Retainers Jnote Guidelines

Retainers are mortal followers (possibly ghouls) who support you totally.
Background retainers come in two sorts; unstatted and statted. See +news systems/retainers for more details. Your Retainers +jnote should describe:

1. The number of retainers
2. Unstatted or Statted
3. Who they are
4. How they are related to you
5. Special traits

1. The number of Retainers

You can find details on how many unstatted and statted Retainers each level corresponds to in: +news systems/retainers.

2. Unstatted or Statted

When not explicitly mentioned it is assumed that your retainers are unstatted.

3. Who they are

For each retainer, mention a name, what and who they are.

4. How they are related to you

For each retainer, mention how it is related to you and how you employ them. It can be your pet, friend, family, employee etc. Define per retainer if they are unbonded, bonded and/or a ghoul (+news sys/blood bonds and +news sys/ghouls). If they play a part in an influence or background you should mention this here.

5. Special Traits

Unless mentioned differently, all unstatted retainers test with a total of '2'. There are some exceptions, but these should be mentioned. Some Gangrel & Toreador ghouls have special traits. Retainer weapons should be justified and added to your +jnote also.

Example Retainer 2 +jnote:

Llewellyn has 3 unstatted retainers, each who serves a function in his night to night existence.

  • Andreas Fulton is his 30-something business partner and ghoul who co-manages the Gentleman's club in Venice Beach, Santa Monica. Andreas will arm himself with a hand gun in order to defend his interests.
  • Robert Lincoln is a forty five year old career criminal who heads a small crime organization in Venice (see Criminal Influence +jnote). He is a violent and efficient individual with a record of incarceration for a string of felonies over the years. Robert is extremely familiar with firearms and melee weapons and is capable of acting as personal protection for Llewellyn as required. Robert is a ghoul.
  • Alexandra Fairmont is a 22 year old female ghoul who acts as personal assistant to Llewellyn. Commonly to be found at her master's side, she is wholly unfamiliar with combat but extremely capable in the boardroom./

Creating Retainer Objects

Statted retainers are approved objects with +sheets that Staff needs to set up for you. In order to arrange this, please open a separate +job with the stats and background you want the retainer to have.
You may create and use objects for unstatted retainers yourself by using the following code:

Command Usage
@create <name retainer> Creates a Retainer-object with <name>
@set <name or DBREF retainer>=puppet The object grows eyes and ears
@set <name or DBREF retainer>=verbose The object now p-emits what the retainer hears/sees
@desc <name or DBREF retainer>=<description> Describes your retainer's looks
@force <name or DBREF retainer>=<command> Allows you to use a limited number of commands via your retainer.
This includes @emit, navigating, being able to use aura-code and setting backgrounds

For more information when online, please refer to: 'help puppet', 'help puppets' and 'help verbose'.

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