Havens Jnote Guidelines

All vampire-characters are required to have a Havens +jnote. Your Haven is the place where your character sleeps during the day. This can be more than one location. For each location you should describe:

  1. What it is
  2. Where it is
  3. Security

1. What it is

Your Haven could be a(n abandoned) house, an apartment, a company, a cave, a sewer etc. What it is should be in line with your backgrounds.
For example: When you want your haven to be a mansion you own, you need to have sufficient resources. When you want it to be a company you may need corporate influence and so on.
When describing your Haven please keep in mind that basements are very uncommon in Los Angeles.

2. Where it is

Name the District/Domain, area and grid where your Haven is situated. When your character recently arrived you may not know in what part of the grid your character will settle in since often this is determined via RP. In this case it suffices to name the district (South-Central, Downtown, Santa Monica). You can add the exact (grid)location of your Haven to your +jnote at a later date by submitting it to Staff via +feedback/request.

On Auto-Housing

When you are approved you may use Autohousing-code to create a single private room; be it a Haven or other place.
Although Autohousing supports a limited amount of Housing-project locations, you should not feel restricted by this. Private player-rooms are created in one place for OOC convenience. IC-ly your house can be (probably should be) elsewhere in the district (South-Central, Downtown, Santa Monica) of your choice.

3. Security

Describe the security measures that protect you from the sun and/or intruders. Examples are heavy curtains, deadbolts, a hidden room, electronic security-systems, retainers, or security provided via influences. Your security measures should of course be justifiable by the stats on your +sheet.

You are encouraged to keep your security description relatively simple. In fact, Staff will be gentle but firm in nudging our RL security experts away from IC retina-scan access systems, obfuscate-proof infra-red detection, 24x7 camera monitoring etc. According to the Theme of this MUSH, technology is un-reliable and security systems are not as evolved as they are in RL. A few solid locks do just as well as a high end security system.

Security Rating

Would the security of your Haven ever be tested, your Haven's security-rating determines how impenetrable it is. The security rating of your Haven depends on what it is, or the stats of the person that installed the system:

  • When you Haven in a private house, your security total for contests is 5.
  • When you posses the influence required to Haven in a company your security total is 6.
  • When you set up your security yourself your maximum security rating is your characters intelligence + security. You may recruit other characters to boost your security rating once you are IC.

For more information on security please refer to our files on Security, Video Cameras and Obfuscate.

Example Havens +jnote

Llewellyn rents an apartment on Venice beach which acts as his primary haven. The apartment has a front and rear exit; both with dead bolt locks that provide easy exit but deter haphazard, unexpected entry. The front door has a peep hole through which he can view the area directly beyond the door. All of the windows bear heavy curtains and the room he sleeps in during the day has black plastic taped to the inside of the window to block out the sun completely.

Newly Arrived Characters

Frequently a new character enters the game upon arrival in LA, without the chance to set up a Haven yet. Because we would like you to cover as much as possible during CharGen you are fully entitled to anticipate on the near future and describe what your character will set up once settled down.
If for some reason this is not possible you may also write a +jnote reflecting the situation upon approval. Examples could be; sleeping over at a friends house, a hotel-room, seeking refuge in an abandoned building etc. Then, when you're in play, you may submit an update via +feedback/request.

Example Temporary Havens +jnote

Wesley just arrived in LA and currently rents a room at the Holiday Inn in Downtown. The room has roller sunscreens to keep out the sun. In addition, special instructions were given to the cleaning crew not to disturb their guest during the day.

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