Other Jnotes

For a list of all +jnotes available please refer to; +jnote/list or +jnote/long.

There are a few remaining +jnotes we did not cover in the CharGen guidelines yet.
Please find the remaining Jnotes in the tables below:


SECURITY Info on the security for a character or location
BLOOD-BONDS Bonds needing notation outside of code (Council of Seven, etc.)
DIABLERIE Details related to acts of diablerie
EFFECT A particular influence effect

Power specific

DOMINATE Any dominate effects this character is currently under
AFFINITY Animal type restriction for Animalism discipline
REGEN Regeneration power details
REAGANTS Objects acquired for use in Thaumaturgy
RITUALS Details of certain Thaumaturgy rituals
WARDS Details of self-sustaining Thaumaturgy Wards
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