Maskings Jnote Guidelines

The Maskings +jnote is used to support 2 different powers.

A. Presence 3A
For the Presence 3a power it lists the emotions you are able to project. Available emotions are listed on the powercard.

B. Obfuscate 3
For the Obfuscate 3 power it lists and details your disguises. +jnotes for Obfuscate 3 Maskings should include:

1. Number of disguises
2. Details
3. Appearance rating

1. Number of Maskings

The Obfuscate 3 power comes with 1 mask for free. Each additional Maskings level grants 1 additional disguise.

2. Details

Describe in concise detail the name, identity and appearance of each specific Mask you have been authorized to present. If you use specific masks for specific activities, such as influence-management, you should detail this in your +jnotes also.

Appearance Rating

The free mask that comes with your Obfuscate 3-power may have no more than Appearance 2. Masks bought with the Maskings background may have higher Appearance. The maximum Maskings Appearance you may generate depends on your Wits + Acting totals. Please refer to the table on the next page. The Appearance-level of your mask needs to be set by Staff.

Wits + Acting Mask Appearance
2 2
3 3
5 4
7 5

Example Maskings 0 +jnote

Llewellyn is capable of creating one mask/disguise. The name of this identity is William O'Conner, a white, middle aged individual with Appearance 2, thinning hair and a benign presence. This is the typical mask Llewellyn will utilize to avoid notice when traversing the streets incognito among the mortals. This is the face his HERD knows, associating the disguise with an overly generous, well mannered man who is clearly compensating for his lack of natural charisma.

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