At cluster (): Takako shakes her head slightly and seems to have to tear her thoughts away from wherever they are in order to murmur, "I'm not well enough acquainted with the city to say. Are none of them represented here?"

Kusala looks about

Acton glares coldly at Pascal. "Then why, Sir Herringer, did you not merely escort this woman off your land or torpor her and lock her in a closet for a time rather than handing her over the Seneschal? The officers of this domain are given great latitude to mete out punishment for crimes committed against them. Instead, we have wasted hours debating the fate of an insignificant whelp who poses no threat to My Domain." He pauses, gazing around the room coldly until his search finds Sam. "Mr. Samael, as representative of Downtown, I am entrusting the torporred body of this woman to you to deliver to your Seneschal, with the understanding that if she ever commits a crime against Santa Monica again, she will be destroyed upon capture."

At cluster (): Kusala says, "hmm dere are faces ah duzn't know.. so ah kin't really say."

Sam glances up and moves back again. Another bow; "As you wish. Your Highness. Thank you."

Carraig is still staring at Driz it would seem, but stands now over the corpse and looks over toward the proceedings. His hell's gaze looks upon Lyssa, and then toward the retracting Sam. It is like he is coming out of a long inner turmoil, held coldly within. Reaching into his coat, he pulls out his shades and covers his eyes with them. There is a crouch to his form, and a readiness to the clawed vampire as he eyes those assembled carefully. His gaze looks to December, and nodding he reaches up with two fingers that tap his lenses, and gesture around… the gesture is fairly obvious, 'Watch the crowd' is what it says.

Auspex on Sam’s notes:
«major relief»

As Pascal is addressed, his posture immediately stiffens and he shakes his head. "Your highness, with all due respect, that thought had crossed my mind. Then she made direct threats against Keeper Northrup as well as the Getty Center itself, and I did not feel it would be appropriate to simply beat her or cast her aside if she did indeed have a plan in the works to damage our Elysium. Also, several days earlier, I believe Lord Jacobs had expressed a desire to speak with her. I apologize for my mistake and it will not be repeated. Please forgive me." he replies, clearly genuine despite his clarification.

Auspex on Pascal notes:
«Defensive, but not angry.»

"And you did not deem those threats relevant to these proceedings, Sir Herringer? I am disappointed." Acton shakes his head and turns away from the young Ventrue. "Are there any others who have business with this court?"

December snaps out of her trance, it seems. Her gaze lifts to Carraig, and then her attention drifts back toward the crowd. She shrinks backward more, slipping toward the walls and corners of the room quietly, her feet barely making a sound. Making her way toward the back.

Auspex on December notes:
«Very much moving in the fog, yes.»

At cluster (): Kusala says, "well ah think that wurked out rathah well fer her. Culda been much worse."

Auspex on Kusala notes:

At cluster (): Jade says, "That seems like the same thing that happened to me, actually. Only, without a court, any respect, or really anything decent about the whole thing."

At cluster (): Jade says, "Lord Nelson and the Prince do these things properly…right. Quite proper."

At cluster (): Kusala says, "bein' tor'perd undah any circumstance aint eggzakly cool, ah duzn't care whut dem gangstas say."

At cluster (): Takako says, "Takako nods a few times before she whispers, "Indeed, though one must wonder what will come of it in her home domain." At Jade's first remark, Takako furrows her brow a bit, but then says, "Propriety is certainly a keystone of civility.""

At place (the dance floor): Daedalus studies Sam's retreat and then squints at the contents of the barrel under discussion. "There is, at least, a certain amount of artistry in sending Downtown's refuse back to them in a refuse bin."

Muttering to place (the dance floor): Daedalus studies Sam's retreat and then squints at the contents of the barrel under discussion. "… at… of… in… them in a refuse…"

At place (the dance floor): Nelson cracks a smile for the first time. "Quite so, Lord Cesare."

Pascal bows his head humbly to his Prince upon hearing Acton's reprimand, and takes a step backwards from him without speaking further. He returns to his position over against the far wall watches the crowd for anyone who is potentially going to speak up.

Acton rises. "Since none other has stepped forward, court is adjourned." He gestures toward the MiB's fanned out throughout the room. 'Primogen," he says, then turns and strides toward the grand staircase, flanked by body guards.

Kusala does a deep curtsey and stays down until Acton leaves.

Nelson bows his head politely as Acton makes to depart. "Your Highness," he mutters respectfully, before rising back up. He watches as the prince departs, then motions for his ghouls to start cleaning up the mess.

December tries to catch Carraig's eye.

Jade moves quietly towards Nelson as he stands. He glances at Kusala and Takako. "Do excuse me," he says politely.

Jade departs the group of people including Takako and Kusala.

Kusala says, "'course"

Jade says, "Seneschal, if I could have a moment of your time?"

Carraig looks upward, "Highness." fancy shoes clicking together and he dips a militaristic bow. Before a cleanup crew arrives, he takes the trouble to put Driz carefully back into the bag he came from.

Anansi dips into another imitation of Daedalus' bow as Acton departs.

Pascal bows deeply to Acton as he exits.

Takako bows formally, with practiced grace, at the exit of the Prince. When she stands again Jade has already strode off, and Takako is too late to stop him from confronting Nelson.

December curtseys to Acton when he leaves, then continues to try and get Carraig's eye.

Frederico begins to walk to the exit himself.

Daedalus bows deeply during the Prince's departure. When he rises he addresses Kusala. "Miss Benjamin. A moment before you go."

At cluster (): Kusala says, "it was a pleashur t'meets yas, Miss Takako. Ah do hope we meets agin real soon."

Nelson turns to look at Jade. "Ah yes. What can I do for you?" He watches the other man with unblinking eyes.

Kusala departs the group of people including Takako.

At your cluster: Justyn says, "Interesting. At least all did not end up as bloodily as it could have. You did well, my old friend."

Acton gets the heck out of all this pulsating and gyrating going on.
Acton has left.

Acton pulls clear of the dance floor

Carraig looks over toward December a moment, feeling the eyes upon him. Covering the container back up, he now frowns wishing he had some duct tape, "Oy there." he tells a ghoul, "Duct tape?" he asks it.

Kusala turns to Daedalus, curtsies a little "yessir? kin ah help ewe?"

Takako smiles warmly and says, "As do I, Miss Kusala. I look forward to hearing of your travels."

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