Resources Jnote Guidelines

Your Resources-stat determines your material resources and standard of living. All characters should have a Resources +jnote. A Resource +jnote should include:

1. What your resources level is
2. Income & possessions
3. How your resources are/were generated

1. Resources Level

In order to offer a clear indication of your Resource level, please copy/paste the level mentioned in +explain resources: destitute, poor, comfortable, rich or filthy rich.

2. Income & Possessions

Describe the height of your character's income and what your character currently owns. Relevant possessions could include a house, car, expensive jewelry, savings, stocks etc.
Please refer to the Resources Guidelines for an indication of what each resources level allows you to earn and own. You're welcome to simply copy/paste the figures that are mentioned in it.

3. How your Resources are/were generated

Describe how your character's income is generated; This could be a profession, business or criminal activities, an allowance etc.
The means by which you earn money may be linked to other backgrounds, influences and abilities that you have on your +sheet.
For example: When your character's income is generated by illegal activities you might also have criminal or gang-influence or dots in stealth, legerdemain or security. When your character receives an allowance your benefactor might be your mentor. When your character's income is generated by interests and stocks, you should have the Resources level required to justify a large amount of savings.
In addition, when your character has a considerable amount of savings and possessions, please add a short explanation on how they were acquired.

Example Resources 2 +jnote

Llewellyn is Comfortable. He has a yearly income of $70,000 U.S. earned as a management-fee at the 'Gentleman's Club' (see: Stage Influence +jnote). He owns a nice apartment at Venice Beach, a fancy motorcycle, a closet filled with designer clothes and has (one-time) access to $15,000 in savings that he can obtain within 24 hours.//

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