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Although LAmush aims to be a Storytelling Community first and foremost, we provide a few basic systems to support roleplay:

  1. Character Statistics: Your character's traits are represented by a number of statistics; an abstract measure of how successful a character is likely to be at a task. This section sums up the various traits listed on your character sheet.
  2. Conflict Resolution: Although players are encouraged to negotiate the direction of the story between them, we do provide a simulation-systems for conflict-resolution that should enable you to determine the outcome to any situation on the basis of character statistics and chance. This allows you to resolve physical, social and mental challenges and combat.
  3. Communication: We provide a large amount of methods for communication, both OOC (between players) and IC (between characters). This section lists the various resources and channels you can use.
  4. Navigation: This section lists the various systems you can use to find your way: finding places and people, and the means by which you move toward them.
  5. Building: Should you wish to create your own room, this section lists all you need to know to finalize your own building project.

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