Y22/11/14 Los Angeles Court

Cast: Devon, Julian, Iain, Dia, Dimitri, Sage, Kusala, Jones, Cecil, Valdez, Apolo, Emerson, Samael
Location: Ahmanson Hall, LACMA
Time: 14th of November 2022
Synopsis: A Court is called to judge the Elysium violation of Diego Valdez, Primogen of Clan Brujah.

Ahmanson Building - LACMA - Mid Wilshire (C1)(IC)

The Atrium of the Ahmanson Building is vast, and footsteps echo upon a marble floor cast into a grid of shadows by artificial lights angled to shine through the majestic skylight above. The rest of the lighting here is no less dramatic, as nearly every setting seems calculated to shade certain areas and emphasize others, to overlap, to create spaces within space. Pushing back the dark of night here is not just a practicality of function, but a work of art in itself.
The recessed balconies of several levels of galleries rise on the western side, polished white stone blending seamlessly with the other walls, and boasting a prominent grand staircase that rises and splits in order to link the lobby to the second level. Here you stand at only the tip of the iceberg, but a watchful guard or two is usually on hand to help with directions, or simply keep a lookout for trouble.
A large notice board appears to have been wheeled out for the evening, prominent on the otherwise sparse flooring. Another noticeable and more permanent sign states:
By California law, no smoking is permitted inside any public premises.

Kusala looks at Sage, "dis here be Mistah Emahsun's Elysia. He kin spill blud here ifn he wants. Ewe gonna say no t'him?" she inquires quizzically, not really expecting an answer, "nevahdeless, ah duzn't think we gonna need it, jez.. bettah safe den sorrah," she looks up to see Dimitri enter, "evenin, Mistah Dimitree, do join us. Ewe will fergive me, ah gotz t'move a little furnichur 'n git sheeit ready," she nods respectfully at everybody, "'cuse me.. be right back."

Jones says, "Wouldn't be the first death here at his hands… That Nephilum.. ripped apart"

"No I would never question what he does in his own city, but I am going to express my distaste for it being public. Besides being un-entertaining, the blood alone could cause a mass hysteria.." Sage admits, shaking her head which she uses to look between Kusala and Jones, clearly not liking the idea that there could be a death here.. publicly.. "Well, I know when I will be leaving for the after party. He may kill whom ever he might wish, but I cannot see watching it as being necessary." Looking back when Kusala greets Dimitri, the Toreador brightens, "Monsieur Hunter, I was hoping you would come along!"

Dia enters from the courtyard outside.
Dia has arrived.

Kusala nods respectfully at Dia, waving her in towards the others, "evenin' Miss Dia, why don't ewe shake a leg ovah datta way. Ah jez be putterin' around gittin' things ready. Ah'll be ovah real soon."

Jones shrugs. "Sometimes a public death gets a lot of points across better then words. but we are hoping… or.. I am hoping.. I can plead for mercy for Valdez. And see if we can just send him home…"

Indeed.. it's a Dimitri, and one wearing a smoking for the occasion. That and what appears to be a big fat wrapped up bouquet.. and a significantly smaller one; "Why Hello-Hello!" the Ventrue calls out, pleasantly surprised at such a warm welcome, toward Kusala and Sage; "If that is not the lovely miss Koosala and the illustrious miss Strausberg."

Dia has somehow managed to creep into the Elysium unnoticed until Kusala calls to her, a bit of an oddity for the rather care-free Brujah. She nods politely to the Malkavian Keeper before going about her business. Having draped herself in a blue hoodie about two sizes to large for her, her hands buried in the front pockets, she quietly makes her way to the side of the Elysium - an area that doesn't have much light and not a terribly great view of the stage. Sliding into one of the leather chairs, the little Brujah kicks her feet up onto the accompanying ottoman and slinks into the crevice of the chair.

Indeed Kusala curtsies to Dimitri for his warm greeting, then proceeds to move some furniture around. Not much, just enough to afford one particular chair it's place of importance with a second just below it and some room around them. The plastic she lays is actually not the cheap crinkley shiney slippery kind, but something more textured, yet basically invisible and not easily torn.

Julian has arrived.

"Yes, it certainly did, in the seventeen hundreds.." Sage starts, but Dimitri's drags her attention to him, "oh Monsieur, you are looking quite smashing yourself this evening." Dispite himself, his hands pat at the side of his face smooth hair that is far to stiff to have come loose from the bun holding it in place, smiling all the while at the Ventrue.

Devon enters from the courtyard outside.
Devon has arrived.

Kusala notices the elder in her hubbub and curtsies to him, "Eldah Fletchah, ah be right honah'd ya stopped by. Ah be Kusala uf Watts, Clan Malkavian, Keepah uf da Los Angeles Elysia. Ah wish we might has met undah bettah circumstances."

Without any fanfare or hurry, Devon comes through the double doors pushing a wheelchair ahead of him. To those who know, the occupant of the chair is one Diego Valdez Karlson, wearing a lovely blanket across his lap, upon which rests a massive sledgehammer. The Brujah's broach has been meticulously replaced with the latest style of wooden stake. Clearly, a Toreador did not do his dressing, as he wears the same bloody clothes in which he was last seen leaving this very building.

Nodding to only a handful of people, amongst whom are Kusala, Dia, and Jillian.. not in that order at all.. the Sheriff and his charge make their way to the furthest wall away from the chair situated in the centre of the room. Valdez is turned to face the gathered and Devon's sledgehammer is snatched from the Brujah's lap, laid on his shoulders. Then the Nosferatu lowers his head and leans back against the wall, waiting.

Iain appears at the board, watching the various vampires flutter in and about, remarking, "Well, this is rather quaint." He looks to Devon as he wheels in the chair, nodding to him as he looks for his fellow Primogen, and then starts towards Sage, smiling, "Ahh, Mr. Strausberg, a pleasure to see you again. If none have yet done so, welcome to the Council."
Iain has arrived.

Dimitri's first attention is for Sage as he performs a long elaborate bow toward the Toreador, including hand-kiss, would she allow, presenting the Toreador with a single deep-red rose. However.. he apologizing directly after, making his way into the Keepers direction. By his gesture it appears the huge bouquet is for her; "Slightly overdue.." The Ventrue admits; "But the celebration of joining a Clan, cannot be stressed enough. Don't you agree?"

Jones frowns a bit when he sees Valdez but pulls a bit of a paper out of his pocket to look over. He nods to Dimitri and the two Brujah coming in.

Apolo is already stepping off the bench he's been perched on, picking at some paint under his nails as he goes. The court announcement asked for people to dress appropriately, which, for the Seneschal, appears to consist of looking like he just rolled out of his studio. "Excellent, Mr. Devon. I trust our guest is ready for his moment in the spotlight?" The little Malkavian strolls unhurriedly towards the little knot of vampires, though his words are for the Sheriff off to the side.
Apolo has arrived.

Auspex on Dimitri notes:
«quite pleased, with those in his direct vicinity, but even more so with himself»

Underneath the brim of the baseball cap she wears, Dia follows the sight of the carted-in Brujah Primogen with a mix of worry and disdain. She politely returns Devon's nod with a silent and polite bow of her head. Otherwise, she remains rather still in her darkened corner of the Elysium. Crossing her right foot over her left ankle, she seems to bury herself deeper into the leather chair she's nesting in.

Sage, despite himself, covers his mouth as the accused comes through the doors ahead of the Nosferatu Sheriff. Though Dimitri's offering provides her all the diversion from he scene needed, accepting both the Rose and the hand kiss, "Oh by all means.. Certainly there can be no greater time for celebration than that.." His meaning likely being Kusala's joining of a clan. Clearly distracted by the appearance of Valdez, or more importantly, the bloody clothes he wears. Iain's approach is met with a polite smile, "Why thank you Monsieur." Spinning the long stemmed rose between her fingers absently, just under her nose.

Kusala gratefully accepts the bouquet with a bow of her head and a warm smile, but remains curtsied for the Elder Brujah until he passes or acknowledges.

Jones says, "Good evening Lord Apolo. I was hopin' sir.. I could speak on Valdez's behalf?""

Clearly Devon missed the memo about dressing up, he's wearing the same old dirty trench coat he always wears. When Apolo addresses him, his hood thankfully hides the smirk that forms on his bulging lips. The hood bobs in an affirmative nod to the Seneschal.

Julian carries himself in with confidence, although apparently not in the best mood an Elder can be in. Still, he takes some time to acknowledge Kusala's curtsy with a nod and a; "Keeper. I trust my reply has reached you?"

Auspex on Sage notes:
«There is a great deal of displeasure after seeing Valdez. FOR the man, FOR the blood on the man, for the fact that it's possible that the man MIGHT die.. a lot of displeasure.»

Auspex on Devon notes:
«cold blooded conviction.»

Iain smiles to Sage and glances at Julian, giving the Elder a bow of his head as he glances towards Apolo, "Good evening, Uncle." He glances at Jones though when he remarks that he wants to speak for Valdez, but remains silent, a crease marking the Loon's forehead.

Auspex on Iain notes:
«curiously pondering the mass of flesh that is Valdez»

Kusala rises, "yes sir. Thanks ewe so much fer it. It addressed evrahthin ah was concerned for, 'n ah passed it's wisdum along," she glances towards Apolo, "ah hopes dat meets wit yer approval since things are not quite in mah hands at dis point."

Valdez remains seated in the wheelchair. Open eyes staring with malice, PURE malice, at the stake in his chest. Or anyone he can see without moving terribly much beyond lifting his eyes. Still difficult since his head hangs awkwardly.

Apolo slides a hand through his long hair. "If you so wish, Mr. Jones. Far be it from to forbid someone from preventing a defence." The Seneschal doesn't bother to look at Valdez — or assess what kind of defence he'd be presenting.

Nods are given to everyone around, slight smiles in response to those that have addressed him, but its Julian his meandering path leads him to. "Julian," he says, almost grimly, and extends a hand to the other elder.

Kusala bows respectfully to Apolo and backs away.

Sage joins the group of people including Jones.

Julian seems satisfied with Kusala's reply; "Good." he rumbles before glancing sideways to greet Dia and Jones. It's not before Apolo calls for him that he continues his pace, in the Seneschal's direction this time; "Seneschal."

Having delivered the flowers to the various ladies in the room, and with his hands free now Dimitri makes his way back in the direction of Sage, not turning to focus on the proceedings elsewhere in the hall, revolving around Apolo and Julian.

Dimitri joins the group of people including Jones and Sage.

Dia remains seated, still far away from the gathered masses. Catching Julian's glance, the young woman gives the Elder Brujah a polite, but weak smile as the right corner of her mouth moves slightly upward upon her cheek. It's an uneasy smile, genuine to the person it's given, but unsettled given the circumstances. When Julian's attention is drawn away, so is Dia's. Bowing her head, she pulls her hands out of the front pocket of her hoodie and begins to fiddle with the drawstrings near her neck.

And that seems to be about the level of protocol Apolo is enforcing. The two elders have greeted each other, the accused is in place, so that means… "Everything is fine, Ms. Kusuala. If Mr. Jones would be as kind to put my father's chair in its usual place, I think we can begin. The Primogen may arrange themselves wherever they find most comfortable. Julian?" That same hand waves towards the area where Emerson's chair is usually arranged, so the other elder may join him there.

Iain walks back to his place near the board, where he waves other neonates out of the way so he can see the proceedings and also be seen. He leans against it, watching everyone quietly as he waits for everything to get underway here.

If Samael found his way in, it's in a way that draws least attention, insofar as the young man would be capable of doing such. Right upon entrance, and extending long bows toward the higher-ups in the room (from a considerable distance) he searches shelter of one of the alcoves, mostly disappearing from sight.
Samael settles in to the subtle shadows that stretch in partial concealment.

Sage glances up as Dimitri draws near to where she and Jones are standing and offers the Ventrue a smile, lifting her arm as if she intends to loop it through his unless he pulls away. It seems she is intent on looking anywhere, but at the Brujah in the wheelchair and his prison guard. In her other hand, the rose rests against the side of her nose. A piece of beauty to colour up what has the makings of something far less so.

Devon remains statuesque beside Valdez, arms looped over the length of wood laid across his shoulders. A gargoyle exposed to open flames and dressed in a hooded trench coat.

Jones moves over and collects the appropriate chair. Or in this case, throne, and moves it to the centre of the room, where it stood the first court after Acton's fall. He has notes.. a speech it seems…prepared. he keeps it crumpled in his hand for now. "Of course Lord Callas. Immediately sir."

Dimitri most certainly does not pull that arm away, but offers it gentleman-like for the Toreador to loop through. He doesn't seem to share Sage's hesitation to glance at the accused, but glances around curiously, taking in the details of this court and its customs.

Julian positions himself near or next to Apolo, joining the Seneschal near that chair. The Elders presence in itself may be enough to suggest, that the fact there's a Brujah on trial, is supported by the Clan's Elder.

Once the throne is installed, the Seneschal leans lazily against it, like this is just a coffee break instead of a trial. He waits, patiently for once, for everyone to arrange themselves, quirking a brow at the few faces he's not familiar with and measuring the ones he does with quick once overs. "It is the will of his Lord, Prince Emerson the Ancient," the childe begins, "that the former Brujah Primogen be held responsible for the attack on this court, in his hallowed meeting grounds. Mr. Valdez is free to present his own defence, if he is capable of doing so. But we will hear the accounting of the incident first. Ms. Kusala?"

The Sheriff's gaze settles on the Brujah seated beside him, head tilting to the side and forward, if just to make sure he's paying attention. One arm uncurls from his sledgehammer and lifts the staked vampires head, so that he can see clearly the gathering, the throne, and.. quite importantly.. the Brujah Elder standing beside it. Once he's sure that task is suitably accomplished, his arm returns to the weapon on his shoulders.

Auspex on Apolo notes:
«Bored and a little spacey. Other things to do, other places to be.»

Auspex on Devon notes:
«Clearly wants to kill Valdez where he sits.»

Iain yawns, glancing at the gathering, looking at Kusala when her name is called to explain what has gone on and what has gone on.

Auspex on Iain notes:
«Contemplating using Valdez for… something.»

She seems so small as she steps forward, and certainly she is. She curtsies to Elders present, turns to the crowd, curtsies to them, then returns her attention to the empty chair, which she curtsies deeply, "if'n it pleases da Court. On da night in queshun, ah be talkin' wit Mistah Sage 'n Mistah Melciah right ovah dere were dat cane rockah be. Mistah Karlsin burst in da doors, talkin' da whole time 'bout whut a liah ah be 'n a spy, 'n stuff like dat dere, 'n he approached real quick pullin' sword. Ah says t'him, 'take a seat, 'n we talk 'bout it', but he didn't take no seat. Ah cud feel da powah rise, he gots da Celerity goin', ah wuz gonna Dominate him, t'control hisself, but ah …" she hesitates, "ah jez wuzn't quick enuff. He sliced me through. Ah be incapasitated on da ground so ah ain't shur uf every detail but.. heard Mistah Melciah's gun go off, so ah heals 'n tries t'move. Mistah Sage be at mah side tryin' t'help… Valdez hit me agin," she actually shivers in the memory, "gun went off agin," she frowns, "ah.. remembah hearin' Melciah talkin' on da phone t'da Sheriff. When Sheriff got here, ah had him take me right away. Ah be on da verge uf frenzy."

When Devon lifts Valdez, the Brujah Elder makes it a point to catch the gaze of the staked younger clan-mate, although the exchange from his side may be considered stern and cold.

Apolo's gaze flickers towards Devon, but he doesn't call the Sheriff forth yet. "What provocation might Valdez have suffered, child? What proceeded his attack?"

Warmth settles into his eyes as Sage loops his arm through Dimitri's, settling in beside the Ventrue to watch the proceedings. Glancing in the direction of the Keeper when she recalls he incident, lips pursed. Turning, for the first time, to look at the bloody Brujah in the wheelchair, only for a moment. Then she looks down at the marble floor under her feet. A rainbow of shifting and churning expression settle across the Toreador's face while she observes the way the floors panels are arranged.

Auspex on Sage notes:
«Troubled, not by the man in the wheelchair, or even the memory of him attacking Kusala.. but the blood. All that blood. On these tiles.»

Watching the trial begin to unfold, Dia drops the drawstrings she's been toying with. Raising her right hand up to her face, she begins to pick at her fingernails with her teeth quietly, her right elbow buried into the cushion. Her eyes blankly stare towards the stage, not focusing on any one person in particular.

At cluster (): Dimitri's arm aims to provide comfort as it tightens slightly when the Keeper tells her tale; "Ah.. and you had to witness this." the Englishman shares with the Toreador next to him; "A gruesome story indeed."

"Ah ain't had da chance t'ax him why he be so pissed off at me," Kusala replies, "he jez walked in da door dat way, burst it open he did. He already quite ticked b'for he gotz here. Ah hasn't figgered whut he thinks ah lied about, but da spy thing," her nose quishes up, "ah think he talkin' 'bout mah request t'da Council fer um.. whut t'do 'bout newcumahs. Providin' public hunts. Ah uh… tried t'move it along 'n ah think it . uh.. ticked him off, but dat's just a guess on mah part."

At cluster (): Sage dips his head fractionally, returning the squeeze with her hand laid on Dimitri's forearm. "Indeed. Truly an unpleasant reminder of, what, we are."

At cluster (): Jones says, "Yeah, He was on the verge…" he sighs"

Apolo cants his head suddenly towards the empty throne and straightens up properly. "Thank you, Ms. Kusala. You may take your place." A breath of silence — the Seneschal exchanges a glance with Julian, nods to the nothingness that passes between them, and casts his gaze over the room again. "Mr. Devon. Is Mr. Valdez capable of offering anything in his own defence at this time?"

Julian's gaze is on Kusala when the Keeper answers the Seneschal's question, weighing the words of the recently proclaimed Malkavian. The glance is shared with Apolo, but he has nothing to say, instead lifting his chin as he regards Jones, expectant.

Kusala rises, curtsies and quietly makes her way to stand between the throne and the door.

"No." Devon states flatly, glancing down at the Brujah with a raised brow, "But I'm willing to let him try." Laying his hand on the stake with those white eyes turned to Apolo questioningly.

Jones raises a hand at this time.

"Thank you, Mr. Devon, but I think all present will agree that we must skip over that formality." Without looking over at him, Apolo nods his dark head. "Yes, Mr. Jones will speak on his behalf. We may all privately enjoy the irony." In the back of the room, Apolo's found Dia and watches her for a long moment before turning his attention back to the trial.

Devon nods and moves his hand from the stake, leaving it in the chest, to pat Valdez on the head. Then returns the arm to loop over the sledgehammer.

Iain blinks as they choose to decline to hear Valdez speak and then glances at Julian to see the Elder's response to this, if anything.

However the case may be, Kusala is facing the door and her facial features unseen.

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«ohhhh the irony of irony»

Jones nods "Your Majesty, if you're here, Lord Seneschal, Members of the court, Let me start by saying, I don't like Valdez. He and I squared off from his first moment here. He and I …don't get along. But, With that being said. I must ask that my betters consider mercy. Though his actions deserve punishment most foul, I ask for mercy. Valdez came here to prove himself.. a man of less then 30 years he played a dangerous game, and in his youth, he misunderstood the way the political scope acts here. He acted on assumptions he didn't understand, with consequences beyond his scope. Given I am about as politically apt as a brick.. Even I can say he messed up , But Valdez has potential… in 10, 20 years, he may learn to be a better man. I ask for mercy… His insult to the keeper, and to the Ancient through her, does call for punishment most foul, but I ask for mercy. If death be the punishment. I ask it be stayed, and banishment to El paso while being named Childer for at least a decade…. I ask he survive his mistake, and be given the chance to choose a better path. I ask the ancient and his seneschal…to consider this please. I was his enemy. I am not his friend, but in this time, Valdez's games are ended, his every weakness exposed… A more utter and complete failure could not be conceived by him. He could learn… and maybe return home to better himself, and our act of mercy, returning him to a camarilla city, would also show we are willing to work with the camarilla, and we are not their enemies. Please. Consider this, consider mercy for the accused. Thank you for your time Lord Apolo… And your Majesty, if you are here, and esteemed members of this court." he steps back

At least Apolo's pointing out the irony brings a a sardonic smile to Sage's face. Which she hides with the rose rubbed across her lips beneath her nose, eyes cast to Dimitri beside her, grin obvious in her eyes.

Auspex on Julian notes:
«those able to see auras would see that Valdez's aura is off - raging. Those with the 'occult' to know might identify it as close to frenzy. Apparently something at the court triggers his Beast.»

Iain's look does not inspire Julian to object to Apolo's decision that Valdez need not be heard. Instead the Brujah Elder's gaze settles on Jones as he pleads for his (former) rival. A slight nod of approval is given when the Neonate concluded his speech.

Dimitri's gaze sweeps from Valdez, to Apolo and from Apolo to Jones. The Englishman does not share Sage's smile, his expression grave, frowning, slightly shaking his head.

Apolo nods when Jones is finished speaking. A little motion of his hand shows that the new Brujah Primogen is free to step back. "Does anyone else have words to offer on this matter?"

Dimitri raises his hand, indicating perhaps not a desire to speak, but the fact that there are words to offer.

Jones' speech brings Kusala around to watch him. She stands almost motherly, as if watching her own at such an important ceremony. She rubs her forehead, but blinks and listens more. A slight Mona Lisa smile plays on her thick lips. There are words behind her eyes, but she says nothing, but watches other comment.

"He cut the Keeper in half, in Elysium. If this Court thinks you can cure a monster of being a monster, or teach decency to a beast.. I'm all for packing him up in a fancy ass box and shipping him wherever the fuck you want.. But let's be honest, we send this guy to El Paso as a 'look we can be friends' gift to the Camarilla, he's going to flip his wig and we're going to be accused of sending a time bomb." Says Devon from where he stands with his head leaning back against the wall, "This is not a man.. this is a 'thing'.. Can you teach a toaster to be polite?" The Nosferatu shrugs, "Just my thoughts."

There's silence from Dia's dark corner of the room, the young Brujah still picking at her fingernail with her teeth, but now on her left hand.

"Thank you, Mr. Devon. Your opinion is noted and considered. You, of course, have more intimate knowledge of Mr. Valdez's state of mind than others here." A pause, and then a graceful wave of his hand towards the area in front of the throne. "Mr. Hunter wishes the floor."

Iain raises his voice from the board, "The Sheriff speaks true of his crime. An assault on another in the heart of Elysium. While others have been guilty of this throughout this city's history, his strikes a more dire tone for the fact that it was on the Keeper, and he sought to kill her. I believe that with all honesty, that he tried with malice and anger to bring the final death to Kusala. While we all have beasts, we live in a age where we cannot tolerate fuck-ups, and I believe he would repeat this again if given the chance. The main point that this should be tonight is that attacks in Elysium -stop-." He nods though to Apolo, yielding the floor to Hunter.

Sage, who is unusually quiet, looks politely neutral on the matter, besides the flickering remnants of distaste at the blood left on the Brujah. Though, he offers, in what small way he can, support to Dimitri beside her.

Auspex on Sage notes:
«Flashes of disappointment every time someone speaks out without being given the floor by the Seneschal.»

When summoned, Dimitri straightens approaching Apolo and the empty throne before performing a traditional deep bow; "Thank you Seneschal. Indeed.. I believe we did not have the pleasure yet; Dimitri Hunter." the Englishman introduces himself; "I represent Clan Ventrue tonight, by the will of our Primogen Matthias Schnell." A letter is offered, should Apolo wish to review this fact. The Caucasian raises to his feet then, addressing the crowd; "The Ventrue plead for a -harsh- punishment of the accused." His gaze drifts in Valdez direction; "He violated Elysium before.. Twice, attacking our Sheriff no less. He was given another chance, because it was thought he needed to control his Beast. He was punished and warned and yet.." he pauses for dramatic effect; "Within a week, he violates it again. No Beast stirred his hand this time. It was a conscious act. I would ask the assembly, how many chances should a vampire be given? How many more insults should Elysium or the Domain that enforces it suffer? We believe an example must be made."

"Mark this shit down.. I agree with the Ventrue." Devon says with a snicker.

Jones raises his hand

Iain fishes out a scrap of paper and writes down what Devon just said and posts it to the board, nodding in approval.

The letter is received, though no gesture made to open it. "I am aware of who you are, Mr. Hunter." He could be lying, of course. The Seneschal has hardly been seen at all in weeks — which means little, given his blood. "What do the Ventrue propose, Mr. Hunter? The Brujah contingent begs mercy. Mr. Iain, I believe, was getting around to disagreeing on that position. You are the other Primogen representative in attendance tonight. What say the Council?"

Auspex on Julian notes:
«The Ventrue's speech stirs no small amount of anger»

Auspex on Apolo notes:
«Mild interest in this new person. Weighing and measuring.»

Sage, who's not said much openly about the situation, raises his voice, "Seneschal, I am Siegfried Strausberg, Primogen of the Roses." Though the introduction is probably unnecessary, "The Toreador cannot stand by and see the safety provided by Elysium continuously abused and the officers appointed to protected it nearly brought low. We too ask for a harsh punishment, to serve as an example to those who threaten the stability of the city and hide behind anger as excuse for those crimes."

Dimitri seems finished speaking, but Apolo's question makes him incline his head once more. He swallows; "My Primogen did not specify, Lord Seneschal, but I will say that where I come from, this individual would not have been amongst the unliving after the first transgression. Now.. I realize, this Domain is much more lenient, and far be it from me to critize this fact. I can only say that I do not see another way to wash away the shame Valdez brought upon the Clan he represented, when commiting this heinous act." He frowns, his voice soft apologetic almost; "I believe the Ventrue must plead for his death."

Iain approaches from the board, to look to Apolo, "Seneschal, it would appear the Council has voted for death, unless we wish to wait for the Primogen of Nosferatu, Gangrel, and Tremere clans to come and give their votes? Of course, only one would be needed to make the decision a majority, regardless of what the others thought." He glances to the other Primogen.

Apolo nods to Dimitri and dismisses him the same as he's dismissed the others. "Of course, Mr. Strausberg. I beg your indulgence for overlooking you. Clan Toreador's position on the matter is noted and recorded." By? Apolo does not say. There's no typist apparent. "And Gangrel, Nosferatu, and Tremere do not appear to give their opinions."

"I agree, Mr. Iain, I think we have heard all there is to hear in Mr. Valdez's defence. And the will of the Primogen has been noted." He too pauses, glancing at the other Primogen, and then significantly at Julian.

Jones says, "My esteemed colleagues.. Have we a quorum? what harm is there…in giving the Primogen in absence… a chance to weigh in? Could we not let The seneschal collect their votes and accept his ruling then in a fortnight? Or in a world of endless nights, do we rush now? Nearly Half of the council is absent. Could we not pause a moment before slaying one? May I propose a compromise?""

Julian's brow furrows, and the looks he directs toward the Ventrue and Toreador Primogen are cold, almost hostile; "I do not believe Valdez aimed to destroy the Keeper, merely 'punish' her in his own twisted way. I also believe one might doubt if indeed he acted of his own free will.. However.." His voice holds a promise; "The Brujah bow to the will of this court, be it inspired by justice or politics. Be mindful how-ever." His gaze sweeps the assembled; "That your eagerness to see Blood will be paid in kind, when it is your Blood standing trial. If this is what you children wish this Domain to be, then so be it."

"Here-here!" echoes from the back of the Elysium, specifically from Dia's darkened corner of the room. Evidently the younger Brujah supports the words voiced by her Elder. She folds her hands neatly over her stomach and smiles widely towards the stage.

"If I may?" Devon asks, fingers wiggling from the shaft of his hammer.

Jones says, "One fortnight. I ask one fortnight…2 weeks. I will go to El Paso and ask his sire.. what he thinks should happen. If his sire is an old school camarilla, he will want him dead as well. The other three Primogen can weigh in. And I will abode by the majority rule, but deliver the wishes of the sire to the seneschal for consideration. 2 weeks.. 1 fortnight…. Primogen, Esteemed Elders, what harm can come in a momentary stay?"

Apolo lifts a hand to stay Jones. "Patience, little Primogen. We understand your position, but you will not be able to travel to El Paso. Let none here forget what lies outside our bounds. .. Mr. Devon seeks the floor."

Jones settles back murmuring. "I could make it. I'd try."

In the mean time, Dimitri has bowed once more and discretely retreated. Perhaps a bit quicker than might be deemed discretely, under the weight of the Brujah Elder's look.

Iain meets the eyes of his clanmate if he can, but then glances to Julian when he speaks, "The Elder speaks truly enough, but we of all people should know the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and how much mercy should be show before it comes back to haunt us?" This is all murmured to himself as he is headed back to the board.

Cecil was here the whole time, really! Just, you know. Listening politely.

"The Brujah Elder is correct in that, there's far to much bullshit falling from mouths right now, but I agree with them. Harsh, but not Death. We've had enough of that recently.." Nodding his head down at Diego, "Several nights prior to his attack on the Keeper, Valdez made it clear to me that he was under some illusion that the Officers of this City were allied against him. Voiced to me that I lied to him, like he so voiced to Kusala on the night in question.. He also stated a willing intent to engage in acts such as his attack on her, saying that if he was not going to be treated with the respect he felt he deserved, he would act in the manner in which he was treated.." Looking around at all present, "He knew what he was doing.. Now, I cant say that he would have killed her, I don’t know.. but he as man tettering on the edge of the beast. I mean it when I say that whatever 'education' we intend to offer him, would have to be truely powerful shit.." Shrugging as he takes to leaning back against the wall, "I 'dont' think he should die.. Death is heavy shit.. permanent. But I -do- think he should be punished. Severally. torpored, concreted, and left to think about what he's done for a determined period of time.. At which point we can re-evaluate his mental status after this has all had a time to simmer the fuck down.."

Kusala waves a couple lazy fingers….

Apolo holds both hands in front of his body, palms out, in a calming gesture. "Your voice is heard, Mr. Devon, and in absence of your Primogen, it is your words that we must weigh. Ms. Kusala wishes to speak, and unless the Tremere have their vote to add, We will render Our verdict on the matter afterwards."

Devon gives the thumbs up and then tugs at the front of his hood.

Dimitri whispers to Cecil, "Perhaps you would voice the Tremere's opinion what must be done with Valdez. He stands trial for having cut the Keeper in half, in Elysium."

Cecil whispers to Dimitri, "Of course, of course."

When Kusala looks around, she actually gets a crooked grin on her face, "dere be sum things ah set straight fer da record. If'n Mistah Valdez wanted me daid, dere be no doubt in mah mind dat ah wud be histery. It also be no doubt in mah mind, dat ifn ah had bin histery, dat we wudn't be bandyin' dis about. Mistah Valdez Be Gone," she pauses, "but ah ain't," she gazes at Apolo and Julian and the empty chair, "be a lot hardah t'live den it is t'die. Dis suckah deserves lotsa sheeit, but he duzn't deserve da peace uf da dead. He be a big boy now, he gotz t'pull his weight, 'n dat means he gotta git a grip. Ah ain't shur how dat kin be dun, but he gotz t'do it, not us. We gave him chances," her eyes fill with sorrow, "dats whut makes it hard. But ah ain't da furst Keepah dat bin attacked 'n ah won't be da last. Ah think Mistah Fletchah gotz his blood lust noshuns right enuff, but ah bows t'da wisdum uf mah eldahs, cuz dey know frum lotsa experience ah duzn't got jest whut t'do," she nods, "ah kin dig dat."

Sage goes quiet again, lowering his head. Particularly when picked out of the mix by the Brujah Elder. Whatever arguement may have come to bare against the accusations is weighed down by the intent behind them and further so by the words of the Sheriff. Stepping back and away, she resumes her quiet position beside Dimitri with a glance in the Ventrue and Tremere's direction.

Kusala bows to Cecil, "thank ya kindly fer lettin me speak," and she curtsies and steps back.

Julian's gaze searches out Dia, extending a nod across the room. He goes back to listening however, closely, noting every detail and every stance of the speakers voicing their opinions on the Brujah Neonate's fate. It is apparent that Devon's and Kusala's words are met favourably.

Cecil considers for a time, and says, "Having held the position of Keeper, and been forced out of that position under somewhat similar positions, I'm afraid that I have little tolerance for recidivism. I recall that, while the matter was settled between the two parties, this was not the first Keeper that Mr. Valdez had attacked. It is clear to me that he ought not to have ever been Released and should be sent back to learn as a fledgling. If there are no volunteers, well, then let him face his punishment as meted out to an adult.

Julian's gaze is met by a pair of gleaming eyes nearly-hidden under the brim of a baseball cap and a subtle smile. She returns the nods, as if acknowledging what's been said by the parties present, but showing no intent of her own to speak up.

Iain raises a finger to Apolo, apparently waiting to be heard this time.

Apolo says, "Quickly, Mr. Iain."

Dimitri offers his arm, for the Toreador Primogen to slip into once more, then offers an encouraging smile to Cecil; "Well spoken, esteemed collegues." He gests softly to those nearby, a weak attempt to lift the heavy atmosphere; "For the night, at least."

Iain nods to Apolo and says, "My friends and honoured elders, it seems we have gone from a consensus of death to having a certain measure of doubt in this room. While the Brujah Elder has spoken well, that we should not be so quick to condemn, lest we be condemned in the same fashion, we must not be uncertain about this. Historical practice mandates that those that break the peace of Elysium may forfeit their own lives at the pleasure of the Prince. His Highness is simply asking if we feel that this transgression requires death. Is it a -must-, that we should put Valdez to death. No. We don't have to put him to death. We can do as the Sheriff has suggested and put him into torpor, concreted and wait for a time to wake him and see if he's changed. But we should all be of one mind of this. So I would ask my fellow Primogen and elders, the four choices that have been put before us, since freeing him is obviously not one of them… death, banishment, service to the city, or imprisonment to a stated time? Let us be clear of our will for His Highness's knowledge."

Apolo waits to see if any of the other Primogen wish to answer Iain, quietly, arms folded across his thin chest.

Dimitri seems uncertain, glancing between Iain and Apolo; "I believe the Ventrue, Tremere and Toreador have been clear about their stance? We agree with the Malkavian?" It is a soft question, directed at Sage and Cecil.

Jones moves over to Dia.
Jones whispers to Dia, "I want your opinion here. What would you have me do?"

Sage takes the offered arm, but cannot seem to find his full cheer. Though she does offer Dimitri a smile as she resets beside him. Adding a nod to Cecil, though his voice returns only to speak with Iain, "I stand by my assessment that whatever his state of mind, clemency on the matter makes a joke of the institution he soiled with his actions." Nodding with Dimitri, "All that we ask is that the punishment fit the crime committed."

Julian has started to examine his nails, with an occasional glance at the source of the opinions raised. They seem to hold little surprise to the Elder. Eventually, he turns to the Seneschal, giving a slight nod.

When Jones decides to haunt her darkened corner of the Elysium, Dia only looks up from her rather comfortable, sunken position in the oversized chair. With the faint question asked of her, the littlest Brujah shrugs her shoulders and then murmurs something back to her compatriot.

Julian whispers to Apolo, "Interesting positioning, no? Almost as if we have 3 Domains all over again. You know we will not hold the verdict against -you-."

Dia whispers to Jones, "I dunno. Whatever you think is right. Apolo's probably got his opinion made up already."

Apolo and Julian exchange quiet asides at the throne. When they are done, Apolo makes a quick appraisal of the crowd.

Apolo whispers to Julian, "We are what we are. Unity may simply not be in our nature, no?"

Julian shrugs a little, but his nod indicates agreement with Apolo's stance.

Apolo nods once, again, and seems to have waited long enough. There is space given for the court to quiet and speakers to return to their places. In the emptiness as he waits, the Seneschal tracks his gaze around the court, watching nothing move along until he spies Samael in his hiding spot and his attention is arrested.

It is but a brief consideration. Apolo steps forward, spreading his fingers wide to show his palms empty.

"We have heard the words of the court and the opinion of the Prince's council. There is merit to all parties. But unfortunately, they are but pieces of advice. The power to take a life remains with the Prince alone. You may debate the merits and flaws of this later, on your own, but know this — there is no justice in voting a man to his death. And it is no privilege to shoulder the yoke.

It is the will of my Father, the Prince, that Mr. Valdez be spared Final Death. However, We agree that his actions were deliberate and the consequence of his own out of control ego — he can not sloth off responsibility here. Insult is not the same as injury.

To that end, Mr. Valdez will remain staked and in torpor for an indefinite period of time, until the Crown decides his punishment has been served. Furthermore, we entrust his caretaking to his Elder, Julian, and his clan, who will ensure no harm will come to him.

There has been much blood in this realm, brothers and sisters. We will shed more before our little island here is established and safe against the world. Do not be eager to see more of it than is necessary."

Iain bows his head to Apolo to acknowledge his answer to the question of what to do with Valdez, he glances around the room at the others to see their reactions to this.

Jones seems to accept that and looks back at Julian. "Hou need a hand with him? I have carried him out of here before."

Hearing the Seneschal's verdict, Dimitri inclines his head in acknowledgement of the decision, accepting; "We thank the Crown for taking our advice into consideration." The Ventrue representative responds.

Kusala says, "Long Live da Prince."

Cecil nods his head at the pronouncements.

Jones says, "Long live the elder ancient"

Auspex on Cecil notes:
«Nothing unexpected.»

Sage dips her head once the punishment is handed down, sharing a glance with Dimitri before looking to the Brujah seated in the wheelchair. "Well, that was an unpleasant affair, but at least the matter is settle?" Asked of Cecil and Dimitri after a silent observation of the staked vampire. "I can assure you, if you wish, that this punishment is far worse than death ever could have been."

Auspex on Sage notes:
«NOT disappointed about Valdez surviving, but definitely disappointed about something.»

Dia narrows her eyes slightly at the pronounced sentence, bringing her right hand up to her face and gently scratching her chin with her fingernails. It appears the decision is something that surprises and confuses her, but she doesn't say anything. Instead, she just nods her head and drops her hand back into her lap. She lefts out a soft, "Hmmm…" and seems content to just sit where she is.

Julian nods, and those who'd watch closely might notice muscles relax. He inclines his head; "Torpor and concrete." he repeats words voiced earlier by the Malkavian Primogen; "Those who wish to watch this penalty being executed, can notify Halifax Jones."

Devon lays his sledgehammer back in Valdez' lap and carts him over to where Julian stands beside the empty thrown, "Here you go.. Nice and crazy for your personal amusement.. he mumbles when he sleeps, snores, and stinks. Have fun with that." Reaching for the mallet so it can be hoisted up on his shoulders, and turns to step away, pausing long enough to look back to the Elder, "I'm sorry that he couldn't be reasoned with. I tried." Then he does step away with another dip of his head.

At that, the Brujah Elder accepts Jones' offer; "Yeah. Roll 'm to my car."

Jones pulls out 2 lawns garbage bags and some duct tape. He pushes the man out.. and wraps him up as he goes.

Apolo watches as the crowd begins to break up. Satisfied — or intensely bored, sometimes those look one and the same on him — the Seneschal turns and bows low to the empty throne. "Goodnight, Father." He is done then. While Julian handles Devon and Jones, the little Malkavian slips to the side and away.

Kusala runs after Apolo, "sir? a moment?"

Dimitri smiles faintly at Sage's comment, sharing glances with Cecil and Sage in turn; "All solid progress is slow." he re-assures; "I trust we will not see him again in our lifetimes. This, I believe, should suffice for now."

Apolo slows and lets her catch up. "Ms. Kusala?"

Jones stops at the door and bows his head low to the empty throne as well…before he goes. Just in case

Kusala gets close, "ah hates t'bothah ewe wit silly details but um…," she looks around…
Kusala whispers to Apolo, "ewe ain't bin shot lately, has ya?"

The Malkavian cants his head this way, than that way, peering curiously at his clanmate. "Not in some months, Ms. Kusala. Cyrus has been busy out of town, so I find myself less likely to be fired upon."

Cecil joins the group of people including Dimitri, Jones, and Sage.

At cluster (): Sage says, "No, I do believe I will see him regularly." Sage smiles distantly, brushing the rose against her temple, but not elaborating. "However, with the grizzly business behind us and decency sustained, perhaps we could away from here?""

Kusala whispers to Apolo, "Sorry t'bothah ya then. Ah … ah hurd it clear as day… sumbody got shot, Painfully shot," she shrugs, "must be misundahstandin' whut ah herd… sorry again."

Iain waits quietly, glancing at the throne and bowing his head to it too, as he waits for the room to clear.

At cluster (): Cecil says, "This court had to do more with establishing a precedent the kind of domain that we are in, rather than a particular punishment for the guilty."

Kusala shrugs and starts to move away.

Apolo smiles at her, gently. "Thank you for your concern, little sister. If it is family you worry about, there are others of ours rattling around in the city. Perhaps it was one of them."

At cluster (): Dimitri says, "Of course we can." Dimitri responds to Sage, inclining his head to Cecil; "This is often the case with Courts." He agrees; "And I am sure there will be more to come. All we can do is to ensure we remain on the save side of the bench."

Kusala rubs her forehead, her eyes light up, "ahh ok," and for whatever reason looks down at Apolo's shoes.

With nothing to keep him here, Devon looks intent on departing. Offering the empty chair a nod as he passes, he gives another to Apolo which may go unseen as the Seneschal converse's with the Keeper. "Well that was painless.. maybe next time.." He cant help snickering at himself as he pushes through the doors.

Kusala curtsies at Apolo and goes to move furniture around and remove the plastic from various surfaces.

"Good night, Ms. Kusala. Come to the Tower if you need me. I'm sure you can find it." The Seneschal drifts off in Devon's wake and out the door.

Julian performs a slight bow in the direction of the empty throne and a respectful nod at Apolo; "I do regret one of mine demanded your attention." he offers, before he too makes his way out, with a nod to Dia, after Valdez, after Jones.

Apolo leaves for the courtyard.
Apolo has left.

Returning the nod to Julian, Dia gazes back out over the emptying Elysium. Smirking, she reaches up to grab the brim of her hat. The little Brujah pulls her cap down to cover most of her face as she slumps further into the chair. By the looks of it, and if no one knew better, she's taking a nap - but most likely she's just quietly thinking to herself and telling others silently, "Do Not Disturb."

At cluster (): Sage says, "Not that there has ever been a need for a trial to destroy Toreador." Sage remarks off handedly, shrugging his shoulders as he sniffs at the rose twirling in his fingers, wearing a polite smile, "So at least his clan got to preach his case, where my successor simply vanished."

Kusala has left.

With all said and done, the smaller Toreador called Sam dares to emerge from his hiding place also, and makes for the exit as quickly as he came.

At cluster (): Cecil says, "Patience. I am sure that your clan will have it's due vengeance in good time."

Samael's departure catches Sage's attention and he smiles after him, though she does not chase after him, offering a quiet, "Good night Samael."

Dimitri frowns, sadly agreeing with Sage; "This is something that requires addressing soon." The Ventrue agrees; "But it will need to be for another night." He slowly steps clear of the group now; "If you would excuse me? I promised to send my report to our Primogen a.s.a.p. Perhaps we can schedule a meeting soon to discuss remaining pressing matters."

At cluster (): Sage says, "Oh, I am not speaking of vengeance.." Sage waves the rose slowly, almost metaphorically, "No, just pointing out a simple observation. Hopefully, when that individual is to blame for my clansmates is brought to trial for their crimes, there are as spirited opposition to their punishment as was present here this evening. That is my only hope." it would be near to impossible not hear the sarcasm."

Devon leaves for the courtyard.
Devon has left.

Iain has disconnected.

Smiling majestically at Dimitri, "Awww, so soon? Well, I suppose I will have to just press you for call on you another night. Do give my best to Monsieur Schnell?" As the Ventrue begins to depart, she withdraws her arm from his and squeezes at his forearm. "Good evening to you, sir."

"Will do." The Ventrue assures, then moves into one of his elaborate bows again, toward Cecil and Sage both; "It was a pleasure, as ever. I hope the remainder of your night will be pleasant, at least." he offers, before he turns, making for the exit.

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