Y16/04/15 Downtown Court

Cast: Apolo, Ali, Ibanez, Locust, Gargamel, Etienne, Hjalmar, Kusala, Nix, Karasu, Melciah, Samael, Hailey, Cyrus, Maxine, Will, Conrad, Nita, Will, Emerson, Hendrik, Cecil, Emory
Location: Ahmanson Building - LACMA - Mid-Wilshire
Synopsis: A Downtown Court called for the purpose of judging Hendrik O'Neil and Gargamel.

Ahmanson Building - LACMA - Mid-Wilshire

The Atrium of the Ahmanson Building is vast, and footsteps echo upon a marble floor cast into a grid of shadows by artificial lights angled to shine through the majestic skylight above. The rest of the lighting here is no less dramatic, as nearly every setting seems calculated to shade certain areas and emphasize others, to overlap, to create spaces within space. Pushing back the dark of night here is not just a practicality of function, but a work of art in itself.
The recessed balconies of several levels of galleries rise on the western side, polished white stone blending seamlessly with the other walls, and boasting a prominent grand staircase that rises and splits in order to link the lobby to the second level. Here you stand at only the tip of the iceberg, but a watchful guard or two is usually on hand to help with directions, or simply keep a lookout for trouble.
A large noticeboard appears to have been wheeled out for the evening, prominent on the otherwise sparse flooring. Another noticeable and more permanant sign states:
By California law, no smoking is permitted inside any public premises.

Ali flicks a glance at Gargamel, shaking her head.

Auspex on Ali notes:

Auspex on Ibanez notes:
«curiousity, as if he expected it, is left disappointed. And it quickly becomes disinterest.»

"To know if he's.." Locust upnods in Maxine's direction before her gaze lands upon the curious Etienne. "…blood-bound 'in love' or has real feelings, uncorrupted by our greedy Beasts?" The Nosferatu's gray face brightens frighteningly as her teeth are shown in what…could very well be a grin, "I'd pay in rubies, or sapphires…or songs to lull you back into humanity. The truth ought to be known."

Apolo's expression goes empty, then angry, then nuclear, all in the space of a human heartbeat. And by the next, he's settled himself, nodding to Etienne. "Mind yourself," he warns her.

Gargamel remains still, eyes closed

"Oh, of course. I would -never-." The elder Malkavian would, of course, do precisely that .. but she makes all assurances in a charming smile as she turns toward Gargamel. The backs of her nails caress his jaw, then a frown perks as she pries his eyelids open. "You are beautiful. I understand how much he means to you.." she coos to the Nosferatu. "How you would give clan, give domain, give it all just to help him. Tell me everything you did - tell me all the ways you tried to help him, who aided you, who you went to. Get it all out, my beautiful doll. You were once so content.. you should be that way again before you go."

Gargamel whispers to Etienne, "Not much, I kept trying and failing, and failing, and failing. I'm a failure"

Hjalmar is intently watching the events as they unfold, though he doesnt appear inclined to react or comment.

Sitting in a chair over by herself, Kusala's appearance goes unnoticed amidst all the drama.

Etienne bends over the Nosferatu's eyes, no secrets attempted - no subterfuge made. She continues to stroke his cheek with one hand and allows a gentle smile to form on her lips. "Oh, doll. That is just the beginning.." she murmurs, "..I want the whole story."

Sam enters quietly, skimming the hall before proceeding too far.

Ibanez has seen and heard, quiet enough of the poor nosferatu's sob story. Given he has no intention to intervine on the sods behalf and having no jurisdiction to chastice him further, he opts out of the preceedings. Doing so with a dip of his head, agreeingly, towards the Balcony and a turn step for the exit. No reason to interrupt with petty things like goodbyes..especially when you offered no hellos. To do it that way, would just be rude. This way, you're being consistant.

Nix blinks a little, and then ends up with her eyes closed, sparkly eyelashes resting on her cheeks. A faint vibration comes from her pocket. Then again. A phone or pager, most likely. Nix opens her eyes and heads for the door.

Nix leaves for the courtyard.
Nix has left.

"Cousin," Apolo interjects, his words cutting under Etienne's. There's a slight, ever so slight, nod towards the empty chair to draw her attention there, and hand swept off to the side, like he's pushing all this away.

Ibanez leaves for the courtyard.
Ibanez has left.

Emerson steps out of the shadows.
Emerson has arrived.

Kusala rises and sits back down.

Auspex on Maxine notes:
«Great ambivalence. Love, devotion, suppressed, oh so greatly suppressed rage. Wanting to be noticed warring with a great *not* wanting to be noticed.»

Etienne looks up; her light eyes are wide and unassuming, sparking as she looks at the chair and bows her head. "Of course." Backing away, she retreats back toward her slumped guard.

"What is the price..?" Locust asks softly, accent still touching her words as her eyes follow Etienne questioningly. She shifts her weight just to physically turn from looking at Gargamel any longer.

Karasu enters from the courtyard outside.
Karasu has arrived.

The thin man on the throne directs his gaze from Apolo to Etienne. How long he has been there is hard to say. Apparently the Downtown Prince is not so keen on pompous entrances.

Karasu, the Japanese girl, slips into the elysium, hoping to evade any attention towards her. She searches for a place to see and check the surrounding events and people.

If Ali could be any less noticed, she'd seek it now. As it is she remains back against the far wall, in a position that doesn't fit her status at all, standing and watching.

Evan looks at the man on the throne for a moment, and then looks away. He stifles a cough.

Maxine goes down on one knee, watching the throne, her expression fighting to remain impassive.

Auspex on Ali notes:
«disgust, pity toward Maxine, sorrow»

Melciah remains where he is, twirling his cane.

Auspex on Nita notes:
«A sharp spike of terror and a desperate need to flee.»

Ali finds her attention settling on Maxine, no matter how hard she should try and pull it away.

Sam paces further and in sight. The first move is a bow, a deep one, in the direction of that throne. Having paid his dues, he retreats again.

Auspex on Cecil notes:

Apolo, at least, seems entirely unsurprised to find his Father in the seat next to him. Given that they were looking at each other when Emerson unveiled himself, he might have known all along that the chair was occupied. Still, for show, he bows respectfully, before taking up his position at Emerson's right hand again, arm slung over the curving back of the chair. Gargamel seems forgotten for the moment.

Sam poses to Aura-Readers:
«respect mingled with fear, reluctance and guilt»

Like a statue sitting so still, Kusala seems to be gazing at no one. Perhaps at Gargamel, though perhaps not even him. Her eyes seem empty, as does her deadpan face.

Cyrus notices the stir of bodies and rise of tension surrounding the area in the wake of the Prince's appearance. He does not confirm, instead he promptly casts his gaze to the floor, and yet he is unwilling to abandon his position too-close to the throne.

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«sad, resigned, like a mother watching her children go bad.»

Mid-retreat, Etienne stops to spread her skirts in a very formal, european curtsey before settling next to her slumped, unconscious guard and patting his thigh once more.

Eventually Ali snaps back into herself and folds her arm across her stomach, then marks a full right-angle bow at the waist. Her eyes lid as she straightens and there is a brief flash of something, something almost regretful, before she wipes the emotion clean.

Will's attention is drawn to Emerson, much like that of everyone else in the room. And so the Tremere bows to the throne, fixing his eyes to the floor for long moments before standing straight once more.

Evan eventually manages to choke back his impending coughing fit completely, so that it came and went with hardly a sound. With his lungs, such as they are, firmly within his control once more, he bows.

Karasu offers three deep Japanese-like bow at the direction of the throne.

Auspex on Evan notes:
«The anguished pain and anger in Evan's aura are, in fact, barely visible thanks to the overpowering wash of sheer terror.»

Hjalmar does a sort of doubletake on he man at the throne and then likewise dips into a formal bow to acknowledge thr Prince. Formalities out of the way, his eyes drift back to the prisoner.

Auspex on Karasu notes:
«Curious, excited and sad at the same time.»

Conrad's eyes focus on Ali over the tops of his glasses, a smirk creeping it's way along his mouth.

Locust glances at the throne, at the Ancient and quickly appears unsettled, unnnerved. The creature takes an instinctive step back, glancing quickly at the grand stairs to..make sure she doesn't bang into anything. Then, she remembers to bow, and quickly at that, crossing her arm before her waist in a poor attempt to be courtly.

Cecil bows towards that throne as well. Maybe it's just the thing to do.

The Prince's gaze redirects, re-focusing on Maxine, almost as if looking through her. 'Protector' the man mumbles.

Auspex on Conrad notes:
«Loathing, awe»

Nita stands very, very still, as though caught in headlights. She has that look of a creature expecting impact, waiting but unable to spring out of the way.

Auspex on Locust notes:
«Disturbed. Unsettled. A bit fearful.»

Maxine rises to her feet and approaches the throne, face keeping impassive. Her manner is businesslike, contained violence in every step and gesture. She bows her head to Emerson when she's close enough and turns to face the crowd.

Auspex on Maxine notes:
«Great ambivalence. Contained fear warring with adoration. Determined.»

Auspex on Locust notes:
«And disgusted.»

Ali glances away, half turning as one hand rubs the opposite temple, momentarily shielding her expression.

Auspex on Ali notes:
«regret, sorrow and loss»

Melciah's lips twitch slightly as he twirls the cane.

Auspex on Melciah notes:
«Pure hatred»

Hendrik enters from the courtyard outside.
Hendrik has arrived.

Locust has reconnected.
Locust has partially disconnected.

Maxine almost, but doesn't quite glace at Emerson before raising her head and announcing to the room, "His highness Prince Emerson wishes it to be known that the creature known as Ice has come to the Tower. He has succumbed to his Beast and there is no more to be done for him than to release him from his current state. Ice had been both young and unwise and foolish and so the Beast had won the battle we each face and fight. Let this be a reminder to us all."

Nix enters from the courtyard outside.
Nix has arrived.

Indeed unless you watch her, you don't see how she listens, how an eyebrow knits, a lip quivers, a cheek ticks to various noises people make. Like a sponge Kusala drinks in her surroundings and the proceedings. There is no joy there. She seems to whisper to herself…

Kusala whispers to herself, "May de Lo'd smile upon ya' and be gracious t'ya'. May de Lo'd show ya' His favo' and give ya' His peace. Amen"

Nix re-enters after a few minutes, and stands near the door, smoothing her hair out and tucking her phone away. She quietly moves to where she was leaning against the wall, earlier.

Will moves aside to join the rest of the Tremere contingent.
Will departs the group of people including Maxine and Evan.
Will joins the group of people including Hjalmar and Nita.

After a moment Ali settles back as she was, both hands in her pockets.

Maxine departs the group of people including Evan.

Locust seems to squirm inside of her skin as she shifts her shoulders and eyes Maxine quickly. She then tilts her head to look at Melciah, then Ali, remaining quiet and not overly expressive in that natural face of hers.

Emerson offers Maxine the slightest of nods, then makes a vague gesture in the direction of the meeting room; "Now. Get him." It's directed at those nearby. Cyrus, Maxine and Apolo.

Auspex on Emerson notes:
«maliciousness, righteousness»

Almost surprised at hearing Emerson's voice directly, Maxine bows to him and makes her way to the meeting room, not waiting to see if anyone follows.

Cyrus answers the Prince with a solitary nod and turns to depart without question or argument, connecting a brief glance to Maxine before he stalks off to leads the way towards the meeting room.

Maxine goes through the mahogany doors.
Maxine has left.

Cyrus goes through the mahogany doors.
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Sam freezes for a moment when Maxine speaks, wincing visibly. For a moment he appears quite lost.. then tries to refocus and approaches Melciah.

Maxine arrives through the mahogany doors, returning to the Atrium.
Maxine has arrived.

Cyrus arrives through the mahogany doors, returning to the Atrium.
Cyrus has arrived.

Maxine emerges with Cyrus, one hand holding a staked Hendrik at the shoulder, carrying him as if her part at least, weighed little more than a stuffed toy puppy. Her eyes are on the crowd and of course, Emerson.

Auspex on Maxine notes:
«Terror. Adoration. Rage. Filial loyalty and devotion.»

Melciah nods as Sam approaches, but his gaze is on Hendrik as he is brought into the room.

Hendrik's icy blue eyes are open, but his head sags down, his gaze resting on the floor.

Evan watches the entire spectacle with a distantly polite, unreadable expression.

Ali sighs, her eyes upon the stoked Toreador. She passes one hand back over her hair, smoothing it, the motion carrying her gaze toward the ceiling.

Cyrus supports Hendriks other shoulder to allow him the dignaty of remaining standing as he is brought to meet his fate. His regard is solemn and downcast and does not meet Emerson's gaze as he nears to present the prisonor.

Auspex on Nita notes:
«sorrowful regret.»

Auspex on Cecil notes:
«Muted satisfaction»

Apolo has been quiet and still since his Father's appearance, off in some Malkavian land of.. well, not here-ness. Its not until people around him start moving that he begins to focus back on the court, light coming back into his gaze, posture straightening. He shifts his weight slightly, so that there is even less space between him and the throne as Max and Cyrus bring the Torreador forward. When they are close enough, his voice cuts through the room. "Hendrik O'neal is also brought before the court, in response to the kidnapping of Sasha Bennet, and the violation of the orders put on him by Emerson, Prince of Downtown."

Auspex on Conrad notes:

Auspex on Hendrik notes:
«Fear. Utter and palpable terror.»

Auspex on Ali notes:
«pain, restraint»

Nix leans up on her toes again, and produces a deck of cards, which she shuffles absently whilst watching the goings on. She leans to the side a bit to get a better look at the new prisoner, along with anyone else who appeared while she was out.

Maxine drops her half of the burden near to where Apolo stands, letting the staked form lie upon the floor as she takes a ready for action stance as her gaze traverses those in the room.

Auspex on Cyrus notes:
«Stubbornly cold and businesslike at surface. A messy of feelings beneath that: Guilt, pity, contempt, hope, dread.»

Auspex on Apolo notes:
«Possessive. Protective. Pissed. Plenty of words that begin with P.»

Ali meets Maxine's eyes, watching her fellow clan mate from across the room.

Will looks over at the Locust for a long moment, then moves to approach her.

Samael too, remains quiet and still as Hendrik is brought in. Fingers reach out to clasp the rosary wrapped around his wrist. Lips move faintly, as if mumbling, but no sound emerges from it.

Will departs the group of people including Hjalmar, Nita, and Cecil.

Maxine gives you a look of terror, ever so briefly, then goes back to a business like impassiveness.

Conrad winces as Maxine drops Hendrik, shooting the staked Toreador an imploring glance before bowing his head.

Etienne steps out of the shadows.
Etienne has arrived.

Who knows when Etienne disappeared - or when Gargamel disappeared, for that matter, but the two are there now.
Etienne is smiling, seated, smoothing Gargamel's head as if he were a child.

Sam posed to Aura-Readers:
«fear and guilt are countered by anger and some desire for revenge»

Hjalmar is simply standing by watching the events unfold, occasionally glancing here or there. He seems calm and contemplative, not overly moved by any of this.

Locust watches as Hendrik is brought in and frowns slightly. Her arms cross lightly at her waist as she squints an eye strangely at Maxine before she jerks a leg back and bumps up against the bannister of the marble staircase.

Half of Hendrik's body falls to the floor, his limbs looking like those of a ragdoll. It's strange to think that he's alive with that wooden thing in his heart.

Cyrus catches Hendrik before his face hits the floor, gripping the collar of his jacket wrenching him up into a kneeling position so that he may face the Prince and Seneschal.

Auspex on Locust notes:
«Frightened. Unnerved. Unhappy. Disgusted and a bit hateful.»

Nita edges ever so slightly closer to Hjalmar. Her usually expressive face is impassive and controlled, her lips purse, but her nose twitches once to give her agitation the lie.

The thin man on the throne leans back. There's a vague nod for Apolo before his attention is on the room at large, skimming for the responses of those in it.

Auspex on Ali notes:

Auspex on Nita notes:
«Agitation, anger and fear overshadowing an intense urge to run.»

Will pauses apart from others as it looks like something is about to happen. His attention falls onto the form of Hendrik.

Auspex on Cyrus notes:
«A savage sense of decorum. Firmness, patience.»

But he is. Or Apolo seems assured that Hendrik is still alive, since he keeps addressing the other man as if he can hear the words the Seneschal is spilling across the room. "Hendrik O'Neal has violated our domain and Elysium on multiple occasions and shown mercy. He has embraced without permission and shown mercy. He now stands accused of interfering in the education of Sasha Bennet by subjecting her to a blood bond, in direct violation of the orders given to him by Emerson, Prince of Downtown. He may offer his defence."

Melciah glances at Emerson for a moment, then looks back at Hendrik.

Auspex on Melciah notes:
«Hatred and sadness mixed.»

Cecil is apparently listening closely.

There seems to be a sameness, a lack of surprise from Kusala. She seemed to expect no less than what has occurred thus far. She sits rather primly with hands folded. It almost seems that she hasn't moved for hours, when of course she has. Still, her gaze seems to fall nowhere in particular as if she drank in her surroundings by feeling alone.

Gargamel still has that scowl on his lips, that glare in his eyes as he sits in a wheelchair, frozen in place and utterly helpless.

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«controlled fear… the lord is my shepard I shall not want…»

Auspex on Melciah notes:
«And fear as well….»

Samael inclines his head, as if confirming Apolo's words. Not that anyone needs his confirmation, or would look at him for that matter.

Nix abruptly stops her card-shuffling and looks a little perplexed, once again nibbling absently at her bottom lip.

Auspex on Will notes:
«Some degree of dislike for Hendrik, very little in the way of compassion or concern.»

Conrad slowly takes one step, then another towards the center of the room, his gaze rising once more to the propped up, puppet-like figure of Hendrik O'Neal.

Locust grinds her teeth, jaw moving back and forth for a moment. Her serpentine gaze remains steady somewhere on Hendrik's leg. With a shift of her weight, her gloved hands clench about the edges of the coat's opening once more.

Auspex on Locust notes:
«Willfully calm.»

Hendrik is kneeling in place, his eyes unblinking and set on Apolo and Emerson. He seems dressed up tonight in his finely tailored Italian suit. He sags a bit under Cyrus' grasp. It seems like he wants to say something, but he cannot find the words to do so.

Auspex on Hendrik notes:
«Unsure. Confused. These emotions run rampant along with the beast, which fights for control. And above all, the FEAR.»

Emerson's gaze drifts over the crowd and finally settles on Hendrik, expectant.

"This is your time to offer your defence, Hendrik. It will not be offered again." Apolo eyes are even on the other man, cool and removed from the situation.

Etienne sits, stroking Gargamel's head gently and occasionally smiling, leaning forward and whispering things to the man. The drama of the court seems to largely pass by her, as if she isn't really here.

Maxine stands where she is, impassively.

Etienne whispers to Gargamel, "You're so mad, doll. Don't be so mad. It makes everything look all sharp. Very unpleasant."

Cyrus holds Hendrik steady there, his grip remaining tireless and firm upon the collar of the suit, manifesting his tension. He jostles Hendrik slighltly to wake him from his indecision, but otherwise remains silent, his gaze slipping past to the waiting Malkavians.

Auspex on Gargamel notes:
«feels gloomy and sad now. A certain hollowness and despair which fills him.»

Sams lips tighten at Hendrik's silence. Blue eyes are on the accused. A strange mix of anger and pity.

Sam posed to Aura-Readers:
«anger vs guilt»

Auspex on Cecil notes:

Finally, Hendrik decides to speak. It's little more than a whisper, but if one was listening it's just audible enough. Raspy and pained, he says, "I did what I did because I cared about her. I wanted to protect her. I'd give my life for her any moment of the night. I do not regret what I did for her…"

"She… made me feel human. She made me remember who I was without these fangs. A moment with her was a moment away from the beast, and I couldn't…" He stops briefly. "I couldn't let her fall into another's hands. I /tried/ to stay passive. I /tried/ to keep myself at a distance. But I couldn't." His eyes close, unable to look either Apolo or Emerson in the eyes. "I never directly attacked this Domain, nor anyone. I simply became a victim of my own emotions. I…" this next part is strained, as if merely saying it is a task by itself. "…beg for your leniency."

Auspex on Hjalmar notes:
«Shock. Slight surprise.»

Auspex on Hendrik notes:
«Fear turns to rage at the end of his words. He is angry he's even here, angry because of what they're doing to her, and angry at himself for being stupid.»

Maxine snorts. She whispers to herself, "Stupid."

In the back, Ali takes a few paces to the side - just a few. She seems to desperately want to pace, to move, to do something .. but for now she just takes those few quiet steps and brings one hand to her forehead.

Melciah's eyes narrow and he looks between Hendrik and Emerson.

Will just shakes his head.

A soft heartfelt 'fuck you' emerges from Samaels lips. That, and a particularly icy look for the speaker.

Nita raises a hand to shield her eyes and expression from the room until she's able to school her face into careful blankness.

Ali shoots a glare toward Samael, but holds her tongue.

Nix's jaw drops a little, and then she takes up tugging on one of her multitude of facial piercings. Then she tugs a little harder, like she might want to rip the silver bauble out of her lip.

Still no surprise, like a mother who's seen it all, Kusala almost turns her head with a sigh. Her sadness written plainly on her deadpan face.

Auspex on Hendrik notes:
«A sudden pang of hunger… a need for blood. A need for love. These two emotions that are so different in others seem strangely blended together in his Aura.»

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«sadness edged with disappointment.»

Auspex on Nita notes:
«Compassionate regret with sharp anger as Samael speaks.»

"You have been witnessed, Mr. O'Neal, drawings weapons in our Elysium, threatening members of our court in good standing.. and, well, I believe I heard you shot one of our keepers, once upon a time. Far be it for me," and its not really far from him at all, "to suggest these items might be construed as attacks upon our realm." Apolo pauses so the words can carry over to the other man. "Unfortunately, love is not a very strong defence this evening. You were shown untold kindness from my Father in the past. You have violated the terms of Our indulgence… Does any other, clan or domain, wish to offer words in his case?"

Locust's gaze darts towards Sam narrowly before she shakes her head and glances back at Hendrik before her attention drifts back to Gargamel and that crazy well-dressed Malkavian that's coo-ing over him. With a blink, she looks back to Apolo when he speaks.

Hendrik's eyes remain closed at Apolo's words. The piercings that dominate his face seem to glitter in the faint light of the Elysia.

Conrad stops his slow march forward, chin pointing over his left shoulder as he studies Ali.

"If ah may be so bold, has he destroyed anyone?" Kusala inquires, her voice carrying from where she sits, mild, calm.

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«nervous, anxious, fearful»

Samael hesitates but manages to force a few steps forward; "Since I was.. close. I would, Lord."

Sam posed to Aura-Readers:
«bad, bad idea.. the things guilt and anger make you do»

Cyrus is unsurprised by Hendrik's defense. Just a narrowing of his gaze and shifting of his grip in response, before his focus crosses over to Apolo and his words. A thoughtful scowl settles over him as his over hand tightens upon his clanmate's shoulder. But for now, he does not speak, he merely listens.

Gargamel sits in his wheelchair with that sharp stake through his heart eyes locked on Hendrik, Apolo and Emerson white lips never deviating from that scowl

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«the question is one of curiosity. There is no guile here»

Ali twirls the bat in her hand just to move- once, then twice, and frowns as Apolo petitions for a defense from South Central. She is prepared, though, and parts her lips to speak when Kusala does instead. She glances at the woman, then waits for any forthcoming answer from the Prince or his Son.

Apolo notes each speaker in turn. "In this matter, Kusala, no, though I believe Gargamel might have wished that were the case at some point. In the broader sense, that would Hendrik's to answer." The Seneschal does not follow that up with a question for the Toreador, though he had to have heard it asked. "Sam?"

Melciah's gaze sweeps the room. As it does so, he shakes his head slightly.

Locust sets her jaw, giving the polished marble floor a good -look- before she turns to eye Kusala, then Ali for a lingering moment. Some sort of a hissing noise is breathed through her teeth as she exhales unnecessarily, looking back to Apolo.

Kusala rises and bows respectfully toward the throne area and sits back down.

Auspex on Locust notes:
«A ribbon of anger and annoyance.»

Auspex on Melciah notes:

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«a spark of hope. However small»

Evan goes on with the looking polite and distant, as if only his presence connected him to the events that transpire.

Auspex on Apolo notes:
«Settling, calming now that there's a focus. Some of the high anger is bleeding away.»

Sam manages to approach a few steps more and kneels before he dares to speak; "I loathe the suggestion placed before this court, that there was any danger or the Childe falling into another's hands. This is what we've been trying to prevent all along. The danger he feared was that the Childe would drift from the convictions he put in her mind.. if only so she would survive and be acknowledged." His gaze is on Hendrik now; "This was no protection. It was wanting to keep and posses. And I do apologize for this Court, for failing to have recognized this intent before it was too late. It was my mistake to allow this temptation to continue. To allow them to meet."

Sam posed to Aura-Readers:

Hendrik looks at Sam and speaks with acid on his tongue. "When you spoke of bonding her, or warping her mind it seems to me that you were /exactly/ the type of hands I didn't want her in. The convictions in her mind were hers alone. I always let her /think/ whatever she wanted, Sam. In your time with her, you cannot honestly say you believe that she's not stubborn in her morals."

Cecil listens impassively.

Samael regards Hendrik, but keeps his tongue. Instead he directs his gaze toward Apolo, as if asking for permission to speak again.

Ali twirls the bat in her hand just to move- once, then twice, and sighs as she focuses on the scene. "Your Highness." She bows formally once more. "Allow South Central's childe to return to it, please. She has always been of our heart. We will of course seek reconciliation with her current Sire, but to keep her here is to invite her end. If that were your wish, you could surely do it now with less headache. Hendrik succumbed to his temptation; we acknowledge that, truly, but Sasha was lead to hers. Her clan has a strong presence in South Central- if you allow it, we can show her a home."

Auspex on Hendrik notes:
«All hope has gone. Even Ali's words do not bring the expected happiness.»

Nita covers her mouth with one hand.

Cyrus watches sidelong as Sam nears, and his intent settling with the words, familiarity darkening his gaze. When

Hendrik speaks out of turn he is answered swiftly, choked by a stiff jolt of his grip, "The bloodbind -never- an option," he hisses down. "She was a fool. A childe. She can't be make resposible…"

Gargamel watches all from the wheelchair eyes widening as Ali speaks

Melciah squints at Cyrus. "W'at do ya mean was?" he asks sharply.

Auspex on Melciah notes:

Auspex on Kusala notes:

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«resignation.. wait for it…»

Evan withdraws a step, as the tension mounts in the room, so that his back is almost touching the wall.

Locust actually glares a touch at Sam before she turns to watch Ali when she speaks with a respectful attentiveness. The Nosferatu then turns at Cyrus words, and her lips curl into a twist of stretched gray flesh.

Apolo closes his eyes briefly. "We are concerned here," he starts in a tight voice, keeping a flash of anger down and controllable, "with Hendrik's fate. And Gargamel's. While I do not argue that Sasha Bennet is entwined with these men, her path will be discussed -separately-. And I swear to god, that if any more dick wagging starts over this matter, I will be much put out."

Auspex on Locust notes:

Sam posed to Aura-Readers:
«a flare of anger at both, Hendriks and Ali's words»

Nix pulls just a little too hard on one of her piercings when Apolo speaks and it comes out through the skin. She mouths the word "fuck" and then shoves the silver bauble into one of her many hidden pockets. Nix brings her hand up to her lip to feel at the wound and possibly also to cover it from sight.

Will looks to Apolo, reaching up to adjust his glasses as to better peer at the man. "Lord Seneschal, may I speak?"

Kusala rises from her seat and without a word, leaves the room.

Not having a dick to wag, Ali lifts her hands in placation and steps back.

Auspex on Kusala notes:
«so disappointed.»

Kusala leaves for the courtyard.
Kusala has left.

Cyrus flashes Sam a fierce glance, a glint of understanding hardening into something a bit more.. patient, before he looks away again. He grits his teeth and silences himself, straigtening to meet Apolo's gaze and return to the business at hand.

Hjalmar is standing over by Cecil and Nita, completely abstaining from all dick wagging.

Melciah doesn't say anything further, his eyes remaining on Cyrus and Hendrik.

Auspex on Cyrus notes:
«Contained outrage.»

"Sam first, then the Sheriff," Apolo says briefly, and finally opens his eyes.

Having waited for Apolo's permission, Samael addresses Hendrik now; "Those were -warnings-, Hendrik. Warnings needed because you told her not to bow, not to be polite. Because you told her you were -proud- of her when she insulted, threatened and attacked the elders of this Domain. Even when they were coming down on her, on me.. for it. And rightfully so." He grunts; "You.. -enslaved- your Childe because you could not risk her drifting when you witnessed how she actually agreed to be compelled, temporarily.. because she agreed there was no other way to survive and keep her freedom. She finally got some sense in her head, and you blew it all away."

Will watches Sam patiently.

"Are we done then?" Apolo seems to think so, waving Sam on to be dismissed and inviting the next one along. "Will."

Will frowns slightly, features tight and serious. He bows his head to Apolo, and then speaks. "Lacking the presence of any higher-ranking representative of my Domain, I find it upon me to remind the court that the Domain of Santa Monica still pursues Lextalionis against Mister O'Neal, for crimes against it. We do not wish to infringe upon this Court's decision of justice for the accused, instead offering this as evidence of his continued lack of respect for accepted authority. But Santa Monica still calls for his Blood."

Auspex on Will notes:
«Cold and dutiful.»

Auspex on Hendrik notes:
«Utter defiance even in this court. He wants to get this stake out of his chest and rip Sam's head off. Knowledge of things past Sam's words.»

The staked metal guru in the fine italian suit fights the urge to speak. He just sits still, since that's all he can do.

Gargamel does likewise

Samael nods, raises to his feet. Bows again and retreats. He tries to find some lone spot of wall to lean against, hide in.. if that would be possible.

Etienne shhhs Gargamel as he stirs, petting him gently. "I wasn't aware that Santa Monica relied upon Downtown to exercise its punishment." she comments, smiling. "I certainly hope your evidence against Mr. O'Neal hasn't come from my dear friend and your dear informant. He's been dreadfully dishonest with you." she muses.

Emerson remains still, watching and listening while he trusts Apolo to deal.

Auspex on Etienne notes:
«content chaos that drifts here, drifts there, and loses attention as quickly as it focuses»

Locust's yellow eyes shift to give Will a rather unfriendly sideways glance at his words. Then, she simply snorts in disgust before she turns to eye Gargamel again. Her head tilts one way, then the other as she tries to make heads or tails of Etienne. A questioning gaze flicks to Apolo.

"We are aware, of course, of Mr. O'Neal's situation in Santa Monica. It does, of course, render evidence of a pattern. Thank you. As for you, cousin,…" Apolo moves everything along as best he can, keeping his eyes going with the flow, passing over Locust, momentarily, in favor of the other Malkavian. "Have you learned anything that bears on the situation?"

Will's gaze is drawn to Etienne. "Madam," he says, bowing his head, "my Prince has called the Blood Hunt. That is all that concerns me. It would be very poor of me to attempt to remove Mister O'Neal from this jurisdiction, however."

Etienne smiles; her fingertips shift, now walking a gentle path along Gargamel's jaw. "Oh, he is a very shrewd one, Cousin - he has stirred up the Tremere." Her free hand waggles delicately toward Will and Cecil. "To war against the Nosferatu and the Camarilla to war against South Central. Planted false reports of one Isabel Torres trespassing upon Santa Monica land, in return for which he was assured a 'good word' for citizenship in Santa Monica.. " Will, though he spoke, is never looked at. "He has drank twice from Mr. O'Neal and loves him very much, as much as a vampire can.." Her voice shifts to one of a dog owner, addressing its pet. "Isn't that right, my doll." She looks up. "He told Mr. O'Neal that he would retrieve the childe, but this was well before his exile. It turns out that despite his flaws, my dear doll is a vampire of his word, when he gives it. Though he lies about almost everything else, including how he left South Central."'

Nix slips out of the room quietly, hand still covering her lip, where she pulled out the piercing.
Nix leaves for the courtyard.
Nix has left.

Hjalmar looks over at Cecil, and then Will, face twisting into a mild frown.

Auspex on Hjalmar notes:

Auspex on Gargamel notes:
«Is filled with fear and dread»

Evan shows no evidence of a reaction to any of Etienne's information. But then again, he hasn't reacted to much of anything thusfar. Maybe he'd just make a killing at poker?

Gargamel closes his eyes

Auspex on Nita notes:
«disgust, revulsion.»

Locust's eyes narrow as she turns to look at Will, then Hjalmar with this foul, toothy grin making it's way across her hideous face. Then, her expression shifts into one closer to a sneer as her gaze falls to Hendrik, hand twitching into a curled fist. Her teeth start to grind again as she remains silent.

Nita keeps her hand firmly over her own mouth, but she murmurs slightly. She squints hard.

Conrad gives Nita a brief look of surprise before returning his attentions to Etienne.

Ali draws a short, ragged breath inward and looks over at the grouping of Tremere. Her jaw flexes, then settles as she directs her attention back toward Apolo.

Auspex on Ali notes:
«a vivid slash of rage, passing»

Gargamel whispers to Etienne, "it was a lovely game, I made fools of all of them."

Etienne whispers to Gargamel, "I'm sure it was. If you hadn't gotten caught, I might have kept you to see what you grow into. We would have had a grand game. Unfortunately, there is no end now but the end."

Auspex on Locust notes:
«Smug, then Angry. Aggressive. Bit o' hate.»

Etienne whispers something to Gargamel and strokes the back of his head gently.

Will raises both eyebrows just slightly. "If I may ask for a clarification?" His gaze passes between Apolo and Etienne.

Hendrik's eyes narrow as Gargamel and Etienne speak.

Etienne whispers to Gargamel, "I think the Tremere will bond that other girl next."

Apolo nods at the end of her long statement, and in the silence that follows takes the time to scan the faces in the room. Even though he's ended on Ali, the words are in answer to Will. "You may, though I do not know how much more We need to hear."

Etienne uncurls one finger and points at Nita, having half returned to her whispered conversation with Gargamel.

Gargamel nods weakly as his eyes meet Hendrik white lips curling into a frown

Auspex on Gargamel notes:
«feels sad»

Hendrik's eyes meet Gargamel's now. They are a mask of rage.

To say that Nita looks uncomfortable would be some kind of wild understatement, but she doesn't look about to move. Not at all.

Hjalmar mutters something quietly amongst his group and then glances over at Etienne, eyes scanning her from top to bottom. The Finn dips his head politely before her and smiles, attention darting back to the prisoner.

Etienne whispers to Gargamel, "He will be fine, don't worry your pretty head, doll. You are above all of this. You should have asked the Warlocks, though. They know that blood is power. As soon as he bonded her, he stole a bit of power that didn't belong to him. You know how our kind can be."

Etienne doesn't notice Hjalmar- she is too busy whispering into Gargamel's ear and petting his disgusting Nosferatu head like a nasty little lap dog. Eventually she takes a moment to glance up and recross her legs, then settle the silk across her thighs.

Gargamel closes his eyes again unable to match Hendrik's stare

Will nods. "It's been implied by several parties here that Gargamel was asked, directly and specifically, to provide false information on Lady Torres in exchange for citizenship in Santa Monica. I would like clarification on that point, before South Central goes home and calls for the heads of my Clanmates."

Locust huffs air out of what passes for a 'nose', though blackened and slick like hardened tar. She gives Will another sideways glance, before she opens her mouth, then closes it, clenching her jagged ol' teeth again. Her eyes drift past Gargamel and Etienne to glare at Hendrik as though through her will alone, he'd combust.

Auspex on Locust notes:

"Is this how you address your elders?" One of Etienne's finely manicured brows creeps a hair higher, arching as she sighs, then whispers something to Gargamel. Once she is done, she looks back up. "I will clarify, but only for him. It was not stated that you requested false information - only that you were given false information and for that false information, offered to lend our poor, misguided doll." Pet. "Some assistance in becoming a citizen of Santa Monica. One would think a Sheriff would be more discerning." She smiles, then bends down and plants a kiss atop Gargamel's head.

Gargamel glances at Ali as thin white lips curl into a smirk

Ali wanders over and crouches, hands spread as she mutters.

Apolo is moving rapidly from pissed off to bored, and either probably doesn't bode well for anyone. There's an idle glance given to the chair he's leaning against, like he might just sit down on the armrest, but the thought is dismissed. "Are we all settled then? All words of kindness put in? Shall we get back to the task at hand?"

"Please." is all Hendrik says from his silent vigil.

Auspex on Hendrik notes:
«Simply wishing to get this over with. In death, or whatever ends… he simply does not care anymore.»

Melciah continues to stand, watch, wait, and listen.

Gargamel opens his eyes again and stares at Apolo, Emerson and Hendrik sparing Ali only the momentary glance

Ali stands, then makes her way back off to the back - seeming to remove herself as much as she can.

Mahogany doors burst open again, with marching heels fumed with annoyance only known to vampires. The heels seem to grind into the floor with her hand clenching a small cell phone. "Get it done," Hailey growls into her cell, the fangs of her mask showing. "Do not call me until you have cleaned up your goddamn mess." She snaps it shut and tucks it away. Quickly approaching Evan, she says nothing a moment, merely looking at all the attention on Gargamel.

Etienne narrows her eyes at the approaching woman and hugs Gargamel a hair closer to her breast, relaxing only as Ali departs. Her attention rises as Hailey makes her way in noisily and she pets Gargamel, shushing him again.

Emerson leans back a little, another gesture indicating his trust in his Seneschal to deal appropriately.

Evan adjusts his scarf as Hailey walks over, and then looks up when she returns to the spot he's staked out for himself (no pun intended) over against a wall and bobs his head respectfully to her.

As everyone fades back or takes up their places, Apolo straightens and steps forward in front of the throne, tucking his long hair behind his ears so he looks properly composed for the verdict. "It is the will of Downtown, and its Prince, the Ancient Emerson of Clan Malkavian, that the vampire known as Gargamel of the Nosferatu, will be given the Final Death, here and now, for crimes committed against this domain and its citizens." The younger Malkavian only spares the tiniest of glances towards the prisoner, long enough to make sure that he is still exactly where he last was. "Hendrik O'Neal, of Toreador, will be shown the same mercy he has shown others, for many of the same reasons. Additionally, Hendrik O'Neal will be returned to the loving bosom of South Central. He is -further- forbidden from crossing the border into Downtown or contacting Sasha Bennet in any way until such time that she is released under her own power." Apolo spends more time looking at Hendrik than he did at Gargamel, eyes focused and sharp on that man.

Ali grinds her teeth and steps forward. "Your Highness, South Central humbly requests the Sheriff transport Mr. O'Neal from his place here to the loving bosom of South Central once ceremonies here are finished."

Auspex on Ali notes:
«anger and pain intermingle to form a tortured, but determined, tapestry»

Nita reaches out and touches Hjalmar's jacket sleeve with the hand not still covering her mouth, as though to steady herself from the shock.

Auspex on Gargamel notes:
«is overwhelmed with terror»

Auspex on Nita notes:
«An intense and thrilled relief that threatens to escape with shocked laughter.»

"So I get any last words?" Gargamel rasps

"Looks like I missed a hell of a party," Hailey says quietly, a tone low enough for Evan to hear, for sure, and anyone nearby enough to hear it. Her eyes never blink, nor do they move from Gargamel.

"Awww." Etienne plants one last kiss atop Gargamel's head and sits back, leaving the man to his own devices.

Evan just looks at Hailey for a long time, and then looks down at the ground. He notices lint on his coat. It must be removed.

Hjalmar glances over at Nita and nods knowingly. He pulls his jacket across his torso and takes a step back, moving around a rear wall taking the least obtrusive way towards the exit, weaving through the crowd.

Nita follows Hjalmar, eyes searching the crowd for Conrad, chin pitching toward the door in explanation.

Locust's right eye narrows a touch more than her left as her pupils dilate from slivers to eclipse the lovely shade of yellow. She looks from Apolo and even inclines her head a touch towards him before a glare is directed at Gargamel once again.

Conrad's shoulders slump, shooting Hailey a look of revulsion before bowing his head and closing his eyes.

Hjalmar continues towards the exit, opening the door, stepping out, and holding it in turn for Nita.
Hjalmar leaves for the courtyard.
Hjalmar has left.

Cyrus's eyes are with Apolo as the sentance is layed down, the slightest flinch wounding his steady regard. His hand falls from Hendrik's shoulder, and he seems ready to hoist the body back to its feet.

Apolo says shortly, barely glancing over to the Nosferatu, "No."

Nita leaves for the courtyard.
Nita has left.

Emerson nods, confirming his agreement with Apolo's judgement, then directs his gaze at Hendrik. He gestures to approach.

Auspex on Conrad notes:
«Hope, Calm»

Will inclines his head slightly, watching Gargamel.

Emerson whispers to Hendrik, "And we meet again. The story quickly becomes old, does it not?"

Hendrik whispers to Emerson, "It surely does, although sometimes I wish it'd be under better pretenses."

Cyrus stoops down to drape Hendrik's arm across his shoulders and hoist him to his feet, dragging him forth to meet the Prince, averting his gaze as if he could grant privacy to theit whispered exchange.

Emerson actually offers Hendrik a faint smile. He gestures Hendrik to approach and kneel. A short blade is pulled and the bleeding wrist is offered to the Toreador.

Hendrik's eyes widen. He attempts to shake his head, to no avail. On his knees, he whispers, "No… anything but that…"

Auspex on Hendrik notes:
«Defiance. He doesn't want to. But he's so god damn hungry.»

Apolo is standing close enough that the smell of blood prickles the nose and draws his attention down. With effort, and snarl, the younger Malkavian turns his back on it, waving a hand towards the guard he spoke to so many hours before. The man approaches uneasily, carrying a sword.

At the Prince's bidding, Cyrus crouches down to settle his burden before him. At Hendrik's whispered protest, he falters, snarling, only for a moment, before Hendrik's body is knelt there beside him, once again held upright by a grip upon his coat collar.

Locust just shakes her head and looks away, over at Melciah and then to Ali. Her lips are pressed together, keeping her quiet and seemingly annoyed.

Melciah watches impassively from where he has stood all evening.

Locust has reconnected.
Locust has partially disconnected.

Auspex on Cyrus notes:

Auspex on Apolo notes:
«Furious, like at so many other points tonight.»

With all of her mouth, Hailey turns away entirely. Evan's shoulder looks like a safe place, and while not meek enough to find her cheek in it, she does stare at it. Her blue eyes had burned their gaze into Gargamel enough.

"Hey Apolo. why don't you try sticking your head up your ass, and see if it fits." The spiteful Nosferatu mutters under his breathe as its white lips part ways to force an easy smile.

Emerson does not withdraw yet. There's but one word to clarify the intent; /Drink/.

Will just stares at Gargamel.

Evan's shoulder doesn't even tense at Gargamel's comment. But then, he pointedly doesn't look at the other Nosferatu, either. He regards Emerson and Hendrik for a time, and then stares at the ground.

Hendrik's pupils dilate and turn into pinpricks… he needs no other words, and begins to drink the blood. His eyes close, drinking like he hasn't had a drop of blood in weeks.

Samael simply watches from a distance, arms wrapped in front of his stomach, seemingly distant and removed.

Apolo slides the sword from the guards hands, turning it this way and that in the light, to see how it catches and shines. "Is that really what you want to go out on? Sad."

"Fuck you." The Nosferatu rasps definatly

Conrad laughs softly, taking another step towards the center of the room. He calls out, "You were a friend, Gargamel, although I knew you under a different name. Go with god, my friend. It will all be okay in the end."

"Have a second of dignity, Gargamel. A fuckin' second." Locust says with a hiss to her tone that bubbles from her throat.

Gargamel glances at Locust with that same bitter expression as he watches the looming word draw closer. "Dont act like yah aint happy about this."

Cyrus's firm grip is tested by a shudder as he looks away, attempting to cast his expression in shadow but failing to disguise his snarl. His hands tightened to fists, he eagerly awaits his cue to drop the body.

Cecil watches quietly.

Hailey's blue eyes immediately shoot to Locust, her eyelids narrowing in that icy gaze. They remain on her a moment, unblinking, before she looks back to Gargamel. Her eyes know better than to show pity, but the curvature of her mouth isn't so wise.

"We don't like traitors to the blood or to the domain. Getting nearly bonded as well? I'm not happy. I'm disgusted at the betrayal…of both parties." Locust says tightly and restrained as she tucks her hands behind her back.

Some time passes before Emerson draws back again. He nods and gestures; "You can go home, Hendrik."

Auspex on Cyrus notes:
«He's not alright with this. Not at all.»

Emerson whispers to Hendrik, "for now"

Apolo sighs, just a little, but its more tiredness than anything else. Somehow, being told to fuck off just doesn't seem to hit home for him. Apolo flips the sword over in his hand, and staring flatly at Gargamel, offers the thing out to the empty air to his left.

"Yeah well, it takes one to know one." Gargamel mutters quietly as he looks up for that coming sword.
Gargamel says, "See yah'all in hell"

The eyes of the Hendrik close. He eyes the stake in his heart, and then Emerson. "And how'dya expect me to do that, man?" He grins.

"Lovely. I hope your Sire is waiting for you." Locust says with disgust twisted upon her lips and accent ever so much thicker with Spanish.

Hendrik eyes the stake in his heart, and then Emerson. "And how'dya expect me to do that, man?" He grins, then closes his eyes with a dark chuckle.

Conrad turns away from the sight before him, disgust evident on his face as he moves for the Mahogany Doors.

Auspex on Hendrik notes:
«A newfound calm, though it's strange and unnatural. His laugh, however, is very fake. He just wants the stake out.»

Melciah pushes off from the wall, ignoring the Nosferatu and heads towards Hendrik.

Auspex on Conrad notes:

Emory 's fingers snatch the sword from Apolo's hands as he paces toward Gargamel; "The Blood gives life, and the Blood takes." his low voice echo's; "If it is Hell you choose, this is where you will go."

Emory has arrived.

"Awesome, I'll save yah a spot old man." The Nosferatu remarks bitterly to the newcomer.

If Emory's presence doesn't sober up Locust nothing will as she cringes for a moment as he grabs a sword from Apolo.

Conrad leaves for the courtyard.
Conrad has left.

His work done here, Cyrus drops the body, heavily, violently, distancing himself with a shove. "Take him," he growls, stalking off with haste and bluster tossing Melciah a glance. But Emory's sudden arrival interrupts his retreat and he staggers to a halt.

Auspex on Gargamel notes:
«feels elated»

Apolo has empty hands now, so he folds them across his thin chest, waiting for the resolution. Clearly, he was not surprised the elder Nosferatu was there, or he wouldn't have offered a sword to nothing.

Hendrik lands on the stake, which goes even further into his heart. He winces. "Man… that sucks." He groans. "Thanks cowboy."

Melciah stops and shudders as he sees and hears Emory. He turns quickly back, watching Cyrus leave before moving forward to take the body, his eyes now on Emerson the whole time. He hoists Hendrik up in a fireman's carry.

Auspex on Melciah notes:

Hendrik whispers to Melciah, "Get me out of here before he gets his head cut off, or else I'm gonna /freak/. And I mean /freak/."

Auspex on Apolo notes:
«Waiting, waiting. Wants it over. Wants it done with.»

Melciah turns and nods to Locust. "Errr….no offense but let's make like geese an' get t'e flock out o' 'ere."
He gives Emory a nervous glance and a wide berth as he begins to make his way quickly for the door.

Auspex on Cyrus notes:
«Worn out. Dirty. Done with this.»

Locust's form contorts with a blurr and is suddenly closer to human, or at least vampire. She bows towards the throne and Apolo, and then a deeper gesture towards Emory. Slowly, she tears her gaze away from watching Gargamel's execution and walks after Melciah to assist him with Hendrik.

The blade is flung forward. There's a blur of shadow, a splash of red and and the wheelchair tumbles. Gargamels decapitated staked body falls forward on the floor while the head flies and rolls in the direction of the crowd.

Evan stares at the ground until the very last moment, when Emory speaks, and then raises his head just in time to see the death blow. Now, at last, his politely detached demeamor falters; there can be no politeness and nothing detached now. The expression that crosses his face is hard to read, not quite sad, not quite horrified; Aristotle's 'pity and terror' might be a start. He doesn't look away — forces himself not to look away — until all is still. Only then do his mismatched eyes slide over to his Elder.

Hendrik's eyes see the decapitation, and his eyes widen and fill with rage.

Cecil peers at Hendrik as the poor nosferatu noggin is bouncing on the floor.

Auspex on Cecil notes:

Apolo stays long enough to see the deed done. And then he's moving, back to where the exit doors are, where he came in initially. And he's gone, just like that.

Hendrik starts making unnatural, primitive sounds. "Raahhh… Raaahhhh…." He sounds like a zombie, and can't move at all.

While Vampire don't need to blink, how long Hailey keeps her eyes open, looking at the headless corpse is even much for one of her undead kind. But she stares at it, reaching for Evan's shoulder where she squeezes her hand to it, and a soft utterance comes from her throat: "Je-sus -Christ." And to think, someone could react much worse than her: she moves her eyes to Hendrik and a brow simply raises. "What the fuck is going on now?"

Cecil advises quietly, "He's frenzied. If that stake weren't in him, he'd be attacking someone or other."

The Latina trails after Melciah and the now frenzying Hendrik. Her form changes once again, into that of a brute-like man who reaches six foot four with tattoo's striping his bald ol' white head. "I'll help ya with'm once we're out of earshot so I can sing…"

Cyrus's attention is called to the familiar sound of a body hitting the floor- His gaze follows the rolling head with a strange absentness of focus. He is about to step forth, before the also-very-familiar sound of Hendrik's frenzied roars win his attention. "I trust you've got this under control?" he calls back to the Sheriff.

Melciah calls back with difficulty, "Ya. Got it under control mate." He kicks the door open and walks out.

"It's under control once we have privacy. Don't want to take the Beast out of everyone…" The man says with a bellow to his thick voice. He thumps after Melciah in his combat boots to offer a hand.

It says something about the effect that the death, or maybe Emory's presence, or maybe both, have had on Evan that he doesn't react to Hendrik's frothing and screaming, and he doesn't tense up when Hailey touches his shoulder.

Melciah leaves for the courtyard.
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Isabel leaves for the courtyard.
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Will watches Gargamel's head roll around, then frowns at Hendrik's reaction. A quiet sigh and a look around the room.

Emory comes to a stop. There's a glance at Hendrik, before he paces toward Hailey and Evan; "Return this. Collect and respect your brothers remains." he tells them, offering the bloodied sword.

"Take the sword," Haily says quietly, looking to Emory before she dips her head. The words were obviously meant to Evan, to whom she turns her attention, "I'll take care of the remains."

Not long after Apolo, his Sire too, seems no longer present. For those that would notice, somewhere in the turmoil, the throne became empty again.
Emerson has left.

Will watches for a few more moments, then turns and heads for the door.

Cecil exits with the other tremere.

Evan obediantly takes the sword, his expression and manner displaying the kind of reverence appropriate to the occasion — though this also could be due to his obvious awe for his Elder. He balances the blade carefully in one hand, his thin fingers and wrist shaking from the strain, and retrieves a black handkerchief from an inner pocket of his coat, then neatly wipes the blood from the blade.

Will leaves for the courtyard.
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Cecil leaves for the courtyard.
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Hailey swallows thickly — and unnecessary — when she leans down to gently nudge the body up into her grasp. She looks back at Evan, and with a flat expression, she says, "Don't play it. Just carry it." She gathers the rest of the remains. "C'mon. Let's take care of this now."

Emory hands the sword over and nods approving. The next moment this Elder too, seems gone, vanishing in mid-air, as suddenly as he appeared.
Emory has left.

Evan, regardless of Hailey's order, finishes what he's doing before falling in behind her; it's likely not going to take longer than it takes her to collect the body.

Hailey goes through the mahogany doors.
Hailey has left.

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