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Living large, Suge Knight, Terrell Singletery: A metal mogul with oft obvious and always unapologetic ties to the criminal underground. Childe of Gonzales, father of the San Francisco anarch movement. The charismatic anarch- a dreamer, prone to making decisions based on emotions over intellect. This is much a pseudo Randall position, but less intellectual and more emotional.

Proactive Spheres:

  • Intelligent, thoughtful and underhanded dismantling of the Camarilla authority, especially Downtown.
  • The destruction of Emerson (If he isn't smart here, he's dead).
  • Providing behind the scenes support to all anarchs, regardless of ideological differences. 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend.' His largest enemy is the Camarilla, therefore anyone antagonistic to the Camarilla is preferable.
  • Growing his influence to support the above goals.

Note: Hendrik has chosen to make South Central the center of his record business, but South Central is very poor. To support domain theme, Hendrik will portray an undercurrent and hints of poverty even as he tries to be successful in his business. He will also roleplay difficulties succeeding because of his choice of location - i.e. he didn't trade his ideals for the easy life.

Reactive Spheres:

  • Hendrik will seek to 'assist' an anarch or South Central resident that is suffering at the hands of the Camarilla. If he's rejected or believes he will be rejected, he will simply shift his focus to provide assistance in underhanded, sneaky sorts of ways that he will not take credit for, but is compelled to perform nonetheless.
  • Hendrik will defend his Sasha as much as he is able - he will err on a defense that tries to keep him alive, but if necessary this character will ICly die to protect her. This is a theme-ending for Hendrik.

Theme Restrictions:

  • Hendrik will resort to physical violence only as a last resort or in cases of extreme provocation. He's a lover, not a fighter. Plus, why ruin that face?
  • Hendrik will never, openly or not, ally himself with any Camarilla officer. He is anti-Camarilla to the very bone.
  • Hendrik will never ally himself with anyone in Downtown and will actively work behind the scenes to their downfall.

Plot Restrictions:

  • Hendrik will consult with staff before creating any group; he will also consult with staff before starting IC rp that may lead toward someone being accepted into Hendrik's coterie (should he have one). If his coterie becomes unbalancing, Hendrik will find himself with circumstances or opposition that negate his growth (staff discretion) and provide IC setbacks.
  • Hendrik will promote anarch theme by ICly acknowledging the extremely fractured nature of those-who-are-not-Camarilla. He will cease to refer to the anarchs as a sect and focus on a coterie of like minded individuals.

Staff Notes:

  • There is no anarch sphere. In South Central, coteries take the IC place of the 'anarch sphere'. These groups of anarchs form together in coteries of like minded individuals- hence maintaining the 'dreamer' aspect of the anarch (in places).
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