Y16/04/12- Them's Fighting Words

Cast: Ali, Dia
Location: Salon, Expo Park, Florence
Time: Early evening on April 12, 2016
Synopsis: Ali and Dia briefly discuss the latter's deterioration of fighting skills.

Salon - Expo Park

This high-ceilinged room is a broad ellipse, about thirty by thirty five feet. There are two large white single doors on the south side of the room. Between the the doors is an information area featuring a pair of bookshelves, a map and a bulletin board. Near the door on the right is a guestbook on a wooden stand.

The curved wall of the room is dominated by a great mural. Its most striking feature is above the information area between the doors; there you see a depiction of a planet, pockmarked with glowing craters and shrouded by dust. Above the mural is gilded scrollwork, and above that, the high ecru ceiling of the room is gently arched. The ceiling seems to glow softly; it is subtly lit by lights hidden in recessed niches; the scattered light is entirely adequate for reading but gentle on even the most sensitive eyes.

The floor is done in green and black marble that counterpoints the dominant colors in the great mural, and the furniture in the room varies according to the occasion, but there are benches built into the walls as a permanent feature, and there is generally a black wooden desk directly opposite the bulletin board.

This room has +views and places.
Obvious exits:
Keeper's Chambers (E) Staff Only Areas (N)

Ali is sitting with her feet propped up, reading a newspaper. There's just not much to say - otherwise it's the usual affair, black cargo pants and a Duke Jersey, sleeveless, showing her tats in ways that don't a shred of apology about them. Small contrast to the Newspaper. It's even the Local News section.

Dia's tennis shoes sounds her entrance into the Elysium, the leather soles smacking against the floor as she walks confidently (and without finesse). Her hands and arms swing playfully at her sides. Her eyes are focused on the Columbian towards the center of the room. Smiling as she reaches her destination, Dia comes to a complete stop about a foot away from the woman and squats down beside the chair. Wrapping her arms about her knees, she balances herself on the balls of her feet as she looks up at Ali. "What's the good word, jefe?" she asks.

With a *fwack*, Ali snaps the paper flat and peers over its edge at the crouching girl, then cracks a smile and replies, "Bueno.", with a wink. "Good too see you, amiga." She leans forward, discarding the paper off to the side. "I got your note - gonna need you to watch out if you go uptown. Apparently one'a the crazies has gone ultra crazy and is just attacking people. And get this, fucker looks like a mime." Her eyes show amusement. "A fucking mime."

"What? With the face paint and the stripped shirt and everything?" Dia says, lifting her right hand up to her face, her finger splayed and making a rotating motion with her hand. "You got to be fucking kidding me… But then, it kind of makes sense. Never saw a mime I didn't like - for some reason or another." Dia shakes her head with a dull smirk running across her face before she resettles her eyes up on Ali. "Guess we'll have to work on that self-defense training again sometime…"

"Yea, any time you want - I'mma be outta town the night after the moon, but it'll be quick." says the Brujah as she stretches forward and ruffles Dia's hair, then slides the movement into the slow cup of her cheek. "Yea, fucked up face paint and everything, but he's a Malk so he can look like anyone. Best to just avoid Downtown until the sorta crazies get the really crazies back in line. Seriously, though. Who embraces a mime. You gotta be truly fucked to do that."

"Yeah, no shit…" Dia says in response to the comment about embracing a mime. "Then again, you embraced me - so what does that say about you?" Dia asks rhetorically before bearing her teeth in wide, cheery smile. "But nah. I ain't goin' to Downtown or Santa Monica without you. Ain't got anyone to see. But what are you goin' out of town for?"

"I haven't learned how t'say no to you yet?" quips Ali, following with a laugh. "It was about time to have another kid anyway. It gets too lonely alone, claro?" She shrugs, it can't matter that much - she doesn't linger, but scrapes the edge of Dia's jaw and looks her over. "You remember anythin' from last time or am I workin' on a clean slate here?"

"Whatcha mean?" Dia asks, narrowing her eyes as she seems confused by the question. "We talkin' about others like us or are we talkin' about the physical stuff? Cause I remember the basics you told me about the higher ups and what not, but that's about it. And I'm sure I could still keep up in the ring with you…" Dia then murmurs softly, "… so long as you keep your hands behind your back."

"I was talkin' about in the ring.." replies the Colombian. She leans forward and plants her elbows on her thighs, then her chin in her palms. "But since you brought it up- the rest of the stuff is good to keep a handle on too. Especially with the political fucking mine field Acton is spewing about."

"Well, either way… I probably need a refresher course here and there…" Dia says, shrugging her shoulders. "Hearin' how shit is, its probably more beneficial to understand what the hell is going on than bein' able to give people hell if you know what I'm sayin'…"

"Yea, I do. I wish more people did. Another time, though. It's a lot of political bullshit with the Treaty and what we are an' ain't supposed to be doin'. I'd far rather throw you 'round the ring a bit." Ali grins and stretches upward. "What's say you walk me home - I'll start thinkin' about the creative ways you kin get me to keep my hands behind my back."

Dia quirks her right eyebrow upward, amused by Ali's last statement. "It's a sad thing that the ways I can think up do very little for us now…" Leaning forward, the girl places a gentle kiss on her amante's left knee to show her affection. "But I'll always be at your side, chica… you know that. Literally and at least figuritively…" With that, the girl stands up from her crouched position at Ali's side and offers her right hand down to the woman.

"Isn't it? Maybe I shoulda just kept you as food." Ali laughs though, obviously that's a ridiculous idea - at least to her. "We could always grab food an' go party somewhere. I could use a night on the town before I fix a few issues goin' round." she says as she takes the other woman's hand and hauls herself up. "You know, I still remember when you went tearin' through Florence, that first night.. " She smiles and draws her hand up, looping it over Dia's shoulders.

Dia tilts her head back, her hair falling back over her shoulders, and opens her mouth. There's no sound though at first. Eventually, a dull "Ahhhhhh…." in an embarrassed tone echoes in the room. "I can't believe you remember that…" she says as she tilts her chin back down so Ali can see her eyes. "… you about scared me shitless. I remember grabbin' onto my 'security system' when you stopped my car… Thought I was gonna have to crack somebody's head open to get out of there alive…" Dia leans her body into Ali as the taller woman takes up a position at her side. The little Latina then slowly begins to walk forward at a snail's pace, much more fond of reminiscing than leaving the Elysium. "But that wasn't the worst… I think that night you threw me across the bar was the most I ever saw you pissed off."

"Yea.. that, uh. That wasn't a good night. Sometimes I start the night with only half a nerve left instead'a the whole one." admits Ali with a scowl, then a sigh as she wraps the smaller Latina up tightly. "You were doin' about fiddy through Florence though. In that damn Bora.." she laughs. "An' ya took me out t'steal cars. You were more fun'n Ken, I figure, but he was a lotta fun. Emme too." She scrubs at her eye, then pockets her other hand. "I'll try not t'throw you over the bar again?"

"Fiddy? That slow?" Dia jokes as she tilts her head towards Ali's side, the girl enjoying the cold embrace. "But yeah… I know things get rough and shit doesn't always go your way. I won't worry about you throw'n me over any bars as long as you just give us fair warning, eh?"

"Good. You stick with me, it'll be fine." For a few places the two walk in silence, then Ali interjects, "I'll try an' warn you - but sometimes warnin' might just be me lookin' extra hot for a minute." The soft movement of her stomach belies her laughter.

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