Undead Chronology

read the announcementread the announcementThis is a simple, rough timeline of the Vampiric world of Los Angeles. The dates are not all precise, but it should give a sense of when different things occurred, and perhaps how the city got to be where it is.

1781: Los Angeles Pueblo established with 44 settlers.
1800: Prince Rodrigo claims control of the area.
1821: Mexican Independence.
1848: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo; Diego Montera enters the city.
1850: California becomes a state.
1900: Harrison Mayfair begins to make a name for himself.
1918: Julian Fletcher settles in what will become known as the Valley.
1925: Elaine Pruitt and Emory Masterson present themselves to Rodrigo.
1932: Clan Tremere enters the city.
1933: Emerson the Malkavian presents himself to Rodrigo.
1957: Sabbat Incursion.
1960: Prince Rodrigo calls for a census; vampire population is roughly 60.
1964: Prince Rodrigo issues Declaration of San Pedro to deal with overcrowding.
1965: Watts Riots; Prince Rodrigo disappears; interregnum period ensues.
1966: Prince Emerson ascends to Praxis.
1979: Height of Emerson's purges; some rioting.
1984: Conclave held; Treaty of La Cienega adopted.
1992: 1992 Riots in South Central result in more missing vampires

1999: Go-Live of Game

2001: Cora and Arturo disappear
2002: Chance claims praxis of South Central
2006: Prince Andrew McQueen is executed for collaboration with the Sabbat: read the log
2006: Pyotr is appointed Prince of Torrance. Inquisition of the Sabbat in Torrance: read the announcement
2006: Major LA Quake. Many vampires missing: read the news-article
2006: A new Clan; The Nephilim appear
2007: Prince Cavelli of Naples visits LA: read the log
2008: Ali Santiago becomes Prince of South Central: read the log
2010: Ali hands the South Central Praxis over to Prince Cora Fleece.
2019: Geneva Conclave - Nephilim admitted to Camarilla: read the announcement
2019: Pyotr is appointed as the Elder of the Nephilim and leaves for Europe: read the announcement
2019: Emerson Bloodhunts the Nephilim: read the announcement
2019: End of Treaty of La Ciegena - Council of Princes strips and bans Emerson: read the announcement
2019: The Domains of Santa Monica and Downtown are merged. Acton is appointed its Prince: read the announcement
2019: Explosion in Toreador Opera House in SOC: read the news-article
2020: Acton claims Praxis of SOC. The Domain of Torrance is added to Long Beach: read the announcement
2020: San Diego returns to the arms of the Camarilla. Sabbat purges. Celebration gala in Long Beach: read the invitation
2020: Acton claims Praxis of all of Los Angeles. Acton executes Cora. Emory destroys Acton. Emerson returns and claims Praxis over the combined domains of Greater Downtown, Santa Monica and South Central.
2021: Emerson claims independence from the Camarilla Global Leadership.
2022: Encirclement of Los Angeles by fundamentalist Camarilla.

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