Y07/10/09 The Reception for Cavelli

Organization: Alexa Guiverra, Alexis Mourning, Autumn Marwood, Bella, Calvin Harte, Carmin Rizzi, Cassandra Smith, Ethan de Shaunde, Ernst Vuldigger, Luciano, Malcolm MacJames, Martin Lovell, Matt Schnell, Nathan Cray, Nevada Montoya Florez, Odette, Parfait Thibodeux, Samael
Public: Alejandro Torres, Ali Santiago, Amelia Atherton, Benedetto Cavelli, Devon, Edward Leight, Emerson, Garain Christopher, Kenneth Stoneman, Joaquin, Peggy Corbie-Innes, Tiberus Pringle.
Location: Saint Vibiana Cathedral and Court Yard - Skid Row - Downtown
Synopsis: The City of Los Angeles is visited by the Ancient Prince of Naples: Benedetto Cavelli. In honor of his visit Gillian Ventriss urges several Toreador (Carmin Rizzi and Nathan Cray) to organize a Reception, a concert entertaining the personal and historic tastes of the guest. For this purpose vampires of various Domains cooperated to set up a night filled with art, poetry and performances.

Saint Vibiana Cathedral and Court Yard at Skid Row (A6)

The spacious interior of the cathedral stretches outward over its impressive length, which is cut lengthwise by two rows of ionic columns. Each row of columns support an arched linear buttresses overhead, forming two lines running the length of the historic edifice. The shafts of the columns are a dark onyx, a stark contrast to the glowing white marble contours of their bases and graceful spirals of their summits. Many of the curved Corinthian tops of the columns have parts of the stone broken off, and vertical joints in the shafts themselves have split open in places.
Between the rows of columns, elegantly curving over the center third of the room, the ceiling is high and arched, the white plaster painted with images of ornate paneling, done with outstanding care and attention to detail. Electric lights hidden atop the buttresses set the ceiling glowing as their light washes upward. All at once, the beauty of the artwork is revealed, and yet through it, the cracked plaster and the disjointed seams are revealed.
Flanking the outsides of the rows of columns, the ceiling is not so high - rising only to the impressive height of the top of the buttresses. It is decorated as the central part is, with no less care and attention, but is equally flawed by the cracks and gaps pervasive throughout its surface, marring the beauty and care of the decoration on it.
Toward the head of the cathedral, a white marble altar rests glowing beneath warm overhead lights, magnificent, solid and undamaged. Over the top lays a black cloth, whose fringe hangs down over the sides, mimicking how the altar would look if the building remained consecrated and in regular, religious use.
Along the length of the building, several pews remain in place - recently shined and treated, the oak of the seats is plainly old and solid, and gives off a pleasant scent of recent cleaning. The marble floor, done in white, black and gold, is smooth and shined, clean and grand - but as with everything here, is subtly corrupted by the network of cracks and divets carved into the resolute stone, a remarkable feat of architecture and artisanry darkened and corrupted by nature, and by its removal from the population it was meant to house.

4.1 Arrivals

Ethan has not worn an overcoat this evening, but he does pull a gun from the back of his coat. So that's why they are always cut a bit large. The weapon is offered to the man behind Ernst with the minimum of fus.

Nevada arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd Street.
Nevada has arrived.

The three men, Nathan, Ernst, and Ethan are standing together. A servant is nearby taking weapons and coats, of which Ethan has just been relieved of the former, not the later. He is passing the other two.

Cassandra has arrived, with Cards in her wake. He's a nervous Latino man whom she has compelled to wear a decent suit, but he doesn't wear it well. She herself is dressed to the nines in shimmering tangerine. "Good evening, gentlemen," she greets warmly, smiling at the trio near the door.

Luciano arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd Street.
Luciano has arrived.

Nathan observes the Seneschal's surrendering of his weapon, but offers nothing of his own, an amused smile crossing his face. As Cassandra and Cards enters, his face lights up and he offers the woman the most charming of smiles. "Apollo's Cassandra, such a pleasure to see you again, my dear."

The tuxedoed attendant bows deeply to Ethan, his soft Italian voice thanking the man for the weapon offered. He then turns to Nathan, bowed still and patiently and silently awaiting any arms or clothing to be surrendered.

Ernst turns toward the door as more and more continue arriving. He quirks his lips in a welcoming smile, awaiting their arrival within the doors before greeting them.

The door opens again and Samael slips in, or aims to. He stands still at the door for a moment, to take in the Cathedral and all the work that was done on it.

A cloaked figure walks into the Cathedral, giving a nod to passerby's, headed towards the backstage.

Ethan is content to wander towards the courtyard, a side exit taking him out of the rapid crowding.
Ethan turns breifly, motioning for Cassandra, at the least, to follow him.

Peggy arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd Street.
Peggy has arrived.

There is a cluster of people near the entrance, waiting to pass a tuxedoed attendant who is taking weaponry and coats.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«uncomfy, reluctant and determined»

"A pleasure to see you as well, Mister Cray. A delight. But if you will please excuse me," Cassandra offers to Nathan with a charming smile, then moving to follow Ethan towards the courtyard, out of the press of people.

Ethan leads Cassandra and Ricardo out to the courtyard.
Ethan leaves the Cathedral and heads into the Courtyard.
Ethan has left.

Cassandra leaves the Cathedral and heads into the Courtyard.
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Samael examines the people already present from a distance and then quietly slips into one of the galleries, his attention drawn by the paintings and poems in display.

Peggy joins the cluster of people at the entrance, uneasily awaiting her turn to deny possession of any weapons (or coat). She's accompanied by an unattractive middle aged man in a suit. Not a tux.

Alejandro arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd Street.
Alejandro has arrived.

Joaquin arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd Street.
Joaquin has arrived.

At the entrance, Ernst welcomes the new arrivals, shaking hands and bowing as needed. He welcomes people cordially, with an expressive, fixed smile, directing them to surrender any unwanted overcoats, and any arms, to a waiting, similarly tuxedo-clad retainer.

Peggy bows to Ernst, when it's her turn to enter the room at large, somewhat shyly offering a crooked smile and murmured, "Good evenin', sir. Thanks lots for inviting us all out here. It's, uh, all looking very nice."

Luciano stops in the middle of the Cathedral, glancing at the Entrance. He didn't seem to have notice anyone prior to his arrival - his eyes were with a fiery aspect to them, but it is gone now.

Alejandro shows up, looking almost decently dressed, except for the fact that he's wearing a leather jacket with a bullet hole in it. And the fact that he's brought a new face with him, Joaquin, who is, well, casually attired.

Malcolm arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd Street.
Malcolm has arrived.

Samael is slowly finding his way from painting to painting, seemingly absorbed. He glances back at the entrance where most are gathered still and turns to sit in one of the darker niches then. Not a very social creature this evening.

Ernst inclines his head to Peggy. He offers her a quick smile and says, "Thank you, Madam. The artwork and such of course is the result of generous contributions - loans, I should say - by a number of people in this city. Please, do come in and enjoy yourself." He turns to Luciano then, nodding in greeting. "Luciano, good of you to come. Weapons and overcoats to my retainer, please." He nods over toward an awaiting man, clad in a white-and-black tuxedo. Giving a pleasant smile,
Ernst then focuses his attention toward Alejandro and Joaquin.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«trying not to run out. Focusing on something religious. Prayer most likely.»

Devon arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd Street.
Devon has arrived.

The door flares open and in steps Nevada, followed by.. something that looks like a younger boy.. but it it? She beams in the direction of the gathering and approaches with an energetic stride.

Joaquin creeps in behind Alejandro, looking just slightly out of place. Despite the crowd of people so different than he, he looks less than uncomfortable in the gathering.

Peggy bows again to Ernst, as does her 'date.' And then the two of them head into the middle of the room, in the general direction of Luciano.

Nathan eventually follow Samael to where he has taken a seat and speaks to him softly. "All will be well, my friend, thank you for agreeing to do this."

"Sir Vuldigger," says Alejandro with a polite nod to Ernst as he turns towards him, "You've done wonders with this place. May I introduce Joaquin, a newcomer to our society in Los Angeles whom I recently met. I asked him along on the spur of the moment, so he could learn more about us. I hope you don't mind."

Luciano glances from one side to the other in the Cathedral, then nods at Ernst. He beckons the retainer over, and hands to him a sword with several red ribbons attached to it.

Ernst dips his head downward, bowing slightly toward Alejandro. He gives a soft chuckle, and replies, "My thanks, Seneschal - and thank you for making it all the better with your presence." He nods toward Joaquin, and says, "Welcome, Sir. Please, make yourself comfortable."

Devon creeps into the Cathedral slowly, casting his eyes out from under the heavy hood pulled up and hanging in his face.
So far so, that he must tilt his head back to inspect the surroundings. He's almost directly on Joaquin's heels entering the gathering. Moving along the wall as he slides into the larger gathering. Looking incredibly uncomfortable at all the faces scattered around the room.

Samael glances up when Nathan approaches, soft mumbling ceases. There's a silver rosary firmly wrapped around his hand; "Oh.. Evening Lord Cray." he greets softly and waves his hand indicating.. everything really; "It all looks.. splendid. What an incredible amount of work.." And then pauses; "Agreeing to what?"

The retainer takes the sword from Luciano with a deep, stately bow. He says in an Italian-accented voice, "Thank you, sir."

Peggy waits until Luciano is finished handing the sword over, and then makes an awkward attempt at conversation with him. "What do those ribbons mean?"

Auspex on Devon notes:
«Uncomfortable, apprehensive»

Auspex on Luciano notes:
«Calm. Though the Beast Stalks sometimes. Wary of the presence of Ethan and of being in this specific Domain, as well.»

Auspex on Ernst notes:
«Conservative, restrained… decorum in a word.»

Joaquin nods politely back at Ernst. "Will do." He says, taking time to look around the Cathedral and the crowd of strangers.

"Nothing, really. They're just an addition that I could it'd be cool to have in the sword." Luc states, glancing at both the woman and the ghoul.

Nathan takes a moment to look around again. "It does indeed look splendid, does it not? Certainly Lord Rizzi and Sir Vuldigger have outdone themselves for this evening. I can only hope that all goes well."

Auspex on Nathan notes:
«Calm and full of anticipation»

Auspex on Peggy notes:
«Fear almost completely smothers any other color surrounding Peggy, slightly tinted with guilt.»

Black tuxedo with black silk dress shirt underneath, Malcolm is well dressed but it's the usual kind of well-dressed; he doesn't seem to have exerted any special effort. A dark, voluminous woolen overcoat is already draped around his forearm as he walks in; apparently, the tall man is making himself comfortable the moment he steps in. Gliding past the retainer and the group quietly in an almost ethereal manner, Malcolm slowly lets his bright honey brown eyes lavish themselves in the sight. He inevitably drifts towards the middle of the Cathedral, his eyes focusing on… Samael? That is, if the retainers don't stop him on his way in. The aristocratic man seems to have no company tonight.

Naturally, the fellow in the hood must also be from South Central, because Alejandro doesn't miss a beat in adding to Ernst, "And I don't know if you've met Devon also."

Ernst glances over at Alejandro's introduction. "I have indeed, although he would not recognize me … ah, looking as I do tonight. Good evening, Devon. Please come in." His voice raises to catch any he might otherwise miss making their way in. "Any weapons and excess clothing to be shedded can be given to my retainer." His voice falling back to conversational level, he adds to Alejandro, "I am honored that so many of your fine people could come to my humble home tonight." A white-and-black tuxedo-clad man makes his way forward, bowing and suitably differentially accepting any such offerings.

"Sir.." The hood croaks raspily. Von's head tilts back so he can give Ernst the respect of a moments eye contact when being introduced. Ofcourse whatever courage that took, fails and his head again bows forward to keep his face wrapped in comforting darkness. "which retainer?" he asks of Ernst, not raising his head again. Once seeming to be to many.

"Oh." Peggy says to Luciano, as she glances once again at the sword being taken away by the tuxedo'd doorman. "Rats, I'd hoped they had some kind of story. You know, like notches on spear?" A pause, while she gives the ceiling a paranoid glance, and then she offers Luciano her hand (for shaking). "Margaret Corbie-Innes, and this is Robert Innes. Did I hear you introduced as Luciano?"

Luciano nods at that. "Yep. I'm Luc. Nice to meet you, Margaret." he takes her hand and gives it a firm handshake.

Ethan arrives from the Courtyard.
Ethan has arrived.

Alejandro had left whatever weapons he was carrying outside, but allows the retainer to take his jacket.

Samael is sitting in one of the darker niches, nodding back to Nathan standing near; "They did. Hadn't.. anticipated on that. But.." he offers an apologetic smile; "I think things are smooth until now? As long as everybody know what to do when." He raises his hand to wave back at Malcolm.

Cassandra arrives from the Courtyard.
Cassandra has arrived.

"Samael, anywhere where I could set up?" Malcolm apparently ignores Ernst's call as he continues holding onto his overcoat. Out of the dark wool overcoat, he slips out a black box or case and raises just a slight inch. He smiles and inquisitively raises an eyebrow. It is a viola or violin case.

Ethan leads Cassandra back inside the Cathedral. The Seneschal has actually put on a suit and a tie for the event, his clansmate party to whatever induce this last laugh out of him.

Tiberus arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd Street.
Tiberus has arrived.

"Peggy, to friends." Peggy tells Luciano, quietly. She offers a very brief, crooked smile. "Your name is familiar, but I don't think we've met. Do you live Downtown?"

Cassandra floats on Ethan's arm, laughing brightly as he leads her back inside. She's dressed to the nines in brilliant tangerine, shimmering like a little princess.

Samael blinks at the sight of the violin-case; "Erm.." he comments and points automatically in the direction of the stage and the chairs and standards and microphones.. and all that you would want from a concert really, including a Harpsichord.

Tiberus's steps carry him in, oddly quiet among the crowds and his boots switched out for lighter wear. He offers a grin for the crowd in general. A mostly pleasent one for a change.

Joaquin seems to be unarmed, after all, who could hide anything in the get up he's in. He offers nothing to the retainers, and he has no jacket to give them. The man merely follows Alejandro, keeping his distance from the strangers in the crowd.

"South Central, actually." Luciano states. "And no, I don't believe we've me… Peggy."

Nathan merely nods. "Yes, well, with any luck, they all will know what to do and when."

Devon nods at the monkey suit and reaches behind into his jacket, pulling a small black object from a hidden holster and holds the grip out to the butler. "I'll keep tha jacket boss.." He rasps at him, his head bowed. He again glances at Ernst, "Eh?" When he mentions having formally met him, under a different guise.

Ernst sweeps his hand off to one side and gestures toward his able fellow, who steps forward as though on cue and bows to Devon. "Sire, it would be my pleasure to safeguard any possessions you have to pass over."

Ernst turns his head toward Nevada, inclining his head to her. "Madam. Welcome. Please see my man with any arms or clothing." He flashes her a disarming smile, the expression sitting well on his features before looking over toward Devon. "In the guise of a punk-rocker who spoke to yourself and Luciano at the Phoenix Club," he reminds the other before he looks back toward Alejandro then, waiting for any further statements by the visiting Seneschal.

Ethan leads Cassandra down the crowd, towards the entrance where Tiberus is. He seems intent on zeroing in on the Brujah, Cassandra likely in his wake.

"Heh..nice.." Von points a finger at Ernst and turns to Alejandro, "He's who was look'n fer ya bossman." Then back to Ernst, "I went ahead and tol't him..hope you two got yer powwow on."

"And you make a very good punk rocker at that," says Alejandro to Ernst wryly. Looking over at Von, Alejandro makes a silent 'ah', and nods, "We've spoken, but should probably talk again, at some less busy time."

Malcolm takes a glance at the area Samael indicated before slipping into the orchestral pit and walking past a few of the musicians towards one of the doors opening to the back. He seamlessly blends in with the rest of the bustle that surely would be going on.

Tiberus sets his sights on Ethan now. He gives the man a nod, then jerks his head to the exit as he steps out towards it.

Ethan shakes his head, motioning behind him to the courtyard.

Tiberus pauses, shrugs his shoulders indifferently, then he walks over towards the courtyard in question.

Malcolm leaves the Cathedral and heads into the Courtyard.
Malcolm has left.

Samael glances back at Nathan and nods again, fingers tightening their grip on that rosary; "Well.. if there's anything you'd want me to help with still, just ask. Yes? Until that time I'll just be here.. or back-stage.. or outside." Another apologetic smile is offered as his gaze follows Malcolm; "Thought he didn't want to play."

Ernst bows to Alejandro. "I would be honoured, Seneschal, and await the word." He then hastily turns toward Tiberus and steps before the other man, offering a pleasant smile up to the large Brujah. "Sir - welcome. Any clothing you wish to be rid of, or any weapons, I can take for you."

Ethan leaves the Cathedral and heads into the Courtyard.
Ethan has left.

Peggy makes an interested 'aahhh' noise in response to Luciano. "Hense the sword, then. Not a pistol or bowie knife? There must be a story in the carrying of a unique weapon like that."

Nevada brightens as she catches Ernst, approaching while lifting her hand, palm down; "Sir.. Vuldigger.. I believe?" The woman greets smilingly, her fingers waving around appreciatively; "You've done wonders with the place." She hands her coat to the boy behind her; "Ah.. he can take care of that."

Cassandra leaves the Cathedral and heads into the Courtyard.
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Devon tips the end of his hood to Ernst, "lovely joint ya got here boss." He says quietly from the depths of his hood. His sleeve becomes a makeshift hankerchief as he goes into a small coughing fit, gasping hoarsely.

Tiberus nods, reaching into his jacket. Out comes a pistol "Yeah." he, offers it butt first to Ernst, then pauses "Am I going to get a ticket or something for this?"

Nathan shrugs as he speaks quietly to Samael. "I think perhaps he needed to be asked by the "right person," You know the Ventrue, it's all about titles and honor and all that. I hope he's worth the effort though."

Luciano shakes his head to Peggy. "Not really. No particular story to it, except I bought it from a guy who was selling all his stuff and going out of the country." A glance is given to the entrance, more specifically to Nevada.

The pleasantries dispensed with, Alejandro moves off to one side, pausing only to give Samael a thumbs up sign before relaxing with his back to a wall while waiting for everyone else to mill around prior to seating. He rubs one of his temples with his right hand.

Ernst's gaze flickers toward Nevada. He flashes a quick smile before looking back up to Tiberus - reaching out to take the offered weapon with impressive respect. He bows his head and says, "You have my guarantee that you shall have your weapon back, Sir. You are not so forgettable that I would lose it." He steps aside and with a smile adds, "Please enjoy yourself." This frees him to turn toward Devon, incline his head once more and say in his gentle, Germanic voice, "Thank you, Sir. Please - enjoy it. Mi casa es su casa for the evening." Finally, his arc ends at Nevada, whose hand he accepts, before he bends forward - bringing his lips a few inches from it before stopping - sort of a stiff, formal, Germanic bow. He straightens and says, "Madam. Thank you very much. A pleasure to meet you."

Samael hmms, hands clasping; "Oh.." he replies; "That could very well be so. Yes." No.. not a talkative creature this evening too. A faint smile and a wave is offered to Alejandro when he passes by; "Evening Lord."

Tiberus offers a bow of his own and, with that, his steps carry him towards the courtyard.
Tiberus leaves the Cathedral and heads into the Courtyard.
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"I'll give it a shot.." Von croaks about enjoying himself and then he too slips away from the introductions and makes his way slowly towards Luc, head bowed. "even'n boss."

Luciano upnods at Von. "Sup, 'Von. Everything cool?" he asks, directing his attention to Devon now.

Nevada's lips curl up at the sides, approving and recovers her hand; "Nevada Montoya Florez." the woman introduces; "One of Mayfairs.. bimbo's." She grins; "And a pleasure to meet you too, Warden."

Auspex on Nevada notes:

Ernst quirks an eyebrow, his ever-watchful, unblinking blue eyes wandering over Nevada's shoulder as Ruppert takes his leave. His eyes snap too as well, before he answers, "I do hope that we have the opportunity to meet more in-depth this evening. And I hope you enjoy your time here."

Auspex on Ernst notes:
«Momentary distraction… a surge of anger - unfocused and primal - before it is forcibly quieted by calm.»

"Sure.." Von rasps at Luc and shrugs, canting his head so he can look around the cathedral from under the hood, "Classy digs, this.." Idle chitchat, gotta love it.

"Yeah." Luc agrees. "Listen, 'Von, Peggy. I gotta go see if all is fine with this damn cloak, I'll see you guys later at the concert, alright?" he asks.

Malcolm arrives from the Courtyard.
Malcolm has arrived.

Nevada inclines her head, beckoning the strange boy to follow her; "Indeed Warden. And if not tonight then perhaps another time. This perhaps is no night for politics.. ." Her contralto voice playful as amber eyes focus on Ernst; "Or perhaps it is. Who's to say."

Peggy has disconnected.

Alejandro has been silent a while, but does step forward at one point to speak to Devon quietly.
Alejandro whispers to Devon, "Hey Von, Joaquin's new to all this, so help me keep an eye on him, make sure nobody messes with him 'kay?"

Devon gives Luc a little salute, "Be cool boss." He glances around the gathered and sees Ale coming towards him, finishing the few steps in the Seneschal's direction. "Sup?"

Malcolm has returned from the courtyard/backroom, looking quite elegant, in his 18th century waistcoat and breeches. While those are black, the tail coat he wears over it is a loud scarlet. His shirt has a frilly edge onto it; not very practical but congruous with the rest of the outfit. He offers a small grin as he raises a violin and descends into the orchestra 'pit' once more, apparently to tune the instrument.

Devon nods once at Alejandro, "Aight, I'll keep an eye on em best I can bossman." Von claps Ale on the shoulder, completely unformal, and half grins beneath the hood. "He one o the ones I saw?"

Ernst dips his head in response ot Nevada and gives a soft, gentle chuckle. "Indeed - who's to say?" he echoes, and turns back toward the door. Handing the last weapon he collected off to his retainer, he turns toward the door once more. Seeing that he has made his way through the crowd of arrivals, he turns back around to circulate amongst his guests.

Nevada starts moving again, aiming in the direction of a seat near the entrance to the 'backstage', or whatever would serve as such.

Joaquin leans over to Alejandro, muttering something before making his way to the exit. He is apparently through with this evenings gathering a little early.

Joaquin whispers to Alejandro, "I'm hungry, and this place is a little stuffy for me. I'll see you around."
Joaquin leaves the Cathedral and heads out to 2nd Street.
Joaquin has left.

Auspex on Malcolm notes:
«Just a little anxiety in Malcolm, it seems.»

Alejandro bids Joaquin farewell, then nods to Devon's

Devon turns back Peggy, whom he was previously beside until Luciano left, "Eh..even'n..seems Luc sure seem't ta be outta here in a hurry.." His arm comes up to cover a small cough and then the work of clearing his throat.

Samael raises to his feet then, offering Nathan an apologetic smile; "Gonna have a look if everybody is there already okay?" He says, and aims to make his way backstage as well.

Nevada walks over and sits down at the Pews on the left.

Ernst makes his way around the room slowly, doing a full circuit - returning all the way to the front door - before he sweeps back through the room at an even, relaxed, measured pace.

Samael raises his hand to wave and nod at Ernst when he notices the man for the first time and disappears then, only to emerge moments after.

Ernst pauses near the gathering musicians. He offers quick smiles around and murmured words to each as they set up their pieces for the performance.
Ernst whispers to Samael, "Good evening Sir, how good to see you. Everything ready?"

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:

Ernst whispers to Malcolm, "Sir, may I have your arms? This site has been deemed Elysium, and I do not permit weapons to be carried herein."

Nathan moves to a shadowy spot near the stage, seemingly checking on various arrangements. He glances at Ernst and Samael and then moves to say a few words to the various musicians gathering and tuning.

Samael nods back to Ernst; "Evening Lord Vuldigger. I think everybody is. Yes." he repeats softly. Hands fold in front of his chest; "The Cathedral looks magnificent by the way. Thank you for that."

Malcolm whispers to Ernst, "What arms? You mean this? It's a prop."
Malcolm reaches into his coat and pulls something out and presents it to Ernst.

Devon watches the various conversations, if only from afar, with a cant to his head, so that his eyes can peer out of one corner of his hood. Particularly as the arrangements seem to begin.

Ernst smoothly takes the object presented from Malcolm - it glittering with a metallic look in his hand before it swiftly is pulled beneath his jacket. A bulge indicates its presence. "A prop?" he replies with a soft smile. "If it is not a weapon would you mind if I tested it?" His gaze flickers over toward Samael - offering an apologetic smile to the other before looking back over to Malcolm.

Samael smiles back to Ernst and drops on one of the benches himself now, leaning against a pillar as he watches the stage.

Malcolm lowers his voice and clears his throat. "You probably shouldn't. I'm not sure whether or not it'll be used in the performance, but…" He lowers his voice and then continues whispering to Ernst.

Ernst leans in and quirks an eyebrow as he pays rapt attention to Malcolm - both men moving and speaking in discrete tones that are likely lost on the majority of those present.

Malcolm continues speaking, He whispers to Ernst, "… but it -is- loaded. Don't give away the surprise, but if you should really want to…"
Malcolm whispers to Ernst, "Oh well. Then the show must go on. Blanks or no."

Devon glances at Malcolm as he whispers with Ernst and snickers quietly, shaking his head. One hand comes up to tug at the side of his hood and he looks content to disappear from the assembled, slip into the background like a plant.

Ernst ah's softly and straightens. He nods once to the man and murmers discretely back, one hand still tucked beneath the jacket.

Samael tunes out again, returning to mumbling with half-closed eyes.

Ernst whispers to Malcolm, "I'm afraid that I must take it from you for the time being. Loathe as I am to stifle your creativity, such surprises can be reacted to poorly among those who are more easily startled. I assure you, you shall have your prop back anon, and in perfect repair."

"Ahem, Sir Vuldigger, I think it's about time." Malcolm sighs dramatically and nods in defeat towards Ernst, before lifting his violin and allowing a few quiet notes ring from the string. He plucks it, leaning in a bit, before balancing the violin in proper playing position, flexing his fingers. He stretches and waves Ernst off with mild flicks of his bow.

Nevada looks almost bored as she follows the conversation between Ernst and Malcolm. Bored and annoyed, with Malcolm.

Auspex on Malcolm notes:
«Irritated, apparently. Malcolm looks mildly worried, but not overly so.»

Ernst nods once toward Malcolm. "Of course," he answers with a fixed smile. "I shouldn't want to keep you from warming up." He turns then toward Samael and steps toward him. "Sir, forgive me. A small matter required attention. I am pleased that you are happy with the state of the building. I have repaired some plaster and the like, but you have returned people to the Cathedral. You have repaired her heart, so it I who should thank you."

Devon is at a loss for words as Malcolm waves Ernst off, thankfully his hood hides the blank stare in the Ventrue's direction. Then two fingers come up to tug at the end of his hood as he twists his head towards Alejandro.

The Ventrue settles back into his seat, apparently assured that his instrument is in good order. He takes a seat and crosses his legs. "Sir Vuldigger, is there anything else?", he notes quietly. Already, however, he is settling down after the brief affair. As the chief of security turns to address Samael, Malcolm, too, focuses on the cherubic boy, holding his violin in one hand and his bow in another.

Samael glances up again as Ernst addresses him. The mumbling stops. There's a quick cross before he nods; "Not at all Sir. But you can thank Lord Rizzi and Cray for that."

Ernst glances back at Malcolm and gives a subdued shake of his head. "No, Sir. You may return to your preparations," he notes - turning the dismissal previously afforded to him around before lifting his chin and looking away. Returning his attention to Samael, he gives a small smile and replies, "Sir it was a feat good enough that I thank three of you. If there is anything I can do, please let me know." He nods to the younger-looking fellow and seems to ready to drift back into the room.

Ernst's return dismissal, however, is rewarded by a smile deep inside Von's shroud. "Nice.." Is all he says, then he takes the few steps towards Alejandro.

Samael flashes Ernst a faint smile and returns to rosary-matters.. distracted.. when he finds Malcolm look at him; "Erm.." he says; "Can I help you with something mister MacJames?"

Alejandro had, perhaps been feigning sleep, if not quite torpor. When Von moves closer to him, however, a wry smile plays over his lips, indicating that he is at the very least aware of some of the interchanges going on, and at least slightly amused by them.

Malcolm whispers to Samael, "I've practiced Vivaldi for the occasion. Do you have any single movement out of the twelve you wish to support? I promise no miracles but…"

Samael tilts his head slightly; "Support.. mister MacJames? In what way? Would you like Martin to accompany you?"

Ernst walks with long, even strides back through the room. His eyes, steady and unblinking as is their norm, lock onto his penguin-suit-attired retainer, who moves forward to meet Ernst midway through the room. Both men take hold of a lapel and extend their jackets outward as they lean in close to one another. Something is passed within that obscuring circle of fabric, and the two immediately part ways once more - the retainer returning toward the door, and Ernst turning his attention back to those in the room.

"Martin? I haven't even met the man. But I meant which one do you like?" Malcolm chats amiably, glancing back towards the pews. His eyes invariably fall upon the Madonna, the icon, and he traces a cross delicately over his heart with his fingers. He rests back in his chair, and flicks his tail coat aside and smiles quietly at the boy. "I'm not too shabby at any of the movements, just…"

Malcolm whispers to Samael, "…which one do you prefer?"

Devon smirks back at Alejandro and leans against the most solid object beside the Seneschal. Seeming content not to idlely chitchat and instead enjoy, what so far, has been an amusing gathering.

4.2 The Guest arrives

Cavelli steps out of the shadows.
Cavelli has arrived.
Cavelli merely… appears.

Samael smiles faintly; "Spring?" he suggests; "I love spring."

Malcolm says, "Winter, my good friend." in Latin.

Samael ahs.. and nods. Alright.

Cassandra arrives from the Courtyard.
Cassandra has arrived.

Tiberus arrives from the Courtyard.
Tiberus has arrived.

Ernst had been looking around the room when, quite suddenly, the tall figure of Cavelli appears in the room. One brow quirks upward slightly, and he immediately turns to approach the man. An easy smile crosses his features as he draws to an appropriate distance before he will offer a stiff-backed, heel-clicking bow - well-suited to the formality of a Germanic court - to the man. "Your Grace. You honour my humble home with you presence. Thank you for coming." It is only after this that Ernst straightens.

Amelia arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd Street.
Amelia has arrived.

Leight arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd Street.
Leight has arrived.

Cavelli tips his upper half in response to Ernst, nearly losing his hat in the process, but he recovers from this with some modicum of skill, and precedes to speak with the man.

Cassandra drifts back in from the courtyard, where it is quieter, with a bright smile on her face. She glances around intently, to see who is present.

Ethan arrives from the Courtyard.
Ethan has arrived.
Ethan enters the room, but remains a quiet presence.

Cavelli says, "It is good to see you, brother. Please assure all I seek no.. , I am here to enjoy the…" in Latin.
Cavelli says this to Ernst.

Devon also seems to contentedly slip into the surroundings. Hidden away in the hood covering his face, but you can imagine where his attention is.

Samael asks Malcolm; "But.. with any piece you can perhaps ask Martin to accompany you. I'm sure any of his violists can play the four seasons by heart forwards and backwards."

Emerson steps out of the shadows
Emerson has arrived.

Cavelli offers a slight and pleasant smile to Cassandra, as he looks to Ernst expectantly.

Amelia arrives on the arm of Edward Leight, Sheriff extraordinaire. Leight's attire begs the question: which of the two is really the eye candy in this duo? They exchange words of greeting with those dignitaries of note, ultimately finding their way down the length of the aisle to a pew.
Amelia walks over and sits down at the Pews on the right.

Ernst's expression eases into an easy smile - he is plainly acquainted with the tall figure of Cavelli. His eyes narrow with his smile - the expression seeming beyond good social graces, speaking of genuine emotion or affection. He slips into the same language, replying in easy and conversational, yet plainly reverent, tones.
Ernst says, "Of course, Your Grace. I shall start the concert ***." in Latin.

Tiberus has his arms folded in front of his chest. Almost anyway. He's apparently being very careful not to ruin the lines of his suit. He's returned from his meeting in somewhat of a foul mood.

Drawn by Cavelli's smile like a butterfly to a flower, Cassandra heads gracefully in the direction of the man and the host, though she doesn't interrupt. She just offers Cavelli a warm smile.

Leight walks over and sits down at the Pews on the right.

What would a reception be for the esteemed Prince of Naples if his host did not arrive? He is absent a moment, and there a next, walking through the doors and any who may be nearby seeming quite capable of parting away from his presence without being asked. He doesn't so much look ahead of himself as he does simply possess the awareness of where he's heading. Which will be where ever it is that Prince's should be sitting, of course.

Ali arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd Street.
Ali has arrived.

Kensie arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd Street.
Kensie has arrived.

Malcolm says, "The show shall go on." in Latin.

Abruptly, Malcolm stands up, stating something. He strides onto the stage, in his 18th century outfit. "Excuse me Sam. Winter?" He holds the violin up. Apparently, a solo? "Signore?" He blinks, glancing quizzically at the Elder. But already, Malcolm has his violin raised, his scarlet coat tails trailing behind him as he paces his way across the stage. He touches it gently with a bow. The string vibrates a minor chord. And again. F-minor. The slow first few notes after note seem to speak of some prevalent doom, some inevitable coming; slow, anxious heart beats, that only steepens in anxiety. It is a foreboding march.

And then he bursts into a quick, violent violin progression, each note in accordance with the F minor key jumping up and down, vibrating intensely. In accordance, his arm And then back to the slow, impending doom. Vibrantly dancing his bow across the violin's strings, the famous motif to Vivaldi's First Winter movement jumps out, in intensity and speed.

Malcolm looks up from his playing momentarily to reveal a single glowing golden left eye, in stark contrast to the demure to the mellow honey brown right eye. He furiously plays the first motif again, before descending into a slightly more positive 'march', as each note brings news of what might be the positive aspects of the dark season of winter. It is almost as if Malcolm plays the movement as a theme to the entrance of the Malkavian Elder.

Cavelli walks over and sits down at the Pews on the left.
At his place, Cavelli smiles gently to Nevada as he sits nearby.

On the arm of her childe, Ali enters at a saunter- dressed for the occasion, smiling, her head bent as she smiles and engages in a quiet, whispered conversation with the wavy haired man. All told, she couldn't look more relaxed, more at ease as her light eyes occasionally flit up or off to the side to take in the newly remodeled Cathedral.

Devon raises his brows, content to watch the progression of big wigs and the upcoming show from somewhere that isn’t in any ones way. His arms crossed over his chest and his head tilted back so that he can watch as Malcolm crawls up on stage and even smirks as the Ventrue barely waits for anyone to sit down before rocking the show.

Ali whispers to Kensie, "Shit, they put this place back together, si?"

Tiberus's eyes settle on Ali and his move grows a touch fouler still. Then is lightened by the violins, attention instead drawn to the elder himself, stretching a little to tower over the crowds.

At her place, Nevada smiles back at the man moving to sit nearby. Her head canting a tad as her amber eyes take him in for a short moment. A respectful nod is offered in acknowledgement of his presence.

Ethan is standing near the exit to the courtyard, simply watching the scene.

Alejandro brings one palm to his face for a moment, though just what brought on this gesture isn't entirely clear. Then he shakes it off, and stands away from the wall where he'd been leaning and steps forward to go take a seat.

Ernst turns his gaze toward Emerson - an instant understanding in his eyes as his unblinking blue gaze takes in the other man. A deep bow is given and then - as suddenly a violin begins playing, he straightens bolt upright. He looks over toward the minstrel, and makes his way to the stage - turning to face the assembled group. He seems to be … waiting now. To address the assembly.

Emerson, for his part, acknowledges only Cavelli and the violinist with his attention, leaning over to murmur something very quietly to the visiting Prince. Random small talk. You understand.

Kensie nods to Ali after letting his gaze wander, taking in the cathedral and people inside. He gestures towards an out of the way place, indicating to Ali a desire to go over there.

Samael falls silent, leaning back against the pillar again, refocusing on that silent mumbling as the silver rosary slips through his fingers.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«putting down the fear with faith, or trying to»

At the first strike of the violin Ali glances upward, some semblance of weary patience lining her expression as she notes the violin player. Exhaling, she looks pointedly toward Ken. A brow arches, she passes some familiar glance and gives the man a nod; forgoing introductions in favor of not interrupting anything. Since it appears there's something to interrupt.

Malcolm winks to the angelic-looking Samael, as he makes his way slowly to the forefront of the stage, the bow jumping aggressively, playing the motif over and over again, only an octave higher… and then higher yet again. Higher. Faster. Higher and faster. The violin seems to reach near-exertion under Malcolm's vigorous playing.

And then he stops. And slows, playing a quiet 'classical' melodic part that flows up and down, accented staccato parts, before he slows again into a minor piece. Odd; to open the scene with a movement called 'Winter'. Malcolm pauses once more before playing a slow, elegant procession. But yet again, it seems as if the tall man in the scarlet coat is impatient with the happy winter solstice. He descends into a moderate forlorn part, continuing onwards, returning to the use of a powerful vibrato. The lightning fast motif is played again, ringing out and vibrating, begging to be heard higher and faster.

Ernst seems to be watching Malcolm. At first serenely, standing there. And as the piece carries on, his jaw sets slightly, his yes starting to grow colder, sharper, as the musician takes his place in front of the stage.
Ernst hisses something to Malcolm through clenched teeth, beneath the din of the music, from behind the animated player.
Ernst whispers to Malcolm, "Cease this interruption… now."

Amelia has been passively listening to Malcolm's playing. There is no expression on her face to belie indifference. She seems rather intent, however, in Ernst. Perhaps waiting for him to commence with the formal festivities. She leans in to her companion, Leight.

At her place, Amelia says "I was not aware that Mr. MacJames was on the play bill. Dear me."

Devon tugs at the front of his hood, not sensing much of anything on the stage, besides Malcolm playing that violin like it owes him money. He leans his head back against the wall and looks under the bottom of his shroud with a distant expression as the band of one plays on.

Just as suddenly, Malcolm breaks the piece off right after the repeated theme soars well beyond the proper octaves, and sourly stares at Ernst, folding his violin underneath his arm. He quietly folds his violin under his arm and tilts his head slightly. He turns to address the audience. "The Honored Sir Vuldigger speaks." And then he saunters off the stage slowly, grinning at the man.

Auspex on Malcolm notes:

Kensie gives Ali an understanding smile and leads the pair off, heading for the hooded figure of Devon.

Crossing her legs at the ankle, Ali stretches out on one of the outlying chairs by Devon, then seems to remember herself and straightens, smirking as Malcolm makes his way off stage. Tilting her head to the side, she murmur something quietly to Ken.

Leight shrugs, at his companion, looks for a playbill, he looks around to see if he's supposed to applaud or not.

Auspex on Ernst notes:
«Barely controlled anger… outrage… directed toward Malcolm, though forced tranquility seeks to claw out dominance once more.»

Ali murmurs in muted tones, clearly not in English. She whispers to Kensie, "Y'see the look he just gave?"

Malcolm ambles by you. He whispers to Ernst, "L'inverno, by one of your fellow Italians, if you care to make a remark about it. Enjoy your day."

Auspex on Nevada notes:
«unsure if to be amused or annoyed. Decides to be both this that is.. well.. more fun.»

A frown crosses Nathan's face, that those with good eyesight might notice as he hangs in the shadows at the edge of the stage and shakes his head as his eyes follow Malcolm of stage.

Auspex on Nathan notes:

Cavelli looks up to Malcolm, looks to Ernst, raises eyebrow. But says nothing. Hoping to keep the moment pleasant he smiles at the lovely woman next to him again.

Nevada says, "Or.." Nevada whispers to the boy (Feo) seated next to her; "If you can't beat them, join them. I wonder if Acton send him to mess up things."" in Spanish.

Devon turns as Ali and Ken move over by him. He tilts his head back and grins between them. "Even'n sistah, brotha." His thumb jerks towards Malcolm coming off the stage, keeping his voice low, "Shoulda got into music..there's a market, I'm sure." He snickers quietly and crouches down near the two, getting quiet as Ernst is introduced.

With an amused smirk, Ken nods in reply to Ali. He upnods at Devon as he approaches and then lets his attention drift towards the stage.

Amelia sends her gaze in Nevada's direction.
Amelia leans into Leight.

4.3 Formal Opening

Ernst is still for a moment at the front of the stage. He lifts his chin then and his face eases into a smile as he looks at those assembled. "Welcome. Your Grace, Prince Emerson. Your Grace, Prince Cavelli. Honored and distinguished dignitaries and guests from the great Praxes of Los Angeles. Tonight we hope to entertain you." His eyes flick over toward Malcolm, and he adds, glancing back to the group, "Hopefully with some things actually scheduled in advance as well." He smiles crookedly, pausing for just a moment before he goes on. "Please take your seats - the show should begin shortly. Dignitaries - representatives of our and other Praxes, please feel free to sit up front." He sweeps a hand toward the pews. "Those holding a rank beneath that of Primogen, Overseer, or the equivalent, please avail yourself of the temporary seating behind. Any retainers may take seats further back if they are available." He remains still, instructions given, and waits for a moment for the room to sort itself out.

Leight whispers to Amelia, "She speculates Acton sent that man to spoil the show."

Amelia nods to her companion.
At her place, Amelia says "As if he would send Macjames to that end. Indeed."

It's only then that Nevada notices Cavelli's attention, so a smile is beamed back. Ah.. no-one will say Mayfairs flock won't have charm.

Cassandra, who is still lingering near the back, looks around to see if there are any who need to be seated.

Laying a gentle hand on Ken's forearm, Ali nods faintly and stretches to her feet, smoothing her shirt as she does so. A wink lids her eye as she looks at him, then grins at Devon and turns to cross the floor toward Alejandro.

Yes, Leight may be way too well coiffed and pretty-looking for his clan, but he's still less strange to Alejandro than foreign Italians. He wanders on up and finds himself a seat at one of the pews on the right. Ignoring, for the moment, any strange fascination Cavelli's bizarre walking stick may hold over him.

Alejandro walks over and sits down at the Pews on the right.

Malcolm makes his way towards the back of the Cathedral, ponytail bobbing along with his scarlet coattails. With the bow balanced on his shoulder, Malcolm glances back, surveying the area, before regarding the exit once more. He lightly lifts his overcoat from the rack by the door and disappears out the doorway, waving cheerfully to Ernst in the back. Might the Nosferatu notice? The violin is slipped into a case and the dark, woolen overcoat is worn over Malcolm's 18th century costume. With another curious glance back, he disappears.

Auspex on Malcolm notes:
«Curious. But he has an odd foreboding sense.»

Cavelli determines applause uncalled for, though prepared to offer it, and he nods as Alejandro joins his pew on the groom's side. He looks up to the stage expectantly, attention on Ernst and where he directs.

Amelia peers down the length of her pew and around Leight to consider Alejandro. She offers the Seneschal a nod. So perfectly put together this night, she seems an impassive statuette, cut from the very mold of her Prince.

Samael assesses the benches and the seats, and gets up to move back-and-side-wards because dark places are more comfy anyway.

Kensie smiles faintly at Ali as she stands. He nods his head and then shifts his attention back to Ernst.

Malcolm leaves the Cathedral and heads out to 2nd Street.
Malcolm has left.

Tiberus stands near the back, eyes intent upon the stage. He appears mostly consumed by his own, private thoughts at the moment. He takes a moment to idly adjust a cufflink.

Ali walks over and sits down at the Pews on the right.

Devon pushes the front of his hood up enough that he need not tilt his head against the wall to see from under it. His eyes scanning over the lines being drawn in the pews. A small smirk barely visible on his face. Then he leans towards Ken and whispers.

Weaving her way over, Ali slides her hands into the front pockets of her pants (not jeans!) and takes the looong way around the pew in back of Alejandro's to approach from the other side, then slide in next to the Seneschal.

Amelia absent-mindedly traces a finger over the strap of her gown.

Devon whispers to Kensie, "Ol'Macjames left out in a right hurry eh?"

Cassandra decides no one really needs her help finding somewhere to sit and goes to sit down near Nevada and Cavelli.
Cassandra walks over and sits down at the Pews on the left.

Nevada nudges the boy next to her to stand. Another smile at Cavelli is offered. A slight bow on top of that as she makes her way backstage.

At his place, Alejandro tugs at his tie briefly after sitting down, and gives a nod to Leight and Amelia before making space for Ali to sit. He murmurs to her briefly as she sits, "Jab me if I slouch or drool or anything. Did you see the poodle on the stick?"

Nevada gets up from the Pews on the left.

Cavelli seems pleased with his companionship and the event as a whole. He folds his hands and looks about with his peculiar eyes. As his gaze meets Emerson's he raises a hand to his mouth, nods, and removes his cap, placing it in his lap and crossing himself. He offers a wink to Cassandra and a smiles to Nevada. Yes. Hats off. Cathedral.

Emerson walks over and sits down at the Pews on the left.

Ernst continues to speak as people settle in their places. He sweeps his gaze over those assembled, his brows knitting slightly as he looks outward, but he is silent for a moment. He adds, "Once again, thank you all for coming. And I also wish to thank all of the performers, and the organizers - Lord Rizzi, Primogen Cray, and Samael, as well as His Grace, Prince Emerson, for extending Elysium to my unworthy home tonight. If you wish to speak, please feel free to do so quietly, or if a break from the performances is desired - the courtyard is available as well. Thank you all, and enjoy your evening." He bows then, toward the group as a whole (more so toward Emerson and Cavelli though), and moves offstage.

At his place, Leight looks at Amelia, with an expression that traces to Alejandro and clearly means - did she just say what I think she said?

There is a faint smile that touches Emerson's lips as he gives Cavelli a nod, and the sense of slight amusement may be seen upon him. The world isn't going to end, don't worry. This particular ancient seems to be in a decent enough mood.
Attention flickers to Ernst, and a faint nod is given.

Auspex on Emerson notes:

At his place, Leight says "bah - he"

Auspex on Amelia notes:
«Very subtle amusement.»

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«An 'eep' as his name is mentioned.»

At her place, Amelia quirks her brow and looks about as if searching for something.

4.4 Mournings Poem

Nathan takes the stage as Ernst departs, dressed in a tuxedo that accentuates his tall, lean frame. A sweep of perfectly coiffed dark hair frames his pale face. As he comes to a stop at the center of the dais and turns to the audience, his bearing is poised and assured. He pauses for a moment to survey those gathered, and when he begins to speak, his rich, warm voice fills the cathedral easily, without amplification, a voiced skilled in projection, magnified by the building's acoustics.

"Thank you, Sir Vuldigger for those warm words and for the use of this magnificent cathedral for this most auspicious event. Prince Emerson, Prince Cavelli, assembled Lords, Ladies and citizens for Los Angeles . We come together on this evening to commemorate the visit of the Prince of Naples to the City of Angels. This evening has been made possible by the vision of Lord Carmen Rizzi, the indulgence of His Excellency, Seneschal de Shaunde, and the hospitality of Sir Vuldigger.

Since Christopher Columbus came to this new land at the end of the 15th century, the world as we know it has been divided into old and new. Despite this chasm that exists in culture, in attitudes and in geographical distance, we of the clans share a bond of unity. It's a bond that unties old and new, ancient and young, the supernatural and the natural. That bond is the Camarilla. Assembled here this evening are princes and others who have worked tireless to safeguard our way of life and ensure not just our survival, but our ability to thrive throughout the changing ages and in the face of assault by terrible enemies.

This evening, the performances scheduled for your enjoyment include representatives of old and new. Works of art and composition from the great Neapolitan masters of the Baroque period will share the evening with song, dance and poetry created recently here in this city, verily, some this very evening. And perhaps, in the end, we will witness the synergy of a unique fusion of the two.

Here, Nathan pauses to let his words have their impact they may before continuing.

At her place, Ali is in the middle of offering the seemingly requisite nods when the term 'poodle on a stick' reaches her ears. "Uh.", she replies eloquently. Her attention shifts to Cavelli momentarily, then back. "Uh. Nope." Ali answers in spanish. "I did now, though. And, sure, but only if you do the same. Drooling especially."

At her place, Cassandra beams ecstatically at Cavelli and Emerson, giddy. But she turns her attention to the gentleman on the stage, eager to be entertained.

Auspex on Ernst notes:
«That typical host's mixture of nerves and pleasure. Then… as he's walking away, a noticable surge of … nearly religious fervour.»

At his place, Alejandro straightens at this point, apparently all polite attention on the stage. Not looking to the left. Or the right. His right foot starts to fidget, and he stops it.

Auspex on Leight notes:
«Disciplined control. Attention.»

Ethan returns to motion as the opening ceremony starts. He moves over towards the pews, not yet commited to one in specific.
Ernst nods his head to Nathan, respectfully, as he passes and takes his seat - in the temporary seating behind the pews.

Dark places are good.. yes. Especially if you can retreat into them even further. So.. that's what Samael does. Leaning back, silently watching the stage from a distance.

Devon listens to the introduction delivered by Nathan and nods quietly. Turning to toss a half grin at Ernst, but refrains from saying anything. Not wishing to be rude, the expression, alas, must stand alone. Then looks back to the stage.

The Ancient— hey, wait, he can't be The Ancient right now, can he? Well, the slightly more familiar ancient that is Emerson gives Nathan a slight nod, but otherwise he remains mostly sorta just there.

Nathan continues: "But I suspect, you did not come here this evening to hear me wax poetic about the past.
Instead, let me offer you poetry of the present: An original work by our own Alexis Mourning, a rose of this city and of the blood of Prince Gillian Ventriss of South Orange County. It is my privilege to read her words aloud for the first time."
And with that a pause, and then Nathan launches into a poem. The words, and even the voice, are clearly no longer his own, instead they are delivered in a perfectly metered voice, with inflection and emotion masterfully crafted to bring the very words and images of its creator to life in the minds of the audience.

"I paused beneath the arc of leaves
Beneath the arc of sky
And saw the trunk clove thrice apart,
Thus eight limbs soaring high.

Their branches fought for daylight's breath
Though all they found was shade,
And each over the other spread
Hisnd so in this way made
A twisted, choking mass of self
That fought against its own
And scattered dead leaves 'cross the floor
Of this forest, now my home.

On many days I'd walked the glade
And enjoyed the summer eaves,
But now in night I draw upon
This tree of brittle leaves
Which may at once have given cheer
Or perhaps have borne some fruit,
Yet now stands desolate, barren, clear
Beneath the evening's roof.

Yet while I stand beside its strength
Which fades to dust but slow,
I hear the creaking of its limbs,
And hope it gains to grow
That one day yet this tree may rise
To greet the morning's sun
And spread its leaves to offer shade
To horses on the run.

For now, how'ere, I quiet wait
To listen to the sound
Of struggle deep within without,
Of hope that may be found.
And while I wait, a bird alights,
It's travelled a long flight.
It brings a song to this barren tree,
And its now enobled night.

Nathan bows his head for a moment as the final syllable sounds, allowing the images created to hang in the air for a moment.

Cavelli smiles briefly at something off in the periphery, where nothing lies really. He listens to these words and is carried off into memory, perhaps. The verse concluded, he offers the start of the applause after appropriate respect for the moment.

Ethan walks over and sits down at the Pews on the left.

At her place, Ali looks distinctly blank. Like someone listening to a commercial in a language they don't understand even a little. Arching a brow, she scratches the back of her neck as Nathan comes to a stop and then glances sidelong at Alejandro.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«appreciation, as strong sense of affinity»

Ethan settles down on a pew behind Emerson and Cavelli, off to the left. Minimally disruptive of events, clapping as the applause starts, his head already tilting to examine the words.

Auspex on Cavelli notes:

Emerson joins in the applause, though it is mildly given and fades into silence a few moments later.

Ernst, upon catching a look from Devon, flashes his small, square teeth in a quick smile, before he looks back toward Nathan, and begins paying attention to the poem's performance. His gaze focuses on the performer, sharp and clear, unblinking and unshaking. His hands begin to clap together appreciatively, joining Cavelli's quickly, and carrying on for a suitably long duration.

At his place, Alejandro rubs the bridge of his nose. "Political allegory. Not bad, if a little heavy handed," he murmurs to Ali, "I wonder if she's a democrat."

A knot forms at the Ambassador's brow and her lips part as if she might inhale a breath. She joins in the applause. Her gaze goes sidelong to consider Leight.

Tiberus hands thud together with suitable applause. He gives a grin.

Alejandro applauds politely as well, having listened attentively to the whole poem.

Cassandra applauds quietly, having listened politely. She sits primly, like a giddy child on her best behavior.

Samael just.. brightens at these words and dares to take a step forwards. No applauding, just silent appreciation.

Auspex on Amelia notes:

Ali looks from Alejandro to the stage and claps her hands together with no real visible emotion.
At her place, Ali glances sidelong as she claps, then shrugs.

Leight follows everyone's lead. He claps. Mechanically. A weapon mimicking the work of more social creatures.

Kensie glances at Devon for a second before applauding very briefly.

Nevada emerges again, looking rather bored.. Amber eyes focus on Nathan, narrowing slightly.

Devon is slow to join the applause. Near the end he adds the soft clap of his hands and nods slowly, watching Nathan as he concludes the presentation. Then his, too, dies out with a glance at Ken.

Auspex on Nevada notes:

Emerson's eyes flicker off into the room, his attention shifting behind him to focus intently upon some empty space, and then he turns his attention back to Nathan.

4.4 Carmin Sings ‘Cessate di piagarmi’ - Allessandro Scarlatti

You can listen to this song by clicking here.

You can find more information about Allessandro Scarlatti and ‘Cessate di piagarmi’ on the performances overview.

After waiting for the appreciation and reaction of the audience to Mourning's poem, Nathan smiles as the sound of stringed instruments tuning beings to fill the cathedral with the soft, mellow tones of violin and cello. He waits for a moment, as if for some hidden cue before once again addressing the assemblage, his voice and words, once again clearly his own, the same old Nathan many here will have encountered.
"In honor of the Prince of Naples' visit, we of this city have been offered the singular honor of hearing our next performer. There are no words I could use to describe the performance you are about to witness, so I will not try, instead, please welcome The Rose and Downtown's own Lord Carmen Rizzi."
Nathan gestures toward the edge of the stage, where a spotlight singles out the figure of Carmin.

Boyish beauty, pale hair, face and eyes, he is motionless for a moment, a sculpture of ice, preserved for all time by the working of the blood. Even when he finally moves to the center of the performance area and stands at attention, offering a bow to Prince Emerson and Prince Cavelli, there is no sign of warmth, no smile, in fact, not the faintest flicker of emotion whatsoever. At a nod to Martin, the string quartet begins the introduction to a Scarlatti aria. For a few moments, the only sound is the lively sound of the instrumental music, and then Carmin opens his mouth.

The first note is chillingly pure and light, crystalline majesty, the clear soprano of a boy, but masterfully trained. Though many in this room may have been alive when castrati still existed, only a few, the Prince of Naples included, have memories long enough to remember the greatest such singers, men like Caffarelli and Farinelli, whose names were whispered with awe and whose voices packed the opera houses and brought men and women alike to swooning pleasure.
This voice belongs among these greats. Even in its emotionless perfection, it can't help but touch the soul. The ability to fill the room with a voice, to take a single note and make it sound like a dozen, There is majesty, power, flexibility. It can be loud enough to overwhelm the senses, or soft enough to weave in perfectly with the stringed instruments.
As the performance reaches its climax, Carmin trills an impossibly long, high note. That note is repeated moments later an octave higher than one might have even thought possible for a voice, that singled trilled note pulsing across the room , stringing out forever and ever as its sound annihilates all other senses… and yet it doesn't end, the length of that one note, that one breath, that one moment in time defying imagination and the very laws of nature.
And then it is done, and the cathedral for a moment is hushed, as if suddenly empty, now that it is devoid of that indescribably beautiful, cold and majestic voice.

Carmin surveys the audience cooly, bows again to the princes and exits the stage. He's said not one word outside of the aria, offered no expression of emotion, yet there is no doubt the past few minutes will never be forgotten by those who witnessed it.

Cavelli stands and offers his enthusiastic applause! He looks around to see if any others here truly appreciate what a rare thing was offered and experienced.

Ethan stares mutely at the singer, his attention wrapped up in the voice and the action. For all appearances he is entranced, the only motion the slow rise and fall of his breath.

Auspex on Ethan notes:
«Vague appreciation.»

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«just.. overwhelmed.. a deep deep respect, and a sense of creeping fear»

Ernst rises to his feet, his hands thundering together - the movement seemingly done in unison with Cavelli's and not prompted by it. He lept upwards as that last note reverberated to its finality, And now cries out in perfect Italian inflection, "Bravo! Bravo!"

Auspex on Nevada notes:
«trying to remain cool.. unimpressed. Failing.. shoot..»

Auspex on Nathan notes:
«Sheer awe at the power and beauty of Carmin's voice.»

Auspex on Cassandra notes:
«Wondrous delight!»

Auspex on Ernst notes:
«Trembling and pulsing with appreciation, again with that same sense of religious zeal, although this not even as strong as what was previously seen as he left the stage, should anyone have seen both.»

Alejandro reaches up and runs a hand through his hair, looking a little taken aback by Carmin's performance. No matter what manner of uncultured front the seneschal of South Central tries to project, it's clear that under that, there is, in fact, a man who truly appreciates good music. It takes a him a moment to recover himself, then he joins in the applause, given in earnest.

Cassandra seems to agree that a standing ovation is entirely appropriate, clapping eagerly and with great appreciation.

Auspex on Ethan notes:
«lacking the strong emotion of others, the faint mechanical appreciation follow but a surge of green jealousy, a wave of alienation and digust and solitude.»

Samael tries to move and applaud but fails to as he's too busy gawking and trying to waken up and move in a direction he really doesn't want to go.

Ethan follows the others to their feet, slowly beginning to applaud along with Ernst… but for all appearances just as stunned as Alejandro in the next set of pews.

Emerson rises gracefully, seeming to flow into a standing position and offering up applause, a fuller sound then what was offered before, but not quite as enthusiastic as the Prince of Naples.

Devon rocks back as Carmin delivers the extended high note and is clearly taken aback by how smoothly it comes. He clears his throat quietly and tugs at the front of his hood, pulling it back into place to cover his face, for whatever reason. Though he does not stand, he does add his solid applause to the growing erruption.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«doubt, reluctance fueled by a hatred, anger, fear and PRIDE. Countered by a dire need and determination.»

Auspex on Devon notes:
«Moved, deeply saddened»

Kensie adds to the applause, though with less enthusiasm than those standing.

Stunned, no. Ali looks a bit taken aback as the last note ends, but she looks more stunned to see everyone rising then anything else. Apparently that was the last note. After a moment she glances down the row she's sitting in and seems to decide that applauding and sitting is the appropriate response.

Alejandro isn't as shy as Ali. Once he's found his feet, he joins in the standing ovation. He seems fairly unselfconscious about it, sitting down when the ovation is over.

4.5 ‘Gloria’ – Antonio Vivaldi

You can listen to this piec by clicking here.

You can find more information about Antonio Vivaldi and ‘Gloria’ on the performances overview.

After a brief pause the string quartet attunes their instruments again. The musicians glance expectantly at Martin, indicating the beginning of yet another piece. Carmin remains on the stage as Samael moves forward, approaching until he stands a few feet behind the Seneschal. Two androgenic young faces, one only a few years older than the other. Pretty, white, angelic. Nicely blending in with it the sculptures of the cherubs and angels on the alter. Perhaps the only thing required to complete the picture of this pair of artificial angels, would be wings. For now however, both faces are devoid of expression. Two pairs of bright blue eyes greet the audience.

Ethan settles back down with the others, one of the many who make the motion swift.

At his place, Alejandro notes quietly to Ali, "Reminds me of Sam. The Rose sure does know how to pick 'em. Still, the cost…" He doesn't continue, and it's possible his words are lost amidst the noise anyway.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«When Samael ascends the stage the fear turns into outright panic of the raging kind. The beast stirs, violently attempting to claw its way up. It is a much expected guest however, and it is held off, put down with sheer force of will. Steady.. steady…»

The hands of the boy-vampire are clasped firmly behind his back. He's obviously uncomfortable, if not scared, and the gaze moves up to skim the ceiling of the church in stead. Breath in, breath out. If Carmin is nervous, there are no signs of it. A skilled experienced performer, pleasing and expressionate in every movement, every sign. He was trained to be.
The musicians, wearing sleek black dinner suits, place their bows on the strings. It's not immediately clear which one is conducting, they simply glance to each other, waiting for an unknown signal. Martin leads from the first violin with a glittering smile and a zest for the material that is almost palpable. The violins issue the notes of 'Et in terra pax hominibus' from the 'Gloria' as composed by Vivaldi. The melody is bright, rich with harmonic contrasts and innovative themes.

Ernst settles back to his seat only as the string quartet moves to continue the program for the evening. His lips are drawn into a thin smile, and he settles back down to his seat, his attention once more onstage.

Heavenly choirs seem to descend as the older singer brings forth the first words. Carmin's voice is, quite frankly, not to be described. No words could do it justice. Sublime, transcendent, the stuff of legends. For those old enough to remember it, it is perhaps only comparable to the likes of Farinelli, the greatest of the Castrati. A phenomenon so prominent, to define and inspire Italian Opera, with Naples as its undeniable capital for two centuries. For the young it is the mystery of the Castrati-sound revealed. The crystal clear angelic voice of a boy, the control of over a century of practice, the power and endurance of a man, or even a vampire. No contemporary singer is capable of sounding this way, perhaps no mortal could. Although.. despite the perfection and the undeniable breathtaking beauty, it is also a chilling one. There is the cold of a subdued emotionless personality carrying it.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«It's like someone standing on the very edge of a high cliff, trying to weather the raging storm around him. He tries to let go of pride, hatred, anger, fear. But as he tries the ocean only roars harder. Time freezes as he stops trying. There's a brief flare of panic when he rises to his toes, spreads his arms. The moment Samael starts to sing the ground shifts and he lets himself tumble forward and fall.»

Emerson is the last to sit, a slow, languid movement that has no discernable change from standing to sitting; movement in the world is not something he has to deal with in any normal fashion, he simply.. is. He is standing, and then he is sitting, hands folded before him and his gaze settled upon the performers.

At her place, Ali spreads her hands, waiting for a break in the aria to shrug at Alejandro. "Me, I don't get it.", she says low and in Spanish. "It seems not so much a gift when you pay for it so much."

Samael very much follows Carmin, supporting the lead singers voice in every way, in an attempt to lift it up even further, as if it would require such. The nervousness and fear seems forgotten. In fact he seems, for the duration of the music, an entirely different creature. It is remarkable how much the boy-vampires voice resembles that of the Castrato's. High, crystal clear and transcendent in it's own right with the control of an opera singer, but not with the absolute level of perfection or power of the other. However, for those with the ears to notice there is another difference too. The neonates song does carry an almost feel-able religious devotion. A silent cry for God to fill the emptiness so eminent in the lead singers song. A prayer for the peace the lyrics speak of. And for a brief moment the angelic image and sound may merge and provide the illusion of something truly there.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«All the way through the song, there's a sensation of falling. Despite the roaring ocean it's oddly silent and empty. Time seems to freeze again and something in the inner part of the aura changes. The unreasonable anger and fear that lashed out before dissolves completely, forcing whatever rage ruled there to effectively retreat. There's still some essence left, but it's reduced to a small flickering core.»

As the singers fill the room with song, the musicians subtly quieten, supporting the glorious melody without drowning any of it out. The piece is slow, devout and sacred. The melodies of the violins, the harpsichord and the two high angelic voices mingle and intertwine. Waves of sound swell up and diminish again, echoing through the halls of the Cathedral, flowing over and merging into each other in such a way that it is hard to determine where the violins sing or the voices resonate. The Latin lyrics of the song are elegantly simple. One sentence from the 'Gloria', repeated over and over again:

'Et in terra pax, Hominibus bonae voluntatis.'
'And on earth, peace to all those of goodwill.'

As the tones of the music slowly echo away through the halls of the Cathedral, the magic fades. Carmin's blue eyes search out the audience, and from there the crowd as he performs a slight graceful bow, both in the direction of the audience and in the direction of Martin and his string quartet.

At his place, Alejandro nods slightly to Ali, though he says nothing. He seems pensive, perhaps even a little sad despite the aural beauty all around him.

At her place, Cassandra closes her eyes and folds her hands together. Her head is bowed as she listens to the angelic music as if she prays.

Auspex on Ethan notes:
«Jealousy cannot stand the wave of disgust and alienation, and it is swept back under to the calm grey. Only the faintest ripple of malice, blame, and anger strike outward.»

Nathan, standing off to the side of the stage, is enraptured, completely lost in the music and the perfection of the voices that wash over he and the crowd.

At his place, Ethan remains silent, his hands folded in his lap as his body reacts subtly to the music… sitting taller when it crests, falling when it falls. The picture of 'lost in the song.'

Samael acts rather doped and slightly confused. The presence of this audience seems too overwhelming and something he clearly doesn't have the nerve to cope with. He's aware enough to copy Carmin's bows. Even offer two 'awe'-inspired smiles to his fellow-performers, before he waggles a few paces backwards, aiming backwards and for the courtyard.

Samael posed to Aura-Readers:
«There's a sudden pang of intense unreasonable fear. But it is eased by the calm and stillness that built during the singing. There's a strange sense of certainty, apprehension and accomplishment that evolves into a happiness and religious gratitude of the overwhelming kind.»

Auspex on Nevada notes:

Ernst again rises to his feet, clapping enthusiastically - though in a more reverent way - less stunned, less sharply with the violence of mesmerism broken. He nods his head, smiling broadly, eyes drifting from one performer to the other and back again.

Devon lowers his head as the second song quiets and remains so, until after the duo on the stage complete their bow. He tilts his head back to stare up at the stage, haunting white eyes searching for the image the music left in his mind. Then he turns to Ken and furrows his brow. As Ernst stands, Von pushes up from his crouch and joins the Elder in applause for the performers onstage. Only a moment, however, then he kneels back down and resume watching the floor ahead of him.

Ethan follows Ernst's lead, coming to his feet. The applause is quicker in coming, this time, but the dazed look lingers on his face for longer.

Cavelli joins in the applause, with a look of sympathy toward the boy.

Nathan joins the applause, his hands vigorously clapping together as he calls out at in a clear voice. "Bravo Carmin, Bravo Samael, Bravi la Rosa."

At his place, Leight murmurs, "The true art there, was that boy containing his demons within while he did that. Fascinating."

Kensie starts to applause and pauses for a moment to watch Von, lifting a brow. He shrugs, stores it away for later and resumes the applause for a moment.

If Alejandro was going to applaud enthusiastically for Carmin, he's definitely going to do so for the duet of Carmin and Samael. And he does.

Emerson's attention follows Samael very briefly before applauding, his voice coming forth but perhaps not loud enough for those who are not nearby to hear, "The Rose blooms under God."

At her place, Amelia quirks a brow in Leight's direction. She offers him a nod, a singular inclination of her chin.

Ali crosses her legs, then glances around the immediate vicinity. Frowning as she finds no chair arm, what with this being a church pew, she uses the muscle of one thigh as a place to rest her elbow on. Then all the applause and she looks around with momentary discomfort, then brings her hands together again and applauds with rather uninvolved motions.

Carmin forces a smile and descends as well, taking a seat near the orchestra while focusing his attention on Nathan once more. The Master of Ceremonies enters the stage again and makes his way towards an object, revealed behind white cloth.

Tiberus still has not sat. His scowl, however, has softened. His perpetual anger seems gone. At least for this moment.

At his place, Ethan's eyes track Carmin, directing whatever he feels at it.

Auspex on Ethan notes:
«A rise of murderous intent, a burnt umber that settles into the grey with surprising comfort.»

4.6 A Gift for Cavelli

Nathan smiles addressing the audience once more; "Alas, I fear word has gotten out ahead of us with regards to this gift." The Primogen gaze settles on Cavelli briefly; "We have asked several of our artists to create a piece to offer to Prince Emersons Guest as a token of our appreciation, or perhaps to remember his visit to Los Angeles by." He beckons toward the painting that must be underneath, invitingly. Perhaps briefly offering Cavelli the choice to reveal and collect it himself.

Cavelli leaps to the occasion then. He eagerly awaits the ceremony to be given the edge of the cloth, "Bene! Bene!"
Cavelli gets up from the Pews on the left.

Ernst shifts slightly in his seat, craning to see over the shoulders of those on the pews in front of him. His eyebrows arch in interest and a small smile crosses his face as he expectantly looks on.

Nathan hands the piece of cloth over to Cavelli.

Cavelli, with great gusto and flourish, REVEALS! the painting, with the flair of a stage magician. Surely a long-time city-state Italian has done such a thing time and again in the past.

When the cloth is drawn away it reveals a large canvas, from left to right, depicting the streets from Naples, with the Vesuvius in the background in bright colorful vivid brushes. As the painting continues the streets of Naples change, being morphed into the streets of the City of Angels. The coloring fades. By the time it gets to the City of Angels the painting lacks any colors other than grays, and dirty blues/greens and browns.
There is a small name under the painting as it is signed 'Bella'.

Leight leaves the Cathedral and heads out to 2nd Street.
Leight has left.

Auspex on Nevada notes:
«Now /there's/ amusement.»

Amelia leaves the Cathedral and heads out to 2nd Street.
Amelia has left.

Auspex on Ernst notes:
«Anticipation, slight trepidation … a surge of relief and delight… and then once more, creeping uncertainty»

Cavelli tips his head, taking it in. He looks to his age-old friend Emerson, a slight smile, then returns to appreciate the piece.

Ethan tilts his head, considering the piece. The downtown Seneschal seems far less appreciative of the visual arts than the auditory.

Ali leans forward, her lashes lowering as she eyes the piece. There's a faint sense of marvel at this, a stillness not often seen on her form and she makes a quiet hmmming noise softly to herself.

Cavelli winks to Emerson, "It is lovely," he begins, his first words in English, "Yes, yes, I am thinking they are telling me my home is beautiful, yes? And making me long to return. My welcome is, perhaps, long and burdensome." He offers a smile to Cassandra.

Cassandra lifts her face to smile beautifully at Cavelli, just beaming at him.

There is a faint smile that touches Emerson's lips, and he rises from his seat to glide over towards the other member of the Ancient's Country Club, his hands held at his side casually, gazing at the work of art, "Quite the talent." he agrees towards Cavelli.

Devon cranes his neck as well, trying to see the painting, but deciding it's not possible from the back and resigns simply to watch the reaction of the two Ancients in regards to the work.

Auspex on Emerson notes:
«Not amused. Not even very appreciative.»

Cavelli nods approvingly toward Ernst, "Yes, I know precisely where this must be hung. And Perhaps Callas will have his own appreciation to offer."

Auspex on Cavelli notes:
«Playful diggings. On several fronts.»

Samael leaves the Cathedral and heads into the Courtyard.

Alejandro quietly admires the painting, his eyes moving over the details on it for some time. Fortunately for him, he's seated close enough to the front to be able to appreciate it.

Ernst gives a soft laugh in the seats behind the pews at Cavelli's jaunty demeanor. He sits still and glances from one Ancient to the next. He nods, his smile slightly fixed, although it softens as he is spoken to by Cavelli - Ernst's warmth to the man evident even among those lacking the ability to see his aura. Not wanting to call out over the distance separating the two, he remains non-vocal for the moment.

Kensie can't see the painting from the back and instead lets his eyes wander over the people seated up front, expression neutral.

Emerson casts a wry grin towards Cavelli, a faint chuckle escaping his lips, "The artist has such adoration for your city, Benedetto; perhaps another will leave my city to see its beauty." And then he turns and makes his way back over towards his seat.

Ethan glances from Ernst to the door to the courtyard. Since he is seated in the closest possible seat to the exit Samael took, he moves off to look after the Toreador.

Auspex on Ernst notes:
«Torn… his aura fragmenting. All at once, a portion is self-flagellating. Another is friendly and reverent toward Cavelli. Still another is fearful and nervous, flighty. He seems paralyzed with self-conflict for the moment.»

Auspex on Ethan notes:
«A rise of hate, directed outwards, a faint aversion to the current conflict. The easy path of following both away.»

Having presented Bella's painting, Nathan stands off to the side to let the powerful Princes exchange their observations, waiting patiently, certainly aware that no matter how much preparation and effort has gone into the evening, the current proceedings are at the mercy of Cavelli and Emerson.

Cassandra is too busy watching Emerson and Cavelli to even look much at the painting. She smiles the dreamy smile of the childishly happy, her hands folded in her lap.

Auspex on Nathan notes:
«Pleased that things are going seemingly well and that Prince Cavelli appears to be enjoying himself this evening.»

Ali leans back, her eyes still on the piece as she tugs absently at one cuff, then gives Alejandro a soft nudge and nods at the painting, nonverbally asking an opinion.

Cavelli carries himself back to his seat, content the painting is in an others' care. He hums to himself a bit from the musical selections played earlier.

Tiberus gives the painting it's due regard. To himself a murmured "Well, I don't know art but…"he trails off as he adjusts the cufflinks once more.

Ernst's eyes flit from Emerson to Cavelli. He seems to draw himself out of some sort of brief reverie and re-focuses his attention on Nathan.

4.7 Caccini Opera: 'La Liberazione di Ruggiero dall'isola d'Alcina' - The liberation of the Shepherd from the isle of Alcina

You can find several tracks and more information about Francesca Caccini or 'La Liberazione di Ruggiero dall'isola d'Alcina' on theperformances overview.


  1. Nathan (dances/acts Ruggiero)
  2. Odette (dances/acts Alcina)
  3. Alexa (dances Melissa-Atlante)
  4. Nevada (dances a nymph/spirit)
  5. Luciano (dances a nymph/spirit)
  6. Martin (strings)
  7. Carmin (first singer)
  8. Samael (second singer + guitar)
  9. Feo (stages, lights and special effects)

Nathan returns to stage center, and once again lets his voice fill the cathedral, his attractive face beaming, a smile seemingly in place for all of the assembled guests. "The following opera and ballet, 'La Liberazione di Ruggiero dall'isola d'Alcina' was penned by the Neapolitan composer Francesca Caccini. Though we cannot hope to do provide the kind of performance His Highness would have witnessed when it was first performed, perhaps we can provide our own unique touch. So, without further ado …" Nathan bows and steps aside, allowing the music and visuals to take over.

At both sites of the altar a few musicians find their seats, Martin gathers his quartet, equipped with baroque instruments; two violins, a lute, an early guitar. Samael returns from the courtyard to find a place behind the Harpsichord, staring at the keys.. probably hoping the thing doesn't differ from a piano too much. Behind the Harpsichord is Carmin, mostly standing by.

The electric lights in the Cathedral dim until the altar and the stages in front of it are veiled in pitch black. The opening is quiet, subdued. Violin, lutes and harpsichord weave a slow dance consisting of bright short notes and repeating themes. As the music swells the floor of the stage lights a deep hue of blue as soft waves of smoke mimic the oceans waves. The Shepherd Ruggiero (Nathan) emerges from the waters, slowly making his way up the stage. As he arrives on the Isle, a knot unravels from the high ceiling. Long pieces of cloth roll down, creating a dense wood of up lighting light-green foliage.
Two high soprano voices mimic the sirens call, that lures Ruggiero deeper and deeper into the forest, closing around him.

The lights dim again as night falls. A lighting white circle descends and the floor of the stage seems a mirror reflecting it. It is the full moon in the sky, casting a path over the water. Ruggiero attempts to light a fire, but fails - the wood won't catch. As he looks around for drier driftwood, the sound of bells rings out over the water. The cry of an owl can be heard close by, and the laughter of women.
Dancing across the water's surface, tracing the moon's bright path, come Alcina (Odette) and her companions (Luciano and Nevada). They are all wearing tight fitting bodices with flowing indigo capes, and in the center, the sorceress is in scarlet, with an ornate, gorgeous mask on her face.
The women dance on the island, without seeing Ruggiero. They spin and leap to entertain their mistress. Then Alcina shrugs off her cape and dances alone, barefoot. It is clear that she is lonely, but the heat of her dancing leaves small flames trailing behind her. Fire spirits spring up, aching for her touch, and she rebuffs them all.
When Ruggiero sneaks closer, he makes a noise and all the spirits suddenly are still. Alcina notices him, and the pair dance a slow pas de deux in which they circle each other, slowly drawing closer and closer, but never touching. The yearning is palpable. Then with a laugh, Alcina blows the man a kiss and vanishes into the trees. Ruggiero tries to follow, but the trees themselves prevent it. The lights dim again.

The next stage shows a sleeping Ruggiero at the heart of the isle. A high mountain, a volcano most likely, looms in the background.
Melissa (Alexa) swirls onto stage in a flurry of stark white — its her long billowing cloak flowing around her as she saunters…yes saunters, toward Ruggiero. Some habits are hard to break even if you're supposed to be fancy dancing. She dances in a sinuous spiral around Ruggiero, pointing at silent, prostrate man who suddenly appear dotting the stage. Silvery holographic projections of moving human forms that fade again as their movements freeze. Trapped in the foliage that surrounds the isle as a spiders web.

There’s brief dazzling flash covering the stage in white and the next moment the public finds a waking Ruggiero, unsure if Melissa-Atlante was a dream or not. Nevertheless the Shepherd moves to examine and try the foliage, aiming to find it’s way back to the waters. He finds himself moving in circles however, and his searching movements become ever more desperate, much resembling those of the holographic projections shown earlier. The music gains in speed and strength as suddenly, the sorceress returns, searching out Ruggiero.
Again the pair dance the slow circling dance. This time, Ruggiero is trying to move further away, but Alcina tempts him closer. She discards a layer of veils to reveal a sparkling costume which doesn't cover very much at all and does a pole dance with a shotgun. Surrounding Alcina are her spirits. Their movements are fluent, sliding, un-earthly almost as they circle around the pair in ever narrowing circles, aiming to drive Ruggiero closer to their mistress.
In the distance however, one the violins takes on a different melody. The theme of Melissa-Atlante swells up again, increasing in strength as one of the singers picks it up, whisper the Sorceress repeated warning.
Ruggiero’s movements slow as the other woman’s call holds him back. His retreat gains confidence as he rejects Alcina and her spirits, pushing her back when they reach out for him. Melissa-Atlantes theme swells once more as her form appears from a sudden cloud of smoke, reaching out for Ruggiero.
Upon seeing Melissa however, Alcina draws a shotgun, and it's not a fake. It gets fired several times, thundering booms enforcing the music as it swells to a climax.
Melissa spins around, tossing her billowing cloak at Alcina in an attempt to foul the other woman's shot. Then, faster then the eye can follow, Melissa hits the ground in a crouch. Obviously, she's used to being shot at.

The ‘boom’ initiates a more profound change however. Red lights erupt from the Volcano in the background, quickly transforming what was a paradise into a blazing inferno. The foliage sprouts open, tongues of flickering flames emerging.. or impressions thereof. In a flash the costumes of Alcina and her Spirits swirl. What was tempting and beautiful rises up, revealing themselves as bat-winged creatures from hell.
Ruggiero twirls away from the fight erupting between Melissa and Alcina, his graceful, swaying dance steps carrying him away, only to find another figure hidden by a dark cloak approaching him. A menacing glance is given to the Hero, as the cloak is tossed aside effortlessly, revealing the red-skinned figure with a human face. Luciano bares his fangs at Ruggi, snarling at him, while his companion (Nevada) starts to draw around them in ever fastening circles, almost flying through the air as it tosses itself up twirls through the air, menacing.. primal.
Ruggiero seems to shrink from the menacing red-clad figure, his steps briefly taking him into step with Nevada, for a few confusing moments, and then away from her until he is left facing the chasing Luciano on his own. The reddish demon slowly unsheathes a blade with long red silk ribbons attached to it. Pointing it at Ruggiero, he 'charges' forward, his foot going up as he spins in the air. One may notice that the red ribbons swing in the air in a strange, confusing and entertaining pattern as the man lands on his only foot, his right leg doing a 'round house' kick in the air, ending with a quick swing of his body to the right. The blunt end of his sword goes in a slight arc to 'hit' at Ruggiero's side. Alas, our hero is struck, and though the wound is not mortal, his steps falter, he seems to fall outward, away from the other dancers.
In the mean time Atlante recovered from Alcina’s attack as well and thumbs her nose at the other woman as she saunters over to Ruggiero. Whoops. Dancing. She catches herself and skips a little to his side. When Ruggiero is caught by Atlante, he falls into a close dance with the sorceress as they fade toward the outside of the scene and eventually depart.

The music comes to a closing theme as the stage drowns in a deepening crimson red, leaving Alcina and her spirits as dark monstrous shadows as they move towards the crypt. The red lights retreat, ebbing back to center around the descending trio, fading completely when they disappear. The pitch black is only dispelled as the electric lights in the Cathedral flash on again, revealing the full cast on the stage, facing the audience with an general expression of accomplishment.

Kensie eyes the exit to the courtyard for a moment before quietly standing and making for it as unobtrusively as he can.
Kensie leaves the Cathedral and heads into the Courtyard.
Kensie has left.

At his place, Alejandro never does actually answer Ali's nudge, though he does acknowledge it. And then after that he's paying attention to Luciano and Alexa and the other dancers.

Ali settles back, more curious then anything else as the dance commences. She grins wide as Alexa appears and lifts her hand, momentarily shielding her mouth as she gives Alejandro yet another nudge. With unusual focus .. Ali watches. Her attention actually held, despite this being .. ballet .. of all things.

Auspex on Ali notes:
«curiosity, wariness, protectiveness»

Devon watches the performance distantly, head tilted back. With a quiet movement, he slides into Ken's vacated chair to make the viewing a bit easier. When the lights return and the performers are on stage, the hooded figure lowers his eyes down and focused on the floor.

Ernst gives a start at the sharp report of the shotgun. His eyes widen, and he hastily glances about - watching for any dramatic reactions to the sudden noise and surge of lighting.

Cavelli rises to his feet, his laughter coming free, a joyful sound that reverberates with his applause, and he calls out to the performers, "Bravo, Bravo!" He looks to Emerson and offers his friend a grin, "Ah, my fair Naples is honored by yours."

Emerson chuckles softly, joining Cavelli in the applause once again, and he says simply, "As is deserving, old friend."

Ernst, after the conclusion of the piece, rises to his feet, an appreciative smile on his face. He adds his applause to the crowd's, watching the actors as they receive their accolades on stage before - after an appropriate length of time - he settles back down in his seat.

Alejandro allows himself a wry smile as Ali nudges him, and pays similar attention to the ballet as well, including Alexa's occasional saunter. He reacts, briefly to the sound of the shotgun, but, as he had his eyes trained on the barrel the moment it showed up didn't seem too surprised. And, of course, he applauds loudly when the performance is done.

Cassandra claps eagerly, clearly appreciative of the performance, delighted.

Dramatic reaction? Yep. In about a blink Ali is no longer seated, but standing, and looking every bit like a war vet with trigger happy reflexes. Her expression darkens palpably before enough settles that she sinks back down to her seat, applauding, like she was so overcome that she accidentally launched to her feet. At the end of the performance she stands on purpose, yet again clapping.

Tiberus jumps a little at the shotguns report, hand slipping inside his jacket for…something that isn't there apparently. Instead, he claps and applauds, bringing his hands together to give a loud shotgun report of his own.

4.8 ‘Or la nube procellosa’ - Porpora & Hasse

You can listen to a sample of this song by clicking here.
You can find more information about Porpora, Hasse or 'Or la nube procellosa' on the performances overview.

As the performers depart and the applause dies down, Nathan once again takes the stage and beams at the audience. "You are all too kind, but thank you, thank you. Now, if you will please, once again, please give your attention to our Samael and his wonderful voice."

One of Martins violist makes her way up the stage. And there's Samael again, following casually as if merely aiming to adjust a microphone. Instead however, both, the ghoul and the undersized vampire face the audience, waiting for a moment to gain their attention. Samael’s pose is very much the opposite of the subdued creature ascending the altar preceding Vivaldi's Gloria. Natural, calm, flashing an easy smile to an audience that might as well not be there. One might thin the kid is trippin' in dope-inspired realms.
Samael breaths and nods to the musician, that places her bow. The violin initiates the melody of 'Or la Nube Procellosa' (Now the stormy cloud) from Hasse's Arteserse. Those with some knowledge about the matter realize this must be one of those 'Castrati'-scores that most contemporary singers refuse to touch.
Notes are quick, short and cheerful. Samael spreads his hands slightly, palms up as fluent gestures accompany the first words flowing towards the crowd.

What's to say? Hasse's score is followed up minitiously but lovingly, including the insane number of decorations and embellishments added by the composer. There's a flawless rhythmical and tonal accuratese while carrying out dozens-of-notes-per-minute roulades. The chorister pulls it off. He even manages to pull it off with the seeming ease of a flower-hopping-butterfly. Smiling eyes aim up and away, words and notes pour out a still sense of happiness, urging the music to live, to flare, to instill delight and hope in the hearts of its listeners.
To most it would occur that, was this angel-look-alike to sing like this in a concert hall with marginally professional mortals, it might very well cause an amount of gawking to the equivalent of a Masquerade breach. No female soprano or male sopranisto, no boy-soprano sounds like this. Sammie's timbre is a thing unheard in the contemporary mortal music-scene. It's the 'white' voice of the boy, with the breath & voice-control, the vibrato's and chest/head-voice-merging of the opera-singer, enabling him to add warmth and richness to its tone, while the crystal clearness stays.
But that small mystery has been solved, has it not? Surpassingly. This little singer could be placed nicely after having heard Carmin. It's sound mimics that of the old Castrati. The experienced listener could pinpoint the subtle lacks of this copy however. There was basic training, probably severe, but no proper musical education of the advanced kind. A lot of what Sam does is self-taught and improvised, more guessing than knowing how a 'white' male soprano-voice can sound. And as such, there are interesting results on how he handles things, musically inspired even, but lacking the perfection of tried and proven singing-techniques, especially where it comes to controlling the volume and power of song.
The bright notes of the violin and the singer chase each other, ascending, descending, through crescendo and diminuendo. Before people know it, the piece is concluded in a rapid roulade of notes and a firm last strike. Samael nods in the direction of the audience and brightens as he walks in the musicians direction. He offers her a quick handshake before his feet carry him hopping off the altar to focus on aiding with the set-up of the next performer.

Posed to Aura-Readers:
«Slightly embarrassed but otherwise rather 'doped' like.. calm and happy about something that dispenses with all the uncertainties, anger and what-more that was there preceding the 'Gloria'.»

Auspex on Devon notes:
«slightly saddened, simmering warmth»

Devon listens to the next piece preformed by Samuel with his head bowed, arms crossed over his chest. No movement accompanies the end of the song, the hood no more shifts than would a statue in a breeze.

Ethan stands near the courtyard entrance, as much host as guest at this point.

Half-way through the song and dance number, Alexa slips back in from back stage. Her trench coat is over one arm and she's wearing her usual street clothes now. She edges along the side of the room, standing on her tip-toes and peering around like she's looking for someone.

Ernst rises once more from his seat, smiling broadly, warmly, in favor of Samael as he once more applauds the outstanding vocal performances of the evening.

The Prince of Naples once again applauds, buy this time there is an almost warm smile offered to the child singer, and a nod of appreciation given, "Bravo, angioletto." he offers.

Emerson simply gives a nod, the expression seeming to be all that is needed to offer his approval of boy-vampire's exquisite skill.

Auspex on Ernst notes:
«Calm… serene… but edged with anxiety»

In the midst of his applause, Alejandro glances back, noticing Alexa's entry out of the corner of his field of vision. He catches Ali's eye and tilts his head slightly in that direction, but says nothing.

4.9 Calvins Audio-Visual Show

"Thank you my friend," Nathan says quietly to Samael as they pass, and he once again addresses the audience. It's a damn good thing he's so amazingly charming and handsome, and that his voice is thoroughly captivating, otherwise, no doubt, you'd be bored to death of him by now, then again, he's a Toreador, so how could you possibly /not/ want more? "And now, another original presentation by one of our citizens, Mr. Calvin Hart."

Clad in something other than his usual hoodie, band shirt and baggy pants, Calvin Harte proves for once that he actually has the fashion sense of his brood. While not a tuxedo, Cal's suit definitely shows he's got some style. Replacing his traditional wardrobe tonight, Cal wears a pair of pressed pin-striped pants, an ironed black and white striped long sleeved shirt and a well fitting black suit over top of it with a single white rose in its pocket. He smiles briefly as he's called for his turn at performing and nods, smiling briefly to the audience before making his way toward his spot. His 'spot' is actually a rather intricate display of twin turntables, a projector, a laptop and several of other tools of Cal's trade.

Cal allows a moment to revel in the scene, looking at the people in front of him before fluidly moving his hands to the turntables. While he starts speaking, the goth band Fields of the Nephilim plays from their 1988 album Nephilim, their song Phobia, albeit in the very distant background. It's obvious Cal knows what he's doing, his eyes aren't even watching what his hands are doing at the moment. Cal looks to the crowd before telling them, "I was somewhat surprised to be asked to perform tonight, to be honest." Cal smiles briefly before admitting, "It's come out that I'm not the best person at keeping my tongue in check." His hands swivel, and flick a switch, and Phobia repeats the last line sung. "It's an incredible honor to be asked to do this for you all. I hope you all thank Samael and the other people in charge of this bash at some point, because they sure know how to pull such a grand affair off."

The bass guitar from the song grows minutely louder. "So, when Samael asked me, I realized that I hadn't done this in a while. I'm a little rusty." Despite such a confession, Cal doesn't look rusty at all, his hands seem to fly over the turntables and the rest of the equipment in front of him. He gives a grin to the crowd before going on to say, "I have an incredible respect for music, as I'm sure those of you who know me, know, but I have an even bigger respect when all the mediums, such as television," the projector flickers to life after a touch from Cal, showing off Joss Whedon's Angel being cornered by some big bad. "Film," the projector then shows the wingless angel from John Carpenter's contemporary featurette Cigarette Burns. "… and music."

The music then comes to life within the church, growing loud enough for anyone to hear now. Cal concludes his earlier remark: "… combine, mingling together in one piece of artistic genius." Cal places another record on the bare turntable and plays it, creating a fluid transfer from Fields of Nephilim to Sarah McLachlan's Angel, but at the same time, it cuts out as the projector shows Wim Wenders' film, Wings of Desire, as Homer, the aged poet replies (and repeating the first word in tune with MacLachlan's song, "Must… Must. Must.. Must I give up now? If I do give up, then mankind will lose its storytell-tell-tell-teller. And if mankind once loses its storyteller, then it will lose its childhood." He looks once more out to the crowd and calls out, "Sit back and watch the mediums mingle. This is for all of you. This is out of respect and reverence…" And with that, the church is filled with another switch in music from McLachlan to the raging beat of Slayer's Haunting of the Chapel. For all Cal's talk, he truly does mingle the mediums well, appearing nimble fingered with each piece of technology, taking care of each transition, showing the full scale of eccentricities among the three mediums of music, movies and television. Each piece of music or clip of television and film all get some play, but never for too long, nor for too short a time.

At a sudden intersection of chords, the raging beat of Slayer moves swiftly into Iron Maiden's Flight of Icarus. At each beat, the record repeats, loops, while the projector shows off clips of Darren Aronofsky's Pi, suddenly making Cal grin, and, with perhaps a stroke of genius, replaces one of the records with another, flicking a few switches, as Iron Maiden's music dies off, almost as if it were being pushed off some precipice, only to have someone's voice recount: "And it came to pass … when I was 42 years and 7 months old, that the heavens were opened and a blinding light of exceptional brilliance flowed through my entire brain. And so it kindled my whole heart and breast like a flame, not burning but warming… and suddenly I understood of the meaning of…" And Cal cuts into the quote with Hildegaard Von Bingen's classical hymn O rubor sanguinis.

Ani DiFranco's Icarus somehow integrates itself into the hymn, creating a comingling of old and new, chantspeak and funky jazz, with DiFranco's coarse voice overlapping. The music creates a crescendo while Cal flicks another few switches, creating a swelling of sound, of old and new, together in one single piece of music. The projector switches from excerpts of Pi, to landscapes of Los Angeles, portraits of people, and other photos, to the beat of the next song, which happens to be Lightnin' Hopkins' blues song, Los Angeles Boogie. Meanwhile, the images of LA continue to flicker on the screen, creating a mishmash of music and photography, with every fifth or sixth image being Elysiums around the city, and the music changes, flowing from Hopkins to Ry Cooder, with his song Bario Viejo, and, as the tempo increases, so do snips of songs, Cooder's song evolves into the Guns 'n' Roses seminal song Welcome to the Jungle, which then fades and is replaced by Zoot Suit Riot by swing/ska band Cherry Poppin' Daddies.

The photos of Los Angeles flicker on the screen seemingly with every beat of the music thats turned up higher, with Cal fluidly replacing records, flicking more switches, creating the ultimate love letter to Los Angeles, while at the same time, showing the city's appeal to people who might not be locals, such as the guest of honor. The music is swiftly switched to a more upbeat song, creating a beautiful cacophony of genres as Death Cab for Cutie's Why You'd Want to Live Here plays in a dominant tone as the images of LA end. Not only are Calvin's passion for music and other art forms shared with the audience, but his love for Los Angeles as well. Soon, Death Cab's song fades into Chris Coco's Lost Angels from his Next Wave album. Despite the groove of the comingling of music, Cal only smiles, almost dreamily. Every once in a while, he'll tap a foot, but aside from that, he does appear to be willing to sacrifice his dancing to the music for now.

Chris Coco's electronica fades, then grows louder, then fades again in turn with more pictures showing Los Angeles off, until it fades completely to be replaced by Placido Domingo (on both record and on the screen) of all people, singing the Christmas song, Angels From the Realms of Glory. But, almost as soon as the carol is sung by Domingo, he's cut off by the project as it shows a clip from Collateral showing Foxx and Cruise in dialogue, intercut with dialogue from some person spouting Neil Simon: "When its 100 degrees in New York, it's 72 in Los Angeles. When its 30 degrees in New York, in Los Angeles it's still 72. However, there are 6 million interesting people in New York, and 72 in Los Angeles." Unfolding with a light folk song, is a tape of Phil Ochs, speaking out about California as a whole: "The final story, the final chapter of western man, I believe, lies in Los Angeles."

And with that single quote, Cal flicks a switch, and amongst the music, layered beneath it is Fields of Nephilim's 'Last Exit for the Last', playing at a deep bass tone. Until it evolves into something more primal. Above the din, Calvin Harte calls out, "Feel free to let the music sway you. Let it guide you." Cal smiles one last time before bowing his head respectfully, telling the crowd "Welcome to Los Angeles. Have a great night everyone."

Garain arrives in Saint Vibiana's Cathedral from the main entrance on 2nd Street.
Garain has arrived.

Ali looks lost again and applauds like a puppet jerked into motion as everyone else stands. She catches Alejandro's eye, following his gaze with a curious, inquisitive glance that shifts into amusement as she finds its target. Shaking her head she chuckles faintly and nods. The appearance of a turntable twists her expression into something resembling a grin and she leans back, folding her arms in expectation. It's with a visible amount of enjoyment that Ali watches Calvin's performance - this, aside all others, has her teeth showing as she grins and, once or twice, an observer might notice restraint as she refrains from whistling or shouting at one of the song choices. When all is said and done she does stand, eagerly, her head bobbing as she claps loudly for the mixer.

Garain enters quietly and remains towards the back, though he does take the time to scan the crowd before setting his attention upon the performance taking place.

Alexa notices Ali about the time Calvin starts his thing. For a long moment she stands against the wall watching his performance. At one point or another she puts two fingers to her mouth and whistles loudly. When he's finished, Alexa begins to make her way through the crowded area toward Ali.

Devon locks his tongue back against his teeth and whistles sharply for Cal, seeming more appropriate given the medium of his performance. Like Ali, Von raises to his feet and offers the mixer a slamming clap of two gloved hands. Which breaks the spell of stillness that had overtaken him.

Auspex on Devon notes:
«uplifted and relieved»

Cassandra claps cheerfully for Calvin's performance, grinning now. She glances over curiously to see how the two old men react to this modern piece.

Ernst remains seated where he is, considering the performance in silence for a moment, before he nods his head as though coming to agreement with unseen, unheard entity, and begins to add his own applause to the general din. His response is more tempered than with the more classical musical numbers, and he too glances ahead at the ancients, watching for their reactions.

Alejandro too seems to appreciate the last piece, perhaps less intellectually than the ones that had preceded it. Part way through the performance, when the music is loudest, he actually allows himself a chuckle. Something about the entire evening's program, and the choice of Cal's songs in particular seems to have amused him. For the first time, his gaze drifts to the other side of the pews, towards where Emerson is sitting. He'd been avoiding looking at him directly earlier, as if slightly unnerved by the Ancient's presence. But it's a brief look, and then he's applauding like everyone else again.

Ethan applause this as well, but it appears to be as much out of duty as actual appreciation. Too old, perhaps.

At this more modern display, Cavelli quirks a brow slightly and seems somewhat surprised, but ever he remains pleasant and he even applauds at the end of it. There is a significant and unreadable look shared with Emerson after a moment.

That look lingers between the ancients, and finally his hands join the applause, although it is tempered. There is something about him, this ancient; a sense of malice that seems to rise to the surface slightly, righteous and powerful, something that can almost be felt even by those who can not see through to the true emotions.

Auspex on Emerson notes:
«A surge of righteous malevolence. However you damn well spell it.»

Kensie arrives from the Courtyard.
Kensie has arrived.

Tiberus finally gives an approving nod and a grin, his arm folding across his chest once more in that don't-want-to-wrinkle-the-suit kinda way.

There's a slight air of tension around Alejandro's bearing now, though on the surface he's acting no differently from before. Perhaps it's just one of those instinct things, like the way a wolf's hackles can rise for no discernable reason. Or perhaps he's just been sitting still too long. He glances towards the exit, noting at that point, Garain's presence.

4.10 Closure Formal Part

Nathan climbs the stage a final time — or so he hopes and smiles once again at everyone present. "Princes, ladies and gentleman, that concludes the formal performances for the evening. Those with musical talent may feel free to gather for an impromptu performance or jam sessions as it is called these days. The stage will be open for dancing if any wish, otherwise, please, feel free to mingle and enjoy yourselves as long as the night lingers and thank you for taking the time to make Prince Emerson's esteemed guest feel welcome."

A silent sentinel, Garain remains posted in the back in appropriately dark and formal attire. At intervals his attention shifts about the audience, even being drawn with seeming reluctance to glance at Cavelli and Emerson from time to time.

Kensie returns from the courtyard as quietly as he had left, making his way back to his former spot next to Von. He looks over at the hooded figure and gives him a questioning look.

Ethan offers a glance around the room, meading over towards Emerson, Cavelli, and Cassandra.

Devon looks up at Kensie and shrugs, waving his hand towards the stage. Finally standing once the performances are announced as over. A few steps taking him towards Ken and attempts a quiet explanation.

Cassandra continues to smile, but she's waiting to see what the two old men will be up to next. Her hands are folded in her lap, and she observes them patiently.

Devon whispers to Kensie, "Shit was beautiful.."

Ali leans toward Alejandro, apparently having failed to notice anyone's entrance in the fading sounds of Calvin's performance. "Where's that guy from?", she asks him casually.

Ernst rises and offers quick, polite applause to the MC, before making his way out of the seats - drifting over toward the Ancients.

Cavelli has disconnected.

Alexa leans over Ali and whispers something to her.
Alexa whispers to Ali, "Come dance wit' me."

It's good the neonate seems kinda 'doped' if else Samael would, and should.. be incredibly worried about being way too prominent and loud. The exit remains a tempting thing however and finding Garain there makes it even more appealing.

Alejandro shrugs slightly in answer to Ali's question. It's an eloquent 'dunno'. As people slowly begin moving about, he slides out of his seat to get to his feet as well.
Alejandro gets up from the Pews on the right.

Ali shrugs back, then looks toward Alexa and grins. Leaning that way, she beckons toward the woman, answering her question in quiet, muted spanish.

Emerson rises from his seat once Nathan has finished speaking, and lets his dark gaze sweep over the assembled guests, his desire to speak evident. Once the inevitable silence comes, his voice rings out in a clear voice, even if it is relatively soft, "In this place of God, we have gathered from one end of my city to the other to pay respect to our guest and friend from afar. I am pleased." And then he turns to Cavelli, giving him a faint smile and a nod, before turning to make his way out of the Cathedral. As he nears to the door, he simply vanishes

Cavelli rises as well, smiling with warmth and pleasure in his expression and saying, "Bravo, most pleased indeed." And he nods to Emerson once, before turning his attention upon Ernst.

Emerson has disconnected.

Ali whispers to Alexa, "This isn't really a good place for me to dance, Lex. At home, later. Your dance was great, by the way."

Ethan pauses near Ernst, his head tilting to the Prince and the Elder. "Monsieurs, there is a place of quiet if you wish removed from the crowd." A nod to the courtyard, and a shrug to indicate he lacks preference either way.

Kensie lifts an eyebrow at Devon and smirks, shrugging a shoulder. He whispers to Devon, "Tell me about it."

Devon snickers quietly at Ken and glances around the gathered, stopping long enough to listen to Emerson, then turns back to the other. "Well, that seemed like a success eh?"

Nathan departs the stage for the final time, and, spotting an empty spot in the front row of temporary seating, he settles in and leans back, whistling contentedly to himself as he observes those around him, detached, and perhaps, a bit exhausted at the moment.

Auspex on Nathan notes:
«Pleased and relieved, glad the formal part of the night is over.»

Alexa reaches over to drape an arm around Ali's shoulder and whisper something to her before she grins around at the general area. She tosses a wink at ALejandro whether he notices or not.
Alexa whispers to Ali, "Gracias fer comin', mi gatita."

Ernst stands near Cavelli and glances to the side at Ethan's approach. He quirks an eyebrow and gives a quick smile. "I would be very pleased to have a quiet conversation, Ethan." His unblinking, steady blue eyes turn toward the Ancient still (ostensibly) present. "So long as His Grace is free and wishes to remain, of course. Sir? Can you stay amid our company for some time longer?"

Alejandro does notice, and gives Alexa a brief grin before stepping out into the aisle. As Ethan moves to shepherd Cavelli and Ernst away from everyone else, he appears unsurprised, and steps aside so he will be out of their way.

Auspex on Ernst notes:
«Relief at the announcement of Emerson… still lingering trepidation… but mostly relief now.»

Cassandra offers Ethan a warm smile as he approaches, rubbing her hands together. She looks like someone waking up.

Garain remains somewhat aloof from the proceedings, even in the aftermath of Emerson's departure. His position not changing as people begin to stand and move though he does take the time to bow in Cavelli's direction and give a nod to Alejandro.

Cavelli chuckles softly, lifting a hand to gesture Ernst along, "My old friend and I have much to speak about tonight, the soul being uplifted by this glorious display. Go, mingle and feel joy." And then, Cavelli gives a nod to the room in general, and makes his way out as well. Poof. Gone as he begins to take his leave; Obfuscate is the best exit.
Cavelli has disconnected.

Alejandro makes his way over to where Garain is standing and leans over to speak with him briefly.
Alejandro whispers to Garain, "I'm going to head out, Doc."

Ali sneaks a hand around Alexa's waist as she stands, chancing the briefest of glances toward the ancients. Whew, ok. That was enough. Turning back, she flashes a grin at Alexa and murmurs something quietly.

"I like him," Cassandra comments cheerfully to Ernst after watching Cavelli make his exit.

Ali whispers to Alexa, "Course, chica. Ken's here too, if y'didn't see him."

"I guess.." Ken answers back to Devon, letting his gaze drift around as he notes the movement.

Ethan laughs gently, a nod towards Cassandra. "Well enough." He shrugs to Ernst, "Shall we?"

Garain takes part in a brief exchange with Alejandro.
Garain whispers to Alejandro, "Likewise, Seneschal. But after you."

Alexa leans against Ali as the woman stands, grinning up at her. "Told ya I could do the ballet." Then she stands on her tip toes, setting one hand on Ali's shoulder to help push herself higher, and starts to look around.

Alejandro nods, and without any ceremony, quietly makes his way out of the cathedral
Alejandro leaves the Cathedral and heads out to 2nd Street.
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"Lotsa surprises tonight.." Von comments, turning his gaze around those present. Spotting Alejandro in an exchange with Garain. His hood turns towards Ken and moves his head towards the duo in a silent question.

Ernst gives a toothy smile to Cassandra. "Indeed. What is not to like. His Grace remains pleasant and incredibly affable, while having wisdom and insight beyond all ken." He turns toward Ethan then, his pleased smile - seemingly brought out merely by the presence of Cavelli - still in place. "Let's," he answers with a nod.

Ethan heads to the less crowded courtyard.
Ethan leaves the Cathedral and heads into the Courtyard.
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Samael approaches both Garain and Alejandro likely just in time to see them leave. He remains at the door, uncertain.

Cassandra rises, then, beaming at Ernst. "It was lovely," she tells him earnestly. "Do you mind if I come out with you?"
Cassandra gets up from the Pews on the left.

Garain watches Samael's approach, turning his scarred, neutral expression upon the youthful-appearing figure. "Good evening, Samael. I hope you have enjoyed your evening."

Kensie follows Devon's gaze and shrugs helplessly. Looking over towards Ali and Alexa he raises a hand, trying to get attention.

Ernst easily replies, falling into pace beside Cassandra. "Please do. I'm glad you enjoyed it - it has been … well, I doubt I ever heard the equal of some of those performances tonight."

Ernst leaves the Cathedral and heads into the Courtyard.
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Cassandra leaves the Cathedral and heads into the Courtyard.
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Ah, this Ali catches, since she'd just been pointing Ken out. She swings her attention toward him as the man lifts his hand and, in reply, arches a dark brow. Watching him, she gives Alexa a nudge and extends her arm out to point at Ken.

Ali whispers to Alexa, "Never thought you couldn't."

Devon follows Ken's gaze in turn and upnods to Ali and Alexa, leaning back against the back wall of the cathedral, arms crossed over his chest.

Samael stops his stroll, lips tighten a tad at Garains question. He nods once, unconvinced; "I got what I wanted from it, I think.. amongst other things I likely did not want." A brief smile is offered; "I hope you did Lord?"

Kensie turns his palm towards the ceiling in an exaggerated shrug and then points at his wrist.

Garain manages some semblage of a smile in response. "I count myself fortunate that nothing I did not want was delivered to me this evening. Though what the future holds for the rest of it is difficult to be certain of."

Tiberus finally wanders, out towards the street and into the night, making sure to retrieve his gun on the way.

Tiberus leaves the Cathedral and heads out to 2nd Street.
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Alexa waves her hand in the air at Kensie like an overexcited child. Then she nudges Ali and jerks her head toward the door.
Alexa whispers to Ali, "Lets get outta 'ere. I'm tired."

Turning, Ali eyes the exit. She glances at Garain, then Tiberus' path out, the scratches the back of her neck before glancing down at her watch. Looking back up, she shakes her head. "Nah, in a bit. Let's go see how Ken's doing."

Kensie puts his hand down and nudges Devon in the side, seemingly at random.

Devon glances at Ken from the corner of his hood and raises a brow over one white eye.

Samael grins faintly, inclining his head to Garains words; "I'm hopeful." he replies lightly. He seems to mean it. Samael starts to become aware and wave at all these people leaving.

Ali takes Alexa by the elbow in much the same gesture she entered with Ken, then wanders that way. Again, she upnods toward Devon, then meets Ken's gaze levelly. "Everyone enjoy the show?", she asks curiously.

Auspex on Devon notes:
«uncomfortable, cautious»

Garain's chin dips to Samael. "As the party is breaking up now, I should get back to business. I hope that your evening continues to deliver suitable rewards to your hard work."

"it was beautiful, ye." Von says, likely to mosts surprise. "Very hard work went into those performances, specially Samael." His head cants slightly and two fingers point at the mentioned Toreador and a back tilt of his head gives the boy vampire a wink and a thumbs up. Buddy Christ style.

"It was nice." Ken states with a nod of his head, voice for the most part neutral. He goes quiet at Von's words, lips flashing a quick smile. With a shrug he nods his head towards the exit and lifts his eyebrows at Ali.

Samael frowns a tad, turning a bit to glance at the Cathedrals interior; "Suitable." he repeats, frowning a tad when Von points at him; "I think I'm gonna change my name though.. and get another personality or something. I think I should be cute as a girl. Yes?" A playful touch to his voice.

Garain says, with perhaps a hint of teasing. "Try not to get ahead of yourself. Finish the first task before trying to move into the second. Kids today, always in such a rush."

Kensie leaves the Cathedral and heads into the Courtyard.
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Kensie arrives from the Courtyard.
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Samael wraps his hands in front of his stomach, takes a deep breath and nods then; "Alright Lord. I can have fun going through names while sweeping." He smiles suddenly; "A lot of mess, to clear I fear."

"Bueno, bueno." A few nods bend Ali's head and she slides both hands into the pockets of her leather pants. Leather pants. And no Apolo to be found, alas. "Was worth the ride, they did a ton wit this place. Damn thing was a wreck after the quake. Prolly shoulda rebuilt housin', first, but they prolly had enough help up here anyway.."

Nathan rises to his feet and walks over to where Samael and Garain are conversing. Coming up behind the "boy", he puts a hand on Samael's shoulders. "There will be no cleaning for you, my young friend. What would our guests think if the star of the show were to relegated to scullery boy after the doors closed?"

Alexa leans against Ali as she listens to people talk, just smiling happily and silently. Dancing generally has this effect on her.

Garain nods once again to Samael and then turns towards the exit as he says, "But you already have a night you will be able to talk about for centuries. It is rare to see two such as were together this evening in the same place." He moves to the exit, at that, and steps out into the darkness.

Garain leaves the Cathedral and heads out to 2nd Street.
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Devon glances around the few people remaining, then those directly around him. "Ya'll want'n to stick around er get outta here?" He rolls his shoulders and tugs at the sides of his hood.

Samael widens his eyes, and seems unhappy with Nathans statement, even unhappier when Garain 'poofs' on him; "Well.. that's part of the 'mess' I fear." he points out softly; "Oh.. but I should follow up and compliment a lot of people, including you Lord. I think you got the 'coup' you were aiming for." He flashes Nathan a quick smile before it fades again.

Kensie looks from Devon to Ali as he asks his question.

Nevada has disconnected.

Ali glances at her watch again, then the door again. She considers for a moment, a vague frown settling as she tucks a strand of dark hair behind her head. "A few.", she finally says, letting her hand drop back to her side. "'Von, I'm surprised y'came out for this. Y'know Lex was dancin'?", she asks.

Alexa glances over at Devon, smiling brightly at the mention of her name. "Did ya like my dancin'?" She sounds ever so slightly breathless.

"The night belonged to many, including yourself," Nathan says with a kind smile. "Whatever your feelings about what you have seen tonight, you should take pride in who and what you are. But this is a longer discussion for another night. Thank you for all of your help and your willingness to sing for Prince Cavelli. I will never forget it for as long as I draw breath."

"Eh, why ya surprised I came?" Von asks with a tilt of his hood, "I want't see how the bettah half lives." He snickers hoarsely and then turns to Alexa, "oh ell yeah sistah, best part of the night." His head tilts back so he can offer a wink out to Alexa, "This shit wouldn’t have been the same wit'out ya live'n it up."

Kensie folds his arms across his chest and smiles at Alexa, though he remains silent for the moment.

Ethan arrives from the Courtyard
Ethan has arrived.

Samael smiles, offers; "Oh.. I couldn't stop thanking and complimenting." he admits; "I think they all were great. I hope they enjoyed participating.. 'cause ya. That was.. nice. And no.. I'll never forget a lot. Lord Carmin very much included."

Ethan comes walking through from the courtyard, heading out to the street proper. He doesn't seem very… interruptible.

Nathan nods. "Indeed, quite magnificent all around." I fear, however, morning draw nigh and it is time for us to return to our lairs and dream of what we have witnessed. Please don't be a stranger my friend," and with that, Nathan offers another warm smile and makes toward the exit nodding as he passes others, though wrapped in his own thoughts.

Ethan leaves the Cathedral and heads out to 2nd Street.
Ethan has left.

Samael steps back, performing bows and nods to the familiar faces before he starts to back out; "Goodnight." he offers softly and makes his way out.

Nathan leaves the Cathedral and heads out to 2nd Street.
Nathan has left.

"Ah, fuck it." Ali glances at her watch again. "C'mon." She turns, heading toward the exit and clearly expecting everyone to trail behind her. "Who else brought their cars?", comes the next question. Such silly details.

You leave the Cathedral and head out to 2nd Street.

Skid Row - Downtown

Here lies the dark heart of hopelessness in Los Angeles, centered in the trash strewn avenues and slum hotels of the region which maps would call the Wholesale District, but which the streets know as Skid Row. For all the squalor, though, this is not South Central where violence reigns. Is it because of the block-long, monolithic presence of the LAPD's Central Division building? No, that structure stands apart, as uncaring as it is foreboding, and its officers patrol elsewhere. Is it the Union Rescue Mission, providing haven at the price of righteous preachers attempting to save your soul? No. The streets are certainly inhospitable at night, but it is simply the crushing weight of apathy that overcomes even desperation, and keeps most here from really giving a damn about anything, much less killing one another.

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