Fame Jnote Guidelines

This stat determines your level of fame in mortal society. Different from all other +jnotes, the text of your Fame +jnote is visible to all players since it displays in your +finger. Through it you have the opportunity to inform other players about the following items:

1. What you're famous for
2. The scope of your fame
3. What your fame might allow you to do

1. What you're famous for

Who you are and what you do that catches the public eye. Feel free to spice it up with details on accomplishments, gossip and speculations.

2. THe scope of your Fame

The extent of your fame. Who knows you, in what subculture and geographical area. Please refer to +explain fame for guidelines.

3. What your Fame might allow you to do

Although fame can be as much a curse as a blessing, it also tends to open doors to parties, events and people. Here you define who would invite you, perhaps lent you an ear.

Example Fame 2 +jnote

Harrison Mayfair is quite famous within the world of Hollywood. He's known to the actors and actresses, the producers and directors, and even to the studio execs. He can move with ease in the culture that has developed around the film industry and its hangers on. He regularly makes the gossip pages and is linked to this starlet or that starlet. He's on the red carpet often enough to be a fixture. He doesn't quite have people going through his garbage, but how long is it before they are?

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