Feature Jnote Guidelines

When you're creating a regular CharGen Neonate or mortal you can skip this section. Only Feature PCs and NPCs require a Feature +jnote.
For more information on Feature PCs, please refer to our file about features and feature application.

In essence, the Feature +jnote is a contract between the Feature or NPC-player and Staff that specifies:

  1. The Feature's OOC purpose: Refer to features
  2. The Feature's OOC requirements & restrictions
  3. The Feature's IC goals
  4. The Feature's political outlook (alliances/enmities)

Feature (N)PCs are bound to the agreements specified in the Feature +jnote. It is possible to deviate from these agreements, but deviations should always be approved by the Architects.
Just like any +jnote, Feature +jnotes are subject to updates as Feature characters, setting and requirements of the game, change. All +jnote changes should be negotiated with and approved by the Architects.

Example OOC Requirements & Restrictions

Examples of Feature OOC requirements & restrictions are listed below. The number and severity of restrictions will generally depend on the purpose and power-level of the Feature.

  1. Player Etiquette: Considerate and polite OOC behavior.
  2. Adherence to Feature Role & Purpose: Please find examples here.
  3. Activity: Staff and the Feature player make agreements on how active and about a Feature needs to be in order to fulfill their role.
  4. Stat Restrictions: Staff may impose stat restrictions and maximums on Features. These may or may not differ from normal CharGen neonate maximums.
  5. Plot Restrictions: Staff may request features to mingle or stay out of a specific plot or conflict.
  6. Supporting Role (for a specific faction): This may include an intention to support players of a particular faction, for example when a player seeks acknowledgement, hunting rights, land-ownership etc. It may also express a desire for the Feature to initiate RP and plot; to involve and empower other (non-Feature) PC's by means of delegation.
  7. Sanity Checks: The Feature is required to consult with the Architects when they undertake actions that have significant consequences such as character retirement, taking another (N)PC out of play for an extended amount of time, bloodbonds, creating a Childe, use of a power (such as Summoning) and rare instances of vampire-love.
  8. Staff Direction: The Feature is obligated to work with Staff in order to forward plot and maintain game-wide balance, setting and theme.
  9. Lifespan: How long the Feature will remain in the game.

In general (1) and 2) tend to be requirements for all Features whereas (3), (5) and (7) and sometimes (8) are normal requirements for Ancilla-Level Feature (N)PCs. (9) is always defined for temporary Features or Plot NPCs.

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