Important Events

Los Angeles is a rather young city by vampiric standards, and as a result there simply aren't the long and glorious histories that are found in many other cities on the planet. Defining events for the vampires of El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles are listed here, with a more elaborate description below.
New characters should be sure to account for their characters' whereabouts and activities during these events as appropriate. Please refer to our guidelines on a Vampire Background in Los Angeles.

  1. 1800 - First Prince of Los Angeles: Right around 1800, Los Angeles, itself only a small village, received its first Prince: Rodrigo Guillermo Domingo. His vision of what the future could hold helped guide the city from its humble origins into the sprawling megalopolis that it is today. Even now, after his supposed death, Rodrigo's influence can be felt throughout the city.
  2. 1957 - Sabbat Incursion: The Sabbat swarmed up from San Diego, attempting to take the city by force. In a sentence: They came; they saw; they got their asses handed to them. Few vampires now worry about another direct assault.
  3. 1964 - Declaration of San Pedro: Prince Rodrigo issues Declaration of San Pedro to deal with overcrowding.
  4. 965 - Watts Riots: The declaration from 1964 was directly followed up by the Watts Riots. This was a brief period of open violence between the elders and the anarchs. Prince Rodrigo, who had guided and ruled the city practically since its inception, disappeared and was presumed killed. After a brief period of strife, Prince Emerson of Clan Malkavian took the throne.
  5. 1984 - Treaty of La Ciegena: Under cover of the Olympics, several elders of the city arranged for a conclave to discuss the future of the city and the merits of Emerson's rule. The end result, in a compromise brokered by the presiding Justicar, was for the city to be split into eight autonomous domains. Emerson remained Prince, but of a domain a fraction of the size of what he previously enjoyed. Where there had been one Prince, now there were eight.
  6. 2006 - Emergence of the Nephilim: In 2006 a major quake hit Los Angeles. Many havens collapsed and vampires went missing, buried under the dirt. Not long after, rumors of winged vampires emerge. They appear to be a new Clan; The Nephilim. Some, such as Emerson and many other Malkavian Princes call for their destruction. Others, such as the Tremere and the Toreador offer them refuge. The Toreador Justicar initiates a Conclave in Geneva where these developments are discussed between Elders from all parts of the world.
  7. 2018 - Ventrue Rise to Power: Be it by coincidence or plan, in 2018 several things happen at once. The Nephilim are accepted by the Camarilla, which triggers Emerson's declaration of a LA-wide Bloodhunt on the winged ones. Due to his defiance Emerson ends up stripped and banned by all except the 2 Brujah Princes. Emerson does not respond. He simply disappears and the Ventrue take advantage. Prince Acton or Santa Monica claims praxis over Downtown and South Orange County while he transfers Torrance to Elaine.
  8. 2019 -Defeat of Sabbat in San Diego: At the same time, the Sabbat in San Diego is defeated, and the city is cleansed and claimed by another Ventrue Prince, thereby completing an Encirclement of Los Angeles by Ventrue-governed Domains.
  9. 2010 - Acton Claims Praxis over all Los Angeles: Eventually Acton claims South Central and The Valley also, which results in riots and violence. Many Elders and Ancilla disappear, amongst them Harrison Mayfair and Augustin Malecourt. Following up on above developments, Prince Acton holds a Grand Court during which he claims Praxis over the entire metropolitan area of Los Angeles and executes the captured Cora Fleece.
  10. 2020 - Emerson returns and claims Independence: The above is when Emory Masterson appears to -eat- Acton whole. Only minutes later, Emerson returns to claim Praxis over the combined districts of Greater Downtown, Santa Monica and South Central. Angered by the betrayal of the Camarilla, rejecting the (in his words) 'acceptance of the winged demons' and 'deals with the Sabbat of San Diego', the Ancient claims independence from the Camarilla's global Lead. Six Elders seek residency in His Domain, supporting the Malkavian against the growing opposition from the Camarilla's upper echelons.
  11. 2020 - Los Angeles Encircled by Global Camarilla: The Domains surrounding Emerson's 'Heart of Los Angeles' are consolidated by traditional Camarilla fundamentalists, under the lead of their Justicar-appointed Magistrate.

1957 - The Sabbat Incursion

In 1957, the Sabbat of San Diego thought that the time had come to pluck out the gem of Los Angeles from the Camarilla Crown. Whether it was a matter of fate, of tactics, or whether the Sabbat made a severe miscalculation of the power the elders of Los Angeles were able to bring to bear, the incursion was defeated soundly, with minimal losses to the defending vampires.
Vampires who were in the city those evenings remember, though, the danger in the streets, groups of Sabbat vampires striking at havens and Elysia. But ultimately, the Sabbat were defeated by intelligence: The Camarilla seemed to know where they would strike and when, and at least three large groups of Sabbat walked into ambushes. The names of several vampires gained in stature in these nights: Emory Masterson of Clan Nosferatu, his childe Dominiani, Emerson of Clan Malkavian (who would later become Prince of Los Angeles), and Elaine Pruitt of clan Ventrue were at the fore of the defense.

The most significant events of 1957 were the ambush at Harrison Mayfair's estate, and the battle at MGM Studios. In both cases, the Sabbat were lured in through false intelligence. Prince Rodrigo himself, together with Mayfair and Diego Montera, wiped out the attackers in the first ambush, high above the city in the Hollywood Hills. It is rumoured that there were prisoners taken.
The battle at MGM was less one-sided, and involved nearly thirty-five vampires and ghouls raining machine gun and pistol fire on each other. In the center of it were the Nosferatu of Los Angeles, led by Emory Masterson. This battle earned the clan a boon from the Prince - a boon that was soon to be extinguished, along with Prince Rodrigo's rule.

One of the most striking features of the Sabbat incursion dealt not with what happened, but what did not. The Ventrue had no real active role in the defense of Los Angeles. Acton, thought to be the most powerful Ventrue in the region, provided a few teams of ghoul, but nothing more. Many, even to this day, suspect that Acton has some connection with the Sabbat. Perhaps it is only vicious rumor.

No such rumors surround Elaine and her progeny, General Kress. While not active in defending the city from the initial assaults, General Kress organized and coordinated resources provided by Elaine and her subordinates in counter-attacks that solidified the defeat of the Sabbat, coordination that continues to this day. However, these efforts have not protected Elaine and General Kress from vicious rumors, too. Arguments continue to this night over whether these Ventrue were cowards or were wise to hold their forces "in reserve" until the final push.

The rumors have only intensified since Year-6 when the Ventrue Prince of Torrance, Andrew, was destroyed by Elaine for alleged complicity with the Sabbat. Some slander that Elaine destroyed Andrew so that he could not rat out his Ventrue Elders for their own complicity with the Sabbat. Even so, most all concede that there have been no consequential successes by the Sabbat against Los Angeles since General Kress took responsibility for monitoring and intercepting Sabbat activity after 1957.

1964 - Declaration of San Pedro

In 1964, Prince Rodrigo issued the Declaration of San Pedro. The city was faced with overcrowding, the vampire population of the city having nearly doubled in only four years. There was fighting over hunting grounds, and the anarch population was growing faster than any other group. The Declaration mandated that every vampire account for themselves at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, identify themselves, and pledge loyalty to the Traditions. Those that did not do so were to be considered under a blanket Lextalionis. Dozens of vampires were destroyed as a result of this sweeping edict, and it caused tensions to rise throughout the city.

The Declaration also placed a ban on creation of new vampires within the city. Vampires have spent countless hours debating whether the Declaration was a necessary reaction to an untenable situation, or whether it was Prince Rodrigo's greatest error, the catalyst for his being deposed. Perhaps it was both, perhaps the city was simply too much to control.

1965 - Watts Riots

Most vampires are at least aware of the Watts Riots of 1965. For mortals, they are one of the enduring images of the 60's. But for the vampires, it was more than just a period of unrest - it was a period of revolution, violence, and murder. The Watts riots saw the Prince's rule fail, a new Prince ascend, and the rebels crushed in response. 1965 saw the city's old order, based on personal favour, capricious justice, congeniality, power and indulgence, replaced by a strict regime dedicated to enforcing the Traditions. Where before the anarchs had been tolerated, even welcomed into vampire society, under Emerson they were hunted, destroyed, and converted. The new Prince proved far more dangerous than the old, far more adept at uncovering plots, schemes, and even havens. But the new Prince also faced greater resistance to his rule from the other elders. The Watts Riots, for vampires, marked the birth of the new Los Angeles: diverse, sprawling, decentralized, and filled with oppression, infighting, and conflict.

Those who listen to the stories know that the riots started for vampires with an argument between two ancillae. Tempers flared, and one was destroyed. The Prince responded by calling down the Blood Hunt on the survivor, Alvin Forrester of clan Brujah. In response, Alvin and Markham, a Nosferatu anarch leader, rallied the neonates of South Central against the elders. Using their influence with mortals, they started a series of riots, using coincidental mortal events to fan the flames of rebellion. Under cover of this anarchy, they moved.

The Elders moved back.

Markham was, it is rumoured, hunted down and destroyed. Nearly a dozen rebellious vampires were destroyed. But amidst the chaos and violence, the Prince was destroyed. Speculation abounds - some say it was Alvin, others say that it was one of the Prince's advisors. Still others say that the Ventrue worked against him. Whoever it was, the city was alive with vampiric violence that evening. And when the sun set the next day, Los Angeles was headless and lost. It was a perfect time for another elder, Emerson to make his bid for the throne. The first 15 years of Emerson's rule would see the elders crushing those who would work against the Prince. Emerson and Elaine Pruitt, separately, would purge the ciy of so-called anarchs. In the end, the rebellion of 1965 would prove a bane rather than a boon for the anarch cause.

1984 - The Treaty of La Ceigena

In 1984, there was called a conclave to address what many saw as Emerson's inability to control the entire domain of Greater Los Angeles. After several nights of negotiations, and even more nights of secret deals no doubt, what emerged was a "treaty" between Emerson and those who would oppose his rule. That treaty split the city into its current constituent eight domains.

The text of the treaty, together with all of the provisions, obligations, and regulations, can be found here.

2006 - Los Angeles Quake - The Nephilim Appear

In 2006 a major quake hit Los Angeles. Many havens collapsed and vampires went missing, buried under the dirt. Not long after, rumors of winged vampires emerged. They turned out to be a new Clan; The Nephilim. The nature of their creation remains unclear and many theories are still debated. Some brand them violation of and threat to the Traditions, while others are fascinated by their novelty.

Emerson (then Prince of Greater Downtown) and many other Malkavian Princes called for genocide on these abominations. Others, such as the Tremere and the Toreador offer them refuge. The conflict revolves in several violent outburst all around the world. The Toreador Justicar initiates a Conclave in Geneva where the Nephilim's status is researched and debated for years.

2019 - The Nephilim join the Camarilla

In August 2019 high representatives of the 7 Camarilla Clans attended the Geneva Conclave and voted in favor of the Nephilim's admission to the Camarilla. Main supporters were the Tremere, Toreador and Ventrue, whereas various Malkavian factions vigorously opposed.

2019 - Emerson is stripped of Praxis

Hence it came as no surprise when Prince Emerson called the Bloodhunt on all winged ones regardless. Still, this act of defiance triggered a decree signed by all but the Brujah Princes, that stripped Emerson of his position as Prince and banned him from Los Angeles
Emerson did not respond, at all. Speculations said he was missing. Worse, rumors whispered about his demise. Something had affected the ancient.. Something that might or might not be linked to a number of anomalies; homeless sprouting biblical phrases, recognizing vampires - vampiric powers not working the way they should. Rumors about a ritual did not help dissuade speculations on a Tremere - Ventrue conspiracy.

2019 - Ventrue claim SOC and Torrance

Indeed, the Ventrue did not fail to benefit from the situation. With the Malkavian out of his way Acton seized praxis of Downtown, then South Orange County. Torrance was given to Elaine. Those supporting Acton were given land. Mayfair, Augustin - flipped sides, choosing the winner's hand. The remaining faithful Downtown officers fled to South Central where they joined forces with the anarchs they previously despised. South Central would not relent - its residents choosing to oppose the Ventrue instead of aiming for the impossible task to appease.

2020 - Camarilla conquers San Diego

When news arrived on a victory over the Sabbat in San Diego, many would not believe it. In fact, several speculated on Ventrue deals with the Sabbat in their attempt to encircle LA. Indeed, with San Diego's return under the wings of the Camarilla, all Domains surrounding Los Angeles had fallen under the governance of a Ventrue Prince.

2020 - Acton Claims Praxis over all of Los Angeles

Feeling strong, Acton declared an LA-wide Bloodhunt on Downtown's former Principiate - or at least those that refused to relent. Indeed - their destruction might have wiped the last memories of the Ancient - But the Domain harboring them denied Acton's call. Prince Cora of South Central refused, and with that act of defiance, the autonomous status of the anarch Domain ceased to exist. Both Brujah Princes rebelled - and Los Angeles plunged into chaos as riots and gang-wars filled the streets. More than one Elder disappeared in the turmoil, amongst them Primogen Mayfair of Hollywood and Augustin Malecourt.
The Ventrue and their allies struck back relentlessly, which escalated during Acton's Grand Court where the Ventrue Elder claimed Praxis over the entire metropolitan area - demanding all Princes to subject to his rule. Cora Fleece was captured and paid the ultimate price for her unwillingness to relent her vision of democracy and freedom. Still, her death was a turning point in the history of Los Angeles as it unleashed the Grim Reaper himself, rushing towards the Ventrue Prince. Emory Masterson -devoured- Acton, literally, casting aside any that aimed to interfere.

2020 - Emerson Returns

Only moments after an unassuming figure appeared somewhere in the midst of the horrified crowd. Previous rumors on sightings had been largely dispelled. Then again - tidings on the destruction of a Nephilim Founder painted a different picture. Emerson announced his return, offering amnesty to any that acknowledged him as Prince - claiming praxis over the combined districts of Greater Downtown, Santa Monica and South Central. Except for the Ventrue calling for vengeance (for surely Emerson was behind the gruesome death of their brother) - no Elder seemed to interfere. It was quiet, too quiet - as if the plague that had supposedly struck the Ancient, had hit the Elders in turn.

2020 - Emerson's Declaration of Independence

The quiet did not last long however; Emerson's outright rejection of the winged demons could not be misunderstood. His accusations on Camarillla-deals with the Sabbat in San Diego, sent ripples through the higher echelons of California.

2020 - Los Angeles Encircled by Global Camarilla

Never before did a Prince dare to claim Independence from the Camarilla's Global Lead; its Inner Council, Justicars and Archons. Such a defiant separation was unthinkable, un-acceptable to the most Traditional Camarilla factions. What had 'only' been the Ventrue first, now was replaced by an assembly of fascist Camarilla officials, supporting the isolation of the Ancient's land.
Peace was kept for a while, especially due to Emerson's acknowledgement of Emory Masterson's crime, bloodhunting the Nosferatu Elder. More importantly however, six Elders (many of them former Princes) joined the Ancient, supporting his position by seeking residency in His Domain. This way, an uneasy cease-fire was accomplished between the PC-Domain and the Camarilla fundamentalists lurking outside.

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